Monday, 2011-03-14

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Manikandan1hi when i submit a request to create VM, it is in networking state, when i saw the log file it gives NoMoreAddress:None(Network)05:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #734680 in burrow "Command nova-manage instance_types list error" [Undecided,New]
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sorenttx: Do you know if anyone is working on packaging the dashboard?08:53
ttxsoren: zul talked about packaging it... not sure where that is now08:54
ttxsoren: is bug 733609 affacting all instances start ?08:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 733609 in nova "Failed to spawn an instance :  AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'fileno'" [Undecided,In progress]
sorenttx: Do you know of any packaged django sites? I know there are a bunch of django modules, but I can08:55
sorent seem to spot any actual django based sites that are packaged.08:55
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sorenttx: Let me check.08:55
ttxsoren: no, I don't know of any08:55
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sorenttx: Oh, I know what the problem is there.09:02
sorenttx: No, it won't happen every time. At all.09:02
* soren fixes09:02
* ttx prioritizes accordingly.09:02
sorenIt's important, though.09:03
sorenIt'll cause quite random failures.09:03
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ttxsoren: could you put back to Needs Review ? See my last comment09:07
sorenttx: I don't see your comment there yet.09:08
sorenAh, there it is.09:09
sorenttx: done09:09
ttx(feel free to approve it, btw :)09:09
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headoffDoes anyone know if there is a way to override the ip selection of an instance, to be able to select the preferred ip when launching09:49
sorenIt's not. What's the use case?09:50
headoffto specify different IP's on machines to be able to run "networks" within the project. Have older systems that are network related and want to move them to cloud environment09:52
headoffI want to specify different IPs on machines so they are placed in different LANs using regular network separation rules09:54
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naehringHi there. For my personal understanding: is it possible or will it be possible to use glance for persistent volumes not only for vm images?09:57
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Manikandan1 hi when i submit a request to create VM, it is in networking status for a long time, when i saw the log file it gives         RemoteError : NoMoreAddress:None10:00
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eikkeis there some Debian repository containing packages for Swift out there?10:05
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headoffManikandan1: What network manager are u using?10:17
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soreneikke: I'd be surprised if the Ubuntu packages didn't work on Debian.10:32
sorenheadoff: Why do you want to move it into a "cloud environment"?10:33
sorenheadoff: I'm asking because all the stuff you're saying sounds like you're perfectly happy with the stuff rigth where it already is.10:33
eikkesoren: debian doesnt have python-eventlet, so I guess a repo should contain that (as an example)10:38
Manikandan1nova network manager10:42
headoffsoren: that's just one of the reasons, I also want to create a virtual network for testing purpose. To see if e.g. a network protocol behaves as it is supposed to i want to test it in a virtual environment to begtin with. That's why i ask if there is a possibility to control the network settings on each VM independently so i can create some usecase scenarios from a real network10:42
soreneikke: We have eventlet in the repository as well.10:50
soreneikke: Just grab it from Ubuntu. Should work fine.10:50
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eikkesoren: will try... if I can figure out the repo URI (looks like debian doesnt have any ppa:* support)10:53
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soreneikke: deb natty main11:45
soreneikke: You might want to replace natty with maverick. There's a chance the natty toolchain is too new for Debian.11:45
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sorenheadoff: It doesn't sound like "cloud" is what you want.11:50
sorenheadoff: It sounds more like bog standard virtualisation.11:50
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eikkesoren: thanks for those pointers, will test12:42
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dscastrodoes openstack supports ebs boot ?13:04
sorenNot yet, no.13:06
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dscastroso .. what should i do to get persistence?13:09
sorenYou can put the stuff you need persisten on EBS, I guess.13:11
sorenI wonder what the OpenStack API+Xen guys are doing with this.13:11
sorenttx: Do you know?13:11
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ttxsoren: not really13:16
eikkesoren: with some help of strace, maverick ubuntu packages running in a debian squeeze chroot'ed system on an F14 system runs fine. thanks for the help!13:22
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soreneikke: What did you need strace for?13:29
eikkenot using a partition for the storage but a normal folder, forgot to disable mount checks in the configuration, but logging didnt show anything usable13:31
sorenWhich mount checks?13:31
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eikkea useful message is passed between account-server and (I think?) auth-server in the HTTP response when trying to create an account in such scenario using devauth13:32
sorenOh, right, right.13:32
sorenI was thinking of Nova and got confused.13:32
eikkeI experienced this before in earlier testing13:32
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #634: SUCCESS in 1 min 55 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: fixes: 73313714:43
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Ryan_Lanewhen will 2011.1.1 be added to the release ppa?14:46
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mustfg2is down ? where else can i get an image, with ramdisk ...15:07
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smosermustfg2, yes it is down.15:08
smoserall is down15:08
smoser(which is my provider)15:08
smosermustfg2, if you really need it "RIGHT NOW", i can probably get you something, but it will be a pain for me also15:09
uvirtbotmustfg2: Error: "^" is not a valid command.15:09
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mustfg2its ok15:10
mustfg2im searching for one in my network15:10
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mustfg2its again15:18
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openstackhudsonProject swift build #219: SUCCESS in 29 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: rename var15:31
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timbo_hi. i'd like to know if there is a way to make vm images persistent in openstack. i couldn't find any hints on it in launchpad15:43
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #635: SUCCESS in 1 min 54 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Make nova-dhcpbridge output lease information in dnsmasq's leasesfile format.15:48
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mustfg2do i have to type the "nova-manage floating create <host> <iprange> " the ip range in Cidr format ?15:55
mustfg2or can i provide the floating ip´s on another way ?15:56
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markwashsorry if I'm repeating someone else, but it looks like nova trunk got merged with pep8 errors16:00
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sirp_markwash: which version of pep8 are you using?16:02
markwashsirp_: 0.5.016:03
jaypipesttx: are we going to pull the trigger on live-migration or what? :)16:03
sirp_markwash: ah ok, i think we're using 0.6 now16:03
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markwashsirp_: yeah, it looks like its all E202. . perhaps that is ignored in 0.6?16:04
ttxjaypipes: yes, hit it!16:05
sirp_markwash: yep, i think that was a false-positive that was removed in 0.616:05
ttxjaypipes: I don't want to delay it on additional pre-flight checks, especialy since Kei might not have time to do it now... and concentrate on fixing potential merge issues16:06
jaypipesttx: ++16:07
jaypipesttx: off to the tarmac pit.16:07
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* ttx prays for it not to have caught conflicts in the mean time16:07
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justinsbsoren: Are you working on the bugs where we should check that instances are actually running?  661214 and 661260?  ttx said you might be, otherwise I'll take them on...16:14
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ttxjaypipes: bah, text conflict in nova/tests/ Now if Kei has no time to fix it, we might think about fixing it for him.16:18
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jaypipesttx: bah.16:21
jaypipesttx: want me to fix the conflict and push?16:22
ttxjaypipes: sounds like a good deed.16:22
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jaypipesttx: k, will do.16:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #734912 in nova "EC2 API does not support filters" [Undecided,New]
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mtaylorsoren, ttx, jaypipes: I'm installing an openid plugin for jenkins so I can tie user accounts to launchpad accounts and grant permissions based on teams16:25
mtaylorwhich launchpad team should have hudson admin access?16:26
jaypipesmtaylor: the team of ttx.16:27
mtaylorjaypipes: that's quite a few less people than currently have admin access ...16:28
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mtaylorI should change the name of the IRC bot user...16:28
ttxmtaylor: let me think about it for two min.16:28
mtaylorttx: ok. no pressure - for now we can continue with granting permissions to single users16:28
*** openstackhudson has joined #openstack16:29
mtaylorttx: but as of today, hudson will understand the teams that we are members of - so we can use that if we want16:29
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mtayloralso as of today, jenkins will be set up to use launchpad openid as a SSO, so if you're logged in to launchpad you should be logged in to hudson too :)16:29
*** j05h has joined #openstack16:30
jaypipesmtaylor: I was joking :) Personally, I don't need access. I just ask you to do shit. :)16:32
mtaylorjaypipes: yes. I know :)16:33
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack16:34
jaypipesmtaylor: :P16:34
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ttxmtaylor: there is no real existing group of "people knowing hudson that might want to add new jobs"... so we can create one, or we can reuse a larger group...16:41
*** openstackhudson has joined #openstack16:41
ttxmtaylor: but I can't find one remotely matching who we need in there16:42
*** openstackhudson has quit IRC16:42
ttxmtaylor: so maybe we should just have an ~openstack-jenkins-hackers16:42
*** openstackhudson has joined #openstack16:43
*** openstackhudson has quit IRC16:43
mtaylorttx: ok - well - for right now I'm hitting a NPE problem - so it may still be a few moments16:44
*** openstackjenkins has joined #openstack16:44
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justinsbdevcamcar, ttx: Is the branching model / release model documented anywhere?  Otherwise I think it would be a good topic for discussion at the summit and I'll propose it16:47
ttxjustinsb: yes it is. Let me unearth the links...16:47
ttxjustinsb: - -
ttxjustinsb: let me know if there is anything missing... and yes, we can definitely discuss improvements/changes to the process at the design summit.16:50
*** azneita has joined #openstack16:53
justinsbttx: I think all the details are there, but it looks like a closed-source process to me.  Do you know if we explicitly rejected models that had multiple branches open at once?  I think better use of branches could solve a whole bunch of our problems at once16:54
ttxjustinsb: i'm not sure where you get the impression of a closed-source / single-branch model. feel free to open as many branches as you want :)16:55
justinsbttx: How do I open nova/diablo?16:55
ttxjustinsb: at this point, nova/diablo would mean nothing. nova/diablo is the name of the trunk once we release cactus...16:56
justinsbttx: So that's a "one branch open at once" model to me16:56
ttxjustinsb: if your idea is to divert reviewing resources to get some kind of blessed diablo stuff, while we didn't have the design summit yet...16:56
ttxbut nothing prevents you from having your own diablo branch(es)16:57
*** KevinC has joined #openstack16:57
justinsbttx: I think you're talking about a (valid) criticism of an alternate model there, but I'm just asking to be brought up to speed on whether the alternate models have been considered16:57
justinsbttx: I don't want to rehash old ground16:57
ttxjustinsb: the reason why we don't have multiple "nova-core" trunk branches is about focusing the efforts16:58
ttxif we open ~nova-core/diablo now, it's a recipe to get less QA on cactus16:58
justinsbttx: Sure, but is that a community-agreed decision, or is it a de-facto decision?16:58
ttxjustinsb: But i'm open to revisit that at the design summit16:58
justinsbttx: OK, I'll propose it as a topic for the summit16:58
justinsbttx: I really think it could make everyone a lot happier16:58
ttxjustinsb: it was already in when I joined, no idea if this was discussed at the austin summit16:59
justinsbttx: Ah, well I know it wasn't at the August summit.  (If that was Austin)16:59
ttxjustinsb: if it was in austin, that's the austin summit :)16:59
justinsbttx: :-)17:00
ttxjustinsb: I just don't see the advantages of multiple nova-core branches vs. experimental dev branches -- but I guess that's the substance of the discussion we'll have :)17:01
justinsbttx: I think a lot of other open source projects have had great success with it, so I think it does warrant a discussion.17:01
ttxjustinsb: it's not as if Linux had 2.6.39 branches open.17:02
ttxLinus, I mean17:02
*** uksysadmin has quit IRC17:02
justinsbttx: If we adopt the Linux kernel model, I'll be very happy.17:02
justinsbttx: Here's a nice summary of a more advanced model:
justinsbttx: It allows for stabilization on a 'release' branch while progress continues on a 'dev' branch17:03
ttxjustinsb: I fail to see how our model is different. If you consider nova-core = Linus.17:03
alekibangoheh. i would love git :)17:03
justinsbttx: I'll study the details of how the Linux model works in practice17:04
ttxjustinsb: ok, let's keep the argument for the summit, should be more fun :)17:04
justinsbttx: Agreed!17:04
ttxalekibango: don't start me up on that. It's EOD here :)17:05
alekibangottx: dont worry... :)17:05
justinsbttx: I don't think we're arguing though...  just debating.17:06
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ttxjustinsb: last remark before I leave -- stabilization of a release branch while the dev branch continues : that doesn't work so well when nobody is actually assigned to do QA.17:07
ttxworks very well when some group is -- see the Chrome model.17:08
justinsbttx: The advantage is that QA people can focus on a stabilization branch, while developers work on new features17:08
justinsbttx: And never the twain shall meet :-)17:08
ttxjustinsb: sure. But who are "QA people" ?17:08
ttxit's an open source project. Everyone wants to be a developer.17:09
justinsbttx: If you expect devs to be QA people, then we have a bigger problem :-)17:09
ttxjustinsb: maybe we have, yes. ok, gtg :)17:09
justinsbttx: ttfn17:10
*** rlucio has joined #openstack17:14
pvojustinsb: ttx: for the record, we follow the nvie model for our internal stuff. it does work pretty well.17:16
justinsbpvo: Internal = inside rackspace?17:17
*** Nacx has quit IRC17:17
pvojustinsb: yea, but not all of rackspace. Just our particular dev team.17:17
justinsbpvo: OK.  I'll add that info to the blueprint for discussion when I submit it (and read up about nvie first!)17:18
*** rlucio has quit IRC17:18
justinsbpvo: Oh - it's the URL of the page I submitted.  Doh!17:19
_0x44ttx: Since RAX is paying them it could be that the QA team is the #ozone team that aren't on nova-core.17:19
jaypipesjustinsb: you happy oblivious little child!17:19
*** KevinC has quit IRC17:20
justinsbjaypipes: I've got to have fun sometimes when I'm not ranting about branching models :-)17:21
_0x44ttx: Or anyone else that the partner companies chose to hire to contribute to a more stable trunk.17:21
jaypipesjustinsb: :)17:21
*** dirakx has joined #openstack17:21
pvo_0x44: we do have actual QA though. I'd like to get them integrated into the model and processes.17:21
_0x44pvo: The QA team there didn't do any development when I was working for you, has that changed?17:22
jaypipesttx: FYI, got boatloads of sqlalchemy-migrate errors when trying the live-migration patch... trying to figure out the source of these.17:22
pvo_0x44: not yet!17:22
pvo: )17:22
westmaas__0x44: but very soon :)17:23
_0x44pvo: That would have to change before we could hand over maintenance/stability of trunk to them.17:23
pvo_0x44: you're going to be in Santa Clara in April, right/17:23
_0x44pvo: Yessir17:23
pvo_0x44: completely agree. First step is to get them looking at trunk and filing bugs.17:23
_0x44Although perhaps it really is nova-core that should be QA and not really developing features at all.17:24
_0x44It's boring, but -core shouldn't be exciting.17:25
justinsbpvo: I didn't mean that QA wouldn't be welcome on dev (all hands welcome)... just that devs wouldn't be allowed to break the "QA" release branch once it was opened with their cool new features17:25
justinsbI can tell this is going to be a fun summit discussion!17:25
creihtthrowing code over a fence never turns out well17:26
*** duffman_ has joined #openstack17:26
pvojustinsb: agreed. looking forward to it17:26
_0x44creiht: It isn't throwing over the fence so much as "Hey neckbeard, if this breaks... fix it"17:26
justinsbI think someone should provide these:
jaypipespvo: the nvie model is basically what myself and others have proposed... having a stage/develop branch that acts as the trunk for development, and a stable master that essentially acts as the ongoing releaseable turnk.17:27
*** axelis has quit IRC17:27
jaypipespvo: the problem is when you've got lots of teams. The nvie model breaks down when multiple teams want different "develop" branches.17:27
justinsbjaypipes: That problem feels pretty similar to the problems the linux kernel has17:28
jaypipespvo: in other words, if we adopted the nvie model, Ozone, Anso, Citrix would all have "develop" branches, making the overall release process much more complex.17:28
_0x44jaypipes: Not really, they're just meta-develop branches over a semi-stable develop branch...17:28
jaypipes_0x44: sorry, not following you on that... in the nvie model, the "develop" branch isn't particularly stable.17:29
justinsbjaypipes: Have you formally proposed a discussion for the design summit?  If so, I'll just add on to it.  If not, I'll open it...17:29
_0x44jaypipes: Right... but it's more stable than the topic branches.17:29
*** westmaas_ has quit IRC17:29
jaypipesjustinsb: feel free, please!17:29
justinsbjaypipes: Will do!17:30
jaypipes_0x44: in the nvie model, the "develop" branch is basically what our current trunk is...17:30
*** westmaas has joined #openstack17:30
jaypipes_0x44: which is "more stable" than the topic branches, but I think you'd agree that our trunk is far from "stable" ;)17:30
_0x44jaypipes: Right. I was responding to """nvie model breaks down when  multiple teams want different "develop" branches.17:30
_0x44Not to Ozone, Anso, and Citrix having separate develop branches.17:31
_0x44In nvie, each of those would be considered topic branches of the main develop branch.17:31
jaypipesI maintain that while we can improve the release/branch model with a "higher" set of stabler branches, that the *real* increases in stability are going to come from more and better automated tests (functional, not unit)17:31
_0x44And the subsequent topic branches of their meta-develop branches wouldn't even be considered by mainline.17:31
jaypipes_0x44: sure, ok, I understand you now.17:32
_0x44I completely agree about functional testing.17:32
jaypipes_0x44: I figured you would! :)17:32
_0x44Well in that case...17:32
pvojaypipes: not saying Openstack should move, just that we already do Nvie for internal projects.17:32
jaypipespvo: oh, I think we *should* move! :)17:33
jaypipespvo: I was just saying a number of us have brought the idea up already..17:33
pvoyep yep17:33
jaypipespvo: no disagreement from me! :)17:33
jaypipespvo: sorry if I sounded like I was in discord17:33
pvono worries. lunch!17:33
*** azneita has quit IRC17:35
dw_jakehey guys, I am trying out openstack now, and new instances I created always stuck at 'networking' stage. Does anyone know how to solve this? thanks17:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #734964 in nova "Design Summit Blueprints Don't Show Up In Summary Page" [Undecided,New]
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #636: SUCCESS in 1 min 54 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Only include kernel and ramdisk ID in meta-data output if they are actually set.17:53
mtaylorjaypipes: do you know of a good alternative to webex - they seem to be charging now17:54
jaypipesmtaylor: dimdim17:55
jaypipesmtaylor: it's excellent. works on linux, too.17:55
jaypipesmtaylor: that's how I recorded the last Drizzle developer tutorial. Worked a charm.17:55
mtaylor"Dimdim has been acquired by"17:55
*** hadrian_ has joined #openstack17:56
*** dfg has joined #openstack17:56
jaypipesmtaylor: well, there goes DimDim.17:57
mtaylorjaypipes: oh good- they're letting those of us with accounts still host meetings for now17:57
jaypipesmtaylor: ah, cool.17:58
mtaylorjaypipes: AND - they expire tomorrow17:58
mtaylorjaypipes: yup. they're completely shutting it down it seems17:59
*** hadrian has quit IRC18:00
*** hadrian_ is now known as hadrian18:00
mtaylorfucking ass balls18:00
jaypipesmtaylor: fuck
* mtaylor hates sf.com18:00
jaypipesmtaylor: just like Oracle... can't innovate better than the smaller competition, so we'll just buy it and shut it down.18:00
jaypipesmtaylor: ..18:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #734978 in nova "pep8 errors on trunk r797" [Low,Triaged]
jaypipesdprince, sirp_: case you missed it :)
dprincejaypipes: excellent. Will check it out.18:07
jaypipesdprince: cheers mate18:07
sirp_jaypipes: yep, good stuff, should get to that shortly18:07
jaypipessirp_: thx :)18:09
mtaylorjaypipes: is that waiting on something?18:13
mtaylorjaypipes: cause I changed them to have two instead of three slashes18:13
jaypipesmtaylor: merge conflicts...18:13
*** rishi_ has joined #openstack18:14
*** shentonfreude has joined #openstack18:16
*** dirakx has quit IRC18:16
*** rishi_ has quit IRC18:18
*** paltman has quit IRC18:18
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #637: SUCCESS in 2 min 8 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: NTT's live-migration branch, merged with trunk, conflicts resolved, and migrate file renamed.18:18
kpepplejaypipes: i have a patch for the live-migration branch ... "$ nova-manage vm live-migration" is b0rked (small typo). should i just attach a patch to the merge request ?18:18
*** maple_bed has joined #openstack18:19
kpepplejaypipes: nm, looks like you already merged it18:20
*** maplebed has quit IRC18:21
*** matclayton has joined #openstack18:21
*** matclayton has joined #openstack18:22
jaypipeskpepple: sorry! :(18:23
jaypipeskpepple: another merge prop will have to do!18:23
*** clauden has joined #openstack18:25
*** lionel_ has quit IRC18:25
*** dirakx has joined #openstack18:30
*** joearnold has quit IRC18:34
*** kashyap has quit IRC18:35
*** mrsrikanth has joined #openstack18:35
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:36
*** paltman has joined #openstack18:37
*** reldan has joined #openstack18:38
*** jero has quit IRC18:39
*** iammartian_ has joined #openstack18:39
*** shentonfreude has left #openstack18:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #735005 in nova "small typo in nova-manage vm live-migration" [Undecided,New]
*** maple_bed is now known as maplebed18:48
*** daveiw1 has joined #openstack18:49
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*** jc_smith has joined #openstack18:55
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:59
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:00
thielmann_I'm unable to SSH into my instance from outside using a floating IP. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? (Using bexar on Ubuntu 10.04). Here's my iptables information:
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack19:04
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:06
*** ppetraki has quit IRC19:08
zuljaypipes: thanks!19:08
*** paltman has quit IRC19:09
mtaylorjaypipes: ok. just merged with trunk and fixed the merge conflicts19:10
*** jc_smith has quit IRC19:11
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack19:11
thielmann_Here's an additional information: If I ssh from outside, the PREROUTING-rule seems to get hit, but I'm still unable to connect. I just have no clue on how to debug this issue.19:12
*** ianweller has quit IRC19:14
*** ianweller has joined #openstack19:14
*** ianweller has joined #openstack19:14
jaypipeszul: of course :)19:16
jaypipesmtaylor: thx19:16
*** ppetraki has joined #openstack19:20
thielmann_Additional information regarding my problem on Any help debugging this issue is very much appreciated.19:21
*** gregp76 has quit IRC19:22
*** gasbakid has joined #openstack19:28
*** paltman has joined #openstack19:28
*** joearnold has quit IRC19:33
*** dweimer has quit IRC19:37
*** photron has joined #openstack19:48
*** jero has joined #openstack19:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #735050 in nova "ubuntu packages missing cpuinfo.xml.template" [Undecided,New]
*** hazmat has quit IRC19:54
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*** jc_smith has joined #openstack20:11
sorenmtaylor: Sounds awesome.20:12
sorenjustinsb: If you want to grab them, that would be awesome. I'd much rather spend time on getting these integration tests running better.20:12
*** hazmat has quit IRC20:15
*** hazmat has joined #openstack20:15
*** rpedde has joined #openstack20:17
*** mgoldmann_ has quit IRC20:19
*** paltman has joined #openstack20:22
*** gregp76 has joined #openstack20:23
justinsbsoren: I've got them - thanks20:26
Ryan_Lanewhen will 2011.1.1 packages be added to the release ppa?20:26
sorenjustinsb: Just sent you an e-mail on the subject. Don't know if you saw?20:28
justinsbsoren: Just saw email.  Good point on EC2 vs Rackspace persistence approach.  I think there are a whole bunch of issues, so I'm going to start by fixing the 'instance crashes while nova-compute is running' issue and then try to open more focused bugs20:29
justinsbsoren: e.g. I don't think we should be dealing with restarting nova-compute after a crash, that's the operating system's job20:30
sorenjustinsb: Definitely.20:34
*** lionel_ has joined #openstack20:34
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack20:34
sorenHey, Ozone guys... How are you guys handling the case where a host is rebooted? Are instances automatically persistent with the Xen backend?20:35
*** pothos_ has joined #openstack20:36
dragondmyes, although they need to be restarted IIRC20:37
sorenWe really need to get this stuff aligned.20:37
*** lvaughn has quit IRC20:37
*** pothos has quit IRC20:38
*** pothos_ is now known as pothos20:38
justinsbLet's agree correct behaviour ... if I restart a host machine, all the VMs that were running should be restarted?20:38
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack20:38
justinsbAlthough soren pointed out in his email that this is different to how EC2 does things20:38
sorenjustinsb: I don't believe there's a single correct answer to that question.20:38
justinsbSo soren pointed out that we would probably want a 'persistent' flag here20:38
dragondmi'm not really sure why you would want your instance to go away if the host is rebooted.20:39
justinsbsoren: True :-(20:39
justinsbdragondm: Because you may have already launched a new one20:39
sorenRight. In the EC2 world, instances are aggressively transient. They can disappear if a host gets rebooted, in case of hardware failure, or if someone at Amazon is bored.20:40
sorenYou're just expected to handle that. Design for failure and all that.20:40
dragondmit may be EC2's behavior, but  it sounds broken, IMHO20:40
*** dirakx has quit IRC20:40
sorenI don't believe there's a right or wrong here.20:40
justinsbdragondm: It's not really broken.  If uptime is important, you're going to want a new instance asap20:40
Ryan_Laneif uptime is important, you'd have load balancing and failover20:41
Ryan_Laneyou wouldn't rely on creating a new instance20:41
Ryan_LaneI think EC2's model is a horrible, horrible thing20:41
sorenThere's certainly value to persistent instances. Root-on-EBS on EC2 is a testament to this fact.20:41
justinsbBut for a DB, you'd have a hot standby, and promote it if your master goes down20:41
sorenHowever, for some applications, the lack of persistence doesn't matter at all.20:41
justinsbThen your old master is no good to you any more20:41
Ryan_LaneI think there is little no to value to having totally transient instances20:42
justinsbEven with a pool of webservers, if a server crashed once, I'd rather have a new one than gamble on that hardware again20:42
kpepplejustinsb: +120:42
sorenRyan_Lane: I strongly disagree.20:42
sorenRyan_Lane: a) It's how EC2 works. It's silly to support their API, but with different semantics.20:43
dragondmIMHO the transience of ec2 intances is a misfeature of their implementation. You can use persistant instances non persistantly. The reverse is not true.20:43
*** reldan has joined #openstack20:43
sorenRyan_Lane: b) I belive it in an of itself has value. justinsb's examples are good.20:43
justinsbI think we're going to have to support 'instance persistence' though20:43
sorendragondm: True indeed.20:43
sorenjustinsb: Oh, for sure!20:43
justinsbIt's fairly easy to then add 'no instance persistence'20:43
justinsbsoren suggested adding a flag on the Instance; I think he's absolutely right20:44
justinsbThe EC2 API would probably just default to no instance persistence20:44
sorenI think the openstack API could expose this flag and let the user change it, but if the instance is created from the EC2 api, it should default to non-persistent.20:44
sorenjustinsb: snap20:45
justinsbOpenStack API would default to instance persistence20:45
justinsbAnd we can argue how to expose the flag at the design summit :-)20:45
Ryan_LaneI don't think it's an error supporting transient instances. I just think the use cases for them are pretty much non-existent. (there are much more reliable ways to handle justinsb's examples)20:45
justinsbsoren: Looks like you and I are in complete agreement here :-)20:45
justinsbRyan_Lane: I think some people will expect transient instances, and it won't really cost us anything to give it to them.20:46
Ryan_Laneyeah. I agree with that.20:46
justinsbRyan_Lane: We could have a flag on the EC2 API that defaults to non-transient for users that are of your mindset20:46
sorenjustinsb: With the libvirt backend, this is what they have already :)20:46
Ryan_Laneas long as we don't run into some situation where we decide the EC2 API simply won't get support for it20:46
zulsoren: i have to run but I responded to your question in the merge request20:47
Ryan_Lanejustinsb: that works for me :)20:47
sorenzul: I see.20:47
justinsbsoren: I think there's a lot of behaviour that's the way things are but isn't really guaranteed, so could be randomly changed by a different backend or even a merge20:47
justinsbI guess I'll look at doing the persistence flag next20:48
Ryan_Lanehow will persistence be handled with a failed hardware node?20:50
Ryan_Lanewill the instances be restarted on a new node?20:50
thielmann_I'm unable to SSH into my instance from outside using a floating IP. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? (Using bexar on Ubuntu 10.04). Here's my iptables information:
Ryan_Lane(are there blueprints around for this stuff already?)20:50
Ryan_Lanethielmann_: do you have ip forwarding enabled?20:51
thielmann_Ryan_Lane: cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward => 1. Do I need to enable more? (Thanks for helping!)20:52
Ryan_Lanethat's what you need :)20:52
justinsbRyan_Lane: I don't know... I think that in practice relies on a remote root disk, right?20:52
thielmann_Ryan_Lane: What a pity, I was hoping I could solve my problem easily :-)20:52
Ryan_Lanejustinsb: yep. shared storage of some kind20:53
Ryan_Lanecould store the instances on whatever is configured for nova-volume, possibly20:54
Ryan_Laneor could require the instances directory to be some form of shared storage, like NFS20:54
Ryan_Laneor some other mountable shared filesystem20:54
justinsbRyan_Lane: Definitely.  But I don't think I can enable it today!20:54
*** MarkAtwood has left #openstack20:54
Ryan_Laneyeah :)20:54
Ryan_Lanejust wondering what future plans are20:54
justinsbRyan_Lane: Definitely one to discuss at the design summit... I think there are lots of thorny issues20:55
Ryan_Lanehow is this handled with live migration? the instance's disk is tranferred from host to host?20:55
* Ryan_Lane goes to find that blueprint20:56
justinsbRyan_Lane: Great point... a hardware crash could be treated like a non-live migration20:56
justinsbRyan_Lane: So maybe it can make it in there "today"20:56
Ryan_Laneyeah. this is how VMware handles it20:56
*** lionel_ has quit IRC20:58
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #638: SUCCESS in 2 min 3 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Include cpuinfo.xml.template in tarball.20:58
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*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack21:14
jaypipesmtaylor: I think you may have linked the wrong bug to your branch?
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 731010 in nova " project zipfile fails on first run" [Low,Fix committed]21:14
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC21:17
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack21:17
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annegentlecould I get another nova-core to review this merge prop to get a little talk bubble to point readers to archived docs sites (like the 2011.1 site)?
*** nelson has joined #openstack21:29
*** miclorb has joined #openstack21:29
* soren wanders off for the day21:29
nelsonIf I wanted the proxy server to NOT log, I see no option to do that.21:29
*** mrsrikanth has quit IRC21:30
nelsonInstead, it looks like I have to make my own Application which is derived from swift.proxy.server.BaseApplication which doesn't log.21:30
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:30
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:31
nelsonalthough maybe I just want to set the syslog log level and leave it at that?21:32
*** bkkrw has joined #openstack21:34
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC21:34
Ryan_Lanewow. the restrictions on the use of the openstack logo are harsh21:34
Ryan_Laneharsh enough that I can't use it in any presentation I ever do21:35
*** westmaas1 has joined #openstack21:35
*** hggdh has joined #openstack21:36
*** maple_bed has joined #openstack21:38
*** h0cin has quit IRC21:39
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*** patrick has joined #openstack21:43
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*** paltman has quit IRC21:47
creihtnelson: hrm21:47
creihttoo bad there isn't a /dev/null syslog facility :)21:48
nelsonit may not be such a big deal; we're running rsyslogd, which is much faster than syslog.21:48
creihtyeah we use syslog-ng21:48
* creiht leaves those decisions up to the ops guys :)21:49
nelsonRyan_Lane: from whence do the restrictions arise? The only way they can bind you to more restrictions than trademark law lets them is via a contract.21:49
nelsonand for the layman, the general rule vis-a-vis trademarks is: always tell the truth.21:51
Ryan_Lanenelson: well, I'm used to wikimedia's logo restrictions, which are very lax21:51
nelsonIf you are running unmodified OpenStack Nova, then you can say "We're running OpenStack", and you can use the logo in conjunction with saying that.21:52
Ryan_Laneno modifications are allowed to the logo, and I was going to do a combination of the wikimedia and openstack logos for a presentation21:52
nelsonOh, yeah, that doesn't work, sorry.21:52
creihtRyan_Lane: Though seems like you could get written permission for that21:53
nelsonYou could do it with permission, so you should try asking.21:53
Ryan_Laneand my presentations are all creative commons, which also means I can't use the logo at all, without more issues21:53
Ryan_Lanecreiht: likely. though they probably won't let me license it creative commons :)21:53
nelsontrademarks and creative commons do not play well together.21:53
nelsonparticularly when people try to use copyright on a logo as a fill-in for trademark registration.21:54
Ryan_Laneyeah. I don't find the restrictions out of the ordinary. I'm just used to wmf's way of things now (which is out of the ordinary :D)21:55
Ryan_Lanemy perspective is now forever out of whack with reality. heh21:55
*** iammartian has quit IRC21:56
sirp_jaypipes: any thoughts on getting glance migration 003 in to trunk?21:57
jaypipessirp_: that's my priority 1 task...21:59
sirp_jaypipes: gotcha, if i can, ill research sqlalchemy-migrate a bit more, but if there isn't a solution, i say we just use hack around it for now (as of right now trunk is effectively broken w/o that migration)22:01
*** dirakx has joined #openstack22:02
creihtannegentle: do you have any comments to Ryan_Lane's questions, or at least know he could talk to about the branding stuff?22:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #735151 in nova "Rebooting instance doesn't update the updated_at column of instances DB table" [Undecided,New]
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mtaylorjaypipes: probably22:16
*** paltman has joined #openstack22:18
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uvirtbotNew bug: #735173 in swift "Ability to ratelimit individual accounts" [Undecided,New]
*** guynaor has joined #openstack22:57
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #639: SUCCESS in 2 min 1 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fix capitalization of ApiError (it was mistakenly called APIError)23:58

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