Thursday, 2011-03-24

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sorenDoes this test failure look familiar to anyone?
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justinsbWith Flat networking, how do I specify that the IP range to use for nova isn't at the start of the IP block?00:20
Ryan_LaneI think you need to modify the database, unless that has been changed recently00:23
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #689: SUCCESS in 2 min 8 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Move all types of locking into utils.synchronize decorator.00:23
openstackjenkinsConvert all uses of semaphores to use this decorator.00:23
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justinsbRyan_Lane: Oh... I guess that would work - thanks! Time to file another bug!!00:24
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741374 in nova "User with netadmin and project manager roles cannot access AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress API " [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741379 in nova "nova-manage network create needs a few more arguments" [Undecided,New]
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #690: SUCCESS in 2 min 9 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: boto_v6 module is imported if the flag "use_ipv6" is set to True01:58
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741415 in nova "cannot attach an iSCSI volume to an instance" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741429 in nova "Problem with mapping of timestamps with glance" [Undecided,New]
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #691: SUCCESS in 2 min 11 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Offers the ability to run a periodic_task that sweeps through rescued instances older than 24 hours and forcibly unrescues them.04:13
openstackjenkinsFlag added: rescue_timeout (default is 0 - disabled)04:13
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #692: SUCCESS in 2 min 10 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fix issues with certificate updating & whitespace removal04:20
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #693: SUCCESS in 2 min 7 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: better logging of exceptions04:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741468 in nova "libvirt error handling is poor" [Undecided,New]
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ironcamelany core devs around?05:39
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ironcamelcan someone flip the switch and feed this back through hudson
ironcamelthere was a conflict when merging to trunk, but i have fixed that05:45
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #694: SUCCESS in 2 min 11 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Added a mechanism for versioned controllers for openstack api versions 1.0/1.1.06:23
openstackjenkinsCreate servers in the 1.1 api now supports imageRef/flavorRef instead of imageId/flavorId.06:23
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xfastadminCan anyone point me to a good simple to understand intro about the concepts of openstack with architecture dia?07:15
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741514 in nova "AttributeError: libvirt_type when migrating an instance" [Undecided,New]
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HugoKuo_does any one success to split nova-network service from all-in-one box ?08:18
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sorenjaypipes-afk: I've no clue how that pep8 violation made it past not only Tarmac, but also the test run on Maverick and Natty.09:12
sorenjaypipes-afk: ..but the failure itself looks legit.09:12
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #695: SUCCESS in 2 min 12 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Poll instance states periodically, so that we can detect when something changes 'behind the scenes'.09:28
openstackjenkinsBeginnings of work on Bug #661214 and Bug #661260.09:28
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 661214 in nova "When a node dies, its instances should be marked !running" [Medium,Confirmed]
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 661260 in nova "nova-compute doesn't notice when a VM crashes" [Medium,In progress]
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n1md4good morning.  I'm using the scripts to install OpenStack.  There's been a network created I did not specify,, does anyone know why that might be?10:04
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #696: SUCCESS in 2 min 8 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Pass a fake timing source to live_migration_pre in every test that expectes it to fail, shaving off a whole minute of test run time.10:08
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BigValenI might be showing ignorance here...but does anyone use Beowulf anymore ?10:16
sorenWas Beowulf ever a "thing"? Wasn't it more of a concept?10:17
BigValenWell, it's more... MPI.10:17
BigValenHmm. - last updated in 200910:17
sorenAccording to Wikipedia, in computing, "beowulf" can be one of two things:10:18
soren * A chess engine.10:18
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sorenI'm guessing that's not what you're referring to..10:19
soren * A cluster of commodity systems running some variant of free software.10:19
soren"There is no particular piece of software that defines a cluster as a Beowulf."10:19
ttxsoren: your last review is wanted on the LXC branch, blocking it though it got two approvals already10:21
sorenttx: I'm already staring at it :)10:21
BigValensoren: Ah, it was also a distribution. Well, Scyld Beowulf was. Looks like it's died out almost completely.10:21
sorenttx: But thanks for the pointer! :)10:22
ttxI'm a bit concerned about how many branches are still in te queue10:22
ttxsoren: I won't be able to issue continuous reminders today... so if you can make sure everyone knows about it10:23
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sorenttx: I will.10:25
ttxsoren: thanks!10:25
sorenttx: Are you on a train alrady?10:25
ttxsoren: trying to stop feeling sick from last night pub crawl before my presentation starts10:25
ttxIf I can stand up, I should be fine.10:26
ttxGood thing it will not be taped10:27
zuloh i so wish it would have been taped ;)10:29
sorenzul: What the heck are you doing up?10:30
zulsoren: its only 6:30 and im usually up at this time these days but my excuse is i couldnt sleep10:31
sorenSleeping is easy.10:33
sorenI've never understood how one can fail at it.10:33
sorenWaking up is hard.10:33
zullately its been the other way for me10:35
sorenYou must be doing it wrong.10:36
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n1md4Oh, I found out where the IP was coming from, duing the install, it's part of /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/default.xml.  Forgive my newness, I'm just playing at the moment :)10:42
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n1md4I'm configuring the basic compute node.  In nova.conf11:00
n1md4 there's a line "--fixed_range=
n1md4What network does this refer to?11:00
n1md4As there's also "/usr/bin/nova-manage network create 1 255".  Then thre's the network assigned to the machines br100 port
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sorenttx: Just subscribed you to
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 741619 in ajaxterm "[FFe] Add a token based check and a global idle timeout to ajaxterm" [Undecided,New]11:17
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sorenn1md4: It's a bit silly, I can see that.11:18
sorenn1md4: The flag is used to configure iptables to do natting for the instances.11:19
sorenn1md4: The other stuff is to prime the database with networks that it can hand out to projects.11:19
sorenn1md4: Filed
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 741626 in nova "FLAGS.fixed_range is silly" [Low,New]11:21
* soren wanders off for lunch11:22
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uvirtbotNew bug: #741626 in nova "FLAGS.fixed_range is silly" [Low,New]
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n1md4soren: Thanks for taking the time to look :)11:35
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n1md4"Please enter the IP where nova-api lives" will this be on the controller or node, I've only 2 servers at the moment.12:03
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HugoKuo_Hello guys , which is correct approach to use Puppet Deployment Tool
HugoKuo_Is A ?12:07
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sandywalshI love the smell of merge-props in the morning!12:08
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* soren returns12:28
sorenn1md4: It's up to you. You can run the api server whereever you want.12:29
n1md4soren: I chose the cc, keeping it simple.12:29
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n1md4soren: I'm now publishing my first image :) .... oh, it failed.  failed to bundle kernel maverick-server-uec-amd64-vmlinuz-virtual12:30
n1md4Invalid certfailed to upload kernel12:30
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n1md4soren: where should I look to troubleshoot?12:32
n1md4soren: extracting works, but bundle/upload fails12:35
sorenn1md4: What is "everything"?12:35
sorenI mean... How much can you really do if you have no images uploaded.12:35
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n1md4soren: sorry, I don't understand. I'm following this bit but get "Invalid certificate to upload kernel".12:55
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sorenn1md4: Heh, my mistake. I misread your "extracting works" as "everything works".13:10
n1md4I'm following from Step 2
sorenI'm going to guess you haven't properly sourced your novarc13:13
n1md4I have, should that have been done by su or user?  I did both.13:14
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n1md4From mysql nova table I can see *-network compute & scheduler on cc and *-compute on node-1 :)13:21
n1md4When I run "$ sudo euca-describe-images" I get "EC2_ACCESS_KEY environment variable must be set."13:22
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jaypipessoren: that pep8 failure has been fixed and is awaiting review.
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 729726 in glance "Deprecated use of raising error with tuple" [Low,In progress]13:30
sorenjaypipes: Oh, I see.13:31
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n1md4soren: I found a handy guide ;)13:41
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n1md4That's given me and image, and I've launched an instance.  But!  That instance has a IP, from which network can I connect to this from?  The servers thenselves have IPs.13:42
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sorenn1md4: Heh :)13:47
sorenn1md4: I use floating IP's for that.13:47
sorenn1md4: So, something like:13:47
sorenThis allocates an address for you.13:47
soreneuca-associate-address -i instance_id ip_address13:47
sorenOr something like that.13:48
* soren pimps
sorenWe should probably all be doing lots of reviews today.13:51
n1md4soren: thanks so much already, but i'm not quite getting it "$ euca-associate-address -i  i-00000001" gives me "NotFound: No floating ip for address", likewise if I try and associate the network i'm no.13:54
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sorenn1md4: What did  euca-allocate-address return?14:00
n1md4"UnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again."14:01
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jaypipessirp_: sorry for delay. I'm on related_images now.14:02
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n1md4soren: I've not create a floating network, that's likely the issue.  Look into that ... after lunch :)14:08
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #697: SUCCESS in 2 min 10 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fixes lp740322: cannot run test_localization in isolation14:08
winston-dHi there.  Have anyone encountered python dependency error when executing 'nova-mange db sync' command?14:09
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winston-dIn my '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova-2011.1-py2.6.egg/nova/db/sqlalchemy/", line 25', it always complains 'ImportError: cannot import name exceptions'14:22
*** neogenix has joined #openstack14:22
winston-dbut i'm sure i have SQLalchemy-migrate==0.6.3 installed.14:23
winston-danyone can shed me some light how to solve this?  it's been stuck here for quite a while.14:23
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*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:28
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winston-dBK_man: hi, around?14:34
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC14:34
winston-dBK_man_: around?14:35
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack14:36
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BK_man_winston-d: yep14:42
winston-dBK_man_: hi!  I'm following the wiki to install Nova on RHEL614:44
BK_man_yep. any issues?14:44
*** kbringard has joined #openstack14:45
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk14:45
kbringardmorning guys, anyone have a good guide on creating EBS volumes using disk images and loopback?14:46
winston-dBut i've encountered some error when installing of openstack packages.14:46
winston-dBK_man_: here's output of 'yum install ...'
kbringardwinston-d: what repo is that from? and what OS are you running?14:48
*** BigValen has quit IRC14:48
winston-dkbringard: I guess the repos is from BK_man?  I'm using RHEL 614:48
*** BigValen has joined #openstack14:48
kbringardwinston-d: ah, OK, cool14:49
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winston-dyou know,  i tried to install Nova from source.  but there's python package dependency issue that I cannot workaround.  So I turned to pre-build Nova rpms.  No luck neither.14:50
BK_man_winston-d: never seen this before. thanks for reporting! could you please remove febootstrap package using yum?14:51
winston-dBK_man_: OK, let me try that.14:51
winston-dBK_man_: hmm, it seems that I've tons packages needed to be upgraded.  I'm running 'yum update' now. It should be done in minutes.14:57
*** dragondm has joined #openstack14:57
kbringardwinston-d: this is one of the biggest issues I've had with nova and RH... even with RHEL 6 it doesn't keep up to run the latest versions of OS :-/14:58
BK_man_winston-d: are you on RHEL 6.0?14:58
BK_man_winston-d: x86_64 ?14:59
winston-dBK_man_: yes. i'm on RHEL6, x86_64.14:59
BK_man_winston-d: you don't need to have additional repos enabled if you have one (EPEL beta, Fedora, dag). Just use ISO and two our repos15:00
winston-dkbringard: well, installing Nova Bexar release on RHEL6 has been a nightmare to me.  the 1st release was OK though.15:01
btorchjaypipes: not sure who creates the ppa glance pkgs but it should have a dependency on python-swift if one uses swift store15:01
BK_man_winston-d: let me know how it goes and what issues are you facing with it15:01
kbringardwinston-d: oh, doh :-/ I got Bexar to work pretty well on RHEL 6, and I even have a cluster running Bexar on Cent 5.5, so it's doable for sure15:01
winston-dBK_man_: sure.  29 packages done, 100 to go :*15:01
kbringardbut beyond that it gets hairy, hehe15:02
jaypipesbtorch: soren does.. soren?15:02
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:02
winston-dkbringard: I was stuck at 'nova-mange db sync' step when I tried to configure the database.15:03
winston-dkbringard: what's been hairy to you so far?  besides installation?15:04
BK_man_winston-d: are you planning to use it in production or just for testing?15:04
kbringardjust installation... dependency hell15:04
BK_man_kbringard: are you on RHEL6 too?15:04
kbringardBK_man_: was, I'm on Cent 5.5 now15:04
kbringardI don't have a license for RHEL 6 and my free 30 day trial expired15:05
BK_man_kbringard: ok. Why you didn't used our build?15:05
kbringardand I'm too lazy to deal with it15:05
kbringardwhich build?15:05
*** jmckind has quit IRC15:05
BK_man_kbringard: http://yum.griddynamics.net15:05
kbringardI didn't know it existed :-D15:05
BK_man_kbringard: too sad for me15:06
*** santhosh_ has joined #openstack15:06
winston-dBK_man_: well, not really production just for testing.  But if things went well, there could be some heavy load testing.15:06
kbringardI wrote a script that lives in my ks profile that builds it all from source15:06
*** jmckind has joined #openstack15:06
kbringardso when I kick a machine it does the needful15:06
winston-dkbringard: I wrote a script too, for the 1st release.  It was based on Vish's ubuntu script.15:07
BK_man_we are know trying to bring up Jenkings and automate build nova and glance (at least) for upcoming Cactus release15:07
winston-dBK_man_: r u Nova dev?15:07
kbringardwinston-d: I've not taken the time to delve into it yet, but I would wager the issues I'm having with trunk versions is because I explicitly call out versions for a lot of the python dependencies15:07
BK_man_winston-d: we are service company that need OpenStack for our private IaaS offering. We are participating in development of Nova and maintain RHEL6 port of Nova.15:08
BK_man_winston-d: www.griddynamics.com15:09
*** jero_ has joined #openstack15:09
*** jmckind has left #openstack15:09
BK_man_winston-d: which images do you want to run using OpenStack?15:09
winston-dkbringard: 'explictly call out versions for python dependencies', well that's exactly what i have done for Nova & Swift installation on RHEL 615:09
santhosh_I was trying to setup openstack for a xenserver dev environment using:
*** hiddentoken has joined #openstack15:10
winston-dBK_man_: images? do you mean guest OSes?  I'll use mostly RHEL615:10
santhosh_at the final step i get an error saying (nova.compute.manager): TRACE: Failure: ['XENAPI_PLUGIN_EXCEPTION', 'download_vhd', 'OSError', "[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/run/sr-mount/87cb4242-f3f4-e2c6-e2e6-10c82ad1820a/tmpbh3az8'"]15:10
BK_man_winston-d: yep. Do you know how to prepare an image?15:10
*** timbo_ has joined #openstack15:11
santhosh_this is when i try to boot a new VM15:11
santhosh_is there something i missed in setting up the Xenserver SR storage15:11
winston-dBK_man_: well, I did tried preparing one RHEL 6 template while I was playing w/ 1st Nova release.  So I guess yes.15:12
BK_man_winston-d: ok. there is an issue with dnsmasq at the moment - an instance could not obtain IP address using DHCP. I recommend you to setup network settings injection in Nova DB to be on safe side. We are working to resolve that issue.15:14
*** hiddentoken has quit IRC15:15
jaypipessirp_: pls see my comment/query to you on
*** Zangetsu_ has joined #openstack15:16
sirp_jaypipes: gotcha, will take a look at that one next15:16
winston-dBK_man_: thanks for the heads-up!15:16
*** jero_ is now known as jero15:16
jaypipessirp_: cheers. nice work on related_images, btw.15:17
*** littleidea has joined #openstack15:18
sirp_jaypipes: thanks!15:19
jaypipessirp_: np. if you have some free time (yeah, right?)
*** Zangetsu_ has quit IRC15:20
*** Zangetsu_ has joined #openstack15:20
winston-dBK_man_: r u in Russia?15:22
BK_man_winston-d: yep15:22
BK_man_winston-d: me and my engineering team is in Russia, HQ is in USA, CA15:22
jaypipessirp_: also, this little one from dprince should be an easy review. feel free to approve it for the tarmac pit if it lgtu:
*** mariodanic is now known as pygi15:23
*** jmckind has joined #openstack15:23
winston-dBK_man_: ahha, that's a good news for me, our timezone is quite close.  I'm in China.15:23
BK_man_winston-d: +5 hours, is that correct?15:24
winston-dBK_man_: I'm in GMT+815:24
kbringardBK_man_: you have any luck getting volumes to work in RH?15:25
BK_man_kbringard: not yet. but we are planning to do that15:26
winston-dBK_man_: usually I've to wait very late in night for US ppl to show up.  Of course, those very kind-hearted Swift core-devs have worked very late to help me solving issues.15:26
*** Sembiance has joined #openstack15:33
*** Sembiance has left #openstack15:33
kbringardBK_man_: this may be helpful15:34
blamarjaypipes, Is it a project-wide thing to not use privates or is there a PEP warning against them?15:37
BK_man_kbringard: thanks! we'll look into this shortly15:37
kbringardBK_man_: I have no idea if it'll be helpful or not, but I was having problems using the iscsi-initialtor stuff, and the ubuntu things kept talking about iscsi-target15:38
kbringardso *shrug*15:38
kbringardwe'll see :-D15:38
*** kashyap has quit IRC15:39
*** adiantum has quit IRC15:39
BK_man_kbringard: I postponed all iSCSI activities later. First task is to get Nova basically working on RHEL15:39
kbringardhah, makes sense to me15:39
*** ewindisch has quit IRC15:41
winston-dBK_man_: yes, I agree.  Getting Nova to work is 1st priority.15:41
BK_man_winston-d: are you going to summit?15:41
*** Zangetsu_ has quit IRC15:41
winston-dBK_man_: will you be around tomorrow?  I'll have to get some sleep.15:41
*** Zangetsu_ has joined #openstack15:41
kbringardBK_man_: I am (not that you asked)15:41
*** BigValen_ has joined #openstack15:41
winston-dBK_man_: nope, no budget. :(15:42
BK_man_winston-d: yep. if not - reach me using E-mail. It's on wiki15:42
* BK_man_ also fighting with budget issues15:42
*** lamar has joined #openstack15:42
*** BigValen has quit IRC15:42
*** BigValen_ is now known as BigValen15:42
winston-dBK_man_: sure.  Thanks for your help.  Talk 2 u later.15:43
winston-dBye all~15:43
*** winston-d has quit IRC15:43
*** aimon has joined #openstack15:44
n1md4Hi.  I've a rnage of floating IPs  associated with, I've even assigned an address to 3 instances, but still can not ping or ssh to these instances.15:46
*** MarkAt2od has joined #openstack15:47
n1md4192.168.99.99 is not the local IP of the cc but on the same subnet.15:47
n1md4Nor have I assigned that IP to an interface.15:48
*** dprince_ has joined #openstack15:49
*** scotticus has quit IRC15:50
*** MotoMilind has joined #openstack15:50
kim0Hi folks .. Letting you know Ubuntu Cloud Days starting in 10mins in #ubuntu-classroom .. You can discuss in #ubuntu-classroom-chat .. Thanks15:51
*** reldan has quit IRC15:51
*** dprince_ has quit IRC15:52
*** mdomsch has quit IRC15:53
*** dprince has quit IRC15:53
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:53
*** calavera has joined #openstack15:53
*** adiantum has joined #openstack15:54
*** nRy has joined #openstack15:55
btorchjaypipes: is it possible to make glance use http for the swift_store_auth_address instead of defaulting to https ?15:56
btorchjaypipes: I'm testing against a staging env that is setup with http auth :)15:57
*** mahadev has joined #openstack15:59
*** blakeyeager has joined #openstack16:00
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:01
*** dprince has joined #openstack16:02
*** woleium has joined #openstack16:03
*** johnpur has joined #openstack16:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:04
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman16:04
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away16:04
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman16:04
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away16:04
*** mahadev has quit IRC16:04
*** scotticus has joined #openstack16:07
*** mahadev has joined #openstack16:10
*** reldan has joined #openstack16:11
*** dirakx1 has quit IRC16:11
*** dirakx has joined #openstack16:12
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack16:13
btorchis it safe to remove some of the ami files with in /var/lib/nova/instances/_base since I will no longer use them ?16:15
*** rchavik has quit IRC16:16
*** blakeyeager has quit IRC16:18
*** pvo_ has joined #openstack16:19
*** maple_bed has quit IRC16:22
*** mahadev has quit IRC16:22
*** pvo has quit IRC16:22
blamarsirp_, have you looked at your related_images branch with the latest trunk (which includes some glance datetime changes)?16:25
jaypipesbtorch: hmm, file a bug on that. Shouldn't be too difficult to add...16:25
*** bkkrw has quit IRC16:25
sirp_blamar: haven't merged in trunk today, ill do that shortly and repush16:26
blamarsirp_, kk, just a heads up it caught me. I'm going to look at how ours are going to merge16:26
sirp_blamar: oh nice, those datetime changes should allow me to remove some cruft (i think)16:26
blamarsirp_, yup16:26
_cerberus_Is anyone looking at ? I plan to review it, but the best I can do is syntax and general style. I don't know anything about libvirt16:29
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:30
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #698: SUCCESS in 2 min 19 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Aggregates capabilities from Compute, Network, Volume to the ZoneManager in Scheduler.16:33
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack16:35
*** zul has quit IRC16:38
*** zul has joined #openstack16:39
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:50
*** zigo has joined #openstack16:50
*** zigo is now known as zigo-_-16:50
n1md4who do I delete all floating IP addresses?16:50
*** mahadev has joined #openstack16:51
*** herki has quit IRC16:56
blamaris OpenStack tied to 2.6.x and will that change to 2.7.x in the near-ish future?16:56
creihtblamar: I imagine that is more up to Linux distros16:57
creihtThe main reason we (at least swift) use 2.6 is that is what comes with Ubuntu16:58
blamarcreiht, So it's a majority thing? or a Ubuntu thing? 10.10 is 2.6.x but 11.04 will be 2.7.x16:58
creihtblamar: not sure16:58
creihtfor swift we probabably will not change until the next LTS version16:58
creihtIs there something that specifically doesn't work in 2.7?16:59
creihtI would imagine for the most part that things should work with 2.717:00
creihtThe real interesting question is when do we start targeting 3.x :)17:00
blamarcreiht, no, no, just wanting to use a lot of the 2.7 features (especially around unittest module)17:00
creihtAre there features in the new unit testing stuff that nosetests do not provide?17:01
creihtHaven't looked at the new unit testing stuff much17:01
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:02
*** neogenix has quit IRC17:03
*** gregp76 has joined #openstack17:04
sandywalshsoren, what does this mean from hudson "No proposals found for merge of lp:~sandy-walsh/nova/zones2 into lp:nova."17:05
sandywalshwhile attempting to merge zones317:05
blamarcreiht, just a lot of new useful assertions for specific cases, assertLess, assertGreater, assertItemsEqual, assertDictEqual17:06
Vekusing assertRaises as a context manager17:07
blamarah yeah, that too17:08
sandywalshjaypipes, any idea on this:17:09
sandywalshwhile attempting to merge zones3: hudson "No proposals found for merge of lp:~sandy-walsh/nova/zones2 into lp:nova."17:09
*** aliguori has quit IRC17:11
zigo-_-Is the Ajaxterm of openstack different from the upstream one?17:12
*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:12
* zigo-_- is packaging Openstack for Debian and needs to know ...17:12
jaypipessandywalsh: hmm... interesting. lemme look into it.17:14
*** Zangetsu_ has quit IRC17:14
*** kashyap_ has quit IRC17:17
jaypipesmtaylor: hmm, a bit puzzled re: Tarmac's message on this one: The pre-req branch is already merged, not sure why Tarmac is complaining about there not being a merge proposal for the pre-req...17:17
*** BigValen has quit IRC17:17
jaypipesblamar: unittest2 ++.17:18
jaypipescreiht: yeah, there's class and module-level setups, more/better assertXXX methods, @skipIf decorators, stuff like that. :)17:18
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack17:19
*** mray has quit IRC17:19
jaypipescreiht, blamar: the funny/ironic thing about Nova not using unittest2 is that it's already installed by Nova's dependencies ;) (sqlalchemy installs it...)17:20
creihtso unittest2 is available as an external module for older python versions?17:20
jaypipescreiht: yup.17:20
creihtso then why not use it? :)17:20
jaypipescreiht: no idea.17:20
creihtno need for python 2.717:20
jaypipessandywalsh: yeah, that hudson message is a weird one...17:21
sandywalshsure is :)17:21
sandywalshand poor timing :p17:21
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #699: SUCCESS in 2 min 12 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fix lp741514 by declaring libvirt_type in nova-manage.17:23
*** calavera has quit IRC17:25
*** Nacx has quit IRC17:28
*** ianw has quit IRC17:28
kbringardanyone know how nova wants the iscsi targets to be setup for volumes?17:29
btorchhmm does the nova db keep track of what object storage it's setup with ?17:29
sandywalshjaypipes, any thoughts on how to proceed here?17:29
sandywalshjaypipes, or is this in soren / mtaylor hands now?17:29
btorchI'm trying to setup another nova-compute box but this one I want it to use the simple object store instead of glance which is what the others are using17:30
jaypipessandywalsh: no idea. hoping mtaylor will know.17:30
*** gregp76 has quit IRC17:30
*** purpaboo is now known as lurkaboo17:30
jaypipesbtorch: isn't it just a FLAGS value?17:31
westmaassandywalsh: my guys have been seeing that as well..on path is to re-merge prop and get new approvals.17:31
westmaasone path*17:31
westmaasnot ideal, I know17:31
sandywalshespecially today17:31
westmaasoooh zones317:31
jaypipeswestmaas: who has seen that, specifically? better to solve the issue than work around it...17:31
btorchyeah I've changed that on this nova.conf  but I keep getting "UnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again" when running euca-describe-images17:31
openstackjenkinsProject swift build #225: SUCCESS in 34 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: provides arbitrary metadata header support for objects17:32
westmaasjaypipes: bcwaldon and ironcamel I think.  and yeah, you already spoke to ironcamel so we got that message17:32
sandywalshyeah, zones4 is also approved, but same error17:32
jaypipeswestmaas: sorry, not following you... the "message" is the one from Tarmac saying that there was no merge proposal for the pre-req branch. I haven't seen that before... is that what you are talking about?17:33
justinsbbtorch: On iSCSI, I should be able to answer any questions17:33
justinsbbtorch: On euca-describe-images, did we discuss this yesterday or was that with someone else?17:33
jaypipesbtorch: that's a very unhelpful error message! :)17:33
kbringardjustinsb: I have an iscsi question17:34
kbringardI've got the volume manager setup17:34
kbringardI can create a volume17:34
*** MarkAt2od has left #openstack17:34
justinsbkbringard, btorch: Sorry, confusing myself on the iSCSI17:34
justinsbkbringard: Fire away!17:34
westmaasjaypipes: yes that's the one - I think ironcamel tried to fix the problem before seeing the message based on our experience earlier in the week and you asked him not to resubmit17:34
justinsbbtorch: Is this the images porblem:
btorchjustinsb: someone else probably I haven't played with euca tools in a couple of weeks ... it worked before when I had everything just using S317:35
westmaasjaypipes: bcwaldon definitely saw the error though17:35
kbringardbut when I go to attach it, the command iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p <host> gives me a login error17:35
btorchjaypipes: yeah and nothing in the logs either :(17:35
kbringardiscsiadm: Connection to Discovery Address x.x.x.x failed17:35
kbringardiscsiadm: Login I/O error, failed to receive a PDU17:35
bcwaldonwestmaas, jaypipes: I just resubmitted with the prereq removed17:35
jaypipeswestmaas: did he report it to mtaylor or soren?17:35
westmaasI think he asked generally, but did not report it17:36
justinsbbtorch: Are you using the OpeniSCSI initiator and target?17:36
jaypipeswestmaas, bcwaldon: k. might be a bug in tarmac... best to let mtaylor know about things like that so he can fix up :)17:36
justinsbbtorch: i.e. no SANs or anything?17:36
bcwaldonjaypipes: definitely will in the future.17:36
*** BigValen has joined #openstack17:36
jaypipesbcwaldon, westmaas: no worries. I'll bug mtaylor about it when his head pops up on IRC today...17:36
justinsbbtorch, kbringard: Sorry, too many conversations on too little sleep17:36
kbringardjustinsb: no worries, I'll wait :-)17:37
jaypipesbcwaldon: it's a game of mtaylor whack-a-mole.17:37
westmaasjaypipes: also it was eday that talked to ironcamel so that explains why you don't remember, haha17:37
kbringardI need more coffee anyway :-D17:37
btorchjustinsb: hehe no worries I'm going over some bug pages I found too and I'll check out your link soon17:37
jaypipeswestmaas: ah, cool. no worries, like I said.17:37
justinsbbtorch: See if you can get an error out of the euca-api log17:37
btorchjustinsb: no iSCSI yet just simple objectstorage17:37
justinsbkbringard: I find the best thing is to try running the commands by hand and seeing what comes out :-)17:38
*** joearnold has quit IRC17:38
justinsbbtorch: Sorry, the iSCSI thing was meant for kbringard17:38
*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:38
justinsbbtorch: The problem I sent you the link to happens with glance when images aren't as expected17:38
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #700: SUCCESS in 2 min 11 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Detect if user is running the default Lucid version of libvirt, and give a nicer error message17:38
jk0justinsb: conflict in <-- merge trunk/repush and I'll try again17:38
justinsbbtorch: But actually, if you have older images that you're using with new code, you might hit a problem if we've changed stuff incompatably17:39
justinsbjk0, ttx: That's not really a feature patch - is there a way to mark it as 'not worth looking at today'?17:39
jk0could just leave it as work in progress17:40
* jk0 will change it17:40
justinsbjk0: Actually, it's a real bug, so I'll fix it17:40
btorchjustinsb: aww yeah this are images that I uploaded using nova bzr331 and now I have nova bzr86517:40
jk0justinsb: feel free to set it back to needs review when you do and I'll try again17:41
sandywalshxtoddx, can you reapprove please ... hudson is being a pain.17:41
justinsbbtorch: My guess is that the metadata / properties has changed in a way that is causing describe-images to have a sense of humor failure17:41
*** timbo_ has quit IRC17:41
*** dovetaildan has quit IRC17:41
btorchjustinsb: can I delete some of this old /var/lib/nova/instances/_base files safely ?17:41
justinsbbtorch: Should be a log message from euca-api17:41
zigo-_-soren: Hi there!17:42
btorchjustinsb: where are those logs ?17:42
zigo-_-I got few questions to ask ... :P17:42
*** irahgel1 has joined #openstack17:42
justinsbbtorch: Probably, if you don't have any images using them, but I think they should be re-used if you launch an instance from the same image17:42
btorchcan't find them in /var/log17:42
btorchI see17:42
*** irahgel has quit IRC17:42
justinsbbtorch: Depends on how you're running the code.  I run from source so they're in a screen window...17:43
*** dovetaildan has joined #openstack17:43
*** BigValen has quit IRC17:47
*** joearnold has quit IRC17:48
sandywalshhmm, if I re-propose a merge, do all the original reviewers need to re-approve or just 2-cores as before?17:48
edaysandywalsh: you can't just remove the dependency?17:48
justinsbkbringard: Let me know if you can try running your iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p <host> command by hand, what error you get17:48
justinsbkbringard: And maybe try pinging the host... sounds like it could be a straight connectivity issue17:49
sandywalsheday, dunno how17:50
*** adjohn has quit IRC17:52
kbringardjustinsb: if I run the iscsiadmm command manually I get the same error17:52
*** ramkrsna_ has quit IRC17:53
kbringardand I can both ping the host and telnet to port 326017:53
MotoMilindGlance question….I have latest glance source deployed, started the glance-api and glance-registry, updated nova.conf to use glance and fired up the good old nova-client.  In the python shell, i executed: nt.images.create('test', 21).  All logs, nova-api, glance-api and glance-registry seem to indicate a success, the client comes back to command prompt.  But I don't see any image in /var/lib/glance….What did I miss?  Thanks in anticipation.17:53
creihtmtaylor: ping17:54
justinsbkbringard: Any errors in the volume service when creating the volume?17:54
kbringardnope, volume gets created just fine17:55
kbringard2011-03-24 17:04:59,904 DEBUG nova.volume.manager [-] volume volume-00000004: created successfully from MainProcess (pid=9069) create_volume /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova-2011.1-py2.6.egg/nova/volume/
kbringardVOLUMEvol-00000004 2novaavailable17:56
kbringardI should note that I'm running on CentOS 5.5, so I had to install iscsitarget from source17:56
justinsbkbringard: I'll try to repro the problem... just need to get my volumes-api unit tests passing and then I can test volumes for real17:57
*** timbo_ has joined #openstack17:57
kbringardso I'm running iscsitarget on my volume host17:57
justinsbkbringard: Oh... well I can at least try to repro, and then hopefully narrow the bug17:57
justinsbkbringard: Will probably be a few hours before I can do though, I'm afraid17:57
*** kapil has quit IRC17:57
kbringardand iscsi-initiator-utils- on the compute node I'm trying to attach to17:57
sandywalshif I delete my old merge-prop will it delete all the comments in that merge-prop?17:58
sandywalshjust re-issued the merge-prop ... same error message17:58
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #701: SUCCESS in 2 min 12 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Don't try to parse the empty string as a datetime17:58
kbringardjustinsb: no worries, I'll keep fiddling with it too, just figured I'd ask, since you'd said you were the iscsi guy :-D17:58
sandywalshanswer: yes it will17:58
* sandywalsh screwed17:59
*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:59
*** lionel_ has quit IRC17:59
*** lionel_ has joined #openstack17:59
sandywalshttx you around?18:00
creihtI think ttx is still a bit under the weather18:00
justinsbkbringard: I'm an iSCSI guy :-)  But more just coding it than actually a real iSCSI expert18:00
kbringardjustinsb: in theory it should "just work", right? Since the volume manager should export the target?18:01
*** ptremblett has quit IRC18:01
justinsbkbringard: It should.  I mean the real magic is when it gets plugged into the VM.  Everything up until then is just straight iSCSI commands18:02
kbringardI get the same error if I run that command directly from the machine the ietd is running on18:02
kbringardso something is probably wrong with my target install18:02
justinsbkbringard: Yes, if the commands are failing, then there's no additional magic going on...18:02
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC18:03
justinsbkbringard: Your best bet is to try to do it all on the target box, using the same commands as you see in the logs, and see if you can diagnose where the commands are failing18:04
justinsbkbringard: Ick... I just saw a check_exit_code=False on the ensure_export calls.18:05
*** BigValen has joined #openstack18:05
justinsbkbringard: That shouldn't be there... (really hoping bzr blame doesn't point back to me)18:05
*** BigValen has quit IRC18:05
justinsbkbringard: If you run the commands, I bet one of them is failing18:05
*** flopflip has joined #openstack18:06
kbringardwell, yea, when I run the iscsiadm discover command, I'm getting that Login/PDU error18:06
kbringardand when I telnet to the port, while it works, it immediately closes the connection18:06
justinsbkbringard: Sorry, I meant one of the earlier commands18:07
kbringardhehe, OK18:07
justinsbkbringard: The ones when it's setting up the volume, I bet18:07
kbringardok, I'll sift through the logs and see what I can find18:07
justinsbkbringard: Great.  Volume setup and export should be in the nova-volume log18:08
justinsbkbringard: Volume mounting in the nova-compute log18:08
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #702: SUCCESS in 2 min 14 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Made service_get_all()'s disabled parameter default to None. Pass False for enabled services; True for disabled services. Calls to this method have been updated to remain consistent.18:08
pvo_sandywalsh: mtaylor maybe able to help with Hudson18:09
*** kapil has joined #openstack18:09
*** matclayton has joined #openstack18:09
sandywalshpvo_, not around18:09
*** matclayton has quit IRC18:09
kbringardthat's volume creation18:09
kbringardwell, the first line is when I started the volume manager18:10
kbringardthen, like, 15 seconds later I create a volume18:10
*** pvo_ is now known as pvo18:10
*** pvo has joined #openstack18:10
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo18:10
pvoI saw the merge prop error the other day as well18:11
*** Zangetsu_ has joined #openstack18:11
justinsbkbringard: Hmmm... no shell commands in there.  You running in verbose mode?18:11
*** mdomsch has quit IRC18:12
kbringardhmmm, maybe not, what's the best way to do such a thing?18:12
*** dprince has quit IRC18:12
kbringardi have --verbose in my nova.conf18:14
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #703: SUCCESS in 2 min 10 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Pylint 'Undefined variable' E0602 error fixes.18:15
jaypipessirp_: I have a feeling your related_images branch has fallen victim merge hell.18:15
sirp_jaypipes: yeah im in it right now18:15
jaypipesjk0: sirp_ wasn't working hard enough, anyway. good for him to suffer a bit.18:15
* jaypipes runs for cover..18:16
sirp_jaypipes: FML18:16
* jk0 enjoys making sirp_'s life difficult18:16
jaypipessirp_: hehe18:16
justinsbkbringard: There was a bug with --verbose not being honored... I'm going to see if I can find the bug and see if there's a workaround18:16
kbringardah, d'oh18:16
kbringardI recall setting the logging levels for different classes manually at one point, let me see if I can find that info again18:17
justinsbkbringard: That would be great if you can figure out how to force it!18:18
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack18:18
btorchjustinsb: yeah no luck here :( I've tried to delete the old images, update nova ... some euca commads work ok but not the describe one18:21
kbringard--default_log_levels default: 'amqplib=WARN,sqlalchemy=WARN,eventlet.wsgi.server=WARN' Pair of named loggers and level of message to be logged; List of logger=LEVEL pairs18:21
*** joearnold has quit IRC18:21
kbringardbut it looks like nova.volume.manager is already dumping debug info18:21
justinsbkbringard: It's actually nova.utils you want in debug mode18:23
kbringardahhh, ok, let me set it18:23
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #704: SUCCESS in 2 min 14 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fix api logging to show proper path and controller:action.18:24
*** BigValen has joined #openstack18:24
justinsbbtorch: Any error message in the nova-api log?  That should give a huge hint if we can find it18:24
ttxsandywalsh: around now18:25
ttxsandywalsh: was in a train.18:25
justinsbbtorch: You can probably find the logfile in "lsof" if nobody around here knows where it is18:26
*** mahadev_ has joined #openstack18:26
*** mahadev has quit IRC18:26
mtaylorsandywalsh: whazzup?18:26
kbringardanyone know what role you have to be for euca-describe-addresses to work?18:27
pvogetting some odd LP errors on existing merge props18:27
sandywalshmtaylor, trying to merge zones3 and zones4, but hudson is complaining the prereq's don't exist18:27
pvosays there is no mp associated when the mp is set to approved18:27
sandywalshmtaylor, but they do18:27
sandywalshzones2 was already merged18:27
*** neogenix has joined #openstack18:28
sandywalshmtaylor, other people have expressed seeing the same problem18:28
mtaylorok - lemme look in to it18:28
ttxsandywalsh: anything  ican do for you ?18:28
*** BigValen has quit IRC18:28
ttxsandywalsh: in addition to being late tomorrow in freezing the world ?18:28
sandywalshttx, nope, I think mtaylor got it :)18:28
sandywalshttx hudson problems on freeze day ... fun and games :)18:29
ttxI'll probably be a bit late tomorrow to declare the freeze anyway. Traveling, and I'll need to wait for some decent connection18:30
kbringardjustinsb: hmmm, still no additional output :-/18:30
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #705: SUCCESS in 2 min 12 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fix some errors that pylint found in nova/api/openstack/servers.py18:31
openstackjenkinsThis was meant more as a test that pylint is actually being helpful now (it is), but these are real errors.18:31
*** patcoll has joined #openstack18:33
justinsbkbringard: Here's the bug report:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 712814 in nova "Some log levels not correctly setup from flags (e.g. nova.utils)" [Low,Fix committed]18:33
*** dprince has joined #openstack18:34
justinsbkbringard: Do you know what version of the code you're running?18:34
kbringardI'm running the vanilla bexar18:34
justinsbkbringard: OK, so you definitely don't have the patch then18:34
kbringardone of these days I'm going to start playing with trunk again, but for now since I'm running Cent 5.5 bexar keeps me sane :-D18:35
justinsbkbringard: I don't really know what we can do here18:35
justinsbkbringard: I guess you could manually edit the nova/ file to put it into verbose mode18:35
kbringardyea... I'm looking at the diff, but it looks like there is no way I can just apply it to my existing bexar18:36
kbringardwell, let me see if I can get trunk running on one of my machines18:37
justinsbkbringard: Easiest way is to hot-fix the file from where it is deployed18:38
justinsbkbringard: Just add this line after LOG = logging.getLogger(..18:38
justinsbkbringard: LOG.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)18:38
justinsbkbringard: But in general, hotfixing is evil and going to trunk is probably a good idea18:39
kbringardhaha, agreed18:39
justinsbkbringard: Although today is probably not the day to do it18:39
*** dprince has quit IRC18:39
kbringardjustinsb: ok, now we're talkin'18:42
kbringardwhen I run it manually, i get "invalid argument"18:44
reldanHi, Nova Core :) Could you please review our merge proposal
*** mahadev_ has quit IRC18:45
jk0reldan: we're on it18:45
*** mahadev has joined #openstack18:45
justinsbsandywalsh: What's the zones problem at the moment... looks like zones3 is already merged @ r86518:45
justinsbkbringard: Much better... how did you get it to play ball?18:45
reldanjk0: Thank you18:46
sandywalshjustinsb, not that I'm seeing
justinsbkbringard: Also, looks like it's returning error codes (234, 239).  Just going to check that is actually an error code18:46
kbringardjustinsb: I hotpatched the LOG. line ;-)18:46
justinsbsandywalsh: But the diff is 0 lines, and I got an email with a merge at r 86518:46
kbringardjustinsb: yea, although that's when I restart the volume manager and it's reexporting existing volumes18:47
sandywalshjustinsb, hmm, how odd18:47
kbringardthere is a new one18:47
kbringardI'm going to create another new one by hand18:47
justinsbsandywalsh: Is that zones3?18:47
justinsbsandywalsh: At r865, I mean?  I can't tell because the patch isn't visible any more :-)18:48
sandywalshjustinsb, yup, it is18:49
sandywalshmtaylor, ^^18:49
*** nelson has quit IRC18:49
*** nelson has joined #openstack18:49
*** aliguori has joined #openstack18:49
sandywalshjustinsb, odd, I didn't get the email that said success, only error18:49
kbringardjustinsb: yea, I can create new targets by hand, but I still get a login error when I try to discover targets18:51
kbringardI think it's a problem with the daemon :-/18:51
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:52
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack18:53
ironcamelxtoddx: you around18:53
justinsbsandywalsh: Just forwarded you the email in case you want it.  It's from hudson though, not LP18:54
justinsbsandywalsh: Actually, I have no idea who it's really from :-)18:54
kbringardthe targets are there and it sees them18:54
kbringardso this is def something else18:54
*** zigo-_- has quit IRC18:54
justinsbkbringard: When you say "it sees them", do you mean you can discover them locally?18:55
kbringardno, sorry, I mean, iet knows they're there18:55
kbringardbut even trying to discover them locally gives the same login I/O error18:56
justinsbkbringard: Can you pastie that just so I have it in a nice window pls?18:56
*** kashyap has joined #openstack18:56
kbringardit just repeats that until it finally quits or I cancel it18:57
kbringardand that is from the same machine the service is running on18:57
justinsbkbringard: Connection to Discovery Address failed18:57
justinsbkbringard: I'm trying to remember how discovery works... is it a different daemon / port?18:58
kbringardI think it's the iscsid18:58
kbringardruns on port 3260 (I'm no iSCSI expert either though, so I'm muddling through this myself)18:58
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #706: SUCCESS in 2 min 10 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fixes a bug that was causing tests to fail on OS X by ensuring that greenthread sleep is called during retry loops.18:58
jaypipesttx: around? is going to need to be deferred until Diablo.18:59
jaypipesttx: as will this:
justinsbkbringard: Are you using OpenIscsi or IET for the target?19:02
openstackjenkinsProject swift build #226: SUCCESS in 29 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: added default support for content-disposition and allows x-object-manifest to be manipulated like any other object metadata header19:02
justinsbkbringard: I have a feeling it's supposed to be openiscsi, but I'm just checking19:03
kbringardah, I used iscsi-target because that's what was referenced in all the docs19:04
kbringardsince it came with ubuntu19:04
kbringardor well, maybe not the docs, but all the howtos I could find :-)19:04
justinsbkbringard: Hold on... the commands say ietadm.  I've really confused myself now19:05
kbringardhaha, no worries, take your time19:05
kbringardand you know, if you've got other stuff to deal with, I have other things I can work on too, I don't mean to usurp your day :-)19:05
*** ptremblett has joined #openstack19:06
justinsbkbringard: Let me finish my work on the volumes API and then I'll just try it from scratch and reaquaint myself with the code19:06
kbringardokie dokie19:06
kbringardthanks for all your help19:06
justinsbkbringard: It's been a while since I used the linux target19:06
justinsbkbringard: np.  And sorry we didn't quite get there...19:06
justinsbkbringard: yet :-)19:06
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC19:07
kbringardwe will19:07
*** irahgel1 has left #openstack19:07
*** jhtran has joined #openstack19:11
jhtranhey all.  i was working on bug # 702580 but I notice there isn't a pre-existing test for deregistering an image.   Is that intended?19:12
jhtranor am i missing something?19:12
sandywalshjustinsb, thx for email. funny I didn't get it.19:14
justinsbsandywalsh: no worries.  On to zones4 then? :-)19:14
*** lvaughn has quit IRC19:17
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack19:18
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC19:24
*** calavera has joined #openstack19:24
creihtmtaylor: any ideas why that keeps popping up periodically?19:25
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack19:25
*** spectorclan_ has joined #openstack19:25
*** timbo_ has quit IRC19:26
mtaylorcreiht: no - but I'll put that on my todo list to look in to19:26
*** dinnerjacket has joined #openstack19:27
*** lvaughn has quit IRC19:27
creihtmtaylor: thanks19:27
sandywalshjustinsb, just merged. I resubmitted and removed the zones3 prereq to make sure it didn't complain19:27
creihtit is trying to cp a script that doesn't exist anymore, but not sure where it is getting it from19:27
pvotermie: got conflicts with the direct branch19:27
dinnerjackethi all, quick question about the numerous branches available19:28
termiepvo: it has been existing for some time now, that is to be expected19:28
justinsbsandywalsh: Hooray!19:28
creihtmtaylor: cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/usr/bin/swift-auth-server': No such file or directory19:28
pvotermie: hudson rejected it.19:28
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #707: SUCCESS in 2 min 11 sec:
termiepvo: aye, i'll go rebase, i assume that means you reviewed and approved though :)19:28
openstackjenkinsTarmac: In this branch we are forwarding incoming requests to child zones when the requested resource is not found in the current zone.19:28
dinnerjacketwhich branch should I follw for the best balance between new hotness and stability?19:28
openstackjenkinsFor example: If 'nova pause 123' is issued against Zone 1, but instance 123 does not live in Zone 1, the call will be forwarded to all child zones hoping someone can deal with it.19:28
openstackjenkinsNOTE: This currently only works with OpenStack API requests and routing checks are only being done against Compute/instance_id checks.19:28
openstackjenkins* servers.get/pause/unpause/diagnostics/suspend/resume/rescue/unrescue/delete19:28
openstackjenkins* servers.create is pending for distributed scheduler19:28
openstackjenkins* servers.get_all will get added early in Diablo.19:28
openstackjenkinsWhat I've been doing for testing:19:28
openstackjenkins1. Set up a Nova deployment in a VM (Zone0)19:28
openstackjenkins2. Clone the VM and set --zone_name=zone1 (and change all the IP addresses to the new address in nova.conf, glance.conf and novarc)19:28
openstackjenkins3. Set --enable_zone_routing=true on all zones19:28
openstackjenkins4. use the --connection_type=fake driver for compute to keep things easy19:28
openstackjenkins5. Add Zone1 as a child of Zone0 (nova zone-add)19:28
openstackjenkins(make sure the instance id's are different in each zone)19:28
pvotermie: that I did.19:28
openstackjenkinsExample of calls being sent to child zones:19:28
sandywalshheh ... mental note: keep my merge notes short19:29
pvotermie: I ran tests... forgot to merge.19:29
*** spectorclan_ has quit IRC19:33
*** kashyap has quit IRC19:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #741972 in nova "OpenStack API returning blank endpoints" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #741965 in nova "server status attribute different than rackspace style in OS API" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #741943 in swift "allow content-disposition to be set on objects" [Undecided,Confirmed]
*** fabiand_ has joined #openstack19:40
*** hggdh has quit IRC19:42
*** hggdh has joined #openstack19:42
*** hggdh has joined #openstack19:42
*** lwollney has joined #openstack19:43
*** johnpur has quit IRC19:46
openstackjenkinsProject swift build #227: SUCCESS in 26 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: refactor obj-rep a bit and move local hash recalculation to before rsync19:46
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:48
btorchwhich one is the correct file, api-paste.ini or nova-api.conf ?19:50
termieoh config files, how i despise thee19:50
termiebtorch: i've only ever used nova-api.conf, but that was WEEKS ago19:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #741903 in nova "More thorough XenAPI Unrescue test coverage" [Undecided,New]
btorchtermie: yeah I just moved my old one and linked to api-paste.conf since that was installed by the new pkgs19:51
*** mahadev_ has joined #openstack19:53
*** fabiand_ has quit IRC19:53
*** mahadev has quit IRC19:53
btorchok this is the error I found now when I try to also use euca-describe-images
*** lionel_ has quit IRC19:55
annegentlebtorch: I think nova-api.conf runs the nova-api service, and api-paste.ini controls the wsgi app19:58
*** calavera has quit IRC19:59
*** lionel_ has joined #openstack20:00
btorchannegentle: yeah I think I got it figured it out :)  I'm setting up this new compute node pointing to a new nova-api and object store to see how it will work20:05
*** joearnold has joined #openstack20:07
justinsbbtorch: That is indeed the same bug20:07
justinsbbtorch: Which image backend are you using?   Glance?20:08
*** fabiand_ has joined #openstack20:08
*** fabiand_ has left #openstack20:09
btorchjustinsb: on my main CC which is also a compute node. I do have it set to use glance20:11
btorchjustinsb: on this other compute node that I've been playing with, I've been trying to change the nova.conf so that it would use ec220:11
justinsbbtorch: With glance, there are some hints as to how to get round the problem on that merge proposal20:12
btorchjustinsb: so I decided to run a nova-api and the simple object storage on this new compute node and change the nova.conf to point to the correct ip20:13
justinsbbtorch: vish wrote "If you want images to work with ec2, you should probably upload them with nova-manage image commands"20:13
btorchjustinsb: i'll check it out again later .. got catch a flight now20:13
justinsbbtorch: ttyl20:13
btorchjustinsb: it works fine with ec2 if I place the CC/compute node to use ec2 :)  I just want to be able to use both :) some compute nodes using glance for swift backend and some using ec2 but I guess I won't be able to20:14
btorchunless I make this compute node a saio20:15
justinsbbtorch: Wow ... I don't know if multiple backends has ever been tried20:15
justinsbbtorch: My guess is you'll be happier if you can avoid it20:15
kbringardI'm trying to install the latest trunk, and I'm getting a ton of errors about missing python modules20:17
kbringardlike, novaclient, utils, paramiko, rrdtool...20:17
kbringardI tried to do easy_install2.6 on them, but it doesn't seem to like that20:17
*** miclorb has joined #openstack20:17
kbringardany thoughts?20:17
justinsbkbringard: I used pip install to install most of them20:18
kbringardah yes, you guys and your ubuntu ;-)20:19
justinsbkbringard: Well, yumify the apt-get and the rest should be the same20:19
kbringardhaha, I know, I was just messing20:19
justinsbkbringard :-)20:19
justinsbkbringard: Besides, it could be debian ;-)20:19
kbringardlol, no it couldn't be, Debian is so slow I think they're just getting python 1.0 :-p20:20
justinsbkbringard: OK, so it is Ubuntu  :-P20:20
*** taihen has joined #openstack20:20
*** pharkmillups has joined #openstack20:24
*** pygi has left #openstack20:28
dinnerjackethey guys, which branch should I follow?  I'd like something newer for our dev cluster that isn't trunk20:34
termiedinnerjacket: trunk is pretty new, do you mean you want something older than trunk?20:35
*** dovetaildan has quit IRC20:35
sorenjaypipes: I already added the python-swift dependency. Like... 6 hours before it was suggested here :)20:36
dinnerjackettermie: well, something more stable than trunk20:36
termiedinnerjacket: we use lp:~anso/nova/trunk_safe20:36
jaypipessoren: for the PPA builder?20:36
termiedinnerjacket: it is usually fairly close to trunk but we do additional testing manually before we update it, usually20:37
*** dovetaildan has joined #openstack20:37
dinnerjackettermie: oh and it has 'safe' in the name :) sounds good to me, thanks man!20:37
sorensandywalsh: That message from tarmac... did you work it out, or shall I explain?20:37
sorenjaypipes: Yeah.20:38
sorenjaypipes: that's why it built.20:38
sandywalshsoren, it worked out, but zones3 is still marked as "needs review" even though it merged. Explanation would be handy :)20:38
sorensandywalsh: The zones3 merge has a prereq branch: zones2. Tarmac can't find a merge proposal for it.20:39
sandywalshsoren, but there was one20:39
*** ctennis has quit IRC20:39
sandywalshsoren, I got zones4 to go by removing the zones3 prereq20:40
jaypipessoren: kthx :)20:40
*** cole_ has joined #openstack20:41
sorensandywalsh: Yeah, I do see the zones2 mp.. Not sure why Tarmac doesn't find it.20:41
jaypipessoren: sorry, must have missed the successful build.20:42
*** dinnerjacket has quit IRC20:42
sandywalshsoren, would be nice to clean up so it disappears from here:
sorensandywalsh: Well, you can just mark it merged if that's the case.20:44
sandywalshsoren, ha, didn't know that was an option. done. thx20:45
sorensandywalsh: Heh :)20:45
*** Zangetsu_ has left #openstack20:47
*** Zangetsu_ has joined #openstack20:47
*** Zangetsu_ has left #openstack20:47
*** Zangetsu_ has joined #openstack20:47
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #708: SUCCESS in 2 min 11 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Additions to the Direct API:20:48
openstackjenkins* Add an example of a versioned api20:48
openstackjenkins* Add some more docs to direct.py20:48
openstackjenkins* Add Limited, an API limiting/versioning wrapper20:48
openstackjenkins* Improve the formatting of the stack tool20:48
openstackjenkins* Add support for volume and network services to the direct api20:48
*** ctennis has joined #openstack20:51
*** ctennis has joined #openstack20:51
*** mahadev_ has quit IRC20:51
*** omidhdl has joined #openstack20:52
*** mahadev has joined #openstack20:53
*** neogenix has quit IRC20:55
*** talli has joined #openstack20:57
*** mray has joined #openstack20:58
*** sparkycollier1 has joined #openstack20:59
*** nelson has quit IRC21:01
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman21:02
*** nelson has joined #openstack21:02
adiantumhello gents21:02
pvomtaylor: still around? got a debian init question for ya21:03
adiantumis here somebody from Nova Core team?21:03
pvoadiantum: there are a few hanging around21:03
mtaylorpvo: shoot!21:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #742053 in nova "add tests for libvirt-multinic-nova changes" [Undecided,New]
adiantumwould you be so kind to review ?21:04
pvomtaylor: in this paste, the $DAEMON $DAEMON_ARGS start line never returns21:04
pvowhich seems right...21:04
pvobut I can't see how that would work on ubuntu either21:04
mtaylorpvo: paste?21:05
*** pharkmillups has quit IRC21:05
pvoits the init script for nova-api21:05
*** h0cin has quit IRC21:05
pvoadiantum: can you paste the merge prop?21:06
pvoadiantum: found it21:06
*** calavera has joined #openstack21:06
adiantumyes, sure, sorry21:06
pvomtaylor: I started with this
mtaylorpvo: yeah - so upstart doesn't expect for things to return.21:09
pvook. that makes more sense then21:10
pvoI'll modify this to background21:10
mtaylorpvo: so for debian init script, you'll need to either give it a & or use one of the daemonize programs that are out there21:10
pvo& seems easiest unless you think there is a better way21:10
*** cole_ has quit IRC21:12
justinsbkbringard: I can confirm that iSCSI volumes do work with the latest code (with a merged patch) on Lucid.  Using iet target and openiscsi initiator:
justinsbkbringard: So, let's figure out what's different!!21:12
*** sparkycollier1 has quit IRC21:12
kbringardhmm, OK21:14
kbringardI'm coming to believe this isn't an OS issue, I think it's an iscsi issue21:15
kbringardprobably specific to my syste21:15
kbringardI'm going to get this setup on ubuntu, or rhel621:15
justinsbkbringard: Uh-oh.  Perhaps OpenStack wasn't the best name...  It's not as OS issue, it's an OS issue :-)21:16
kbringardmy gut is telling me it's a cent 5.5 issue21:16
justinsbkbringard: Do you have ietd and iscsid running ?21:16
*** miclorb has quit IRC21:16
kbringardbut, when I run iscsiadmin discover, even from the same host, I get a connection failure21:17
kbringardand when I telnet directly to it, it connects, but closes the connection immediately21:17
justinsbkbringard: Let's switch to the private chat and just try to figure this one out21:18
Vekjaypipes around?  Trying to upgrade glance, but after a "glance-manage db_sync" I'm getting an "Unknown column 'images.disk_format' in 'field list'" in nova.api.  Dragon suggests that migration 003 is missing; you have it or some workaround?  (Database backend is MySQL)21:18
adiantumpvo: thank you for review21:20
pvosure, sure21:20
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:21
sirp_jaypipes: blamar dprince: I merged trunk into related-images (with *lots* of changes); could you guys take a ganders?21:21
jaypipessirp_: will do.21:21
sirp_jaypipes: thanks!21:22
jaypipesVek: waiting on reviews :)
jaypipessirp_: that was also a hint for you to check too ;)21:22
Vek'k, thanks...21:22
sirp_jaypipes: heh, will do, merge-hell nearly killed me, so taking a breather for sec21:23
jaypipesVek: you need an immediate fix? if it can wait a few hours, sirp_ will likely have reviewed that branch and hopefully OK'd it, in which case you can just pull a Glance trunk...21:23
jaypipessirp_: totally understood! Now get back to work!21:23
MotoMilindHi pvo: Not sure if you have had a chance to catch up on all messages, but here is whwre I am stuck on nova-client image-create call21:27
MotoMilindpvo: Glance question….I have latest glance source deployed, started the glance-api and glance-registry, updated nova.conf to use glance and fired up the good old nova-client.  In the python shell, i executed: nt.images.create('test', 21).  All logs, nova-api, glance-api and glance-registry seem to indicate a success, the client comes back to command prompt.  But I don't see any image in /var/lib/glance….What did I miss?  Thanks in anticipation21:27
*** reldan has quit IRC21:28
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #709: SUCCESS in 2 min 14 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: libvirt driver multi_nic support. In this phase libvirt can work with and without multi_nic support, as in multi_nic support for xenapi:
Vekjaypipes: point of information: I pulled down the 003 migration script, stuck it in glance/registry/db/migrate_repo/versions (typing from memory), ran glance-manage db_sync, confirmed that it had compiled 003_*.py, but discovered that my db had not been updated.21:29
Vek(db is mysql)21:29
*** adiantum has quit IRC21:29
VekI ended up using sandywalsh's attached pastie21:29
*** lvaughn_ has quit IRC21:32
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #710: SUCCESS in 2 min 11 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Adds unit test coverage for XenAPI Rescue & Unrescue.21:34
*** jtran has joined #openstack21:36
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC21:36
*** jero has quit IRC21:36
*** jhtran has quit IRC21:37
*** j05h has quit IRC21:39
*** j05h has joined #openstack21:40
*** jtran has quit IRC21:40
*** jtran has joined #openstack21:41
Vekjaypipes: does delete_image() work properly?  Is there some subtlty to its behavior?  I'm adding an image for testing purposes, running some tests against it, then trying to delete it with delete_image(), but it's not actually deleting the image from the database.21:41
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC21:43
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blamarsirp_, you have some conflicts in the merge FYI21:44
sirp_blamar: ohnoes, trunk is changing fast... ill get on that, thanks for the heads up21:45
*** nerens has quit IRC21:45
blamarsirp_, np! any chance you could look at my feature merge for versioned image API? FF is tonight and I kinda think of your branch as more of a bug rather than a feature?21:46
*** nerens has joined #openstack21:46
sirp_blamar: sure thing21:46
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:47
*** cole_ has joined #openstack21:47
pvoMotoMilind: anything in the glance logs?21:48
*** cole_ has left #openstack21:50
jaypipessirp_: LP saying there's still one conflict in nova/image/ See that?21:50
jaypipessirp_: oops, sorry, I see blamar already told ya :)21:50
sirp_jaypipes: blamar: just pushed merge take 2 to related_images21:50
*** neogenix has joined #openstack21:51
jaypipesyou guys are just too quick for ole Jay.21:51
sirp_heh good timing21:51
*** patcoll has quit IRC21:53
Vekah ha, for some reason that 'deleted' attribute never even occurred to me.  n/m21:53
*** KenD has joined #openstack21:54
ttxjaypipes: ack, please mark deferred.21:54
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jaypipesttx: k22:05
*** pvo has quit IRC22:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #742106 in openstack-ci "Need python-suds >= 0.4.0" [Undecided,New]
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:21
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #711: SUCCESS in 2 min 17 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Implement API extensions for the Openstack API. Based on the Openstack 1.1 API the following types of extensions are supported:22:33
openstackjenkins-Top level resources (extension)22:33
openstackjenkins-Action extensions (add an extra action to a core nova controller)22:33
openstackjenkins-Response extensions (inject data into response from core nova controllers)22:33
openstackjenkinsTo add an extension simply drop an extension file into the configured osapi_extensions_path (which defaults to /var/lib/nova/extensions).22:33
termiejaypipes: responded again in
openstackjenkinsSee nova/tests/api/openstack/extensions/ for an example Extension.22:33
termiejaypipes: i think it is more clear, so if it makes better sense i'll add it to the docstring22:34
*** santhosh has joined #openstack22:35
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*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away22:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #742113 in nova "EC2 API doesn't work well with arbitrary glance images" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #742115 in nova "Guests lost on host reboot" [Undecided,New]
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #712: SUCCESS in 2 min 15 sec:
openstackjenkins* Tarmac: Adds serverId to OpenStack API image detail per related_image blueprint22:40
openstackjenkins* Tarmac: Fix for bug #74094722:40
openstackjenkinsExecuting parted with sudo in _write_partition (
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 740947 in nova "_write_partition: parted should be executed with sudo" [Undecided,In progress]
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jaypipestermie: just read your second explanation. yes, that is MUCH clearer, and I would definitely encourage you to add that to the docstring (or as a straight comment above the mapper.connect() stuff, just so others in the future will not say "why is this different from all the other wsgi.Router constructors...". Thanks very much for the explanation!22:47
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #713: SUCCESS in 2 min 23 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Implementation of blueprint hypervisor-vmware-vsphere-support.  (Link to blueprint:
openstackjenkinsAdds support for hypervisor vmware ESX/ESXi server in OpenStack (Nova).22:49
openstackjenkinsKey features included are,22:49
openstackjenkins1) Support for FLAT and VLAN networking model22:49
openstackjenkins2) Support for Guest console access through VMware vmrc22:49
openstackjenkins3) Integrated with Glance service for image storage and retrival22:49
openstackjenkinsDocumentation: A readme file at "doc/source/vmwareapi_readme.rst" encapsulates configuration/installation instructions required to use this module/feature.22:49
*** reldan has joined #openstack22:49
MotoMilindpvo: Sorry, got pulled into something else.  The logs have bunch of info, all good, no errors.  Looking at base.Manager._create, it looks like nova client actually doesn't have any means to "create" an image, does it?  Looks like a stub only.  It makes a POST call with body that has server id and image and not really image bits.  Am I right?22:51
*** santhosh has quit IRC22:52
*** vcg has joined #openstack22:52
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*** adiantum has joined #openstack22:56
jaypipessirp_: yeah! \o/ related images merged.22:56
jaypipesand vsphere, too :)22:56
sirp_jaypipes: whew, good stuff22:56
jaypipessirp_: :)22:56
jaypipessoren: suds install needed on ppa builder?22:57
ironcamelsirp_: do you think you can take a look at something for me real quick22:57
sirp_ironcamel: sure, whattya have?22:58
ironcamelsirp_: this will be a piece of cake for you :)22:59
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*** duffman_ has joined #openstack23:06
sorenjaypipes: Just fixed that, actually.23:06
sorenjaypipes: It's the nova package that needs to state a dependency on it.23:07
jaypipessoren: ah.23:07
vcganyone around thats familiar with the networking options available (i've got some questions about the limits on the number of vlans)23:07
*** drico has quit IRC23:07
*** drico has joined #openstack23:08
sorenjaypipes: Should be fixed very shortly.23:09
*** duffman_ has quit IRC23:10
*** duffman_ has joined #openstack23:14
*** adjohn has joined #openstack23:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #742128 in nova "Need to add 'rxtx_cap' and 'broadcast' to network info in libvirt_con._get_network_info()" [Undecided,New]
*** mahadev has quit IRC23:19
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*** adjohn has joined #openstack23:23
sirp_ironcamel: looks good, received small pep8 violation, just need that fixed and should be good-to-go23:24
MotoMilindSeriously, is image_create in nova client code just a stub?23:24
jk0it very well could be at this point23:25
ironcamelsirp_: thanks a lot for looking at that23:26
ironcamelsirp_: that pep8 violation is not from my code, and it exists on trunk as well23:26
sirp_ironcamel: np23:26
sirp_ironcamel: weird, wonder how that slipped through23:26
ironcameland it's a funky thing, i'm not sure the best way to resolve it23:26
sirp_ironcamel: i just ran pep8 on trunk and didn't receive any failures23:27
*** iammartian has left #openstack23:27
westmaasMotoMilind: there is a merge prop to implement it, but I don't think its going to make it tonight.23:27
jk0sirp_ / ironcamel what versions of are you using?23:28
sirp_jk0: 0.6.123:28
ironcamelsirp_: md5sum nova/tests/ c29c1fe5369475746a5f98903d6a92bb23:30
MotoMilindwestmaas: Oh I see.  No problems, I just thought I was doing something wrong.  Only thing I can see is that _create just does a POST with body containing server id and image name23:30
ironcamelnova/tests/api/openstack/ E202 whitespace before ']' 'status': 'FAILED'}23:30
ironcamelsirp_: that is on trunk23:30
*** adjohn has quit IRC23:31
sirp_ironcamel: the violation i get on your branch is nova/api/openstack/ E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 123:31
jk0ironcamel: you're probably using an older version of pep8 (0.5.x)23:31
sirp_ironcamel: pep8 error looks legit23:32
ironcameljk0: what is the easiest way to upgrade my pep8>?23:32
jk0pip will get you the latest, pip install pep823:32
jk0may also get a recent version thru apt if you use Ubuntu/Debian23:32
ironcamelsirp_: got it, thanks23:34
*** santhosh has joined #openstack23:34
ironcamelsirp_: just pushed23:35
*** duffman__ has joined #openstack23:38
*** duffman_ has quit IRC23:39
sirp_ironcamel: approved23:39
ironcamelsirp_: thanks!23:40
*** joloughlin has joined #openstack23:46
n1md4evening.  I'm having difficulty connecting to instances, what's the easiest method (for proof of concept), using multiple nodes, if that makes a difference.23:47
*** rds__ has quit IRC23:47
*** jeffjapan has joined #openstack23:48
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #714: SUCCESS in 2 min 24 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Support for markers for pagination as defined in the 1.1 spec.23:48
joloughlinafter an update today glance with nova seems to have problems23:49
joloughlineuca-describe-images gives an unknown error23:49
joloughlinthis was previously working23:50
joloughlinglance details shows the images there23:50
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*** joloughlin has left #openstack23:53
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