Sunday, 2011-04-24

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oldbamOn swift when I try to upload a file as an admin, I succeed. However, when I do the same procedure as a user, I receive "ClientException: Object HEAD failed." What is the problem?00:26
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Code_Bleuhow do i go about upgrading to 'Cactus' if i've done a manual install?00:50
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Code_Bleucan someone help me with an error im getting ( or explain how i do an upgrade to Cactus?01:38
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Code_BleuI uninstalled nova-objectstore (via apt-get remove) and re-installed it.  It updated all of the other nova packages as when i restart everything and look in the nova-network.log i get this now
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pikpikHi. Has OpenStack been tested on NetBSD?02:11
pikpikSorry, OpenStack Open Storage?02:12
PiotrSikoradoubt it... but it's Python + rsync, so it should run fine ;)02:14
pikpikYeah, I noticed it installed as an egg.02:14
notmynamepikpik: no. we run against the latest ubuntu LTS, although I think some people have run it against RHEL02:14
pikpiknotmyname: Ok. Thanks.02:14
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notmynamebut yeah, what PiotrSikora said. it's all python and standard tools02:15
notmynameI'm guessing he was so excited to start installing that he couldn't stay more than 5 minutes02:16
notmynameon a saturday night02:16
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hvaldiviaHi everybody.05:35
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hvaldiviaI have a question: I do not have a switch with vlan support. which network mode should I use?05:36
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dsockwellhvaldivia: do you mean your switch is u8namnaged and doesn't have its own valns?06:48
dsockwelli've not gotten this far with openstack, but under eucalyptus, the server was the switch.  the network controller passed vlan information through the dumb switch, and it was decoded by the NIC on the other side without needing a vlan-aware switch.06:52
dsockwellif you're saying that your switch is too smart for that, then you'll have to wait for someone else to help you, but having a dumb switch should be fine06:53
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hvaldiviadsockwell: No. What I am saying is that I'm not the network administrator and I do not have access to configure my switch07:06
dsockwellah, okay.  good luck then.07:42
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MarkusTMight be a dumb question (again), but what's the default authentication on my local openstack API? I tried CLOUD_SERVERS_USERNAME:EC2_ACCESS_KEY@CLOUD_SERVERS_URL, but that didn't work. I can't seem to find documentation on this issue, all docs point to the service provider (which is me :->).09:01
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edsiperhi, what's the right way to "move" an uploaded file from a PHP script to the cloudfuse file system ?12:57
edsiperif i use move_uploaded_files() i got long delays for big files (1G)12:57
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btorchedsiper: how long does it take if you upload it directly to the cloud ?13:47
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edsiperbtorch, have not tried that method13:55
edsiperjust moving directly to the cloudfuse fs13:55
edsiperbtorch, well, uploading to the cloudfs directly (php upload_dir_tmp pointing to cloudfuse fs) its normal, but PHP deletes the temporal file so i'm forced to create a new copy since cloudfuse does not support move or renaming13:57
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edsiperis there any doc about how to handle php/openstack issues ?14:06
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AlecTaylorAre there any FOSS projects which facilitate call-in Internet Radio? - (Looking for something like:
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NashTrashHello, openstack17:38
NashTrashCould someone help me understand how networking works in OpenStack?17:39
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alekibangoNashTrash: hello. hardly on weekends if you will have tough questions.... there are just few people now17:40
NashTrashI figured today might be tough, but I had some time so I thought I would try.17:40
NashTrashIt should be a pretty simple question17:40
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rostik_2000As I can see in swift there is no way to assign access control rights per object. Only containers can be assigned control rights. Am I correct?18:03
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notmynamerostik_2000: correct. however, that's more a feature of the provided auth system than swift. you could have your own auth plugin that does per-object controls18:35
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rostik_2000+notmyname: thanks. and admin user will have read/write access to all the containers within an account? which means that if user wants his files to be available only for him, he would need to have a separate account and become its admin. am i correct?18:46
notmynamerostik_2000: I think that is correct. within swift, accounts are cheap (they may or may not be in whatever accounting system you have) so there is little danger with creating separate accounts for an admin18:50
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MarkusTMight be a dumb question (again), but what's the default authentication on my local openstack API? I tried CLOUD_SERVERS_USERNAME:EC2_ACCESS_KEY@CLOUD_SERVERS_URL, but that didn't work. I can't seem to find documentation on this issue, all docs point to the service provider (which is me :->).19:52
kpeppleMarkusT: which openstack: nova, glance or swift ? if nova, which API: openstack or EC2 ? sounds like you are talking about using EC2 API with nova, which means that you should be exporting those variables through your credentials file then using euca-tools .... did this help ?19:56
MarkusTkpepple: openstack 1.0/1.1 and I don't want to use the euca-tools but the REST API. I just can't figure out how to provide the credentials...19:58
kpeppleMarkusT: for the openstack api, you need to supply your username and auth key in the x-headers20:02
MarkusTkpepple: Thanks! Is there some documentation on which user/key to use in what x-headers especially?20:13
kpeppleMarkusT: see the OS API 1.0 doc at ... it's X-Auth-User and X-Auth-Key20:14
MarkusTkpepple: Found that before, but thought it might only be valid for rackspace, since it doesn't mention a local install and the 1.1 documentation doesn't specify authentication at all. Thanks for your help, I'll try your suggestion with my local API endpoint.20:17
kpeppleMarkusT: in nova/api/openstack/, it's looking for those headers, so i think this may change down the road ... but for cactus, that's what is in the code :)20:18
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MarkusTkpepple: Thanks, does work now. :-)20:30
kpeppleMarkusT: cool20:32
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Ryan_LaneCode_Bleu: you need to add a lockdir fag21:47
Ryan_LaneCode_Bleu: also, if you are using multi-node, I think you need to use glance now21:48
Ryan_Laneheh. just realizing that question was from ages ago :)21:49
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openstackjenkinsProject burrow build #8: SUCCESS in 13 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Change TTL and hide values to be relative outside of backend API.23:02
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