Monday, 2011-05-09

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winston-dhi, anyone around?  how can i update my local bzr trunk?  'bzr update'?07:30
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kpepplewinston-d: i think you want 'bzr pull'07:43
winston-dkpepple : hi~  'bzr pull' in project directory?07:44
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kpepplewinston-d: yes, that will bring down commits from bzr trunk repo at launchpad into your local repo07:44
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winston-dkpepple : thanks!07:45
kpepplewinston-d: np ... i think i am in your guys timezone now07:46
winston-dkpepple : really? in which part of asia? :)07:47
kpepplewinston-d: i'm working in Seoul for a bit07:47
winston-dkpepple : nice~07:47
winston-dkpepple : btw, do you know how to modify 'quota' in nova?07:48
kpepplewinston-d: which one ? most of them have flags associated with them in nova/quota.py07:50
winston-dkpepple : hmm, could only be modified via source code? how about runtime?07:51
winston-dkpepple : those quotas are hard-coded in that doesn't make much sense to me.07:51
kpepplewinston-d: no, they are flags in your nova.conf file ... they are just grabbed at start time to populate the quota table in your db07:53
winston-dkpepple : the quota table in my db is empty. but i was informed that i've reached maximum instances #.07:54
kpepplewinston-d: yeah, that is what get_quota in is setting AFAIK ... if you don't set the flag or have something in the DB, it defaults to the values you see at the top of ... so probably you are at 10 instances (which is the default for quota_instances)07:57
winston-dkpepple : and for that case (quota table is empty), is there anyway I can modify quota?  'nova-mange quota' for Cactus only display the vaule.07:58
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kpepplewinston-d: use nova-manage project quota <project_id> key value ....08:00
* kpepple looks at nova-manage code to see what key ...08:00
winston-dkpepple : thanks! that works08:01
kpepplewinston-d: try using "instances" for your key08:01
kpepplewinston-d: cool08:01
winston-dkpepple : how can i miss project_id.. sigh~~08:02
* winston-d blushed08:02
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HugoKuo__good afternoon ...08:31
HugoKuo__kpepple : do you know how many contributors or users of openstack in korean ?08:32
kpeppleHugoKuo__: there are many, but i don't know exactly how many. Korea Telecom uses Swift for their cloud ...08:33
HugoKuo__kpepple : thanks08:33
kpeppleHugoKuo__: np08:33
HugoKuo__how to create project image ?    While I upload UEC image , the image always belong to public image..  Thanks08:42
HugoKuo__btw , I like ur blog kpepple08:42
kpeppleHugoKuo__: thx ... i read yours08:44
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hedenDoes anyone know why the images in glance becomes QUEUED when thay are uploaded, can still use them using EC2 API but not nova, Nova respnds with "status not active"09:07
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infinite-scaleI have a problem with nova and swift or more a question.09:13
infinite-scaleI have a maximum of 2 server for nova and 2 server for swift.09:13
kpeppleheden: isn't this a bug that was filed ? are you using nova trunk ?09:13
infinite-scalewould it be possible to use allinone server in 2 clusters and make it sort of operable in production?09:14
infinite-scaleso If I want to scale I just add nodes to the different clusters and keep the allinone server for the first time.09:14
hedenkpepple: yeah I use the trunk, got the latest update09:14
infinite-scalethanks for any suggestions.09:15
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kpeppleheden: hmmm ... i thought vishy logged something about this last week ... i might be mistaken tho09:17
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infinite-scaleopenstack is totally written in python or?09:20
infinite-scaleor are there any parts written in c or something else?09:20
kpeppleinfinite-scale: AFAIK openstack nova is all python09:21
infinite-scalecool thanks kpepple09:21
kpeppleinfinite-scale: np09:22
infinite-scaleany suggestions on my 2 server setup?09:22
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kpeppleinfinite-scale: yes, i think you can do that ... once you add a server to your cluster (beyond the first allinone), you should move nova-compute onto the second server (and each server after that). HugoKuo__ talks about this on his blog at
infinite-scalethanks. would be great to have a scalable and redundandant cloud with 4 servers.09:24
infinite-scalehaving 2 clusters each with one allinone would be great so. I have a look at the blog.09:25
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HugoKuo__does auto-floating-ip been implement in curretn trunk ?09:49
HugoKuo__Scuch like eucalyptus or Amazon EC2 assign two ips for intance , each of private and public .09:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #779812 in nova "uec-publish-tarball ignores the x86_64 option" [Undecided,New]
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Guest88723do we need to create a bucket before publishing a tarball during image registration?10:03
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HugoKuo__UEC-image ?10:31
HugoKuo__If you register a UEC-image  .  the bucket name parameter is following "uec-publich-tarball" cmd10:32
HugoKuo__such as  " uec-publish-tarball  tar_file bucket_name"    .10:33
infinite-scaleis swift doing deduplication?10:41
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HugoKuo__is there any one works for NTT ?10:57
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nerenshi guys, can someone tell me what euca commands I can use to stop and restart instances?11:48
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nerenseuca-terminate-instance kills the instance right, does not shut the instance down?11:55
nerensis the only way to shutdown by doing init 0 from inside instance?11:55
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HugoKuo__nerens : try euca-reboot-instance12:00
nerensHugoKuo__: isn't that used just to restart a running instance?12:03
HugoKuo__nerens : isn't it @@?12:03
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nerensHugoKuo__: euca-reboot-instances is the equivalent of doing a "init 6" inside the instance.. it will restart that instance. Is there a way to shutdown, not reboot?12:06
nerensHugoKuo__: But I don't want to terminate the instances12:06
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HugoKuo__nerens : do you mean a clear instance ?12:07
nerensHugoKuo__: I mean stop the instance from running but be able to start it at a later date12:08
HugoKuo__pause ?12:08
HugoKuo__like snapshot ?     :<  sorry I did not understand your purpose12:09
nerensHugoKuo__: like turn off, shutdown my virtual machine, hitting the power button :)12:09
HugoKuo__as I know .....12:10
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nerensHugoKuo__: but i'd still want it showing in when i run euca-describe-instances but the state will be shutdown I guess12:10
HugoKuo__no approach12:10
nerensso the only way is to initialize the shutdown from inside the instance?12:11
HugoKuo__I guess so :<12:11
nerensHugoKuo__: like running "init 0" or shutdown12:11
HugoKuo__In my knowing , yes12:11
HugoKuo__maybe someone can provide a better answer later :>12:12
nerensHugoKuo__: ok. and euca-reboot-instances will start a instance that has been stopped?12:12
HugoKuo__reboot will keep the change that you did .... instead of run up instance in fresh state12:12
nerensHugoKuo__: cool, that's what i want12:13
HugoKuo__for example , you add an account.  the account will exist after you "euca-reboot-instance "12:13
HugoKuo__see you12:14
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Guest31043aargh, irssi is so much better than mIRC12:32
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Pyro_does uec-publish-tarball or uec commands in general work with glance, or only with an s3 / objectstore service?12:34
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Pyro_does uec-publish-tarball or uec commands in general work with glance, or only with an s3 / objectstore service?14:17
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ccookeHiya. Anyone awake who works on the XenServer support?14:37
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deshantm_laptopccooke: what seems to be the problem?14:43
ccookedeshantm_laptop: I'm not having any problems per se, but I'm doing some work that might be useful to others14:45
deshantm_laptopccooke: we are looking for help actually14:45
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ccookeBasically, work doesn't like the idea of running nova-compute in a VM so I'm trying a minimal squashfs image. Versionable, eventually installable with a package. Takes about 250M, which in the circumstances is pretty damn good.14:46
deshantm_laptopEwan Mellor from Citrix is working with, Debian, etc. to have Ubuntu and Debian packages and also the openstack bit for on top14:46
ccookeI'm still building it, mind, but once I'm done with the proof of concept on openstack, I would be able to share the work *if* that's something that might be useful14:46
deshantm_laptopI can get you the thread. Ewan said he would make the proper introductions14:47
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ccookeNote that I'm a sysadmin rather than a developer - I tend to think in architecture more than anything else, because that's the level I support14:47
ccooke(I *do* code as well, of course)14:48
deshantm_laptopccooke: send me a private message and I can give you proper email contact info for me and Ewan14:48
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antonymccooke: i'd be interested in seeing how that turns out14:57
ccookeantonym: the idea is to simply version the filesystem image, then treat it as a read-only blob.14:58
ccookewhile there isn't much space on a Xen dom0, there's more than enough for a 250M image.14:59
antonymccooke: yeah, there's a little bit of breathing room14:59
infinite-scaleis there any docs on how a production environment could be set up?15:00
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Pyro_im facing issues while creating logical volume on my nova-volume server15:14
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Pyro_"Unable to deactivate failed new LV. Manual intervention required. "   is what I get after running lvcreate15:14
Pyro_$lvremove -f /dev/nova-volumes/test   --> Unable to deactivate logical volume "test"15:15
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ttxmtaylor: around ?15:20
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jaypipessirp_: around?15:22
sirp_jaypipes: yep15:22
jaypipessirp_: I have to do my nova review day today and try wrapping up the API versioning in Glance. Was hoping you might be able to take a look at
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 779311 in glance "Glance update for Ubuntu failing" [Undecided,New]15:23
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sirp_jaypipes: sure thing :)15:25
jaypipessirp_: really appreciate that, thank you!15:25
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #886: SUCCESS in 2 min 37 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Removing a rogue try/catch expecting a non-existant exception.TimeoutException that is never raised.15:29
bcwaldonjaypipes: I'll finally review it, too15:30
bcwaldonjaypipes: been meaning to15:30
jaypipesbcwaldon: ah, cheers :) I'm going to be following much of dprince's advice on his review.15:32
jaypipesbcwaldon: but I welcome your thoughts.15:32
bcwaldonjaypipes: well now I don't want to do it!15:33
jaypipesbcwaldon: please do!15:33
jaypipesbcwaldon: did I ping you on this?
jaypipesbcwaldon: I was working on it late on Thursday... not sure if I IRCd you the link...15:34
bcwaldonnope, I'll take a look15:34
jaypipesbcwaldon: it's just a drawing board feel free to edit and add.15:34
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bcwaldonjaypipes: added one comment to your etherpad, on to the MP15:51
jaypipesbcwaldon: thx mate :)15:51
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #887: SUCCESS in 2 min 37 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Set root password upon XenServer instance creation.16:04
openstackjenkins* Note: Will need to redeploy XenServer plugins.16:04
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uvirtbotNew bug: #780002 in nova "OSAPI: request extensions" [Undecided,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #780025 in swift "/dev/log rotations can cause object-server failures" [Undecided,New]
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nhmRy4an_Lane: I saw a while ago you were doing some work on integrating openstack with existing ldap setups.  Do you have that working now?17:25
nhmoops, sorry about the 4.  One of the guys here is named "ry4an". :)17:26
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Ryan_Lanenhm: yeah. been having it working for quite a while17:40
Ryan_Lanenhm: you can set a flag to tell it to remove/add attributes instead of adding/removing users17:41
Ryan_Laneit still completely manages projects, but you can set a different ou for projects vs groups, if you want to limit privileges17:42
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nhmRyan: Can you have that done in the DB rather than ldap if you have no write access to the ldap server?17:47
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Ryan_Laneyou don't *have* to let openstack modify the ldap server17:47
Ryan_LaneI, for instance, don't17:48
Ryan_Lanebut, you need to have the openstack schema installed17:48
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Ryan_Laneand you need to add attributes to the user, and you need to modify the projects yourself17:48
nhmRyan: hrm.. ok.  There's some politics here that make things annoying. :)17:48
Ryan_Lanebasically, if you want to use LDAP, it's easier to make a user that has limited privileges17:49
OutBackDingonhm: theres no room for politics in IT17:49
Ryan_Laneno matter what you'll need to modify ldap17:49
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Ryan_Laneyou can choose to use the database instead of ldap, but it'll be totally separate17:50
nhmRyan: yeah, that's what I figured was probably the case.17:51
nhmRy4an: Maybe I'll see if I can setup a partial replicant or something.17:51
Ryan_Laneumm, that would be strange17:54
Ryan_LaneLDAP doesn't really work that way ;)17:54
nhmRyan: well, I'm using the word replicant loosely I guess. ;)17:54
Ryan_Laneyeah, it still doesn't work that way ;)17:55
Ryan_Laneyou should ask them for a limited write access user17:55
nhmRyan: not going to happen.  The same group that runs the ldap server hates the entire idea of user controlled VMs.17:55
nhmRyan: To the point of denying our programmers access to their own production VM instances.17:56
Ryan_Lanethe write access would be very limited17:56
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nhmRyan: I'd be better off settings up an entirely separate ldap server or just using the DB.17:57
Ryan_Lanehave him add an ou that the user can add groupofnames entries to, and access to add/remove accessKey, secretKey, and isNovaAdmin attributes17:57
Ryan_Lanethen use the DB17:57
Ryan_Laneit isn't worth the effort to use LDAP if it isn't integrated17:57
Ryan_Laneunless you want to do tight integration, like I'm doing17:57
Ryan_Lanemeaning the VMs also use the same ldap database as nova17:58
Ryan_LaneI'd imagine you want those to use production ldap though17:58
nhmRyan: I'm curious about your earlier statement though... We've done ldap replication here (though not really a partial replication).17:58
Ryan_Lanereplication assumes you don't change the data that is being replicated unless it is being replicated back17:59
Ryan_Laneyou would need to modify the users being replicated17:59
Ryan_Laneunless your ldap server supports some form of partial replication I'm not familiar with18:00
Ryan_Lanewhich is always possible18:00
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Ryan_Lanebut if your ldap admin doesn't trust you enough to give you limited write access, I don't see why he'd trust you to enable replication either ;)18:01
nhmRyan: It's more likely I just don't know the limitations I'll be bound by. ;)18:01
Ryan_Laneyou must work for a government agency18:01
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openstackjenkinsProject burrow build #10: SUCCESS in 16 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Cast to integer the default_ttl and the hide values.18:02
nhmRyan: oh, that's not it exactly.  We go more by a caste system here.  I'm on the operations staff so I can get away with most things I personally want.  The problem is that I want to enable things for other people.18:02
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Ryan_Laneah, you work for a university :)18:03
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nhmRyan: Correct. :)18:04
nhmRyan: There's been a long history of disfunction here that has sadly caused a lot of bad blood and need for self-preservation.18:04
nhmRyan: So things like "cloud computing" are often looked on with disfavor, especially after you explain you want users to have root access to their VMs (in a controlled environment).18:05
Ryan_Lanethat's why you vlan them off18:05
Ryan_LaneI'm giving root access to random people on the internet18:06
Ryan_Laneit isn't that big of a deal :)18:06
nhmRyan: Indeed.  And run OpenVAS, and issue fatwas should there be a compromise, etc.18:07
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Ryan_Lanenhm: if you really want to give them anxiety, talk about giving root access to production systems using puppet in a git repository18:07
nhmRyan: nice!18:08
nhmRyan: Ultimately it's just that people worried about being blamed when things go wrong.  Inevitably we will get hacked.  It's a fact of life.  Happens to everyone sooner or later.18:09
j05hyay for unpatched apache!18:10
Ryan_Lanebuild the systems via puppet, ensure they stay up to date18:10
nhmRyan: We just need to identify what the likely attack vectors are and deal with them.  Not go crazy shutting down access to everything in the hope that we will catch all avenues of attack without walking through the identification process.18:10
Ryan_Laneif this is a managed environment, you should at least manage security on the vms18:10
nhmI'll probably have managed VM images that can access production file systems and other things and unmanaged ones that will be firewalled/acled/vlaned/etc away.18:13
nhmNot entirely sure how that will look yet.  Don't think there is multi-network support for flatdhcp yet right?18:13
Ryan_Lanedon't believe so18:14
nhmRyan: The other option I have is that I could auth against the central-university's ldap interface to their X500 system.18:15
nhmRyan: not sure how hard it would be to implement the openstack schema ontop of that. ;)18:16
nhmbeing able to use something like shibboleth saml assertions or openids could be interesting.18:18
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nhmoh nice...
Ryan_Laneyou'll likely need to wait for diablo for something like that18:20
Ryan_Laneand I wouldn't expect very good saml support at first18:20
Ryan_Laneor even openid18:21
Ryan_Lanesince the first service targetted is the token system used by rackspace18:21
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nhmRyan: That's ok.  Right now I just want to be prepared for when those bits are available.18:22
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nhmRyan: might be that I end up writing some code for it too if things aren't moving along fast enough. ;)18:25
Ryan_Lanenhm: see project keystone18:25
Ryan_Laneif you wanted to help18:25
nhmRyan: We are submitting a proposal that could involve some funding for general cloud infrastructure development.  I'll probably know by the fall. ;)18:26
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nhmlooking at keystone now18:28
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nhmRyan: nice that keystone has a openID backend.18:34
nhmor is going to I guess.18:34
Ryan_Lanewell, they are looking to have a pluggable backend18:35
Ryan_Lanesaml, openid, token auth, password auth, etc18:35
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nelsoncreiht: can I get some help from you? I've got three machines in my cluster. all three are doing storage, and one is a proxy. I've got 300K files in 21GB, and a load average of 3.5. That seems excessive.18:46
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nelsonMost of the time is going into object-auditor and object-replicator.  And yet, there is almost no activity. No users, no changes.18:47
nelsonI'm guessing that I've screwed up something in the configuration and am hoping you can help. Well, or that anyone can help.18:47
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Dumfrieskpepple: Thought I would let you know I managed to get around the issue invalid image id we talked about last Friday18:48
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nhmRyan: btw, looks like openldap may have some capability for partial replication: end of section 18.1.118:54
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creihtnelson: what version of swift?18:56
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nelsonIt's 1.118:56
creihttime for a meeting18:56
creihtmy guess is it is the auditor18:56
nelsonShould I try 1.3?18:56
creihtthe older versions can chew up disk io and memory18:57
nelsonahhhhh, okay, if it's a known problem, then I'll upgrade.18:57
nelsonkewl, thanks.18:57
Dumfriesany one seen "NoneType' object is not subscriptable" while bring up a new instance?18:58
Ryan_Lanenhm: looks like that's the case. seems dirty to me :)19:04
Ryan_Lanebut that would likely work for you19:04
nhmRyan: Depending on how keystone works out that might be a better way to go.19:08
Ryan_Laneyeah. keystone is the future way authn/authz is going to work in openstack19:08
nhmprobably will be a better way to go.  Especially if I can support multiple authn/authz backends at the same time.19:09
Ryan_Laneit still may require an ldap backend, though19:09
nhmhrm... I guess it depends on how that would look.  Potentially in fairytail land I'd be able to support central university users and local institute users through separate keystone backends at the same time even if they have the same names.19:12
nhmand not have any pre-existing knowledge of what their shib/openid/etc servers have in them.19:13
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Ryan_Lanenhm: yes.19:14
Ryan_Lanenhm: via federation19:14
Ryan_Laneand you could store the federation info in a database.19:15
nhmRyan: doesn't really matter to me if ldap is required so long as there doesn't need to be pre-existing knowledge of what the contents of the backend authn/authz is.19:16
Ryan_Laneyep. that should work well with saml19:16
nhmRyan: If it just wants to dump data somewhere I don't really care.19:17
nhmRyan: I've done some globus and cagrid federation work before so this is all semi-familiar territory.19:17
Ryan_Laneheh. not familiar with either of those :)19:17
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nhmRyan: globus is what teragrid and open science grid use to tie all of their clusters together.  Big NSF funded project but long in the tooth.  Cagrid is the NIH cabig grid framework which is based on globus and is likely going to be canned for various reasons.19:18
nhmRyan: So very much government/academia land.19:19
* Ryan_Lane nods19:20
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uvirtbotNew bug: #780091 in swift "Save Source Information For Stats Testing" [Undecided,New]
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Dumfriesanyone provide insight to "Attempting to grab semaphore "ensure_bridge" for method "ensure_bridge"20:04
DumfriesAnytime I bring up a instance it fails while "networking".20:04
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dubsquaredwhat network manager are you using?  and is there a bridge created and defined in nova.networks?20:05
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dubsquaredhrm, I know with FlatManager you have to create the br100 bridge manually, can anyone answer on FlatDHCP being different?20:06
Dumfriesdubsquared it is.20:06
dubsquareddifferent as in it's required to be created manually, or not20:07
dubsquareddo you have an br100 interface?20:07
Dumfriesdubsquared:  here the db record20:08
dubsquaredok, br100 is set there, do you have a br100 in your network interfaces?20:08
Dumfriesdubsquared: d'oh20:08
dubsquaredI know with VlanManager, that bridge is made automagically … i wasn't sure if FlatDHCP did that as well20:09
dubsquaredit might?  i cant recall tbh20:09
DumfriesI was under the same impression20:10
Dumfriesthe docs say otherwise though20:10
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dubsquaredThe docs are never wrong, so not sure what happened there :P  but in all seriousness, if you see an error in the doc, file a bug and it will be remedied :D20:13
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DumfriesI had it defined in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d20:14
Dumfriesit does exist20:14
Dumfries@dubsquared still have the same error.20:15
larissaDumfries: Error: "dubsquared" is not a valid command.20:15
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Dumfriesdubsquared:  rather I have still have the same error20:15
raggisup folks20:16
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raggidumfries just pasted some code that's throwing up an error, first glance, regardless of whether it's causing error or not, it's definitely not thread safe, at least, not the snippet i saw20:16
raggi << this20:17
dubsquaredwhere is the entire stacktrace?20:17
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raggilazy init'ing semaphores...20:17
raggiyou could get a double lazy init, unless that's wrapped in another lock20:17
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rnirmalwould there be any interest in having something similar to security groups in the openstack api?20:22
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raggiheh, so there's a note from soren above that code about race conditions with native threads, but unless you're just using coroutines (in which case you probably don't want thread based semaphores?) then this code contains race conditions with userspace threads too20:36
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infinite-scaledubsquared hey you wrote the script for the scripted install?20:49
infinite-scaleI have a problem during install20:49
galstromso quick question.. where does nova-manage look for a nova.conf file20:49
galstromis it only in bin/nova/nova.conf20:49
infinite-scaleafter setting up mysql it stops20:49
galstromon a src build20:49
galstromfrom trounk20:50
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comstudcan anyone describe to me the eventlet bug that we patch?21:18
comstudor can point me to info about it?21:18
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grapexcomstud: Are you referring to this?
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 752074 in nova "venv python eventlet needs to get patched" [Medium,Fix released]21:21
comstudyes, the link to the FAQ in there is perfect21:22
grapexNo problem.21:23
grapexDoes anyone know how to run the unit test coverage reports when using venv?21:23
zykes-is there any more videos from the summit spectorclan ?21:30
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openstackjenkinsProject nova build #888: SUCCESS in 2 min 37 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Enable RightAWS style signature checking using server_string without port number, add test cases for authenticate() and a new helper routine, and fix lp753660.22:09
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cbeckeday: ping22:12
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Eykis swift 1.4-dev  ready for productive use?22:12
Eyk(as a basic object store)22:13
notmynameEyk: yes. there are very few differences in the current trunk than what Rackspace is running in production22:17
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notmynameRackspace is running later code than the cactus release 1.3.0 (which was released very recently itself)22:17
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edaycbeck: pong22:23
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Eykthank you, I will give it a try22:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #780174 in nova "gflags.DuplicateFlagError: The flag 'allow_admin_api' is defined twice" [Undecided,New]
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ironcameli have openstack deployed. i created an instance with the api. i am having trouble ssh'ing to the instance22:34
ironcamelis the username root?22:34
ironcamelit is giving me permission denied when i try to ssh22:34
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Dumfriesany ideas on " Attempting to grab file lock "iptables" for method "apply" ?22:53
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Eykis there a limit of the amount of objects in one container? can i upload a billion billion files to one container?22:58
ironcamelok, i got it, i had to use the private key to ssh in22:59
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Dumfrieskpepple: about?23:01
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uvirtbotNew bug: #780211 in nova "Remove vestigial ec2_listen_port flag" [Low,New]
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