Wednesday, 2011-08-03

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adambergsteinthank you for the help vishy00:02
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vishythey are all on one host?00:03
vishythat is the entire log?00:03
adambergsteinill paste it in00:03
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T0X|CI am confused about what openstack is. I have read the definition and watched a you tube videos about it. Is it an API technology or language that various other technologies can speak to? Like storage devices can speak to it? Xen? pieces of virtual hardware?00:05
vishyare you familiar with eucalyptus?00:08
adambergsteinvishy: sorry, i had to cut some of it back because it was long00:08
adambergsteini just cut out stuff that was repetitive00:09
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vishylots of stuff from earlier00:11
vishydoesn't look like you get an error when you launch00:11
adambergsteinits quite odd00:12
vishycheck /var/log/libvirt/qemu/instance-xxxx.log00:12
vishyand syslog to see if there are any error messages00:12
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adambergsteinhang tight...00:12
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adambergsteinempty -- /var/log/libvirt/qemu00:13
T0X|Conly the history of eucalyptus. Is it a virtual technology such as xen or vmware? It's confusing because in the future, is ensuring their technology plays well with openstack which confuses me again00:14
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adambergsteina while lot of the 'terminated with status…' and 'respawning' lines00:17
vishybasically it uses virtualization to give you a cloud00:18
vishyso openstack compute will give you something similar to amazon ec200:18
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vishystorage will give you something similar to amazon s300:18
T0X|Copenstack provides storage as well?00:19
vishyopenstack storage00:19
T0X|Cso how is this not taking the place of xen?00:20
heckjT0X|C: It's an overlay that supports Xen as well as many other hypervisors - non Hypervisor specific00:20
nilssonT0X|C, openstack doesn't include a hypervisor00:20
nilssonyou can use xen, or kvm00:20
heckj(or lxc, or hyper-v, or vmware ...)00:21
T0X|Cyes yes00:21
T0X|CI have always built my own cloud, vmware, open-e san storage.--- these are like hosted solutions of what I am doing?00:22
T0X|CI would be able to run openstackcompute and openstack storage and kinda like offer what amazon does?00:22
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vishyT0X|C: it is that + APIs00:23
heckjT0X|C: yep00:23
vishyadambergstein: any errors in nova-network.log?00:23
adambergsteinill check00:23
T0X|Cdoes openstack storage run as a san-software?00:23
heckjT0X|C: The storage component (swift) provides S3 like API (or CloudFiles API).00:24
heckjT0X|C: Internally, there's ongoing work right now for volume mechanisms like elastic block storage00:24
heckjT0X|C: the swift components are meant to use commodity storage (SATA drives, etc) on 5+ servers as a minimum install right now00:25
vishyadambergstein: looks like your networks were created wrong00:25
vishythey have no interface00:25
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T0X|CSo even with openstack swift, a developer would still need to write a gui for the guts to make it user friendly right? with swift there isn't a guy? just like openstack compute there isn't a manager for the machines within it right?00:26
adambergsteinok, how would i go about setting this up?00:26
vishythere are various ui's for interacting00:26
vishyT0X|C: like cyberduck00:26
heckjT0X|C: There's some GUI tools that have been recently added to the dashboard, and I just read about a javascript Swift client, but otherwise year00:26
heckjer, "yeah", not "year"00:27
vishyadambergstein: what was your network create command?00:27
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heckjT0X|C: Anything that can work against S3 can work against this00:27
adambergsteinsudo nova-manage network create public 1 3200:27
adambergsteini just need to set up private IPs for now. i am least comfortable setting up the networking aspects of this00:28
adambergsteini apologize00:28
T0X|COk. so as of right now OpenStack is a visionary Developer playground right? I am a virtual machine provider utilizing existing tools and managing vas so this shouldn't concern the hell out of me right? I am glad that it is awesome and I am glad that Xen is building their stuff to be friendly with it. I will keep my eye on it.00:29
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T0X|Cvas -> vm guests00:29
vishyok so you need to either specify vlan_interface in your flag file00:29
vishybefore creating networks, or specifically pass it in00:29
vishyas --bridge_interface when you create networks00:30
adambergsteininterface found in ifconfig?00:30
adambergsteinvlan_interface default to 'eth0' correct?00:32
vishyno it doesn't00:32
vishydefaults to None00:32
vishyit used to :)00:32
adambergsteini see! i thought i had read that00:32
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adambergsteinwhen i change the conf file, what all do i need to do?00:33
adambergsteinlike, what services should i restart?00:33
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adambergsteinvishy: was my network create command OK?00:41
vishyyou should probably delete and recreate the network00:42
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adambergsteinok, what is the delete command?00:42
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vishyeasiest is just to delete the db and create it again00:47
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adambergsteinvishy: i ran the 'nova-manage network delete' command00:50
adambergsteinwould this do the trick?00:50
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ThenHello everyone...01:03
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adambergsteinvishy: it seems there is a separate issue now...01:17
adambergsteini created a new network, new project01:19
adambergsteinassigned my admin user to the project01:19
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adambergsteinvishy: i restarted nova-objectstore and it appears to be going01:24
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adambergsteinvishy: i tried running instances again, same result
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vishyrestart all the workers01:37
vishygotta go01:37
adambergsteinok, thanks for your help01:37
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winston-dhi, guys.02:35
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winston-ddoes anyone know if CloudFiles java binding is thread-safe?  we have encountered some problem that indicates it is not.  But i would like to confirm.02:36
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winston-dlvaughn: hi, Lowell.  Sorry to disturb, but is CloudFiles' java binding thread-safe?02:47
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JuniHello to all04:39
Junidid anyone know how to change the default hypervisor from KVM to XEN ??04:40
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HugoKuo_Juni , --libvirt_type=06:03
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zykes-any keystone devs here ?07:50
deepestany people who know about swift, please help me07:50
reidracdeepest, zykes- just ask07:51
reidraczykes-: dev channel is #openstack-dev07:51
deepestis there any channel for openstack -swift07:52
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alekibangodeepest: this channel is OK.   just ask the real question07:53
reidracdeepest: this channel it's OK, just ask your question and wait07:53
reidracalekibango: mind reading!07:53
alekibangodeepest:  if you will have some time, read this... it will help you a lot:
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deepestI installed and configured the Swift Proxy like this link Would you can check for me the result of running Swift Proxy? The result here : - - - -
deepestbut all of these things, I installed in 1 Host07:59
reidracdeepest: I'm not sure if I understand... the unit tests aren't supposed to validate your installation08:00
reidracdo you have a full installation? all services running?08:01
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deepestI ran all in the tutorial above08:01
reidracthen create an account test the cluster with any of the available clients/API libs08:01
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deepestI want to ask u about the test environment08:02
*** vernhart has joined #openstack08:02
reidraca quick test can be running wget or curl on http://PROXY_IP:PORT/v1/unexistent_account and check logs08:02
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reidracOh, I see... sorry, I checked your first paste only08:03
deepestoh no problem08:04
deepestI just want to know, my result correct or not correct. And how can I check them?08:04
deepestand how can I transfer the data from any host to storage node08:05
reidracpaste 1997 looks OK, you got an auth token08:05
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deepestI got the auth_token08:06
deepestand Url_token08:06
reidracpaste 1998 looks OK I guess08:06
reidrachave you tried any client? such as cyberduck, or any of the client libraries?08:07
deepestdo U know what is the meaning of all character like paste 199808:07
deepestNo I didn't08:07
deepestI dont know how to tried with client08:07
deepestthat why I come here to ask08:08
reidracpaste 1998 it's showing stuff you have in that account08:08
reidracyou can try this:
reidracor with
reidraclogin, create a container, upload a file, etc08:09
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deepestWould u describe more detail about that stuff for me08:10
deepestI really dont understand much08:10
deepestfor another client here08:10
deepestfirst of all08:10
deepestI have openstack cloud08:11
deepestwith 3 host08:11
deepest1 for Cloud Controler08:11
deepest1 for Network Controler08:11
deepest1 for Computer Worker08:11
reidracthat's not related to swift08:11
deepestafter that I run Swift Proxy in another Host08:12
reidracand you want to test swift08:12
deepestso, Do U think one of any 3 host is Client here?08:12
deepestyes, I want to test swift with my 3 host (CC, NC, CW)08:13
reidracyou can use any other box as a swift client, so you can validate the swift installation08:13
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reidracit doesn't matter08:13
deepestSo, do U know anywhere have tutorial?08:14
deepestbecause I dont have any experience08:14
deepesthow can I configure them?08:14
reidrac ; check points 10 and 11 I guess08:16
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deepestwhat do U mean 10 and 11 here?08:19
reidracthose two points in the list show two commands to test your swift installation08:23
deepestCheck that you can GET account: curl -v -H 'X-Auth-Token: <token-from-x-auth-token-above>' <url-from-x-storage-url-above>  Check that swift works: swift -A -U test:tester -K testing stat08:25
deepestis that right your opinion?08:25
reidracit's a way of testing your installation, yes08:34
reidraconce you know it's working, you can keep going08:35
deepestok, thank you Reidrac08:36
deepestI will research continue08:36
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alekibangowe should have some simple script which would examine the installation and check for common problems... giving hints to (novice) user.08:45
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ElliottI have a quick question..09:03
*** Elliott is now known as Guest5619909:03
Guest56199msg nickserv register09:04
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CloudAche84fire away Elliott09:05
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TREllisHi, I'm trying to get auto_assign_floating_ip to work in diablo, getting the error: I have plenty of floating IP's left, any ideas?09:37
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kidrockdoes anyone successfully install OpenStack DashBoard GitHub version?11:04
kidrockwhen i goto http://ccip:800011:05
kidrockfollowing error occurred11:05
kidrockno such table: django_session11:06
matttkidrock: that's a common issue11:07
matttkidrock: you may need to run syncdb ?11:07
matttbut to answer your question, i had no luck w/ github dashboard11:07
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kidrockrun "nova-manage db sync" at nova-api host?11:09
matttkidrock: sec, let me pull it up for you11:09
*** kernelfreak has joined #openstack11:10
matttkidrock: check out the older docs, it says to "tools/ dashboard/ syncdb"11:11
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matttnot 100% sure if that's required for the github version, but i'd suspect so11:11
matttand if so, the documentation appears to be missing that step11:12
kidrocki will try it11:12
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mirrorboxwhat's the correct way to import pipelib from nova/network/manage? pipelib imports AuthManager which imports NetworkManager which results in a loop :(12:38
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chemikadzeIs there any method to get compute's host name where VM is running? Through API of course.13:03
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matttkidrock: herpaderp?13:17
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kidrockthanks mattt, my problem is resolved13:24
kidrocki can login into the dashboard now13:24
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lvaughnwinston-d: It should be thread safe.  I've not personally tested it a lot, but I've talked to folks who are and weren't having problems (and it was built to be thread safe and uses thread-safe libraries from Apache which are well tested)13:59
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winston-dlvaughn : thanks. that's good news.  i will double check with our developer.14:12
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creihtwinston-d: if you can make a code snippet that reproduces the issue, let us know15:01
*** mnour has quit IRC15:01
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primeministerphey guys, which rpms for rhel 6.1 on griddynamics should one be using these days15:18
primeministerpi.e. which are the most stable15:18
primeministerpi.e. well not stable15:19
primeministerpbut sort of15:19
*** dgags has joined #openstack15:19
primeministerpi.e. would one use to deploy on rhel if one were to15:19
*** andyandy_ has joined #openstack15:19
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ardi2I've been hoping to try out swift, and ran into an error with the swift-proxy-server, any ideas on how to address this ?15:48
*** ewanmellor has joined #openstack15:48
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*** HowardRo_ has joined #openstack15:51
countspongebobGiven a (let's say) a 50 physical node nova cluster, what is a VM launch/teardown rate below which I should consider the system broken?15:52
*** HowardRoark has quit IRC15:52
*** kirkland has quit IRC15:53
*** kirkland has joined #openstack15:53
*** andyandy__ has joined #openstack15:53
kbringardI don't really know the answer to that question, but I think it's amazing that someone named countspongebob is asking15:53
countspongebobBA HA HA HA HA HA!15:53
countspongebob<spongebob laugh>15:53
kbringardlol, exactly15:54
countspongebobI'm ready, I'm ready - to figure out when a nova cluster is busted.15:54
*** andyandy_ has quit IRC15:54
*** kirkland has quit IRC15:54
kbringardI'm imagining spongebob in a graduation cap and gown asking academic questions15:54
*** kirkland has joined #openstack15:54
kbringardand it's making me laugh15:54
countspongebobIt's actually a Count Dooku/Spongebob mashup. Imaginge the little yellow guy with a beard, black cloak, and red light sabre15:56
countspongebob...asking about nova setup/teardown rates15:56
kbringardbefore or after his hands are cut off :-p15:56
countspongebobHe just pops out new ones, no prob.15:56
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:57
countspongebobAhem, how many crabby patties can a nova cluster fry up over time period X, generally?15:58
*** adambergstein has joined #openstack16:00
*** kirkland has quit IRC16:01
*** kirkland has joined #openstack16:01
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*** T0X|C has joined #openstack16:08
T0X|CAnyone here at the Xen Summit? They are going to be speaking of openstack in about 15 minutes16:08
winston-dcreiht: sure. :)16:08
*** jj0hns0n has quit IRC16:09
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*** ioso has joined #openstack16:57
*** mattt has joined #openstack16:57
adambergsteini have a really stupid question i am hoping someone would answer. does openstack require installing a hypervisor or is there one included in the basic install?16:57
*** countspongebob has quit IRC16:58
*** countspongebob has joined #openstack16:58
*** HowardRo_ has quit IRC16:59
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack16:59
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*** countspongebob_ is now known as countspongebob17:03
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heckjmember:adambergstein: it expects you to install a hypervisor. The basic scripts tend to be around KVM, and there's instructions for installing XenServer as well17:09
adambergsteinheckj: thanks!!! i think that may resolve the issue I'm having at the moment17:10
heckjadambergstein: np17:10
kbringardif you're installing from packages I think the KVM stuff are deps so it gets installed "automatically"17:10
kbringardat least the trunk ppa deb repos17:11
*** jakedahn has quit IRC17:11
adambergsteini was checking the running processes to see if KVM was running17:11
adambergsteini didn't see it17:11
adambergsteinso, i think the package i used didn't have it17:11
kbringardkvm will only start on the compute node when you launch an instance17:12
kbringardassuming you're using KVM17:12
adambergsteinah, i see17:12
kbringardthe quick and only sort of accurate flow is17:12
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC17:12
adambergsteini tried running it… i got an error in nova-compute log17:12
adambergsteinlibvirtError: Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'instance-00000009'17:12
kbringardyea, that seems like you don't have all the dependencies installed17:13
adambergsteini just installed KVM17:13
adambergsteinso, ill see if this does it17:13
adambergsteinthank you for the help17:14
kbringardno problem17:14
*** maplebed__ has joined #openstack17:14
*** dirkx has quit IRC17:15
*** mgius has joined #openstack17:16
*** maplebed__ is now known as maplebed17:18
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adambergsteinis there any documentation for creating fixed/floating IPs? i keep getting this error: FixedIpNotFoundForInstance: Instance 12 has zero fixed ips.17:54
*** alfred_mancx has quit IRC17:55
adambergsteinkbringard: do you know of any documentation for this?17:56
kbringardermm… if it's not in or wiki.openstack.org17:56
*** cp16net has quit IRC17:56
kbringarddid you create networks?17:56
kbringardis the fixed_ips table in your DB populated?17:57
kbringardand is the VM getting an IP?17:57
adambergsteini ran create networks before i switched to flat networking17:57
*** alfred_mancx has joined #openstack17:58
*** undertree has joined #openstack17:58
adambergsteindo i need to wipe out the networking and start over? if so, the only thing i have found was this:
kbringardwhen do you get that error ?17:59
kbringardwhen trying to assign a floating IP?17:59
adambergsteini get that error when running euca-run-instances w/ an image that shows up in euca-describe-images17:59
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:59
*** rnirmal has quit IRC18:00
adambergsteini also set up the br100 bridge in my networking, as i read that the networking required that18:00
kbringardhmm, yea… that would indicate that the network controller isn't able to pull an IP from the fixed_ips table, for whatever reason18:00
*** vishnu has joined #openstack18:00
kbringardI'd consider deleting the network and re-adding it18:01
*** tudamp has joined #openstack18:01
*** rnirmal_ has joined #openstack18:01
kbringardalso, if you're using the same address space when you re-add it, make sure that the entries in the fixed_ips table get marked as deleted = 1, or just delete the rows manually18:01
adambergsteinwhat command should i run to do that? ill scrape the project18:01
kbringardI think nova-manage network delete will do it18:01
kbringardbut there was an open bug about the fixed_ips not getting deleted18:01
kbringardso yea, manually check the DB to make sure they get marked as deleted, or that the rows get removed18:02
adambergsteinill take a look18:02
kbringardhehe, no problem18:02
*** mwhooker has joined #openstack18:02
kbringardhopefully it turns out to be helpful :-D18:02
*** kashyap has quit IRC18:02
adambergsteinyou know a heck of a lot more than i do! trust me18:02
adambergsteinhow do you assign a project to a network then?18:03
adambergsteinor, does it just do it automatically?18:03
kbringardjust picks an available network18:03
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack18:03
kbringardthe first time you launch an instance in that project18:04
adambergsteincool, thanks18:04
kbringardI have very limited experience with the flat* modes though18:04
kbringardso I apologize in advance if I get confused :-)18:04
adambergsteini tried to use the default, but i could not for the life of me get nova-network to not show XXX18:04
adambergsteinwhen i set up flat, it went to the smiley face18:05
kbringardhah, default is vlan mode, so perhaps your switches aren't configured, or able, to pass tagged traffic18:05
kbringardbut, either way18:05
kbringardFlatDHCP should work18:05
kbringardI'm just a little sketchy on what parts need to be created18:05
adambergsteini have it just as flat now18:06
adambergsteindo you think flat dhcp would be better?18:06
kbringardwell, probably.. flat assumes you have an external DHCP server that is assigning IPs18:06
kbringardflatDHCP causes nova to fire up dnsmasq to doll out IPs18:06
adambergsteinmakes sense18:06
adambergsteini thought br100 handled that but i think your right18:07
*** aliguori has quit IRC18:07
kbringardbr100 will, but only if there is a dnsmasq process listening on it :-D18:07
kbringardalso, one thing that bit me in the ass… make sure your flat interface and public interface are different18:07
adambergsteincool, that makes sense18:07
kbringardthey can be the same "physical" interface, but they need to be the correct logical names18:08
kbringardlike, I think I have flat_interface as eth018:08
kbringardbut public_interface needs to be what interface is the default route in netstar -rn18:08
kbringardwhich will likely be br10018:08
kbringardbut, that's down the line18:08
kbringardgetting VMs to launch and get internal IPs is the first step :-)18:09
kbringardI need to step out for a bit, bbl18:09
adambergsteincool, thanks again for your help18:09
kbringardno problem18:09
kbringardI'll be back in a couple of hours18:09
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack18:09
kbringardbut there are a lot of people here who can help… just sometimes have to wait a while for someone to see your question and respond :-)18:09
adambergsteini have found you all to be very helpful thus far18:10
adambergsteinwhich i am grateful!18:10
*** obino has quit IRC18:11
*** T0X|C has quit IRC18:12
*** T0X|C has joined #openstack18:12
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WormManhmm, using raw disk for my instance store seems to be much faster for writes(over qcow2) on my tests, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to get that while still allowing images to be qcow218:35
*** KnuckleSangwich has joined #openstack18:36
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annegentleadambergstein: a little late circling back on the floating ip question, but here's the link to the docs:
adambergsteinannegentle: thank you!19:42
*** osier has quit IRC19:42
adambergsteinannegentle: do you need to associate-address when using flat DHCP or will it do that automatically?19:43
*** tudamp has quit IRC19:45
*** cp16net has joined #openstack19:46
j05hadambergstein: you'll get an internal ip.  you need to manually associate external ones.19:47
adambergsteinok cool thanks19:48
*** nati_ has joined #openstack19:50
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annegentlethanks j05h :)20:41
*** littleidea has joined #openstack20:42
j05hnp ;)20:43
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack20:43
kbringardway to be on top of it j05h20:44
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*** vishnu has joined #openstack20:51
vishnuI getting this error with yum install: Error: Package: openstack-nova-2011.2-10.el6.noarch Requires: python-nova = 2011.2-10.el620:52
vishnusame error as this person:
*** localhost has joined #openstack20:54
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*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack21:00
*** RickB17 has quit IRC21:02
vishnuok. figured out the issue. I had some newer version of python-nova. yum remove took care it. Should have just read the error message carefully..:)21:03
*** vishnu has quit IRC21:04
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joarDoes Swift fully support the python-cloudfiles bindings?21:52
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:58
zedasjoin #openstack-dev22:01
joarJust did :)22:01
joarThank you zedas though22:01
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC22:01
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creihtjoar: yes, according to my comment in the other channel :)22:18
*** stewart has quit IRC22:18
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joarThanks again creiht :)22:23
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DavorCTrying to start an instance with Cactus release on RedHat, I get "libvirtError: authentication failed"22:37
DavorCHas anyone seen this?22:37
*** andyandy_ has joined #openstack22:38
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coleDavorC: assuming user != root?23:03
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack23:10
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DavorCcole: I see it with both23:11
*** countspongebob has quit IRC23:12
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RickB17does anyone have an example of a python script interacting with the SWIFT service?23:32
RickB17simple get puts and deletes?23:32
*** ncode has quit IRC23:35
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