Thursday, 2011-08-11

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rfz01Hi all, I've installed openstack, but after importing a uec image via uec-publish-tarball, the image remains in the queued status.  I'm runing natty 11.04 with the universe openstak debs.01:46
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sadeghishi guys01:53
sadeghisoops wrong nick for this server01:53
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herbsterthere we go01:53
herbsterso, hi guys :P ...we are progressing quite nicely in our openstack deployment but have hit a hitch01:53
herbsternova-api only seems to run on a single core01:54
herbsterour cloud controller box has 4 cores, we would like nova-api to run across all 4 cores01:54
herbster(when the load is high enough to demand it)01:54
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herbsterany thoughts?01:55
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herbsterhi hugo02:19
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HugoKuohello herbster02:23
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deepestHi U guys02:38
deepestI want to ask U somethings02:38
deepestI want to know about the size to store data of SWIFT02:38
deepestby the way, I installed and configured SWIFT successful02:39
deepestBut I want to know what happend if I have some different storage node02:39
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deepestmaybe one storage node =100 GB, another one = 250 GB and last one = 500GB02:41
deepestthe maximum of transfer data will be equal 100GB or 500GB or no limit02:42
deepestDo u have any ideas? or any suggestion about that or the document what I should refer?02:43
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GauravWhy does openstack use eucalyptus (euca-2ools)?02:46
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secbitchrisI keep hearing about this thing03:10
creihtdeepest: That is where the weight in the rings comes in to play03:13
creihteach device in the ring has a weight, so for example, you could set the weight in the ring to be the number of GB per each device03:14
creihtand it will put a porportional number of partitions on each device, so that they will fill up relatively evenly03:14
deepestcan U describe for me more details? if possible, please give me some examples03:16
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creihtSay for example you have some drives that are 1T and some that are 2T in your nodes03:17
creihtyou might decide to say 1T = a weight of 10003:18
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creihtthusly you would want to set your 2T drives = a weight of 20003:18
creihtso when you are builidng your ring, the 1T drive may look something like:03:19
creihtswift-ring-builder object.builder add z1- 103:19
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creihtswift-ring-builder object.builder add z1- 10003:20
creihtthe 100 at the end is the weight03:20
creihtif the next drive is a 2T drive then you would add it like:03:20
creihtswift-ring-builder object.builder add z1- 20003:20
deepestok I understood03:20
deepestbut I have another question03:21
deepestwhat is the maximum size of data should I transfer Swift if I have 2 drives (first one= 1T, second one = 2T)03:22
creihtof a single file? or total space swift is capable of using?03:23
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deepestmaximum size of data to received of total space Swift03:24
creihtswift would use it all fairly equally, so swift would fill things up to the full 3T03:25
deepestI mean Swift have total space = 3T, drives 1 = 1T, drives 2 = 2T and maybe drives 3 = 3T. Can I send 1.5T to Swift?03:26
creihtthat said, we recommend trying to not use more than 85% of the space03:26
creihtto leave headroom for replication, failover, etc.03:26
creihtand that is total available space03:27
creihtyou have to divide by 3 (since we store 3 replicas of everything)03:27
deepestit mean I can send the data size more than minimum drives, right?03:27
deepestdont care about the drives but care about the total space, right?03:28
creihtahh... yes03:28
deepestok I understood03:28
creihtas long as you have them set up correctly in the ring with the right weights03:28
deepestHow can I define the correct weights? by 1T = 100, 2T =200 and Swift can understand?03:30
creihtso for example, say you have 2 drives, one that is 1T, and one 2T with the above weights03:30
creihtif you write 900 objects to the system, you would find 300 on the 1T drive, and 600 objects on the 2T drive03:32
creihtthis is oversimplified a bit, but should give you an idea03:32
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deepestok I write one more question what I still confusing.03:35
deepestwe consider  about the new required03:36
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deepestswift have 3 drives, 1st drives =100GB, 2sd drive= 1T, 3rd = 1T --> total 2.1T03:37
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deepestif I send 700GB to Swift03:38
deepestthe first 100GB will fill to drive 1,2,303:38
creihtnot exactly03:39
creihtit will fill at the same rate, the first drive will only get 10% of the files03:39
deepestbecause we have at least 3 redundant copies, right03:39
creihtoh I see03:39
creihtif you *only* have 3 drives03:40
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creihtthen yes, you could only use 100GB in that case03:40
creihtswift was written to use thousands of drives03:40
deepestwhy the first drive just get 10%?03:41
deepestthe reason of reblance.03:41
creihtI was thinking that there would be more drives (as in a large production cluster)03:42
creihtbut in the corner case of having just 3 drives, it would cause a larger issue03:42
creihtin that it would fill up just as fast as the other 203:42
creihtin a larger system, if you have different sized drives, everything balances out pretty well03:43
creihtswift isn't really designed well to work on just 3 drives03:44
deepestok I understood03:45
deepestthanks you so much Creiht03:45
creihtno problem03:45
creihtnow time to get some sleep :)03:46
deepestand I can add more storage node to Swift system and just make the right weights03:46
deepestsleep well03:46
deepesthave a nice dream03:46
creihtideally we recommend a minimum of 5 storage nodes, with several storage drives in each node03:47
creihteach storage node being in a separate node03:47
creihtyou can then add storage by adding more drives to each node03:47
creihtthen either add another machine as a new zone03:47
creihtor add 1 more machine to each zone03:47
creihtetc. etc.03:47
creihteach time updating the ring03:48
creihtthe replication will take care of making sure everything gets to where it is supposed to be03:48
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deepestok Thanks03:49
limuhi,all !  Is there an open source software to access swift storage? BS or CS is ok. Thanks03:56
creihtlimu: there is a command line tool in swift, plus cyberduck is very popular03:56
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creihtThere are other tools as well if you have a specific use case you are looking for03:57
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creihtand now I am really going to sleep :)03:58
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chetan_Openstack setup on wich OS  recomended :  ubuntu OR rhels  ?07:04
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siwosyou've got an installation script for ubuntu07:15
siwosfor rhel/fedora you need to add third party repos07:15
siwosmy question: is nwfilter used by openstack right now (cactus)07:15
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chetan_<siwos>  i used ubuntu and  installed openstack trunk repo ubuntu .07:25
chetan_thanks lots07:25
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lotrpyhello, I want deploy openstack on a sinle compute. the python install stop at nova-volume, service nova-volume status returns stop/waiting, then, what should I do now?08:03
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siwosnova-volume is not crucial for launching vm instances08:06
siwosin the simplest case you should be running: nova-compute, nova-network, nova-scheduler, nova-api08:07
siwosnova-volume is for attaching persistent block storage to your vm-s08:07
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lotrpysiwos, thanks for the help, appreciate it and sorry for my broken English08:11
thickskinhi all08:11
thickskinis there someone who know about qcow2 image using in xen?08:12
lotrpyafter "python install" interrupt and exit. "sudo nova-manage service list" return  nova-compute nova-scheduler nova-network enabled. I'm interesing at test the nova part. so is there anyway to bypass nova-volume (or replace with a plain file)?08:14
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medhuhello all08:58
medhuany resource for "installing openstack on archlinux"08:59
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matttmedhu: no, but let us know how you get on w/ that :)09:25
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teamrothej all.10:22
teamroti try to size a multinode installation, and ask me which network cards i have to choose for the10:22
teamrotservice network to connect the compute nodes with the network node, 1GBit cards or 10GBit.10:22
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teamrotas i understand it, the service network are "only" used for transmitting the informations about the several nodes, and not for transfer virtual images, volumes and this kind of data.10:26
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uvirtbotNew bug: #824433 in nova "Libvirt/KVM snapshot only in RAW image format" [Undecided,New]
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kidrockI installed new openstack10:46
kidrockdiablo-3 milestone version10:46
kidrockI created  admin user and project by: nova-manage user admin thangdd810:47
kidrocknova-manage project create cncloud thangdd810:47
kidrocknova-manage network create private 1 256 br10010:47
kidrocknova-manage project zipfile cncloud thangdd8 creds/cncloud/nova.zip10:48
kidrockcd creds/cncloud/10:48
kidrockunzip nova.zip10:48
kidrocksource novarc10:48
kidrockafter that10:48
kidrockI run euca-describe-instances10:48
kidrockfollowing error occurred10:49
kidrockanyone help. Thanks beforehand10:50
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sorenkidrock: Possibly time skew?11:07
sorenkidrock: Oh, on the same box.11:07
sorennm, then.11:07
kidrocki installed all nova service on one node11:11
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anpI am trying to install Openstack Diablo2 on CentOS 613:41
anpI ref the url:
anpbut yum is not able to get the Dependcies from Cactus repo13:42
anphow can I do that13:42
*** mdomsch has quit IRC13:44
anpplease help me13:44
jtanneranp, it depends on which deps are missing13:44
jtanneryou can probably get better/faster help in #rhel for troubleshooting yum issues13:44
anpjtanner: I am doing this over a base installation13:45
anpso I need all deps in :
anphow can I do that13:45
anpit's not an yum issue I believe13:46
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anpDiablo2 build needs the deps from Cactus13:46
anpjtanner: do you think I should install Cactus first and then update to the Diablo?13:47
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gnu111I got a natty image up and running but can't ssh. I was able to get to the console from virt-viewer. as I can't ssh, I can't use my keys. I would liek to login to check what is going on. How can I login to the machine?14:08
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kbringardcan you ping it?14:16
kbringardgnu111 ^^14:16
gnu111no, i can't ping14:16
kbringardso the problem is that it's not getting network14:16
kbringardwell, I should step back14:16
kbringarddid you euca-authorize ICMP and ssh?14:17
kbringardI would also try euca-get-console-output14:17
kbringardthat'll help see what's happening on the VM14:17
kbringardmy guess is that it's having trouble getting to the meta-data service14:17
kbringardthat takes awhile to time out and the booting doesn't finish until that happens14:18
kbringardbut, I really have no idea14:18
gnu111yup: 2011-08-11 14:04:38,145 -[WARNING]: waiting for metadata service at
kbringardit would seem the problem is that you're not getting network, either because it couldn't take to the DHCP server, or because the bridge didn't attach right14:18
gnu111146 -[WARNING]:   14:04:38 [ 1/30]: url error [[Errno 101] Network is unreachable]14:18
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kbringardI'd check the network controller to make sure the interfaces and bridges are up and (if you're using vlan mode) tagged properly14:19
kbringardI'd also check the compute node for the same14:19
gnu111ok. yes, i am using vlan mode.14:19
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worstadminMake sure youre trunking :)14:19
kbringardthis ^^14:19
kbringardor more broadly, make sure your physical network can handle vlan14:20
kbringardit may be looking at the packets and going "wtf?! DROP"14:20
kbringardanyway, I've got to reboot and have some stuff to do, so I'll bbl14:21
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shoofWhat would be the best way to position zones in swift to have multi data center data redundancy (2 data centers)?  Based on the 3 replicas, I would assume that 4 total zones (2 in each data center) would guarantee that all data is written to both data centers and no data is lost if an entire data center is lost15:25
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creihtshoof: While you could do that, it may not be optimal15:30
btorchshoof: I hope that never really happens :) to you ... but the first thing I would consider is to make sure that the swift-zones that are located in a single DC are in unique DC phases15:30
*** thimble has quit IRC15:31
creihtshoof: an alternate approach would be to have a separate cluster in each DC, and use the recently added container sync for data that absolutely has to be replicated15:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #824601 in nova "OSAPI v1.1 PUT /servers/<id> response incorrect" [Undecided,New]
btorchshoof: yeah like creiht said not really optimal ... creiht perhaps container sync when it gets released could be an option for having the data at another region15:32
* btorch swear is not copying what you just mentioned :)15:33
creihtshoof: can you describe your use case a bit more?  What type of connectivity do you have between the DC's, and how much data are you expecting to pass through the system?15:33
creihtbtorch: lol15:33
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creihtThe swift team would like to have better cross DC replication, but that is a difficult problem to solve.  The container sync functionality is the first step in trying to get there15:35
*** lpatil has joined #openstack15:36
shoofWe have a dedicated line between geographically seperated DCs.  Our goal is eventually to run active/active, but are currently using the remote DC for failover.  We are experimenting with migrating from NAS to swift to remove mounts and allow local writes in each DC.15:36
notmynamesounds like container sync would be a better option than one logical cluster across both DCs15:37
shoofInitially, would be looking at roughly 10TB in phase 115:37
*** truijllo has quit IRC15:38
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shoofcontainer-sync seems quite new - any suggestions on resources to dive into it?15:40
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dchallonerHas anyone gotten the cloudfiles java api binding library (or any java API library) working with openstack?16:35
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shaon_getting this error CRITICAL nova [-] failed to create /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/server1.MainThread-2303821:10
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WormManso, is there a good "Idiots Guide to Keystone" out there somewhere?21:53
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nilssonWormMan, there doesn't seem to be much docs about keystone21:56
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack21:56
dolphmWormMan: nilsson: docs are something we're about to focus on quite a bit21:56
dolphmWormMan: nilsson: the dev guide is definitely the best place to start, but it's not 100% up to date, unfortunately:
dolphmWormMan: nilsson: but that will change over the next 2-3 weeks =)21:59
WormManthanks, I'm aware the only up to date docs are often the code :)21:59
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dolphmWormMan: i'm not even sure if the code is up to date ;)22:01
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mshadleis there any way to provision kvm-based VMs, and also have the VNC information included/setup?22:10
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heckjinstalling trunk packages onto a Natty box - getting an error on the debian install.23:11
heckjI traced it back to nova running nova-manage db sync failing, with a SQLAlchemy migration error.23:12
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maplebedHi - I'm planning on setting up a good sized swift cluster that will exist in (at least) two data centers.  I want reads and writes in each location to be local and fast with eventual consistency (ideally, < 1 minute delay) to the other locations.23:27
maplebedis there a standard architecture for that style set up?23:27
maplebedis that sort of setup where can come in handy?23:28
notmynamemaplebed: best bet with the current feature in swift is two autonomous clusters with container sync23:28
maplebedyou say 'current feature set'...  is that sort of thing on the roadmap for a more built-in approach?23:29
*** mdomsch has quit IRC23:31
maplebeddo you know what happens if simultanous writes go to each cluster with the same key and different content?23:31
notmynameI'd like to see some better multi-DC support for one logical swift cluster. we've got some stuff planned along those lines23:31
notmynamemaplebed: last write wins, even on container sync23:32
*** stewart has quit IRC23:32
maplebedwhat's the resolution of the timestamp?  say, if both writes were during the same second will it use microsecond timing?23:32
maplebed(assuming a microsecond confilct is ... unlikely.)23:33're going to make me look at the code, aren't you :-)23:33
maplebednah, it's cool.23:33
*** nati_ has quit IRC23:33
notmynameI think it's the system resolution of time (python time.time())23:33
maplebedI'm just writing "this may well be a good idea for us" doc and anticipate the question.23:33
*** ewindisch has quit IRC23:34
maplebed>>> print time.time()23:35
maplebed^^^ looks like centiseconds.23:35
uvirtbotmaplebed: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.23:35
maplebedoh shush, bot.23:35
maplebedanyway.  that's good enough for me fro now. Thanks!23:36
notmynamemaplebed: it's the quivalent of "%016.05f" % (float(time.time()))23:36
*** pguth66 has quit IRC23:36
notmynametime.time() for me is 1313105796.9298823:36
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack23:37
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maplebedhey, me too.23:37
*** dragondm has quit IRC23:37
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