Friday, 2011-08-26

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OutBackDingodeshantm: ping00:30
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deshantmOutBackDingo: pong00:57
OutBackDingodeshantm: hey IM00:57
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rakerso... i have been attempting to setup a fully working setup on oneiric...01:29
raker1 controller for everything - multiple compute notes... following -
rakerthere are minor network differences...01:30
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rakeri have in a /24  as the bridge interface on the controller01:30
rakerwhen running... sudo nova-manage network create fixed 1 255 --bridge_interface=eth101:30
rakerit create a /25 in the database even though I specified /24 on the command line...01:31
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rakerwell... i'm running through setups again and again... maybe after the 100th iteration i'll get it right and understand it all :001:41
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herbsterhi guys, having a weird problem with one of my swift storage nodes wondering if anyone would be willing to help troubleshoot01:49
herbstergetting this error on nodes trying to replicate01:49
herbsterAug 26 11:43:44 np-rcs2 object-replicator Error syncing with node: {'zone': 6, 'weight': 100.0, 'ip': '', 'id': 66, 'meta': '', 'device': 'c0d6', 'port': 6000}: Timeout (60s)01:49
herbsterthe device changes, it can be any of the devices01:49
herbsteron the host itself the error appears like:01:50
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herbster2011/08/26 11:36:22 [18834] connect from (
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herbster2011/08/26 11:36:23 [18834] rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Receiver]01:50
herbster2011/08/26 11:36:23 [18834] rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(601) [Receiver=3.0.701:50
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herbsteri am using puppet to configure my hosts, so they are all the same configuration01:50
herbsteri have no trouble telneting to the rsync port from np-rcs2 to np-rcs601:51
herbster(or vice versa)01:51
herbsteri can read/write to the devices on the node in question, and they are all mounted01:51
herbsterpermissions are swift:swift through the entire thing :/01:52
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herbsterany  thoughts?01:52
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GmiIn VLAN mode, is it possible to have a compute node running instances for different projects that have of course. different VLANs allocated?02:01
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Gmibecause I'm trying to do that but my eth0 on the network node gets added to br100 together with vlan100, and then when an instance gets created on vlan 101 there is no physical interface for that traffic:
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dweimerherbster: Have you tried rsyncing a file manually from the machine giving the errors? Just to verify it isn't an rsync issue.02:14
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uvirtbotNew bug: #834315 in nova "rebuild should set image_id (href) before spawing instance" [High,In progress]
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neuro_damageStaceyTien: sup09:05
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siwosgot one question regarding a production compute setup09:56
siwosnova-volume tutorial suggest that you carve block storage out of the free disk space on nova-compute09:56
siwosand expose it via nova-volume service09:56
siwosis it better to have volumes on local disk drives or  to have a dedicated machine with raids etc with only nova-volume running09:57
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uvirtbotNew bug: #788524 in python-defaults "backport dh_python2 to lucid (and maverick if appropriate)" [High,In progress]
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janoI'm trying to follow the XenServerDevelopment instructions (, but I'm having the hardest time just getting Ubuntu 10.10 installed as a DomU. The VM shuts down shortly after accessing the Ubuntu install media. This is on XenServer 5.5. Any pointers would be appreciated.10:15
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eviscaresHello folks10:38
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eviscaresDoes anyone know of any other client programs compatible with swift besides cyberduck?10:53
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reidracwe use a SFTP <-> swift proxy, so almost any sftp client works for us10:55
reidracshameless plug:
eviscareswould that provide the user with a graphical interface?10:58
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reidracyou can use filezilla, winscp, etc10:58
reidracyou get a file browser interface10:58
reidracactually cyberduck supports SFTP too10:59
eviscaresI wasn't sure what to  look for. Got Cyberduck to work from a Mac and a Windows machine, now I want to do some linux testing.11:00
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reidracwith the SFTP or FTP proxy you can use nautilus on gnome/unity and it works out of the box11:02
reidracalthough filezilla is somewhat more efficient using multiple connections11:02
eviscaresbut the proxy would have to be installed on any system wanting to connect to the cluster?11:04
reidraceh, nop11:09
reidracyou can provide the service in the same way you provide access to the cluster11:10
reidracie. having a SFTP service box that has access to the auth server, the proxies, etc; trough a LAN11:10
reidracto minimize the performance hit of using a proxy, of course11:10
eviscaresah ok, now I get it. So I would download this to the proxynode which holds the auth server, and run it there. The port specifying a port that I would then connect to from my client?11:12
reidracyes, although I would run it in a separate box if possible11:12
reidracit's not an expensive service, but anyway11:13
reidracyou can use a small VM11:13
eviscaresI will keep that in mind for a production cluster, but for now this has to suffice11:13
reidracOK, give it a go11:14
eviscaresI will be back soon and pestering you for help again11:15
eviscaresquite soon actually: unable to execute gcc: No such file or directory11:15
eviscareserror: Setup script exited with error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 111:15
reidracit requites paramiko, you can either install it using your ditro packages, or build it yourself11:16
reidracI recommend you installing it from the distro packages (ie. ubuntu: aptitude install python-paramiko)11:17
reidracso you don't need to install all the compiler set11:17
eviscaresdoes the python daemon enable me to turn the proxy into a daemon?11:21
reidracwe don't provide a init.d script, but it's quite straightforward; try the -h switch to get help11:23
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uvirtbotNew bug: #834633 in nova "--auto_assign_floating_ip=true crashes on logout" [Undecided,New]
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eviscaresI installed all the dependencies, but I still get a gcc error12:20
reidracare you using PIP?12:21
reidracdownload the code and run "python install"12:22
reidracI added pip support in 0.2.3, and I believe it has problems with some packages name12:22
reidracie. paramiko is called paramiko on pypi, but ubuntu packages python-paramiko12:23
reidracso pip fails to detect it's already installed12:23
eviscarespypi-install paramiko fails12:24
reidracyep, you need gcc installed12:25
reidracbuild-essential probably12:25
eviscaresbuild-essential is installed12:26
eviscaresgcc is also already installed and at the newest version according to apt-get12:27
reidracand is it complaining about gcc not being available? weird12:30
eviscaresyep that is… f'ed up12:30
reidracanyway, I've seen pip acting weird sometimes... not a big surprise12:30
reidracif you install the dependencies using the distro package manager, you can run python install12:31
eviscaresthat was what returned the gcc error12:31
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reidracreally? have you installed python-paramiko and you get that bug?12:32
eviscarespypi sftp-cloudfs returns subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb' returned non-zero exit status 112:32
reidracI haven't seen that in my life, sorry12:33
reidracwhich exact command results in that error?12:33
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reidracactually, is it using dpkg?12:34
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eviscaresnevermind… I must've uninstalled python-paramiko while trying different ways to install12:37
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reidracI'm sorry it's not easier, I've tested the installation in different machines using a clean virtualenv (squeeze, fedora, ubuntu), and I never had a problem :(12:38
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eviscaresIt's ok, I'm sure it will be streamlined at some point12:42
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Aimhas anyone here tried running a recent cloudstack setup from the branch 2.2.y12:50
Aimwith the premium things :)12:50
eviscareswhen I try to do a pypi-install pycrypto it gives me an NotImplementedError: no ability to handle more than one release. Do you now that reidrac?12:52
reidracnop, I think is a paramiko requirement12:53
reidracbut what's that pypi-install... we kind of support pip, but not pypi-install12:54
eviscaresi thought that it was simply the name that ubuntu gave to pip, but maybe I was wron12:59
eviscaresyep I was13:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #834683 in keystone "RoleID and RoleName" [Undecided,New]
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eviscaresbut still…
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reidracPython.h: No such file or directory -> apt-get install python-dev13:05
reidracit's not complaining about gcc but about Python.h not being installed13:05
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eviscaresI should really learn python I guess.13:06
reidracit's not related, actually the problem is because pycrypto has some C code :D13:06
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reidracare you using a deb based system? I can build a DEB for you13:07
eviscaresthat would be so lovely.13:11
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reidracOK, letme 5 minutes13:15
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OutBackDingoreidrac: you have nova debs ?13:18
reidracnop, sorry :)13:18
OutBackDingoreidrac: what deb were you discussing ?13:19
*** kocka has joined #openstack13:19
reidrac3rd party package, swift related13:20
OutBackDingoreidrac: ahhh... for swift installs?13:20
OutBackDingonext on my list to do13:20
OutBackDingowas debating Debian of FreEBSD for swifth13:21
eviscaresI'm doing my swift installs via a simple shellscript at the moment. does the trick13:21
OutBackDingoeviscares: for ? kvm or XEN13:22
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eviscarescome again?13:22
OutBackDingowhats the hypervisor your using kvm or xen13:22
eviscaresVMWare Esx 4.113:23
OutBackDingoive got 2 boxes im looking to pool as a start13:23
OutBackDingoand your using swift on debian as the object store... hrmmm13:23
eviscaresI'm running it on 6 virtual ubuntus at the moment.13:23
OutBackDingobut the debian swift is working well13:24
OutBackDingowhich script did you use nova-install13:24
eviscaresno real ouch, the host system is quite powerful. of course this provides no redundancy, but it is a testbed13:24
eviscaresNone for nova… I'm using swift.13:24
OutBackDingotheres a swift script for debian?13:24
reidraceviscares: almost done, I'm changing the dependencies to reflect ubuntu package names13:25
reidracactually it's a problem, because the packages are named different :(13:26
eviscaresNo, I wrote two simple scripts to set up nodes and proxies13:26
eviscaresreidrac:  thanks for making such an effort to help me13:26
reidractesting on Ubuntu 11.04...13:27
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janoI've been following the XenServerDevelopment instructions. Does "Inner Exception: No module named kombu.connection" ring any bells? I'm guessing that's a bad sign.13:30
*** mies has joined #openstack13:30
reidraceviscares: good luck!
reidracI've tested them here, but this is a dev machine... any sort of amazing things can happen and it doesn't mean it's right13:31
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janoto answer my own question: 'sudo pip install kombu' was required.13:38
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janoSeems to be happy now. I love code with comprehensive automated tests!13:42
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gnu111anyone using openldap with nova?14:25
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GmiIs anybody here using VLAN mode in a multi-node install on Cactus? I have a few questions about the setup14:32
*** kernelfreak has joined #openstack14:32
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markvoelkerWell that was a mass exedous....everyone fall asleep after D4? =p14:36
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glenc_I didn't touch it; I was only lookin' at it14:37
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kbringardcompute node must have crashed14:37
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* annegentle snores softly14:40
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eviscaresreidrac:  it returns a new error… yay14:47
eviscaresbut thanks anyhow14:47
reidracwhich one? :D14:47
eviscarespkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: sftp-cloudfs==0.2.314:47
reidracwhich distro are you running?14:49
reidracthose packages are for ubuntu natty14:49
eviscaresi just upgraded to natty14:49
reidracthen it should work... sudo dpkg -i WHATEVER.deb ?14:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #834772 in nova "Unit tests fail on Python 2.6" [Undecided,New]
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack14:54
eviscaresthe install works,14:59
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v _cerberus_15:01
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eviscaresbut running sftpcloudfs doesn't15:14
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uvirtbot`New bug: #831575 in keystone "When attempting to auth via Nova (proxy) I get back a 401, not 305" [Undecided,Won't fix]
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bszaIt does appear that java-cloudfiles supports setting container ACLs. Is that right?16:01
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ksdscanyone know the syntax to make a container world writable?  .r:* works for world readable, but neither .r:* nor * work for writable for me16:42
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statikhi, I was running d3 on ubuntu oneiric, and got a problem with instances that would never disappear from euca-describe-instances even long after termination17:19
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statiki've upgraded to d4 today, but the old instances are still being reported - what is the easiest way to clean up the DB?17:20
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g2Can anyone help me with
vishyg2: if you're using keystone, you need to specify keystone as the endpoint to talk to21:06
vishyg2:, 877421:07
vishyyou connect to keystone first, then it gives you endpoint for nova21:07
*** jdag has joined #openstack21:13
g2how do I do that? I have keystone running (listening on port 5000 & 5001) on the same machine as nova-api21:13
*** medberry is now known as med_out21:14
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g2vishy: Can I try to authenticate with nova-api without keystone?21:18
vishyg2: it is the endpoint you give to the nova client21:18
*** nati has quit IRC21:19
vishyin your novarc file
vishyor something like that21:19
vishyg2: you can run nova-api without keystone and no auth21:19
vishyit will just let you be whatever tenant you say you are21:19
*** zz_bonzay has joined #openstack21:20
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g2by endpoint, you mean the NOVA_URL? Yes its set to
vishyset it to keystone21:21
g2let me try..21:21
*** mencken has joined #openstack21:22
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g2vishy: I get a different error now. Posted on
Ryan_Lanewell, I see the design summit and conference announcement. I see a link to register to the conference, but not to the design summit...21:26
vishyg2: you're connection on port 8021:28
vishydid you forget to set port 5000?21:28
*** amccabe has quit IRC21:29
g2Duuh... Yes, I forgot to specify the port. After I do, I get the same "Invalid Openstack Nova credentials" error21:30
g2vishy: I think I should try to create new credentials for nova21:31
uvirtbot`New bug: #835087 in keystone "Should X-Role be X-Roles" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbot`New bug: #835090 in nova "Failed to mount filesystem xvbd1 in XenServer" [Undecided,New]
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salv-orlandoheckj: I might use your help with an issue on Jenkins for Quantum. Are you around?21:33
*** msivanes has quit IRC21:34
vishyg2: getting keystone running is still a little tough.  We're working on packaging and such to make it easier21:34
*** hisaharu has quit IRC21:35
g2vishy: If I use the nova-api as the endpoint, I still cannot authenticate successfully. How can I create a new user for nova?21:35
*** katkee has quit IRC21:36
vishyg2: which version of the code are you using?21:36
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack21:37
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g2I pulled from the diablo branch21:38
vishyhow long ago?21:39
*** ksdsc has joined #openstack21:39
g2couple of days back... The HEAD for keystone is (4f16376c2db0e55d94a606f6443a3f89ecfccaf9), pushed on Aug 2321:40
g2The HEAD for nova is fe0bde67193ce76376e72a7263b89240a63722a8, pushed on aug 1121:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #835099 in nova "Need to add docs for VSA code, concepts, APIs" [Undecided,New]
vishyoh you're running nova out of the git mirror?21:41
vishywell prior to d4 you created users and projects using nova-manage21:41
vishyafter d4 we're using no auth so it should let you be any user/project combo21:42
*** ksdsc_ has joined #openstack21:43
*** hadrian has quit IRC21:43
g2yes, I am using the script to setup21:43
*** adjohn has joined #openstack21:43
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vishyg2 gotcha21:47
vishyyeah that is using the old code21:47
vishyso you should be able to create users with nova-manage21:47
vishyalthough you'll have to use the original paste.ini from nova21:47
vishyinstead of the one from keystone21:47
*** nati has joined #openstack21:48
g2vishy: Thanks. Let me try it, otherwise I will sync to the latest commit and try using keystone21:49
*** nati has quit IRC21:50
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