Monday, 2011-09-05

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hugokuohello guys06:52
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sajuwhich version of openstack will get installed when doing ????07:03
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sajuwhich version of openstack will get installed when doing ????07:15
hugokuodoes qemu support live migration ?07:20
hugokuobonjour :>07:20
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Raziquehugokuo: hello07:20
Raziquesalut :)07:20
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hugokuodid you try to run live migration before ?07:22
saju<hugokuo> yes, qemu support live migration07:26
sajui installed open stack with
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sajuhow can i check that its Diablo Release ??????//07:30
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sajumy openstack version is '2011.2'07:31
sajuis it Diablo Release ????07:31
hugokuosaju , thanks07:37
hugokuosaju , it's Cactus release07:38
hugokuoDaiblo release would be 2011.3 in my guess07:38
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eviscaresGood Morning.07:46
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Raziquehi :)07:49
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xxtjaxxCan I deploy images form kvm to openmstack staticly without splitting out part of them?08:53
xxtjaxxsoren: so just scp my.img euca-$tarball-$magic and upload them?08:54
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sorenNot sure what you mean by "scp my.img euca-$tarball-$magic", but yeah, just upload it.08:55
xxtjaxxOkay. soren well upload it from my box to the cloud system them tarball/bundle it and start08:56
xxtjaxxsoren: Awesome thanks.08:57
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Raziquexxtjaxx: does your image uses grub2 ?08:58
xxtjaxxsoren: Razique think so yes.08:59
RaziqueI found it very complicated with Grub2 actually08:59
xxtjaxxqcow2 format or raw?08:59
xxtjaxxkk. I'll see and report back :)08:59
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RaziqueWhen I'll have time, I'll work deeply on that, but few months back, I never figured out how to run custom images made from kvm09:00
Razique(using brub2)09:00
sorenIf you don't specify a kernel, it'll just boot the image directly.09:01
sorenSo it needs a bootloader. Like grub2.09:01
sorenIt should work.09:01
sorenIf it doesn't, that's a bug.09:01
nicolas2bhi, somebody got any hints about that problem
nicolas2bwhen trying to upload an image, got 403 forbidden by glance09:02
Raziquesoren: actually, as far as I remembered, Grub2 complained about a non existent disk, since disk names are not the same :)09:05
RaziqueI"ve tried for weeks running a grub2 image, without sucess :(09:06
sorenRazique: Oh.09:06
sorenRazique: Yeah, I can see why that might happen, actually.09:06
Raziquesoren: I haven't push my theory further due to lack of times, but I suppose this might work with a grub1 image09:07
sorenThe problem I'm thinking off will apply to both grub1 and grub2.09:10
Raziquesoren: I concluded on that, because all the images that are actually "instanciable" the ones I get from images.canonical.com09:11
Raziquedon't have grub2 installed09:11
Raziquebut I never found a Debian Squeeze image actually :)09:12
hugokuohi all , did I lost any packages that cause nbd15: receive controll failed (result -32) ?09:13
hugokuorun nova-compute in Virtualbox with qemu now for testing09:13
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t9mdthe 'TIME string' for 'nova-manage service list' is UTC, anyone know the way to change this TIME to timezone aware?09:21
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hugokuoa question about live migration , does it implement in Cactus Release ?09:26
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Raziquehugokuo: yes, it is, as stated here
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Raziquebut I've added a comment09:28
Raziqueit's not clear about how the live migration handles iscsi sessions09:29
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eviscaresDoes someone know whether or not Jungle Disk can be used to connect to Openstack Storage Clusters?09:55
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romansHi!I configured dashboard, but it write errors like "Unable to get usage info: This error may be caused by missing openstackx extensions in nova. See the dashboard README."11:34
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romansI add in nova.conf string "--osapi_extensions_path=/opt/openstackx/extensions/" but it doesn't help. Anyone has working dashboard from trunk version11:35
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kiranmurariHi I'm just started testing OpenStack using Kong. I modified the etc/config.ini as per my setup. But glance tests fail to run11:47
kiranmurarithe error I get is:11:47
kiranmurariFAIL: test_001_connect_to_glance_api (tests.996_test_glance.TestGlanceAPI) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/home/localadmin/cloudbuilders-kong-5eba3b3/tests/", line 41, in test_001_connect_to_glance_api     self.assertEqual(200, response.status) AssertionError: 200 != 40411:47
kiranmurariany ideas?11:47
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kiranmurariI have posted the full log at
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ozzzwhere are stored information used by scheduler's filters and cost&weight algorithms?12:13
ozzzare they stored in the central database, or are collected manually by scheduler and stored locally?12:14
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Raziquehi all12:28
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RaziqueI've just finessed my openstack DRP script12:28
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RaziqueYou can get here :12:29
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xxtjaxxRazique: how was that command for creating a network again I keep hitting the wrong one. nova-manage network create 24 255?12:54
Raziquexxtjaxx: nova-manage network create 1 25512:56
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Razique192.168.0.0/24 : network size 1: gateway 255: broadcast12:57
Raziqueyou can add more option (e.g. for cloud pipe)12:57
saju_mhow install openstack diablo through script12:57
Raziquesaju_m: which script are you referring to ?12:58
saju_mabove script will install nova Cactus13:01
saju_mi vant to install nova diablo13:02
saju_mwhich is the latest nova release,   diablo ????13:02
Raziquesaju_m: you would change the line "readonly PPA='ppa:nova-core/release'           # which ppa to install packages from13:03
romanssomeone use dashboard from trunk?I have problem with openstackX extensions in nova13:07
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saju_m"readonly PPA='ppa:nova-core/diablo'    correct ???13:10
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saju_m"readonly PPA='ppa:nova-core/diablo'  OR "readonly PPA='ppa:nova-core/trunk'      right ???13:16
ozzzwhere are stored information used by scheduler's filters and cost&weight algorithms?13:16
ozzzare they stored in the central database, or are collected manually by scheduler and stored locally?13:17
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saju_m<Razique> is it like "readonly PPA='ppa:nova-core/diablo'  OR "readonly PPA='ppa:nova-core/trunk'      right ???13:22
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S_AI am using openstack nova and getting the following error on executing - euca-add-keypair   test13:34
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S_AWarning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error BotoServerError: 500 Internal Server Error13:36
S_Abacktrace shows -13:37
S_A  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/httplib2/", line 217, in _normalize_headers     return dict([ (key.lower(), NORMALIZE_SPACE.sub(value, ' ').strip())  for (key, value) in headers.iteritems()]) AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'iteritems'13:37
S_Aplease give your insights into what is wrong with above13:37
S_Acould it be because of some issue with nova stack installation13:38
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ozzzif you use proxy, unset http_proxy bash variable13:43
ozzzand then check network configuration in your installation13:44
ozzznova-manage service list13:44
ozzzyou should have nova network service running13:44
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ozzzcheck in your /etc/nova/nova.conf type of netowork you use, if interfaces are set correctly and addressation is ok13:45
ozzzremember that there are things that if you won't specify them in nova.conf they take default value13:45
ozzzand later it can generate errors13:46
ozzz(default flat_interface is eth0, or default addressation is set to
S_Anova.conf is -13:49
S_A--dhcpbridge_flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf --dhcpbridge=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --logdir=/var/log/nova --state_path=/var/lib/nova --lock_path=/var/lock/nova --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova-compute.conf --use_deprecated_auth --verbose13:49
S_Anova-manage service list gives - nova-scheduler, nova-network and nova-compute13:51
S_Awhere can I get network configuration? nova.conf has none13:52
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S_Anova-manage network list gives - 1             None          None            None            100             None13:59
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ExcdsHi all. I have a bunch of newbie openstack questions...14:42
Excds1: What happens when you launch an image? Do we copy the image from the storage controller, or do we use some kind of network storage?14:43
Excds2: If network based, iscsi/nfs?14:43
Excds(the Google failed me...)14:44
Raziquehi Excds :14:46
ExcdsHi. :-)14:46
Razique1- The nova-compute caches the image locally from the SC14:46
Razique2- so the instance runs independently from others components, except the nova-network one.14:47
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Razique3- If you use nova-volumes (equivalent of Amazon S3), nova uses iscsi14:47
ExcdsRazique: So I can specify a nova-volume as backend?14:48
RaziqueExcds: sure :)14:48
ExcdsRazique: And also if I use that, then live migration wouldn't be a problem either...14:49
ExcdsRazique: Is it possible to specify which nova-compute node I start an instance on?14:49
RaziqueExcds: I've asked the same thing here :
RaziqueExcds: no I don't think you can, but you can disable a compute node14:50
Raziqueso every time a compute node is chosen, you can "force" that14:50
ExcdsRazique: Disable as in "remove from available node hosts list" then?14:51
ExcdsRazique: Do I specify that an instance should use nova-volume storage when adding it to the cloud?14:52
RaziqueExcds: exactly, but, the node then becomes useless :p14:52
RaziqueExcds: no, not directly, you have to attach a volume to an instance after it's been instantiate for the first time; or well, if it's in a "running" state14:53
ExcdsRazique: Hmm, but I want the instances' root disks to be in a network storage.14:54
RaziqueExcds: This features exists, it's called a "boot from volume" It's still a blueprint ;
RaziqueIt's supposed to be an available feature for Diablo, (others, correct me if I'm wrong)14:55
ExcdsRazique: ok14:56
ExcdsRazique: Background: We've got 16 machines in our test cloud and we're currently hosting the xen images locally. When running like this (a bunch of virtual machines on each), we're getting a lot of iowait on the vm:s.14:56
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ExcdsRazique: So the whole point is that I'm going to setup a new machine with a bunch of striped SSD disks as network storage, to hopefully remedy the situation.14:57
Raziquewhat amount of iowait are we talking about here ?14:57
Razique10% ; 90% ?14:57
ExcdsRazique: And that's also why I'm looking in to different cloud setups... But if openstack by default caches the image locally I would end up in the same situation again...14:58
RaziqueExcds: I've never had high loads on my current openstack arch, neither on the old one (using KVM + libvirt locally)14:58
RaziqueAnd I don't use SSD :)14:59
ExcdsRazique: It depends. We're simulating a network of service nodes with mysql/file/stuff-replication. The iowait can get up to 90%, yes.14:59
ExcdsRazique: And that makes it quite painful to wait while the test vm:s try to get into a proper state...15:00
Raziqueoh god :D15:00
Raziquehave you run an in-depth analysis ?15:00
Raziqueso you know what causes such load ?15:00
ExcdsRazique: 1: There is no god. 2: If there were, he would be crying due to the iowaits...15:00
Raziqueahah, sure15:01
RaziqueAre the hypervisors well sized ?15:01
ExcdsUhm, what do you mean?15:01
ExcdsAnother thing, we want to be able to move images between machines a little faster. So that's why networked storage would be better.15:02
RaziqueI mean, are the iowaits on the hypervisors themselves or on the VMs ?15:02
ExcdsThere's iowait on the host machines as well as the vm machines. One causes the other...15:03
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RaziqueYou could use a SAN storage for backend, so physically, the images are on the san, whatever which server is using them15:03
ExcdsThat's the plan, to setup this new machine as an iscsi target.15:04
Raziquewell, you could, that is what I do,  the whole openstack arch. is located into a SAN15:04
Raziqueregarding you iowaits, It could be anything actually,15:04
ExcdsHmm, but what about this image caching?15:04
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Raziquenot specifically the virt. tech.15:05
ExcdsUhm, what?15:05
Raziqueah yes, get what you mean. when you run an instance, the compute node uses a local image yes15:06
Raziqueit's that one which is used :)15:06
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ExcdsHmm, well, I guess we could continue using the current setup. My question then is if it's possible to have 16 machines accessing the same iscsi target?15:07
Raziqueare you 16 machines hypervisors or VMs ?15:08
Excds16 hypervisors running at least two VMs each.15:09
Raziquefrom an openstack view, you won't have 16 iscsi targets, only the ones running nova-volumes will use it15:09
ExcdsSo, if I would continue using just disk images but iSCSI as backend for the hypervisors.15:09
ExcdsI definitely have to read some more...15:11
ExcdsThanks a lot Razique! :-)15:11
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Excds(time to leave the office...)15:11
Raziqueyou welcome :)15:11
Raziqueok ok, enjoy ;)15:11
ExcdsEnjoy going home to tidy up? Yay.15:12
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janoWhen attempting to instantiate a server, I'm running into Basically boils down to an attempt to create /var/run/sr-mount/f28c3c6e-154a-7129-1033-d5718a2057f0/tmpt6XRFX, where the parent directory doesn't exist. Where would nova get this uuid from?15:21
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack15:21
Raziquejano: not an xen user, but I see this :  No such file or directory: \'/var/run/sr-mount/15:22
Raziquemaybe it's a hint15:22
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack15:23
janoThat directory exists, but the one below it doesn't: /var/run/sr-mount/f28c3c6e-154a-7129-1033-d5718a2057f015:23
janoI could manually create it, but that seems wrong.15:23
RaziqueI think so yes15:23
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janoThe plot thickens: /var/run/sr-mount/02eb3381-a78b-44f3-abcd-f2cc43f2b7d7 exists and is the mount point for the local sr storage. That's the one Nova should use I suspect.15:26
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RaziqueI'm sorry, I don't use xen at all :(15:33
Raziqueso I don't really know how xen handles dir15:33
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janoI've figured out where the other uuid is coming from - it is another SR.15:39
*** nid0 has joined #openstack15:40
janoWhere would I find a comprehensive list of nova.conf options?15:41
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Raziquejano: here
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janoThanks, Razique.16:20
*** nerens has joined #openstack16:21
ozzzanyone here tried to write his own scheduler?16:26
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janoIs there any way to check on server "BUILD" progress?16:49
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nicholihopefully simple question, how do i convert the private ssh key (which is injected into each guest vm) to a ppk so it can be used in putty?21:37
*** woleium has quit IRC21:38
nicholii tried using the puttygen application, but it will not load the key in order to convert it21:38
nicholiwhich is the part i'm bamboozled at... because using the key with ssh -i 'mykey' will work just fine21:43
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC21:44
jcapelnicholi: if you go conversions -> import key in puttygen you can import an openssh rsa private key file21:46
jcapeland then use the "save private key" button to save the .ppk21:46
nicholithats what i mean, it won't load the key when i try to import it21:46
nicholitrying the *nix version of putty-tools now21:47
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack21:47
nicholiit returns "Couldn't load private key (unexpected end of file)"21:47
nicholiand i tried making sure there was an empty newline at end...only thing i've seen mentinoed21:47
jcapelmaybe some windows / *nix newline mismatch... otherwise I have no idea21:48
nicholiyeah i donno, have you ever tried actually converting the key generated from euca-add-keypair though?21:54
nicholias i thought maybe it was something like that too...forced to cr/lf, just lf... but nothing21:54
nicholiand i generated another key with ssh-keygen just to make sure i wasn't crazy...and it imported just fine21:54
nicholiman...even the linux version isn't working21:57
nicholi$ puttygen ./openstack.pem -O private -o ./openstack.ppk21:57
nicholiputtygen: unable to load file `./openstack.pem': not a private key21:57
nicholinot all...21:57
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