Friday, 2011-09-30

dghditcQ: Does Keystone replace swift-account-server, or does swift-account-server do something above and beyond keystone?00:00
notmynamedghditc: keystone is for auth. swift-account-server manages accounts in swift (user-specific namespaces)00:02
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livemoonHi, all01:22
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livemoonIf the host is down, how to migration the instances to the other hosts? just copy files under /var/lib/nova/instancs?01:23
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HugoKuo_which PPA should I add for KEYSTONE ?02:59
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chadhHugoKuo_: glad it isn't just me.03:00
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maggkeystone doesn't work03:15
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uvirtbotNew bug: #862969 in nova "--logfile_mode flag does not properly set logfile permissions" [Undecided,New]
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herbsterhi notmyname are you about?04:08
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herbsteri wrote a script which i thought you might be interested in04:08
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livemoonHi, when I use glance delete a image, the file in /var/lib/nova/instances still exists. How to sync them?05:54
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uvirtbotNew bug: #863004 in keystone "Unhandled exception KeyError: 'e' appears when keystone fails to load config file. " [Undecided,New]
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halfssdashboard with keystone is work well now,but why this:curl localhost:5001/v2.0/tokens -d '{ "passwordCredentials": {"username": "admin", "password":"secrete"} }' -H "Content-Type: application/json"06:20
halfss{"badRequest": {"message": "Expecting auth or Expecting auth", "code": "400"}}06:20
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hugokuohalfss , does any recommends docs for install keystone and dashboard ?   I'm confusing with keystone installation now06:30
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halfsshugokuo: i install keystone with this :
halfsshugokuo:with this,it will install  Components of diablo06:32
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halfssjust exec the script,after the scirpt is over, you can connect the dashboard06:33
hugokuohalfss , thanks ... I'll have a test with your issue later06:33
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hugokuoI already has a Diablo Nova running now .... try to integrate with KEYSTONE06:34
halfss你是 台湾的吧,我是大陆的 ,呵呵 咱们可以说中文 哈哈06:34
hugokuo今天早上停掉了  我這段時間沒寫06:35
hugokuo前公司老闆要用BLOG告我 洩漏機密06:35
halfss杯具了  呵呵06:35
hugokuo了解 我先看一下他script內容06:38
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hugokuolivemoon , 結果惹上官司了  冏06:53
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livemoonhalfss: 中国?06:57
livemoonwhat's your name?06:58
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hugokuohalfss , 看完了 妳剛說要問我什麼問題07:05
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halfsshuogokuo: 这个现在老板不会告你吧 :D07:14
hugokuohalfss , 應該不會07:16
halfss:D  哦 呵呵07:16
hugokuoinstance 多NIC 應該會需要07:16
hugokuo如果牽扯到要提供 instance 一個storage 的網絡 那會是必須07:17
hugokuoXEN 應該有07:17
hugokuoHA 這部分 很多PART07:17
hugokuo妳說哪個PART  前提是要把nova services 拆掉07:17
halfss哦,上传vishy说,dhcp模式下,起2个网络,实例就有2个网卡, 不过我没实验成功07:17
hugokuo我再試試看 先搞定keytone 跟dashboard07:18
hugokuorabbit 我好像看過文件可以07:18
halfss哦 那就可以07:18
hugokuo從rabbit MQ的分散式方法去看07:19
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hugokuo什麼都可以 我的先決條件是 不要碰到code的 之下完成07:19
halfss控制节点,做个备用的就 可以了,这样差不多算是ha了,目前存储这块还没什么好的解决方案07:19
hugokuolive migration 方向下手07:21
halfsslive migration也需要存储支持啊07:21
hugokuo是阿 要一個sharing storage pool07:21
hugokuoDRDB 看過嗎07:22
hugokuo方法很多 效能有待測試07:23
*** npmapn has joined #openstack07:23
hugokuo聽起來很棒 我得找機會試試看07:25
hugokuoi mean multi-host07:25
hugokuodevstack 的script 對我非常有用  我一直卡再  keystone 的config07:26
hugokuo裡面有設定檔可以參考  超棒07:26
halfss嗯 multi-host后,实例的数据重计算节点直接就出去了不用特意的通过网络节点,所以压力就不大了07:26
hugokuothanks 看來進度可以快一點07:27
hugokuo我發現diablo 還是有一個問題07:27
halfss我们之前也是keystone过不去,后来jesse andrews 跟我说了那个脚本,就没问题了07:27
hugokuo就是 從flat_network 的網路內連instance 完全不需要security group07:27
hugokuo就算沒開sg 也能進去07:28
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*** nacx has joined #openstack07:28
*** Razique has joined #openstack07:28
halfssflat? 我没试过,不过,我的理解falt的网络是直接从主机所在的网络分配的,网络不是nova控制的,所以不需要07:29
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC07:29
rntswhat.. the... hell!07:30
halfss又一个说汉语的 :)07:31
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack07:31
Raziquehey guys07:35
hugokuoRazique , hello07:35
Raziquequestion regarding the workflow07:35
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack07:35
Raziquefind and you man ? :)07:35
*** mikhail has quit IRC07:35
RaziqueI've created a branch 'working' from a master ; now I've commited changes ; can I run updates without lossing the changes ?07:36
*** valeriy has joined #openstack07:36
Raziqueif we suppose my commits are not yet integrated07:36
valeriyhello, everybody07:37
Razique(by changes, i mean my local ones)07:37
Raziquehey valeriy07:37
valeriydoes anybody know how to upload image to a certain project?07:37
hugokuohalfss , flatdhcp will auto setup up network for nova ..... and suit for other OS  , not only for debian related OS .....07:37
valeriyi always obtain "community images" only07:38
hugokuoI'm not really sure the usage of Vlan mode , even Rackspace just use Flatmode for their services07:38
valeriywhen uoloading through nova add ...07:38
tjoyso vlan mode is like ec2, not every instance gets a public IP.07:38
tjoyso maybe you have a load balancer and 3 webservers behind it, nobody knows the difference07:39
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*** arun_ has joined #openstack07:42
halfss is there anybody can explain this:curl localhost:5001/v2.0/tokens -d '{ "passwordCredentials": {"username": "admin", "password":"secrete"} }' -H "Content-Type: application/json" | python -mjson.tool07:44
halfss  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current07:44
halfss                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed07:44
halfss100   148  100    78  100    70  23437  21033 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 3900007:44
halfss    "badRequest": {   "code": "400",        "message": "Expecting auth or Expecting auth"}}  ,the username and password is correct07:44
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livemoonhalfss 現在keystone的源用的是哪个07:48
koolhead17hi all07:51
panda109hi all07:51
*** dobber has joined #openstack07:55
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panda109hi livemoon08:04
*** FabriceB has joined #openstack08:04
livemoonhi panda10908:04
*** nerens has joined #openstack08:04
panda109nice to meet u haha..08:04
livemoonpanda109 me too08:04
livemoonpanda109 what about your work in openstack?08:06
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC08:11
*** mgoldmann has joined #openstack08:12
panda109i am a user...08:16
panda109i wanna use quantum, but .....08:17
livemoonpanda109 i am a user too. Have you used dashboard?08:17
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atkisc code 400, message Bad request syntax ('.\x90Bp\xf0%\xe8&')08:31
atkisc211.101.24.8 - - [30/Sep/2011 16:26:44] ".�Bp�%�&" 400 -08:31
atkiscTraceback (most recent call last):08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eventlet/", line 80, in _spawn_n_impl08:32
atkisc    func(*args, **kwargs)08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eventlet/", line 514, in process_request08:32
atkisc    proto = self.protocol(socket, address, self)08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 641, in __init__08:32
atkisc    self.finish()08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eventlet/", line 456, in finish08:32
atkisc    BaseHTTPServer.BaseHTTPRequestHandler.finish(self)08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 694, in finish08:32
atkisc    self.wfile.flush()08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 303, in flush08:32
atkisc    self._sock.sendall(view[write_offset:write_offset+buffer_size])08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eventlet/", line 307, in sendall08:32
atkisc    tail = self.send(data, flags)08:32
atkisc  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/eventlet/", line 286, in send08:32
atkisc    total_sent += fd.send(data[total_sent:], flags)08:32
atkiscerror: [Errno 32] Broken pipe08:32
atkiscvnc console08:32
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC08:32
vishyhalfss: yes the format changed: you need '{"auth": { "passwordCredentials": {"username": "admin", "password":"secrete"} } }'08:34
halfssvishy:let me try08:35
halfssvishy: thank u,it worked,it the api here is all the correct08:38
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koolhead17amo k :)09:32
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koolhead17annegentle: around10:02
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koolhead17hey kiranmurari10:32
kiranmurarikoolhead17: heyy10:32
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hugokuoanother india talent XD10:45
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andyandy_I migrated to diablo but now the nova-compute crashes all the time, there is same kind of problem with 'eventlet'  this is the log:, someone has the same problem? thank you.10:59
*** javiF has quit IRC11:02
kiranmurariandyandy_: is this your primary server or just an extra compute node11:11
andyandy_this happens when I run compute-node in a separate node11:12
kiranmurariandyandy_: do you have --sql-connection flag in nova.conf on the second compute node11:13
andyandy_yes I have it11:14
*** Vadim_ has joined #openstack11:15
Vadim_hi all11:15
kiranmurariandyandy_: from the second node are you able to reach the DB server. try mysql -u root -p -h <hostname>11:15
Vadim_can anybody help me? euca-describe-images  UnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again.11:16
*** lionel has quit IRC11:16
*** lionel has joined #openstack11:16
Vadim_nova-manage version list 2012.1-dev (2012.1-LOCALBRANCH:LOCALREVISION)11:16
andyandy_the second node reach the db, I sure,  I enabled the log in mysql.11:17
kiranmurariVadim_: if you want to use the old auth mechanism, use --use-deprecated-auth=true in nova.conf11:18
kiranmurariVadim_: or get the EC2_ACCESS_KEY from nova-manage user exports novaadmin11:19
andyandy_the problem is it crashes when it starts, I don't understand what it is the problem but I think is a bug.11:19
kiranmurariandyandy_: you mean it doesn't run @ boot time but when you start it manually everything is fine11:20
*** mkinitrd has joined #openstack11:20
kiranmurariandyandy_: i have also noticed this with 2011.3 (2011.3-nova-milestone-tarball:tarmac-20110922115702-k9nkvxqzhj130av2)11:21
andyandy_it never starts :(11:21
andyandy_kiranmurari: did you fix it?11:23
Vadim_<kiranmurari> thx for help. i change in my noca.config --use-deprecated-auth=true but i still have this error  (11:23
kiranmurariVadim_: can you try the command nova-manage user exports novaadmin which will output the EC2 key which you can manually add to novarc file11:24
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack11:24
kiranmurariandyandy_: in my case nova-compute was not running at startup. manual restart did it for me11:25
kiranmurariVadim_: the EC2_ACCESS_KEY should be in the form "KEY:PROJECT_NAME"11:26
kiranmurariVadim_: written in novarc11:26
*** mfer has joined #openstack11:27
kiranmurariandyandy_: can you paste your nova.conf file. not here on paste.openstack.org11:27
andyandy_kiranmurari: yes sure11:28
kiranmurariVadim_: working?11:28
Vadim_<kiranmurari> sorry for delay
kiranmurariVadim_: secret key will already be there in novarc. in your case EC2_ACCESS_KEY in novarc would be "vadim:altros_proj"11:30
kiranmurariVadim_: oops.. looks like you have the correct EC2_ACCESS_KEY11:31
kiranmurariVadim_: can you check nova-api.log for any error messages11:32
*** Guest73822 has quit IRC11:32
*** alexn65 has joined #openstack11:36
hugokuono module named keystone.middleware.auth_token11:36
kiranmurariVadim_: does glance index work in your case11:36
hugokuowhat should I install for Galnce to have keystone module ?11:37
hugokuoI separate glance from others ....11:37
kiranmurariandyandy_: i hope you have the same nova.conf on all servers11:38
andyandy_kiranmurari: yes, the same11:38
*** lts has joined #openstack11:41
*** kernelfreak has joined #openstack11:47
*** clopez has joined #openstack11:47
Vadim_<kiranmurari> glance-api and glance-registry running. But i dont made any changes in glance config.  at the end of the glance-api.conf i see some keystone options11:49
kiranmurariVadim_: does glance index show your uploaded images11:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #863209 in openstack-qa "nova.service" [Undecided,New]
*** medberry2 has joined #openstack11:52
Vadim_i cant upload any images. when i run uec-publish-tarball ubuntu1010-UEC-localuser-image.tar.gz dub-bucket x86_64 Unable to run euca--describe-images.  Is environment for euca- set up?11:52
*** medberry2 is now known as med_out11:53
*** med_out has joined #openstack11:53
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:02
*** med_out has quit IRC12:03
*** katkee has quit IRC12:05
*** med_out has joined #openstack12:06
*** med_out has quit IRC12:06
*** med_out has joined #openstack12:06
*** shang has quit IRC12:06
Vadim_<kiranmurari> any ideas?12:07
*** nerens has quit IRC12:09
kiranmurariVadim_: in my case novarc did not contain the EC2_ACCESS_KEY, so i took it from 'nova-manage user exports user' and manually filled in novarc12:10
kiranmurariVadim_: and all euca- commands are working for me now12:10
*** andyandy has quit IRC12:14
*** med_out has quit IRC12:15
*** nerens has joined #openstack12:16
Vadim_kiranmurari> but in my case i have same key in novarc12:18
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack12:20
kiranmurariVadim_: well i'm running out of ideas :(12:23
*** PotHix has joined #openstack12:24
Vadim_<kiranmurari> your glance use keystone or old authentication? you made changes in glance config?12:24
kiranmurariVadim_: haven't changed anything in glance conf. i was using old auth not keystone12:26
*** wilmoore has quit IRC12:27
Vadim_<kiranmurari> all another euca command work fine12:32
Vadim_<kiranmurari> can you execute this command? euca-describe-availability-zones verbose12:37
*** joonwon has joined #openstack12:37
kiranmurariVadim_: i'm able to execute all euca- commands including euca-describe-availability-zones verbose12:38
*** joonwon has quit IRC12:38
*** joonwon has joined #openstack12:39
*** aliguori has joined #openstack12:40
*** npmapn_ has joined #openstack12:45
*** nerens_ has joined #openstack12:46
*** msivanes has joined #openstack12:47
*** nerens has quit IRC12:47
*** nerens_ is now known as nerens12:47
*** npmapn has quit IRC12:48
*** marrusl has joined #openstack12:48
*** mattray has joined #openstack12:54
*** mattray has quit IRC12:55
*** mattray has joined #openstack12:55
*** jtanner_ has joined #openstack12:57
*** clopez has quit IRC12:58
*** jtanner_ has quit IRC12:58
*** jtanner_ has joined #openstack12:59
*** nerens has quit IRC13:03
kiranmurariVadim_: you have euca-describe-availability-zones verbose working :)13:04
hugokuook , I'm facing a foolish problem13:05
*** marrusl has quit IRC13:05
kiranmurariVadim_: i haven't changed anything in glance conf and euca-describe-images works in my case13:05
Vadim_yes... very strange... why euca-describe-images does not work13:05
hugokuohow to use nova while I'm using keystone under CLI instead of Dashboard ?13:05
*** hadrian_ has joined #openstack13:06
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman13:06
Vadim_<kiranmurari> you are lucky13:07
Vadim_<hugokuo> this is bad ideas... i think need wait documentation about nova + keystone13:07
hugokuoVadim , I try to document for that :>13:08
*** joesavak has joined #openstack13:08
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates13:08
*** dendrobates has joined #openstack13:08
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v dendrobates13:08
*** mkinitrd has quit IRC13:11
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:12
*** jtanner has quit IRC13:14
*** jtanner_ is now known as jtanner13:17
Vadim_<hugokuo> Do you have working diablo with old authentication?13:18
*** joonwon has quit IRC13:18
hugokuoVadim , yes's ok no any problem13:18
*** Tsel has joined #openstack13:18
Vadim_<hugokuo> maybe you can help me? )) my installation doesnt work )13:19
hugokuowhat's going on13:19
Vadim_<hugokuo>and i cant upload test images13:21
*** alekibango_ has quit IRC13:21
*** msivanes has quit IRC13:22
*** hadrian_ is now known as hadrian13:22
Vadim_<hugokuo> as you can see eucatools work fine but when i execute uec-publish-tarball ubuntu1010-UEC-localuser-image.tar.gz dub-bucket x86_64 Unable to run euca--describe-images.  Is environment for euca- set up?13:22
hugokuor u sure that the glance service is listening ?13:23
*** huslage has joined #openstack13:23
hugokuoseveral question ,13:24
hugokuo1. is that all in one ?13:24
hugokuocan I have your 1. nova.conf   2. glance-api.conf  3.glance-registry.conf   thx13:25
*** msivanes has joined #openstack13:25
hugokuoand how's your nova-object service13:26
FabriceBcan I easily erase the content of /var/lib/euca-describe-availability-zones verbose13:26
hugokuois that in running status13:26
*** Guest73822 has joined #openstack13:26
FabriceBit contains the image for every VM that once run on this node, but some are of no use anymore13:26
*** kiranmurari has quit IRC13:27
hugokuothe image for VM ?13:27
hugokuodon't get it ...13:27
FabriceBit's a kind of cache for qcow13:27
FabriceBso if you run many VM using the same image there are stored only once13:28
hugokuodo you mean /var/lib/nova/instances13:28
FabriceBwrong paste13:28
hugokuothe answer is yes13:29
hugokuojust do it ... but don't erase the running one ....13:29
Vadim_<hugokuo> i have default glance config. i have updated
hugokuoor everything will fucked up13:29
FabriceBhugokuo: ;-)13:29
Vadim_ <hugokuo> Thx for help.13:29
FabriceBof course13:29
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack13:30
hugokuovadim , kill all glance process13:30
hugokuoyou have four .....13:30
*** nerdstein_ has joined #openstack13:31
*** nerdstein has quit IRC13:31
*** nerdstein_ is now known as nerdstein13:31
*** Guest73822 has quit IRC13:32
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack13:32
hugokuo--glance_api_servers=          try change to --glance_api_servers=
Vadim_<hugokuo> they running automaticaly13:32
hugokuoalright ... restart it13:32
koolhead17annegentle: hey13:32
hugokuokill them all , and then service glance-api start ; service glance-registry start13:33
hugokuokoolhead17 : do you know how to control nova under CLI client tool   while using Keystone :<13:33
*** alandman has joined #openstack13:33
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:34
koolhead17hugokuo: i have yet not tested keystone + nova13:34
hugokuoadd this two line into your nova.conf ....13:34
hugokuokoolhead17 : so need any help  XD?13:35
hugokuoi just finish it but don't know how to generate source file for the user I wrote in keystone13:35
koolhead17hugokuo: the documentation needs a fix, wrong keystone git repo is mentioned there,13:35
joesavakkoolhead17: which doc is pointing to the wrong repo?13:36
koolhead17joesavak: hey.13:36
hugokuo      not this ?13:36
koolhead17in the nova configuration section with keystone13:37
joesavakkoolhead17: ok - i'll take a look13:37
*** nati2 has joined #openstack13:37
koolhead17joesavak: cool.  git clone git://  has to be replaced with i hope13:38
koolhead17hugokuo: so you have both nova and keystone from github right?13:38
hugokuokoolhead17 , nova from diablo release PPA and keystone from Github  as I post13:39
hugokuoVadim , ok ?  I have to home XD13:39
koolhead17ok. am testing the configuration both from source13:40
joesavakkoolhead17: that's right - it's pointing to the git read-only url for cloning.13:40
hugokuokoolhead17 , k13:40
Vadim_<hugokuo> yeap!!! )) when i added port extractin image started =)13:40
vishyandyandy_: you're probably maxing out your sql connections13:40
vishyandyandy_: are you comfortable merging patches?13:41
Vadim_<hugokuo> thx for help ))13:41
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:41
koolhead17joesavak: Could not find Repository rackspace/keystone13:41
hugokuoVadim , glad to hear that ,,,,congrat13:41
hugokuokoolhead17 , why not using openstack/keystone.git   ?13:42
koolhead17hugokuo: yeah am using that only, i just asked joesavak for updating that lik from documentation :)13:42
Vadim_<hugokuo>  another error Invalid certfailed to upload kernel when upload kernel13:42
vishyandyandy_: it is related to the following bug
joesavakkoolhead17: ahh - yup. i'll update13:43
koolhead17joesavak: :P13:43
vishyandyandy_: patch is here
koolhead17hugokuo: around for while?13:43
hugokuoVishy , Can user using nova CLI tool to handle instance with auth by keystone ...?     for example , how to generate nvoarc file at beginning ?13:43
vishyhugokuo: you have to make it by hand13:44
hugokuovishy , got it !! ...13:44
hugokuoVishy , thanks  ... totally understand now .. :.13:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #863305 in nova "Image access control is available" [Undecided,New]
hugokuoguys , do you think my previous can sue me for my blog which is OpenStakc all around ?13:47
*** Guest73822 has joined #openstack13:48
*** lvaughn has quit IRC13:48
hugokuoActually , I feel bad in this week .... my previous ready to sue me for my blog .... the reason is I post my research about openstack on my personal blog ........ damn it :<13:48
Spiriliswhat?  that's crap13:50
*** rjh has joined #openstack13:51
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk13:52
*** siwos has quit IRC13:53
andyandy_vishy: than you very much, I will apply it.13:53
rjhI would like to include a pointer to a "full specification" in a blueprint. Specifications are found on the wiki and seem to follow a template. Can someone point me at info on how one adds a page to the wiki and where I can find the blueprint template?13:54
vishyrjh: I'm not sure if anyone can create a wiki account13:54
vishyyou might need to talk to annegentle13:54
vishyrjh but it is one of the template options when you create a new page13:55
koolhead17lynxman: hey13:55
lynxmankoolhead17: ello :)13:55
rjhThanks, I'll ask anne about a wiki account13:55
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:56
hugokuo# link keystone into the nova root dir13:57
hugokuoln -s keystone/keystone nova/keystone13:57
hugokuowhat's the purpose for this line13:58
*** Binbin has joined #openstack13:59
*** wariola has joined #openstack14:00
*** osier has quit IRC14:01
*** gohko_ has joined #openstack14:05
*** rhookway has joined #openstack14:05
*** marrusl has quit IRC14:06
*** Guest73822 has quit IRC14:06
*** rjh has quit IRC14:07
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:09
*** msivanes has quit IRC14:09
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:10
*** msivanes has joined #openstack14:10
*** bsza has joined #openstack14:11
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:12
*** utilizzatore has joined #openstack14:13
*** scotjunkin has joined #openstack14:13
openstackutilizzatore: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User14:13
*** utilizzatore has left #openstack14:13
*** viraptor has joined #openstack14:13
*** clauden_ has quit IRC14:14
*** jingizu_ has joined #openstack14:14
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack14:15
andyandy_vishy: the patch works, thank you very much.14:15
*** nerdstein_ has joined #openstack14:19
*** v0id has joined #openstack14:19
*** nerdstein has quit IRC14:21
*** nerdstein_ is now known as nerdstein14:21
*** rjh has joined #openstack14:21
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC14:22
*** LiamMac has joined #openstack14:23
*** rhookway has quit IRC14:23
*** Guest73822 has joined #openstack14:24
kbringardhas anyone noticed that when you change a user's roles you have to restart the API to get them to take effect?14:25
*** clauden_ has quit IRC14:25
*** gnu111 has joined #openstack14:26
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack14:27
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack14:27
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack14:27
ashpQuick question that I can't quite tell from the docs.  Is there any way to point openstack at ESX boxes and use them?14:32
ashpBasically we have a load of random standalone esx boxes as well as a couple of clusters.  I'm trying to migrate us to kvm but there's been a company policy for a while to use esx.14:32
ashpI was wondering if there was an easy or lazy way to absorb them until I can replace each one of them. :)14:32
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack14:33
*** dprince has quit IRC14:35
*** rods has joined #openstack14:35
ashpI got my boss to at least agree to an openstack trial so I'm pretty excited now. :)14:35
*** dprince has joined #openstack14:36
*** dobber_ has joined #openstack14:38
*** nati2 has quit IRC14:38
jtannerashp, well ... you can either use them as targets or you can setup nova controller on guests and use qemu virtualization for testing14:38
jtannerwhich is how i do my testing14:39
*** llang629 has joined #openstack14:39
jtanneri stole that image from the docs14:39
ashpjtanner: I think targets is probably what I need for now.  I'm pushing the angle that we introduce kvm to stop vendor lock-in by vmware.14:39
ashpso I can treat them both as first class citizens then I've probably achieved that goal14:40
ashpsoon as my new hardware actually gets racked I'll be in here asking all kinds of dumb questions as I get up to speed :)14:40
jtanneractually, if you plan to move to kvm, using nova controller on a guest with qemu is probably a better idea14:40
jtannerbecause you only need to change the virt type in nova.conf once you move over to physical machines with kvm14:40
*** dobber has quit IRC14:41
*** dobber_ has quit IRC14:42
*** dobber has joined #openstack14:43
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack14:45
*** hugokuo has quit IRC14:45
*** code_franco has joined #openstack14:46
*** lorin1 has quit IRC14:48
*** morfeas has quit IRC14:49
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v _cerberus_14:50
*** Razique has joined #openstack14:50
*** Binbin has quit IRC14:51
RaziqueHi all, how the implementation of the floating ip works into the 1.1 API ?14:51
Raziquethe doc doesn't state anything about the way I could affect a floating ip to a running instance (then, disassociate it also)14:52
kbringardRazique: I use euca :-/14:52
Vadim_old aithentication + new dashboard can work?14:52
Raziqueahah, that is what I thought, every related documents doesn't use a native api calls, but the EC2' implementation14:53
Raziquekbringard: so basically, when u create a server through the API, the code contains a use of euca2ools ?14:53
Razique(wouldn't that be akward ? )14:54
*** benrodrigue has joined #openstack14:54
kbringardRazique: n, I just use the ec2 api14:54
Raziqueahhh ok, my bad14:54
kbringardbut you're right, that would be awkward14:55
kbringardto have the nova-api code call euca2ools14:55
Raziqueso If I want to get all floating IPs, I need to use the ec2api ; is there any option not to affect a public ip when you call a "create" ?14:55
Raziqueas far as I understand it, when you create a server, the API picks an IP from the floating pool14:56
kbringardthat I don't know, I don't know the OS API anywhere near as well as I probably should :-/14:56
*** xenon75 has joined #openstack14:57
xenon75Hi everybody14:57
Raziquekbringard: I've read it, and there is not mention to floating ip at all :D just a proposition to add a flag into nova that would prevent such behaviour
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:58
*** adjohn has joined #openstack14:58
*** lvaughn has quit IRC15:00
RaziqueVadim_: I don't think so15:00
*** PiotrSikora has quit IRC15:00
*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack15:01
RaziqueThe new dashboard has been updated, so it uses Keystone instead of the x-auth-user/ key params15:01
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:01
Vadim_<Razique> ok maybe you know where i can download keystone that work with dashboard + diablo? =)15:01
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:01
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:01
*** hbetts has joined #openstack15:02
*** helfrez has quit IRC15:02
Raziquehere :)
*** tr3buche` is now known as tr3buchet15:04
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:04
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:05
Vadim_<joesavak> do you have work diablo + keystone + dashboard. Because i try many days start dashboard but he dont work15:06
*** russellb has joined #openstack15:06
xenon75I am trying to install DIABLO using the scripted install but it seems that the script referenced on the documentation uses an old version (ppa:/nova-core/release, which is deprecated and points to 2011.2). Do you know about an updated script?15:07
*** russellb has joined #openstack15:08
joesavakVadim_: I just heard that dashboard changes were made recently to get it to work. Not sure if they are checked in or not.15:08
*** russellb has quit IRC15:08
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack15:08
*** russellb has joined #openstack15:09
*** reed_ has joined #openstack15:10
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:11
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC15:12
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*** reed_ has joined #openstack15:17
*** reed_ is now known as reed15:17
*** Razique has left #openstack15:19
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack15:20
*** livemoon has joined #openstack15:23
*** lvaughn has quit IRC15:24
*** rhookway has joined #openstack15:26
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*** rjh has joined #openstack15:30
*** dragondm has joined #openstack15:30
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC15:31
*** vdo has quit IRC15:31
*** nati2 has joined #openstack15:31
*** jakedahn has quit IRC15:32
*** rhookway has quit IRC15:32
Vadim_<joesavak> can i find at this channel dashboard dev?15:35
*** neogenix has quit IRC15:36
*** dobber has quit IRC15:38
*** livemoon has quit IRC15:41
*** rhookway has joined #openstack15:41
*** Guest73822 has quit IRC15:41
joesavakVadim_ - you might want to post in openstack-dev as well15:42
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack15:42
*** rjh has quit IRC15:43
*** kbringard has quit IRC15:43
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:43
*** mattf has joined #openstack15:44
*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack15:44
*** nicolas2b1 has quit IRC15:47
*** nerens has joined #openstack15:48
*** huslage_ has joined #openstack15:49
*** huslage has quit IRC15:49
*** huslage_ is now known as huslage15:49
sleepsonthefloorVadim_ : the latest version of keytsone does work with dash15:49
*** huslage_ has joined #openstack15:50
*** huslage has quit IRC15:50
*** huslage_ is now known as huslage15:50
Vadim_latest version from
*** mihgen has joined #openstack15:51
*** ldlework has joined #openstack15:51
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack15:52
*** livemoon has joined #openstack15:52
sleepsonthefloorVadim_ - yes, trunk from openstack/keystone and 4p/openstack-dashboard  currently work, but the configuration may have changed somewhat since you last tried it.15:53
sleepsontheflooralso, they work with diablo, not necessarily nova trunk15:54
sleepsonthefloorThis is what I'm currently testing with:
*** huslage has quit IRC15:55
*** marrusl has joined #openstack15:56
*** helfrez has joined #openstack15:57
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack15:57
sleepsonthefloormost of the branches mentioned there track either trunk or diablo tags/branches with a short lag15:57
*** mrjazzcat has left #openstack15:58
*** obino has quit IRC15:58
*** cp16net has joined #openstack15:59
*** marrusl has quit IRC15:59
*** nati2_ has joined #openstack16:01
Vadim_<sleepsonthefloor> thx for information but so many information for newbie =) need more documentation with keystone (16:02
*** huslage has joined #openstack16:02
*** nerens has quit IRC16:02
*** nati2 has quit IRC16:03
*** rjh has joined #openstack16:04
*** rhookway has quit IRC16:06
annegentlexenon75: I have heard from the script author but it is not updated yet.16:06
joesavakVadim_: we are having a doc sprint coming up (after summit) for keystone. In the meantime, read the doc links on
*** adjohn has quit IRC16:06
*** marrusl has joined #openstack16:06
dolphmjoesavak: you'd think we were having such a sprint today, based on all the doc changes16:07
*** rhookway has joined #openstack16:08
*** neogenix has joined #openstack16:08
*** nerens has joined #openstack16:09
joesavakdolphm: ha! Lots more to do though!16:09
*** rjh has quit IRC16:10
rhookwayannegentle: what's involved in getting a wiki account? I'd like to post a blueprint specification16:10
annegentlerhookway: email me with your email address and desired username and I'll manually create it right away16:11
sleepsonthefloorVadim_ : you can also checkout git:// which is what we use to help us keep track of what versions work with what.16:12
*** 64MAAICBP is now known as mtaylor16:13
*** mtaylor has joined #openstack16:13
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v mtaylor16:13
*** mihgen has quit IRC16:16
xenon75annegentle: Thanks.16:16
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack16:16
*** soren_ is now known as soren16:17
*** mies has quit IRC16:17
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away16:18
*** heckj has joined #openstack16:18
*** soren has quit IRC16:20
*** soren has joined #openstack16:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v soren16:20
livemoonhi, my rhel images cannot started since of kernel panic.16:21
livemoonIs there only one entry "LABEL=/" in /etc/fstab?16:22
*** jaypipes has quit IRC16:22
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack16:25
nhmhuh, so ceph is being worked on too for block storage. Interesting.16:27
nhmI didn't think it was production ready yet.16:27
heckjnhm: it's website and docs are crap, but it seems to work reasonably well16:28
*** xenon75 has quit IRC16:28
*** tomh__ has quit IRC16:28
*** AhmedSoliman has quit IRC16:30
nhmI wonder if dreamhost actualy has any ceph storage deployed for openstack yet.16:30
*** jaypipes has quit IRC16:30
*** mattf has quit IRC16:31
*** rods has quit IRC16:31
*** huslage has quit IRC16:31
*** bbroccoli1 has joined #openstack16:33
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*** mihgen has joined #openstack16:35
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack16:36
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*** bbroccoli1 is now known as BBroccoli16:38
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ashpAnother quick question - say I got datacenters all over the place (which we do).  Do I have to make regions like in ec2 for each datacenter17:40
ashpor is it possible to hide the physical structure and just have a single region for the company17:40
*** ziyadb has quit IRC17:40
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vishyahsp: you should look into zones17:50
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack17:52
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ashpvishy: I was looking at the zone stuff - so the "right" way to do this is a zone per datacenter, right?19:48
ashpI'm more just trying to work out the right architecture so i don't flub this entire thing19:48
ashpi had envisioned hypervisors in every dc and then people just deploying into our cloud and not caring where the thing goes :)19:48
*** nerdstein has quit IRC19:53
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ashpHmm, no RHEL openstack puppet modules - looks like I'm going to be QUITE busy :)20:13
tjoygrid dynamics has RPMs20:14
tjoyfor RHEL620:14
ashpThey do, but they don't have any of the other around the edge stuff to get it up and running post installing the RPMs20:15
ashpthere's some awesome sets of puppet modules for openstack on ubuntu, guess I'll hope to make something 25% as good for RHEL20:15
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack20:15
tjoywell good luck20:15
*** dragondm has quit IRC20:17
nhmfor swift, I wonder how 40Gb to the proxies and 10Gb to the storage nodes would work out.20:17
notmynamenhm: depends on your use case? do your clients have 100g? ;-)20:17
*** aliguori_ has joined #openstack20:17
nhmnotmyname: probably 10GE to the clients.20:18
notmynamenhm: 3 replicas?20:18
nhmnotmyname: my understanding is that the proxies are pretty much the bottleneck right now.20:18
nhmnotmyname: tbd, maybe 3, maybe 2 with raid6 behind them like SDSC is doing.20:19
notmynamenhm: interesting. I didn't know they were using raid6 (we've seen very bad performance with raid6+swift20:19
nhmnotmyname: I think it's raid6, but it could be raid5.20:19
nhmnotmyname: any idea why?20:19
notmynamenhm: remember that you get 1/3 of your internal bandwidth between the proxy and your storage nodes (with 3 replicas)20:20
*** aliguori has quit IRC20:20
notmynamenhm: raid 5 and 6 have their worst case performance with small random reads and writes. swift does almost exclusively small random reads and writes20:20
nhmnotmyname: How small?20:21
notmynamenhm: plus rebuild times on large raid volumes are/were unacceptable20:21
*** alandman has quit IRC20:21
nhmnotmyname: yeah, they are doing raid6 with LSI 9280 cards.20:21
*** nati2 has quit IRC20:21
*** nati2 has joined #openstack20:22
notmynamenhm: I think we do 512k writes before a fsync20:22
nhmnot sure how many drives per raid group.20:22
notmynamenhm: I disagree with the proxies as a bottleneck. if they are, you simply need to add more proxies. they scale horizontally like everything else20:22
nhmnotmyname: well, that's not as bad as it could be...20:23
spikebikeashp: link to the awesome puppet modules for openstack on ubuntu?20:23
nhmnotmyname: What kind of ratio do you guys have?20:24
nhmfor proxies/storage?20:24
spikebikeraid-5/6 reads aren't bad20:24
spikebikewrites however are20:25
notmynamenhm: we have 2 proxies per zone (1 zone == several cabinets == a few dozen storage nodes, I think)20:25
nhmeven for writes, 512k isn't nearly as bad as it could be.20:25
nhmnotmyname: Wow, I was thinking of having a much higher proxy/storage ratio.20:26
notmynamenhm: I think we upped it to 512k after we decided against raid. it was lower earlier in the original dev cycle, I think20:26
notmynamenhm: it all depends on your use case and the density of the storage on the storage nodes. if you have denser storage nodes than we do (likely), then you probably need a higher ratio20:27
nhmnotmyname: yeah, I was thinking about maybe using the SC847 chassis with 36 drives.20:28
spikebikeheh, I just built a system with one of those20:28
nhmspikebike: how do you like it?20:28
spikebikepretty reasonable20:28
spikebikethe motherboard section is basically a 2U20:29
notmynamenhm: if you are going to be at the conference, you should talk to pandemicsyn about our deployments. he'll know more than anyone there20:29
spikebikenhm: managed 2GB/sec on sequential loads20:29
nhmnotmyname: sadly I won't be there.  I'm going to be at SC11 if any of your guys will be there...20:29
*** fysa has quit IRC20:29
*** fysa has joined #openstack20:30
nhmspikebike: What kind of controllers?20:30
spikebike3 channels of LSI, ummm20:30
spikebikethe cheap ones20:30
spikebiketwo of the 2 channel LSI, 9240 I think20:31
*** nati2 has quit IRC20:31
nhmspikebike: something exotic like zfs+zraid on 9211s would be fun. ;)20:32
spikebikeI was all for zfs, till I realized what a dog raidz was20:32
nhmspikebike: I thought it was ok if you use ssds for the zil?20:33
spikebikewell yes SSDs can help no matter what youuse20:33
tjoyzfs is nice enough to manage them though20:33
spikebikebut a 50 disk raid-6 ~= performance of a single disk20:33
spikebikeer raidz20:33
tjoyis a 50-disk raid6 any better?20:34
spikebikefor reads dramatically so20:34
tjoywith zfs, if i had 50 disks, i'd do 15 3-disk raidz vdevs, striped20:35
nhmspikebike: yeah, I think you really need to use SSDs for the cache if you are going to do raidz.20:35
spikebiketjoy: ya, that makes sense, not particularly easier to manage than a similar number of raid-5s20:35
spikebikeso I ended up just going 4-6 disk raid5s and ext420:35
spikebikeor hadoop depending on the use case20:36
tjoythe one thing zfs does do that I love is zil/l2arc20:36
tjoyfor the whole pool, it decides what to cache on SSD and what not to20:36
spikebikeI'm pondering a few SSDs and facebooks flashcache20:36
spikebikekinda slick20:37
*** Tsel has quit IRC20:37
tjoyi'm pretty excited for btrfs too20:37
tjoybut i haven't heard much about it lately20:37
spikebikeyeah, I've been tracking it, promising, but not there yet20:37
spikebikeflashcache uses teh device mapper, you can even white/black list different processes/threads20:38
nhmspikebike: For our lustre setup we have 10 6-drive raid5s per OSS.20:38
spikebikekinda slick that you can prevent certain processes from polluting your cache20:38
tjoyoh nice20:39
spikebikeoss?  Did you mean per OST?20:39
nhmspikebike: oss = object storage server ost = object storage target20:39
*** joesavak has quit IRC20:39
spikebikeah, got it20:39
nhmspikebike: so 10 targets per server.20:39
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC20:40
*** anotherjesse has joined #openstack20:40
spikebikeI've been aoviding lustre, hoping that hadoop, ceph, or other competition gets better before I don't have a choice20:40
spikebikefortunately our largest storage project so far turned out to be rather storage friendly20:41
nhmspikebike: lustre is a harsh mistress.20:41
spikebikeyeah, I have a friend that runs a large install, I get stories relatively often20:41
nhmspikebike: I'm sort of in charge of a 550TB deployment.20:41
nhmspikebike: it's manageable at that scale, but I wouldn't use it for anything other than scratch.20:42
spikebikemy hadoop is currently 150TB20:43
spikebikegot another 44TB I need to add20:43
nhmcool.  I haven't looked seriously at hdfs20:44
spikebikeceph + btrfs sound really promising but not very close 8-(20:44
nhmyeah, ceph always seems just out of reach.20:45
spikebikeI run a tier3 site for the LHC, they needed a ton of storage and 80x2TB disks fit the bill ;-)20:45
spikebike(already had a 40 node cluster)20:45
spikebikehard to beat the price/perf ;-)20:45
nhmI was tempted to try zfs+gluster as apparently the linux version can do xattr for symlinks now.20:45
*** greensyn has quit IRC20:46
spikebikeI beat on linux + zfs for awhile and it did work well (the kernel version not the fuse)20:46
spikebikenot touched gluster though20:46
tjoyspikebike: what features of linux zfs did you try?20:46
nhmspikebike: nice!  does it support dedup and compression?20:46
nhmI'm kind of tempted to try it with swift too...20:46
tjoydoes it support zil and l2arc?20:46
spikebikebenchmark and load testing of just about every raid1,raidz and related config I could think of20:47
spikebikedidn't touch zil/l2arc20:47
tjoywere they there to touch though?20:47
spikebikedunno, didn't look20:47
tjoyfair enough20:47
spikebikepretty sure it's functionality equivalent to whatever solaris has with pool version 2820:47
tjoyi thought zfs in linux was all fuse20:47
spikebikebut I wouldn't be sure unless I tried it ;-)20:47
spikebikeand it's a really easy install20:48
spikebike6 cut/paste commands20:48
spikebikeI was kinda surprised20:48
spikebikefuse = lousy perf20:48
tjoyyeah i went and compiled illumos to get zfs working20:48
tjoydoes linux have a working fibrechannel target system?20:48
nhmtjoy: there's two implementations, fuse, and a kernel module.20:48
nhmspikebike: that's not entirely true.  Gluster does pretty well with fuse.20:49
spikebikenhm: heh, well yeah for a distributed file system it's more about scaling then per node performance, and context switches are less hairy when the consumer is not on the same node20:49
*** lorin1 has quit IRC20:50
*** msivanes has quit IRC20:50
spikebikegluster is working out well for you?20:50
nhmspikebike: we were getting 2GB/s per node over IB with gluster when we were using it.20:50
* johnmark 's ears perk up20:51
nhmspikebike: nope, we had to can it.  Filesystem corruption with 8k writers writing to it.20:51
nhmspikebike: though there's contention that it wasn't gluster's fault.20:51
spikebikeI have a fair bit of infiniband around, but none handles storage (so far)20:51
johnmarknhm: I'd be curious20:51
johnmarkspikebike: there seems to be growing interest in GlusterFS + ZFS20:52
johnmarkwhether on Linux or Solaris/Illumos20:52
nhmspikebike: I wasn't involved at the time, so some people claim it was glusterfs, and some people claim it was a problem with the OS.  Unfortunately both were changed for the current config. (lustre+centos)20:52
johnmarknhm: where was this?20:52
nhmjohnmark: That's a setup I'm considering for our storage.20:53
spikebikejohnmark: makes sense20:53
nhmjohnmark: Minnesota Supercomputing Institute20:53
johnmarkI'd be interested in seeing if our guys could take a look and possibly "fix" whatever happened20:53
johnmarknhm: ah, nice. ok20:53
spikebikekinda surprised there isn't a distributed zfs actually, certainly looks like zfs was designed to be distributed20:53
*** dragondm has joined #openstack20:53
*** igable has joined #openstack20:53
nhmspikebike: I think there were some plans to do so, but then sun ended up with lustre, and then it was going to be lustre+zfs, and now it's the mess with oracle, etc etc.20:54
nhmjohmark: yeah, sadly I wasn't involved back when the whole thing went down.20:56
spikebikeyeah, that fits.  Sadly it seems like there's what 3 different groups that want to move lustre forward20:56
johnmarknhm: to be honest, 3.0 and 3.1 were, uh... "problematic"20:56
johnmarknhm: in some corner cases20:56
johnmarkalthough FS corruption should *never* happen20:56
*** med_out has quit IRC20:56
johnmarknhm: it is infuriating. it's very sad to me that ZFS on Linux is held back by licensing issues20:57
nhmspikebike: yeah, the lustre conference was kind of interesting. :)  Really though, it's more or less going to be whamcloud doing the work.20:57
johnmarkand btrfs will take some time to mature20:57
spikebikenhm: that sounds promising20:57
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack20:57
spikebikeanyone been tracking ceph recently?20:57
nhmspikebike: The situation is definitely better than it was a year ago.  The question is how well they can clean it up.20:58
*** heckj has quit IRC20:58
nhmjohnmark: Have you guys deployed glusterfs with openstack anywhere?20:58
johnmarknhm: we have internally :)20:59
nhmspikebike: seems like dreamhost has been doing a bunch of openstack+ceph work.20:59
johnmarkbut until 3.3 is released later next month, we won't have any customer deployments in production20:59
johnmarknhm: then I can give you a better answer20:59
johnmarknote that as a Gluster employee, that's the PoV I come from21:01
WormManooo, SCALE is near me this year, I could try an openstack presentation... heh21:01
*** negronjl has quit IRC21:03
nhmjohnmark: Yeah, that's cool.  I think it's probably going to come down to glusterfs or swift for what I'm doing (though some people here will probably push NFS).21:03
*** juddm has quit IRC21:04
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spikebikenhm: ah, interesting, good to hear21:11
*** neogenix has quit IRC21:12
rmkWormMan: Scale is in the same place every year more or less :)21:12
*** sophiap has quit IRC21:13
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disappearayohey there21:28
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC21:28
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xenon75Hello again... I've installed openstack diablo, but when I euca-run-instances an image euca-describe-instances shows it stuck in the pending status. Any idea how can I understand why it stays stuck?21:43
tjoyyou need to investigate the compute node, xenon75. check the hypervisor's logs and nova-compute's log.21:44
xenon75tjoy: thanks... looking21:47
*** llang629 has left #openstack21:48
*** dysinger has joined #openstack21:48
*** marrusl has quit IRC21:49
*** bsza has quit IRC21:49
xenon75tjoy: maybe I have a clue: in nova-scheduler.log I get "NoValidHost: Scheduler was unable to locate a host for this request. Is the appropriate service running?"21:50
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:50
tjoyi think that would leave the status as 'scheduling' not 'pending'21:51
*** hbetts has quit IRC21:52
*** PotHix has quit IRC21:55
xenon75tjoy: I restarted the services. now a ps -e | grep nova shows nova-api, nova-objectstore, nova-network and nova-scheduler. glace is also running. Retrying...21:55
*** joshua_d has quit IRC21:57
*** ewindisch_ has joined #openstack21:58
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*** cp16net has joined #openstack21:59
xenon75tjoy: same error. Do you have an idea which service is the message referring to? Everything seems to be up and running21:59
*** PotHix has joined #openstack22:00
tjoyare you running nova-compute anywhere?22:01
*** PotHix has quit IRC22:01
xenon75tjoy: yep. it was nova-compute that was missing. it seems that something is moving now22:04
tjoythat's sort of an important one to have22:06
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:06
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack22:06
xenon75tjoy: I installed everything using a script, and I though that everything was ok (no apparent error were reported). But apparently that script has a bug :)22:07
xenon75tjoy: thanks for your help22:07
*** lborda has quit IRC22:07
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*** dragondm_ has joined #openstack22:23
tjoyxenon75: the script probably assumed that you were going to put nova-compute on another machine22:24
tjoyor six more machines22:24
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:26
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WormManahh, I love new hardware, new bugs to work around22:33
WormMansomeday I'll get back to playing with openstack :)22:33
*** anotherjesse has quit IRC22:33
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RaziqueHi all ):23:33
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