Monday, 2011-10-03

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JaesangHi, All02:44
JaesangIs there any web-session for Design Summit?02:45
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lorin1Jaasang: There's an open forum about Dashboard on Tuesday:
lorin1Jaesang: ^02:57
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Jaesanglorin1: Oh thx02:59
Jaesanglorin1: but, Can I see that forum? I'm not in USA :(03:00
lorin1Jaesang: Oh, you are talking about accessing the forum by web! That I don't know. There are usually etherpads associated with each session, so you could see people writing notes about each session in real time. I'm not sure where the links to these are, though.03:01
Jaesanglorin1: Do you know any etherpads address?03:02
lorin1Jaesang: No, I don't know what they are in advance. In the past, I've only discovered what they are by attending a session.03:03
Jaesanglorin1: haha, OK thank U so much :)03:04
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hugokuodoes anyone run with ?03:14
hugokuoall processes are accomplished , but I can not login into dashboard with admin / secrete03:14
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Vadimhello all. can anybody help with configuration diablo + keystone. Past you keystone.conf, nova.conf, novarc pls.06:01
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saju_mcan i follow this doc to insatll diablo  ????06:46
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saju_mor what change i have to make in script for install diablo
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Vadimhugokuo hello. Do you installed diablo + keystone? Can you paste you novarc with keystone?07:02
hugokuostill working on keystone07:02
hugokuofailed to authorize07:02
hugokuonot easy though07:03
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Vadim<hugokuo> i change private network in nova.conf and delete old network and create new via nova-manage. But when i run instance he take ip from old range. I must delete old subnetwork from db?07:08
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saju_mcan i follow this doc to insatll diablo  ????07:10
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Vadim<saju_m> install diablo manual. this is good exp07:10
saju_mor what change i have to make in script for install diablo ???07:11
saju_mis this doc ok ???07:11
Vadim <saju_m> and read this
saju_mok, thanks07:13
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saju_mi like to m\know which version of openstack will get installed when i follow
saju_mi like to know which version of openstack will get installed when i follow
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hugokuocurrent keystone version did not working with Diablo Release ?07:49
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hugokuovadim , killall dnsmasq07:52
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Vadim<hugokuo> i reboot server but instance take ip from old range...08:34
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hugokuovadim , check your database of network table which is belong to the project you run with thx08:45
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FabriceBmm, the last keystone release seems to need passlib.hash but ./ install doesn't pull it08:56
FabriceBis that normal ?08:56
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Vadim<hugokuo> in network table i see only one subnetwork. this is my new network.09:15
Vadim<hugokuo> but in table fixed_ips i see all address from old subnetwork and new... but i delete old network this is normal?09:22
hugokuodelete old network from fixed_ips  thx09:23
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Vadim<hugokuo> ok thx for help09:24
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tillmoAha, just found
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sajuHi, please check it, getting error while doing "nova-manage db sync"
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BasTichelaardoes "keystone-manage tenant delete tenantname" work?10:17
Vadim<hugokuo> do you have some free time? =) need help from expert. i have some network issue10:18
Vadim<BasTichelaar> no. rm keystone.db =)10:18
BasTichelaarVadim: so there is currently no way to delete tenants or users?10:18
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sajuHi, please check it, getting error while doing "nova-manage db sync"
Vadim<BasTichelaar> i dont know... but in my keystonel delete function doesnt work to... I  deleted databases10:21
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BasTichelaaris keystone too alpha to use for now?10:32
BasTichelaarlike should I stick with the default ldap auth backend or go for keystone now?10:32
BasTichelaarwhat I want to do is create users and projects/tenants using the python-novaclient api10:33
hugokuovadim , did you success to install keystone ?10:33
BasTichelaarand ofcourse delete them10:33
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hugokuoBasTichelaar , any docs for install keystone ?10:34
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BasTichelaarhugokuo: what do you mean exactly? I just installed it from the trunk ppa, changed the backend to ldap and added some tenants and users10:35
BasTichelaarhugokuo: but it seems there is a bug with creating services, I cant create any10:36
Vadim<hugokuo> at this moment i use old authentication... dashboard dont work with keystone... i am learning openstack and dont see why need use keystone...10:36
Vadim<BasTichelaar> i think need wait before use keystone...10:36
BasTichelaarVadim: I dont care using bleeding edge, as I do like the featureset of keystone10:37
BasTichelaarVadim: but I wonder if anyone is using it succesfully already10:37
Vadim<BasTichelaar> maybe dev team =)10:38
BasTichelaarVadim: but its really poorly documented10:38
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FabriceBI'm fighting for two days with dashboard and keystone10:39
FabriceBone step forwarding, one step backward10:39
FabriceBeverything is out of sync10:40
BasTichelaarFabriceB: at what point are you now then?10:40
FabriceBthe keystones and dashboard's git seems to be in synch now, i can get it working10:40
FabriceBbut now, i thinks there is a problem with nova-api10:41
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Vadim<FabriceB> can you paste your nova.conf, ps aux | grep dnsmasq and /etc/network/interfaces pls?10:42
FabriceBI'm on redhat, so no /etc/network/interfaces10:43
Vadimifconfig =)10:44
hugokuoBasTichelaar ,  hope this help
FabriceBvirbr0 can be ignored, it's created by libvirt10:45
BasTichelaarhugokuo: thanks10:47
BasTichelaarthe moving of all the github repositories is quite annoying, a lot of links in Google dont work anymore afterwards...10:51
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hugokuo  any idea10:56
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FabriceBls -l /usr/keystone/content/service/version.json.tpl10:58
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BasTichelaarhugokuo: doesnt make sense to call the api directly without any commands, right?10:59
hugokuoit's default though10:59
hugokuoI know what's wrong11:01
hugokuoIt's lookging for it's parent folder :<11:02
tznanyone knows why keystone ppa doesn't have lucid packages?11:07
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BasTichelaarkeystone seems to work fine now, but the python-novaclient gives an error when talking to the api11:13
BasTichelaarany ideas?11:13
arthurI'm trying to do a swift test installation and I've followed the manuals. All is fine until it comes to starting the proxy server, where I get an UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION. See Anyone able to point me in the right direction?11:14
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tznarthur: which manual did you use11:22
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tillmoI am trying to install Openstack via stackops. Now the smart installer requires connection to, but this server is down. Is there an alternative?11:22
tznarthur: and paste you proxy-server.conf11:23
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flopflipdoes anyone have a clue about stackops? since we are wondering about their website which is offline and we would need it for their smart installer11:52
BasTichelaar flopflip great to depend on an external website ;)11:53
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flopflipBasTichelaar: yepe, we didnt know before we started tho :/11:53
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arthurtzn: I used the 1.4.3 manual11:57
arthurtzn: proxy-server.conf at
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tznarthur: you jave two pipeline lines12:00
tznremove one12:00
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tznarthur: start with tempauth12:01
arthurah, left-over from testing - just tried to change to tmpauth, with eithe rone doesn't work (and with both also not ;-))12:01
tznonce you have it wokring, try swauth12:01
tznarthur: you don'r have tempauth conf12:02
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arthurright, that's the plan. but with the 1.4.3 manual, documentation is very rare on swauth12:03
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arthurtzn: for testing, I've just removed the auth-module alltogether, and then it starts. so it's for sure in there. I'll dig in a bit more. Thanks for pointing me in a direction.12:09
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Vadimmaybe somebody can help with network problem? my instance running but i cant ping this instance (
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FabriceBvadim: I don't get your mix of 192.168 and 10.1112:15
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FabriceBwhat does "ip route list" show and iptables -L -v12:15
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Vadim<FabriceB> thx for help... i update
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FabriceByou have two hosts ? altoros and cloud ?12:20
*** huslage has joined #openstack12:20
Vadimall in one12:20
FabriceBroot@cloud -> cloud is not you host name ?12:21
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FabriceBshow us a brctl show too12:21
Vadimcloud this is hostname.12:21
FabriceBshow us a "brctl show" too12:21
FabriceBand what is altoros ?12:21
FabriceBthe zone, my bad12:22
Vadimthis is project12:22
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FabriceBthere is only one interface on br10012:23
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FabriceBwhere is the interface for your instance ?12:23
FabriceBip addr list12:24
Vadim<FabriceB> done... refresh12:25
FabriceBI see no interface for you instance12:25
FabriceBthat's strange, but I have not used
Vadimvirtual interface?12:26
FabriceBperhaps you should launch virt-manager and have a look at the VM configuration12:26
FabriceByes the virtual interface12:26
Vadimwhere i must search error about this problem? nova-network.log?12:28
FabriceBI think so12:28
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Vadimi terminate instance and start12:32
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Vadimand i have vnet0.
FabriceBmuch better12:33
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FabriceBbrtctl show should show you vnet0 in the virtual bridge br10012:33
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Vadimvnet0 and eth112:34
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Vadiminstance dont see metadata12:36
Vadimwaiting for metadata service at
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FabriceB169.254 ?12:40
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Vadim<FabriceB> whet i use flanmanager this is ip address injection?12:44
Vadimflat sorry12:44
*** flamboz has joined #openstack12:45
FabriceB165.254 is a link local adress12:45
FabriceBit's auto-generated when a server can't find it's IP configuration12:45
FabriceBthat's a rescue mode12:46
Vadim<FabriceB> yes... but why instance didnt have address?12:46
FabriceByou should try FlatDHCP12:46
FabriceBbecause you don't have a reachable dhcp server12:46
koolhead17devcamcar: ping12:48
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viraptordoes anyone know how to regenerate the po/nova.pot file?12:52
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flopflipis it already possible to boot VMs from isos in openstack?13:03
*** alexn65 has joined #openstack13:03
Vadim<FabriceB> thx for help with flatdhcp all work. maybe flat cant inject ip in my ubuntu image?13:03
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FabriceBflat expect you to manage it by yourself13:04
Vadimstatix ip in image?13:05
FabriceBor you own dhcp server13:05
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Vadimi am not shure that when i ping that reply my instance =)13:09
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tznarthur: swauth kinda works with 1.4.3, but I would concentrate on keystone, if you want to have integrated solution13:23
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chmoueltzn: what do you mean by kinda?13:25
tznchmouel: i'm struggling with it on diablo upgraded cluster13:25
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*** dolphm has joined #openstack13:25
tznchmouel: every command just hangs, and nothing in the logs13:26
tznchmouel: btw, which solution is preferred, swauth or keystone?13:26
*** dolphm has quit IRC13:26
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chmouelin the future we should use keystone but at this time it doesnt support everything with Swift for stuff like ACL13:27
chmoueland I am not sure why it's hanging13:27
tznwhat should I check13:28
tznI suspect something obvious is broken13:30
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koolhead17can someone tell me what was the last revision before keystone got integrated with dashboard?13:37
koolhead17last revision == on launchpad13:37
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panda109hi i have a question about quantum.13:59
panda109could anyone can help me ?13:59
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LanceHaigAnyone here who is involved with the backspace openstack training ? I need some help with something and can't seem to get through to anyone who can16:05
*** mihgen has joined #openstack16:05
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*** AhmedSoliman has joined #openstack17:40
annegentleLanceHaig: DM me and I'll see if I can help, sorry for the delay but the Summit and Conference is this week, so we're all sorta away from keyboard. :)17:40
kbringardsome of us are working ;-)17:41
*** obino has joined #openstack17:42
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annegentlekbringard: hee hee17:45
*** johnmark has joined #openstack17:45
*** bstein has joined #openstack17:46
kbringardretr0h and I are down by the bar in the lobby, if anyone wants to come by and say hi17:46
*** mattrobinson has quit IRC17:47
*** mattrobinson has joined #openstack17:48
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*** jdag has joined #openstack17:59
BasTichelaaranyone using keystone together with python-novaclient?18:01
BasTichelaarhaving some troubles getting a list of users18:01
dolphmBasTichelaar: getting a list of users from keystone? or some function of novaclient?18:02
*** bsza has quit IRC18:02
*** reed_ has joined #openstack18:02
BasTichelaardolphm: getting a list of users using the command line tools is no problem, but the python-novaclient seems to have some bugs18:03
dolphmBasTichelaar: is noveclient supposed to be able to list users from keystone?18:03
*** paltman has quit IRC18:03
BasTichelaardolphm: getting a list of tenants is no problem18:03
BasTichelaardolphm: yes18:03
dolphmBasTichelaar: because keystone doesn't expose GET /users in any context (AFAIK)18:03
*** paltman has joined #openstack18:03
dolphmBasTichelaar: mostly because the backend running behind keystone may not necessarily be capable of listing users18:04
BasTichelaardolphm: ahh, thats the error18:04
BasTichelaardolphm: ok, but is also does PUT on /users and that also doesnt seem to work18:04
VadimHMi can ping instance but when i try ssh i have ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused18:05
BasTichelaardolphm: the functions are here:
VadimHMany ideas?18:05
dolphmBasTichelaar: i believe that should work (at least, it's supported, but not core)18:05
BasTichelaardolphm: but how can it be that they developed these functions that use /users that dont work?18:06
*** jeh has quit IRC18:07
*** kbringard has left #openstack18:07
*** reed_ has quit IRC18:08
dolphmBasTichelaar: can't say for certain :) i'm a keystone developer... i'm looking into the codebase to see what should be implemented (even if it's not "supported")18:08
koolhead17hello all18:08
koolhead17devcamcar: ping18:08
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:09
*** valeriy has joined #openstack18:09
*** paltman is now known as patrick18:10
*** patrick is now known as paltman18:10
*** Ryan_Lane1 has joined #openstack18:10
*** dwcramer has quit IRC18:10
BasTichelaardolphm: thanks for you help18:10
valeriyhi, all18:11
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:11
dolphmBasTichelaar: GET /users and PUT /users/{user_id} are both implemented in keystone, but neither were considered part of diablo... so they're test coverage is limited18:11
BasTichelaardolphm: ahh ok18:11
valeriydid anybody try to use virtualbox as a hypervisor?18:11
BasTichelaardolphm: so to use it should I upgrade keystone? or nova?18:12
dolphmBasTichelaar: i can't say for sure, what's your use case?18:12
BasTichelaardolphm: well, we're building a PaaS platform tightly integrated with nova18:14
BasTichelaardolphm: and we want to be able to create users using some api, preferably python18:15
BasTichelaardolphm: another way would be to just talk to ldap ofcourse18:15
BasTichelaardolphm: any pointers in the right direction?18:15
Ryan_Lane1nova's admin api support user creation, I believe18:16
dolphmBasTichelaar: what's your keystone backend? the default sqlalchemy?18:16
BasTichelaardolphm: LDAP18:16
BasTichelaardolphm: and sqlalchemy for some elements ofcourse18:17
*** jj0hns0n has quit IRC18:17
BasTichelaarRyan_Lane1: which API?18:17
Ryan_Lane1nova's admin api. I dunno where it's documented18:17
BasTichelaarRyan_Lane1: yes, but then we have to wrap every call and catch exceptions18:18
koolhead17valeriy: YOU ROCK!!18:18
koolhead17soren: around?18:18
Ryan_Lane1BasTichelaar: how's that any different than any other way of creating accounts?18:18
*** lorin1 has joined #openstack18:19
BasTichelaarRyan_Lane1: well, to use an existing API like python-novaclient saves us a lot of work, especially since all the functionality we need is already in there. but it seems not every bit works yet18:19
dolphmBasTichelaar: keystone currently assumes that, especially if you're using LDAP, that you already have some method for administering LDAP... and you'll continue to manage your users that way18:19
Ryan_Lane1BasTichelaar: I'd imagine there is support for this18:20
Ryan_Lane1the admin api has been in for quite a while18:20
dolphmBasTichelaar: at least, from an API perspective... however, you can also use keystone-manage commands directly18:20
BasTichelaardolphm: ok, then we'll work in that direction, saves us also from future incompatibilities18:20
* joesavak salutes dolphm18:21
dolphmjoesavak: correct me if i'm wrong18:21
*** GeoDud has joined #openstack18:21
*** Ryan_Lane1 has quit IRC18:21
*** Ryan_Lane1 has joined #openstack18:21
joesavakdolphm: it's work we'll do as soon as y'all stop farting around in boston. ;)18:21
dolphmjoesavak: also, you should be here.18:21
*** critio_ has joined #openstack18:21
joesavakdolphm: keystone-manage is good; i wish i was there; and OS-KSADM work will continue in a week & a half18:22
dolphmjoesavak: keystone scopes/domains appear to be a popular topic on the road to authorization18:23
joesavakdolphm: good. I can't wait to hear what decisions were made!18:23
dolphmjoesavak: hence it would make sense if you were hear to capture them & participate :)18:24
joesavakdolphm: always next year, and I hope someone is capturing them18:25
dolphmjoesavak: i'm taking notes mostly related to authorization, geared towards driving discussion in my session18:26
joesavakdolphm: domain is a parent over multiple keystone installs allowing federation?18:26
*** lorin1 has quit IRC18:26
*** martine_ has joined #openstack18:27
dolphmjoesavak: not quite... but a milestone after the introduction of domains would be domains trusting other domains, and allowing some sort of federation18:27
dolphmjoesavak: ziad is definitely pushing for federation now, but that doesn't make sense to me until we have some mature authorization18:28
joesavakdolphm: ah - establishing a "trusted cloud network" in the public cloud arena18:28
*** mihgen has joined #openstack18:28
joesavakdolphm: one of the major blows to standard authz in the cloud is bursting rbac from one cloud to another18:29
*** aliguori_ has joined #openstack18:31
*** ccorrigan has joined #openstack18:31
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack18:31
sorenkoolhead17: Yes.18:32
dolphmjoesavak: essex = authorization w/ keystone; essex + 1 = federation w/ keystone; essex + 2 = bursting w/ keystone18:32
*** justinlw has joined #openstack18:32
*** aliguori has quit IRC18:33
koolhead17soren: i needed help, i was going through the revisions of openstack-dashboard but could that find with the logs from which revision keystone part got added.18:34
joesavakdolphm: cool! Looks aggressive.18:34
*** bdwarr6 has joined #openstack18:36
nhmwow, interesting discussion.  I used to do some work with globus, and federation was the name of the game there.18:36
koolhead17joesavak: hey18:36
*** huslage has joined #openstack18:36
joesavakkoolhead: hi18:36
koolhead17joesavak: wassup? all ser18:37
*** Ryan_Lane1 has quit IRC18:37
joesavakkoolhead: pretty empty in here, huh? Any keystone issues?18:37
*** huslage has quit IRC18:38
*** huslage has joined #openstack18:38
koolhead17joesavak: i have left keystone for a while.18:38
joesavakkoolhead: keystone will miss you.18:39
koolhead17joesavak: for few days!! :P18:39
koolhead17joesavak: to use keystone i have to compile everything currently. :P18:41
joesavakkoolhead17: yes, but we have a tag now! 2011.3 tag represents Diablo. Baby steps.18:42
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:42
*** martine_ has quit IRC18:45
*** whitt has quit IRC18:46
*** galstrom has joined #openstack18:46
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chadhis there a command to delete images?18:47
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack18:48
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*** mihgen has joined #openstack18:50
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*** magg has joined #openstack19:28
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:28
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:29
maggim having trouble with euca2ools19:31
maggi created a project19:31
maggand source the novarc19:31
maggbut some show euca-add-keypair mykey > mykey.priv doesnt work19:31
magghelp plz19:32
*** wilmoore_ has joined #openstack19:33
*** wilmoore has quit IRC19:33
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:37
alexn65Hi! Does anybody use hybridfox with ff6.0x? how to enable it for configuration?19:38
*** neogenix has quit IRC19:48
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:48
*** neogenix has joined #openstack19:48
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NashTrash_Hello Openstacker's!20:25
*** msivanes has joined #openstack20:26
NashTrash_Quick question.  I am running Diablo-3 and suddenly my users are getting errors starting instances.  Looking in nova-api.log I see the following: ApiError raised: instance |1656| has no fixed_ips. unable to associate floating ip20:26
NashTrash_Instance 1656 does have a fixed IP address.20:26
*** NashTrash has joined #openstack20:26
*** joshua_d has quit IRC20:26
*** NashTrash_ has quit IRC20:27
NashTrashCan you get "ApiError raised: instance |1656| has no fixed_ips. unable to associate floating ip" by trying to associate a public IP address before the instance has fully built?20:27
*** tillmo has joined #openstack20:28
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack20:29
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SplasPoodhrm, who maintains the most up to date set of chef cookbooks these days?  mattray, opscode anso...?20:43
SplasPoodanso's look somewhat old, matt's are a bit more recent but heavily forked at this point and still not VERY recent... (June)20:44
*** terje has joined #openstack20:46
*** dirakx has joined #openstack20:48
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*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack20:51
maggim having problems with keystone20:51
maggmagg@cloud1:~$ curl
magg{"IdentityFault": {"message": "Unhandled error", "code": "500", "details": "Template u'/usr/keystone/content/service/version.json.tpl' not found at line 0 column 0"}}magg@cloud1:~$20:51
*** bryguy has joined #openstack20:51
maggplz help20:51
*** ahs3 has quit IRC20:51
*** ^conner has quit IRC20:51
*** ahs3 has joined #openstack20:51
*** mattfarina has joined #openstack20:52
*** ^conner has joined #openstack20:52
*** mfer has quit IRC20:52
*** mattfarina is now known as mfer20:52
jsavakmagg: when was the last time you pulled from openstack/keystone repo?20:52
*** NashTrash has quit IRC20:52
maggdont know20:52
*** ipl31 has quit IRC20:52
magghow do i check?20:52
jsavakmagg: try to pull again
maggoh i used the ppa20:53
jsavakmagg: we made a lot of changes last week and tagged diablo (11.03)20:53
jsavakmagg: the ppa may be out of date20:53
*** ipl31 has joined #openstack20:53
jsavakmagg: also run, sudo pip install -r tools/pip-requires && sudo python install20:54
maggjsavak: will do20:54
jsavakmagg: that'll make sure you have the right modules (my guess why you got the initial error)20:54
*** d2011 has joined #openstack20:56
dolphmjsavak: the keystone ppa is kept up to date as fast as new packages can be built on trunk20:57
*** llang629 has left #openstack20:57
dolphmjsavak: not sure what the build schedule is for other projects, or if keystone's schedule will change now that diablo is "out"20:57
jsavakdolphm: oh ok. Who sets that? Monty?20:58
dolphmjsavak: probably20:58
jsavakdolphm: ok20:58
*** lborda has quit IRC20:58
dolphmjsavak: also, the PPA should install dependencies by itself... it doesn't use pip and users (shouldn't... but could) either20:58
terjeHi, is there an install guide for diablo?20:58
*** NashTrash has joined #openstack20:58
terjeI see 'admin' but not 'install'20:58
dolphmterje: the admin docs should include installation & configuration20:59
jsavakdolphm: learning is 1/2 the battle. GI Joe!20:59
terjethanks dolphm20:59
dolphmterje: if you're a developer, there's also
dolphmor you just want to experiment ^21:00
terjewell, I'm just getting started although I am a developer21:00
terjeso, thanks.21:00
terjeI have a 5 node cluster I'm going to attempt to build out21:01
dolphm should be awesome... it explains everything that needs to be done to install all core openstack components21:01
terjeI'm installing on CentOS21:01
terjethis appears to be ubuntu based.21:01
dolphmterje: true... there's been some talk about writing a variation for centos21:01
terjemaybe I can help out w/ that.21:02
terjedolphm: does it install all the componets on a single system?21:03
*** zul has quit IRC21:03
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:03
dolphmterje: i believe so21:03
dolphmterje: "If you are crafty you can run the script on multiple nodes"21:04
dolphmterje: from
*** alexn65 has quit IRC21:04
terjejust looking at that :)21:04
*** LiamMac_ has joined #openstack21:06
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*** fulanito has joined #openstack21:34
maggso dolphm: do you any ideas how can i fix the error i was talking about earlier?21:36
magghave any*21:36
*** lts has quit IRC21:37
maggthe keystone one21:39
maggi mean21:39
*** tillmo has quit IRC21:42
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*** fulanito has joined #openstack22:22
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*** fulanitoo has joined #openstack22:26
fulanitoohow to setup euca2ools?22:26
*** magg has quit IRC22:27
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