Thursday, 2011-10-27

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jasonabit of a left field question but.. anyone got a pointer to a swift diagram for the storage nodes / proxy / auth etc ?00:31
jasonain some form that is editable ?00:31
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jasonahmm. guess not.00:50
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yemingCan I create instance immediately after the systemvm(s) are up, or I have to wait until the first template (CentOS I think, as per doc) is downloaded?01:22
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halfsswhen i create an instance ,here error:ERROR nova.compute.manager [-] Instance '8' failed to spawn. Is virtualization enabled in the BIOS? Details: Unexpected error while running command.01:51
halfssCommand: sudo iptables-restore01:51
halfssExit code: 201:51
halfssStdout: ''01:51
halfssStderr: "iptables-restore v1.4.10: invalid port/service `-1' specified\nError occurred at line: 31\nTry `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information.\n"01:51
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yemingoops, i asked in the wrong channel. sorry..01:53
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livemoonhalfss: you must turn on virtualization of your cpu in your BIOS setting02:16
halfssit's opened02:17
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halfssi know the resson,becaues the one of security rule is wrong02:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #882365 in nova "Clean up custom glance access HA code" [Undecided,New]
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troyahi all03:28
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troyahi livemoon, i'm have some question03:30
troyafirstly i have running instances sucessfully, but i have not configure network connectivity yet.03:30
troyaso i can access it, but after i give command >> euca-authorize default -P tcp -p 22 -s
troyaane enable icmp, instances can reach when i try to ping03:31
troyait's only open ssh port and icmp port, right ?03:32
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troyabut why without it i cannot ping instances ? icmp only message protocl03:32
troyacan you explain it to me livemoon ?03:33
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viddwhats the issue troya ?03:36
livemoontroya: look at iptables03:36
viddyou turn on ICMP (the ability to repond to ping requests) and you can ping03:36
livemoonsorry, I have no skill in iptables03:36
troyait's not issue, only for my knowlede03:37
viddits like saying "i turn on the light switch and the ligh bulb comes on"03:37
troyavid, may be you can explain to me about network connectivity on nova03:37
viddyou question is not nova-specific03:38
troyavid, i have running instances successfully, but i have not configure network connectivity yet, so i cann't to ping instances, right03:38
viddif you open firewall ruls to allow ping requests, things inside the firewall repond to ping requests03:38
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troyathen i enable 22 port for ssh and icmp, then i can ping instances.03:39
livemoontroya: it's iptables03:39
viddtroya, i saw your statements and im confused03:39
viddyour question is like asking "why does the light bulb come on when i turn on the light switch"03:40
halfssyou install nova all in one?03:40
viddthe answer is"because you told it to do it"03:40
troyawell, but icmp only for messaging service, right ?03:40
viddendable icmp == allow ping03:40
viddenable port 22 == able toi ssh03:41
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viddwhen you start your instances, they are inside a bubble...your nova server03:41
viddby default, there are open ports through your computer into your buble03:42
vidduntill you issue  euca-authorize default -P tcp -p 22 -s
troyaoh...i see now03:43
viddnow there is a path from your bubble, thru your nova computer to the outside world that only port 22 traffic (ssh) can pass03:43
vidd*no open ports*03:43 are right, i see it now :D03:44
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isaacfinnegananyone know of a document on how to convert a vmware image to openstack?03:48
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viddisaacfinnegan, try checking out
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isaacfinneganright that seems old03:50
livemoonisaacfinnegan: openstack has no image itself03:51
livemoonit just a management tools03:51
isaacfinneganbut diablo also supports booting ISO's03:51
isaacfinneganthis implies to me that an image can be more like in vmare where the OS instance inside the image would be capable of updating the instance OS kernel03:52
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isaacfinneganwith AMI's you can't do this since it always boots from the AMI kernel and initrd03:52
viddisaacfinnegan, did you read all 10 pages in that chapter?03:53
isaacfinneganstill doing so03:54
viddisaacfinnegan, then there is the entire doc on glance03:55
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isaacfinnegangoing through it now. thx03:56
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troyavidd, where i can get centos tarbal for i used as instances ?04:03
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vidddunno ...the internet?04:05
viddtry a google search "openstack images centos"04:06
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livemoonOh, my god04:10
livemoonI made a mistake04:10
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livemoonnow api is only support v1.104:14
viddyour mistake is not as bad as me fdisking away grub on my almost redady to demo server04:14
livemoonand named APIRouter not APIRouterV11 anymore04:14
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livemoonvidd :)04:15
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livemoonI have reinstall my controller in my production04:15
viddok...maybe it's worse....04:15
halfssis there anybody use shared storage for nova?04:17
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viddhalfss, i have not done it but i think i understanfd it04:21
viddyour talking like a samba share or an ntfs drive04:22
halfssoh,i used mfs and glusterfs04:22
vidd?04:22 clue04:22
halfssyes, nfs's speed is not enough good04:23
livemoonhalfss, You have configured glusterfs?04:23
livemoonwhat about its performance04:24
halfssit's better than mfs,i think04:24
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uvirtbotNew bug: #882371 in keystone "Fix JSON Paginated Structures." [Medium,Confirmed]
halfsswhat i want to konw is how to boot the instance when the host is down?coule i migrate the instance to another host?how?04:26
halfssis there anybody used lustre?04:27
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viddlivemoon, my bosses would like to know expected performance out of a machine with 32 gigs of ram and 4 quad-core processors04:31
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viddhow many VM's could they expect?04:31
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livemoonvidd: you talk to me?05:04
viddyes...if you know05:07
livemoonhalfss: how to test performance of io05:08
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viddi figurre you have an active production network, you should have an estimate05:08
livemoonI only have 16gigs of ram05:08
viddlivemoon, what can your 16 gigs do?05:08
vidd24 vm's? more?05:10
livemoonI have not test so many05:11
halfssvidd:it's about you vm's memory05:11
viddfor some reason the bosses have "24" on the brain05:11
livemoonnow just run four 4core instances in each node05:11
livemoondo your boss want to run 24 vms on each node?05:12
viddi suppose05:12
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viddis the math something like 3-tiny/2gb ram?05:13
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halfss32/24=1.5g, you vm's memory shoud not bigger than 1.505:14
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viddanwould 4 quad cores be able to handle the workload?05:15
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vidd-awaygood night all'05:32
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halfsswe are 13.36 :D05:36
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isaacfinnegancan I just stop a server without deleteing it?05:38
isaacfinneganto copy the img?05:38
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livemoonisaacfinnegan: shutdown the vm05:48
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fmancinelliGood morning everybody. Is there an Openstack API guru around?06:46
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fmancinelliwell, just in case... I have a bootable image (i.e., no kernel/ramdisk associated because everything is already there). If I use euca-run-instances the image boots fine. But if I use the Openstack API (i.e. a POST of this: to the /servers URI) it complains that it cannot find a kernel06:55
isaacfinneganooh lame. I wanted to start using bootable images06:55
fmancinelliso the question is: how can I start a bootable image with no kernel/ramdisk image associated using the API?06:55
isaacfinneganno help tho, sry06:55
isaacfinnegannova boot doesn't work?06:56
isaacfinneganI thought itjust accessed the api06:56
fmancinellinever used nova :) I was just doing some curl -X POST ....06:57
fmancinelliwill try it06:57
isaacfinnegannova is just hte python client. but I think it uses the nova api06:58
fmancinelliok, thanks. Looking into it06:59
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fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, nope nova boot gives me the same error :(07:02
isaacfinneganok. sounds like you are screwed then and it's not an issue with how you are using the api07:03
isaacfinneganbut isn't there a ttylinux iso image that boots up?07:04
fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, yep. ttylinux boots up fine using the API07:07
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fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, it's a pity because euca-run-instances works perfectly with bootable images. So there is some code somewhere in the sources that can handle this use case07:09
isaacfinneganyeah. that's lame. we are developing stuff against the nova api07:10
isaacfinnegansome stuff is not caught up to the code paths used by the euca apis07:10
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fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, maybe you know this as well... In the request against the API you can specify metadata and a personality for injecting file. I was using this feature to communicate some data to the instance at boot (see my request body: However when the instance is booted the file described in the personality is not injected and In don't know how to access the defined metadata07:12
fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, do you have any hint?07:12
isaacfinnegannah. sorry. we haven't tried the injection stuff at all07:12
fmancinelliok, thanks07:13
fmancinelliI wonder at least how to retrieve the metadata specified in the request07:14
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isaacfinnegannot sure07:16
isaacfinnegantry the metadata server07:17
isaacfinneganhave you used that?07:17
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fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, yes I did it but metadata sent via the server creation request seem not to be there, but maybe I have to look better. Thanks again07:32
isaacfinnegantry user-data07:33
isaacfinneganI only just started looking at that stuff today07:34
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fmancinelliisaacfinnegan, nope. they aren't anywhere in the metadata server07:59
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fmancinelliso basically now my question boils down to: how could I send metadata to the instance via the metadata server ( using the REST API? (i.e. how can I emulate what euca-run-instances id -f userdata does?)08:11
nikolaijgood day everybody08:11
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nikolaijhow is that my instance does not show console logs, even if the state is running and it takes an ip? i have no errors in the nova logs nor in the libvirt. any hint for more debugging?08:16
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mandela123is there any way to use keystone with eucatools08:24
mandela123keystone have a file ec2_token.py08:24
mandela123can keystone suppport euca2ools  api08:24
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dosdawgdevstack needs a rolling distro :)08:27
dosdawgall the pieces are changing too fast to get anything stable08:27
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dosdawgdevstack=openstack I mean08:30
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cloudgeekneed help on swift configuration !!08:35
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack08:38
Eykafter creating a swift account as a reseller, is it possible to create a container inside this swift account as a reseller or .super_admin ? Or do I have to login as the newly created account admin? (swauth)08:38
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flambozhi all !09:10
flambozdid you already try to install the dashboard from package on ubuntu 11.10 ?09:11
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zykes-what is wrong when i can't get from a private net to external net ?09:19
cloudgeekneed help or doc for swift configuration09:20
zykes-nvm, was missing edge route09:21
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nikolaijis there any of you with a basilar running configuration for: ubuntu11.10 diablo version 2 interfaces? i'm interested in nova.conf and interfaces files. if any, pls.09:24
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dosdawganyone know why snapshots in the openstack dashboard just stay queued but never run???09:33
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nikolaijdoes anybody experienced that the image does not boot? pls help09:44
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koolhead17hi all10:16
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zykes-do i need to use iscsi with nova volumes if i only have local volume ?10:58
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nikolaijwhat i do not understand: is there a cookbook, with 61 pages. followed row by row already 2 times, and does NOT work. who the hell wrote it and why never works??? damn11:15
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nikolaijFYI: if you are on a i686 installation (and X86_64 machine)and try to run a 64 bit image, it will never boot. even if the state is shown as running and takes ips11:41
nikolaijone more problem solved, and now back on wget problem again, but on real HW11:41
sorennikolaij: Yeah, that won't work. You also can't upload PowerPC images and expect them to work, for instance.11:42
sorenI think, though, that VMWare supports that.11:43
Davieynikolaij: You should be able to use qemu-system-x86_64, rather than kvm.. and it should boot, but perf will be crap.11:43
sorenEr... Not PowerPC images. x86_64 ones on 32 bit installs on 64 bit hardware.11:43
nikolaijsoren yes true, i knew with eucalyptus that problem. but did not notice my installation was 32 bits! (my bad). btw expected something in the logs11:43
sorenLike what?11:44
nikolaijlike: architecture not supported for instance11:44
sorenThere's really no way to detect that.11:44
Davieysoren: really?11:45
sorenDaviey: How would you?11:45
Davieysoren: You declare the arch type when bundling, right?11:45
nikolaijone question: cookbook suggests to assign ip to the private interface. while on virtualbox is working with no ips assigned by me. which configuration is good for you?11:46
Davieysoren: libvirt kows what it can spawn, right?11:46
Davieysoren: The system knows if it is arch i686 or amd64, right?11:46
DavieySo what part cannot be calculated?11:46
sorenYes, assuming you've provided the correct information about the image, yes, you can know ahead of time if it'll work or not.11:47
Daviey(Ie, the scheduler needs to be compute capability aware)11:47
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sorenWEll, you can detect if the arch is supported. You can't detect if it'll actually work,s ince there's three million other ways in which you can provide bad images.11:47
Davieysoren: Well yes, if you misdeclare the arch type, then you deserve to be SoL.11:47
sorenKVM can't reliably determine if something is hanging because of lack of long mode or for some other reason.11:48
Davieysoren: Although, nova-compute should gracefully fail an instance which didn't boot.  A cross-platform way of doing this is hard, i guess.11:51
soren"hard" is optimistic.11:51
sorenEven expressing in a natural language what constitues a failed boot is going to be hard and contentious.11:52
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sorenSure, if kvm crashes, it's easy.11:54
sorenI guess we can document "if you haven't requested a DHCP lease within 5 minutes, your instance will be killed"11:55
Davieyseems reasonable..11:55
Daviey(as a flag option, no doubt)11:55
*** adiantum has joined #openstack11:56
Davieysoren: Hmm, how long does windows take to boot?11:56
sorenI'd rather not, actually.11:56
sorenDaviey: Bloody ages.11:56
sorenGive or take.11:56
sorenLast I tried, it took ~20 minutes.11:56
soren"In the cloud"11:56
sorenThat seems perfectly reasonable to me.11:57
*** tiagoferraz has quit IRC11:57
sorenIf you don't ask for a DHCP release within 5 minutes, it gets killed. Tough cookies.11:57
sorenIn the real world, I'm sure someone will insist it should be 55 minutes to give it ample opportunity to get it done, and you're probably going to pay for the full hour anyway.11:58
Davieysoren: Are you going to implement that yourself/11:58
sorenDaviey: I don't think so. Not anytime soon anyway.11:58
Davieysoren: TBH, if my isntance doesn't get to running (which IMO should be when it makes the first dhcp request), i don't want to pay naff all for it.11:59
sorenDaviey: Then you shouldn't have uploaded a crappy image.11:59
Davieyinstance state is booting before the first dhcp request.11:59
sorenDaviey: Seriously. If I were a service provider, I sure as heck don't want to pay for people's imcompetence in building images.12:00
sorenNot my problem.12:00
sorenNow, if I were *also* in the business of providing the images and one of them don't boot... Maybe. That's a completely different story, though.12:01
sorenWow. My English is all over the place today.12:01
* soren stops typing12:01
*** cloudgeek has joined #openstack12:06
zykes-hmmm, wonder how citrix cloudportal uses openstack12:06
cloudgeekzykes: hey now 7 partion help me ,configure swift12:06
zykes-cloudgeek: i can see later on if you need help, it should be to just follow the guide12:07
Davieysoren: true, but a failed boot is not always the fault of the image, right?12:08
cloudgeekzykes: i am following that guide  but problem with those steps12:08
cloudgeekshaon: are there ?12:08
*** PotHix has joined #openstack12:11
*** marrusl has joined #openstack12:13
sorenDaviey: What else?12:15
Davieysoren: infrastructure issues.12:15
*** jollyfoo has joined #openstack12:17
sorenDaviey: If I put something into production, I'd be quite sure I wouldn't have intermittent problems that would cause things to fail to boot. If it does happen and a customer can say e.g. that the alst 3000 times he booted the same image, it worked great, then sure. I wouldn't by default assume it was my stuff that screwed it up, though.12:20
sorenI have *no* reason whatsoever to believe that people will manage to upload images that can be expected to boot more than occasionally (if at all).12:21
btorchcloudgeek what step ?12:21
sorenDaviey: I think we are pretty good at it in Ubuntu, but we still have a "decent" amount of boot failures.12:22
*** mtucloud has quit IRC12:23
cloudgeekbtorch: step given is this  sudo fdisk /dev/sdb but i don't have external so i am using sudo fdisk /dev/sda612:23
cloudgeekbtourch: it giving me error12:23
cloudgeekbtorch: next step is this  sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/srv/swift-disk bs=1024 count=0 seek=100000012:25
Davieysoren: Yes, and many of those boot failures we have attributed to the cloud provider infrastructure :)12:27
cloudgeekbtorch:now problem solved yeah wait12:29
*** nerens has quit IRC12:29
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:29
*** crayon has joined #openstack12:29
cloudgeeknow problem is using     sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda6 |grep -i inode  tune2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda6   Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.12:30
cloudgeekso now what to do !12:31
*** crayon_z has quit IRC12:31
*** jollyfoo has quit IRC12:33
cloudgeeknow error in this one step swift-disk1: SGI XFS filesystem data (blksz 4096, inosz 1024, v2 dirs)12:33
cloudgeekbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('12:33
*** nerens has joined #openstack12:33
*** javiF has quit IRC12:33
*** jollyfoo has joined #openstack12:34
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates12:35
btorchcloudgeek ok so saio install ?12:35
cloudgeekbtorch:  apt-get install saio12:37
cloudgeeklikie sma12:37
btorchhad no idea there was that ... if you are trying a saio setup .. try
btorchcloudgeek: but if you are trying to learn doing things manually (which is good to learn stuff out) then .. you would do12:38
btorch1) dd if=/dev/zero of=/srv/swift-disk count=0 bs=1024  seek=100000012:39
cloudgeekbtorch: I am doing manually ,beacsue i don't other alternative i am on 11.1012:39
btorch2) mkfs.xfs -q -f -i size=1024 /srv/swift-disk12:40
btorchcloudgeek: ok .. I have not tried my saio script on 11.10 .. if you using a VM just for swift I would recomend you use 10.0412:41
btorchlet me try it on a 11.10 vm really quick12:41
cloudgeekbtorch: come back within 15 min installing shaio  complete setup ,till then i going to my farm for some hard-work for plants12:42
*** shaibn has joined #openstack12:42
*** mjfork has joined #openstack12:42
cloudgeekbtorch:mast back in 15 min only here12:42
btorchhmm no 11.10 on cs :( maybe on sh12:43
*** hugokuo has quit IRC12:44
*** crayon_z has joined #openstack12:44
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk12:45
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack12:45
koolhead17zykes-: howdy!!12:47
*** crayon has quit IRC12:48
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack12:49
*** llang629 has joined #openstack12:50
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC12:51
*** msivanes has joined #openstack12:52
mjforkSuggestions on this "NameError: global name 'swift-client' is not defined", i do see swift/common/ installed12:54
*** hadrian has joined #openstack12:55
*** ABLomas has quit IRC12:56
*** nelson has quit IRC12:57
*** nelson has joined #openstack12:57
cloudgeekbtorch: ,Koolhead17:,zykes:shaon: I am back12:58
btorchupdating my 11.04 vm to 11.10 but gonna be out for a bit since I got head to work12:59
cloudgeekcool , again same error swift-disk1: SGI XFS filesystem data "(blksz 4096, inosz 1024, v2 dirs)" swift-disk1:: command not found12:59
btorchwhat command ?13:00
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:00
cloudgeekswift-disk1: SGI XFS filesystem data "(blksz 4096, inosz 1024, v2 dirs)"13:00
cloudgeekswift-disk1: SGI XFS filesystem data (blksz 4096, inosz 1024, v2 dirs)13:01
btorchcloudgeek: swift-disk1 is not a command ... what are you executing that gives you the error ?13:01
*** praefect_ has joined #openstack13:01
cloudgeekbtorch: swift-disk1: SGI XFS filesystem data (blksz 4096, inosz 1024, v2 dirs)13:02
*** jedi4ever_ has joined #openstack13:02
cloudgeekbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('13:02
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC13:02
*** jedi4ever_ is now known as jedi4ever13:02
btorchis that still from that "apt-get install saio" thing ?13:02
*** shaon has quit IRC13:02
*** mdomsch has quit IRC13:03
*** ABLomas has joined #openstack13:03
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack13:03
cloudgeekbtorch: i do that line , is  means apt-get install curl gcc bzr memcached python-configobj python-coverage python-dev python-nose python-setuptools python-simplejson python-xattr sqlite3 xfsprogs python-webob python-eventlet python-greenlet python-pastedeploy python-netifaces = apt-get install saio in short form13:03
*** praefect has quit IRC13:03
cloudgeekbtorch: apt-get install curl gcc bzr memcached python-configobj python-coverage python-dev python-nose python-setuptools python-simplejson python-xattr sqlite3 xfsprogs python-webob python-eventlet python-greenlet python-pastedeploy python-netifaces13:04
*** mandela123 has quit IRC13:04
cloudgeekbtorch: i use this13:04
cloudgeekbtourch:not saio one13:04
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC13:06
btorchcloudgeek: ok, I'm a bit confused now... so your problem is not setting up the loopdev but installing those pkgs on 11.10 ?13:06
cloudgeekwait i am doing pastebin for for better understanding what exactly issue i have13:07
btorchcloudgeek: have you tried to shorten that list until, doing 2 or 3 of those are a time to find who is actually giving the issue ?13:08
cloudgeekbtorch: i provided you paste bin , all steps finished only last one left checkout13:08
cloudgeekbtorch:checkout there13:09
btorchok not sure why there is a step there to use tune2fs to check on an xfs partition :)13:10
btorchxfs_info command is for that ... just letting you know13:10
cloudgeekhey problem in13:11
cloudgeekone other all completed13:11
btorchok the "/srv/swift-disk: SGI XFS filesystem data (blksz 4096, inosz 1024, v2 dirs)" is not an error13:11
*** javiF has joined #openstack13:12
btorchnow that I can see what you were doing :)13:12
btorchcloudgeek: you didn't do those steps by step did you ?13:13
cloudgeeksame error13:13
cloudgeekI done all in consecutive manner having isue in lastone13:14
cloudgeekbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('13:14
cloudgeekthis error is coming13:14
*** lts has joined #openstack13:14
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack13:16
*** iRTermite has joined #openstack13:18
btorchcloudgeek: ok I'm checking your initial post ...13:19
btorchcloudgeek: did you run  "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/srv/swift-disk bs=1024 count=0 seek=1000000 "  already?13:20
btorchcloudgeek: did you then create the filesystem on the disk image you created above ?13:20
btorchsudo mkfs.xfs -i size=1024 /srv/swift-disk13:20
btorchcloudgeek: actually sorry .. you need to create the partition first13:20
cloudgeekI created13:21
cloudgeekas new partition then i do all this13:21
*** troya has joined #openstack13:23
*** crayon_z has quit IRC13:24
*** crayon_z has joined #openstack13:24
*** t9md has quit IRC13:25
*** iRTermite has quit IRC13:28
troyahi all13:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #882568 in nova "LibvirtOpenVswitchDriver failed to create tap device on Scientific linux 6.1" [Undecided,New]
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:31
troyahi all, any one there ?13:34
*** kbringard has quit IRC13:35
*** shaibn has quit IRC13:37
praefect_does anyone know the way to limit the number of cores available to VMs on a host?  I stil can't figure it out13:37
praefect_my smaller machines get overcommited which is fine with linux but kills them with windows13:38
*** troya has quit IRC13:39
nikolaijpraefect_, if you can figure it out, pls let me know. i m interested too13:40
*** katkee has quit IRC13:41
*** thatsdone has joined #openstack13:42
*** katkee has joined #openstack13:42
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack13:43
*** andersem has joined #openstack13:44
*** robbiew has joined #openstack13:44
*** katkee has quit IRC13:45
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC13:45
andersemhi, I installed nova+glance+swift diablo in ubuntu 11.10 from the starter guide. Interacting with swift works with curl, but now I'm trying to use python-cloudfiles, and I'm getting an 111: Connection Refused13:46
andersemit works to connect directly from the proxy13:46
andersemI'm using swift's tempauth13:46
*** bencherian has joined #openstack13:48
gnu111praefect_: nova-manage project quota <projectname> not sure if this could be done in a more granular level.13:48
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC13:49
*** iRTermite has joined #openstack13:50
praefect_nikolaij: gnu111: for now, all I can see is a hard-coded value in the scheduler which was hard-coded at 16 cores max, I had to change it to enable my machines with 24 cores to be fully commited.13:50
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack13:52
*** mmetheny has joined #openstack13:53
*** thatsdone has quit IRC13:55
nikolaijpraefect_, thanks13:55
*** vidd-away is now known as vidd14:01
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:02
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:02
*** cp16net_ has joined #openstack14:03
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack14:04
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:04
*** ldlework has joined #openstack14:06
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #882581 in glance "install/upgrade questions re glance-manage db_sync" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #882585 in glance "glance server behaviour when a swift backend disconnects prematurely" [Undecided,New]
*** markwash has quit IRC14:15
zykes-what's a correct endpoint for nova?14:15
mjforkzykes-: for dashboard?14:18
mjforkzykes-: to add in keystone?14:18
*** robbiew has quit IRC14:18
zykes-keystone correct14:18
mjforkhere is what i use14:18
mjforkand it works14:18
mjforkthats for nova14:19
*** viraptor has joined #openstack14:19
mjforknova-compat http://<ip>:8774/v1.014:19
zykes-why nova compat ?14:21
*** dprince has joined #openstack14:21
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack14:22
*** dprince has quit IRC14:23
*** dprince has joined #openstack14:24
mjforkit said "here for dashboard compataibilty"14:24
mjforkit may not be necessary anymore14:24
*** f-yang has joined #openstack14:24
zykes-doesn't seem so14:24
*** fred_ has joined #openstack14:24
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:25
*** fred_ has quit IRC14:25
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:25
viddmjfork, considering the version numbers i would assume that nova-comp is inteded for migration purposes (since the ports are the same)14:26
mjforkyeah, i think it was a legacy thing that bridged some changes for a short period of time.14:26
mjforki agree i don't htink it is needed anymore14:26
*** joesavak has joined #openstack14:28
*** ejat has joined #openstack14:29
viddhas anyone in the openstack development community thought to consider that "no va" is spanish for "it does not go"14:30
Spirilishaha like Chevrolet's old mistake14:30
*** ron-slc has joined #openstack14:31
nikolaijvidd, good observation since is one month trying to install this shit (excuse my french) and never works14:32
mjforkyeah, the isntall can be painful at times14:32
mjforknikolaij: what problems were you having?14:33
livemoonmjfork: have you finished dashboard?14:33
viddwhen i do "nova-manage network create [network name] [project name] [ip range] 1 256" is that public or private?14:33
livemoonprivate I think14:34
viddmjfork, i think he is refering to MY attemps =] ive hit just about every install snafu there is....but im sure ill find 2 or three more before im done!14:34
mjforklivemoon: yes, i have it working (as far as i know)14:34
livemoonmjfork: via git?14:34
nikolaijmjfork, installation actually is good, but NEVER runs. only config that works is on my virtualbox (spent one week on it). i have one node and one controller. on the controller, images stucks at "tting shared object cache [running ldconfig]  [  OK  ]" and on  the node it always stucks on "sending disocver" and then wget fails14:34
mjforklivemoon: i grabbed diablo branch from git14:34
*** benrodrigue has joined #openstack14:35
livemoonmjfork: use apache?14:35
*** robbiew has quit IRC14:35
mjforklivemoon: not now, runnning it from the runserver command14:36
mjforknikolaij: where you running diablo release on ubuntu?14:36
livemoonmjfork: I see14:36
nikolaijmjfork, yes diablo and ubuntu 11.1014:36
*** nerens has quit IRC14:36
mjforknikolaij: interesting, i never enountered any of those issues following the instructions from the wiki14:37
nikolaiji followed the cookbook. can you tell me which wiki you followed, and which arrangements did you have to make?14:37
*** vdo has joined #openstack14:38
*** nerens has joined #openstack14:38
*** rocambol1 has quit IRC14:39
mjforknikolaij: from the docs at
*** fujin has quit IRC14:40
mjforknikolaij: make sure you have right PPA ppa:nova-core/release14:40
nikolaijmjfork, are not good the packages that come with the ubuntu 11.10?14:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #882598 in nova "Compute manager crashes without any indication for a reason" [Undecided,New]
mjforknikolaij: i can't answer that, i did not use the ones with Ubuntu 11.10. I had good luck with 10.0414:42
*** nyeates has joined #openstack14:42
mjforkone thing I found useful was running the cloud controller in a VM since it allowed me bring up new ones when I had issues without blowing the old one away (obviosuly for a POC type install)14:43
nikolaijmjfork, ok thanks. i'll give a try, otherwise instal ubuntu 10.04 (i already made more than 100 installations in the last months trying eucalyptus and openstack, so one more will not hurt for sure!)14:43
mjforknikolaij: feel free to hit me up if you have issues14:43
nikolaijmjfork, thanks thanks, i will14:44
viddmjfork, i must have missed a step somewere14:44
mjforkvidd: whats in your services table?14:44
*** reed__ has joined #openstack14:45
viddnova-manage network create private 1 25614:45
vidd  fails "Command failed, please check log for more info" log says "2011-10-27 10:44:40,228 CRITICAL nova [-] invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''"14:45
*** f-yang has quit IRC14:45
*** reed__ is now known as reed14:45
viddmjfork, im still working on nova....i tried to add nova-volume and fdisked my grub partition  so i had to start over14:46
*** nerens has quit IRC14:47
mjforkVLAN or flat?14:47
mjforki think nova manage syntax chaned14:47
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack14:47
viddin 48 hours? wtf!14:47
*** Gordonz has quit IRC14:47
mjforkno - you are running diablo right? not something from trunk?14:47
*** nerens has joined #openstack14:48
mjforkmy create looks like "/usr/bin/nova-manage network create --fixed_range_v4=10.$VLAN.0.0/24 --network_size=256 --num_networks=1 --bridge_interface=eth1 --label=VLAN_$VLAN --vlan=$VLAN"14:48
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack14:48
viddi installed from ubuntu package on 11.10...just like i have 29 times before14:48
mjforkwhats full stack trave?14:49
*** fujin has joined #openstack14:49
*** gray-- has joined #openstack14:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #882602 in nova "Scheduler needs to pass full capabilities to filter_hosts" [Undecided,New]
*** troya has joined #openstack14:51
troyahi all14:51
troyahi vidd14:51
mjforkvidd: pull it from nova-manage.log14:52
livemoonvidd: remove "private" in your nova-manage command14:53
mjforklivemoon: good catch, that looks right to me.14:53
viddlivemoon, thanks14:54
livemoonvidd: np14:56
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack14:56
livemoonby the way: can you all see my email about "nova-compute stop…"14:56
*** adjohn has joined #openstack14:58
*** mrjazzcat has left #openstack14:58
mjforkwhen/where did you send it?14:59
sanneslivemoon: What is the subject?14:59
livemoonsannes: ”nova-compute often stop since of libvirt-bin“14:59
*** dragondm has joined #openstack14:59
nikolaijquestion: is nova-network required to run also on nodes?14:59
nikolaijquestion: is nova-network required to run also on compute-nodes?14:59
livemoonmjfork: send just 5 mins ago14:59
*** mattray has joined #openstack15:00
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack15:00
livemoonnikolaij: if you use mutli. it need15:00
*** bencherian has quit IRC15:00
nikolaijlivemoon, thanks15:00
andersemhi, I installed nova+glance+swift diablo in ubuntu 11.10 from the starter guide. Interacting with swift works with curl, but now I'm trying to use python-cloudfiles, and I'm getting an 111: Connection Refused15:01
andersemI also get this using the swift cli-tool15:01
mjforknikolaij: i shuold be installed though when you run apt-get install nova-compute15:01
andersemI'm using swift's tempauth15:01
*** osier has quit IRC15:01
notmynameandersem: are you using ssl or not?15:01
andersemnno ssl15:02
andersemis that req?15:02
*** code_franco has joined #openstack15:02
notmynameandersem: no15:02
nikolaijmjfork, it did not :s next week i ll try your suggestions btw (tomorrow day off)15:03
mjforkandersem: those are both the same links15:03
mjforkandersem: can you "telnet 8080"15:04
livemoonsleeping, bye all15:05
andersemmjfork: not with putty's telnet at least15:05
mjforkso, go to the swift box15:05
mjforknetsat -tnap | grep LISTEN15:06
mjforkis somethign listening on 8080? if sok, what is it bound to?15:06
*** livemoon has left #openstack15:06
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:07
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:07
andersemmjfork: python15:07
mjforkok, what IP is it boudn to? something else?15:07
mjforkis firewall up?15:07
andersemI haven't configured any, will look at iptables15:08
mjforkon swift, telnet localhost 8080 (i suspect htis works) and telnet 8080 (would fail)15:08
*** katkee has joined #openstack15:09
viddhey...they fixed the novarc "incorrect EC2-ACCESS_KEY" glitch15:09
andersemmjfork: it didn't fail, both worked15:09
andersemso firewall issue then?15:10
mjforkno, i doubt it15:10
mjforkwhat is the IP on your non-swift machine?15:10
mjforkthat is throwing the connection refused15:10
mjforkor is it all 1 machien?15:10
andersemswift and cloudfiles work from the host15:11
andersemI think I said that15:11
andersemswift cli that is15:12
andersemstill want client ip?15:12
mjforkok - so you are connecting from a remote machien? can the machinge getting "Connectino Refused" SSH into the machine?15:12
andersemI can ssh yes15:12
mjforkbut telnet from that same remote machine failes?15:13
mjforkcan any remove machine telnet to that 22 address?15:13
*** freeflying has quit IRC15:13
andersemnow telnet worked!15:13
andersemmy bad15:14
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack15:14
andersemI tried with putty on windows15:14
andersemnot with the linux client I had15:14
*** ewindisch has quit IRC15:15
mjforkif you are still getting connection refused, what command are you running?15:15
*** freeflying has joined #openstack15:15
*** maplebed has quit IRC15:16
andersemwith cloudfiles I'm running: conn=cloudfiles.get_connection('admin:admin','admin',authurl='')15:16
mjforkso you wrote the python code?15:16
*** cdub has quit IRC15:17
andersemwith swift cli: swift -A -U admin:admin -K admin stat15:17
*** misheska has joined #openstack15:17
mjforkthat same command runs on the swift-host right?15:18
andersemwith the same ip, used on the host as well15:18
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack15:19
*** medberry has joined #openstack15:20
*** robix has quit IRC15:20
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC15:20
*** medberry has quit IRC15:21
*** medberry has joined #openstack15:21
mjforkif telnet from the machine works with port 8080 to i don't see why python gets connection refused15:22
andersemso if I get: Connected to after running telnet, it works?15:23
*** soosfarm has quit IRC15:23
mjforkit should at least connect15:23
mjforkyou may get an error, but it wouldn 't be connection refused15:23
andersemone interesting thing15:24
*** willaerk has quit IRC15:24
*** soosfarm has joined #openstack15:24
andersemif I try to use a nonexisting username, I get AuthenticationFailed instead, before the connection refused15:24
andersemso it obviously validates my username and password15:25
mjforkit looks like you may have an old cloudfiles build15:26
andersemI tried another time with the master-branch15:26
mjforksource code lines don't match up15:27
andersemit's not the one I'm running now, though15:27
*** slyphon has joined #openstack15:27
andersemI still have the problem with swift cli also, though15:27
notmynameandersem: have you tried using curl so you can isolate the individual calls?15:28
andersemcurl works as a charm15:28
*** HowardRoark has joined #openstack15:28
andersemI can do whatever I want with curl15:28
*** timrc has quit IRC15:28
*** obino has quit IRC15:28
mjforkare you sure your client versions match across installations?15:28
*** isaacfinnegan has quit IRC15:28
notmynamemjfork: that shouldn't really matter with swift15:29
*** kaigan_ has quit IRC15:29
notmynameandersem: do you see anything from the proxy server in syslog when you get the errors?15:29
mjforkdo you need 2 urls? one an auth URL and one the system URL15:32
*** iRTermite has quit IRC15:32
*** iRTermite has joined #openstack15:32
mjforki can see the class uses the authurl to set self.auth15:32
mjforkand the URL to conenct to is returned from te4h authetnication call15:33
mjforkis this keystone + swift?15:33
andersemno, tempauth15:33
mjforki am not sure where tempauth pulls the swift URL from15:34
mjforkyou could try addinga  debug statement in cloudfiles/connection.py15:34
notmynamemjfork: andersem: tempauth get's it from the config file15:34
*** jaypipes has quit IRC15:35
mjforkok, thats what i expected.  andersem can you paste your tempauth config from swift?15:35
notmynameandersem: wait. you said it all works from the local host?15:35
*** nerens has quit IRC15:35
mjforkmay contain localhost or something which is why it woudl work on the siwft box itself15:35
notmynameandersem: mjfork: I think I know what it is15:35
andersemnotmyname: swift cli and cloudfiles work from localhost15:35
notmynameandersem: ok then. and it errors from a remote host?15:36
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC15:36
notmynameandersem: you need to add the storage url to the tempauth line. like this: user_testing1_testing1 = testing1 .admin
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC15:37
notmynamethen reload the proxy (swift-init proxy reload) and you should be good15:37
mjforknotmyname: yes, i see that in mine now15:37
*** MrNfector has quit IRC15:38
notmynamewhat's happening is that the auth request is returning the default storage url. the remote host then tries to connect to local host and gets connection refused15:38
*** dobber has quit IRC15:38
notmyname(btw, use whatever you want instead of AUTH_abc)15:38
notmynamejust be sure it's prefixed with AUTH_15:38
andersemnotmyname, mjfork: awesome! I will, thanks15:39
*** blamar has joined #openstack15:39
mjforkmine like looko this15:39
notmynameandersem: sorry I didn't pick up that sooner. I'm distracted by some other work things and only half paying attention right now :-)15:39
mjforkuser_system_root = testpass .admin
mjforknot the groups match on left and right15:39
mjforknot = note (note the groups match)15:40
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC15:40
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack15:40
andersemthanks, guys!15:42
andersembtw, if i had keystone installed15:42
*** halfss has quit IRC15:42
andersemsomething which I'm planning, the callback url wouldn't be the :5000 one?15:43
*** marrusl has quit IRC15:45
*** MrNfector has joined #openstack15:45
viddi cannot believe my last format/reinstall i set up ubuntu 11.04/i386 instead of 11.10/86_64amd!15:45
viddno wonder things were not maching my instructions15:45
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:46
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack15:47
*** marrusl has joined #openstack15:47
viddwhen i get this initial controller up and it possible  to clone it to a new machine?15:49
*** iRTermite has quit IRC15:51
*** jingizu_ has joined #openstack15:51
*** iRTermite has joined #openstack15:52
*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack15:52
*** rnorwood has quit IRC15:52
*** hezekiah_ is now known as isaacfinnegna15:53
*** martines has quit IRC15:53
*** martines_ has quit IRC15:53
*** isaacfinnegna is now known as isaacfinnegan15:53
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC15:53
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack15:54
*** robix has joined #openstack15:55
GlaceeI would appreciate an explanation on how partitions affect the system and the performance best pratices for it if we start with a small cluster that will grow to a large one. I get the numbers of partitions 2power something will give you  the numbers of partitions in the cluster and the weight of the drive system.. But I dont get how partitions affect the system..15:56
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack15:56
tjoyGlacee: for swift?15:57
notmynameGlacee: you cannot (realistically) change the partition power for an existing cluster. so you should determine your maximum cluster size when you first deploy, and choose a partition power than gives you about 100 partitions per storage volume in the final cluster (after it's as big as possible)15:59
notmynameGlacee: too few partitions will affect your balance across the storage volumes15:59
notmynameGlacee: too many partitions increases overhead in the on-disk filesystem16:00
*** negronjl has joined #openstack16:00
*** krow has joined #openstack16:00
notmynameGlacee: too many partitions will also make your ring-builder operations take a long time, but that doesn't affect ring operations in the cluser16:00
*** vdo has quit IRC16:01
Glaceenotmyname: thank you!16:01
Glaceeso I might get into performance issue if the cluster starts too small with a major number or partitions.. so the best would be to find a balance.. right?16:02
*** jollyfoo_ has joined #openstack16:02
notmynameso, for example, if you have a maximum cluster size of 500 hard drives (based on DC limits or budget limits or use case or whatever), then you need a partition power of 1616:03
robixAnyone know if openstack w/LXC supports volume attachments?  Any other limitations?16:03
*** cdub has joined #openstack16:03
notmynameGlacee: there is no concern with performance with a lot of partitons with common operations like GET, PUT, etc. there will be a hit for ring-builder operations when you add or remove nodes from the ring16:03
Glaceenotmyname: got it16:04
*** jollyfo__ has joined #openstack16:04
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack16:04
*** mnour has quit IRC16:04
notmynameGlacee: well, since more partitions == more directories == more inodes, more partitions can mean that your cluster will use more RAM (or exhaust RAM more quickly) to keep filesystem info in cache. this can affect cluster performance16:04
*** jollyfoo has quit IRC16:05
*** javiF has quit IRC16:05
*** jollyfoo_ has quit IRC16:07
GlaceeCan it affect the maximum file size since let say I have partiions smaller than 5gb16:07
*** justinlw has joined #openstack16:08
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:08
notmynameGlacee: ring partitions have nothing to do with filesystem partitions16:09
Glaceeoh ok16:09
Glaceegot it now.. I wasnt sure about this16:09
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack16:09
*** troya has quit IRC16:09
*** troya has joined #openstack16:10
troyahi all16:10
troyaanyone there ?16:10
troyahi vidd16:11
*** marrusl has quit IRC16:11
viddhello troya16:12
*** littleidea has joined #openstack16:12
troyavidd, can i install openstack on ubuntu 10.10 dekstop ? it's for demo only16:12
*** obino has joined #openstack16:12
*** marrusl has joined #openstack16:13
*** andersem has quit IRC16:13
viddwhat documentation are you following for installing OS?16:14
*** mshenoy has joined #openstack16:14
viddif you are following then you should update to 11.10 first, and then set it up16:14
*** mshenoy has left #openstack16:14
troyait's really can run on ubuntu dekstop ?16:15
*** littleidea has quit IRC16:15
viddthe only difference between ubuntu desktop and ubuntu server is there is a gui on top of it in -desktop16:16
viddeverything underneath is the same16:16
troyaok, i'll try install now16:16
*** katkee has quit IRC16:17
*** martines has joined #openstack16:18
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:18
*** hggdh has joined #openstack16:19
*** markwash has joined #openstack16:20
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:20
gray--I'm following cssoss's deployment guide, and it's telling me to ensure [container-sync] is listed in /etc/swift/container-server.conf, but when i initiate swift-init rest start, i get an error saying swift-container-sync doesn't exist... and lo and behold, it doesn't.  does it sound like an error on my part? is that a deprecated component?16:24
troyavidd, i have reference from "Deploying Openstack" from Orealy ken pepple16:24
gray--(installing on ubuntu 11.10)16:25
troyawhat's sudo pvcreate /dev/sde1 mean?16:25
viddtroya that is where you create your lvm for nova-volume16:26
troyabut pvcreate command not found16:26
vidd/dev/sde1 is their will want to use your partition that you have set up as lvm format16:26
gray--i have python-swift, swift, and swift-{account,container,object,proxy} at version 1.4.3-0ubuntu216:29
troyavidd, it has running, it's must install lvm2.16:30
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack16:30
*** f-yang has joined #openstack16:30
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:32
gray--hrm, swift-init container-sync once, same error16:34
*** jog0 has joined #openstack16:34
*** sgd2 has joined #openstack16:35
*** nerdstein has quit IRC16:35
*** nikolaij has quit IRC16:37
*** sgd2 has quit IRC16:38
*** ChrisAM1 is now known as ChrisAM16:38
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack16:38
*** TheOsprey has joined #openstack16:38
*** sdake has quit IRC16:39
*** misheska has quit IRC16:39
koolhead17joesavak: hi16:41
*** krow has quit IRC16:42
*** dain has quit IRC16:42
joesavakkoolhead: hi16:42
gray--vidd: any suggestions on my issue above?16:42
viddgray--, sorry...i do not yet have swift16:42
*** tyska has joined #openstack16:43
gray--np, thanks anyhow16:43
tyskahi guys16:43
gray--do you know who are the channel experts on swift?16:43
tyskaim with troubles here16:43
gray--hi tyska16:43
tyskagray--: sometimes nova-manage service list returns ok16:44
tyskagray--: in the next second returns error16:44
tyskagray--: then returns ok again o.O16:44
troyahi all, anyonce have read this
gray--tyska: what error does it return?16:44
troyagray, have you read this doc >> ? i have some trouble in here16:45
tyskagray--: a very strange one, see it here:
gray--i haven't read it16:45
gray--so some sort of connection timeout?16:46
gray--when it fails, does it fail instantly, or take a few moments to fail?16:46
tyskagray--: take a few moments to fail16:47
*** popux has quit IRC16:47
troyavidd, may be have you read this document ? i have trouble in here16:47
gray--is there something either not running or contended?16:47
tyskagray--: i dont know16:47
gray--i'd probably strace it, see if it hangs somewhere16:47
viddtroya, i dont even know the URL for the document you are using16:48
tyskagray--: strace what? nova-manage service list???16:48
*** juddm has joined #openstack16:48
*** jollyfo__ has quit IRC16:48
gray--yeah, 'strace nova-manage service list'16:48
*** jollyfoo has joined #openstack16:49
gray--does it stop anywhere in particular?16:49
troyavidd, firstly i following instruction from >>
gray--like on a 'read(........' or something?16:49
troyathen from  >>
annegentleI doubt that the 2011.1 Nova docs will work for you today16:50
troyabut when reference ask to me to sudo python build , i don't know where is the file ?16:50
troyais it not uptodate annegangtle ?16:50
annegentletroya: it's for the previous release, it might work, but what are your goals for this installation?16:51
viddtroya, are you installing 2011.1? or are you installing 2011.3 "diablo"?16:51
annegentletroya: if you just want to try out Compute (nova) I'd recommend http://devstack.org16:51
*** nacx has quit IRC16:51
viddannegentle, he already diod that16:52
viddhe needs a persistant install16:52
annegentlevidd: ah, okay.16:52
troyavidd, now i want to demo only16:52
viddtroya, try this doc:
troyabut my friends which will demo16:52
troyathe don't know about openstack, so i must make sure my installation easy to use for him16:53
annegentletroya: ok, did you try StackOps as outlined in the Deploying OpenStack book?16:53
viddtroya, the devstack is perfect for a demo....but if you plan to deploy when the demo gets rave reviews, i recommend you start with a true install16:53
annegentlethat will give you the cactus release16:53
*** nickon has joined #openstack16:54
*** sdake_ has quit IRC16:54
gray--is there a specialised forum for Swift?16:54
annegentlegray--: you can ask those questions here, or in #cloudfiles but that is specific to Rackspace's Swift installation, Cloud Files16:55
notmynamegray--: this is it. sorry, I haven't been paying attention to this channel 100% today16:55
troyavidd, but it's difficult situation, i must give my friens iso only (os from remastering which contain nova) because demo event in out off city, so i can't to accompany him16:55
notmynamegray--: swift-container-sync is not depricated16:55
gray--no worries notmyname, not like you're employed to be here :)16:55
gray--annegentle: much appreciated, thanks16:55
gray--my issue is straight forward, swift-container-sync (binary i'm guessing) seems to be missing16:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #882658 in nova "OS API v1.1 'Cannot find requested image' errors when creating instance" [Critical,In progress]
notmynamegray--: that could be a packaging issue16:56
tyskagray--: i see a potential problem here16:56
troyaif i use nova-volume on my different partition, when i remastering it, is it will be run when install on virtualbox by my friends ?16:56
viddtroya, all they have to do to get devstack to re-initialize is log into the user with devstack script and run the dployment script16:57
tyskagray--: wrong date in the result of nova-manage service list16:57
notmynamegray--: what did you use to install swift?16:57
tyskagray--: wrong date16:57
*** hggdh has quit IRC16:57
gray--notmyname: clean install of ubuntu 11.10, used apt-get16:57
tyskagray--: the right time is 15h and the command is showing 2011-10-27 16:55:5816:57
tyskagray--: what do you think i can do?16:57
gray--tyska: time zone disparity perhaps?16:58
gray--notmyname: packaging, as in the repo might be incorrect? :)16:58
tyskagray--: yeah, maybe16:58
notmynamegray--: hmm...honestly, I'm not familiar with the state fo those packages. mtaylor may be able to provide more info. in the mean time, you can also use the rackspace swift packages if you want. they are what we use to deploy in our production
tyskagray--: how can i correct this?16:58
*** Gordonz has quit IRC16:58
gray--hah, hi :)16:58
notmynamegray--: the code is probably there, but the packaging may not have added the binary to the right location16:58
troyathanks for your suggestion vid, i will consider again use devstack for my friend demo. i'm sleepy now16:59
*** darraghb has quit IRC16:59
notmynamemtaylor: gray-- is missing a binary in the ubuntu 11.10 swift packages16:59
mtaylorzul: ^^^ potential issue with swift packages in oneiric16:59
troyamidnight in here16:59
mtaylornotmyname: that's annoying16:59
gray--i've done 'find / | grep swift | grep sync', but i can't see it16:59
notmynamemtaylor: indeed :-)16:59
mtaylorzul: gray-- is missing a binary in the ubuntu 11.10 swift packages16:59
mtaylornotmyname: I do know that they've got some package updates in the ubuntu update proposed cycle16:59
mtaylorzul: fix it17:00
notmynamemtaylor: sorry. I hear packaging and this of you :-)17:00
troyahive a nice dream all :D17:00
mtaylornotmyname: that's fair17:00
*** troya has quit IRC17:00
* notmyname is off to lunch17:00
mtaylornotmyname: in this case though, we're talking about packages actually in oneiric17:00
mtaylorso it's all about zul and Daviey17:00
* gray-- goes to check the contents of the .deb's in /var/cache/apt/17:00
*** nyeates has quit IRC17:00
notmynamegray--: you're in good hands now :-)17:00
gray--hehe, enjoy your lunch notmyname17:00
* mtaylor gets weirded out thinking about zul holding gray-- 17:00
gray--i hope zul's strong...17:01
zulgray--: can you open up a bug in launchpad so we can track this?17:01
zulgray--: thanks17:01
annegentlegood find gray-- !17:01
gray--i thought it was bad to find bugs!17:02
cloudgeekgray:hey :d17:03
gray--hi cloudgeek , how's it going?17:04
*** nati has joined #openstack17:04
cloudgeekgray:installed nova , now working on swift17:04
vidd nova-network nova-compute  nova-scheduler nova-volume want stay running after setting up nova-volume17:05
viddhas anyone seen this?17:05
*** mdomsch has quit IRC17:05
cloudgeekvidd:thanks for help for nova  installation17:05
viddcloudgeek, glad to hear your install has gone better than mine17:06
cloudgeekvidd: gray: a lot people helped thanks to all17:07
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:07
tyskaguys, whats the command to allocate a floating IP to a instance?17:08
*** vernhart has joined #openstack17:08
viddi have confirmed the issue is with nova-volume....i deleted the LVM and those apps stay running17:08
*** dain has joined #openstack17:10
*** f-yang has quit IRC17:12
*** sdake has joined #openstack17:12
vidd"2011-10-27 13:10:18,353 CRITICAL nova [-] (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)")" is what nova-volume log says17:12
*** f-yang has joined #openstack17:13
viddhow/where do i set up nova-volume to talk to the database?17:13
vidddoes nova-volume need its own database?17:13
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC17:15
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:16
viddnvmd....i forgot about visudo =\17:16
mtaylorgray--: no, it's bad to HAVE bugs... it's GREAT to find them :)17:17
gray--will have it done shortly, pager just went off, got to go back to the day job for a bit17:18
viddgray--, if you dont find bugs, the developers cant sqash them =]17:18
*** viraptor has quit IRC17:20
*** cloudgeek has quit IRC17:21
tyskaguys, im having problems to ssh in my instance, im getting connection refused17:21
tyskai already did the euca-authorize command17:22
tyskai can even ping the instance17:22
*** bodepd has quit IRC17:22
tyskabut not connect via ssh17:22
viddtyska, can you telnet to your isnstance on port 22?17:23
vidd"telnet [instance ip] 2217:24
zykes-vidd: you got dashboard up ?17:24
tyskavidd: yeah17:24
tyskavidd: i get17:24
viddtyska, than how are your trying to ssh into instance? what commands?17:25
*** cloudgeek has joined #openstack17:25
tyskavidd: ssh ubuntu@IP17:25
viddzykes-, after i fdisked away my grub partition....i got halfway thru resetting up nova when i realized i installed ubuntu 11.04 / i386 instead of ubuntu 11.10 /  64bit17:26
*** plars has quit IRC17:27
viddtyska, did you make a pem for your isntance to load off of? (-k mmmm.pem)?17:27
*** plars has joined #openstack17:27
vidd-k MMMM17:27
*** bodepd has joined #openstack17:28
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack17:28
tyskavidd: with -k and the .pem the error changes to Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer17:29
*** blamar has quit IRC17:31
viddtyska, what did you ssh into? the public IP or the private ip?17:31
tyskavidd: both17:31
tyskavidd: same error17:31
*** Eyk has quit IRC17:31
viddtyska, i dont know what to say =\17:32
*** plars has quit IRC17:32
viddive played around with that for quite some time without issue before i hosed my system the last time17:32
*** plars has joined #openstack17:32
vidddoes your iptables log tell you anything usefull?17:33
*** superbenk has joined #openstack17:33
gray--vidd, mtaylor: anything else I need to put into that bug report?17:34
mtaylorgray--: nope. that's great17:35
gray--good stuff17:35
viddyou have to configure /etc/syslog.conf to handle IPTables logging. Then your IPTables logs will show up in /var/log17:36
viddtyska, ^^^17:36
viddabove messages brought to you from
*** juddm has quit IRC17:37
*** adiantum has quit IRC17:37
*** juddm has joined #openstack17:37
viddtyska, i recommend you enable this so you can find out what your IP tables is doing with your ssh command17:37
tyskavidd: iptables is logged by default to syslog17:37
tyskavidd: at least in ubuntu17:37
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack17:38
viddso does syslog tell you anything usefull about your ssh request?17:38
tyskavidd: but what type of log rule must i add in the iptables?17:39
tyskavidd: because the send and receive packages are normal, but the answer is connection reset by peer17:39
vidddid you "euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default"?17:40
*** medberry has quit IRC17:40
viddtyska, did you "euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default"?17:45
tyskavidd: yeah17:45
tyskavidd: but there is a funny thing, i need to put the -p param to specify the port 2217:46
praefect_in swift,17:46
tyskavidd: if i dont put the -p param the command try to connect in port 330117:46
*** cloudgeek has quit IRC17:46
praefect_in swift, when I build the ring, with "swift-ring-builder <builder_file> add z<zone>-<ip>:<port>/<device_name>_<meta> <weight>" the port is the port number of which service? container or object?17:46
viddtyska, so if you ssh ubuntu@ip -p 22 all is well?17:47
*** shaon has joined #openstack17:47
praefect_or if someone has a good tutorial, I'm following "Deployment of swift" and, oh surprise!, is it vague17:47
*** cdub has quit IRC17:49
*** Nara has joined #openstack17:52
Narahi vidd17:52
viddhello Nara17:53
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC17:53
Narasince we are planning large scale deployment we want to use xcp with openstack17:53
*** rnorwood has quit IRC17:53
Narado you have any reference material to install openstack nova on xcp?17:54
Narai looked through the docs, but i could see one for xen server but nothing specific for xcp17:54
viddNara, i am not the person to ask....17:54
*** Razique has joined #openstack17:54
*** LanceHaig has left #openstack17:55
Naraok, let me see if anyone else can help17:55
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:55
superbenkis this the place to ask Crowbar questions too?17:55
superbenk(other than the mailing list)17:55
tyskavidd: no, the error remains17:56
tyskavidd: in fact, without the -p param the error is time out17:57
*** mgius has joined #openstack17:57
viddtyska, is there any port forwarding set up in your network?17:57
*** vernhart has quit IRC17:57
tyskavidd: not to connect in the instance17:59
tyskavidd: in fact, im trying to connect from server1, in a server1/server2 architecture17:59
viddespecially as it relates to port 2217:59
tyskavidd: where server2 is a compute node and server1 is a everything else17:59
*** cloudgeek has joined #openstack18:00
viddis your instance on server 1 or server 2?18:00
tyskavidd: server118:00
*** Razique has quit IRC18:01
viddis there any port forwarding set up anywhere on the network these two machines are located on...even if it seems perifial18:01
cloudgeekproblem while installing swift  ,I am following from  , for  Using a partition for storage ,more error details
*** primeministerp has quit IRC18:01
*** dain_ has joined #openstack18:02
shaoncloudgeek: hello. how you doing with openstack?18:02
cloudgeeksahon:thanks , what's up . I am doing well nova complete , now moving to swift18:03
shaoncloudgeek: cool :)18:04
cloudgeekshaon:i have problem with swift while i following your guide having same error what to do
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack18:04
*** dain has quit IRC18:05
*** dain_ is now known as dain18:05
shaoncloudgeek: did you created a partition with LVM?18:05
*** cdub has joined #openstack18:05
*** isaacfinnegan has quit IRC18:05
cloudgeekshaon: here 11:56 pm , i can work till 3 :40 am so need help have to Finnish swift today only18:05
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack18:06
cloudgeekshaon:using  Gparted18:06
*** nati has quit IRC18:06
*** nati has joined #openstack18:06
shaoncloudgeek: well, what fdisk -l says?18:06
viddcloudgeek, be VERY careful about fdisking here to create your LVM....18:07
viddi fdisked my grub by mistake 2 days ago18:08
shaonI do it during installation18:08
cloudgeeksahon: ,vidd: details here18:08
shaonjust to avoid any mess18:09
cloudgeekvidd: shaon:  now what to need to reinstall my physical machine18:09
shaoncloudgeek: it seems you don't have any LVM partition18:09
viddcloudgeek, when i started ove, i added an LVM partition as well so i wouldnt nuke my system again at this point18:09
*** aliguori has quit IRC18:09
*** PeteDaGuru has quit IRC18:09
viddi do not wish to advise because last time i failed....miserably18:10
cloudgeekshaon: vidd: okay now what to do any advise :(18:10
viddcloudgeek, get a new hard drive, install it, and let fdisk find it18:11
*** carlp has joined #openstack18:11
cloudgeekshaon: vidd: but i learned a lot of things during nova installation , i have 2Tb external Wd hard-drive18:11
viddthat way you can safely do whatever you want with sdb without risk to your filesystem on sda18:11
*** jingizu_ has quit IRC18:11
*** Tribaal has quit IRC18:11
*** fujin has quit IRC18:11
shaonthere is a thing called lvcreate18:12
cloudgeeksahon:,vidd: should need to switch that in18:12
cloudgeekshaon: okay18:12
shaoncloudgeek: have a look at this link [ ]18:12
viddcloudgeek, what /dev/ is your external?18:12
viddand do you want to use the whole thing for volumes =]18:13
shaoncloudgeek: well, try this first [sudo apt-get intall lvm2 ]18:13
cloudgeekvidd: nope whole thing, my professor given me EC2 account for that18:13
cloudgeekshaon: okay18:14
shaoncloudgeek: then [$ sudo pvcreate /dev/sda7]18:14
viddcloudgeek, let shaon help you from here =]18:14
shaoncloudgeek: see you you can manage to create a LVM partition without reinstalling18:14
cloudgeekshaon: okay ,vidd: i am gonaa to help with sahon18:15
viddshaon, i should have talked to you 2 days ago =]18:15
shaonvidd: once I made this mistake 4/5 months ago :D18:16
cloudgeekshaon:Device /dev/sda7 not found (or ignored by filtering).18:16
*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack18:16
cloudgeekshaon: now what to do18:16
viddshaon, so im am not the first? (nor likely the last)?18:16
*** martines has quit IRC18:17
shaoncloudgeek: wait a second :)18:18
shaonvidd, nah :)18:18
viddi feel better18:18
vidd(not really...but ok)18:18
cloudgeekshaon: one more thing18:18
*** fujin has joined #openstack18:18
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack18:19
shaoncloudgeek: try with one of your existing drive, which you can use for this perpose18:19
cloudgeekshaon: this 2tb  is stopped detecting data to my lappi about 2 dayz ago , but shown in Gparted  , means now it not detacting by my system .i also use lsusb, now some one said need to format that18:20
*** ejat has quit IRC18:21
*** dysinger has joined #openstack18:21
shaoncloudgeek: go ahead :P18:21
cloudgeekshaon: i can use all 6 devices outoff 7 partition sda1 for boot18:21
shaoncloudgeek: okay, then try, $ sudo pvcreate /dev/sda518:22
cloudgeekshaon: I am not formatting trying recover it , it have precious data  video lecture ,code ebooks , so18:22
cloudgeeksahon: doing that18:23
shaoncloudgeek: formatting HDD is always the worst idea ever, but there are moment when we cant avoid :(18:23
cloudgeeksda5 successfully created18:23
tjoycloudgeek: if possible, I would create an image of the disk / partition / drive area that contains your data and work on that18:24
tjoyattempting recovery on your only copy is not optimal18:24
*** tyska has quit IRC18:24
*** ejat has joined #openstack18:24
*** ejat has joined #openstack18:25
cloudgeektjoy: thanks for advise , i will pay attention while recovering it18:25
cloudgeekshaon: now sda5 created, now what's next18:25
*** LanceHaig has joined #openstack18:26
shaoncloudgeek: now see, if fdisk tells you that you now you have a LVM partition18:26
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:27
cloudgeekshaon: new details
shaoncloudgeek: we are not done yet, just follow the steps. found a good tut [ ]18:30
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:30
cloudgeekshaon: okay dude18:30
cloudgeekshaon: try to implement all that :D18:30
shaoncloudgeek: you tried already? if not, go through it. it might help you to avoid an installation :)18:32
*** dprince has quit IRC18:32
cloudgeekshaon: good news18:33
cloudgeekshaon: PV /dev/sda5                      lvm2 [72.70 GiB]18:33
cloudgeek  PV /dev/sda6                      lvm2 [39.06 GiB]18:33
cloudgeek  Total: 2 [111.76 GiB] / in use: 0 [0   ] / in no VG: 2 [111.76 GiB]18:33
shaoncool :) keep following18:33
cloudgeekshaon: might be what we need that we have18:33
shaoncloudgeek: nah, it will say something like [ Linux LVM ] instead of [ Linux ]18:34
cloudgeekshaon: also need follow this step Create the Volume Group – Use vgcreate, vgdisplay Commands18:34
*** aliguori has joined #openstack18:36
cloudgeekshaon: till here completed successfully After creating the appropriate filesystem on the logical volumes, it becomes ready to use for the storage purpose.18:37
cloudgeekshaon: now need to move ahead18:37
shaoncloudgeek: nice pal :)18:38
cloudgeekshaon: should need to create ext318:38
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack18:38
cloudgeekshaon: like tut told [sudo  mkfs.ext3 /dev/vol_grp1/logical_vol1]18:39
*** nickon has quit IRC18:39
shaoncloudgeek: you are using ext4, right?18:39
shaoncloudgeek, so put that18:40
shaoni mean, ext418:40
*** tyska has joined #openstack18:40
cloudgeekshaon:okay done18:41
cloudgeekshaon: what about this [ sudo lvextend -L100 /dev/vol_grp1/logical_vol1]18:42
shaoncloudgeek: we don't need that here18:43
cloudgeekshaon:before that i completed all steps18:43
shaoncloudgeek: try fdisk -l18:44
cloudgeekshaon: doing same18:44
shaonsee if you find [Linux LVM]18:44
*** hezekiah_ has quit IRC18:44
shaoncloudgeek: any update?18:44
cloudgeekshaon: it's complicated pasting it18:45
tjoycloudgeek: throw it in a pastebin18:45
*** vladimir3p_ has joined #openstack18:45
tjoyor ... i suppose you might have different issues, n/m my glibness18:45
shaoncloudgeek: better use
tjoysda6 is the partition?18:46
*** vladimir3p has quit IRC18:47
tjoywhen i need to activate a volume group i use 'vgchange -ay'18:47
tjoyidk if that is the correct way to do it in this situation18:47
tjoyalternatively, you should set the partition ID in that table from 83/linux to XX/Linux LVM18:48
cloudgeektjoy:okay but need to consulate shaon: ??18:48
cloudgeektjoy: okay18:48
tjoythat is usually a safe operation, i'm not sure what the byte you should use instead of 83 is18:48
tjoyyou'll need to find a reference18:48
tjoythat's a hex byte, not a decimal18:49
cloudgeektjoy: okay18:49
*** siwos has joined #openstack18:49
cloudgeektjoy: can provide exact bash code what to type , i am novice like [83/linux to XX/Linux LVM]18:50
tjoyfdisk should do it18:50
tjoyi don't know the exact syntax, i use the help readout every time I use it18:50
tjoybut fdisk should give you a list of IDs and provide a function to change it18:51
cloudgeektjoy:okay trying it18:51
*** bencherian has joined #openstack18:51
mjforkAny suggestions on why my glance says "NameError: global name 'swift_client' is not defined" glance/store/  I have "python-swift" package installed.18:51
*** PeteDaGuru has joined #openstack18:52
cloudgeektjoy: ,shaon:
tjoycloudgeek: this is also a great opportunity to make a copy of the partition, if you have a spare disk18:53
cloudgeektjoy: i don't have18:54
shaoncloudgeek: oh man! not the XX thing18:54
cloudgeektjoy: exactly my 2TB WD failure means filesystem not working  , so have less space only hard-disk18:55
tjoyyou'll have to use the interactive fdisk program, not a command switch18:55
tjoyif you have access to gparted there may be a GUI way to do it, but I never use it so I can't help you with it18:56
*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack18:56
cloudgeektjoy: yep i can do that ,shaon: ohhh i for-gated18:57
*** nati has quit IRC18:58
cloudgeekshaon: i have convert them to lvm but their not option for that18:59
shaoncloudgeek: so is it working now?18:59
cloudgeekshaon:,tjoy: one more issue sda6 is shown lvm2 by gparted19:00
cloudgeekshaon: gparted not able to format that19:00
shaoncloudgeek: and remember you may have changed the volume group which may not match with the tut you are following for openstack installation19:01
shaoncloudgeek: I am not familiar with gparted tool either :(19:01
cloudgeekshaon: okay , now i have sda6 lvm219:02
tjoyok, can you run vgdisplay ?19:02
*** mshenoy has joined #openstack19:02
tjoydoes it show your missing volume group?19:02
cloudgeektjoy: shaon: showing only one group , lvm219:03
shaoncloudgeek: also try $ sudo lvdisplay to check if the logical volume available to use19:03
cloudgeekshaon: showing19:04
tjoythen, imo, copy your data off and remake the vasdf19:04
mshenoyhi I have a question. I have setup openstack with 2 nodes and each node has 8 cores.. I customized the instance type and ran a 20 core instance and its running successfully. My doubt is does this instance share load across both the nodes19:04
cloudgeekshaon: tjoy: pasting it19:04
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:04
*** sdake has quit IRC19:04
tjoycloudgeek: sorry, imo coppy your data off and then remake the volume group. you don't want to continue with a vg that you've hacked on.19:04
tyskasomeone help me please, im having problems to connect in a instance19:05
cloudgeektjoy: shaon:
tyskai can ping the instance19:05
shaontyska: what kinda problem? :)19:05
tyskabut cant ssh19:05
*** sdake has joined #openstack19:05
viddeuca-allocate-address seems to hang19:05
viddany idea what might cause this?19:05
shaondid you activate the tcp and icmp?19:06
tyskashaon: can ping, can telnet, but cant ssh: error = Connectinon reset by peer19:06
cloudgeektjoy: i don't have data in sda6 ,sda719:06
*** andy-hk has joined #openstack19:06
cloudgeektjoy: also in sda519:06
shaontyska: okay, activate the tcp for port 2219:06
*** mshenoy has left #openstack19:06
tyskashaon: how€19:06
viddtyska, did you ever check to see if you have port forwarding set anywhere on your network your cloud is connected to?19:07
cloudgeektjoy: now what to do19:07
*** mshenoy has joined #openstack19:07
tjoycloudgeek: i have to go back to work, good luck19:07
cloudgeektjoy: bye ,thanx19:07
tyskavidd: i have port forwarding but it is not related with the cloud19:07
cloudgeektjoy: i am pinging shaon : again19:08
tyskashaon: i already did the euca-authorize command19:08
viddtyska, can you turn it off for testing?19:08
shaontyska: euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default19:08
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack19:08
tyskashaon: already did it19:08
tyskavidd: ok, i will do it19:08
cloudgeekshaon:hey next what to do19:08
shaoncloudgeek: where were we? :)19:09
cloudgeekshaon: i craeted a sda619:09
cloudgeekthen i paste it19:09
tyskavidd: deactivated but still does not work19:09
*** sdake has quit IRC19:10
tyskavidd: in fact, the packages does not pass through the router that does the port forwarding19:10
viddtyska, needed that out of the way to eliminate it from possible causes19:10
tyskavidd: im trying to connect in a instance running in the same machine19:10
cloudgeekshaon: what we need to do19:10
shaoncloudgeek: start following the instruction, but remember your volume group is vol_grp119:10
tyskacant be a problem with the ssh server of the image's intance?19:10
viddtyska, if you are trying to ssh by public ip then does pass through the router19:11
tyskavidd: no, my public IP is in the same network of my server19:11
viddso the server is not connected to the router?19:11
tyskavidd: the router is in the subnet, server1 too, instance too19:12
*** mdomsch has quit IRC19:12
tyskarouter is, server1, instance if you ssh to anything on that subnet, it goes from controler, to router, to controler to instance19:13
viddbecuae the gateway for your controller is your router not your controller19:13
*** cdub has quit IRC19:14
tyskavidd: the route table in my server1 is not saying the same you do19:14
viddits basic networking19:14
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake19:15
viddany machine on your network gets its path to an ip address from its gateway19:15
tyskavidd: not on the same subnet19:15
tyskavidd: machines on the same subnet does not use a gateway, this is a basic networking19:16
viddim not going to aurgue the point19:16
viddi dont know what could be causing your issue19:16
viddsomeone else will need to help you19:17
WormMansigh, simple scheduler still too simple19:17
*** blamar has joined #openstack19:17
* WormMan hits it with a stick a few times19:17
tyskavidd: maybe  could be in some iptables rule, i will check htis19:17
viddWormMan, any idea where to look for what euca-allocate-address would hang?19:18
tyskavidd: just check this route table to see what is my point about the routing thing -
viddwould i look in nova-network logs or nova-compute logs?19:18
WormManhang? that's just strange, it should just be a db lookup19:18
*** andy-hk has quit IRC19:18
WormManallocate sure be purely an API call, I'd start with nova-api19:19
WormManshould be19:19
WormManbut I've not looked at that code19:19
viddWormMan, ok thankyou19:19
cloudgeekshaon:mkfs.xfs: cannot open /dev/sda6: Device or resource busy19:19
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:21
shaoncloudgeek: busy?! no clue19:21
*** joesavak has quit IRC19:21
*** joesavak has joined #openstack19:21
*** cdub has joined #openstack19:21
cloudgeekshaon: what to do19:21
cloudgeektry it again19:22
shaoncloudgeek: check if any other process is running with that19:22
viddtyska, you have 2 NICs?19:22
tyskavidd: yeah19:22
cp16net_if you have a admin user on project A and a user on project A - should a user be able to delete an instance that the admin created?19:22
tyskavidd: one is the public, another is the private19:23
viddwhat does your /etc/network/interfaces look like for the machine with the issue?19:23
tyskavidd: in fact, there is a iptables rule that does a DNAT from subnet to (private ips)19:23
tyskavidd: think i found the problem, let me try a thing here them a let you know19:23
cloudgeekshaon: some suggested to do [sudo apt-get remove dmraid.]19:23
viddtyska, DNAT rule?19:24
tyskavidd: yeah19:24
shaoncloudgeek: no idea man!19:24
cloudgeekshaon: well , but i don't stop working on it , how much error it should , have to do it however19:25
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack19:25
*** Gordonz has quit IRC19:26
shaoncloudgeek: that's the spirit :)19:26
cloudgeekshaon: should i try to reboot19:26
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack19:26
cloudgeekshaon: gonna to ask in #ubuntu19:26
*** jingizu_ has joined #openstack19:27
*** mshenoy has left #openstack19:27
shaonyou can do that too19:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #882679 in swift "swift-container-sync does not exist" [High,Confirmed]
*** Moltar has joined #openstack19:28
*** nerens has joined #openstack19:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #882688 in openstack-manuals "Documentation contains euca- references when the nova client would be better" [Undecided,New]
viddtyska, issue resolved?19:30
tyskavidd: no, im a bit lost with the iptables rules but im thinking the problem can be here19:32
cloudgeekshaon: saying that sda6 need not to be mounted19:32
cloudgeekshaon: how to check that19:32
*** superbenk has quit IRC19:33
*** dain has quit IRC19:33
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:34
cloudgeekshaon: got it19:34
tyskasee this log message IN=br100 OUT= PHYSIN=vnet0  SRC= DST= PROTO=ICMP  SEQ=119:35
shaoncloudgeek: cool, brb19:35
tyskai think it has a problem19:35
tyskabecause both src and dst are the same machine19:35
tyskaand i did a ping from ( to
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cloudgeekshaon:hey i am learning a lot about ubuntu too19:37
*** ohnoimdead has quit IRC19:38
*** develtech has joined #openstack19:38
tyskaok guys, im closing the activies for today, tks vidd shaon for the help19:38
cloudgeekshaon: okay :d19:38
tyskatomorrow i will solve this problem =)19:38
*** dain has joined #openstack19:38
*** benrodrigue has quit IRC19:41
*** Gordonz has quit IRC19:43
cloudgeekshaon: root@vikashruhil-Inspiron-1440:/home/blackat007# umount  /dev/sda6   umount: /dev/sda6: not mounted19:43
shaoncloudgeek: try to mount it with gparted19:45
cloudgeekshaon: okay19:46
cloudgeekshaon: okay I am trying19:50
cloudgeekshaon: okay should i need all step of that tutorial for lvm19:51
*** tyska has quit IRC19:51
*** jim80net has joined #openstack19:51
shaoncloudgeek: except the last two19:51
*** rnorwood has quit IRC19:57
viddi seem to have a phantom instance19:59
viddhow can i get an istance from showing up?20:00
viddif the instance is supposed to have been terminated/20:00
cloudgeekshaon: not happening anything20:02
cloudgeekshaon: hey also faced  such kind difficulty in every step like me20:02
cloudgeekshaon: but i am not disappointed ,I am also energetic @ nigth 2 am20:03
gnu111what's the config option to create separate log files for swift services?20:03
shaoncloudgeek: I am not quite sure in this case. ask everyone in the group, may be someone else has the exact solution20:04
cloudgeekshaon: my mind saying20:05
*** benrodrigue has joined #openstack20:05
cloudgeekshaon: delete that volume group then , also delete partition too then follow that tutorial again20:06
cloudgeekshaon: but i am learning from every my mistake and step that i take wrong20:06
shaoncloudgeek: that's the point. learning from mistakes :)20:07
*** ewindisch has quit IRC20:07
*** brodrigue has joined #openstack20:07
cloudgeekshaon: Your are my destiny20:08
shaoncloudgeek: haha, I am neither an expert20:09
*** develtech has left #openstack20:10
*** benrodrigue has quit IRC20:10
cloudgeekshaon: but man you are helping me that is enough , one more things every expert say that i am not expert !20:10
*** negronjl_ has joined #openstack20:12
cloudgeekshaon: i am using sda3 now  okay20:14
mjforkanyone here have keystone + dashboard working on Diablo from Git? My Keystone returns a 404 when doing /v2.0/users20:14
*** negronjl has quit IRC20:15
*** joesavak has quit IRC20:16
*** nerdstein has quit IRC20:23
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*** clopez has quit IRC20:32
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC20:34
*** cloudgeek has left #openstack20:36
robixIs it still true that /etc/fstab for images should use the label 'LABEL=uec-rootfs' ?20:38
*** Moltar has quit IRC20:42
*** Moltar has joined #openstack20:42
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*** vernhart has joined #openstack20:49
*** shaon_ has joined #openstack20:52
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*** shaon has quit IRC20:54
*** medberry has joined #openstack20:55
*** medberry has quit IRC20:55
*** medberry has joined #openstack20:55
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*** shaon_ is now known as shaon21:05
*** jim80net has left #openstack21:06
*** cp16net_ has quit IRC21:08
*** krow has joined #openstack21:08
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:09
*** TheOsprey has quit IRC21:09
*** Eyk^off has joined #openstack21:10
notmynamegnu111: it's not a swift config option but something you'd set in your syslog or syslog-ng config21:10
notmynamegnu111: for example,
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:11
*** medberry has joined #openstack21:12
*** medberry has quit IRC21:12
*** medberry has joined #openstack21:12
*** vladimir3p_ has quit IRC21:16
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack21:16
*** mattray1 has joined #openstack21:18
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC21:18
*** mattray has quit IRC21:21
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*** mattray has joined #openstack21:23
*** gray-- has quit IRC21:25
*** Ryan_Lane1 has joined #openstack21:30
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack21:30
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC21:30
*** hezekiah_ has quit IRC21:31
*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack21:34
*** wabat has joined #openstack21:35
*** hggdh has quit IRC21:35
wabatHi all.  I was hoping someone could explain to me the output of nova-manage service list.  In particular what the XXX means.21:38
*** nphase has quit IRC21:38
*** bsza has quit IRC21:38
*** msivanes has quit IRC21:39
tjoywabat: it means the service is not ready for some reason21:40
claygwabat: service hasn't checked-in updated in while21:40
claygcould be ts drift between the nodes21:40
wabatthank you, that clears it up.21:41
*** pringles_ has quit IRC21:41
tjoyi noticed that clock drift was a big deal21:41
tjoyi ran my test network in VMs21:41
*** nphase has joined #openstack21:42
*** Ryan_Lane1 is now known as Ryan_Lane21:44
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack21:44
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC21:45
*** blees has joined #openstack21:45
wabatclayg or tjoy - I assume the :-) is a good state21:45
*** chomping has joined #openstack21:47
*** lts has quit IRC21:47
*** bsza has joined #openstack21:51
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*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:53
*** ldlework has quit IRC21:53
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*** catintheroof has quit IRC21:55
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*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack21:56
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*** hezekiah_ has joined #openstack22:01
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*** mmetheny has joined #openstack22:05
*** mjfork has joined #openstack22:05
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*** lborda has quit IRC22:12
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*** lionel has joined #openstack22:21
*** nerens has quit IRC22:21
*** mattstep has joined #openstack22:27
*** aliguori has quit IRC22:31
*** aceat64 has joined #openstack22:33
aceat64anyone have experience with running sheepdog and nova?22:37
aceat64mainly I need to know if I can run sheepdog on my compute nodes22:37
aceat64I'm assuming it'll work fine22:39
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack22:40
*** nerdstein has joined #openstack22:47
*** shaon has quit IRC22:47
*** Teknix has joined #openstack22:49
viddwhen setting up new floating ip's the docs say "nova-manage floating create [hostname] [cidr] "22:49
*** rsampaio has quit IRC22:49
viddis [hostname] the controller hostname ?22:49
*** negronjl_ has quit IRC22:50
WormMansigh, I can't even badly hack the scheduler since the db api doesn't even offer the function I need22:51
viddWormMan, any idea about my question?22:52
*** rods has quit IRC22:52
WormManit should be the nova-network hostname responsible for this network as I recall22:53
*** marrusl has quit IRC22:53
viddso if nova-network is on "vidd-host" then vidd-host is the correct entry?22:53
WormManthat sounds correct22:54
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC22:55
*** juddm has quit IRC22:58
*** mattray has quit IRC23:02
*** code_franco has quit IRC23:04
*** rnorwood has quit IRC23:09
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*** negronjl_ has joined #openstack23:15
*** aliguori has joined #openstack23:16
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*** slyphon has joined #openstack23:36
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*** nyeates has joined #openstack23:55
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