Tuesday, 2011-12-06

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tungvs Is there anyone running openstack vmguest with 2 or more Network cards ? I can't fnd any document about multiple network cards in the openstack vmguest.00:42
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carlpIs there a link somewhere that explains what all the old swauth commands are in the new era?02:22
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supriyaLooking for documentation on setting up Nova in a "single node" on RHEL6...got the same for multinode at http://wiki.openstack.org/InstallInstructions/Nova...any pointers pls ?04:57
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longhudouwhen I want to use "ssh ubuntu@ip_addr" it raised an error like :Permission denied (publickey).06:35
longhudouhas anyone see it before?06:35
evxdSounds like PasswordAuthentication is off and you don't have a public key installed.06:37
longhudouDo you know how to solve it ?06:37
evxdEnable password authentication in SSH or have your public key installed to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote server.06:38
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longhudouPasswordAuthentication yes06:39
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longhudouthis is enabled in my /etc/ssh/sshd_config06:40
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longhudouis that right?06:41
evxdYou may want to restart the SSH daemon and make sure those configs are running. Be sure you have console access to the server first, in case anything funny happens.06:41
longhudouOk , let me have a try06:41
longhudouit is still the same06:44
evxdThrow -vvv in your SSH command and put it on pastebin or something.06:44
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longhudouthat's it06:48
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evxdI can't tell from that, but it's still not accepting password authentication (as you can tell).06:53
longhudouoh , thanks all the same06:54
evxdIf you're running SELinux, don't forget to check that.06:54
longhudoudo you mean disable that?06:54
evxdAnd make sure the permissions on your remote ~/.ssh directory are 0400.06:54
evxdMaybe temporarily if you don't know how to set the correct context.06:54
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longhudou0400? not 0700?06:59
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evxdSorry, directory should be 0700, files underneath should be 0400 or 0600.07:00
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hoddsevening all,09:53
foexlemorning :)09:53
hoddsa quick question about open stack, is it posible to run a os in a vm over multiple comouters at once?09:55
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hoddsim new to open stack09:55
*** supriya has joined #openstack09:55
foexlehodds: you mean you will try to start n instances and they are using all the same "host"-image ? so you share your / in each instance ?09:57
* hodds is new and not sure of the technical lingo.... sorry09:59
foexlenormally you have a image with your os. nova-compute will use this image for spawning an instance but all instances are normally stateless10:00
hoddsi think what im asking is one instance over multiple machines10:00
foexleso it will recommend to youse external storage like s3, iscsi or nfs10:01
foexlean instance is bound to an nova-compute nnode10:01
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hoddsso you can more then one instance working to run a vm?10:03
hoddswhat im trying to do is run a vm over multiple machines at once so that i can use the processing power of all the machines in the cluster of computers. if that makes sense.10:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #900665 in nova "nova boot error messages are uninformative" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90066510:05
hoddsusing the processing power of all connected computers in the same vm10:06
foexlehodds: thats not the mission of openstack .... you can spawn 200 instances on 100 machines10:06
foexlebut you need to do your process scaling in your vms10:07
foexleopenstack it's only the host-service it knows only abput the network or running vms or images10:08
foexleif you will build a computing cluster, like distributed calculating you need to do this in your vms10:09
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hoddsok, what im trying to do is to get say five computers to work as one machine,10:09
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foexleyeah but thats not openstack :>10:10
hoddsyeah i think im more after distributing computing or pararlel processing10:11
hoddsthanks for your help10:13
foexlehodds: np :)10:13
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foexleRazique: ping  :)10:15
foexleRazique: morning, do you have reported the bug in nova-compute network ?10:15
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Raziquefoexle: hey :)10:27
*** JesperA has joined #openstack10:31
Raziquefoexle: nope I wanted to dig more10:32
Raziquefoexle: have u catch the exact issue ?10:32
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foexleRazique: so i'm tring atm .... the prerouting rule don't catch the request10:39
RaziqueI"ve seen that packets pass through the rules10:40
Raziquelooks like it's the returning packet which is not cathched10:41
RaziqueI added a prerouting rule10:41
Razique1 -p tcp --dport 80 -j LOG --log-prefix "metadata routing : "10:41
RaziqueI see the packets from the instances to the api server, but then, nothing in return10:42
Raziqueso maybe the snatting rule is faulty somehow10:42
foexlehmmm i'm lost the package at lo interface10:42
foexleso i'll try to resolv this issue tomorrow, so i call you if i have an answer10:43
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tungvsrazique, foexle, anyone has run an instance with multiple network interfaces ? Can it be done with Flat network ?10:55
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Raziquetungvs: haven't tried yet11:25
Raziquetungvs: in fact i don't really know how the multi-nic has been implemented yet11:26
foexletungvs: havn't tried too11:26
Raziqueand how ops tools deal with it11:26
Raziqueeg novaclient11:26
foexleRazique: you can use it qith quantum i think11:26
Raziqueerf :/11:27
Raziquehave u tried quantum ?11:27
tungvsok guys, seem that we have to wait for next release, I can't find any document recently11:27
foexleRazique: no to instable11:27
foexletungvs: why do you need a sec interface ?11:28
RaziqueSSL ?11:28
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foexletungvs: to access an other network ?11:28
foexleRazique: why ? .... apache can handle it with 1 ip11:29
tungvsin many cases the server's traffic 's needed to be separated11:29
Raziquethe workaround I've atm is to use non standart ports for my ssl certs11:29
Raziquefoexle: I've 7 ssl cert11:29
tungvslike monitor traffic and public traffic11:29
Raziqueso I need 7 ips11:29
foexleRazique: not with apache :D11:29
Raziquegnu_tls doesn't work with all browsers yet11:29
RaziqueIE doesn't deal with multiple ssl per ip11:30
foexle°° only IE6 not11:30
Raziqueyou sure about that ?11:30
Raziqueif so maybe I guess I could try11:30
*** dev_sa has quit IRC11:31
Raziquehaha I just talked with my colleague about that11:32
Raziquehere in France we have around 10% of IE6 users11:32
Raziqueso cannot use gnu_tls :'11:32
Raziqueand this month the ie6 users have increased11:32
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foexleRazique: swift are running now :) with ssl swauth and its tested with ruby :>11:42
foexlenext step swith integration with keystone :D11:43
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kbringardis it possible to set EC2 credentials in keystone via an LDAP backend>12:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #900717 in tempest "API Operations-Common Parameter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90071712:21
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monnints_Hi, can someone help me with my network setup in openstack?12:29
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riteshi am having single node with nova-network as flatdhcpmanager12:36
riteshand when i spawn my vm it gets an network as provide by in nova.conf12:36
riteshbut nova-network starts a dhcp server through dnsmasq12:37
riteshand set that ip for my br100 interface12:37
riteshso iam able to ping my vm ,ssh it but euca commands stop working giving error name resolution12:38
ritesheverytime i kill dnsmasq /and restart nova-network it creates two process of it12:38
riteshcan anyone help me in explaning12:38
kbringardFlatDHCP mode means that nova is going to use a single flat network for all VMs across all projects, and nova is also going to manage handing out IP addresses12:40
kbringardthat's why it keeps starting the dnsmasq process12:40
riteshok...but i have only one ethernet card12:41
kbringardif you can ping your VM, that means it came up properly and got an address from the DHCP server12:41
riteshso i am using it for management and even my vm would be bridged through it12:42
kbringardso that part of it would seem to be working12:42
kbringardI don't entirely know what you mean by "euca commands stop working giving error name resolution"12:42
riteshbut nova -networks set ip to my br100 from the pool of openstack network12:43
riteshi know my question is weird ,don't know how to explain12:44
riteshbut got ur point12:45
riteshthnxs for ur help12:45
kbringardnp, sorry I'm not more help :-/12:45
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monnints_Hi, can someone help me with this question?: https://answers.launchpad.net/nova/+question/18058912:59
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kbringardI don't know if that will work… DHCP does a broadcast, but since your compute node is on a different broadcast domain I'd wager the DHCP request is never making it to the controller13:00
kbringardif you're feeling zesty you could install dhcpdump on both the compute node and the controller node13:02
kbringardI bet you'll see the DHCP request on the compute node, but it'll never make it to the controller13:02
kbringardmonnints_: ^^13:02
kbringardI have no idea about the VPN tunnels, though13:03
kbringardthat seems really complicated13:03
kbringardyour best best is probably to try to put the new compute node on the same broadcast domain13:03
monnints_how can I do that?13:04
Raziquehey kbringard :)13:05
Raziquefoexle: awesome, great job :)13:05
kbringardmonnints_: give the compute node an IP address in the 172.16.3/0/24 instead of the
kbringardthen it's broadcasts should get to the NC and all should be happy13:06
kbringardhey Razique13:06
Raziquekbringard: how u doin ?13:06
kbringardits* broadcasts, stupid grammar13:06
kbringardI'm tired13:06
kbringardit's 6am but I've been up since 2 :-/13:06
Raziquesick :/13:07
kbringardit's also −5 degrees F outside13:07
Raziqueget some rest!13:07
kbringardso I'm cold ;-)13:07
Raziquebrrr, I hate when it's cold13:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #900745 in openstack-qa "/nova/network/quantum/client.py" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90074513:28
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deepalhey guys, any good document(s) to get information about how to integrate open stack with Xen Cloud platform ?14:51
*** bryguy has joined #openstack14:52
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swillnotmyname: In all the documentation it is pretty clear that the X-Storage-URL should be of the form 'url:port/version/account'.  What is the significance of having the uri of /v1/account?  Can I make the 'v1' part configurable so it could be changed to something like /storage/account?15:26
*** mies has joined #openstack15:28
*** mies has quit IRC15:29
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*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack15:33
kbringardanyone know if it's possible to put a user in multiple tenants in keystone?15:35
kbringardit looks like it uses $user as the primary key15:35
kbringardso I can't see a way to add the same user to multiple tenants15:35
swillkbringard: i do not think that is possible15:36
swillkbringard: what are you trying to accomblish?15:36
kbringardI want to achieve the same functionality as the deprecated auth15:36
kbringardwhere the same user can access multiple projects15:37
swillis this for nova?15:37
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack15:38
*** alekibango has quit IRC15:38
kbringardlike, in the existing system, you do access_key:project15:38
swilli remember someone mentioning something in here about that, but i do not remember the details.  maybe check the bug reports.15:38
kbringardRelationship between a Keystone User and a Tenant?  Can a user be a member of multiple Tenants?15:39
kbringardA user can be a member of multiple tenants by adding roles.15:39
*** jog0 has left #openstack15:39
mjforka user can be a member of many tenants, yes15:40
kbringardhow do you set that up?15:41
mjforkdo you have dashbaord?15:41
*** ritesh has joined #openstack15:41
mjforkyou can click on the teannt inteh dashboard and add users to them15:41
kbringardoh, if I login as admin?15:41
*** Aurelgadjo has quit IRC15:41
*** martines has joined #openstack15:42
*** code_franco has joined #openstack15:42
*** deepal has quit IRC15:42
kbringardoh, OK, so… whatever the tenant_id in the users table is is their default, but whatever they have roles for they're members of?15:43
kbringardthanks :-)15:43
mjforkI don't know without looking itnot the DB15:44
mjforkhow it asscoates the users/tenatnts15:44
mjforkman, need to double check typing - I don't know without looking into the DB15:45
kbringardI think that's how it's doing it15:45
kbringardthanks for letting me know15:45
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack15:45
kbringardI don't suppose you know if there is a way for a user to change their password via the dashboard15:45
mjforki do not15:46
*** Jeppelelle^aw has quit IRC15:47
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swillCan anyone help with this???  In all the documentation it is pretty clear that the X-Storage-URL should be of the form 'url:port/version/account'.  What is the significance of having the uri of /v1/account?  Can I make the 'v1' part configurable so it could be changed to something like /storage/account?15:50
annegentleswill: my understanding is that v1 indicates the version number of the API itself15:52
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:52
swillannegentle: so it is parsed by swift its self and the functionality is dependant on that value?15:53
annegentleswill: yes15:53
swillannegentle: hmmm, thats too bad.  :)  oh well.  i guess i have to stick with the standard.  thanks...15:53
*** dgags has joined #openstack15:55
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annegentleswill: notmyname can confirm for sure but that's probably right.16:00
swillannegentle: thanks.  :)16:00
*** adjohn has joined #openstack16:00
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hub_capmtaylor: around?16:06
*** dolphm_ has joined #openstack16:07
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*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack16:21
kbringarddoes anyone know if there is a role I can assign a user in keystone to let them change their password via the dashboard?16:21
kbringardI know the admin user can change any user's password, but I was hoping individual users could change their own16:21
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack16:22
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annegentlekbringard: I don't see that function in the Dashboard we've got set up here.16:43
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:44
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*** deepal has joined #openstack16:45
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dolphm_kbringard: the core keystone api does not support that today, on the basis that keystone may not be managing your user accounts... there's certainly room to write an extension to support that behavior though16:46
dolphm_kbringard: assuming you're backing keystone to SQL16:46
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:46
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uvirtbotNew bug: #900836 in keystone "Token duration is not configurable" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90083616:51
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Raziqueone of my customer's server has been hacked17:10
Raziquenever use simple passwords guys :D17:10
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mtaylorhub_cap: what's up?17:22
*** dev_sa has quit IRC17:22
hub_caphey dude, just trying to get a feel for the openstack-ci stuff and the openstack-ci-puppet stuff. any reason u used gems instead of installing puppet/facter via apt-get?17:22
hub_capmtaylor: im looking @ launch_node.py and the gem install stuff is giving my debian box a headache17:23
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC17:23
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*** dwcramer has joined #openstack17:23
*** joesavak has joined #openstack17:23
mtaylorhub_cap: it's possible that debian puts gem stuff into a different place than ubuntu?17:23
mtayloroh. sorry17:23
mtaylormissed your previos message17:23
mtaylorhub_cap: the puppet/facter in apt-get is too old17:23
mtaylorhub_cap: and actually physically is broken17:24
*** maplebed has joined #openstack17:24
hub_capin oneric? mtaylor17:24
mtayloras in, will not run the puppet modules17:24
mtaylorhub_cap: possibly not in oneiric17:24
hub_capi hate that extra i in oneric17:24
hub_capi refuse to type it :)17:24
mtaylorbut it was in natty which is where we we've been using these for the most part17:24
mtaylorhub_cap: haha17:24
*** jog0 has joined #openstack17:24
hub_capok cool, i assumed oneiric due to the hostname of the devstack system17:25
mtaylorthe devstack launch stuff is all oneiric17:25
mtaylorbut it's all descended from the slave launch stuff which has been natty for a while17:25
mtaylorand we have not re-evaluated the puppet in the repo17:26
hub_capAh ok so the slave launch is what i should be looking @instead?17:26
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack17:26
*** marcuz has quit IRC17:26
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kbringardannegentle: yea, me either… I was going to scour the code but it seems like it's admin or nothing17:28
*** bencherian has joined #openstack17:30
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gnu111guys....I added a new range of public ip addresses to my floating address. I can only ping those17:51
gnu111addresses from the controller.17:51
gnu111the older ip addresses are working fine. Is this an iptables issue?17:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #900849 in nova "revert resize fails with Failure: ['FIELD_TYPE_ERROR', 'self']" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90084917:53
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maplebedhttps://launchpad.net/swauth and https://github.com/gholt/swauth both exist.  It looks like the launchpad one is defunct and the github one is the current place for code.  Is that correct?19:05
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC19:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #892066 in python-novaclient "nova cli help on invalid command" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89206619:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #892071 in python-novaclient "Quickstart docs on PyPi home page are incorrect" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89207119:41
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deshantmwhat is the default username and password for the devstack dashboard?19:49
deshantmor where to set it?19:49
heckjit's in the keystone config19:50
heckjdash autos against keystone19:51
deshantmwhat is /auto/auths ?19:52
heckjI mean that dashboard authenticates against keystone. I tried to write that as "auths", only to have autocorrect "fix it" for me to "autos"19:53
heckjso much for terse typing today19:54
deshantmah ok thanks heckj19:54
*** frankon has quit IRC19:55
maplebedanybody know where I can get a swauth package that will work with swift v1.4.3 (on ubuntu lucid)?19:56
*** dolphm has joined #openstack19:57
*** hadrian has joined #openstack19:59
*** dwcramer has quit IRC20:02
maplebedI'm going to try https://github.com/downloads/gholt/swauth/python-swauth_1.0.2-1_all.deb, even though the version in ubuntu precise is also 1.0.2 and claims to reuqire python >2.7.20:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #892061 in nova "Multiple server delete" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89206120:06
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:06
*** reed has joined #openstack20:06
deshantmok, I think I see what happened now. stack.sh bailed out running  "nova manage db sync"20:07
deshantmis there a way to get a known working git pull using the devstack scripts?20:08
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:08
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deshantmactually i figured it out.. git checkout <other branches> ... now just to find a working one :)20:28
*** llang629 has left #openstack20:28
deshantmdiablo/stable (no)20:28
*** carlosb has left #openstack20:28
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uvirtbotNew bug: #900910 in tempest "Kwargs in Create_server method in servers_client" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90091020:35
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*** localhost has joined #openstack20:37
swilli am writing my own auth middleware.  I create my x-storage-url and pass it back when they request to authenticate.  After they authenticate and such I am getting a 404 on the url that I created.  Do i need to actually create something specific in swift that corresponds to that URL?20:38
*** nhm_ is now known as nhm20:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #900915 in tempest "Value error from self.img_client.get_image("")" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90091520:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #900916 in keystone "Support D5 API Contract" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90091620:41
*** dolphm has quit IRC20:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #900919 in openstack-qa "the deleted flavor data can be get" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90091920:46
*** dolphm has joined #openstack20:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #900924 in openstack-qa "500 Error on DELETE key pair with invalid keypair name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90092420:51
*** bencherian has quit IRC20:51
*** bencherian has joined #openstack20:51
*** vlv has joined #openstack20:55
vlvHi all, I'm trying to find a clue on a problem I've found on a nova setup. I'm really new to openstack and I would be glad to have few hints20:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #900925 in openstack-qa "create key pair gets a name which is longer than 256" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90092520:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #900927 in nova "Create key pair gets blank name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90092720:56
vlvthe euca-describe-availability-zones (but it happens every where) returns: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''20:57
vlvI'm using version 2.0.020:58
*** deshantm has quit IRC20:58
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swilldolphm: are you around?21:00
*** reed has quit IRC21:01
*** smoser` has joined #openstack21:02
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swillchmouel: are you around?21:03
lorin1I'm trying to get keystone (trunk) working with nova (trunk). I'm using the example nova-api-paste.ini from the keystone code, but I'm getting an exception: ImportError: <module 'nova.api.ec2' from '/usr/local/nova/nova/api/ec2/__init__.pyc'> has no 'Versions' attribute21:03
nhmhave any of you guys looked at vhostnet for IB virtualization?21:03
lorin1Looks like this line in the ini file is causing the trouble:21:04
lorin1paste.app_factory = nova.api.ec2:Versions.factory21:04
*** dailylinux has joined #openstack21:04
*** scottsanchez has joined #openstack21:05
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:07
swilldoes anyone here know how the autocreate_account = true flag works in proxy-server?21:08
swillmy understanding is that it will create the swift account for the authorized user if it does not already exist21:09
swillbut i am having trouble getting my auth middleware to make it work.21:09
swilli get: 2Exception: Could not autocreate account 'cs_cloudops'21:09
swillnotmyname: this is with my own auth middleware though.  do i have to write handling of this flag in my middleware?21:10
*** deshantm has joined #openstack21:11
swilllooking at the other auth middlewares , it is not obvious if they are handling that flag.21:11
*** smoser` has quit IRC21:12
*** lborda has joined #openstack21:12
*** smoser` has joined #openstack21:13
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*** huslage has joined #openstack21:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #900934 in openstack-qa "Create Image should be accepted only for ACTIVE,PAUSED,SUSPENDED,RESCUED,STOPPED" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90093421:16
notmynameswill: you don't have to handle it. the way it works is that if the account doesn't exist but the token is valid (ie the auth server thinks it's a valid account), then the proxy will go ahead and create the account21:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #900931 in openstack-qa "Reboot Server for invalid state instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90093121:18
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack21:18
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack21:19
*** fysa has joined #openstack21:19
swillnotmyname: ok, so what I have so far is.  1) i am handling the authentication and passing back the token and storage url (which i invented based on the account).  2) if a request with a token is passed, i validate the token and pass it off to authorize.21:19
swillnotmyname: i believe i have authorize working correctly and returning None if the user should have access.21:20
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swillnotmyname: Actually, i know that the request gets through my auth middleware, but it is possible that i have not set something that needs to be set for the proxy server to correctly handle the autocreate_account action, but I am not sure what it would be.21:22
*** pothos has joined #openstack21:22
notmynameswill: what error are you seeing that makes you thing the autocreate is causing issues?21:23
swillnotmyname: Exception: Could not autocreate account 'cs_cloudops'21:23
swillbefore that I get: Account GET returning 503 for (503, 503, 503)21:24
notmynamethat is probably something21:24
notmynamelook at the account server logs for the reason for the 503s21:24
swillnotmyname: ok perfect.  thanks, i will start searching from there.21:25
swillnotmyname: it should return a 404 right?21:25
swillthen the autocreate should work.  yes?21:25
notmynameswill: ya, 404 for the missing account, then 200s for the successful account create21:25
swillnotmyname: that is what i understand from looking at the proxy-server code.21:25
swillperfect.  thanks...  :)21:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #900939 in openstack-qa "Instance quota exceeded with many self.driver.spawn errors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90093921:26
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vlvsorry guys but I cannot overcome the problem, could somebody give me some hint ?21:32
vlvall euca2ools are returning the same error21:32
vlvinvalid literal for int() with base 10: ''21:32
vlvthis is the output for 'euca-authorize default -P tcp -p 22 -s'21:32
*** lonetech007 has quit IRC21:33
vlvgoogle/faqs and so on are bringing me nowhere ...21:33
*** lorin1 has quit IRC21:33
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swillnotmyname: thanks again for your help.  my swift install got messed up somehow.  now it is working correctly.  W00t one step closer to having my middleware working.  :P21:49
notmynamegreat :-)21:49
*** zul has quit IRC21:49
swillnotmyname: once i got my head around the auth middleware, it was surprisingly easy to build an implementation.21:50
swillnotmyname: i still have a couple days of testing to make sure everything works now, but i am getting close to being able to release it into the wild.  :)21:51
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:53
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notmynamewebx: looking forward to it21:54
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bennerI'm trying to setup keystone by using documentation from http://docs.openstack.org/diablo/openstack-identity/. The question is about this: 'keystone-manage  endpointTemplates add RegionOne swift http://%HOST_IP%:8080/v1/AUTH_%tenant_id% http://%HOST_IP%:8080/ http://%HOST_IP%:8080/v1/AUTH_%tenant_id% 1 1'. Is %HOST_IP% is replaced by keystone and it is some kind of "mark" or it is actualy like <replace_me> and I must replace thease %var% to actual name/ip21:57
*** stuntmachine has quit IRC21:58
jobycxaI just want to start with openstack could u pls suggest me the minimum h/w requirements for testing21:58
*** huslage has quit IRC21:58
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annegentlejobycxa: http://docs.openstack.org/diablo/openstack-compute/admin/content/compute-system-requirements.html is for production but read the comments for dev hints.22:10
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* swill is out for the night... cheers...22:15
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jobycxaannegentle: if we need additional storage how to connect to these servers22:19
annegentlejobycxa: you might like the http://referencearchitecture.org site it shows logical arch for a public or private storage setup22:20
annegentlejobycxa: let us know if that's helpful22:20
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bennerI found answer here: http://keystone.openstack.org/endpoints.html22:24
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jobycxaannegentle: can we set up openstack in any data centers like rackspace other than private servers?22:31
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annegentlejobycxa: if I understand your question, the answer is yes :) You can set up OpenStack anywhere.22:34
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jobycxa thanks annegentle22:42
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StyleWarzi am playing around with openstack for a few days now (as opposed to my usual git/xen setup), and i can't seem to find any documentation about how to migrate from one host to another23:12
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