Sunday, 2011-12-11

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cloudgeekhi all morning04:17
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ill_inspirationhi, I'm quite new to openstack and just trying it out. I was just wondering if there is any way to make storage persistent by default (i.e. using nova-volume or something instead of making local files?)08:50
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ill_inspirationeveryone asleep? :)09:08
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MadkissIf I want to try out OpenStack, what's the best distribution to do that?12:35
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mirrorboxMadkiss: Ubuntu I think12:39
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MadkissI had somehow feared that ;)12:41
cloudgeekMadkiss: write you own ! with kernel !!12:45
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rustamhi, what is the simplest auth server available? i just need 1 account, swauth and keystone seems to be overkill.18:29
rustamfor prod though18:29
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ill_inspirationhi, I'm quite new to openstack and just trying it out. I was just wondering if there is any way to make storage persistent by default? (i.e. using nova-volume or something instead of making local files?)21:06
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Ryan_Laneill_inspiration: well, it lasts through reboots, and only goes away when you terminate an instance21:44
Ryan_Laneor do you mean the secondary storage?21:44
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* Kiall thinks every instance of "terminate" should be replaced with "delete" in nova ;)21:54
ill_inspirationRyan_Lane: well, even then, I'd rather use my iSCSI box for root volume storage...21:54
Kiallill_inspiration: for the OS images, you can mount /var/lib/nova/instances and have it stored on iSCSI,21:55
ill_inspirationKiall: thanks I was just reading the docs and understand that now too :) I keep thinking terminate = shutdown... (VPS background I guess)21:55
Kiallor shared storage ala NFS for live migration etc21:55
ill_inspirationKiall: yeah but the volume framework already exists so I thought it would be much easier (and better performance) to leverage that?21:55
KiallYea - Only nova admin's can "shutdown" and instance (admins can suspend or pause instances)21:56
Kiallill_inspiration: yea .. I think there was some work towards boot from volume for diablo, but I dont believe it was finished in time... or maybe I was confused over what the blueprint was describing ;)21:56
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KiallI would imagine that feature will come along soon enough for compatibility with EC2's EBS root instances21:57
Kialls/imagine/hope/ ;)21:57
ill_inspirationCan you please give me the link to that blueprint?21:57
Kiall"Implementation: Implemented"21:58
Kiallhumm.. maybe :)21:58
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Kiallvishy: ping? I see your name on that BP, maybe you know more?21:59
ill_inspirationKiall: btw, do you have an example/use case where instance storage would be preferable/desirable over simply a persistent block? Maybe I'm not thinking outside the square or something :D22:02
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KiallWell, Why have everything passing over the network to iSCSI, when you can choose to put, say, only a mysql data dir on a volume22:03
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KiallOpenStack is not designed for HA of instances, If a compute node dies, you typically loose the instance (ala EC2)22:05
ill_inspirationTrue, I guess in an ideal world it probably makes much more sense.. but having a single persistent volume probably simplifies things for "mainstream" users I suppose (i.e. don't need to worry about different volumes and customising services)22:05
Kiall(unless that instance was stored on NFS etc)22:05
Kiall(if it was on NFS, some tricks can be used to boot it on another compute node.. but its not automatic etc)22:05
ill_inspirationI see22:06
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ill_inspirationinteresting.. as I said, I've only started playing around with it for the last couple of days22:06
KiallOS is really primarily designed for scale out style services.. eg if you have 100 web servers, who cares if you loose one? Just boot another!22:07
ill_inspirationso if a compute node dies there is no automatic recovery or similar features at present?22:07
KiallThats not to say it cant handle things like DB servers etc, where it would matter.. But there is no auto recovery etc22:07
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KiallNot at present, I know a at least 1 person here has automated the recovery process.. So its doable, but not built in22:08
KiallAuto recovery would basically just require A) /var/lib/nova/instances mounted on NFS or similar, B) a watchdog service looking for failed nodes and C) a script the watchdog can call to run some SQL queries against the nova DB, and make some API calls to the nova API22:09
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ill_inspirationgot ya22:11
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Kiall(I'm sure there would be more complex that I just made out.. But the theory should be about right)22:15
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omenarhi to everyone! I've got a question... What are the main reasons to choose OpenStack instead of Eucalyptus?22:26
*** Bryanstein has joined #openstack22:28
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notmynameomenar: openstack is 100% opensource. eucalyptus is open core22:29
*** webx has joined #openstack22:29
omenarthat is a good one... how about the features of both?22:30
Kialland, in my experience, OS is more reliable...22:30
*** Daviey has joined #openstack22:30
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KiallI can't (off the top of my head) think of a feature euca has that OS does not...22:30
notmynameeucalyptus, afaik, reimplements the aws apis. openstack provides some level of aws compatibility, but tries to emphasize an openness in designing new apis that work well for those who are implementing it22:31
KiallOS has a few extras, like swift (okay they have walrus, but walrus is only intended as an image store..)22:31
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omenari'm reading that the horizontal scalability in OS is trivial... that is true?22:34
omenarwhy is trivial?22:34
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notmynameomenar: I can only speak for swift (my area of expertise). swift is designed with a shared-nothing architecture and a modular design that lets you expand out whatever part of the system has a bottleneck22:37
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omenar[notmyname] and how that is solved with euca?22:38
*** yshh has joined #openstack22:39
notmynameomenar: I only know of euca from a high level, so I can't comment on how it solve those problems. anecdotally, openstack was founded by some people at nasa who weren't able to get euca to scale out enough for them22:39
notmynamebut that's more on the nova side22:39
*** aurigus has joined #openstack22:40
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omenarok, I understand... ty for your answers... I'm kinda new on this topic =)22:40
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notmynameomenar: hope it helps. I'm sure there are others here who can know nova in more depth and can give a better comparison22:42
notmynameomenar: are you more interested in compute or storage (or both)22:42
omenar[notmyname] both, but computing has some higher priority22:42
*** tmichael has quit IRC22:43
notmynameomenar: gotcha. then I humbly redirect to everyone else in here ;-)22:43
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omenara professor on my university ask me to made my thesis using openstack for some X topic... (the topic is not decided)22:44
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omenar[notmyname] ty for your time :)22:48
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