Thursday, 2012-01-19

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bodepdlynxman: thanks. I was not actually sure about the relationship between that branch and the ppa. Is updating it a manually process, or would there be another update on the ticket when it gets updated?00:02
lynxmanbodepd: depends, if there's a nightly build or not, don't know tbh :)00:02
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warikDoes anyone knows what Keystone "service_port" stands for in the proxy-server.conf file for Swift ? thanks00:41
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carlpAre there packages available for the Essex-2 release, or is it "roll your own"?00:59
warikcarlp: I never saw any packages atm01:03
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carlpwarik: thanks!01:14
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918490 in nova "Error updating bandwidth usage cache" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918497 in nova "log instance uuid in when instances fail to spawn" [Low,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918498 in openstack-manuals "Problem with pom.xml and epub causing build errors" [Undecided,New]
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Steve_OllisHey all.. gotta a N00b question .. I've gone through all of the Swift docs, and can't seem to find the answer to what seems like 2 basic questions03:19
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Steve_Ollis1) re: zones - are zones just a structure overlaid by the swift 'operators / managers'? ie it can be anything from a disk all the way up to a rack full of servers?03:23
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918502 in nova "clarify error messages that occur when setting admin passwords" [Low,In progress]
GlaceeSteve_Ollis: Yes.. it could be a disk , a server, a rack or even a dcenter.. its mostly use to make sure that for failure zones.. so if you have 4 zones setup.. on 4 servers... you know thay your objects are gonna be replicated on 3 servers.. and if A server with an object failed.. your file will be copied on the other zone03:27
Glaceemakes sense?03:27
Glaceeassuming that you created your ring with the default replication of 303:28
Steve_Ollisthats kinda what I'd imputed..03:28
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Steve_Ollisso in a SuperMicro style pc with 24 spindles, without raiding, it would make sense to add each of the spindles into the 1 zone (being the physical server), as long as you had similar h/w cofigs for swift nodes 2-4?03:30
Steve_Ollisand each of the other nodes setup similarly but in different zones?03:31
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Steve_OllisI've just found the answer to my second question, which was how to modify the weighting of a node in a ring.03:33
Steve_Ollisspecifically how to designate the component i wanted to modify03:33
GlaceeSteve_Ollis yes but T least minimum 4 zones03:35
Glaceeso 4 servers03:35
Glaceeor.. split 2 servers.. with 2 zones each03:35
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Steve_OllisGlacee: thanks so much for that.. its just been that nagging grey area in my understanding of setting up my swift playpen03:36
mdomschVideos from FUDCon now posted on youtube as well as
mdomschincluding a presentation on OpenStack03:36
GlaceeSteve_Ollis np.. btw out of curiosity how many U are your SM 24 spindles?03:37
GlaceeIf you are planning on a large scale deployement.. I would suggest More density per server than 2403:38
Steve_Ollisthere's actually 3603:39
Steve_Ollis24 front, 12 back03:39
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Steve_Ollis6 nics03:39
Glaceeah ok.. now your talking03:39
Glacee4U I guess03:40
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Steve_Ollisat 3TB Hitachi SATA03:45
GlaceeSounds good.. we have a similar setup.. the Hitachi Desktart 7.2k ?03:46
Glaceecool which JBOD/Raid Controller?03:46
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Glacee6 nics.. ? lol04:09
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918535 in keystone "time not properly parsed in auth_token middleware throws exception" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918563 in nova "nova-api's shouldn't have to  share CA folder" [High,In progress]
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valeriy_hi, people07:25
valeriy_has anybody tried diablo with vmware esxi?07:26
valeriy_can't figure out why vm deployed without any NIC inside...07:26
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stevegjacobs_I am having trouble creating snapshots. I have done it successfully a few weeks back on my system, but today I try it and nothing seems to happen. Does anybody know what logs to check?08:48
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treedstevegjacobs_: the nova-compute.log helped me figure it out when I had a similar problem a few weeks ago08:51
treedFWIW, my issue was that it was telling qemu-img that the disk image type was AMI.08:51
treedI hand-applied a fix I found attached to a bug report.08:51
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Tristani3Dgood morning all08:53
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stevegjacobs_when watching the nova-compute log at the same time as running the nova image-create command, absolutely nothing happens in the log09:05
valeriy_has anybody tried diablo with vmware esxi 4.1?09:06
stevegjacobs_I have dashboard running as well and I tried the command from dashboard, and nothing happened in the logs09:06
valeriy_check nova-compute.log09:08
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Saddam1Hi there10:21
foexleRazique: wohoooo who is there ? :) ... hey dude10:22
Raziquefoexle: hoi!10:22
Razique'sup man ?10:22
Saddam1Need help about nova-volume, I successfully created a new volume, I see the correct LV. When I try to attach this volume to an instance, I get the following error in the logs of the nova-compute node:
Saddam1(nova.compute.manager): TRACE: Stderr: 'sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified\nSorry, try again.\nsudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified\nSorry, try again.\nsudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified\nSorry, try again.\nsudo: 3 incorrect password attempts\n'10:23
foexleRazique: hhahaha but i can't see a flying man with leggings on the sky :D .... where are you ?10:24
RaziqueI worked on openstack manuals lately man!10:24
Raziquewhat about you10:25
Raziquestill openstack in lab ?10:25
foexlemanuals ? °° ... detailled manuals ? :D10:25
Raziquefix bug into openstack docs :p10:26
foexleRazique: yeah yeah .... still performance problems with kvm .... i'll try now xcp and today xen (with the bugfix) :)10:26
Raziqueoh :(10:27
Raziquestill the cpu load on the host ?10:27
heyhoHello everyone! Do you know if erasing the content of _base folder won't prevent the ability to launch new instances..? I think my _base folder is full of old trash from failed instances..can I remove all the content and start fresh?10:27
foexleRazique: yeah .... but it's an I/O issue i think10:27
RaziqueIntel CPUs btw ?10:28
foexlei'm not a kvm guy .... i worked the last years only with xen .... so it's hard to find a good solution ...10:28
Raziqueso u'll end up back with kvm10:31
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valeriy_hello, Razique10:32
foexleso it's only a try and workaround till i have found a soulution with kvm ....10:32
valeriy_so, you worked on openstack manual?10:32
valeriy_if so, you probably know config settings for vmware esxi, don't you?10:33
foexleRazique: i need to resolve this now .... can't wait more time10:33
Raziquehey valeriy_  :)10:33
valeriy_can't get it work. vm starts without any NIC inside10:34
Raziquevaleriy_: Yah I'm an openstack manuals. tech. writter10:34
Raziquevaleriy_: what are you looking for exactly ?10:34
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valeriy_for FlatNetwork10:35
valeriy_can't understand, what it is - vmware esx port group10:35
Raziquemmmm I think you are mixing stuff here ain't you :p10:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #918612 in nova "chmod nova-logspool" [Undecided,In progress]
valeriy_and how it is connected with flat_network_bridge, if i have two PCs: one - for openstack, another - for esxi10:36
Razique--flat_network is the network mode10:36
Raziquesorry valeriy_ I read too quick10:36
Raziquemy bad10:36
RaziqueI ve never used esxi with openstack sorry10:37
RaziqueI guess it's the name of the bridge you create under esxi10:37
valeriy_i already made a production server based on KVM, but here (esxi) it is to different10:37
Raziqueyou know for your VMs10:38
Raziquesame here10:38
valeriy_can u draw a schematic?10:38
valeriy_sorry, must go now. see u later.10:39
Kiallmjfork: very late reply, but better late than never ;)
RaziqueKiall: hey :-)10:44
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918615 in nova "compute_api.start() crashes at schedule_start_instance()" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #918614 in nova "Attach volume with LXC failed" [Undecided,New]
Raziquehave u tested Essex ?10:48
*** taihen has joined #openstack10:48
KiallNot yet.. I probably will once e3 is out, since it should be feature complete at that point...10:49
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anpl1Hi I have added a new node10:50
anpl1started nova-compute10:50
anpl1I can launch instances in this new nova node10:50
anpl1but IP assign to the instance fails10:51
anpl1what could be the reasons10:51
Kiallanpl1: have you checked the nova-network and nova-compute logs? They should give an error...10:52
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918620 in nova "Nova unable to get LXC host container informations" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #918621 in nova "nova.conf example" [Undecided,New]
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anpl1kiall: sorry I missed your reply11:18
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anpl1kiall: nova-network.log : Attempting to grab semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"... from (pid=1446) inner /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/
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anpl1I have created network on controller using nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 6411:50
anpl1should create network on the node as well?11:51
*** kbringard has joined #openstack11:51
*** eglynn has joined #openstack11:51
MrHeatanyone got problem with resizing instances?11:51
anpl1resizing instance ? you mean taking a snapshot and launch a new instance?11:53
MrHeatanpl1: there is an api call called resize, that changes the flavor of a instance11:55
MrHeatto a new one, and you need to confirm it, but i'm having problem with this11:55
*** kbringard has quit IRC11:57
anpl1is that available on dashboard?11:57
anpl1Mrheat: that is not availble on my diablo dashboard, so not able to test it and tell11:58
MrHeatanpl1: i used it directly from api, i dont use dashboard for now11:58
MrHeatanpl1: :(11:58
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anpl1MrHeat: I thought of testing it to help you since I have not api tools setup I have no way to do that now12:01
MrHeatanpl1: no problem, ty anyway, i'll researching it around the web... and waiting for mjfork12:02
mjfork hey12:02
anpl1hi mjfork12:03
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*** ritesh has joined #openstack12:03
mjforkwhats up?12:03
MrHeatmjfork: hey man, i need a bit of help with this:
mjforkyeah, a bit behind at forums :-/12:04
mjforkMrHeat: does live migration work?12:05
*** shevek_ has joined #openstack12:05
mjfork(nova.rpc): TRACE: Error: Migration error: destination same as source!12:06
MrHeatmjfork: i dont tried the live migration, i'm just trying to change the flavor via api call "resize".12:06
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riteshcan this irc help me with keystone12:07
mjforki don't see this document12:07
MrHeatmjfork: i saw that, but i dont know how to try fix it. can you give me a light?12:07
mjforkmr heat, i don't see this documented, but resize requires live migration which implies 2 or more computE nodes12:07
stevegjacobs_ I am having trouble creating snapshots. I have done it successfully a few weeks back on my system, but today I try it and nothing seems to happen.12:08
MrHeatwell, i have 2 compute nodes12:08
anpl1mjfork: I have added a new node, I can launch new instances on this new node. But assign the IP fails12:08
stevegjacobs_checking nova-compute log and nothy shows up there either12:08
anpl1ttempting to grab semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"... from (pid=1446) inner /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/
anpl1I have installed nova-network on node and started it12:09
anpl1I created the network on controller like this: nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 6412:10
anpl1should I create a network in new node as well12:10
mjforkMrHeat: replied12:10
anpl1here is my nova.conf lines for networking
mjforkritesh: if you patient, we can try shortly12:10
MrHeatmjfork: ok, i'll research about this live migration12:11
anpl1ritesh: whats the issue12:11
mjforkanpl no networks are only needed on controller12:11
*** msavy has joined #openstack12:11
anpl1mjfork: I am lost here12:11
mjforkanpl1: VLans on a single interface?12:11
mjforkdid everything work all-in-one before?12:12
anpl1mjfork: yes12:12
mjforkthis is yoru first external compute node?12:12
anpl1mjfor: yeah this is my first node12:12
riteshi have installed keystone successfully admin api is listening and wsgi also12:12
anpl1I could not get it working12:12
mjforkanpl1 do NOT run nova-network on 2nd node12:12
mjforkonly comptute12:12
anpl1I was not running it before, to trouble shoot this I installed nova-network12:13
mjforkok, remove it12:13
*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack12:13
mjforkanpl1: and reboot that node12:13
riteshbut when i try to edit api-paste.ini  and add keystone provided api-paste.ini and restart nova-api it gives you must implement _setup_routes12:14
mjforkritesh: pastebin stacktrace - guessing msissing openstackx on controller12:14
*** pradeep1 has quit IRC12:15
ritesh@mjfork can u explain more12:15
larissaritesh: Error: "mjfork" is not a valid command.12:15
riteshmjfork can u explain more12:15
mjforkritesh: paste the stacktrace to confirm12:15
anpl1mjfork: After rebooting, what could be the nova.conf lines for networking?12:16
mjforkanpl try placing your eth device in promisc mode? i know vish commented it is requred some times12:16
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:16
mjforkanpl1: ip link set promisc on br10012:16
mjforkanpl1 setup looks ok12:16
mjforkstevegjacobs_ are you on diablo12:17
anpl1mjfork:  ip link set promisc on br100 on node or controller?12:17
anpl1mjfork: thanks12:17
anpl1mjfork: should I restart any service on the controller?12:17
ritesh mjfork here is the stacktrace
*** 13WAAA5UH has joined #openstack12:18
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack12:18
mjforkanpl1 i don't think you need to12:19
anpl1mjfork: thanks12:19
mjforkritesh: nope, not what i was thinking. pastebin nova.conf12:20
MrHeatmjfork: do you use live migration, or have tested it?12:20
*** zeus has joined #openstack12:20
Kiallstevegjacobs_: have you tried taking a snapshot of a brand new instance?12:21
riteshmjfork :
mjforkMrHeat: neither, but have helped others getting it to work12:21
mjforkritest paste bin api-paste.ini12:21
KiallThere was a bug in older versions of diablo that meant if a snapshot failed for any reason, the instance state was not reset.. causing new attempts to snapshot to silently fail..12:21
anpl1mjfork: Determining IP information for eth0...eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x05E112:23
anpl1 failed.12:23
anpl1same error12:24
*** Saddam1 has joined #openstack12:24
mjforkanpl pastebin error12:24
mjforkanpl1: are you sure VLANs are correct?12:24
anpl1mjfork: I do not have VLAN12:25
anpl1nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 64 means FLAT DHCP12:25
anpl1mjfork: i sist so12:25
mjforknot when you set network manager to Vlan :-)12:26
*** Razique has joined #openstack12:26
riteshmjfork: api-paste.ini
stevegjacobs_Kiall: I am taking a snapshot of an instance that I've set up the way I want. I was able to do this a few weeks ago12:26
anpl1mjfork: I am actually confused about that part. I do not need a VLAN. Since that would make the setup complicated12:27
stevegjacobs_I'll try that now and see if there is a difference12:27
Kiallstevegjacobs_: yea, did the very first attempt to snapshot this VM fail? (or fire up a new instance and check if it works...)12:27
mjforkritesh: is that on startup?12:28
mjforkanpl1 what is confusing?12:28
KiallIf snapshotting a new instance works, its a simple fix.. edit the row for that instance in the DB and change task_state to NULL12:28
riteshmjfork: yes12:29
*** yshh has joined #openstack12:29
Kiallstevegjacobs_: I would suggest upgrading to the latest packages, there was a fix to prevent failed snapshots from preventing any future snapshots of the same instance..12:29
anpl1mjfork: the difference with VLAN, FLAT and LAFT DHCP12:29
anpl1mjfork: If I change it to FLAT DHCP on both node and controller will it affect running instances?12:32
mjforkritesh: where did you get your packacges12:32
mjforkand anpl1 i don't think just chagnign it will work, but you can try12:32
Kiallanpl1: just changing the network mode will likely cause all sorts of issues i reckon12:32
*** aculich has quit IRC12:32
*** CatKiller has joined #openstack12:33
mjforki am with kiall, the network table loosk completely different12:33
mjforkanpl keystone?12:34
riteshmjfork: keystone i cloned it from git12:34
Kiallmjfork: and all of the bridge's etc nova set's up...12:34
anpl1so better terminate all instances and then change the network settings and restart all instances will do?12:34
mjforkritesh: did you use master or diablo?12:34
mjforkand where did nova come from?12:34
anpl1mjfork: keystone?12:34
riteshfrom ppa12:34
riteshkeystone i cloned form git12:34
stevegjacobs_Kiall: Thanks, that's probably exactly what the problem is12:35
stevegjacobs_I won't be able to do the update till this evening -12:35
mjforkritesh: paste the package versions12:35
anpl1kiall: how can I remove that? sorry I do not have any idea about that12:36
Kiallstevegjacobs_: Right, so something like "UPDATE instances SET task_state = NULL WHERE task_state = 'image_snapshot'" on the nova DB should sort it12:37
mjforkanpl1 i think if you fixup your config, remove the network from teh database, and reboot the node12:37
Kiallthen updating the packages would prevent it from getting stuck like that again....12:37
mjforkanpl1 you could then create new network, restart nova services, and be ok12:37
anpl1mjfork: how can i remove the network from database12:38
mjforki think nova-manage network delete does NOT work, in which case delete from networks; in mysql12:39
Kiallanpl1: DELETE FROM `networks`; DELETE FROM `fixed_ips`; should do it..12:39
riteshmjfork: nova version is 2011.3 (2011.3-nova-milestone-tarball:tarmac-20110922115702-k9nkvxqzhj130av2)12:39
*** foexle has quit IRC12:39
Kiallthen re-add a single network with nova-manage network add ..12:39
Kiallritesh: thats fairly old ;)12:39
riteshmjfork: keystone 2012.1-dev12:39
Kiall(there has been around 100 fixes to nova since that...)12:39
mjforkahh, yes, forgot about fixed_ips , good catch kiall12:39
mjforkritesh: that is your problem, you need to match up versions12:40
mjforkKiall: your repos have keystone = nova?12:40
Kiallmjfork: yea, my repos have everything up-to-date with stable/diablo12:40
riteshno  i don't have repos12:40
riteshcan u share me ur repos12:40
Kiallactually - looks like my repo are (semi) out of date .. oops12:41
Kiallforgot to copy over the packages from the nightly ppa yesterday12:41
mjforkritesh: you are on a single node?12:41
riteshkiall: where i can get latest packages12:41
riteshmjfork: single node12:42
mjforkritesh: ok, use kiall's packages certainly.12:42
*** shaon has quit IRC12:42
riteshmjfork: so should i use older keystone to make it running or upgrade my whole setup12:43
Kiallritesh: either would work, but bear in mind that essex is under active development and shouldn't be considered stable...12:44
*** aculich has joined #openstack12:44
KiallSo just downgrading keystone to the stable release would be easier..12:44
*** _rfz has quit IRC12:45
mjforkritesh: i would consider starting in a fresh install with kialls resposiiotry12:45
mjforkritesh: it will be the most stable and easiest to find help with12:45
riteshthanxs kiall12:45
riteshok mjfork12:45
Kiallannegentle: have you published a PDF of your new install guide anywhere yet?12:45
riteshkiall: can u share me the latest packages or ur repo12:46
Kiallritesh: they are @
*** eglynn has quit IRC12:47
Kiall(give it 15 mins though, just pushed updated packages a few mins ago...)12:47
*** Hakon|mbp has joined #openstack12:49
KiallAlso, Anything you installed from git is not easily un-installable, and will take precedence over any package based installs.. If may be best to start with a clean ubuntu install if you're not sure how to 100% clear everything out...12:49
*** zeus has quit IRC12:49
*** zeus has joined #openstack12:49
riteshok kiall12:49
*** zeus has quit IRC12:50
riteshand wat about keystone ur repo includes that12:50
mjforkritesh: i second kiall's comment about clean machien12:50
Kiallritesh: yea, it includes all the openstack components...12:51
ikke-tany of you developing the devstack?12:51
ikke-tdevstack2 that is12:51
ikke-ttrying to get it running on fedora here...12:52
riteshmjfork,kiall: have u made any document regarding horizon,keystone12:52
anpl1mjfork: how can I assign IPs for FLAT mode?12:52
riteshif you can share that would be a great help12:52
ikke-tI would have couple of notes12:52
Kiallritesh: no, but annegentle has one in progress..12:52
mjforkanpl you don't assign it grabs12:53
KiallIts in here ... but i have no idea how to build the PDF version ;)12:53
anpl1mjfork: how can I set that pool?12:53
mjforkanpl1 the nova-manage network create command you pasted earlier12:54
anpl1kiall: I guess using maven12:54
riteshthanxs kiall mjfork12:54
mjforkritesh: good luck, come back if you need help12:55
anpl1mjfork: How can I assign a set of real IPs from my network?12:55
MrHeatmjfork: where it says to modify libvirt.conf, its on every compute node?12:56
MrHeat(live migration)12:56
riteshya sure mjfork12:56
anpl1now I have a network in my LAN, so is it possible to use a free IP set from that?12:57
mjforkMrHeat: yes, modify every libvirt and make sure NFS is working12:58
mjforkhmm, i tihnk it needs to be a routable subnet12:58
mjforkanpl1 ^12:58
anpl1mjfork: sorry I did not get you, were you asking me to scroll up?12:59
mjforkanpl1 no, the routable subnet comment was for you12:59
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack13:00
*** 13WAAA5UH has quit IRC13:00
anpl1before when I used network with single node. I created a a route in my router that routes through the IP of controller. when we have multiple nodes how we do this13:00
*** siwos has quit IRC13:00
mjforkanpl1 if you only have 1 nova-network instance, that won't change13:01
anpl1mjfork: so all the traffic to the nodes are through the controller's network card?13:03
anpl1mjfork: this would create a traffic conjunction right?13:03
mjforkanpl1 yes if you don't run multihost13:03
anpl1mjfork: multihost network right?13:04
anpl1I mean multi host nova-network13:04
*** atpa8a has quit IRC13:05
mjforkyeah, in that mode, every host can act as gateway13:05
*** 64MAAJA31 has joined #openstack13:05
*** 64MAAJA31 has quit IRC13:06
anpl1mjfork: it's getting complicated,13:07
anpl1if we use VLAN then it's not routed so?13:07
mjforkanpl1 what?13:08
*** willaerk has joined #openstack13:08
MrHeatmjfork: in comments of manual, someone says that i need to change the user that idmapd runs... but i tested here and i can access the shared folder in the other node, still need to change this?13:09
mjforkMrHeat: i am not sure13:10
anpl1mjfor: if I use vlan manger for nova network, again all traffic are routed through the controller's/nova network hosts network card?13:10
mjforkanpl1 - right, in vlan all thorugh controller13:10
mjforkby defualt13:10
mjforkit doesn't have to be complicated13:11
*** eglynn has joined #openstack13:13
MrHeatmjfork: ok, i got this error when trying to live migration: (nova.rpc): TRACE: FileNotFound: File tmpcCcpMF could not be found.13:13
anpl1mjfork: ok, among FLAT and FLAT DHCP which is good? I did not understand the difference from the doc13:15
*** eglynn has quit IRC13:22
*** bsza has joined #openstack13:22
anpl1if I create a FLAT network, should I remove --vlan_interface=eth0 from nova.conf?13:24
*** doude has joined #openstack13:25
kbringardyou probably want FlatDHCP, then nova manages the DHCP leases directly13:27
kbringardit's simpler and probably better for getting started13:27
*** ritesh has quit IRC13:27
anpl1kbringard: Thanks, but do we need tow network cards for that?13:28
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack13:29
anpl1should we have this flags? --flat_interface=eth2 --flat_injected=False --public_interface=eth013:30
anpl1or these are optional?13:30
anpl1it would be great if some can share a nova.conf with Flat DHCP settings13:30
kbringardI don't use FlatDHCP, so I can't really help there :-/13:31
*** betodalas has joined #openstack13:31
*** heyho_ has joined #openstack13:32
anpl1you use VLAN?13:32
*** mohits has joined #openstack13:33
*** funzo has quit IRC13:33
*** heyho has quit IRC13:33
*** zigo has joined #openstack13:34
betodalasDoes anyone have install Windows in Xen using OPenstack?13:35
*** mdomsch has quit IRC13:35
*** eglynn has joined #openstack13:35
zigobetodalas: Using XenAPI, or Xen through libvirt?13:35
betodalasUsing xenapi13:36
*** sogi has joined #openstack13:36
doudeHi all, I juste update the trunk code of nova and I get a freeze when I lunch nova-api13:38
*** funzo has joined #openstack13:38
*** Trebortech has joined #openstack13:39
betodalaszigo: Using xenapi13:39
doudeIt loads extensions when it finished to load them, it crashs. The nova-api process disappears13:39
zigobetodalas: What's your issue?13:40
doudeif I remove the contrib folder extension, nova-api starts correctly13:40
doudedo you have an idea ?13:40
Kiallsmoser: you about? wondering if you had ever given some thought to cloud-init on bare metal servers.. love the simplicity of it and would love to re-use it there :)13:41
sogihello guys13:42
sogi(and girls maybe :) )13:42
betodalaszigo: First, to install the image correctly, the image name must be exactly "image.vhd" and also has to be compressed as tar.gz But when I do this in a windows image shows that the error did not find the file / sys / hypervisor.13:42
sogisqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (OperationalError) table user_roles already exists u'\nCREATE TABLE user_roles13:42
sogiafter issuing database sync13:43
sogiany idea?13:43
Kiallbetodalas: are you trying to upload the image with the euca cli tools? or the glance command?13:43
betodalaskiall: Glance command13:43
betodalas glance add name="Windows-virtio-xen" disk_format=vhd container_format=ovf is_public=true < image.vhd.tar.gz --auth_token xxxxxxx13:44
KiallOkay, So what makes you think the image needs to be called "image.vhd" and tgz compressed?13:44
betodalaskiall: because it only worked that way, after much searching. When I put the image without being compressed, complains that need to be compressed.13:45
Kiall(also.. that --auth-token is in the wrong place)13:45
betodalasIn Linux works13:45
betodalasIn linux install vms13:46
betodalasJust in Windows, show me errors13:46
Kiallbetodalas: what complains, and at what point? during the glance upload or when trying to boot an instance?13:46
smoserKiall, we use cloud-init on bare metal, via cobbler deployment.13:47
betodalasThe glance up the image, but complains when you try to install the image in vm13:47
*** lts has joined #openstack13:47
smosercobber, as instructed by juju, writes minimal meta-data into /var/lib/cloud/data/seed and cloud-init takes over.13:47
betodalas2012-01-19 09:08:24,602 DEBUG nova [-] live_migration_uri : qemu+tcp://%s/system from (pid=5764) wait /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/nova/ 2012-01-19 09:08:24,619 DEBUG nova [-] allowed_roles : ['cloudadmin', 'itsec', 'sysadmin', 'netadmin', 'developer'] from (pid=5764) wait /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/nova/ 2012-01-19 09:08:24,630 DEBUG nova [-] use_syslog : False from (pid=5764) wait /usr/lib/pymodu13:47
betodalas(nova.virt.xenapi.vmops): TRACE: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/sys/hypervisor/uuid'13:48
Kiallsmoser: interesting.. been meaning to give juju a proper look.. been waiting for multiple charms per server though ;)13:48
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:49
Kiallbetodalas: that doesnt seem related to the image, that sounds like the host machine is missing some part of xen.. (I dont use xen, so I can't be sure...)13:51
*** eglynn has quit IRC13:52
Kialla google search for that error shows a few openstack questions on launchpad, maybe one of those has the fix for that?13:52
*** Andrew_Weiss has joined #openstack13:52
*** hadrian has joined #openstack13:53
betodalasI searched on google and found nothing nap13:56
*** kyriakos has joined #openstack13:56
Kiall"No such file or directory: '/sys/hypervisor/uuid'" brings up a pile of openstack questions as the first results...13:56
smoserKiall, yeah, multiple charms per server is a big needed features.13:56
zigobetodalas: I'm the one that did the packaging of XCP in Debian.13:57
zigoI worked with guys from Citrix.13:57
smoseryou can use this function in cobbler without juju, though, you just basically have to one way or anothe rget a metadata service (or populate /var/lib/cloud/data/seed)13:57
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:57
betodalasI use XCP with Ubuntu13:58
zigobetodalas: What's the xe vm-list-param?13:58
Kiallsmoser: cool.. will have a look when I get a chance :)13:59
smoser has info about directory seed14:00
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack14:00
*** LinuxJedi has joined #openstack14:00
*** dwcramer has quit IRC14:00
betodalaszigo, one moment14:00
zigobetodalas: Which version of XCP do you use? The one from Ubuntu (eg: what I packaged in Debian), or the one from Citrix's site (which is outdated)?14:01
betodalasThe version is 1.114:01
zigoThat's quite outdated.14:02
zigoFrom the Citrix site, right?14:02
betodalasThe citrixYes14:02
*** Andrew_Weiss has quit IRC14:02
zigoAnyway, I'm really not sure how to fix.14:03
zigoLet me check something.14:03
betodalasXCP 1.114:03
*** valeriy_ has quit IRC14:03
zigoDo you have a /sys ?14:03
zigoIs there /sys/hypervisor?14:04
zigoI do have it on my box.14:04
betodalasYes, this error just show me with Windows14:04
betodalasLinux install14:04
*** valeriy_ has joined #openstack14:04
*** armaan has joined #openstack14:04
doudeHi all, I try the dev trunk code of Nova. I just updated it14:05
*** armaan has left #openstack14:05
doudeNova-api crash just after it loaded all compute extensions14:05
doude I don't have any log. Do you have an idea ?14:05
doudeIf I remove the contrib extension folder, nova-api start correctly14:05
*** Guest48560 has joined #openstack14:07
*** Glacee has quit IRC14:07
*** armaan has joined #openstack14:07
*** avoine has joined #openstack14:09
armaanHello folks,14:09
armaanOpenStack dashboard  login failed with this message:   Error: Unable to communicate with identity service: [Errno 111] Connection refused. (HTTP 400)14:09
armaanPlease help!!14:09
Kiallarmaan: keystone is most likely not running (keystone == identity service, Connection refused == well.. Connection refused)14:11
mjforkMrHeat: pulled away, not sure if you got it - but that usually means NFS isn't righty14:11
mjforkanpl1: did you get flatdhcp vs flat figured out?14:12
mjforkarmaan: or your keystone settings in dashbaord conf are not right14:12
armaanplease suggest a solution.14:13
*** pksunkara has joined #openstack14:14
mjforkarmaan: we suggested 2 - check your conf file and that keystone is running14:15
*** marrusl has joined #openstack14:16
*** livemoon has joined #openstack14:17
armaanthank you , i will try to sort it out.14:17
mjforkarmaan do you know where the conf s?14:18
mjforkconf is14:18
armaanno, i was googling it.14:18
armaanwhere can i find it ?14:18 in local fodler14:19
anpl1mjfork: I was away. I am trying to setup FLAT DHCP14:19
anpl1I get nova: --bridge is required to create a network error when I try to create network using:14:20
anpl1 nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 6414:20
*** Saddam1 has left #openstack14:21
mjforkdefine --flat_interface in nvoa.conf14:21
*** jeroenhn has joined #openstack14:21
anpl1mjfork: I have only one network card on the controller. so  --flat_interface=eth0 ?14:22
mjforkanpk yes14:22
mjforkanpl1 yes14:23
anpl1mjfork: thanks14:23
*** lz_ has quit IRC14:23
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack14:23
*** lz_ has joined #openstack14:26
valeriy_hello, folks14:26
valeriy_has anybody trie openstack with vmware esxi?14:26
valeriy_only KVM people present here?14:27
KiallI think OS with ESXi is probably the least used hypervisor of them all ;)14:28
anpl1mjfork: should I use --public_interface=eth0 as well?14:29
anpl1mjfork: I get the same error nova: --bridge is required to create a network14:29
valeriy_yes, probably it explains tha lask of docs for non-KVM hypervisors14:29
mjforkanpl1 restart nova network and comptue14:31
mjforki agree with Kiall - valeriy_ why esx?14:31
valeriy_better sdk14:32
valeriy_i mean, vm configuration14:32
valeriy_better windows vm support14:32
KiallWell, Openstack manages all the vm configuration.. I would doubt you would be able to reliably edit the ESXi VM configs...14:33
*** bpf has joined #openstack14:33
valeriy_on KVM i already has some kernel faults during tests14:33
*** lionel has quit IRC14:33
KiallAnd.. Windows works fine in my experience on KVM/Xen?14:33
valeriy_time sync with host, network performance?14:34
*** lionel has joined #openstack14:34
*** saju_m has quit IRC14:34
Kiallenable the virtio network/disk drivers.. performance is pretty good compared to ESX (i have a pile of OpenStack KVM, and ESXi 4/5 servers..)14:35
valeriy_yes, everybody uses redhat virtio drivers14:35
Kialltime sync with the host, well.. I don't believe windows supports that.. but it certainly supports standard NTP, I believe you could edit the OS dhcp server config to specify it that way..14:36
Kiall(assuming windows takes any notice of NTP servers provided via DHCP)14:36
valeriy_do you have any time glitches inside windows vms?14:36
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack14:37
anpl1mjfor: same error.14:37
Kiallvaleriy_: None that I've noticed...14:37
*** aliguori has quit IRC14:37
anpl1mjfork: nova: --bridge is required to create a network14:37
anpl1mjfork: ifconfig -a output
anpl1should I create a bridge or something like that?14:38
valeriy_well, it would be incoomplete knowlege if i will not try openstack with all "supported" hypervisors14:38
*** egant has joined #openstack14:39
mjforkvaleriy_: kvm is by far the most feature complete and, going forward, likely to have the best support14:39
mjforkanpl1 patebin nova-manage.log14:40
mjforkand nova-network.log14:40
Kiallmjfork: my only issue with KVM is being unable to specify the /dev/ device name for volumes etc :(14:40
mjforkKiall: yeah, annyoing14:40
anpl1mjfork: nova-manage.log
Kiallmjfork: BTW, With XCP landing in precise, I reckon xen will give KVM a run for its money re # of users...14:42
*** Shentonfreude has left #openstack14:43
*** PotHix has joined #openstack14:44
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC14:45
anpl1mjfork: nova.conf :
armaanmjfork: i edited the in local folder, but still it is not running.14:46
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack14:46
*** MrHeat has quit IRC14:47
mjforkarmaan is keystone running @ OPENSTACK_HOST14:47
mjfork ""14:47
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack14:48
armaandashboard is running at
anpl1mjfork: I created the network by adding --bridge nova-manage network create novanetwork 1 64 --bridge=eth014:49
anpl1is that fine?14:49
armaankeystone at :5000/v2.0/   not working14:50
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:50
mjforkanpl1 should be14:51
mjforkarmaan: start keystone then14:51
*** eglynn has joined #openstack14:52
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack14:52
anpl1mjfork: nova.conf
mjforkanpl1 is there a problem?14:53
*** rocambole has quit IRC14:53
*** livemoon has left #openstack14:53
anpl1I have not mention --public_interface=eth014:54
mjforkanpl1 you can add it14:55
*** MrHeat has joined #openstack14:56
anpl1mjfork: yes,  Error: internal error Failed to add tap interface to bridge. eth0 is not a bridge device14:56
anpl1I get that error on launching instance14:56
doudeNoby have this problem ?14:56
armaanmjfork: thank you , it is running successfully !! :)14:57
mjforkanpl1 what does select * from netwrks;14:57
mjforkarmaan: thanks14:58
mjforkarmaan: glad to hear that14:58
mjforkdoude: what problem?14:58
*** russf has quit IRC15:00
doudemjfork: I use the last trunk code of Nova. Nova-api crash just after it loaded all compute extensions15:08
*** valeriy_ has quit IRC15:08
*** deshantm has joined #openstack15:08
doude I don't have any log. Do you have an idea ?15:08
*** aliguori has joined #openstack15:08
doudeIf I remove the contrib extension folder, nova-api start correctly15:08
mjforkdoude: open a bug in launchpad15:08
mjforkwhere did extensinos come from? trunk?15:08
doudemjfork: yes15:09
mjforkanpl1 update networks set bridge='br100'15:09
mjforkdoude: log a buig report15:09
*** Andrew_Weiss has joined #openstack15:09
doudemjfork: ok15:09
doudemjfork: Do you try recently the last trunk code ?15:10
mjforkdoude: no15:12
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:13
*** dwcramer has quit IRC15:13
*** lloydde has joined #openstack15:16
anpl1mjfork: on nova.conf?15:16
anpl1mjfork: got it mysql15:17
mjforkanpl1 run that against mysql15:17
*** armaan has left #openstack15:17
*** rods has joined #openstack15:18
anpl1mjfork: got it15:18
*** armaan has joined #openstack15:18
*** armaan has left #openstack15:18
*** armaan has joined #openstack15:19
*** armaan has left #openstack15:19
jeroenhnHi all, I've setup openstack diablo using the starters guide, but I've ran into so much network troubles that I'm slightly lost. Basically the issue lies in the vlan / bridge setup.15:22
jeroenhnWhen I start an instance, the S1 server physically crashes15:22
MrHeatmjfork: i need to share /var/lib/instances from node 1, to node 2, but what mount point on node 2?15:22
mjforkjeroenhn: ubuntu 11.1015:23
jeroenhnYes, ubuntu 11.1015:23
*** kaigan has left #openstack15:23
jeroenhnI think thereś a loop created somewhere within the bridge, but i've tried so much that itś a mess anyway.15:23
*** misheska has joined #openstack15:24
mjforkjeroenhn: it is a bad doc, i logged a bug15:24
jeroenhnIs there a plain easy way to get things back to scratch? I've cleanup my interface file and nova.conf,15:24
mjforkcan you boot and get into mysql?15:24
jeroenhnyes, I can15:24
jeroenhnWhat's the bug?15:24
mjforkcan you pastebinm nova.conf?15:25
*** eglynn has quit IRC15:26
mjforkjeroenhn: pastebin select * from networks in mysql15:27
jeroenhnhmm, looks messy though15:29
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack15:29
*** 16WAAMB8U has joined #openstack15:30
lxui'm trying to run a instance on a compute node host. i can ping the instance but can't ssh to it. the console output shows me this:[WARNING]: '' failed: url error [timed out] 2012-01-19 15:29:24,454 -[WARNING]: 'http://instance-data:8773' failed: url error [timed out]15:31
*** floehmann has quit IRC15:32
*** mcclurmc has quit IRC15:33
mjforkjeroenhn: SELECT bridge_interface  FROM networks;15:33
mjforklxu, multiple compute nodes?15:33
*** mcclurmc has joined #openstack15:33
*** ldlework has joined #openstack15:34
mjforkjeroenhn: UPDATE networks SET bridge_interface = 'eth0';15:34
mjforkor your VLAN interface15:34
mjforkbut its an eth device, not a br15:34
jeroenhnok, will try now :)15:34
lxumjfork : yes. i can run instances on controller+compute node, but not on only computer node15:35
*** russf has joined #openstack15:36
mjforklxu what newtork15:36
jeroenhnI do have eth1 ( as per install guide, but also virbr0 (ip is - same as on s2, I guess that can't be good) and vlan10015:36
lxumjfork : flat dhcp15:37
mjforklxu multi_hsot?15:37
lxumjfork : no, only on nova-network on controller15:37
mjforklxu was nova-network ever run on second host?15:37
*** deshantm_ has joined #openstack15:37
*** russf has quit IRC15:38
*** guigui has quit IRC15:38
*** russf_ has joined #openstack15:38
lxumjfork: i think i tried to do that, using multi_host=1, but didnt work. however, multi_host is zero now15:39
*** floehmann has joined #openstack15:39
anpl1mjfork: that worked15:39
*** russf_ has quit IRC15:39
anpl1I am trying to launch instance on node again15:40
mjforklxu do you have multi_hsot set in nova.conf?15:40
lxumjfork: no15:40
jeroenhnmjfork: I'd set it to eth1, restarted all the nova items and checked if the zones were available (yes), launched an image and again the server hangs hard.15:41
*** deshantm has quit IRC15:41
*** deshantm_ is now known as deshantm15:41
mjforkjeroenhn: reboot15:42
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:42
mjforklxu ip addr show on compute 169 listed?15:42
Kialljeroenhn: when you say "the server hangs hard", what do you mean exactly? kernel panic? cpu stall? or just 100% CPU?15:42
mjforkis it the dead loop error?15:43
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack15:43
*** MrHeat is now known as alexslx15:43
lxumjfork: yes.   inet scope link lo15:44
anpl1mjfork: I am not able to launch instance on the node15:44
mjforklxu that is the problem, remove it (reboot works)15:44
anpl1nova.rpc: ERROR [6244e82e-c133-4db4-9115-956a34bf85c4 admin 1] Exception during message handling15:44
anpl1(nova.rpc): TRACE: Traceback (most recent call last):15:44
mjforkanpl1 what happesn?15:44
lxumjfork : ok, i'm gonna try it15:44
jeroenhnKiall:  Hard to say, the server stops responding to pings etc. Keyboard won't respond to numlock anymore etc.15:45
Kialldo you have physical access to the server? or OOB/serial console access?15:45
jeroenhnYes, I have15:45
KiallAnything showing on the screen?15:45
Kiall(ie .. a kernel panic error or w/e)15:45
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC15:46
jeroenhnNo kernel panics. I see this (I have to type this over, hang on :))15:46
*** eglynn has joined #openstack15:46
*** alexslx has quit IRC15:47
jeroenhnbmx2 0000:07:00.0: eth0: DEBUG: RPM_MGT_CTRRL[00000000000]15:47
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:47
Kialldon't know that message, or if it would cause major issues..15:48
jeroenhnthere are tons of similar messages.15:49
jeroenhnI do see 1 cpu stall message15:49
KiallOhh yes, Thats the one ;)15:49
mjforkjeroenhn: did you rebot after making that change?15:49
jeroenhnNo, I didn reboot. It has rebooted now though.15:49
mjforktry it again15:49
mjforkit wshould have properly setup now15:49
KiallI had *constant* CPU stalls and kernel panics with the stock oneiric kernel on HP 165 G7's... others reported similar issues with dell 29xx's... Wouldn’t happen to be the same kit?15:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #918747 in nova "nova-api crash" [Undecided,New]
jeroenhnok, first I'm running euca_describe_availability_zones verbose and see that nova-compute on s1 shows XXX15:51
mjforkjeroenhn: make sure it is running and give it a minute to tysnc15:51
anpl1mjfork: It worked after a reboot of node15:51
anpl1thanks for all the help15:51
anpl1mjfork: hope I did not bother you too much15:52
mjforkanpl1: nope, glad it is working15:52
anpl1going home15:52
anpl1will be online from there15:52
*** zzed has joined #openstack15:52
jeroenhnok all smilies again (nova-compute was waiting for libvirtd). so Iĺl fire up a new image15:54
*** funzo has quit IRC15:54
*** funzo has joined #openstack15:54
*** yshh has quit IRC15:54
*** yshh has joined #openstack15:54
*** cp16net has joined #openstack15:54
*** anpl1 has quit IRC15:55
*** dolphm has joined #openstack15:55
jeroenhnserver seems to be keeping on running, describe instances show it on pending mykey15:55
*** guigui has joined #openstack15:56
mjforkjeroenhn: lookin nova-compute.log or nova-network.log15:56
*** yshh has quit IRC15:57
*** reed has joined #openstack15:58
jeroenhncompute log:15:58
jeroenhnVirtualisation is enabled in bios, btw15:58
lxumjfork: ok, error has changed. trying ssh :  Permission denied (publickey).  Console Output appears ok16:00
mjforklxu how did you connect16:01
lxumjfork : ssh -i key.priv ubuntu@ip16:01
mjforkjeroenhn: can you paste more of the log? i think something happened ebfeor that16:02
*** dolphm has quit IRC16:02
*** funzo has quit IRC16:02
mjforklxu are you sure that is the rig ht key?16:02
mjforkguessing it is not16:02
lxumjfork : yes, cause i'm using the same command to run instance and ssh to other machines on controller node and all went fine16:03
jeroenhnsure thing :)16:04
*** maplebed has quit IRC16:04
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC16:05
mjforkjeroenhn: is there a libvirt log?16:06
jeroenhncertainly, hang on, Iĺl grab it16:07
*** funzo has joined #openstack16:07
*** nelson1234 has quit IRC16:08
*** lborda has quit IRC16:09
*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack16:09
*** danwent has joined #openstack16:09
mjforkjeroenhn: google this 16:54:57.412: 1763: error : qemuMonitorTextGetPtyPaths:1945 : operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'16:10
*** reidrac has quit IRC16:10
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack16:11
heyho_Hello, does anyone know what will be the improvements and differences of the upcoming 2011.3.1 version compared to 2011.3?..and, will it be possible to upgrade from 2011.3 to 2011.3.1 without much trouble?16:11
lxumjfork : any other thing i can try?16:13
mjforklxu provision a new host and try again16:13
*** cp16net_ has joined #openstack16:13
mjforklxu err provisoin new guest16:14
*** lloydde has quit IRC16:14
*** scalability-junk has joined #openstack16:14
*** freeflying has quit IRC16:14
*** freeflying has joined #openstack16:16
*** cp16net has quit IRC16:17
*** cp16net_ is now known as cp16net16:17
*** funzo has quit IRC16:17
*** devananda has joined #openstack16:19
jeroenhnmjfork: thanks for your help so far!16:20
*** bpf has quit IRC16:20
mjforkjeroenhn: any luck googling?16:22
*** funzo has joined #openstack16:22
jeroenhnmjfork: sort off. after manually starting the image in virtd I got some more info and found a relevant bug:16:23
lxumjfork : still same error. i will show u the console output16:23
mjforkwhat did startnig manually show?16:24
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack16:25
jeroenhnrror: internal error process exited while connecting to monitor: char device redirected to /dev/pts/116:25
jeroenhnFailed to allocate 8589934592 B: Cannot allocate memory16:25
mjforkok, good.16:25
lxumjfork :
*** willaerk has quit IRC16:26
mjforklxu it worked16:26
mjforklooks like network just took a mintue to come up16:26
*** annegentle_web has joined #openstack16:26
lxumjfork : yeah but i cant ssh D=16:26
mjforklxu sshcreate a new new16:27
mjforklxu create a new key, provision a new server with that key, see if it works16:27
*** LinuxJedi has quit IRC16:27
mjforklxu anotehr option, check nova-compute.log and make sure SSH key injected successfully16:27
*** jeroenhn has quit IRC16:31
*** andreas__ has joined #openstack16:32
*** ahasenack has quit IRC16:33
*** funzo has quit IRC16:34
*** funzo_ has joined #openstack16:34
*** funzo_ has quit IRC16:34
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:35
*** judd7 has joined #openstack16:38
*** mindpixel has quit IRC16:38
*** funzo has joined #openstack16:39
*** katkee has quit IRC16:40
*** alexslx has joined #openstack16:42
*** funzo has quit IRC16:43
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:43
*** funzo has joined #openstack16:44
*** alperkanat has quit IRC16:45
*** Eddy_ has joined #openstack16:47
*** Razique has quit IRC16:48
*** maploin has quit IRC16:48
alexslxmjfork: can you take a look at forums topic about the resize/live migration?
*** annegentle_web has quit IRC16:50
heyho_Hello, does anyone know what will be the improvements and differences of the upcoming 2011.3.1 version compared to 2011.3?..and, will it be possible to upgrade from 2011.3 to 2011.3.1 without much trouble?16:52
*** Guest48560 has quit IRC16:54
Kiallheyho_: the only changes are bugfixes, so it should be  easy enough to upgrade.. (depending on how you installed everything in the first place that is...)16:55
heyho_I installed nova-services from diablo packages..but keystone, horizon and noVNC via github.. does it mean I have to reinstall them?16:57
KiallThat just makes it harder to upgrade everything ;)16:57
*** Hakon|mbp has quit IRC16:58
lxumjfork: i tried both things. nova-compute.log say key was injected. a new key gave me the same error16:58
heyho_Kiall I supposed so :/ .. but, fixing the bugs mean that maybe I'll be able to install keystone, horizon and noVnc directly via packages right?16:59
Kiallah, no..16:59
KiallThe Ubuntu packages may or may not get updated...16:59
*** krow has joined #openstack17:00
mjforklxu paste you conn string again17:00
KiallOpenstack just release a .tar.gz for packagers like ubuntu to create .deb's from..17:00
KiallI think at this stage, its very likely the ubuntu keystone/horizon packages will not be fixed in oneiric17:00
heyho_Kiall: I don't what gets updated?17:00
lxumjfork : conn string? here is the ssh verbose
mjforklxu bad key17:01
mjforkdebug2: key_type_from_name: unknown key type '-----BEGIN'17:01
mjforkdebug3: Could not load "lx.priv" as a RSA1 public key17:01
Kialllxu: looks like you uploaded the private key, rather than the public key..17:02
alexslx2012-01-19 11:20:52,349 ERROR nova [-] Cannot confirm tmpfile at /var/lib/nova/instances is on same shared storage between cpcaserver6 and cpcaserver4.17:02
*** ppradhan has left #openstack17:02
*** jog0 has joined #openstack17:02
lxumjfork Kiall : i created the key using euca-add_keypair lx > lx.priv. then instance run wih -k lx. and them ssh -i lx.priv. anything wrong?17:04
mjforkwhat does you key look like? cat it otu17:04
heyho_Kiall thanks for the info17:04
*** mrjazzcat has quit IRC17:04
*** bpf has joined #openstack17:05
lxumjfork :
lxumjfork : as i said, im doing the same process to run and ssh and works on the instance running inside the controller node, but not on the compute node17:06
*** Ras__ has joined #openstack17:06
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack17:07
*** Eddy_ has left #openstack17:07
alexslxSomeone have tested live migration?17:07
mjforkso, i think the problem is line 1217:07
mjforkthat keypair stmt17:07
*** blitzrage has joined #openstack17:07
alexslxI'm having problem with this: ERROR nova [-] Cannot confirm tmpfile at /var/lib/nova/instances is on same shared storage between cpcaserver6 and cpcaserver4.17:07
alexslxand FileNotFound: File tmp_B2D9S could not be found.\n17:07
mjforkalexslx: i think NFS isn't right17:07
mjforkdid you setup /var/lib/nova/instances on an NFS share/17:07
*** leifmadsen has quit IRC17:08
alexslxi have shared from node1 the directory /var/lib/nova/instances to node2 mount point /instances617:08
alexslxbut i dont know where to configure to access it17:08
*** heyho_ has quit IRC17:08
alexslxmjfork: where i need to mount on node 2?17:09
mjforkon node2, it needs to be mounted as /var/lib/nova/isntances17:10
*** prectechCharliie has joined #openstack17:10
prectechCharliiehello all, anyone know how to bundle images on the compute node?17:11
*** sleepsonthefloo has joined #openstack17:11
alexslxmjfork: it will not mess the instances of node2?17:11
prectechCharliiewhen ever I mount the ISO image using kvm, I can VNC into the VM and I am not using SSH17:11
*** sleepsonthefloo has quit IRC17:11
mjforkalexslx: yes, it wil17:12
*** sleepsonthefloo has joined #openstack17:12
mjforklinve migration requires all hsots to have shared storage17:12
alexslxmjfork: but what if node1 goes down?17:12
*** bencherian has quit IRC17:13
*** sleepsonthefloo has quit IRC17:13
prectechCharliieHas anyone tried this before?17:13
*** sleepsonthefloo has joined #openstack17:14
Ras__I am struggling to confiure Openstack Diablo with Horizon Dashboard17:14
mjforkalexslx: well, you need avialble,releaiable storage17:14
Ras__I configured diablo release with couple of images and all works well , but the integration  with Horizon didn't go well17:15
mjforkprectechCharliie: are you trying to make a new image?17:15
mjforkand, Ras__ do you have a stack trace17:15
*** mnabil has quit IRC17:15
Ras__mjfork ..sorry I don't have it right now with me ..17:15
*** mrjazzcat has quit IRC17:16
mjforkRas__:  it works, assuming you have the right packages/branches17:16
Ras__Issues that I encountered specifically was euca tools doesn't work when I condifure api-paste for nova and glance17:16
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC17:16
prectechCharliieyes I am try to create an image for a centos 6.2 x64 instance17:17
mjforkRas__: that is right, takes special config17:17
mjforkRas__: instead, use the nova command17:17
mjforkprectechCharliie: did you follow
Ras__mjfork you mean nova-manage commands ?17:17
mjforkno, i mean the nova command17:18
Ras__Oh ok ..17:18
Ras__Further I got following on "Error: Unable to get usage info: a float is required" Dashboard17:18
*** scalability-junk has quit IRC17:18
mjforkRas__: confused...nova / euca has nothign to do with dashbaord?17:19
anpl prectechCharliie: which operating system you are using to create the image17:19
Ras__Yes.. This is something to do with my keystone configuration ..17:19
prectechCharliiemjfork yes I did but first it was crashin but then I changed the "if=scsi" to "if=virtio" and the instance started but now I can't VNC into port 017:19
*** mohits has quit IRC17:19
prectechCharliieanpl I am using Centos 6.017:20
Ras__My main issue is configureiing the keystone with existing Nova frame works where I should be able to deploy already configured images..17:20
Ras__Further I noticed one I configure glance-api.con and glance-registry.conf to communicate with keystone .. I couldn't restart glance-registry and glance-api ..17:21
prectechCharliieanpl my Nova-Compute node is running Cento 6.0 and I am trying to bundle an image on it17:21
mjforkprectechCharliie: i haven't done image building, can't help much.17:21
Ras__They do get started but goes away immediately17:21
mjforkRas__: you need to configure glance-api, galnce-registry and nvoa to talk to keystone17:21
prectechCharliieis there any place where I can down load images?17:21
mjforkmy guess is you are missing python-keystone package17:22
*** Hakon|mbp has joined #openstack17:22
mjforkprectechCharliie: what OS?17:22
mjforkprectechCharliie: do you need CentoS?17:22
Ras__Yea I configured glance-api, glance-registrt and nova api-paste as per the doc ...17:22
prectechCharliieyes and Ubuntu if possible17:22
Ras__I am not sure have I missed anything here ..17:22
Ras__Could you please direct me to a good documetnation where I could follow to configure Horizon for already configured openstack dashboard17:23
mjforkRas__: horizon = dashbaord17:24
anpl prectechCharliie: I have created a CentOS 6.2 image from iso. I can share the steps17:24
Ras__Dashboard Horizon relaese17:24
mjforkRas__: do you mean diablo?17:25
Ras__Let me correct the langauge ..17:25
prectechCharliieanpl: that would be really helpful. Do you have it written down?17:25
Ras__I want to configure diablo configuration where I already got instances running with Dashaboard Horizon release.17:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #918804 in nova "'nova-manage floating list' broken in git" [Undecided,New]
Ras__I used diblo with euca tools .. Now I want to move to dashboard17:26
*** llang629 has joined #openstack17:26
anpl prectechCharliie: I just have the steps, let me share it17:26
*** llang629 has left #openstack17:26
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack17:26
prectechCharliieanpl: how?17:26
mjforkRas__: ok, and what is failling now?17:27
*** Ramonster has quit IRC17:27
Ras__Once I set the glance-api and glance-registry I even can't restart glance it doesn't get start .. which mean I haven't configured correctly the api17:28
Ras__unfortunately I don't have systems with me now to share the logs and configs17:28
Ras__Highly appreciate if you could point to a comprehensive or guided documentation..17:29
*** warik has joined #openstack17:29
mjforkRas__: pretty sure it is missing python-keystone17:29
Ras__One big problem is that documentation that is there is somewhat abstract17:29
mjforkinstall that package and try glance services again17:29
Ras__I see..17:29
mjforkRas__: what repository are you using17:29
Ras__I will try it tomorrow ..Ubuntu Repo17:29
*** jog0 has left #openstack17:30
mjforkRas__: you will liekly have problems, the default packages are borken17:30
mjforkRas__: you should use kialls repsitory17:30
*** egant has quit IRC17:30
*** doude has quit IRC17:31
*** scalability-junk has joined #openstack17:31
*** reed has quit IRC17:31
mjforkRas__: not sure how far into your intall you are17:31
Ras__I have set it up the keystone17:32
Ras__Horizon and Openstack17:32
Ras__Do you mean that Ubuntu repo packages are not stable for Horizon and keystone only?17:32
Ras__Further is this the kialls repo ?17:33
*** ejat has joined #openstack17:34
mjforkthat is Kiall repository17:34
mjforkand they are broken, based on what was cut in sept, which had bugs in keystone/dashb oard that prevented it from working17:34
*** dolphm has joined #openstack17:34
Ras__I see I have been waisting my time for about week now ..17:35
Ras__Documentation is not at all good ..17:35
Ras__Further ... Are you saying still the dashboard is not in a stable state to take it to a production level ?17:36
mjforkRas__: it is stable, works great for me.17:37
*** derekh has quit IRC17:37
mjforkRas__: you can't use default ubuntu packages tho17:37
*** andreas__ has quit IRC17:38
Ras__So Do I have to configure both Keystone and Dashboard ?17:39
*** Tristani3D has quit IRC17:39
Ras__Or Should I reconfigure Nova,glance as well ?17:39
*** prectechCharliie has quit IRC17:39
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack17:39
*** SleepingPrgmr has joined #openstack17:40
*** ianloic has quit IRC17:41
*** lck has joined #openstack17:41
*** pksunkara has quit IRC17:41
*** fujin has quit IRC17:41
lckhi folks17:41
mjforkRas__: you need to change keystone + dashbaord source, existing nova glacne is fine17:42
mjforkRas__: assming you change teh confs to use keystone17:42
*** bpf has quit IRC17:42
*** lck has quit IRC17:43
Ras__mjfork .. Thx for the clarification .. highly appreciate your help... Do you know of good documentation which I could take a look at it17:43
*** aculich has quit IRC17:43
mjforknot really, though i am working on some17:43
mjforkRas__: let me share a patebin17:44
*** fujin has joined #openstack17:44
*** guigui has left #openstack17:45
*** ianloic has joined #openstack17:45
mjforkthat is the hardest part -keystone DB population17:45
mjforkfollow that17:45
Ras__greate ! Thx mjfork17:46
Kiallmjfork: that pastebin is incorrect ;)17:46
mjforkcome back if you need help...or use forums17:46
mjforkKiall: ?17:46
mjforkworks for me17:46
Kiallthe glance URLs are wrong, they should be "/v1" not "/v1.1/%tenant_id%"17:47
mjforkKiall: my dashbaord works17:47
KiallI bet you need the -A (or --auth-token) flag when you use the glance CLI too?17:47
Kiallthe dash cheats and doesnt actually use it17:47
*** marrusl has quit IRC17:47
mjforkKiall: good to know17:47
mjforkwill fix17:47
*** praefect has joined #openstack17:47
Kiallspecifically, this part ..,sidebyside,2840,1,doc/source/configuration.rst17:48
Ras__I need a some  doc to follow on Configuring api.conf's of both Glance and nova17:48
Ras__Do you have any ?17:48
mjforkKiall: no tenant?17:49
KiallNope, no tenant and v1 rather than v1.1 :)17:49
anplprectechCharliie: you there17:49
*** mohits has joined #openstack17:49
Kiallif you do it that way, the glance CLI command no longer needs the -A/--auth-token flag and works based on the OS_AUTH_* vars17:49
anplquick steps to create a centos image:
Ras__Now parden for ignorance .17:51
anplkiall: glance url for diablo keystone endpoint tempaltes?17:51
Kiallanpl: yea, the glance URLs in keystone should end in "/v1" rather than "/v1.1" or "/v1.1/%tenant_id%" as some of the docs suggest17:51
Ras__Shouldn't I put the actual %tenant_id% or Tenant name for ex:proj while exectuting bin/keystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne glance 1 117:51
mjforkRas__: pastebin glance-api.conf17:51
mjforkRas__: no, first that is wrong url, but second they will replace autmatically17:52
mjforkRas__: per Kiall, use bin/keystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne glance 1 117:52
anplkiall: thanks for the information. I was using it with tenant and some how it was working17:52
Kiallanpl: the only thing that currently uses the glance URL from keystone is the glance CLI tool, everything else gets it via alternate means...17:53
anplKiall: ok and I was using glance -A for those commands17:54
*** pksunkara has joined #openstack17:54
anplthanks for the info.  I will update that17:54
KiallYea, the -A is not needed if the URL is correct and the OS_AUTH_ env vars are set correctly17:54
Ras__Ohh I see .mjfork .. sorry I don't have api confs right now17:54
Ras__Will do it tomorrow ..17:54
Ras__Yet again thx for the help17:55
mjforkRas__: anytime17:57
anplOS_AUTH_ is it a system env variable or on nova.conf17:58
*** marrusl has joined #openstack17:58
Kiallenv vars on whatever computer you are using the glance/nova/etc CLI tools from17:59
anplprectechCharliie: you can mail me at if you need any help on creating the centos ami17:59
*** aculich has joined #openstack18:00
*** zooko has joined #openstack18:00
*** dolphm has quit IRC18:01
*** ppradhan has joined #openstack18:01
*** alekibango has quit IRC18:04
*** Ras__ has quit IRC18:06
*** Andrew_Weiss has quit IRC18:08
*** alekibango has joined #openstack18:08
*** po has joined #openstack18:09
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack18:10
*** alekibango has quit IRC18:10
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*** alekibango has joined #openstack18:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918830 in nova "Retrieve instance ids associated with a security group" [Low,New]
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koolhead17mjfork: i have committed fix for #91728818:38
mjforkcool thx18:38
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack18:38
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*** Vikram has joined #openstack19:45
Yossarian-How do I make nova-volume use a driver other than the defaul driver?19:46
VikramHow do I install more instances for having different flavors of VM19:46
*** zigo has quit IRC19:48
*** Ramonster has joined #openstack19:51
ggi_Vikram: can you elaborate what you are trying to do?19:51
VikramI Have installed Openstack using the devstack script file19:51
Vikramand when I login to the dashboard19:51
VikramI see just the TTY linux instances19:51
VikramI want to add other Ubuntu instances19:52
Vikramhow do i do that19:52
*** Eyk is now known as Eyk^off19:52
ggi_Vikram: you have to build more baseline images and add them to Glance19:53
Vikramis there any documentation for the same ?19:53
VikramSince I'm totally new to this , I have no clue how to proceed19:53
*** adjohn has quit IRC19:54
Vikramoh thnx ggi_19:54
Vikramand I19:54
Vikramwan install Wordpress on the cloud19:54
Vikramso I needed ubuntu as one of the VM's19:54
Vikramam I doing it proper ?19:54
ggi_you need to create a baseline image of whatever OS you need (Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu) and register it with Glance; then it will show up in Dashboard and you can start instances based on it; then you can install whatever app you want (e.g. Wordpress)19:57
*** rnorwood has quit IRC19:57
Vikramoh nice19:57
Vikramthnx alot19:57
ggi_good luck, the hard part was done for you already by the good folks who maintain devstack19:57
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:58
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack19:58
Vikram:) I din get that .. is there any difficulty ?19:59
*** betodalas has quit IRC20:00
sdakevikram another way ->
*** stuntmachine has joined #openstack20:01
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*** hub_cap has joined #openstack20:02
Vikramhi sdake20:02
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:02
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:02
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*** bencherian has joined #openstack20:03
warikwho here had successfully configured Swift with a Keystone auth ?20:04
warikI'm looking for advice to do it20:05
*** alexslx has quit IRC20:05
*** lborda has joined #openstack20:05
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*** pmbuko has joined #openstack20:11
*** heckj has joined #openstack20:12
pmbukoHello. I'm setting up a small test cluster with swift 1.4.5 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and have run into a problem where I cannot create containers. Using documentation on Anyone have time to answer a few (or more) questions?20:13
*** danwent has quit IRC20:14
*** annegentle_ has joined #openstack20:14
*** danwent has joined #openstack20:14
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*** danwent_ is now known as danwent20:16
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack20:17
*** danwent has quit IRC20:18
*** danwent_ has joined #openstack20:18
*** nilsson has joined #openstack20:19
notmynamepmbuko: what error are you seeing?20:19
*** egant has quit IRC20:20
pmbukonotmyname: when I try 'swift -A https://ip:8080/auth/v1.0 -U system:root -K testpass post myfiles' I get 'Container POST failed: https://ip:8080/v1/AUTH_system/myfiles 400 Bad Request'20:20
notmynamepmbuko: you are using tempauth?20:21
*** hggdh has joined #openstack20:21
*** mlanner has joined #openstack20:21
*** epsas has joined #openstack20:22
notmynamepmbuko: there should be an error in your syslog. can you paste it?20:22
*** danwent_ has quit IRC20:22
*** danwent has joined #openstack20:23
pmbukoJan 19 15:22:32 c06u20 proxy-server - [ip] 19/Jan/2012/20/22/32 GET /auth/v1.0 HTTP/1.0 200 - - - - - - txbcf1ce474bcc4365a80b18375637a086 - 0.001020:23
pmbukoJan 19 15:22:32 c06u20 proxy-server [ip] 19/Jan/2012/20/22/32 POST /v1/AUTH_system/myfiles HTTP/1.0 400 - - system%2CAUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac - - - txfea47ee553214d35ba92731f9110fad1 - 0.020120:23
*** bpf has quit IRC20:23
*** adjohn has quit IRC20:24
*** _adjohn has joined #openstack20:24
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*** danwent has joined #openstack20:26
*** DaOmarN has joined #openstack20:26
*** danwent has quit IRC20:27
DaOmarNhi everybody20:29
*** zooko has quit IRC20:29
DaOmarNi publish this question
*** zooko has joined #openstack20:31
DaOmarNhelp me please!!!20:31
*** shevek_ has quit IRC20:31
*** siwos has joined #openstack20:32
*** lhrc is now known as MikeyP20:33
*** spackest has joined #openstack20:34
*** _rfz has joined #openstack20:37
*** bpf has joined #openstack20:40
*** andrewsmedina has quit IRC20:40
*** katkee has joined #openstack20:40
_rfzHi anyone used Clanavi?20:41
ggi_DaOmarN:I'm leaving in 5 min, but I would go to server S2, type virsh vncdisplay i-5 and the use vncviewer to connect to the console; I suspect that your instance cannot reach nova-api20:41
ggi_check this part in the doc:
ggi_did you do this part in the doc: "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination $NOVA_API_IP:8773"20:42
*** rustam has joined #openstack20:43
ggi_the best thing for a first deployment is to use a Centos template that only needs DHCP so you don't worry about cloud-init in the Ubuntu instance not working20:44
*** DaOmarN has quit IRC20:45
notmynamepmbuko: sorry. got distracted with some other stuff20:45
pmbukonotmyname: n/p. I do not judge free help20:46
notmynamepmbuko: do you mind walking through it manually with me?20:46
pmbukonot at all20:46
notmynamepmbuko: what is your setup? all in one? using different boxes?20:47
pmbukofour different boxes. One proxy, three storage. each storage server has four devices. As far as I can tell, rings are set up fine.20:47
notmynamepmbuko: first, let's auth (we'll use curl for all of these requests): curl -i -H "X-Auth-User: system:root" -H "X-Auth-Key: testpass" http://ip:8080/auth/v1.020:48
notmynameyou'll see the response headers given back to you. make note of the x-storage-url and the x-auth-token20:48
notmynamelet me know when you're done20:48
pmbukonotmyname: we're using ssl, so I sent 'curl -k -i -H "X-Auth-User: system:root" -H "X-Auth-Key: testpass"' and receive: 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK20:50
pmbukoX-Storage-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac20:50
pmbukoX-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac20:50
pmbukoX-Trans-Id: tx8edc9070da634611bd78d4c247ba46ab20:50
pmbukoContent-Length: 020:50
pmbukoDate: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 20:49:13 GMT'20:50
*** siwos has quit IRC20:50
*** ggi_ has quit IRC20:50
*** DaOmarN has joined #openstack20:51
notmynamepmbuko: good. now do an account listing to see what containers you have: curl -ik -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac"
*** anpl has quit IRC20:52
notmynamenote that we used the auth token and storage url form the auth step20:52
pmbukoHTTP/1.1 204 No Content20:53
pmbukoX-Account-Object-Count: 020:53
pmbukoX-Account-Bytes-Used: 020:53
pmbukoX-Account-Container-Count: 020:53
pmbukoAccept-Ranges: bytes20:53
pmbukoX-Trans-Id: txfdbc0ff98d864739a6bffb9ba734fad120:53
pmbukoContent-Length: 020:53
pmbukoDate: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 20:52:34 GMT20:53
Spirilisheh well, just tried VlanManager mode for the first time today, worked like a charm!20:53
notmynamenow, let's create a container: curl -ik -XPUT -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac"
spackestI'm just curious how folks have gotten up and running on openstack.  I tried using the main docs to no avail, and am trying stackops right now but having issues20:53
Spirilisnow time to figure out CloudPipe...20:54
notmynamepmbuko: (no need to paste the result)20:54
spackestI also tried devstack20:54
notmynamepmbuko: just let me know if it worked20:54
pmbukoI get '404 Not Found … The resource could not be found.'20:54
notmynamethat doesn't make sense20:55
pmbukoexactly my problem. :)20:55
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:55
*** nilsson has quit IRC20:55
*** nilsson has joined #openstack20:55
notmynamecheck for typos in the command (did you copy/paste or retype?)20:55
notmynameso let's go back to your setup. you have 1 proxy and 3 storage nodes, each running account+container+object servers?20:56
*** funzo has quit IRC20:56
pmbukothe storage nodes are running those three servers, yes.20:56
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:57
notmynameI'm wondering if perhaps your container ring is not set up properly20:57
notmynameno wait. the account ring20:58
notmynamewell, one of them :-)20:58
pmbukoshould it be set up differently from the other two rings?20:58
pmbukoI did all three the same way.20:58
*** blitzrage is now known as leifmadsen20:59
notmynameyou can add "log_level = DEBUG" to the [DEFAULT] section of the config files (and restart the process) to see more logs20:59
*** heckj has quit IRC21:00
*** heckj_ has joined #openstack21:00
*** funzo has joined #openstack21:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #918910 in nova "Instances in and ERROR state will not delete" [Undecided,New]
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack21:01
notmynamepmbuko: you should only get a 404 on a container PUT if the account can't be found. that says to me that the account ring is messed up somewhere21:02
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:02
*** wonk has joined #openstack21:03
spackestanyone?  how did you all get up and running?21:05
pmbukowe were thinking the same. (This is day 2 of troubleshooting -- intermixed with my regular workload…) Can't find any errors. I blew away and recreated the rings a little while ago, following the docs.21:05
pmbukospecifically, this doc for the rings.
notmynamepmbuko: and md5 of the rings all match?21:06
DaOmarNhelp me please
pmbukohow do I verify that?21:07
*** JesperA has joined #openstack21:07
notmynamepmbuko: md5 /etc/swift/account-ring on all the boxes (repeat for the other rings too)21:08
pmbukothey're the same. I scp'd the *.ring.gz files from the proxy node to the storage nodes after re-doing them21:10
notmynamepmbuko: so since your rings aren't corrupted, either they are built incorrectly for your setup or the issue is something else21:12
notmynamepmbuko: I'm leaning toward "something else" since you can do the account listing21:12
notmynamethat's the weird part21:12
notmynamepmbuko: so if it were my cluster, I'd start looking at the logs to see what's going on (after turning on DEBUG)21:13
*** dprince has quit IRC21:13
notmynamepmbuko: please let me know what you find21:15
pmbukoI see this on the storage nodes when I try to create a container:21:15
pmbukoJan 19 16:15:05 c06u24 account-server - - [19/Jan/2012:21:15:05 +0000] "HEAD /sdb1/1824/AUTH_system" 204 - "txbd98cf91f5934c3b9a77f73670c3c448" "-" "-" 0.0009 ""21:15
pmbukoJan 19 16:15:05 c06u24 account-server - - [19/Jan/2012:21:15:05 +0000] "POST /sde1/269/AUTH_system/myfiles" 400 43 "txbd98cf91f5934c3b9a77f73670c3c448" "-" "-" 0.0001 ""21:15
*** ppradhan has left #openstack21:15
pmbukoI have three zones configured, one per server, 4 drives per zone/server.21:16
notmynamepmbuko: ok, that looks like a ring error. the HEAD found the account (note the partition "1824" in that request). the POST didn't (note the partition "269" in that request)21:17
*** bpf has quit IRC21:17
*** Andrew_Weiss has joined #openstack21:17
pmbukoI also see that the HEAD and POST are happening in different partitions21:17
notmynamerun swift-get-nodes on the proxy and the storage node (it has a --help option)21:18
notmynamethat should tell you where the entities (account, container, object) should be according to the ring you give it21:19
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC21:19
pmbukoI'm not sure what I should have for the account: swift-get-nodes /etc/swift/account.ring.gz <account>21:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #911444 in openstack-ppa "Build failures in swift PPA" [High,In progress]
notmynamepmbuko: and then swift-get-nodes /etc/swift/account.ring.gz <account> <container>21:21
pmbukoit returns the same data on all nodes, but the account and container can be nonexistent21:23
notmynamepmbuko: if you run the commands it produces, do you see the data on disk?21:24
notmynamewhat partition does it say the account it in?21:24
notmyname(should be 1824)21:24
pmbukoshould the account be 'system:root' ?21:26
pmbukoit returns partition 1261, when I try that21:26
notmynameno. account is the swift account ("AUTH_system" in your case21:26
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC21:26
pmbukook. 1824.21:26
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack21:26
pmbukook, the ssh command works. I see a listing.21:27
*** eglynn has quit IRC21:27
pmbukoa db file21:28
notmynamepmbuko: same results n the proxy and the storage node?21:28
pmbukoyeah. identical across all four21:29
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:30
notmynamehmm.. and the container PUT gets a 404?21:30
notmynamethat doesn't make sense21:30
pmbukoIf I use 'swift -A -U system:root -K testpass post myfiles' I get a 400.21:31
*** egant has joined #openstack21:32
notmynamepmbuko: where did I get the 404?21:32
*** Andrew_Weiss has quit IRC21:32
*** Andrew_Weiss has joined #openstack21:33
*** AlanClark has quit IRC21:33
pmbukoThis gets a 404: "curl -ik -XPUT -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac""21:33
pmbukosame token works for account listing.21:33
*** ahasenack has quit IRC21:34
notmynamethat IP is the address of your proxy, right?21:34
*** aculich has joined #openstack21:35
pmbukowhich is on our internal network, as opposed to the local-only network shared with the storage nodes21:35
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack21:35
notmynameok, try this: curl -ik -XPOST -H "X-Account-Meta-Foo: Bar" -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac"
pmbukoseems to work.21:36
pmbukoHTTP/1.1 204 No Content21:36
pmbukoContent-Length: 021:36
pmbukoContent-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-821:36
pmbukoX-Trans-Id: txbd4760db66614eab9fd3d291d0363b6e21:36
pmbukoDate: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 21:36:14 GMT21:36
notmynamenow do the account listing, and you should see the metadata that last command added: curl -ik -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac"
*** LinuxJedi has joined #openstack21:37
pmbukoyup: X-Account-Meta-Foo: Bar21:37
notmynamecurl -ik -XPUT -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkc6e2fe15eef34171916be253702335ac"
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC21:39
*** heckj_ has quit IRC21:39
notmynamepmbuko: check your configs on the storage nodes to ensure that the ports are right21:39
notmynameyour configs are probably all identical for a given service21:40
notmynameor they should be21:40
notmyname(I think)21:40
pmbukothey are. I'm not specifying ports, which means the default should be used. netstat shows port 6002 open and connected to the other two nodes on that port21:41
*** dolphm has joined #openstack21:42
*** SleepingPrgmr has quit IRC21:42
*** lborda has quit IRC21:43
*** lborda has joined #openstack21:43
*** vladimir3p has joined #openstack21:44
*** egant has quit IRC21:46
notmynamepmbuko: all I can think of is to go back to the logs21:46
*** rods has quit IRC21:47
notmynamepmbuko: can you do the request that is getting the 404 response and paste the logs in
pmbukoI think I just found it. We have all three rings going over port 6002.21:47
pmbukoand I assume I need each on its own port...21:48
notmynamewell, each service has it's own port21:48
notmynamethat would explain it21:48
pmbukoI feel so…. lame.21:53
notmynamepmbuko: did that fix it?21:53
pmbukoverifying now.21:53
*** robbiew has quit IRC21:53
notmynamepmbuko: don't feel bad. people on our team have done it too21:53
notmynamepmbuko: I've been hearing from people lately that "swift is hard to install". it's a difficult argument for me to answer because I've been using it for over 2 years, so most of swift feels very normal to me. things like this are a good reminder for me and they point to possible places where we can make swift better21:54
notmynameof course, if you have ideas, patches are welcome ;-)21:55
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:55
pmbukoI have a conainer!21:55
*** LinuxJedi has quit IRC21:56
pmbukoand I've uploaded a file!21:56
pmbuko thanks so much for leading me to the solution.21:57
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack21:58
*** mcclurmc has quit IRC21:58
*** spackest1 has joined #openstack21:59
*** mcclurmc has joined #openstack21:59
*** pmbuko has quit IRC21:59
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:00
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*** andrewbogott_ has joined #openstack22:01
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riteshhello kiall22:25
*** Yossarian- has quit IRC22:29
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*** bencherian has quit IRC23:01
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*** prectechCharlie has joined #openstack23:06
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*** bourke has joined #openstack23:11
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*** dolphm has joined #openstack23:14
prectechCharlieHi all23:14
prectechCharlieanyone know where I can download some prebuild centos6.2 and ubuntu images for my openstack cloud?23:14
*** jaypipes is now known as jaypipes-afk23:15
prectechCharlieI tried bundling them on my nova-compute node but it doesn't let me VNC into the installation vm23:15
*** bsza has quit IRC23:18
*** aliguori has quit IRC23:20
*** Ramonster has quit IRC23:20
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC23:25
*** Transformer has joined #openstack23:25
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*** rootard_ has joined #openstack23:30
*** rootard_ is now known as rootard23:31
*** Hakon|mbp has quit IRC23:32
rootardhi all, I am attempting to get swift installed/working under Debian. I have the 1.4.5-1 packages installed from the sid repository but I'm having trouble reading log messages. The messages seem to be cut off at random places so it's making debugging pretty difficult.23:33
rootardany ideas?23:33
rootardI tried the 1.4.4 packages in wheezy (testing) first with the same result.23:33
rootardI am also using rsyslog...23:34
*** judd7 has quit IRC23:36
*** rnirmal has quit IRC23:37
*** lborda has quit IRC23:40
*** katkee has quit IRC23:41
prectechCharlieAny of you guys know how I can get bundled images?23:42
*** readdit has joined #openstack23:42
*** readdit has left #openstack23:44
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack23:44
*** hub_cap has quit IRC23:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #918976 in nova "Quantum network manager assumes non-flat topology" [Undecided,In progress]
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notmynamerootard: that sounds like a syslog issue. I think syslog-ng does better than rsyslog with message truncation (and has a nice config file too)23:54
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rootardnotmyname: thanks for the tip. I'll try it.23:58
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