Wednesday, 2012-01-25

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dweimerrobbzilla: I can't comment on whether it's a good idea to use it in production, but we just setup a test environment on RHEL/Centos 6 using the EPEL packages and this guide It was straight forward and is working with the euca-tools to bring up nodes, attach volumes, etc. I'm not much deeper than that at this point though.00:06
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uvirtbotNew bug: #921327 in nova " does not work for non-admin users" [Undecided,In progress]
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hazmatis there a ppa for quantum?01:53
danwenthazmat:  do you mean a trunk ppa or daily ppa?  not yet, though packages are packaged for ubuntu.01:54
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hazmatdanwent, either, i looking for something that has working openvswitch plugin packages01:55
hazmati just tried out precise but the packages their still need some love (aka broken)01:55
hazmatand the one in oneiric also appears to have issues01:56
* hazmat wonders if devstack will setup a quantum w/ openvswitch01:57
danwenthazmat: yes, devestack definitely works.01:58
danwentwe use it regularly01:58
hazmatdanwent, have you tried it? it uses the openvswitch packages.. which afaics are broken02:00
danwentwe use it all the time.02:00
danwentin what way are they broken in your experience?02:00
hazmatie.. i get this on oneiric..
hazmatbuilding/installing the kernel module fails02:00
hazmathmm. er..  i guess that one isn't from a clean env..02:01
danwentare you using the stock ubuntu kernel?02:01
hazmati am, removing the ovsdbmonitor package and it looks like its attempting to build02:02
hazmatdanwent, cool its working.. thanks.. i had lost the faith ;-)02:03
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danwenthaha, good to hear its working02:04
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mrGrazyHey, I'm busy installing openstack, but seems to have disappeared over the last fortnight... is there something i'm missing?03:00
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ianb5when I perform a GET for localhost:8774/ (the root), it tells me that v1.1 is CURRENT, and v1.0 is DEPRECATED - but anything I do with v1.1 gives me a 404 response.  Am I doing something wrong?06:21
ianb5example, http://localhost:8774/v1.1/images gives me a 404, but change it to v1.0 and it works06:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #921409 in tempest "List Servers filter test additions" [Low,In progress]
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ace__hi there! I finished installing OpenStack using the devstack script file and I typed the url in the browser but I don't know the default username and password for the OpenStack DashBoard. Can anyone here help me out please?06:47
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bodepdI am having some trouble getting the vnc proxy up and running. The docs say that I can access the consoles url with the stack command, but that command was not installed07:28
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siwoshi all08:03
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ikke-thi, is nova-manage zone term equivalent to keystone-manage region term?08:09
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anpl1I have installed a new node with multinode setup08:38
anpl1when I start compute/network I get this error:08:38
anpl1nova.virt.libvirt_conn: INFO [f269b20c-7434-48c9-a953-d5f5852a8c78 None None] Compute_service record updated for node108:38
anpl1 nova: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '30 hours:5672'08:38
anpl1any help would be appreciated08:38
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tightworkreferencearch says to use iscsi over drbd, what is this for again? compute configs?08:42
salv-orlandodanwent: can you resist 30 more mins? I have rebased and addressed feeback but have imports to quantum.common throughout the branch!08:43
danwentthat should be fine, no?08:44
salv-orlandoyeah :) I still haven't had enough coffee this morning08:44
danwentas we pull in quantum.common as part of the dependence on the client (who still uses the quantum.common namespace, weird, i know)08:44
danwentttx said he is starting the milestone-proposed branch in about 40 mins.08:45
danwentbut quantum will be the last one, so we have a bit more than that.08:45
danwentso if you'd like to take 30 mins, I think we're fine08:45
salv-orlandoit will take 1508:45
danwentplease use my handle when you're done, so I get an alert (I'm happily coding away in the mean time)08:46
salv-orlandodanwent: quick question. has gone after mtaylor's patch landed in trunk, isn't it?08:47
mtaylorsalv-orlando: yup08:47
danwentit should be, but I can confirm08:47
danwentor mtaylor can… damn, he always beats me :)08:47
mtaylordanwent: I do my best :)08:47
mtayloroh - crappit. I'm supposed to get a tarball branch up and going08:47
salv-orlandocode pushed....08:52
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salv-orlandodanwent: an updated branch for bp/api-filters has just been pushed08:52
koolhead11hi all08:52
danwentsalv-orlando: thanks!  will take a quick look.08:52
danwentmtaylor: was going to ask about that, but figured you had been so on top of everything else...08:53
mtaylordanwent: well, I do occasionally eat dinner08:53
danwentsalv-orlando: once this is in, can you send a heads up to the ML for anyone who may have a plugin not in the public repo, telling them that they need to add kwargs to get_all_ports and get_all_networks?08:56
salv-orlandodanwent: definitely08:56
danwentsalv-orlando: bhall also had a good point that we need to make sure we document the set of filters in a v1.1 API spec.  I know I saw your list documented somewhere, but I forget where (on wiki during code proposal?)08:58
*** snowboarder04 has quit IRC08:58 (that page needs to be updated as far as the implementation is concerned, but filter spec is ok)08:58
mtaylorttx, danwent:
mtaylorttx: tarball seems to have worked for trunk on python-quantumclient. milestone-proposed tarball job exists - should work when you do your thing09:00
danwentmtaylor: fantastic09:00
ttxdanwent: please double check the tarball contains what would be expected09:01
danwentttx: will do09:02
danwentfinishing up my final review of salv's code first09:02
danwentsalv-orlando: looks good, i'm approving09:04
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salv-orlandodanwent: unit tests failure...09:06
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danwentreally, i just ran them09:06
salv-orlandoyeah it's a deprecation warning:
danwentyeah, am looking at it.09:08
danwentso you just need to change str_GET to GET?09:09
danwenti must have an older version of webob.  was not running in venv09:09
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* ttx gets some coffee and will start in 509:10
danwentmtaylor: with new client code, is there no good way to run from source?09:12
salv-orlandorunning tests in venv now...09:13
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danwentsalv-orlando: I did not see it with venv.  my guess is that we may have a >= dependency, which allows a newer version of webob to be pulled in.09:13
salv-orlandowe just have webob09:13
danwentyeah, just saw that.09:14
salv-orlandoand if we install the latest webob (1.2b) a test in test_extensions fail09:14
danwenthow do you show current version with pip?09:15
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salv-orlandoI just look at the output from pip-install09:17
danwentah, yes, I can always just re-run it even if I installed a long time ago09:18
mtaylordanwent: I have a patch to set the webob depend to 1.0.809:19
*** miclorb has joined #openstack09:19
danwentmtaylor: ok, is that the magic version?09:20
mtaylordanwent: that's the version everything else that uses it is pinned to09:20
danwentlet's do it.  salv and I are here.  trying to repro the issue first though.09:20
*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack09:20
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salv-orlandomanually tried on my patch. Tests pass09:22
mtaylordanwent: also,
danwentsalv-orlando: ok, pls +209:23
danwentI am running tests locally, though I was not seeing the issue locally, so this is really just a sanity check.09:23
mtaylorAND - if you get bored09:23
mtaylor(makes the tox config for quantum be magical)09:24
mtaylorok - gotta run out for a bit09:25
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salv-orlandodanwent: waiting for your approve on Hopefully we then won't need to repush bp/api-filters09:27
danwentsalv-orlando: just did, jenkins seems to have merged it.09:28
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salv-orlandodanwent: great! do you know how to re-trigger jenkins? otherwise I'll just rebase and re-push, but I'll need you to approve09:29
danwentlet me try just hitting approve again...09:29
salv-orlandothat was magic!09:30
danwentsweet :)09:30
salv-orlandonow you just need to get this tarball out, and then you can get some deserved sleep :)09:31
salv-orlandoIf you feel to tired, I can try and do that. Hopefully ttx will be around to help, being close to my time zone.09:31
ttxsalv-orlando: i probably won't be able to approve anything09:32
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danwentsalv-orlando:  ttx has his hands full already as well, creating the milestone branches09:34
danwentI'm just confirming the the quantum client tarball is good.09:34
salv-orlandoSorry, I just meant ttx would be able to assist me with creating the tarball, if you can't. But that's not going to be case anyway. So no worries.09:35
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danwenttarballs are automatic starting with E-3, thanks to ttx + monty09:38
*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack09:38
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*** maploin has joined #openstack09:41
danwentttx: latest tarballs look good.  thanks for your help + patience.  Belive it or not, I actually did trim items from the release to reduce reviewing load :P09:43
danwentsalv-orlando, monty: thanks again.  heading off to bed, assuming there's nothing else to handle for tonight09:43
ttxdanwent: so some bps are deferred ?09:43
danwentttx: yes.  linux-bridge plugin, ryu controller plugin, API pagination09:44
danwentah, good point.  will update right now.09:44
ttxDanF: i can do that for you09:44
salv-orlandothanks... have a well-deserved sleep09:44
ttxdanwent: ^09:44
DanFI know what you're doing, but thanks ;)09:45
*** ewindisch_ has quit IRC09:47
danwentttx: ok, page is updated.  on bug remains in progress, but that's a reminder to me to document a few things.  let me know if that is problematic09:47
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*** derekh has joined #openstack09:47
danwentk, night all!09:48
*** danwent has quit IRC09:48
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smulcahymorning, getting an error when I login to dashboard10:22
smulcahyThis server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested.10:22
smulcahyusing ppa:managedit/openstack10:22
smulcahydo I need to edit one of the configs manually or should it be automatically configured?10:22
Kiallsmulcahy: has it ever worked for you?10:22
smulcahyKiall: hi10:23
smulcahyKiall: no, just reinstalled from scratch again after talking to you guys last Friday10:23
KiallAh okay - No, the packages dont auto configure everything... They just install the software etc10:23
smulcahyKiall: nova is working fine, tried curl against keystone, working fine10:23
*** ejat has quit IRC10:24
smulcahyand /etc/nova/nova-api-paste.ini contains correct admin_token so looks like some autoconfiguration happened10:24
KiallI build those packages, they dont auto configure ;)10:26
smulcahyI noticed that from the ppa alright10:26
smulcahyyou based in Ireland too?10:26
KiallYea, Dublin.. is a set of scripts that auto-configures based on those packages10:27
Kiallbut they expect to be the one installing the packages clean etc10:27
KiallYou should be able to follow through them to find all the steps needed10:27
smulcahyok, thanks10:28
smulcahyand hello from Galway :)10:28
*** clopez has joined #openstack10:29
KiallLots of Irish around these parts it seems ;)10:30
*** jeroenhn has joined #openstack10:31
smulcahydoes horizon need a database?10:33
smulcahyor, does it use sqlite out of the box?10:33
smulcahyalso, btw your openstack-dashboard package, I think its missing a dependency on openstackx10:34
smulcahywhich also has an interesting package description :)10:34
Kiallsmoser: horizon does need a DB, all the packages default to SQLite but can be changed..10:36
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*** uvirtbot has quit IRC10:36
Kiallopenstackx gets installed alongside nova-api, rather than openstack-dashboard10:36
smulcahyah yes, I see your now10:36
smulcahyhhmm, I had to manually install it as dashboard was giving an error10:36
smulcahydon't think nova-api pulled it in10:36
Kiallyou're 100% correct10:36
smulcahywell, 80% anyway :)10:37
Kiallopenstack-dashboard requires it, while nova-api only needs it if you use also use dashboard10:37
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*** Bryanstein has joined #openstack10:38
*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack10:38
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*** j^2 has joined #openstack10:38
smulcahyjust looking at your script10:39
smulcahyit has a sed line replacing the TOKEN10:39
Kiallsmulcahy: All fixed .. and
smulcahybut I can see no reference to the TOKEN in
smulcahyam I missing something?10:40
smulcahyand kewl on the fix10:40
KiallI copied and pasted most of those sed lines into a few places as they dont hurt if having extra ones ;)10:40
smulcahyok, so does the dashboard need the admin token?10:41
smulcahyI guess not if your configs work10:41
KiallNo, Its makes use of the API just like some random user could do..10:41
KiallWhile the other OS apps that talk to keystone do so in order to verify the creds provided by apps like horizon10:42
smulcahyguess its not dashboard which is the problem so10:42
smulcahymaybe I'll start again from scratch your scripts10:42
KiallWatch out for the requirements section of the readme ;)10:42
smulcahywell, it was clean ... :)10:43
KiallThose scripts are not very flexible.. and assume the VLAN networking mode, multi-node nova-network for HA, and 2x NICs in every box..10:43
smulcahyI've restarted a few times by purging all nova/openstack packages10:43
smulcahythe error in nova-api.log is "2012-01-25 10:44:25,138 WARNING nova.api.openstack [-] None could not be found with token '2dc811ea-8585-4a10-8419-d9032ee19076'10:44
smulcahydon't suppose that means anything to you?10:44
KiallI'm betting nova is not configured to talk to keystone,10:45
Kialldid you use `nova-manage project/user add` etc?10:45
smulcahywill read your scripts10:45
Kiallwait - dont use them ;)10:46
Kialldid you use them earlier?10:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #921494 in glance "Don't force client to supply SSL cert/key" [Undecided,New]
Kiallif its of any use, thats the settings.local file I use with those scripts on a test VM10:47
KiallAny VM with 2x NICs, accessible over eth0, should work with that config.. Might need to change FLOATING_RANGE though10:47
smulcahyits real hardware I'm installing on10:48
smulcahyI installed your packages but didn't use the scripts10:48
KiallRight, It should work on real HW too ;)10:48
smulcahyneed to sit back and do more reading I think10:48
KiallYea - There is a lot of info scattered around..10:48
Kiallannegentle has produced a new install doc thats great, let me see if its been published yet10:48
smulcahy is the best I've come across yet10:49
smulcahybut doesn't touch on keystone or dashboard unfortunately10:49
smulcahyI used keystone-manage user add etc10:50
*** dev_sa has left #openstack10:50
smulcahyshould I have used nova manage instead?10:50
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack10:50
KiallHumm, Doesnt look like it.. It is still be pending review..10:50
KiallNo - keystone-manage is correct10:51
Kiallnova-manage user/project are both to be ignored when keystone is used10:51
smulcahycurl -d '{"auth":{"passwordCredentials":{"username": "admin", "password": "secrete"}}}' -H "Content-type: application/json" http://localhost:35357/v2.0/tokens10:51
smulcahyworks ok10:51
smulcahyso I think the keystone config is good10:51
smulcahyjust something missing between dashboard and it10:51
KiallOkay, Its likely your nova api-paste config so10:51
smulcahyah yes10:52
KiallGrab the copy from my repo, it makes the necessary changes for keystone (and has a sed replacement or two needed in it..)10:52
smulcahywill do a compare with
KiallYour wanting the pipelines, and the section right at the end10:52
smulcahythanks for that10:53
smulcahymeeting here unfortunately but might call back later :)10:53
*** reidrac has joined #openstack10:57
jeroenhnHi all. I've set up Openstack on 2 machines using the quick guide manual. Everything seems to be running ok, except for some network issues.10:58
jeroenhnI can reach the clients only from server 110:58
jeroenhnI've been struggeling with the bridge setup10:58
jeroenhnRight now, server 1 has this setup: eth0 is, eth1 is, br100 is and virbr0 is
jeroenhnA running client has the ip
jeroenhnServer 2 has eth0 and eth1
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jeroenhnbr100 is set to eth0 in the nova.conf11:01
jeroenhnShould that translate to a 172.17.x ip or something?11:02
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ghe_hi! anyone knows which novnc use? The one that openstack(github) used to fork is now deprecated :/11:59
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack11:59
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Kiallghe_: its still used for diablo12:32
KiallI havent looked at what essex uses yet though...12:33
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Kiallsmoser: is there any way out of the box to have cloud-init A) do the mounts first, and B) block until they all mount successfully. I've found I have to reboot in runcmds to get the EBS volume mounted13:27
*** zigo has joined #openstack13:28
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smulcahyah meetings13:34
smoserKiall, let me look at something13:34
smulcahyI compared my nova-api-paste.ini to
smulcahyand the diffs are minimal13:35
Kiallmaybe pastebin the diff?13:35
smoserKiall, i dont think there is an easy way. what you could do is use boothooks, they generaly block other things from booting, and then in them just wait araound.13:36
smulcahyI'm assuming the 10 isn't neccesary?13:36
smoserthis is a feature that i've kind of wanted to add, but never have.13:37
smoserpatches are very welcome13:37
smulcahyor at least, isn't my problem13:37
smulcahyor does dashboard only talk V10 ?13:37
Kiallsmoser: right, I'll have a look.. question though - does the order of cloud_config_modules define the order the modules are ran?13:38
Kiallsmoser: it should speak 1.113:40
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smulcahy(assuming you're talking to me :)13:40
smulcahyso thats not the problem13:40
Kialldid your nova.conf come from my packages?13:40
smulcahymind you, the one at
smulcahyis significantly bigger13:41
smoserKiall, yes.13:41
smulcahynamespace collision on smulcahy vs smoser I think13:42
Kiallsmulcahy: I'm not convinced that api paste is from my packages13:42
smoserthe order of the cloud_config_moudles does define the order. and my memory does not tell me why mounts are not in cloud_init_modules, which would make them run earlier13:42
smulcahyKiall: ok13:42
Kiallsmoser: sorry, that was for smulcahy :)13:43
smulcahyKiall: I might try nuking from orbit and reinstalling again using your scripts13:43
smulcahyKiall: At worst I'm testing your scripts13:43
Kiallthats the one I include in the packages13:43
smulcahyKiall: At best it'll all work when I'm done :)13:43
Kialland the stock one from the nova soruce itsef:
smulcahymaybe I'll just purge everything again so and reinstall13:44
KiallSomething gave you a weird API paste ;)13:44
smulcahyb*x :)13:44
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smulcahyok, thanks13:47
smulcahywill look into this and maybe do a clean install before restarting to be sure theres no crud from previous efforts hanging around13:48
smulcahysorry if I've wasted some of your time on this13:48
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ned10I have a few instances that I cannot terminate due to the host running nova-compute being offline. The host isn't coming back, how can I terminate these pending instances?14:32
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smulcahyjoin #duckduckgo15:07
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