Friday, 2012-03-23

uvirtbotNew bug: #962670 in horizon "AJAX POST broke swift object upload" [Critical,Confirmed]
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eqx311hi :)00:34
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sdakeanyone know of  a problem where keystone + nova image-list (essexrc1) returns error code 500 - looks like auth making to compute api but not getting passed to glance api00:39
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962681 in nova " is stale" [Undecided,New]
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larryaeroAnyone experienced this error when setting nova-volumes? 2012-03-22 14:41:17,983 WARNING nova.scheduler.manager [-] Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found. Is the appropriate service running?01:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962707 in nova "When use a nfs mount /opt/stack/nova/instances directory, the launched instance status error when performing spawing task." [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962732 in horizon "row update polling is in constant interval instead of decaying" [Undecided,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962733 in horizon "extraneous javascript debug message in console" [Undecided,In progress]
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livemoonhelp, anyone here? The instance cannot get keypair02:44
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962742 in horizon "label name for add rule in security group is not consistent" [Undecided,In progress]
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rapzid_HOla, I was curious if anyone had seen dispersion-report return 100% copies found, but a number of paritions matching the number of containers and objects missing 1 copy?04:18
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sdakelarryaero run tgtd04:31
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that1dudeWHat is the minimum number of storage nodes are needed to begin? Mainly wanting to test05:29
that1dudewould 3 be fine?05:29
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hugokuothat1dude , yes05:37
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lnghi! Is "OpenStack Object Storage" web-service?05:38
that1dudeIs there a dashboard for the Object Storage portion of OpenStack? CLI is fine with a couple servers, but I'm concerned about having 100's of servers. Having a DashBoard would make it much easier.05:41
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lng`python build_sphinx` failed05:56
lngerror: invalid command 'build_sphinx'05:56
lngbad README file in swift-1.4.3?05:57
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hugokuothat1dude , OpenStack Horizon Dashboard provides basic functionalities of access Swift06:19
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hugokuohow to get adminURL from keystone ?  is that limited by role ?   which role has such permission ?06:29
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962816 in swift "swift-dispersion-report is 3 replica biased" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962822 in nova "nova network do not respect existing routes when moving ips to bridge" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962838 in horizon "Instance with status=error and task=scheduling polls forever" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962840 in nova "Setting non blocking libvirt flag causes __str__ error on virConnect" [Critical,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #962841 in openstack-manuals "docs use incorrect sql connection option name" [Undecided,New]
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Jake__I have problem with server node: AVAILABILITYZONE        | |- nova-compute       enabled XXX None, how i can fix it07:48
melmothif i were you, i would log on the box and have a look at /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log07:49
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melmothtry to start the nova-compute service, see if there are any error messages07:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #962853 in quantum "After enabling authN, creating a second network for 'default' tenant fails" [Undecided,New]
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Jake__I didn't see any error messages from the log when service nova-compute restart08:02
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Pandemhi all08:05
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Jake__the status XXX None have occurred with server node, other services on controller seem ok, like the guide08:07
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MadkissI'm having some trouble with the openstack dashboard09:31
MadkissI log in09:31
Madkissand about 20 seconds later after clicking through it09:31
Madkissi'm apparently logged out again09:31
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smulcahymorning (&afternoon to those of you elsewhere :)09:48
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smulcahyis it possible to change how ephermal storage is created with openstack?09:52
smulcahybasically, we're hitting perf problems with the ephemeral disks and I'm wondering if there are higher performance alternatives09:54
*** Moi has joined #openstack09:54
smulcahyor should I just be doing I/O intensive stuff on persistent volumes allocated with nova-volume?09:54
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hugokuois there any docs , descript ACL in swift + keystone ?  I always got 401 while I try to access a public container09:58
hugokuoI'm looking for example of configuration about swift ACL under keystone09:58
uksysadminMadkiss, I had this.  You using ubuntu and their packages?09:59
uksysadmin(or similar)09:59
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uksysadminhugokuo, I was looking at this the other day10:13
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uksysadminhugokuo, just looking at my notes now10:17
uksysadminhugokuo, using swift tool:  swift -V 2.0 -A http://keystone:5000/v2.0 post container -w role_has_write_access -r role_as_read_access10:19
uksysadminadd a user into that role(s) specified and they ge access10:19
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Madkissuksysadmin: yes.10:31
uksysadminok, you need to edit /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings.py10:34
uksysadminand have a look at where it mentions memcache10:34
uksysadmineasiest is to: apt-get install memcached python-memcache10:34
uksysadminand configure it according to the example.  restart apache2 and see if that fixes your issue.10:35
smulcahyat the risk of annoying people with my repeated questions on the same topic10:35
smulcahydoes anyone else have performance problems with ephemeral disks?10:35
Moithey are anyone who know a howto for openstack in debian with the dashboard ( for xen ) ?10:37
uksysadminsmulcahy, although its not the same tech, I've seen these issues reported in EC2, too.  They say used EBS... in OpenStack world that would translate to nova-volume more or less10:37
Moide preference en francais :-D10:37
smulcahyor am I misusing ephemeral storage (is everyone else just using volumes for this)10:37
smulcahyuksysadmin: ok, thanks - it makes sense - the experiments I've done with volumes give far better perf - of course it would cos its directly off of LVM rather than using diffs between two qemu images10:38
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack10:38
smulcahyuksysadmin: just wondering why openstack even offers the option of additional ephemeral disks if they're not really used/usable10:38
Madkissuksysadmin: you mean configure memcachd or the dashboard?10:38
uksysadminmemcache out of the box install is "good enough" to solve this issue10:39
uksysadminthe settings file mentions your problem directly10:39
uksysadminI missed this and raised a bug10:39
smulcahyMoi: if you want a working openstack with dashboard, I recommend using ubuntu 11.10 and the managedit ppa's10:39
uksysadminsmulcahy, I'd say that ubuntu 12.04 and essex RC1 is better...10:40
uksysadminthat's all working in my set up10:40
smulcahyMoi: I think at this stage, you'll find it difficult to get a working openstack running on debian, especially if you haven't done it before10:40
Madkissuksysadmin: w00t. thanks a lot!10:40
*** shang has quit IRC10:40
uksysadmincaught  me out10:40
smulcahyuksysadmin: kewl, is essex rc1 incl. in 12.04 now? Or what PPAs are you using?10:40
armaanMoi: This page has debian Howto but it does nt say anything about xen10:40
Madkissuksysadmin: do you have your openstack-stuff up and running by now? :)10:41
uksysadminI kept the bug open specifically with ubuntu as it was never clear - and would be a small amendment to configs and dependencies to add this in for an "working out of the box" instsall of dashboard just by doing: apt-get install openstack-dashboard10:41
Moiok thanks, I try this howto10:41
uksysadminMadkiss, yes - its... awesome.10:41
armaanMoi: sorry i joined the discussion late, can you tell me what are you trying to do ?10:41
Madkissvery much so10:42
uksysadminI just have a niggling issue of ec2-api/euca2ools not working10:42
uksysadminnova client and dashboard all work though10:42
Madkissi haven't even tried euca2ools yet10:42
*** lng has quit IRC10:42
Moii'm using debian, and i search a howto for install openstack for xen with dashboard10:43
uksysadminbut apparently euca2ools should work, so that's my goal today to try and work out what others have done and get working10:43
*** BLZbubba has joined #openstack10:43
uksysadminI've been pestered (mainly by koolhead17) to do a screencast of a simple install of ubuntu and essex from start to finish10:44
uksysadmincould be useful to people10:44
uksysadmin(he's right, though!)10:45
smulcahyuksysadmin: hey I can pester you too if that helps? ;)10:45
armaanuksysadmin: thats great :)10:45
smulcahyuksysadmin: tbh, a text doc would be as useful as anything10:45
koolhead17uksysadmin: i get more vote now. so better put the screen cast10:45
uksysadminv true on the docs... they're work in progress by the team, but they're always after help too10:45
armaancan you add something like running some application after openstack installation10:46
uksysadminyup - can do that too10:46
Moiarmaan: i'm using debian, and i search a howto for install openstack for xen with dashboard10:46
armaanscreencast +1 million :)10:46
*** tryggvil__ has joined #openstack10:46
uksysadmin(I do that as part of demos I do in work to the company)10:46
koolhead17uksysadmin: annegentle is definitely wokring best on docs10:46
uksysadminkoolhead17, indeed.10:46
koolhead17things will surely improve in few days/weeks :D10:46
koolhead17armaan: i would suggest use glance commands for image management10:47
uksysadminits a tough gig doing documentation - understanding what things should look like AND then writing about it too...10:47
koolhead17keystone has nice doc inside the source file itself on github10:48
koolhead17that is the one i used for my stuff10:48
koolhead17hugokuo: hey there10:49
Madkissuksysadmin: do you have a howto for how to set that up?10:49
Madkiss(and while we are at it, I am preparing a document how to install Essex from scratch on Ubuntu 12.04)10:49
koolhead17Madkiss: cool. using package?10:50
koolhead17Madkiss: cool. just do it :D10:51
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*** BLZbubba has joined #openstack10:54
uksysadminMadkiss, only these brief steps (but they work)
smulcahyMadkiss: excellent, I'll be happy to test it for you :)10:56
uksysadminessentially, download 12.04b1, install, setup 2 interfaces, one assigned as public, the other will attach the vlan network to, git clone my script, ensure its the essex version, run it with appropriate params and at the end you can upload images, boot instances and use dashboard10:57
*** kyriakos has joined #openstack10:59
*** jimyeh has joined #openstack11:00
* Madkiss scratches head11:01
MadkissI wonder where to fetch the values for EC2_USER and EC2_PASSWORD from when using keystone.11:01
MadkissEC2_ACCESS_KEY and EC2_SECRET_KEY i mean ;)11:01
koolhead17Madkiss: not sure but you need to create a service and endpoint for same11:02
uksysadminits set in a seperate table created using keystone ec2-credentials-create11:02
Madkissnow look at that.11:02
uksysadminthen fetch: keystone ec2-credentials-list --user user_name11:03
uksysadmin(or could be user_id... one of them!)11:03
Madkissthat works11:04
koolhead17Madkiss: :P11:04
uksysadminMadkiss, you have ec2 working?11:04
Madkisslooks like it11:04
uksysadmindamn - I get stack traces11:04
Madkisshold on for a sec, maybe I'll be able to help you11:05
uksysadminwas working with chmouel yesterday to try and work out what I've done wrong11:05
uksysadminany help is appreciated11:05
Madkissuksysadmin: okay, what exactly did you do to get it working?11:06
*** Lance604 has joined #openstack11:07
uksysadmin(or not working... ;-))11:07
Madkissuksysadmin: are you on 12.04-rc with latest openstack packages?11:07
uksysadminMadkiss, yes11:07
MadkissAnd you have keystone setup to use /etc/keystone/default_catalog.template I assume?11:08
uksysadminno - in keystone.catalog11:08
uksysadmin(mysql db)11:08
Madkisswell, I'm using the default catalog template.11:09
uksysadminon ubuntu?11:09
*** shang has joined #openstack11:09
Madkissaccording to dolphm, the ubuntu standard configuration is "unconfigured in essex"11:09
uksysadmininteresting... the keystone configs shipped in ubuntu assume a database backend...11:09
Madkisshe literally told me to get to the ubuntu people and ask them wtf.11:09
uksysadminyes I configure it all11:09
*** dxd828 has joined #openstack11:09
Madkisserr, i meant to say "undocumented", sorry.11:09
uksysadminessenetially I can call the catalog for an ec2 service and I get my ec2 endpoints11:10
uksysadminthe logs show I'm correctly talking to 8773:/services/Cloud11:10
uksysadminbut it then fails11:10
Madkissthast's what I have in keystone.conf:11:10
Madkissdefault_catalog.templates is unchanged11:10
uksysadminI tried that (devstack has that config - its not scalable :p)11:10
uksysadminit caused my keystone to fail to start11:10
Madkissin nova.conf I have this:11:11
Madkissand then I just followed the steps documented in
Madkissand it's working.11:11
uksysadminhmm - I'll revisit devstack - maybe I've hit a bug where it doesn't work with a sql backend11:12
Madkissi have it working, here's the proof: ;)11:12
uksysadminwhat does your catalog template file look like?11:12
*** rocambole has joined #openstack11:12
uksysadminyeah the only difference with mine is the db set up11:13
Madkisswhich dolphm commented with "WTF" ;)11:13
uksysadminputting in a db make sense... devstack is for dev installs, not prod.11:16
uksysadminso need to get this going11:16
uksysadminif its a bug, great... if its user error... great.11:16
uksysadmineither way - something is broke.11:16
MadkissI have no idea whatsoever why Ubuntu people decided that they need to use the DB backend for that particular piece of information. while sticking with sqlite for the databse itself.11:17
Madkisseither way, according to dolphm again, the essex default will be the text file.11:17
Madkisswhich makes sense, because the endpoint list is not exactly the document I expect to change thousands of times a day.11:17
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away11:19
*** vitiho_ has quit IRC11:19
*** vitiho_ has joined #openstack11:19
*** bsza has joined #openstack11:19
uksysadminI'd argue that holding a flat file on a system, that's crucial to underpinning all of my openstack env is best put in a database so that when it comes to resilience and DR I'm not doing the "WTF" and working out why something hasn't gone to plan, despite restoring the database where the rest ofthis useful critical information lives11:20
uksysadminrolling out a change would involve some deployment of a file onto a running service that already can talk to a database backend11:20
MadkissDR and resilience is a whole another topic.11:20
MadkissThere'll be some postings from me concerning HA and DR over the next hours / days.11:20
uksysadminits like saying - why use DNS when I can use /etc/hosts -- it doesn't change that often anyway.11:21
Madkissuksysadmin: aw c'mon.11:21
*** benner_ has quit IRC11:21
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack11:22
uksysadminif I can get the file to work and it doesn't cause my keystone to fail to start - I'll see it as a work around... but I'm failing to understand why its better to have this as a file when the database offers resilience, flexibility and scalabiity from day one rather than in a few months time doing that anyway.11:23
MadkissI don't have anything particular against using a database for it.11:23
Madkissif it works.11:23
Madkisswhich it apparently doesn't.11:23
uksysadminI see it as a bug if I can't get the database to work11:23
uksysadminequally I couldn't get the file to work11:23
uksysadminrest of the catalog works with all the other endpoints11:24
uksysadminjust not euca11:24
koolhead17Madkiss: uksysadmin raise a bug ^^11:25
uksysadminhaha, you think? ;-)11:25
Madkisswhile we are at it11:25
Madkiss refers to the catalog file, too11:25
Madkissso I guess that's the officially supported way to do it.11:26
Madkisswhile the thing ubuntu had in their packages isn'T even documented.11:26
Madkissmaybe that database feature is just not ready for production in essex.11:26
Madkissbut will be in folsom.11:26
uksysadminkeystone client has the ability to add and remove endpoints - you can't do that with a static file11:28
uksysadminv possible that the change in keystone has led to a split in how things are done11:29
uksysadminand that the db backend just doesn't work yet11:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #962998 in glance "Unable to specify the image owner when adding an image" [Low,Confirmed]
*** benner has joined #openstack11:40
*** clopez has joined #openstack11:40
*** vitiho has joined #openstack11:41
*** jimyeh has quit IRC11:41
uksysadminI've just changed my keystone to be the file and it now works, but same error.11:41
*** vitiho_ has quit IRC11:41
uksysadminwhich is good!11:41
uksysadminmeans its a process issue11:41
*** martine has joined #openstack11:41
smulcahyshould live migration work on diablo?11:41
*** livemoon has joined #openstack11:47
smulcahywould suggest maybe not11:47
smulcahynot critical at this stage I guess11:47
*** hermy|away is now known as hermy11:50
*** dolphm has joined #openstack11:51
*** capricorn_one has quit IRC11:53
*** capricorn_one has joined #openstack11:53
uksysadminMadkiss, I have got it working now: 1) changed the template to the the file, and 2) I had tokens instead of ec2tokens in my url [after seeing an old warning of this a few updates ago]11:54
uksysadminso the bug must be the db backend11:54
uksysadmin(I also used the complete keystone.conf file instead of just changing the catalog section11:54
Madkisstoo bad :(11:57
uksysadminjust trying it now with file commented out and putting the db instead so I can update the bug11:57
TeduardoWhat do you guys use to build/maintain your compute nodes when you take them out of the box and rack 48 of them at a time?11:57
uksysadminTeduardo, people.11:57
uksysadminand PXE booting11:57
TeduardoWell yeah, to lift them, I mean... after that, how do you inventory them, etc?11:57
*** wonk has quit IRC11:58
*** natea has joined #openstack11:58
uksysadminwoohoo - all working now11:58
*** wonk has joined #openstack11:59
uksysadminnow to diff the keystone.conf from ubuntu to that of source11:59
*** hermy is now known as hermy|away12:00
Teduardoi'm just trying to build a mysql table of all of my nodes so that I can generate pxe/dhcp configs by clicking on a button on a php script12:00
uksysadmin< driver = keystone.contrib.ec2.backends.kvs.Ec212:01
uksysadmin> driver = keystone.contrib.ec2.backends.sql.Ec212:01
Teduardothe initial hardware inventory such is being annoying12:01
dolphmuksysadmin: bug?12:01
uksysadmindolphm, packaging/config "bug" is what it looks like12:02
uksysadminBUT - I also, as part of my gung-ho script, copy in a keystone.conf12:02
uksysadminwhich could be from a release that just didn't work12:02
dolphmuksysadmin: let me know if you want me to take a look12:02
uksysadmindolphm, could do with just seeing what the keystone.conf file looks like from ubuntu 12.04 repo12:03
*** vizsla has joined #openstack12:03
*** vitiho_ has joined #openstack12:05
*** vitiho has quit IRC12:05
dolphmuksysadmin: i'm about to jump in the car- can you send me a paste?12:06
uksysadminno worries - will do12:06
*** paulmillar has quit IRC12:10
*** paulmillar has joined #openstack12:10
*** dolphm has quit IRC12:10
*** vitiho_ has quit IRC12:11
*** vitiho has joined #openstack12:11
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*** vitiho has joined #openstack12:22
*** dolphm has joined #openstack12:24
*** lts has joined #openstack12:24
*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack12:25
Madkisshi dolphm!12:25
dolphmMadkiss: /salute12:25
Madkissdolphm: I got it all working :)12:25
dolphmMadkiss: quick, tell everyone!12:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #963026 in nova "python-novaclient does not support nova actions with instance  name as argument" [Undecided,Confirmed]
*** clopez has quit IRC12:26
Madkissdolphm: i'm writing a step-by-step howto12:26
dolphmMadkiss: in the docs, or blog, or?12:27
*** martine has quit IRC12:27
*** BLZbubba has quit IRC12:27
*** martine has joined #openstack12:27
*** Domin has quit IRC12:27
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC12:28
Madkissdolphm: in my blog12:28
*** GeorgeH has joined #openstack12:28
*** vizsla has quit IRC12:30
*** BLZbubba has joined #openstack12:30
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*** maploin` is now known as maploin12:34
*** maploin has joined #openstack12:34
praefectI have this weird problem where horizon is requesting /volumes instead of /os-volumes when I brwose the instances and volumes page.  if it was requesting /os-volumes everything would work.. but now I have error instead (/volumes ROUTE NOT FOUND)12:35
*** Domin has joined #openstack12:35
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uvirtbotNew bug: #963058 in openstack-manuals "cannot build doc" [Undecided,New]
*** mattray has joined #openstack13:06
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smulcahyMadkiss: whats your blog addr?13:09
*** livemoon has joined #openstack13:10
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack13:10
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MrHeatAnyone got libvirtError: unable to connect to 'localhost:8000': Connection refused using Xen With OpenStack?13:27
*** aliguori has joined #openstack13:33
*** shang has quit IRC13:37
*** livemoon has left #openstack13:37
*** leetrout has joined #openstack13:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #963098 in horizon "dashboard isn't acting on consecutive failed logins" [Undecided,New]
Madkisssmulcahy: ... but the openstack article isn't online just yet.13:56
smulcahyMadkiss: kewl, thanks - will keep an eye on it13:56
*** dhellmann has quit IRC13:57
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz13:58
*** natea has joined #openstack13:58
MrHeatdeshantm: I changed to --connection_type=xenapi but now it giving about a plugin can you try to help me?13:59
deshantmMrHeat: can you verify that the xapi service is running?14:00
deshantmalso remind me are you on XenServer/XCP/Ubuntu+Kronos?14:00
*** maploin` has joined #openstack14:01
MrHeatdeshantm: XCP, using a PV guest (or at least i think i'm on) with Ubuntu.14:01
MrHeatdeshantm: it says: xapi: unrecognized service14:01
MrHeatcorrect name?14:01
deshantmxcp-xapi ?14:02
MrHeatnot... maybe i'm missing anything? I installed this and pip install xenapi14:04
*** maploin has quit IRC14:05
deshantmMrHeat: you need to check if xapi is running on your XCP host, the dom014:05
deshantm(you are in the ubuntu guest)14:05
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:05
MrHeatdeshantm: oh sorry, its running... xapi (pid  5921) is running...14:06
*** paulstallworth has joined #openstack14:06
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack14:06
*** uksysadmin has quit IRC14:07
deshantmMrHeat: OK, based on the first error " Error during report_driver_status()" I'm leaning towards a communication problem with nova and xapi14:07
deshantmMrHeat: did you install the xenapi plugins
MrHeatin the guest, right?14:09
deshantmnope on the XCP dom0 again14:10
*** dcramer_ has joined #openstack14:10
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer14:11
deshantmMrHeat: from the Ubuntu guest (once you have the plugins in dom0)  you can test the connection on the guest with
*** roge has quit IRC14:14
MrHeatdeshantm: Ok, installed, restarted the service on dom0 and checkec with this text, everything ok14:15
*** clopez has joined #openstack14:16
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:16
*** roge has joined #openstack14:16
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack14:17
MrHeatdeshantm: now... ['XENAPI_PLUGIN_FAILURE', 'host_data', 'KeyError', "'host_uuid'"]14:18
*** epim has joined #openstack14:19
*** BLZbubba has quit IRC14:21
deshantmMrHeat: as I recall that could be a permissions error14:21
deshantmI'm digging up the thread now14:21
*** BLZbubba has joined #openstack14:22
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack14:23
deshantmMrHeat: I have someone that is building an RPM for XCP for these plugins. I'll ping them14:23
MrHeatdeshantm: I have changed toe permissions now... now its giving "Found no network for bridge br100" but i think its openstack error now14:23
deshantmMrHeat: yes, this is another one that Thomas ran into, we have explanation for this one too14:24
deshantmI'll get the links14:24
MrHeatdeshantm: ok, ty14:24
*** littleidea has quit IRC14:25
MrHeatdeshantm: needs to use vlan instead of flat networking?14:25
*** Triade has joined #openstack14:26
deshantmMrHeat: at this point, you need to figure out what networking you want to use and configure it correctly based on those documents14:26
*** oNeToWn has joined #openstack14:28
MrHeatdeshantm: Ok man, i'll read this... thank you14:28
*** rohit404 has joined #openstack14:28
deshantmMrHeat: I need to break away for awhile. I'll be back later. Feel free to email the list and add the appropriate people to the CC as needed14:28
MrHeatdeshantm: ok, thanks14:28
*** Triade1 has joined #openstack14:29
*** Triade has quit IRC14:30
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*** jimyeh has joined #openstack14:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #963152 in quantum "Missing files in Quantum RC1 tarballs ?" [High,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #963155 in quantum "Missing files in Python-Quantumclient RC1 tarball ?" [High,Confirmed]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #963176 in keystone "Users must have at least one role" [Undecided,New]
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kodapalocal disks vs nfs15:58
kodapablock migration vs live migration15:58
kodapawhat do you guys prefer?15:58
*** chevin has joined #openstack15:58
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gmikodapa: is this a survey?16:18
*** mindpixel has quit IRC16:18
*** GheRivero_ has joined #openstack16:19
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rohit404any devstack devs around - facing a similar issue here -
*** kbringard has quit IRC16:26
*** kbringard has joined #openstack16:27
kodapagmi: nah just wondering what to run16:27
*** dcramer_ has quit IRC16:28
*** mrjazzcat has quit IRC16:28
*** warik has joined #openstack16:28
*** dolphm has joined #openstack16:29
*** oc80z has joined #openstack16:29
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*** andrewsmedina has joined #openstack16:31
gmikodapa: it depends on your goals; if you want fast disk, you run local; if you want more resilient disk and advanced features (e.g. live migration) then  you use nfs16:32
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:33
*** xen|deshantm is now known as deshantm16:34
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:36
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*** shaon has joined #openstack16:40
deshantmannegentle: do you guys have anybody going to the #gsoc rejected orgs feedback meeting?16:41
kodapagmi: we've been running NFS and it's too slow and unreliable16:42
kodapagmi: So we're thinking of moving to local disks16:42
kodapaEven with drbd + heartbeat we've got outages caused by weird NFS errors (locks etc)16:42
kodapaSeems like NFS gives more headache than local disks16:43
kodapaOkey you get live migration, that's nice. But we've never needed that16:43
kodapaAnd you can still migrate with local disks with block migration, right?16:43
*** ayoung has quit IRC16:43
*** littleidea has joined #openstack16:44
*** deepakgarg has joined #openstack16:46
gmikodapa: never tried block migration but it will take a while to migrate a single instance; I agree that shared disk is not scalable and it shouldn't be used in modern cloud architectures, but most applications are legacy and expect reliable disk. Hopefully the new generation of apps will be more cloud friendly16:46
kodapaOnly is thats if one host dies, you need to setup a new one and move the disks, with shared storage you can i theory boot up the VMs on another host16:49
*** mnewby has quit IRC16:49
kodapaBut on the other hand, if the shared storage dies, everything goes down, and you're fucked16:49
kodapaThat happened to us too many times16:49
kodapaNFS isn't reliable16:49
kodapaat all.16:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #963263 in nova "KeyError: u'name_label'" [Undecided,In progress]
*** mrmartin has quit IRC16:51
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*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack17:14
sstenthmm anyone tried clvm for shared storage?17:15
*** tmichael has quit IRC17:15
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack17:16
Madkisssstent: yes.17:17
Madkisssstent: don't.17:17
sstentMadkis: hahahaha that bad ehh17:17
*** po has quit IRC17:17
*** nati has quit IRC17:18
*** BLZbubba has joined #openstack17:18
Madkisssstent: The 2001 dotcom boom just called. It wants its storage technologies back.17:18
*** chevin has quit IRC17:18
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz17:19
*** leetrout has joined #openstack17:19
*** mattray has joined #openstack17:20
Madkisssstent: seriously.17:20
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack17:20
Madkisssstent: If you're looking for scalable storage solutions, i'd recommeng taking a look at GlusterFS. Or, if you want it more elegantly, look at RADOS+rbd/radosgw/ceph17:20
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:21
sstentmadkiss: tried gluster -- too slow, might checkout rados17:23
*** chevin has joined #openstack17:24
*** shevek_ has quit IRC17:24
*** po has joined #openstack17:24
*** littleidea_ has joined #openstack17:25
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*** marrusl has joined #openstack17:25
dweimersstent: I've been looking at gluster, but was worried about the performance. What speeds were you getting? Were you running Openstack guest root disks on it?17:26
Madkisssstent: how did you actually measer the speed?17:27
*** littleidea has quit IRC17:28
*** littleidea_ is now known as littleidea17:28
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uvirtbotNew bug: #963248 in nova "Return code for rebuild with non-existent image changed" [Undecided,New]
sstentmadkiss: non-distributed max possible speed is 600MB/sec (fuse limitation, gluster couldn't make it any faster). distributed I couldn't get higher than 100-200MB/sec17:33
sstentmadkiss: yeah, qcow2 vm images from kvm17:33
*** tmichael has joined #openstack17:34
sstentmadkiss: even best case sequential writes via dd where slow17:34
*** dcramer__ has joined #openstack17:34
Madkisssstent: are you running 10GiB on this17:34
*** dcramer_ has quit IRC17:35
sstentmadkiss: 40GiB17:35
*** guigui1 has quit IRC17:36
*** jayforddddd has quit IRC17:36
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack17:36
*** davepigott has joined #openstack17:36
Madkisssstent: between all nodes? :)17:38
*** jayforddddd has joined #openstack17:38
*** mdrnstm has quit IRC17:38
sstentmadkiss: yup17:39
Madkissthat's cool17:39
sstentmadkiss: yes, yes it is :)17:39
*** gray-- has joined #openstack17:39
MadkissWhat I can assure you tho is that clvm will give you, aherm, 5mb/s or something.17:39
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:39
sstentmadkiss: want to play with 100GiB next :)17:39
sstentmadkiss: hmm why so slow? isn't it just syncing the LVM metadata, and the data is actually on ISCSI?17:40
*** natea has joined #openstack17:43
*** jayforddddd has quit IRC17:43
Madkissclvm is fiddling with the kernel's DLM17:43
*** jayforddddd has joined #openstack17:43
Madkissand you'll usually want to deploy this with a clustermanager and what not, including a full-blown stonith setup etc. pp.17:44
Madkissas fabio massimo di nitto would say "It's so fragile that I wouldn't even entrust my email signature to it"17:44
sstentmadkiss: bleagh!17:46
dweimersstent: If your looking for a high performance distributed FS, why not go with something like lustre? Stability aside, it will likely perform better than most iscsi/clvm options.17:46
Madkisslustre's dead.17:46
Madkissif you want lustre, go for rados/ceph.17:46
*** davepigott has quit IRC17:47
*** asavu has quit IRC17:47
*** alrs has joined #openstack17:47
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan17:48
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away17:48
dweimerMadkiss: There are plenty of places using lustre. I wouldn't argue it's a big project with momentum, but there are production users and commercial interests still involved in the project.17:49
dweimerMadkiss: Is the ceph distributed fs stable yet? The last I saw was the PisonCloud/Dreamhost presentation where they said the distributed fs parts weren't production ready yet.17:50
*** warik_ has joined #openstack17:50
*** mnewby has joined #openstack17:50
*** mnewby has quit IRC17:50
*** mnewby has joined #openstack17:51
*** armaan has joined #openstack17:51
*** mszilagyi has joined #openstack17:52
Madkissdweimer: the reason I claim lustre is dead is the fact that oracle isn't financing its development anymore.17:52
Madkissdweimer: and they're still officially saying that they'll be ready then they flag their stuff with the 1.0 version number, which, according to them, will be within the next 2 months.17:53
*** mattstep has quit IRC17:53
*** warik has quit IRC17:53
*** warik_ is now known as warik17:53
Madkissbesides, RADOS/Ceph really is lustre without the broken parts of its concept17:53
*** mattstep has joined #openstack17:54
sstentalternatively if redhat can fix gluster (move it kernelside and make RDMA work) it would be a good system17:54
Madkiss"move it kernelside"?17:54
MadkissBeing in userspace is one of gluster's main concepts17:55
sstentmadkiss: it's fuse ATM17:55
Madkissi know.17:55
sstentyeah but it's slow17:55
Madkissyet, i'm sorry to say so, but I fear you're not their target audience ;)17:55
sstentmadkiss: probably :) i take that as a compliment :)17:55
Madkissit was meant as one ;)17:56
*** aweiss has joined #openstack17:56
MadkissPersonally, I find RADOS to be much more elegant.17:56
dweimerMadkiss: That's good to know on the ceph front. Rados looks like a good solution for nova-volume support and if I could use the same technology for a distributed FS that would be nice.17:57
aweisshey guys was wondering if someone could help me with a live migration issue...trying to move VM instance to another compute host but getting HTTP nova-scheduler.log file i'm showing 'FileNotFound' exception that points to some tmp file...any ideas? using rc1 packages17:57
sstentmadkiss: hmm,m are you using it to replace swift?17:57
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack17:57
Madkisssstent: I'm planning to test-deploy that, but in the end that's the goal, yes.17:58
*** bepernoot has quit IRC17:58
*** eglynn__ has joined #openstack17:58
sstentmadkiss: sweet! RBD + Swift in the same cluster, nice17:58
MadkissI won#t need swift for that anymore, really17:59
MadkissRBD can talk Swift via radosgw :)17:59
*** BLZbubba has quit IRC17:59
sstentmadkiss: that;s what i mean't. sorry it's friday :) i never make much sense on fridays.17:59
*** BLZbubba has joined #openstack18:00
Madkissno worries.18:02
*** robbiew has quit IRC18:02
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annegentledeshantm: I had it on my cal but had to go to lunch, I was hoping Russell would go. Did they get to us yet?18:38
*** oc80z has quit IRC18:38
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:38
deshantmannegentle: I didn't see you in the queue. I think you can still be added to the queue though18:39
annegentledeshantm: great, thanks. do you have a how to get into the queue link? :)18:39
*** oc80z has joined #openstack18:39
annegentledeshantm: ha, never mind. It's in the topic :)18:39
manu-dbQuick question about flavor-list - I've setup all the nova services, was able to use glance to register a kernel, ramdisk, and disk image, but when I try to boot an instance, it says that the given flavor doesn't exist... doing - nova flavor-list results in "The resource could not be found. (HTTP 404)"18:40
deshantmannegentle: you can also message the bot with " showqueue"18:40
manu-dbhowever, doing 'nova-manage flavor list' shows five flavors...18:40
manu-dbusing mysql to check the database table shows five flavors... why isn't 'nova boot' able to see those flavors?18:41
annegentledeshantm: cool, thanks muchl18:41
manu-dbAlso, how do I kill/stop building a VM or clear the VMs out of the database?18:41
*** armaan has left #openstack18:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #963348 in keystone "keystone doesn't cleanly remove all data for a user when using SQL backend for Identity" [Medium,Triaged]
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koolhead17uksysadmin, hola19:05
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annegentlehey, OpenStack is next up in #gsoc for feedback on our application and Ideas page if you'd like to join in19:59
*** Deathval- has joined #openstack19:59
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koolhead17annegentle, ?20:08
*** jastr has quit IRC20:09
annegentlekoolhead17: they enable orgs that were rejected to get feedback on their application20:09
annegentlethat's what's going on now20:09
koolhead17ooh okey.20:10
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:10
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koolhead17annegentle, how are you ?20:11
annegentlekoolhead17: good, busy, good, and busy :)20:12
*** krow has joined #openstack20:12
koolhead17annegentle, :P20:12
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC20:12
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mrmartinI missed it, what was the reason of rejection?20:25
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack20:25
annegentlemrmartin: they would have liked our Ideas page to have more details for students to make decisions about. When you scroll down you see less and less detail.
annegentlemrmartin: and also help students know more about the project in general20:26
*** Deathval- has quit IRC20:27
*** egant has quit IRC20:27
mrmartinI got it, next time it will be much easier20:27
annegentlemrmartin: I agree.20:28
annegentlemrmartin: well the amount of work is still there, but we know the level of detail to do20:28
*** Falcon| has quit IRC20:28
annegentlethe number of ideas and number of mentors for the size of project was good20:28
annegentleand our application itself was good20:28
vizslado you have to participate in gsoc to try one of those ideas?20:29
*** Deathvalley122 has joined #openstack20:30
mrmartinYou could try anytime I guess...20:30
annegentlevizsla: you could do one of those ideas for sure, with the typical blueprint / feature approval process. Yeah!20:30
vizslai remember i had to compute data store usage on a virtual environment last summer where I interned. took a while to figure out20:32
vizslaalright :)20:32
*** medieval1 has quit IRC20:32
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annegentlevizsla: yeah the mentor connection is really critical for facing a project the size of OpenStack and making sense of it all20:46
*** mattstep has quit IRC20:46
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vizslaah ok thanks annegentle20:49
*** joearnol_ has quit IRC20:50
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epimvizsla: shouldn't you be running around and jumping on things right now? You're not acting like a vizsla..20:53
*** sstent_ has joined #openstack20:56
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vizslalol yeah I'm tired of running around..20:57
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:57
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uvirtbotNew bug: #963478 in keystone "Missing files in python-keystoneclient RC1 tarball ?" [High,Confirmed]
uvirtbotNew bug: #963481 in openstack-manuals "PDFs links need to be created for API Dev Guides" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #963482 in horizon "UI: The login and settings screens should not use the modal styles since they are in-page content." [High,Confirmed]
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learningitafter installing the, I see there is an image named 'cirros-0.3.0-x86-64-blank'23:35
learningitafter i launch it and try to ssh to it, what username+password I should input?23:36
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mrmartinlearningit: connect to vnc console with horizon, and you will find the username / password.23:41
*** fukushima has joined #openstack23:42
learningitthanks, mrmartin. do you mean the "image&snapshot" tab in horizon?23:43
mrmartinafter successfully starting a new instance, you need to see a console link somewhere...23:43
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learningitnah, I did not see such a console under my horizon23:44
learningitI did see the ip address and the status (which is running) after launching the vm23:45
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learningitoh, i see :-) there is a tab, and it's VNC client23:46
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