Friday, 2012-03-30

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datajerkgreetings, i am trying to find out what OSes openstack has been deployed on, and their relative popularity, any pointers, links, etc…  thanks00:04
jasonbI had seen a doc page (somewhere) that mentioned Ubuntu was the most supported, but Fedora was also well tested.00:05
datajerkthanks, i'll keep scanning the docs00:05
jasonbYou're welcome00:05
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jasonbWhat goes in the file /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf ?  I'm not finding doc pages that show examples of what should be in it.00:09
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GlaceIs path= is this a valid way to implement nested folder in swift?00:29
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notmynameno. use prefix and delimiter00:30
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notmynameGlace: path is a worse way to do the subdirectory listings00:32
* notmyname really needs to update his blog post on that00:32
notmynameGlace: prefix + delimiter is a more general way00:32
Glacenotmyname: ok thanks :)00:33
notmynameGlace: did you find a reference to the path query in the docs somewhere? if so, we need to take it out00:33
GlaceOn your blog and for the documentation.. I will ask my guy where he found this00:34
GlaceI think it was from a cactus doc00:34
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Glace is that a good example?00:35
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jasonbThe docs for configuring the dashboard say to run this command to create a keystone token: "keystone-manage token add 999888777666 admin admin 2015-02-05T00:00" .. but that doesn't work because keystone-manage doesn't recognize the command.  The "keystone" program doesn't either.00:39
dolphmjasonb: what do you need a token for? and you're using essex, right?00:40
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jasonbYes, essex.. trying to use it.  The dashboard is giving me a lot of trouble.00:41
dolphmjasonb: those instructions are for diablo :/00:41
jasonbOkay, well, it says it's for "trunk".00:41
notmynameGlace: ya, the "new way" in that link is the way to go00:42
dolphmjasonb: guess they haven't been updated... let me read00:42
jasonbYeah, I don't see any more recent docs for that.00:43
dolphmjasonb: the admin token being referred to is now hardcoded into your keystone.conf00:43
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dolphmjasonb: but honestly, i'm not sure why dashboard would need that...00:43
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dolphmjasonb: ideally you only need it to create an admin role and an admin user, then you're done with it00:43
jasonbIf I do: "nova list" I get: ERROR: 'servers'00:44
jasonbThis is currently preventing the dashboard from working.00:44
dolphmthat's vague lol00:44
jasonbI can give you the stack trace if you want.00:44
dolphmjasonb: oh sure00:44
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jasonbSee my last comment on that bug.00:44
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dolphmjasonb: the stack trace leads to novaclient, not horizon00:47
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jasonbYes.  So, horizon calls novaclient to get the server list (to show it on a web page, probably), and novaclient makes a request to nova-api asking for the list of servers, nova-api responds, and novaclient doesn't understand the response.00:47
dolphmjasonb: that sounds accurate00:48
dolphmjasonb: do you know what nova's response looks like?00:48
jasonbEither the response doesn't include a "servers" element that novaclient is looking for, or the response contains "servers" and novaclient doesn't know what that is.00:48
jasonbI'm not sure which.00:48
jasonbI don't know how to reproduce the request, so no, I haven't seen the response eyt.00:48
jasonbI'm not finding any curl examples showing how to make those requests.00:49
dolphmjasonb: it looks like novaclient is expecting 'tenant_usage' (or 'servers', after your patch), and nova is sending something else00:49
dolphmjasonb: can you start nova in debug?00:49
dolphmnova --debug maybe?00:49
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jasonbThe server is responding with HTP 300 Multiple Choices for some reason.00:53
dolphmjasonb: what URL did you give to horizon for nova?00:54
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dolphmjasonb: horizon is probably expecting you to provide a version number in the URL, because it doesn't know how to handle 300's, yet..00:54
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jasonbI'm not sure where to look for that.00:55
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jasonbBut, novaclient is making a request to "GET /v2.0/servers/detail"00:55
jasonbIs that what you mean?00:55
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dolphmjasonb: .. yep!00:55
dolphmjasonb: hmm00:55
jasonb(the "v2.0" part?)00:55
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dolphmjasonb: what do you have running on
dolphmthat looks like a request to keystone00:56
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jasonbYes, that's keystone.00:57
jasonbIt ended up on port 5001 in my installation.00:57
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dolphmjasonb: ah, i was looking at two different requests... (side note, why 5001 over 35357?)00:57
jasonbdolphm: The reason: They're both numbers, and I have yet to see any documentation about why I should use one over the other, in each individual spot in the endpoint configuration in keystone and in each conf file value.  I honestly don't know what to use there.00:58
dolphmjasonb: 35357 is registered with icann, that's all00:59
dolphm5001 was an arbitrary port before we were granted one00:59
jasonbAlso, 5001 is easier to type.. and appeared to work.00:59
dolphmnothing wrong with choosing something else, i was just curious00:59
jasonbOkay, now I know.. after it's all installed.  :)00:59
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dolphmjasonb: anyway, 8774 is nova then?01:01
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dolphmjasonb: 2 sec01:02
dolphmjasonb: what does this do? ...01:03
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dolphmurl -H 'X-Auth-Token: 6ca402d435c5463983107fcdcc21b53d' -H 'X-Auth-Project-Id: openstackDemo'
dolphmcurl -H 'X-Auth-Token: 6ca402d435c5463983107fcdcc21b53d' -H 'X-Auth-Project-Id: openstackDemo'
dolphmmissed the 'c' on curl01:03
jasonbYeah, I was just writing one of those commands over here..  let me try yours..01:04
dolphmjasonb: you can also add -v for verbose01:04
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jasonb{"choices": [{"status": "CURRENT", "media-types": [{"base": "application/xml", "type": "application/vnd.openstack.compute+xml;version=2"}, {"base": "application/json", "type": "application/vnd.openstack.compute+json;version=2"}], "id": "v2.0", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}]}]}01:05
jasonbThe HTTP status code was 300 Multiple Choices.01:05
jasonbSo, the response doesn't contain "servers".01:05
dolphmjasonb: certainly not01:05
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dolphmwhat happens if you take /servers/detail off01:06
dolphmor even /v2.0/ as well01:06
jasonbWhich either represents a bug, or shows that the RC1 novaclient's impl doesn't match up with the RC1 nova-api impl.01:06
dolphm(i would expect a 200 version response, and a 300 multiple choice response, respectively)01:06
dolphmjasonb: agree01:06
dolphm /v2/servers/detail maybe?01:07
dolphmjasonb: to which?01:07
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jasonb /v2/servers/detail01:08
dolphmcurl ?01:09
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jasonbNow, might this be caused by my not having any servers?  Or, not having some data in there that it expects to be there?01:09
dolphmjasonb: i'm thinking your service catalog in keystone has a bad endpoint01:09
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dolphmjasonb: which is telling horizon to make a funky request to nova01:10
jasonb{"versions": [{"status": "CURRENT", "updated": "2011-01-21T11:33:21Z", "id": "v2.0", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}]}]}01:10
jasonbthat href looks bad.01:10
dolphmit's /v2/ there01:10
jasonbDunno where it's getting that.01:10
dolphmcurl -H 'X-Auth-Token: 6ca402d435c5463983107fcdcc21b53d' -H 'X-Auth-Project-Id: openstackDemo'
dolphmthat's wrong01:11
dolphmhow about `keystone catalog`01:12
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jasonbI'll put that on the paste server.. one sec.01:12
dolphmjasonb: or more specifically,01:13
dolphmkeystone --os_username=adminUser --os_password=uwish --os_tenant_name=openstackDemo catalog01:13
jasonbYeah, I have the env vars set, so I just type keystone catalog.01:14
dolphmjasonb: keystone service-list01:14
jasonbIt's awful how many times I've had to come back to that and change it.01:14
dolphmjasonb: keystone endpoint-list01:16
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jasonbSo far that command is hanging.01:18
dolphm.. boo01:18
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dolphmi've never seen it hang01:18
jasonbFirst, it told me I wasn't authorized.01:19
dolphmcan you paste `env | grep OS_`01:19
dolphmand `env | grep SERVICE_`01:19
jasonboh wait, that time it went through.. one sec.01:19
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dolphmjasonb: awesome ... looking through it01:24
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dolphmjasonb: keystone endpoint-delete 65b9cfdee84541d4998aebe26cc9c23401:25
dolphmjasonb: keystone endpoint-delete 78932728659b4e54ab8770652cfa70ac01:25
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jasonbNo handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.client"01:26
jasonbUnable to delete endpoint.01:26
jasonbSame on both.01:26
jasonbMaybe there's a way to do that in mysql?01:27
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dolphmtry with keystone --token=ADMIN --endpoint= endpoint-delete 65b9cfdee84541d4998aebe26cc9c23401:27
jasonbSame answer.01:28
jasonbThe server gives back a 404 not found to the keystone client.01:28
dolphmjasonb: it looks like you've created the same endpoints repeatedly (running a script, maybe?), sometimes with bad values01:29
jasonbHmm, I thought it was simply overwriting with new values each time.01:30
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jasonbI could nuke my keystone db and start over if that makes the most sense.01:30
dolphmjasonb: endpoints aren't unique in any way, so it'll create them all day without complaint01:30
jasonbWell, you specify which service you're making an endpoint for.. but okay.01:31
dolphmjasonb: i don't understand why you can't delete, but that would work01:31
dolphmjasonb: there's no restrictions on the number of endpoints you could create for a service01:31
jasonbIs there an easy way to nuke the keystone db?01:31
jasonbI forget if it has its own database in mysql.01:31
jasonbyeah, that would explain it.01:32
dolphmjasonb: in keystone.conf, did you specify mysql or sqlite?01:32
dolphmsqlite would be the default01:32
jasonbIt's mysql.01:32
dolphmjasonb: then you'd have to do it through the mysql client01:33
dolphmtruncate / drop the db01:33
jasonbYeah, doing that now.01:33
dolphmjasonb: and then `keystone-manage db_sync` again if you're dropping01:33
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uvirtbotNew bug: #968771 in openstack-manuals "need  clearer description on live migration part of manual" [Undecided,New]
jasonbOkay, now I need to create everything new again.01:36
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dolphmjasonb: stepping away for a minute01:38
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jasonbDoes the admin user need to be named 'admin'?01:55
jasonbThe example calls it admin in one part, then calls it adminUser in another part.01:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #968781 in openstack-ci "Offer staged content and link to built docs for reviews" [Undecided,New]
jasonbs/example/doc page/01:55
dolphmjasonb: no, the important part is the role01:57
dolphmwhich is defined in your policy.json (and is 'admin' by default)01:58
dolphmjasonb: you can have lots of admin users01:58
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dolphmjasonb: how goes it?02:06
jasonbAlmost done.02:06
dolphmjasonb: i'd be curious to see your new endpoint-list when you're done02:06
jasonbI sure hope the other databases don't record nor depend on the user and role and tenant IDs that are in the keystone db..02:06
dolphmjasonb: you could certainly have orphaned entities in nova02:07
dolphmjasonb: or swift02:07
jasonbI don't have swift yet.02:07
jasonbNova's db I suppose we can nuke and start over.02:07
dolphmjasonb: i wouldn't worry about it02:07
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dolphmjasonb: unless you want it to be clean02:07
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jasonbI looked again at keystone endpoints and I goofed the admin URL of the glance endpoint (the others look correct).  And, I can't delete it again.  But, it's just that admin endpoint url.02:15
jasonberr, nova endpoints02:15
dolphmwhat's the value?02:15
dolphmthat's the one causing the issue before :P02:16
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jasonbThe good news is: this time I saved all of my commands and I can redo them relatively easily if I need to.02:17
jasonbIt's just all the by-hand ID inserting all over that hurts.02:17
jasonbNo way to modify an endpoint URL after it was created?02:18
dolphmjasonb: you should certainly be able to delete and create them02:18
dolphmjasonb: there's no update for service or endpoints -- not sure why02:19
jasonbI'll just modify the one column in mysql.. *sigh*02:19
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dolphmjasonb: i'm trying to reproduce not being able to delete them02:20
jasonbOkay, I fixed mine.02:23
jasonbmysql to the rescue.02:23
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dolphmalright, so what's your endpoint list now?02:24
jasonbPutting it on a paste server..02:24
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dolphmjasonb: A) nova endpoint is still wrong, B) no tenant ID parameters?02:30
jasonbA) Wrong in which way?02:30
dolphmdrop the .002:30
dolphmi'm pretty sure nova went from v1.0 -> v1.1 -> v202:31
jasonbWell, hmm.02:31
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack02:31
dolphmjasonb: but i think all three nova endpoints should look like /v2/$(tenant_id)s02:32
jasonbthinking back about why I had it configured that way, someone in here told me to make sure it said 'v2.0' instead of 'v2'.02:32
jasonbI'll change it to be 'v2'..  but I think that also means I have to spend the next day changing every config file for everything to say v2 instead of v2.0.02:32
dolphmif it's wrong, it's not wrong because it's configured that way -- those version routes are hardcoded into nova02:33
jasonbMaybe querying nova with v2.0 was working, but other services weren't working that way?02:33
*** samkottler has quit IRC02:33
jasonbYeah, I don't understand that either, since the URLs are in config files.02:34
jasonbSo, change it all to 'v2'?02:34
dolphmjasonb: this is what devstack sets up
jasonbWell, these are inconsistent though.02:36
jakkudanieruHi all, I would like to have storage consistency on some mysql instance dedicated openstack servers and I was wondering if it would be possible to set nova-volume as storage on each local openstack server02:36
dolphmjasonb: how so?02:36
jasonbkeystone urls in there say 'v2.0'.02:36
dolphmjasonb: that's correct02:36
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jasonbSo it's only the nova ones and the ec2 ones that I have wrong I think.02:37
dolphmthe next version of keystone will be /v3/02:37
dolphmwe're a bit behind the popular kids02:37
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jasonbI suppose instead of repeatedly guessing wrong, and redoing it, it would help if I could see what my nova endpoints output is supposed to look like.02:38
jasonbThat should be a page in the docs.02:38
dolphmjasonb: yes i agree, i'll make a note02:38
jasonbIn fact, it should be a page shown before any of those endpoint-create commands are supposed to be run.02:39
dolphmjasonb: or you can open a bug :)02:39
jasonbThe ones you're talking about are just the nova ones?02:39
jasonb(and leave the others alone?)02:39
jasonbI think my nova and ec2 URLs are wrong.02:39
dolphmjasonb: you need to change both02:40
dolphmjasonb: i'm more worried about your nova endpoint to get past the bug you're having02:40
jasonbOkay, one sec.02:41
jasonbSo what should be on the end of the ec2 urls?  /services or /services/[Cloud|Admin]  ?02:45
dolphmjasonb: publicURL =
dolphmjasonb: admin =
dolphmjasonb: internal =
dolphmthe difference between public and internal is usually the network interface, nothing else02:46
dolphmadmin could be a separate network, port and/or path02:47
*** NaZZaX has quit IRC02:47
dolphmjasonb: nova endpoints are still missing tenant parameters?02:50
jasonbOh, interesting.  So, these are not static strings, they're interpreted and can have tokens replaced?02:51
dolphmnot tokens, but yes02:51
dolphmthey're interpreted by keystone02:51
*** roge has quit IRC02:51
dolphmand given context based on the requesting user02:51
*** avoine has quit IRC02:51
jasonbahh, not 'keystone tokens'  right.. tokens in the token replacement sense of the word..02:51
dolphmrequesting user's tenant*02:51
jasonbOkay, hmm, so you wrote one up there like this:$(tenant_id)s02:52
dolphmjasonb: that's it02:52
jasonbOkay.  I'll put that in exactly like that..  notice that this is the very first time I've seen that written anywhere.02:53
dolphmjasonb: yeah, we need to turn into a real doc02:53
dolphmjasonb: docs are my project for next week :)02:53
dolphmjasonb: so i'm taking lots of notes today02:53
*** chasmo has quit IRC02:55
jasonbIt already performed the replacement of the ending thing on those URLs.02:57
dolphmjasonb: yay! those are your tenant ID's02:57
jasonbOh man.02:57
jasonbOkay, so now what should I do with nova?  Should I redo the db?02:57
dolphmjasonb: i'd leave it unless you have a problem with it, or you've allocated resources with it already02:58
jasonbI guess I could redo it later if it's a problem.02:58
jasonb(or modify the data)02:58
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz02:58
jasonbooh, "nova list" now works!02:59
dolphmjasonb: YAY02:59
*** natea has joined #openstack02:59
jasonbI'm trying the dashboard, and running into perms problems, fixing..03:01
*** judd7 has joined #openstack03:02
dolphmanything specific?03:02
*** hugokuo has left #openstack03:02
jasonb/var/www/.novaclient (permission denied in there)03:03
*** kubicek has quit IRC03:04
*** kubicek has joined #openstack03:04
*** adjohn has joined #openstack03:05
jasonband I had to back out my other change for that bug..03:06
jasonbNext, I can log into the dashboard and load the first page.. but then I clicked on a tab and got: Error: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/instances/03:06
jasonb(the "Instances" tab)03:06
jasonbevery tab does that.03:07
dolphmare you logging in as a user with the admin role?03:08
*** samkottler has joined #openstack03:09
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC03:09
*** samkottler has quit IRC03:09
dolphmjasonb: ^03:09
*** samkottler has joined #openstack03:09
jasonbuser: adminUser  and that's the user I added the 'admin' role to.03:09
jasonbI should probably restart lots of daemons though, right?03:10
dolphmjasonb: shouldn't need to, other than keystone03:10
jasonbI restarted apache2 multiple times already.  Maybe also keystone.. (I'll restart that again) I think I only didn't restart all the nova daemons.03:10
dolphmafter it got a shiny new db03:10
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer03:12
jasonbServiceCatalogException at /nova/instances_and_volumes/03:14
jasonbInvalid service catalog service: volume03:14
dolphmjasonb: you didn't have a volume entry03:14
dolphmsame for internal, admin and public03:15
jasonbI'm not sure what you'd like me to change.03:16
dolphmjasonb: add a new service (type=volume) and an endpoint for it03:16
jasonbThat's also missing from the installation docs.03:17
dolphmservice-create --name='Nova Volume... or whatever you prefer' --type=volume03:17
dolphmyeah, volumes are new for essex03:17
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack03:17
dolphmi think something existed around diablo03:17
jasonb--name=Volume ?03:18
dolphmthe name is personal preference03:18
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*** tkleinscea has left #openstack03:19
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*** jan_bangna has quit IRC03:23
dolphmjasonb: i think that's good03:24
jasonbNow I'm getting: NotFound: Unable to communicate with identity service: 404 Not Found03:24
jasonbandrewsben: Error: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/03:25
*** rnorwood has quit IRC03:25
dolphmjasonb: anything more specific in the keystone log?03:25
dolphmor horizon log03:25
jasonbThe keystone log looks happy.. gives a 200 OK on a GET /v2.0/tokens/855c3a1483bd4b9999e1d12caebb118003:28
*** NaZZaX has quit IRC03:28
*** NaZZaX has joined #openstack03:28
dolphmno 404's?03:28
jasonbThe apache log just says this at the end: Thu Mar 29 20:23:32 2012] [error] DEBUG:openstack_dashboard.settings:Running in debug mode without debug_toolbar.03:29
jasonbLooks like farther back in the keystone log there are 404s..03:30
jasonbThose are like 30 mins ago.03:30
dolphmmaybe its not hitting keystone at all then03:30
dolphmalthough something has to return a 40403:30
jasonbwell, actually not 30 mins.03:30
jasonb2012-03-29 20:21:03    DEBUG [eventlet.wsgi.server] - - [29/Mar/2012 20:21:03] "GET /v2.0/users HTTP/1.1" 404 176 0.00369503:31
jasonbIt's like 10 mins ago now.03:32
dolphmjasonb: the only way that could return a 404 is if it's trying to hit the admin api of keystone (5001) but it's using the public port (5000)03:33
jasonb publicURL   |
jasonb5001.. not 500003:34
dolphmjasonb: in your endpoint list, you have 5001 for all three ports, which is technically wrong (only admin should be 5001, public and internal should be 5000), but wouldn't cause this problem03:34
jasonbThat's also not in the docs.03:35
dolphmwhat's your OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL in horizon config?03:35
jasonbOPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL = "http://localhost:5001/v2.0"03:36
dolphmi would assume that should be 500003:36
dolphmalthough, again, that shouldn't cause it to fail, that's just for increased security03:36
dolphmwhat's the first section of your keystone.conf?03:36
dolphmbind_host, public_port, admin_port, compute_port03:37
jasonbpublic_port = 500103:37
jasonbadmin_port = 3535703:37
jasonbadmin_token = ADMIN03:37
jasonbcompute_port = 877403:37
dolphmnow i understand!03:37
* jasonb doesn't get it.03:38
dolphmi'm actually laughing and trying to figure out how to explain my way out of this one03:38
dolphmi guess i'll start with a quick history lesson03:38
dolphmkeystone use to use port 5000 for it's default public port, and 5001 as it's default admin port03:39
dolphmwe were then granted 35357 by icann03:39
dolphmso we moved 5001 to 3535703:39
dolphmso, now the defaults are 5000 and 3535703:39
*** oNeToWn has joined #openstack03:40
dolphmso, you changed your public port 5000 to our old admin port 5001, while i assumed you had changed our new admin oprt 35357 to our old admin port 500103:40
dolphmif that makes sense to you, the only change you actually need to make is to your keystone admin url endpoint -- change the port to 35357, cause that's actually what you have keystone.conf configured to run on03:41
jasonbNope.  I thought they were supposed to be on different IP addresses, or maybe people over there just liked to put lots of different ports on the same service for some reasno, so I simplified the configs for myself and made them all the same IP:port combo.03:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #968830 in nova ""nova volume-create help" should be "nova help volume-create"" [Undecided,New]
jasonbYour docs steered me into choosing 5001.03:41
jasonbdocs and/or default configs.03:41
*** adjohn has quit IRC03:42
dolphmi've made another note to hunt down all mentions of 5001 lol03:42
jasonbhmm, well, I hope changing that doesn't mean I have to change lots of config files, but maybe not.03:42
* jasonb changing the service endpoint url .. again.03:43
dolphmyou could deploy keystone across two different IP's if you wanted the admin interface to be extra secure03:43
dolphmjasonb: if you consistently changed 5000 to 5001, the admin identity endpoint is the only 5001 you should have to change to 3535703:43
*** adjohn has joined #openstack03:44
*** blue999 has joined #openstack03:44
*** judd7 has quit IRC03:46
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack03:46
*** oNeToWn has quit IRC03:47
jasonbError: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/services/03:47
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack03:48
dolphmjasonb: did you restart keystone?03:48
dolphmand maybe horizon (session persistence?)03:48
jasonbI restarted apache2.03:48
jasonbI'm guessing that's what you mean by restarting horizon.03:48
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC03:49
jasonbI explicitly clicked the Sign Out and tried again.03:49
jasonbNow it appears to be working, for the first time.03:49
dolphmnew session? :D03:49
*** Glace has quit IRC03:49
jasonbError: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/images/images/03:50
dolphmjasonb: does other stuff work?03:50
*** Glace has joined #openstack03:50
jasonbNope, it's sort of deciding not to work again.03:51
jasonbError: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/instances/03:51
*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack03:51
jasonbError: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/03:52
dolphmjasonb: keystone tenant-list, user-list?03:52
dolphmand role-list while you're at it :)03:55
*** oNeToWn has joined #openstack03:55
dolphmjasonb: keystone role-list --user e643c88aeb334b1ebc1831ef8e35e862 --tenant 5333ec52bd0a47cba1058cac0b632c1a03:56
dolphmjasonb: keystone role-list --user e643c88aeb334b1ebc1831ef8e35e862 --tenant_id 5333ec52bd0a47cba1058cac0b632c1a03:56
*** jimyeh has joined #openstack03:57
*** oNeToWn has quit IRC03:59
dolphmjasonb: did you change policy.json?03:59
jasonb"admin_required": [["role:admin"], ["is_admin:1"]]04:00
jasonbI don't think so.  Doesn't look modified.04:00
*** dwcramer has quit IRC04:01
* jasonb restarting literally everything04:01
jasonbNope.  Still errors.04:02
*** negronjl has joined #openstack04:02
*** mnewby has joined #openstack04:03
*** natea has quit IRC04:03
dolphmjasonb: i think you might need someone with more horizon experience :/04:03
*** miclorb__ has quit IRC04:03
dolphmjasonb: or i'd need some time to dig into why it would throw authz errors when you are clearly an admin04:03
jasonbMaybe I need to delete cookies.04:04
dolphmnever hurts, i do web app testing in private browsing mode for that reason04:04
dolphm / incognito04:05
jasonbooh..  Forbidden (403)04:06
jasonbCSRF verification failed. Request aborted.04:06
dolphmfrom a fresh login?04:06
jasonbWell, got the login page, went & cleared cookies, then tried to log into that page.. --> CSRF verification failure.04:07
jasonbProbably shouldn't do that on the login page though.  *shrug*04:07
dolphmyeah, you'd need to refresh the login page after clearing cookies04:08
jasonbBut, clearing the cookies didn't work.04:08
dolphmwhat browser are you using?04:08
jasonbI log in fine, then click any tab.  That shows me an error string on the login page again, saying to log in to continue.  Then I log in, and I go to the page whose tab I had clicked (loads fine).04:08
jasonbFirefox 11.0.. but I also tried this in Chrome and it's also broken there.04:09
dolphmdid you try starting a private session in firefox?04:09
jasonbWell.. actually..04:09
dolphmtools -> start private browsing, i think?04:10
dolphmit's been a while since i've used ff04:10
jasonbI just logged in via chrome, clicked Sign Out.  Then, logged back in, then I can click around .. in chrome.04:10
jasonboh, woops.. then after typing that to you, I went back to chrome and clicked a tab, and got the error again.04:10
jasonbError: You are not authorized to access /syspanel/instances/04:11
*** NaZZaX has quit IRC04:11
*** NaZZaX has joined #openstack04:11
dolphmdo you have a really short token expiration set?04:11
dolphmkeystone.conf [token] expiration (default is 86400 seconds)04:12
jasonbError: Please log in to continue.04:12
jasonbexpiration = 8640004:13
jasonbSeems to be intermittent.04:13
jasonbOn Firefox it happens basically every click.04:14
dolphmi'd say file a bug with horizon :/04:15
dolphmi'm skimming through the authorization stuff in horizon, but this is all new to me04:15
jasonbOn chrome, I can almost use it.. annoying that I have to keep logging in, but I might be able to make it do things.04:16
dolphmi'll be online for an hour (maybe) in the morning, and then i'm traveling for the rest of the day basically04:17
dolphmbut i'll try to check back in04:17
jasonbOkay.  Well, THANKS for helping so much!!04:18
jasonbI think I'll file a horizon bug.04:18
jasonb(and let them take it from there)04:19
jasonbHopefully my installation works now.04:19
dolphmi'll write you some docs next week, for future reference :)04:19
jasonbheh.  Cool!  I'm sure others will find those useful.04:20
jasonb(new installs)04:20
*** hermy is now known as hermy|away04:20
*** NaZZaX has quit IRC04:20
jasonbOkay, I'm going to head out as well.  Thanks again!04:20
*** NaZZaX has joined #openstack04:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #968843 in nova "connection leak in rpc connection pool" [Undecided,New]
dolphmif you haven't read devstack, there's probably lots to learn in there :)
dolphmjasonb: night!04:21
jasonbHmm, I hadn't seen that.04:21
jasonbI always start with installing debs because I know how to deal with that.04:21
*** BalleS_ has joined #openstack04:21
dolphmjasonb: i don't blame you :)04:22
*** rnorwood has quit IRC04:22
*** dolphm has quit IRC04:25
*** erivera has joined #openstack04:25
*** e1mer has joined #openstack04:25
*** Susanne-Balle has quit IRC04:25
*** hingo_ has quit IRC04:25
*** cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk04:28
*** philips has quit IRC04:31
*** philips has joined #openstack04:32
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*** rodlabs has quit IRC04:35
*** rodlabs_ is now known as rodlabs04:35
*** adjohn has quit IRC04:36
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*** rodlabs has quit IRC04:37
*** rodlabs_ is now known as rodlabs04:37
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*** rodlabs has quit IRC04:38
*** rodlabs_ is now known as rodlabs04:38
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*** vricci has quit IRC04:38
*** jasonb has quit IRC04:39
*** rodlabs_ has joined #openstack04:39
*** rodlabs has quit IRC04:39
*** rodlabs_ is now known as rodlabs04:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #968850 in horizon "intermittent errors and login page" [Undecided,New]
*** cstachris has joined #openstack04:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #968865 in nova "volume-create and volume-snapshot-create do not display the object that is created" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #968868 in nova "Volume snapshot deletion is slow and painful" [Undecided,New]
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*** hugokuo has joined #openstack06:42
*** tru_tru has joined #openstack06:43
hugokuoAn question about swift06:43
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack06:44
hugokuowhile I try to  object 3 zone 2 replicas  ,  accounte 3 zone 3 replicas , container 3 zone 3 replica .   Create Account and container work smoothly  .  But onece I try to upload an object . It just hangs ....06:45
hugokuoIs that normal ?06:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #968905 in keystone "When use a nfs mount /opt/stack/nova/instances directory, the launched instance status error when performing spawing task." [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #968950 in devstack "Glance should store image in Swift if installed" [Undecided,In progress]
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berendttrying to connect to novncproxy with chromium and firefox failed with: "WebSock error: Illegal basic compression received, ctl: 80".. any hints?08:44
*** dainius has quit IRC08:44
*** dainius has joined #openstack08:46
berendtlooks like this issue: i'll check my qemu build08:47
berendtapplying the suggested workaround in include/rfb.js is working08:49
*** holden247 has left #openstack08:50
*** fc__ has quit IRC08:50
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Neptuhej have a question08:56
Neptui just uploaded an ami image to my cloud08:56
NeptuIMAGEaki-00000011os_images/centos-x86_64.img.manifest.xmlavailableprivatex86_64kernel  instance-store08:57
Neptuhow i can create an ami08:57
Neptuseems in needed in order to get started08:57
*** wariola has quit IRC09:02
*** fc__ has joined #openstack09:06
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dacharyis anyone using quantum already ?09:07
LarsErikPNeptu: try to reformat your question into proper english..09:07
*** Paul_ is now known as withnale09:07
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan09:09
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*** vitiho has joined #openstack09:18
Raziquehello all!09:21
*** pretec has joined #openstack09:23
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uksysadminNeptu: looks like you've uploaded your image as a kernel image (aki) not a machine image (ami) - if you used glance it seems you've done:  glance ... container_format=aki09:42
uksysadminmorning all byw09:43
uksysadminbtw even09:43
*** littleidea has quit IRC09:43
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Neptuuksysadmin: what is the difference there?09:59
*** vitiho_ has quit IRC09:59
*** vitiho has joined #openstack09:59
Neptuuksysadmin: glance add to add a public image??10:00
uksysadminNeptu: not sure I understand... how did you upload that image?10:01
uksysadminin glance its 2 or 3 steps:  add kernel, (add ramdisk optional in some circumstances), then add machine image.10:01
Neptuuksysadmin: euca-upload-bundle -b os_images -m /tmp/centos-x86_64.img.manifest.xml10:01
uksysadminNeptu: what version of OpenStack?10:02
Neptuno idea...10:02
uksysadminI've not used euca-upload-bundle in a while10:02
uksysadminwhat operating system?10:02
Neptuim uploading a centos kvm image10:02
Neptuneed to go now get back in a couple of hoiurs10:03
*** tryggvil_ has joined #openstack10:03
uksysadminas in what version of the operating system you're running OpenStack on?10:03
Neptuthanks for helping and we keep taling in a while10:03
*** ik04ka has joined #openstack10:07
*** aspiers has joined #openstack10:09
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*** vivek has joined #openstack10:28
vivekHi all10:28
*** vivek is now known as Guest416710:28
Guest4167I am having a working openstack setup IaaS10:28
*** vitiho_ has quit IRC10:28
*** vitiho_ has joined #openstack10:28
*** aspiers` has quit IRC10:29
Guest4167now i want to install cloudfoundary in one instance and use my IaaS as PaaS10:29
Guest4167how i can do this10:29
*** Leander has joined #openstack10:29
Leanderhello, can anyone help me with this problem i'm having:  - i'm running ubuntu 12.04 beta 2 with the openstack-rc1 packages10:31
*** dneary has quit IRC10:32
*** jimyeh has joined #openstack10:34
zynzelLeander: show /etc/passwd10:36
melmothLeander looks like a problem with sudo.. Just guessing, do you have a "--root_helper=sudo nova-rootwrap" in your nova.conf file ?10:36
zynzelLeander: /etc/sudoers *10:37
Leandermelmoth: i do not have that line10:38
*** rods has joined #openstack10:38
*** chrisfer has quit IRC10:38
*** chrisfer has joined #openstack10:39
*** aspiers has joined #openstack10:40
zynzelLeander: and this you dont have 'Default requiretty'?10:40
zynzelLeander: if not add '--root_helper=sudo nova-rootwrap' to nova.conf and 'nova ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/nova-rootwrap' to /etc/sudoers10:41
Leanderzynzel: nope, i don't have that line. However, adding the '--root_helper=sudo nova-rootwrap' seemed to have solved that issue10:42
*** LinuxJedi has quit IRC10:44
*** LinuxJedi has joined #openstack10:45
*** Qten has joined #openstack10:45
*** hugokuo has quit IRC10:45
Guest4167now i want to install cloudfoundary in one instance and use my IaaS as PaaS10:46
*** LinuxJedi has quit IRC10:48
*** LinuxJedi has joined #openstack10:49
*** yshh has quit IRC10:49
*** Radium has joined #openstack10:52
*** Guest4167 has quit IRC10:52
MadkissI understand that OpenStack is ASL-licensed. I wonder whether this means that OpenStack is compatible with works licensed under GNU LGPL 2.1?10:54
*** aspiers has quit IRC10:56
*** aspiers has joined #openstack11:00
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*** adjohn has quit IRC11:04
*** koolhead11 has joined #openstack11:04
Madkissgeez, licensing stuff is killing me.11:05
*** aspiers` has joined #openstack11:05
*** jimyeh has left #openstack11:06
*** jimyeh has joined #openstack11:06
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Raziquecoffee + fixing bug time11:07
*** ghe_ has quit IRC11:07
MadkissRazique: youre not a lawyer by accident or something? ;)11:09
*** aspiers has quit IRC11:10
Raziquewhy is that ? :D11:11
*** supriya has quit IRC11:13
*** pretec has quit IRC11:14
*** Leander has quit IRC11:14
MadkissRazique: I'm looking for somebody to help me with a licensing question. OpenStack is completely APL-licensed, is that correct?11:16
*** Triade has quit IRC11:17
koolhead11Madkiss: yes11:18
*** vitiho has quit IRC11:20
*** vitiho has joined #openstack11:20
*** aspiers`` has joined #openstack11:20
*** aspiers` has quit IRC11:25
*** stevegjacobs has joined #openstack11:31
stevegjacobsI have an instance stuck in reboot. I need to recover it11:32
*** pretec has joined #openstack11:37
*** aspiers`` has quit IRC11:40
Madkisskoolhead11: ok.11:46
*** bsza has joined #openstack11:47
epicis there a release map for openstack?11:52
*** stevegjacobs has quit IRC11:52
*** reed has quit IRC11:53
*** dneary has joined #openstack11:54
*** lctmz has joined #openstack12:00
*** vitiho has quit IRC12:01
*** nelson1234 has quit IRC12:01
*** vitiho has joined #openstack12:01
*** mjfork has joined #openstack12:01
*** NaZZaX has quit IRC12:03
*** clopez has joined #openstack12:03
*** reed has joined #openstack12:06
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:06
*** chasmo has joined #openstack12:06
MadkissOn the command line, how can I actually test whether glance-registry works properly and how can I test whether glance-api works properly?12:08
*** JerryKwan has joined #openstack12:08
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:09
*** Leander has joined #openstack12:09
*** Triade has joined #openstack12:10
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack12:10
*** jtanner has joined #openstack12:10
*** rocambol2 has joined #openstack12:11
JerryKwanhow can i run the beanstalkd service in openstack environment?12:17
*** samba35 has joined #openstack12:17
*** stevegjacobs has joined #openstack12:20
JerryKwanbeanstalkd is a job queue service like rabbitmq12:20
*** souza has joined #openstack12:25
souzaMorning everybody.12:25
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC12:26
*** msavy has joined #openstack12:28
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack12:29
*** markvoelker has quit IRC12:29
lxuhey guys. Im trying to add a new single floating ip using the command "sudo nova-manage floating create", but when I list the IPs it was not added, and nothing appears on logs. Is there something Im missing?12:30
*** Radium has quit IRC12:31
*** ejat has joined #openstack12:33
*** Radium has joined #openstack12:35
*** oNeToWn has quit IRC12:36
*** livemoon has joined #openstack12:39
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack12:42
*** stevegjacobs has quit IRC12:42
thinrhinoI am looking to understand how in diablo, does nova understand to authenticate against keystone12:43
Raziquethinrhino: via the pipelines12:43
thinrhinoalso how do the keystone users and nova users sync?12:43
Raziquein nova conf, you specify whether u want to use KS for auth12:43
*** Leander has quit IRC12:43
Raziquethus relagating useers managerment to KS12:43
Raziqueif u want nova to use it's own database12:44
kyriakosI think that when you use keystone nova doesn't know anything about users. it just makes sure your token is valid (by checking with keystone)12:44
thinrhinoRazique: I have put --auth_strategy=keystone12:44
RaziqueI made a schema12:44
Raziquelet me dig12:44
*** oNeToWn has joined #openstack12:44
*** aliguori has joined #openstack12:44
*** Radium has quit IRC12:45
*** kbringard has joined #openstack12:46
kyriakosRazique: what did you use to create this diagram ? inkscape?12:46
*** marrusl has joined #openstack12:47
thinrhinoRazique: My issue is that when an instance is launched on the compute node, it is not getting an IP12:47
Raziquethinrhino: this has nothing to do with KS :-)12:47
Raziquelook the flow, you wouldn't even able to spawn one  ;-)12:48
Raziquethinrhino: what the nova-compute logs give ?12:48
Raziquekyriakos: visio12:48
thinrhinothere are no logs indicating any issues12:48
thinrhinoall I see in the log is allocate_ip_v4 is None12:49
thinrhinoI believe the issue is that there are no users in my nova database12:49
thinrhinoand also no projects defined there12:49
thinrhinothe user and project is defined in keystone12:50
Raziquethinrhino: have you a project, a network and user(s) attached to it ?12:51
thinrhinoyes, defined via keystone-manage12:51
Raziqueare u able to see the images ?12:51
thinrhinoI am able to launch instances12:51
Raziqueare they spawned correctly12:52
thinrhinobut they don't get any IP address12:52
Raziquekvm ?12:52
*** NashTrash has joined #openstack12:52
*** Razique has left #openstack12:52
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:52
*** ldleworker has joined #openstack12:53
withnalehow do you create a tenant on essex rc? I've tried what's in the docs and it doesn't work... keystone --token 012345SECRET99TOKEN012345 --endpoint tenant-create --name openstackDemo --description "Default Tenant" --enabled true12:53
*** clopez has quit IRC12:55
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates12:55
*** ayoung has quit IRC12:56
uksysadminwithnale: what's the error?   looks ok to me.  See this
*** roge has joined #openstack13:00
*** Razique has joined #openstack13:02
Raziquesorry I closed the window by mistake13:02
Raziquethinrhino: around ,13:02
thinrhinoRazique: yes13:03
thinrhinoI am still here13:03
thinrhinoI using KVM13:03
Raziqueso the last thing I asked was "kvm ?"13:03
thinrhinoRazique: yes, I am using KVM13:03
Raziqueoh great, so virsh dumpxml $domain13:03
Raziqueand paste the xml extract please :-)13:03
thinrhinogive me a moment, I just restarted all my nodes13:04
*** belliott has quit IRC13:04
lctmzhey guys, when I set up an instance at Dashboard it looks like Active, but in the log I see the notification -> " cloud-setup: failed 21/30: up 86.51. request failed wget: can't connect to remote host ( No route to host " .. I think that's a trouble already known, someone can help?13:04
*** dneary has quit IRC13:04
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack13:04
*** ChrisAM1 is now known as ChrisAM13:04
epichow do i change quotas for a project?13:05
thinrhinoRazique: I am getting an error: failed to get domain 'nova'13:05
*** Ard1t has joined #openstack13:05
*** souza has quit IRC13:05
thinrhinoI am assuming $domain is the Zone13:05
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:06
*** ik04ka has quit IRC13:06
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan13:07
Raziquenope it's the name of the instance u just spawned13:07
Raziquevirsh list --all13:07
Raziqueyou should see your instances13:07
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:09
*** tcampbell has joined #openstack13:10
*** littleidea has joined #openstack13:10
Raziquelooks like it doesn't have an net card here :/13:13
thinrhinoI had used ttyLinux and then even a ubuntu image13:13
Raziquewhat nova-manage network list shows ?13:13
*** Razique has left #openstack13:13
*** Razique has joined #openstack13:14
Raziquewhich network mode are u using ?13:15
*** Radium has joined #openstack13:15
Raziqueok, would you show me your nova.conf please :)13:17
epiccan nova/openstack change virtualmachine specs after an instance has been created (but while its suspended) ?13:17
Raziqueyes you can resize an instance13:18
Raziquebut while it's suspended, no :)13:18
livemoonhi, glad to see you, Razique13:20
Raziquelivemoon: hello my friend :)13:20
RaziqueI'm back :D13:20
livemoonyep, welcome to back openstack13:21
epicRazique: can I do it via the dashboard?13:21
Raziquethinrhino: ok seems a solid configuration - what ps axl | grep dns on the nova-network server gives ?13:21
Raziqueepic: I think yes, beware the resize only apply to xen nodes13:22
Raziquethe resize to kvm has not been implemented (or I missed the last updates, possible :) )13:22
livemoonwhat's the problem with thinrhino13:22
thinrhinolivemoon: There is no problem with me :P the problem is with my openstack configuration :D13:23
thinrhinoI don't get any output on the nova-network node, but get an output on nova-compute node13:24
thinrhinolivemoon: When I launch instances on KVM, the instances don't get any IP address13:24
livemoonin the instances ,can you use "dhclient eht0"13:25
epicRazique: ok thanks, do you think it is on the roadmap for KVM?13:25
livemoonthinrhino: it cannot get any ip?13:25
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC13:26
thinrhinolivemoon: no ip at all, even the VM's are not getting any network card :(13:26
livemoonwhat os it is?13:26
thinrhinotried ttylinux and ubuntu13:27
*** jcannava has joined #openstack13:29
*** vmachine has joined #openstack13:29
Raziquelooks like the network is unable to provide an ip to the instances13:29
Raziqueis the brige up ?13:29
thinrhinoI can see br100 on the compute & nova-api/network node13:30
*** littleidea has quit IRC13:30
withnaledoes ppa:openstack-core/trunk still work? I'm getting an error13:31
vmachinedoes anyone have a link on how to install openstack. im looking for a very easy way (if there is any) .. i have a ubuntu server(vm) i want to install a single node.13:31
Neptu_uksysadmin: im back, if u remember i was having a problem uploading an image ... IMAGEaki-00000011os_images/centos-x86_64.img.manifest.xmlavailableprivatex86_64kernel  instance-store13:31
vmachineor is there any openstack appliance out there?13:31
thinrhinoRazique: livemoon: I can now see 'qemudDispatchSignalEvent:424 : Shutting down on signal 15' in the libvrit log13:31
livemoonit is no matter13:32
uksysadminNeptu: yes. and you're using euca-upload... and it appears that your bundle hasn't been created correctly... its reporting your ami as an aki13:33
livemoonthinrhino: does ubuntu images created by yourself or download from internet?13:33
thinrhinodownloaded from uec.ubuntu.com13:33
*** ayoung has joined #openstack13:34
Raziqueconnect to the instance via vnc13:34
Neptu_uksysadmin: i did the building like this: euca-bundle-image -i centos-x86_64_template/centos-x86_64.img  --kernel true13:34
Raziqueand see how the boot sequence goes13:34
livemoonthinrhion: can you use "ifconfig eth0 up" in ubuntu instance13:34
melmothvmachine: try
thinrhinohow do I login into the machine?13:35
melmothvmachine: you may also be interested in
*** marrusl_ has joined #openstack13:36
Raziquethinrhino:  ps axl | grep kvm13:36
uksysadminNeptu: --kernel true means its a kernel, not the image.13:36
Raziquethen look for the vnc port13:36
*** llang629 has joined #openstack13:36
Raziqueand use any client13:36
Raziqueand connect to the port13:36
Raziqueport 0 : 5900, port 10 : 5910, etc..13:36
uksysadminyou use --kernel true when you're uploading the kernel13:36
thinrhinoRazique: let me try13:37
*** marrusl_ has quit IRC13:37
*** marrusl has quit IRC13:37
Neptu_uksysadmin: maybe that is my missunderstand... the image is a kvm image with a kernel installed and so on... im not uploading nothing separated...13:38
uksysadminno you seperate the kernel and ramdisk from the image13:38
uksysadminif its in the image itself, then just strip off the --kernel true13:38
uksysadminyou launch amis not akis13:38
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack13:39
uksysadminor mount the image, copy the kernel and ramdisk out and then upload the kernel, ramdisk and then the image13:39
Neptu_do not understand the last point but i will upload it now wihout --kernel option see if works now13:40
*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline13:40
livemoonthinrhino: there is no <interface> in your instance xml file13:40
Raziquethat's what I figures13:41
Raziquelooks like nova is not even able to create an interface for the instance13:41
thinrhinoRazique: Now I am not able to launch and instance!! No trace logs either :(13:42
livemoonnova-compute and nova-netowork in not in the same machine?13:42
Raziquethinrhino:  what happened meanwhile ? :)13:42
Neptu_uksysadmin: now it generated an ami... IMAGEami-0000001213:43
livemoonthinrhion: why you use "--multi_host=T"13:43
thinrhinoI don't know, I was trying to launch another instance and it stuck in 'build' state for a long time13:43
thinrhinolivemoon: I have openstack distributed on multiple nodes13:43
Raziquelooks like the image itself is not even retrieved ? :/13:44
Raziquethinrhino: you only have one server ?13:44
livemoonand multiple nova-nnetwork nodes?13:44
livemoonif you have only one nova-network, you should make "--mutil_host=False"13:44
thinrhinolivemoon: aahh... ok13:45
livemoon--mutil_host means "mutil nova-network"13:45
thinrhinolivemoon: ok13:45
*** asim has joined #openstack13:45
*** pretec has quit IRC13:45
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:45
*** llang629 has left #openstack13:46
thinrhinolet me comment that flag13:46
*** JerryKwan has quit IRC13:46
livemoonand restart nova service13:47
livemoontry again13:47
Raziquecd /etc/init.d13:48
Raziquefor i in $( ls nova-*); do service $i restart; done13:48
*** erivera has quit IRC13:48
*** belliott has joined #openstack13:48
thinrhinoRazique: Man... Now I need to first figure out why my instances are not coming up!13:49
thinrhinoon KVM13:50
Raziquefirst thgins first yes!13:51
thinrhinoRazique: livemoon: thanks man, I will look into this a little later and then catch you folks here.13:53
thinrhinoTime to go home!13:53
*** osier has quit IRC13:53
*** thinrhino has quit IRC13:54
*** Free_maN has quit IRC13:54
*** natea has joined #openstack13:54
*** asim has quit IRC13:55
*** kbringard has quit IRC13:56
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:56
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack13:56
koolhead11uksysadmin: around13:59
*** tryggvil_ has quit IRC13:59
Neptu_uksysadmin: im rollin in my head what u said about seprating the kernel and the ramdisk... u mean the partitions for the /boot with the kernel and the partition for the swap??14:00
*** mariocar has quit IRC14:01
uksysadminkoolhead11: I am14:02
*** blamar has joined #openstack14:02
uksysadminNeptu: yeah - just mount /centos-x86_64.img /mnt, cp /mnt/boot/vmlinuz-whatever /tmp, cp /mnt/boot/initrd-whatever /tmp, then euca-upload the ramdisk and kernel to produce your ari and aki for the ami14:03
kbringarduksysadmin: do you need to do anything special to the base image to make sure it doesn't already have a /boot partition that will that precedence over the one nova tries to mount?14:04
Neptu_uksysadmin: yep the ami was created but ive got: Unexpected error: Cannot find requested image 18: Kernel not found for image 18.14:04
Neptu_uksysadmin: im gonna try your aproach mounting it14:05
*** NaZZaX has joined #openstack14:06
*** vmachine has left #openstack14:06
uksysadminkbringard: yes - there is a process14:06
kbringardah, OK, was just making sure14:07
kbringard's what I thought14:07
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:07
kbringardI use boxgrinder, but it makes all in one images14:07
uksysadminessentially creating your own images: create a single partition / and install the OS in there (which includes boot).14:07
*** Glacee has joined #openstack14:07
uksysadminthe first few bytes are to do with booting, - you get this from fdisk -l image and multiplying  the start sector by the number of bytes14:08
uksysadminyou then mount the image from the offset and dd the contents to create your actual .img14:08
uksysadminin this case that .img exists, but also includes the /boot files14:08
uksysadminso in this case you should just be able to grab the vmlinuz and initrd and use that as youre aki and ari14:09
kbringardgot it14:09
uksysadminits unfortunately complex when hand-cranking, but makes sense in the end.14:09
*** zaid_h has joined #openstack14:10
kbringarddo you find that, overall, it's a better process than having all in one images with iterative kernels?14:10
uksysadminoh yeah - its more "cloud friendly"14:10
kbringardI know it gives you a lot more flexibility, but do you find it worth it?14:10
uksysadminwhich is the aim14:10
kbringardyea, fair enough14:10
*** Free_maN has joined #openstack14:11
uksysadminI can say that as going forward it will be a team of sysadmins (ignore my handle ;-)) that would be doing this as part of their day job14:11
kbringardyea, were we to adopt that process I'd document it and have a team that dealt with it also14:12
*** mindpixel has quit IRC14:12
*** avoine has joined #openstack14:12
zynzelkbringard: i cant agree, if you use 'flat' raw file with kernel he can do update, patch and anything what he want14:12
*** avoine has left #openstack14:12
*** avoine has joined #openstack14:12
uksysadminbut realistically, our use case here is a small number of amis - so maintaining them this way isn't a hardship14:12
zynzelwhen kernel is other 'image' cant ;)14:12
zynzeluksysadmin: i mean.14:12
*** yshh has joined #openstack14:13
kbringardzynzel: this is true, but if you have a procedure for rolling your own kernels, it's as "simple" as creating the new vmlinuz and uploading it14:13
kbringardthen when you launch the AMI you just use that as your —kernel option and you've upgraded14:13
kbringardI think there's benefit and cost to both14:14
kbringardjust have to analyze your use cases14:14
uksysadminI've also found it rather simple to modify scripts in an ami by simply mounting this, editing the script within the mount point and uploading it referencing the original kernel and ramdisk... easy process to manage something like this.14:14
*** gongys has joined #openstack14:14
kbringardbrb, need to get on the VPN14:15
zynzelkbringard: yeah, minus of flat file is resize14:15
*** kbringard has quit IRC14:15
gongyshello, who can help to tell me what is the right order for these import:14:15
gongysimport os14:15
gongysimport StringIO14:15
gongysimport sys as _sys14:15
gongysimport httplib214:15
*** kbringard has joined #openstack14:18
kbringardstupid VPN14:18
corXiHi guys, I've got a question related to keystone->glance->swift (running essex-rc1).. (I've patched glance to support v2.0 auth).... I've created a service tenant and added a swift and glance user. These account I've configured in glance and swift. All seems to work well, I can upload an image as my own user using glance.. which successfully ends up in swift. But when I try to launch it, I get an HTTP 500.... Checking the keystone log, at pressing "launch ins14:18
*** sdake has joined #openstack14:20
uksysadmincorXi: well done, think a lot of people attempting "glance+keystone+swift" gets to this HTTP 500 stage.14:20
uksysadminnot seen a fix yet14:21
*** judd7 has joined #openstack14:21
Raziquehey guys I'"ve been able to extract instances from openstack to autonomous images for kvm14:21
uksysadminchmouel is someone you want to ask over this... pending a change review to make this work (unless you've seen that already and still getting issues?)14:21
Raziquecumbersome, but worked14:21
uksysadminRazique: intrigued...14:21
kbringardRazique: for what purpose?14:22
kbringardnot that I don't think it's cool, just not entirely sure I understand...14:22
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away14:23
corXiI've a theory about what might be going wrong though.... looks like glance uploads the image to swift as its own user... and if you, as your own user list images in glance all works well since this is glance it's database.... and still works. But when you try to launch an instance, it looks like the user trying to launch the instance is used to retrieve the image from swift instead of glance ... and my own user doesn't seem to have access to this image direct14:24
*** robbiew has joined #openstack14:24
corXiIf this is indeed the problem, would it be a bug in glance (it should place the image under my account in swift) or does swift need some ACLs to give users access to containers uploaded by users from a different tenant14:25
corXiif I set delay-auth-decision=1 .. the instance is being preparred to start, networking steps are then, but at the time it needs the image it still fails, because my user doesnt' have permission within swift to access the image I guess...14:26
corXiuksysadmin: any idea if other people are workign on debugging this14:26
corXiuksysadmin: I could use someone to discuss the above things to at least point out the way it "should work"14:27
*** Ahmad_HP has joined #openstack14:28
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack14:28
*** thinrhino has joined #openstack14:29
Ahmad_HPHi folks14:29
uksysadmincorXi: are you referring to keystone+glance with swift+keystone?  Or are you using tempauth with Swift?14:29
Ahmad_HPHas anyone tried configuring nova_limits with nova?14:29
uksysadmincorXi: I've got keystone+glance, and keystone+swift, but not all 3 working14:30
uksysadminit is actively being worked on14:30
*** judd7 has quit IRC14:30
*** ejat has quit IRC14:31
*** jimyeh has quit IRC14:31
*** GheRivero has joined #openstack14:32
Raziquekbringard: hello friend14:32
Raziquekbringard: uksysadmin we needed to reinstall some instances to kvm setup and make a migration14:33
*** natea has quit IRC14:33
kbringardRazique: hey buddy14:33
Raziquewithout havingt the whole opensatck cloud deployed14:33
Raziqueand I didn't wanted to recreate an image, etc...14:33
uksysadminRazique: that's just lazy :p14:33
kbringarda nice argument for all in one images ;-)14:33
Raziqueso I tried to extract the instance and reinstall it into an autonomous kvm install14:33
Raziqueuksysadmin: the more lazy we are, the best ahah14:33
*** alex88 has joined #openstack14:34
uksysadminRazique: reminds me of an interview for a sysadmin job a few years back: "What makes a good Sysadmin?" ... "A lazy one."14:34
corXiuksysadmin: it's about all 3 ...14:35
uksysadmincorXi: I believe its not quite there yet14:35
corXiso glance+keystone and swift+keystone14:35
alex88hello guys...openstack is currently full redundant or if the cloud controller dies, everything breaks?14:35
uksysadminbut the vibe I get is that its imminent that it will happen14:35
uksysadminalex88: the instances aren't dependent on the cloud controller, but if your nova-network is running on the cloud controller, your instances stop playing with the rest of the network14:37
alex88uksysadmin: about the image controllers, you can setup clustered storage? btw, i'm reading here
uksysadminalex88: see the compute nodes as independent of the other services... if glance fails... if keystone fails... instances still function.14:38
kbringarduksysadmin: it's true… the job of a sysadmin is to work toward being as lazy as they can14:38
kbringardor, as I tend to put it in interviews "To automate myself out of a job"14:38
kbringardwhich is a more positive way of saying lazy ;-)14:38
corXiuksysadmin: too bad.. I've another setup running on last months trunk (or maybe 2 months back) which has this working fine, but I used swift-keystone2 to get it to work but that git repo seems to have disappeared14:39
RaziqueOur Life is nothing but an automation14:39
alex88uksysadmin: will openstack architecture work on internet only connected servers? or does it needs a private network?14:39
uksysadminkbringard: after a smile and an explanation I got that job ;-)14:39
kbringardhehe, good man14:39
uksysadmincorXi: yes, I had a set up working and then keystone changed14:39
uksysadminalex88: it can work on whatever network you want14:40
uksysadminyou assign a "private" network that your openstack instances communicate over, and a public network which in a private sense is a network that is routeable so you can get to your instances14:40
*** livemoon has left #openstack14:40
alex88uksysadmin: and from what i've read, if there are like 10 compute nodes, and 1 node dies, nothing changes? all vm are still running?14:41
uksysadminOpenStack has been designed to operate at large scale, so the terminology makes better sense when talking about OpenStack in a public ISP sense14:41
kbringardVms that were running on the dead compute node won't work anymore14:41
kbringardbut the rest will14:41
RaziqueFriday : when focusing on job is trying to eat only half a slice of a cheesecake14:41
uksysadmin+1 kbringard14:41
thinrhinoRazique: Hey, Do I need to have nova-network and nova-compute on the same node?14:41
corXiuksysadmin: hmm oki... thanks.. I'll see if anyone in dev is working on it / see if there's an open bug report I might be able to help with...14:41
kbringardas for network, think about the network controller as the router for Vms14:41
Raziquethinrhino: nope; you can separate14:41
kbringardif you're not usingmultihost, then you more or less have one router14:42
thinrhinook thanks14:42
kbringardand if it dies, then Vms will still be there and will be able to get to anything they can ARP14:42
kbringardbut won't be able to route14:42
uksysadmincorXi: ping chmouel14:42
kbringardif you're using multihost, then a VM's default gateway is set to the NC that is running on its compute node14:42
kbringardbut the same principle applies14:43
uksysadminand FlorienOtel when he's on - he's been banging his head against the wall more than i have on it.14:43
kbringardif the VM's default gateway dies, then it can't route14:43
alex88kbringard: ok, they'll die, but they'll restart on other nodes?14:43
kbringardnot unless you've setup some kind of heartbeat or something to make it restart automatically14:43
kbringardthere is no automatic failover mechanism built into OpenStack14:44
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack14:44
alex88kbringard: thank you for explaining..14:44
kbringardnp, hope it made sense :-)14:44
kbringardI need to run an errand, I'll bbl14:44
alex88yup ;)14:45
alex88btw, if i put the network controller on a vps, so it will be 100% available, it doesn't route all the network flow, just "administrate" it? <- last question :)14:45
*** koolhead11 has quit IRC14:46
*** lctmz has quit IRC14:48
*** adam_s is now known as aspiers14:51
*** jmguerrero has joined #openstack14:51
*** sdake has quit IRC14:52
*** zzed has joined #openstack14:52
Ahmad_HPHi Guys, does any one has expereince with nova_limits please?14:53
*** robthoms has joined #openstack14:53
robthomsHi - nova-volume uses LVM volumes on shared iscsi/other disks?  Does it use Cluster LVM between physical hosts?  Or does it actually expose these individual LVs via iSCSI?14:54
*** zzed is now known as _zzed14:54
*** sdake has joined #openstack14:55
*** roge has quit IRC14:56
*** clopez has joined #openstack14:56
robthomsSince I assume half the reason for persistent volumes on a SAN is failover (ie. VM goes down, bring up VM with persistent storage on another hypervisor host), how many hosts can be in the failover domain/realm/cluster?   16? 32? Unlimited?14:56
sstentmadkiss: want to play with 100GiB next :)robthoms: as i understand it, nova-volume jsut expects LVM on nonshared storage and presents iscsi to compute nodes. if you wabnted shared storage behind your nova-volume you would need to use some mechnaism like CLVM, but nova-volume wouldn't care/know about it14:56
robthomssstent, Ok - that's very interesting then..14:57
sstentmadkiss: ignore that :) old msg14:57
sstentrobthoms: ask madkiss what he thinks about CLVM :)14:57
uksysadminhave a good weekend everyone14:58
*** roge has joined #openstack14:58
*** uksysadmin has quit IRC14:59
*** donaldngo_hp has joined #openstack14:59
*** natea has joined #openstack15:00
robthomssstent, I'm not a big fan of CLVM either... But I implemented my own storage lock manager. ;-)15:00
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:01
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack15:02
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack15:02
*** flaviamissi has joined #openstack15:02
*** reidrac has left #openstack15:02
*** EdwinGrubbs has quit IRC15:03
*** vmachine has joined #openstack15:05
vmachinedoes anyone know the defualt username password for openstack... when installed from devstack15:05
vmachineive completed the install but it didnt ask me to set up any password for the webinterface15:06
*** Blackavar has quit IRC15:08
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz15:09
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*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack15:10
*** Razique1 has joined #openstack15:13
*** freeflying has quit IRC15:13
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*** Razique has quit IRC15:16
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack15:17
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz15:18
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack15:18
Neptu_hej a question when u deploy a kvm image for instance u need to remove the grub thingie from the image or just specify the kernel and ramdisk will be ok on the deplyment level??15:19
*** RobertLaptop has joined #openstack15:19
*** RobertLaptop has left #openstack15:20
Razique1Neptu: up to you15:20
Razique1you can chose to separate the ramdisk and kernel15:20
Razique1or make a complete image15:20
*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack15:23
*** luc has joined #openstack15:23
*** jj0hns0n has quit IRC15:24
*** ik04ka has joined #openstack15:24
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*** roge has joined #openstack15:32
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer15:32
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*** shaon has joined #openstack15:39
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*** jj0hns0n has joined #openstack15:39
*** NashTrash has quit IRC15:41
Neptu_Razique1: the complete image seems not to work15:41
*** vitiho has joined #openstack15:43
Razique1Neptu: where does it not work ?15:43
Razique1the creation itself is good ?15:43
Razique1the image boots ?15:43
Razique1which procedure did u follow ?15:43
Neptu_does nto instanciate15:43
Neptu_Razique1: 1 sec and i will copy15:44
*** 65MAADRBZ is now known as clayg15:44
Neptu_Razique1: euca-bundle-image -i centos-x86_64_template/centos-x86_64.img15:44
Razique1where does that image come from ?15:45
Neptu_kvm virtual machine15:45
Neptu_is booting and working fine15:45
Razique1have u removed the udev rules, set dhcp, and added the rc.load instructions ?15:45
Neptu_only dhcp15:45
*** ldleworker has quit IRC15:45
*** llang629 has joined #openstack15:46
Razique1check udev rules and also rc.local for metadata retrieval15:46
Neptu_Razique1: Unexpected error: Cannot find requested image 18: Kernel not found for image 18.15:46
Neptu_this is what i get from the dashboard15:46
*** llang629 has left #openstack15:47
Neptu_seems another thingie15:47
Razique1mmm did u attached a kernel and ramdisk ? no need15:47
Neptu_Razique1: no kernel attached is in the image itself15:47
Neptu_Razique1: I mean the image has everything to work with kvm15:47
* Razique1 thinks15:47
* Neptu_ wonders15:48
Razique1ok I know15:48
*** vmachine has left #openstack15:48
Razique1got it15:48
Razique1that's the nasty euca2ookls15:48
Razique1use nova-manage image instead15:49
Neptu_need to find a manual15:50
Razique1for ?15:50
Razique1the image uploading ?15:50
*** byeager has quit IRC15:50
*** wilmoore has joined #openstack15:52
*** gongys has quit IRC15:53
Neptu_Razique1: yep to upload the image15:54
*** farkyoo has quit IRC15:55
Razique1CMD+F "register" :)15:55
*** robthoms has left #openstack15:55
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack15:56
*** Free_maN has quit IRC15:57
*** sdake has quit IRC15:58
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*** eglynn_ has quit IRC16:01
zykes-anyone here using crowbar?16:02
*** littleidea has joined #openstack16:02
kbringardzykes-: I played with it a bit a few months back16:04
*** NashTrash has joined #openstack16:04
*** willaerk has quit IRC16:04
Neptu_Razique1: nova-manage image image_register ./centos-x86_64.img --public=T wrong number of argument provided?16:04
*** swill has joined #openstack16:05
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack16:06
*** dolphm has joined #openstack16:06
swillnotmyname: if i move the slogging collector (the processor) onto its own box, i need to install swift on that new box as well right?  cause i see calls to swift.common.(stuff) in the slogging code.  is this the case?16:06
*** lctmz has joined #openstack16:07
Neptu_seems is a bug in the nova-manager...16:09
lctmzHey guys16:10
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:11
lctmzhey NaZZaX, how do you do?16:11
*** manb has joined #openstack16:11
lctmzNaZZaX, I didn't solved the VNC issue yet, did you? haha16:11
Neptu_Razique1: seems is not working... some kind of bug16:12
Neptu_nova-manage image image_register centos.img --public='T' --arch=amd6416:13
*** derekh has joined #openstack16:13
Neptu_i do not see what is wrong here but is telling me wrong number of arguments16:13
*** belliott has quit IRC16:14
*** NaZZaX has quit IRC16:15
*** rodlabs has quit IRC16:17
notmynameswill: yes, slogging has a dependency on swift utilities16:17
Neptu_nova image-list16:17
*** belliott has joined #openstack16:18
swillnotmyname: ok perfect.  thanks.  i am about to build my python modules and i was going to use stdeb and i just noticed you use it as well.16:18
Neptu_Invalid OpenStack Nova credentials.16:18
Neptu_how i can solve this??16:18
swillnotmyname: is there a reason you use 'python --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb' and not the 'debianize' command?16:19
swilland track a debian directory?16:19
*** belliott has quit IRC16:20
zykes-kbringard: do you know if it supports to run on redhat ?16:21
kbringardzykes-: the version I tried didn't… it was Ubuntu 10.10 only, but I think they've modularized it more so it more easily supports more OS's16:22
kbringardbut I couldn't say for sure16:22
*** darraghb has quit IRC16:22
*** marrusl has quit IRC16:25
*** marrusl has joined #openstack16:25
Neptu_kodapa: yo16:27
Razique1I'm heading home, I'll catch u there buys16:27
Neptu_time to get home16:27
Neptu_Razique1: thanks for the help16:27
*** oneiroi is now known as Oneiroi^gone16:27
*** manb has quit IRC16:28
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack16:28
*** Razique1 has quit IRC16:28
withnaleI've got an all in one node running, but when I bring up a compute node, it doesn't pick up the bridge settings. Am I supposed to manually add them with brctl etc?16:31
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack16:31
*** spiffxp has joined #openstack16:32
*** belliott has joined #openstack16:35
*** eglynn_ has quit IRC16:35
*** eglynn_ has joined #openstack16:35
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*** heckj has joined #openstack16:50
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*** asavu has quit IRC16:52
lctmzSomeone can take a look at this issue? , any help apreciated16:52
*** dachary has quit IRC16:53
*** dachary has joined #openstack16:54
*** msavy has quit IRC16:54
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daniele-swift question about replicator17:06
*** tcampbell has quit IRC17:07
*** hggdh has joined #openstack17:07
daniele-if I change an object on the filesystem the auditor will catch it and the replicator will overwrite with a valid copy17:07
daniele-which is expected17:07
daniele-but if I remove the file the auditor doesn't realize that17:08
daniele-and I miss the file17:08
daniele-I tested this with 1.4.817:08
daniele-is this something wanted?17:09
*** derekh has joined #openstack17:11
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notmynamedaniele-: the auditor checks existing object. the replicators make sure that the objects exist17:20
notmynamedaniele-: actually, what the auditor does in your example is quarantine the object to a different location and then the replicator replaces it with a good copy17:22
*** fc__ has quit IRC17:22
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souzaHello Folks17:51
*** swill has joined #openstack17:54
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*** Birk_ has joined #openstack17:59
Birk_anyone is able to use VNC with dashboard ?18:00
*** jcooley has joined #openstack18:01
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souzaBirk_: I'm having a similar problem in a essex installation, someone knows about that?18:05
*** zigo has joined #openstack18:05
*** souza has quit IRC18:06
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mutantehow can a nova instance find out its own instance-name (as opposed to hostname)18:12
*** marrusl_ has joined #openstack18:14
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*** monst has joined #openstack21:54
monsthowdy #openstack21:54
monstfirst question, is there a way to make fixed IPs routable?21:55
monstid like to use fixed IPs for internal devs, and floating for public ips21:55
kbringardroutable to where?21:57
monstto my internal network21:57
*** leifmadsen has quit IRC21:57
monstseems it is only routed to the localhost21:57
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack21:57
kbringardI don't entirely understand… the NC should act as a router for the entire fixed_ip network21:58
kbringardone VM should route to another21:58
kbringardeven if they're not on the same compute node21:58
monstoh that is excellent, I didnt relize that21:59
kbringardso you should be able to do your forwarding on the NC21:59
monstso I could cluster 2 vms via the fixed ip21:59
monstwhat does NC stand for?21:59
kbringardnetwork controller21:59
monst<- newb21:59
*** hermy|away is now known as hermy21:59
kbringardnaw, no worries21:59
kbringardI get caught up in the vernacular :-)21:59
monstkbringard: I currently have a labmanager environment22:00
monstso what I was hoping was each Developer wouldnt have to assigned a floating ip to a vm to ssh in22:00
monstthat they could just hit the fixed ip from our network22:01
monstdoes that make sense?22:01
kbringardyea, I mean, in theory you can do that, or you can look at using cloud-pipes22:01
kbringardwhich is a per project VPN22:01
kbringardso they connect the VPN and then they're on the layer 2 network for their project22:01
kbringardit only works in VLAN mode22:01
kbringardbut, it works pretty well22:02
kbringardanyway, sorry, I need to go22:02
kbringarddon't mean to cut it short22:02
monstthanks for the info22:02
kbringardno worries, there are a lot of smart and knowledgeable people in here22:02
kbringardwe don't always answer right away, but if you have questions ask and someone will probably eventually respond :-D22:02
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:02
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:03
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*** jcannava has joined #openstack22:03
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*** ke4qqq is now known as list22:04
jasonbHmm, looks like my keystone tokens aren't being stored in the database.  It's mysql, and when I do 'select * from token;' I get zero rows each time, even while I'm using curl to authenticate with keystone and print my token.22:07
*** bsza has quit IRC22:07
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack22:08
jasonbEach time I use curl, it gives me a new token.. never showing me the same one twice.22:09
*** list is now known as ke4qqq22:09
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack22:10
*** ahasenack has quit IRC22:11
*** judd7 has quit IRC22:12
mdrnstmjasonb: is your [token] section using the SQL driver?22:13
mdrnstmdriver = keystone.token.backends.sql.Token22:13
mdrnstmtokens are handled independently from the catalogue driver (in the config)22:14
jasonbahh.. nope, it was using the kvs one.22:16
jasonbmdrnstm: Nice!  Let me see what that fixes..22:16
*** joshuamckenty has quit IRC22:19
mdrnstmjasonb: also each "tokens request" for authentication should (as I recall) create a new token, the idea is that subsequent requests you would provide the token.  I.E.22:19
mdrnstm curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "User-Agent: python-keystoneclient" -d '{"auth": {"passwordCredentials": {"username": "admin", "password": "stack"}}}' && echo22:19
mdrnstmwhich responds with: {"access": {"token": {"expires": "2012-03-31T22:18:15Z", "id": "677d3db06da345289fe7599df28feadb"}, "serviceCatalog": {}, "user": {"username": "admin", "roles_links": [], "id": "4c0ca4749f464be7a7b188261ffe3b0b", "roles": [], "name": "admin"}}}22:19
mdrnstmyou can then use that token to perform actions/get information/etc22:21
*** Radium has quit IRC22:22
*** johnpostlethwait has quit IRC22:22
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jasonbmdrnstm: Okay.  I'm testing..22:24
mdrnstmjasonb: good luck! :)22:24
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jasonbmdrnstm: Thanks.  This might actually solve yet another problem I've been having with the dashboard.22:24
mdrnstmjasonb: yes, the kvs token store is super short (for various reasons).  if it's anything like what i was seeingI ran into that problem (randomly getting logged out) like yesterday.  looked at the config and noticed i forgot to set the driver.22:25
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jasonbmdrnstm: You just solved a problem I've been plagued with for about the last two days!  thanks!!22:27
mdrnstmjasonb: of course! happy to help you out :)22:27
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withnaleif I set essex to use vlan tagged private addresses, how can I add an ip address on that VLAN on the compute host?23:34
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