Sunday, 2012-04-15

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bodepddoes anyone have a minute to chat about nova networking? I am a little confused.02:03
bodepdI can access vms if I istall everything on one node, but as soon as I split compute from network, I cant figure out how to access those vms02:03
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abisis there a virtualbox or vapps with openstack that i can download and deploy?02:26
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matiu_abis, check out devstack.org02:32
matiu_abis, make an ubuntu oneric vbox, then run the devstack script02:32
mknight88Has anyone else run into issues with Keystone apt-get packages from 12.04 x64 current daily, ubuntu?02:38
mknight88I know it is probably me being a noob at this, but I have yet to be able to get through an essex install, following "Draft" openstack guides, not using any scripts or openstack distros.02:41
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abisthank you matiu ..will try02:53
WilliamHerryevery few seconds my openstack shows this error: Error: unable to retrieve details for instance "$uuid", this instance i already deleted, why this error shows, i drop the nova db and recreate it, it still there, help02:59
mknight88did you clear your browser cache, that happens to me sometimes03:00
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WilliamHerrymknight88, thanks, it seems after few min the error gone03:10
mknight88was the fix clearing your browser cache, or something else?03:10
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WilliamHerrymknight88, I guess it is really browser cache problem03:15
mknight88kk, just was curious, ive been struggling to get openstack working for myself, and i noticed after successive installs, that previous install errors would come back, discovered it was chrome caching showing the errors and not openstack, i would think the web server for openstack would disable caching of files, ideally03:16
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WilliamHerrymy nova not configure right at first, now it use on br1 rather than .1, how do i change it to
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krobertsonanyone know why horizon wouldn't see the volume service, while "keystone service-list" shows it?  when I try to go to some pages in horizon, I see "Invalid service catalog service: volume" as a result04:01
krobertsonthe service list within horizon doesn't list volume or ec204:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #982108 in nova "rebooting server failed when it's in rebooting_hard state" [Undecided,New]
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Qtenany news on progress of openstack lunr?07:59
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QtenAnyone know any news on openstack lunr/virtual storage arrays?09:39
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zykes-anyone here running quantum ?11:01
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avishayHi all.  I'm trying to get Swift and Keystone working together. I run the "stat" command in Swift and it hangs; it seems that it's waiting for a response from keystone, even though it seems keystone sent it...11:23
avishayAny ideas?11:23
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cyprus78avishay, what is your endpoint for swift?11:33
avishay| 6bb5a6bdc09c4ffa902bb475352910c2 | RegionOne | | |               |11:34
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avishayb11e7ab98b954e93957601ec7b8bbe6e is the "openstackDemo" tenant, as described in the openstack documentation11:35
avishaycyprus78, i tried also with the "service" tenant id, but that didn't work11:40
cyprus78you can try to run "strace swift stat"11:42
avishaycyprus78, strace swift -v -V 2 -U openstackDemo:adminUser -K password -A stat  ?11:44
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cyprus78yes, it tells you a lot of, but you are interesting in calls like connect, sendto and recvfrom, so strace -e connect,sendto,recvfrom swift...11:50
avishaycyprus78, here is a trace that I get with Ctrl-C:
avishaycyprus78, and here is the ending of the strace output:
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eirikbbis there any  updated info on how to make and upload a windows kvm image, or should i just follow ?12:21
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avishayCan somebody please help me figure out why Swift is hanging on a simple "stat" command (with keystone)?12:59
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avishayCan somebody please help me figure out why Swift is hanging on a simple "stat" command (with keystone)?13:03
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avishayCan somebody please help me figure out why Swift is hanging on a simple "stat" command (with keystone)?13:36
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sagar_nikamHi, I have launched 2 instances using my dashboard.13:57
sagar_nikami have opened all ports in the security groups13:58
sagar_nikami did a SSH to instance 1 and then in instance 1 created a new keypair13:58
sagar_nikamusing command ssh-keygen -t dsa -P '' -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa13:59
sagar_nikamand then added to authorized key using cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys14:00
sagar_nikamnow i want to copy the public key to instance 214:01
sagar_nikamssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_dsa ubuntu@IPAdress14:01
sagar_nikami am getting this error14:01
sagar_nikamPermission denied (publickey).14:02
sagar_nikamwhat could be the error14:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #982345 in glance "missing command "status" in glance-control" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #982356 in nova "metadata error if the fixed_range and Management Network are not same" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #982360 in nova "multi ip block for dmz_cidr " [Undecided,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #982368 in swift "missing error message when rebalancing a ring with more replicas than available zones " [Undecided,New]
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Madkisserr. It is still correct that nova-volume is completely dumb and can only use what it finds in the local VG "nova-volumes", even in Essex, is that correct?14:58
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zykes-is there any guide for a multi node setup for nova ?16:45
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zykes-noone around ?16:58
*** wonk has joined #openstack16:58
zykes-Razique: ? ;p16:58
mknight88I am around, but i have the same question as you, and no answer :D16:59
zykes-grrr, what service is it that should run on the "slave" node ?17:00
mknight88I have no clue, for the record, I haven't been able to get a single install to work.17:01
zykes-heh, i'm allmost there ^^17:01
mknight88This is the guide I have been trying to follow
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mknight88but I fail on the Identity(Keystone) db_sync step17:02
melmothzykes-,  define "slave nodes" .. I have some "compute nodes" running wiht only nova-compute and nova-api17:02
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zykes-melmoth: does nova-compute require mysql connection ?17:02
melmothnova-api should not be necessary, but if it does not run, you need some funky iptables rules so the vm can contact the metadata server (whatever that is)17:03
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack17:03
melmothi dont think it does (require mysql connexion)17:03
melmothit communicate with the other nodes via amqp17:03
zykes-so did i think17:03
zykes-2002, "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)") None None17:04
zykes-melmoth: how do you set the amqp address ?17:06
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zykes-anyone that knows nova ? :/17:21
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TheBeastwhere can I find some technical references that explain the difference between cloudstack and openstack?17:24
TheBeastgoogle is filled with useless stuff17:24
mknight88true story17:24
*** melmoth has joined #openstack17:25
mknight88i found some checklist comparison yesterday, let me see if i can find it, and see if cloudstack is on it, not sure17:25
zykes-TheBeast: best thing is: CloudStack doesn't include everything that OS does I think17:26
zykes-like ObjectStorage17:26
zykes-TheBeast: yeah17:26
zykes-ERROR: Malformed request url (HTTP 400) < should I be getting that when doing a "nova list" ?17:27
zykes-vishy: !17:27
vishyzykes-: nope17:27
mknight88thats what i found, prolly not exactly what your looking for17:28
vishyzykes-: try with --debug, there is probably something wrong with your endpoints in keystone17:28
zykes-vishy: you know if there's any multi host guide for essex ?17:29
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vishyzykes-: there you go: connect fail: (u'nova.os.lan', 8774)17:31
vishyfailing to connect to that address17:31
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zykes-well I see it listening on 877417:32
mknight88can you telnet 8774 from the other node?17:32
zykes-2012-04-15 20:26:26 INFO nova.api.openstack.wsgi [req-28e1ccf3-50fa-4d9b-b203-b02ad246340e 406cc77e41994d6a832554f6e0de6302 406cc77e41994d6a832554f6e0de6302] GET http://nova.os.lan:8774/v1.1/e4ada79042cd478b8c08cffaa882bbed/images/detail17:33
zykes-I can see it in the logs17:33
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zykes-oh, firewall17:39
zykes-doh ;p17:39
mknight88...gotta love it17:39
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zykes-what's on port 8774 ?17:39
zykes-ehm, 517:39
zykes-ah, metadata17:40
mknight88bind_host =
mknight88public_port = 500017:40
mknight88admin_port = 3535717:40
mknight88admin_token = 012345SECRET99TOKEN01234517:40
mknight88compute_port = 877417:40
zykes-it was metadata ;)17:42
mknight88what platform are you using, physicals, vbox vmware?17:42
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack17:45
mknight883 physicals?17:45
zykes-so 1 controller / compute and 1 compute17:47
mknight88ive been trying to use vmworkstation TP, and virtualize vt extensions, 3-5 nodes17:47
mknight88but can't ever get past the initial keystone db_sync17:48
zykes-that works fine here17:48
mknight88every time i wipe and reinstall, db_sync throws up a unique error17:48
mknight88what OS are u using?17:48
mknight88hmm, going to give that a try, ive tried 11.10 ubuntu, 12.04 beta, and 12.04 daily current, all unique errors relating to keystone17:49
mknight88which centos version?17:49
*** epim has quit IRC17:53
mknight88also going to get rid of vmware TP and go back to 8, need to get my phsyicals back online for testing17:54
zykes-yes mknight8817:54
mknight88kk ty17:54
zykes-but crap, now I got fw up, but now I get malformed still17:54
mknight88same error?17:55
mknight88you turned the fw back online and the error returned?17:55
zykes-no, opened ports17:55
mknight88if you put a permit any any on INPUT, same error?17:56
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack17:56
*** Rahul has left #openstack17:56
mknight88rules out fw...17:58
mknight88my background is networking, so thats the only part of this i feel i can contribute to you lol17:59
*** chrisfer has quit IRC17:59
zykes-mine is linux17:59
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC18:00
zykes-clues vishy ?18:01
mknight88im sure that background helps with this openstack stuff18:01
zykes-mknight88: well i've got quite a bit different things i've been working on ;p18:01
mknight88i hear you...18:02
mknight88im in a similar boat to you though, im desperately searching for a good/solid multi-node deployment guide18:03
zykes-well it's really not that different18:03
zykes-only difference on this and a multinode is18:03
zykes-you need to set addresses, open ports on the cc node and only start the needed services (compute usually) on the compute nodes18:04
*** rods has joined #openstack18:04
mknight88yea, thats what I have seen, though I haven't figured out what you do for ESXi yet, haven't even tried looking for a guide on that, thought single/multi doesn't really matter right now for me, i can't get past keystone on the first node, so its all the same lol18:05
zykes-using esxi ?18:06
zykes-use ubuntu 12.04 or centos 6.2 instead :p18:06
mknight88want to try it all...18:07
mknight88but im starting with kvm first18:07
mknight88once i can get that working, ill start working on controlling esxi18:08
*** ik04ka has joined #openstack18:08
*** vivek has joined #openstack18:11
*** epim has joined #openstack18:11
*** vivek is now known as Guest6539018:11
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vishyzykes-: do you get a different error when you use --debug?18:18
vishyzykes-: if it is the same error than it is still a connectivity problem18:18
zykes-vishy: I found out now what was wrong, error with keystone - auth flavour18:19
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack18:19
zykes-Now though I get ClientConnectionError: There was an error connecting to a server18:19
*** vivek_ has joined #openstack18:19
zykes-when trying to list images18:20
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:23
*** rnorwood has quit IRC18:23
*** normanm has joined #openstack18:27
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack18:29
*** epim has quit IRC18:29
*** normanm has quit IRC18:30
*** normanm has joined #openstack18:30
krobertsonanyone seen this error when spawning an instance?  inet_listen_opts: bind(ipv4,,5900): Cannot assign requested address18:31
zynzelkrobertson: grep /etc/nova/nova.conf? ;)18:32
*** blamar has joined #openstack18:33
krobertson.133 is the host of the controller I have set up, the compute instance is on .13518:33
krobertsonthe error is on the .135 host18:33
krobertsoncan try and change vncserver_listen...18:33
melmothhmm i never realised there were some vnc option.18:34
krobertsonaha!  that worked!18:35
krobertsonI installed the vncproxy service and guessing it was for that18:35
zynzelkrobertson: every compute node should have his own ip address for vnc :)18:39
krobertsonyeah, think I just need to tweak my chef configs18:39
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC18:40
*** lloydde has joined #openstack18:45
*** mnewby has joined #openstack18:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #982504 in quantum "Server logs do not contain request body information" [Low,New]
annegentlesounds like it's time to completely generic-ize the multi-node install guide for any distro?18:47
*** marcusk has joined #openstack18:47
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack18:53
*** lloydde has quit IRC18:53
zykes-annegentle: I think so :p19:02
zykes-when you got centos, redhat, ubuntu, suse19:02
z00dax6is anyone running openstack on centos6 at this point ?19:03
*** Razique has left #openstack19:03
zykes-z00dax6: I am atm19:05
z00dax6and is there an install guide somewhere ?19:05
zykes-only partial ones19:05
z00dax6a couple of guys started down the path of doing rpms that could be included in the centos-extras repo19:06
z00dax6which would make life a lot easier19:06
z00dax6but there needs to be some level of stabalisation in openstack as well for something like that to be worthwhile over a period of time19:07
koolhead17z00dax6, i think redhat folks are packaging for rhel619:07
z00dax6koolhead17: url ?19:07
zykes-z00dax6: there's already stuff in epel19:07
zykes-by pixelbeat19:07
z00dax6ah thats interesting19:07
koolhead17z00dax6, :P19:08
zykes-it's gonna get added to Essex soon I thinkl19:08
zykes-though it's currently missing horizon19:08
z00dax6I'll poke that, need to step away for a bit19:10
zykes-I got up 2 compute now, glance, keystone19:11
zykes-just missing swift and quantum + horizon for a full stack19:11
mknight88good job19:12
*** esm has joined #openstack19:26
*** Oneiroi^gone is now known as oneiroi19:26
*** esm is now known as Guest6186719:26
*** clopez has joined #openstack19:29
*** daysmen has joined #openstack19:33
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*** mjfork has joined #openstack19:54
*** mikeyp has joined #openstack20:01
*** ceramick has joined #openstack20:02
*** shaon has quit IRC20:04
zykes-uhm, does nova use hardcoded urls to glance or ?20:04
*** ttrifonov is now known as ttrifonov_zZzz20:05
koolhead17zykes-, you have to define services and endpoints with kyestone20:06
zykes-koolhead17: I have20:06
zykes-vishy: ?20:07
koolhead17zykes-, i doubt anything is hardcoded20:08
koolhead17is your nova using/listing via keystone20:08
zykes-it is koolhead1720:08
*** normanm has quit IRC20:14
zykes-vishy: ?20:16
zykes-funky thing is vishy: I do a raise Exception(url) in the code of the glance client and it tells me: Exception: ParseResult(scheme='http', netloc='', path='/v1/images/detail', params='', query='is_public=none', fragment='')20:21
zykes-that just doesn't make sense20:21
*** ceramick has quit IRC20:24
*** alrs has joined #openstack20:25
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer20:27
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack20:28
zykes-why do i need to set glance_api servers ? :ยง20:30
*** glove has joined #openstack20:31
*** natea has joined #openstack20:39
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*** natea has joined #openstack20:58
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*** localhost has joined #openstack22:25
zykes-what nodes should nova network run on ?22:25
*** mknight88 has joined #openstack22:28
mknight88@zykes-: starting cent0s 6.2 minimal install now on virtual node 1, fingers crossed22:34
*** oneiroi is now known as Oneiroi^gone22:36
zykes-mknight88: :o22:38
mknight88how do you reply to someone in irc, as in, is there a way to autofill the other person's name?22:43
*** Guest61867 has quit IRC22:45
*** Qten1 has joined #openstack22:54
*** FACEFOX has quit IRC23:00
*** FACEFOX has joined #openstack23:01
zykes-mknight88: yeah, autocomplete - use tab23:01
mknight88zykes-: cool23:05
mknight88is there a centos guide you personally followed?23:06
*** FACEFOX has quit IRC23:08
zykes-mknight88: nope, i just took parts i needed from various sources :/23:08
*** FACEFOX has joined #openstack23:10
mknight88going to try following this, hopefully
zykes-that's for Diablo though mknight8823:14
mknight88zykes- having such a hard time with this lol23:15
*** clopez has quit IRC23:22
*** clopez has joined #openstack23:23
annegentlezykes-: so what would be the best way to cover all the distros in one guide? Just an overview of commands then tell about each node?23:29
annegentlezykes-: I think the general outline still works, but not sure how to get commands, you know?23:29
annegentlezykes-: or, I can introduce each distro's coverage of a particular release23:30
zykes-how to get commands for ?23:30
annegentlezykes-: I guess I mean, how to write out commands for each distro23:37
annegentlezykes-: or, do you just generically write "install nova-network with your favorite distros repo commands?"23:37
* annegentle starts looking for examples23:38
zykes-possible add snippets for both++23:38
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack23:40
zykes-hmmm, i guess nova-network     os-nova01.os.lan                     nova             enabled    XXX   2012-04-15 19:17:16 isn't good ?23:40
*** sdake has quit IRC23:42
zykes-annegentle: should nova network run on all nodes ?23:42
*** albert23 has left #openstack23:42
zykes-anyone ?23:45
*** datajerk has joined #openstack23:48
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake23:51

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