Friday, 2012-04-27

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praefectnever2far, often I'm not patient enough...13:32
praefectSpirilis: it works like a charm with the metadata api running on all compute nodes.. thanks13:32
praefecthey just a question, who is using auto_assign_floating_ips here? is it the majority of people you think?13:33
never2farpraefect, :)13:33
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remusscheckout the Update_At column13:35
remussseems compute is falling back13:35
remussmight be that the issue ?13:35
remusson docs.openstack they say something bout13:36
remussSometimes you may have XXX instead of the smiley. The XXX are displayed when the components are not time-synced. Ensure time synchronization across all components of your OpenStack deployment.13:36
mariocarDoes anyone is running essex in multi_node configuration for HA?13:36
never2farhow do you sync time ?13:37
never2farwith ntp time should be auto synced if i13:38
never2fari'm correct13:38
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kiranmurarinever2far, the XXX appears if your components are not time synced13:55
kiranmurarinever2far, if you have a multi machine setup then you should ensure that all of them are time synced13:56
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koolhead17never2far, ntp server is your friend :)13:59
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kbringardhey guys, quick keystone question14:30
kbringardI'm trying to add the osksadm extension, but I don't seem to be able to get it to show up14:31
kbringardcan anyone show me an example of their keystone.conf that has it working?14:31
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dolphmkbringard: where are you expecting it to show up? it should be on port 35357 out of the box14:32
kbringarddolphm: yea, that's what I thought, but it's not14:32
dolphmkbringard: in keystone.conf, it's referred to as paste.filter_factory = keystone.contrib.admin_crud:CrudExtension.factory14:32
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dolphmkbringard: admin_crud implements the os-ksadm contract, along with some other stuff14:32
kbringardshould it show up when I pull /v2.0/extensions?14:33
kiranmurariOpenStack Dashboard running on Ubuntu 12.04 -
kbringard    "extensions": {14:33
kbringard        "values": []14:33
kbringard    }14:33
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Raziquehey kbringard :)14:34
dolphmkbringard: yeah, it's actually hardcoded to be in the response..14:34
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kbringardhey Razique14:34
kbringardthis is keystone from diablo-stable14:34
dolphmkbringard: aaaaah14:34
dolphmkbringard: *hides*14:34
kbringardsorry, should have specified :-D14:34
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dolphmkbringard: it may not have been fully implemented? not sure14:35
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dolphmkbringard: other os-ksadm calls must work? creating tenants, for example14:35
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SkiBLEGood evening stackers14:36
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SkiBLEi have just installed horizon for the first time14:36
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kbringardok… yea… when I pull /v2.0/OS-KSADM/services/ i see the services14:36
kbringardso maybe I was reading a bad doc...14:36
dolphmkbringard: current trunk
SkiBLEand i think that we can not create networks neither upload images through the dashboard right ?14:37
dolphmkbringard: i can certainly imagine /credentials not being implemented, i don't remember any emphasis on that particular call, and i know i didn't implement it :P14:38
kbringardv2.0/users/{userId}/OS-KSADM/credentials ?marker=string& limit=int14:38
kbringardList credentials.14:38
kbringardthat's what I was basing it on, but maybe it wasn't implemented14:38
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dolphmkbringard: rackspace must implement it, and maybe didn't contribute an implementation back?14:39
dolphmat least, as of diablo-stable14:39
kbringardyea, I dunno… weird14:40
SkiBLEcan someone answer my question please ?14:40
dolphmkbringard: i've been bugging them to contribute a few cool things they've published contracts for, but don't have an openstack driver for14:40
kbringardSkiBLE: I believe you are correct14:41
kbringarddolphm: ah, yea, I'm looking at the extention_handler.py14:41
SkiBLEwhat about integrating quantum with horizon14:42
SkiBLEhow is that done ?14:42
kbringarddolphm: but doesn't horizon use this plugin to create users and stuff?14:44
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markvoelkerSkiBLE: Just on my way to a meeting, but check out
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markvoelkerBasically Quantum support was removed due to Horizon changes, but is working back in now.  The code is under review and should show up before long.14:44
SkiBLEokay thanks markvoelker14:44
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Raziquehere guys
kbringardthanks Razique14:55
kbringardI'm trying to write some tools to use the admin API to manage users… I have tools that work great with the nova admin API14:56
kbringardbut the keystone admin API (at least for diablo-stable) doesn't support a lot of things14:56
kbringardlike creating users14:56
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kbringardso, I guess the next question is… with keystone from diablo-stable, is there any way to create/delete users/tenants via an API?15:00
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kbringardor do we have to use keystone-manage?15:00
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rogemy fresh installation of nova-compute and qemu on ubuntu 12.04 does not work15:24
rogemy last log message on nova-compute is: 012-04-27 12:22:25 DEBUG nova.virt.libvirt.connection [-] Connecting to libvirt: qemu:///system from (pid=18588) _get_connection /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/virt/libvirt/
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rogeon nova list, a ERROR shows on schedule process15:25
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askstackI am trying to get glance to work with swift. Can someone tell me if I am using the correct command to test ?16:43
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askstackfirst i get the token with "keystone --os_username swift --os_password verybadpass --os_auth_url token-get"16:44
askstacksecond I use the token with glance, "glance -A 35cf87fdbf1d4ebfbdc0f0209c8c2a37 -I swift -K verybadpass -T service index"16:44
askstackkeystone debug log is at
dolphmaskstack: you probably also want to pass a --os_tenant_name to keystone, so you get a scoped token?16:45
dolphmaskstack: otherwise your token is totally valid, but only useful in keystone16:46
askstackdolphm: ok, i will try that, and thanks for helping me with the endpoint problem. i got it resolved.16:46
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dolphmaskstack: good to hear16:46
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askstackdolphm: that worked for "glance index" . The "glance index" showed me the image got uploaded back when I was using "file" backend.16:56
dolphmaskstack: cool16:57
askstackdolphm: "glance add " complaied  "Error uploading image: (TypeError): __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'auth_version'  "16:57
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dolphmaskstack: that sounds like a bug..16:57
dolphmaskstack: i'd file it or hit the mailing list :-/16:58
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askstackdolphm: got it, I will try both. thanks for your help.16:59
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jkyleI"m unable to retrieve a list of users from keystone, instead I get a 404. example: curl -i -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: 982734lcie5d4590aae51580b" returns a 40418:29
jkylesame command with url v2.0/tenants works18:30
dolphmjkyle: essex?18:30
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jkyledolphm: correct, I'm verifying that rest url (this was generated by dashboard)18:31
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dolphmjkyle: oh, you're just hitting the wrong port18:31
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jkyleam I? different port for users vs tenants?18:31
dolphmjkyle: the public port (5000) won't list users, you need to use the admin port (35357 by default), and use an admin token18:31
dolphmjkyle: on port 5000, you're seeing a list of tenants *you* have access to18:31
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dolphmjkyle: on 35357, you'll get a list of *all* users and *all* tenants in the system, assuming the backend driver is capable of returning such a list18:32
jkyleah, so I need the 3535718:32
jkylehehe, cool18:32
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dolphmjkyle: /salute18:32
jkyleso, in teh, it had this as default: OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL = "http://%s:5000/v2.0" % OPENSTACK_HOST18:33
jkyleI entered this: OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_URL = "http://%s:35357/v2.0" % OPENSTACK_HOST18:33
jkyleit was not originally there,but I foudn it in the docs (whcih seem somewhat dated)18:34
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koolhead11jkyle, are you following HP doc for swift ?>18:34
jkyleshould I change this: OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL to this: OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_URL and (I'm wondering) what impact that would have on normal users18:34
jkylejust went through the openstack install guide (built from trunk) with a bit of supplament from the openstack compute admin guide (also from trunk)18:35
jkylemy setup is not as simple as the docs, so I had to improvise :)18:35
jkylebut, seems everything is working nova-client, keystone, etc. patched glance for a hiccup I ran into, but can upload images etc. dashboard works on all fronts cept this one18:36
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kiranmurarijkyle, ur AUTH url (KEYSTONE) should be pointing to 5000 and endpoint url to 3535718:36
dolphmjkyle: ^^ normal users should still hit 500018:37
jorge__hi, i have an installation using ubuntu 12.04 lts. when i try to launch an instance, it works but doesnt get IP. checking the console-log i can see "no instance data found in start-local" and "cloud-init-nonet waiting 120 seconds for a network device.". i'm using an ubuntu uec image disk. what i have to do ? any suggestions?18:38
kiranmuraridolphm, true...18:39
* zykes-_ waves to koolhead11 18:40
koolhead11hola zykes-_18:40
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kiranmurarizykes-_, koolhead11 is in mood to wave but tired for the day :)18:40
zykes-_koolhead11: isn't it bedtime in india ?18:41
* koolhead11 goes off18:41
kiranmurarioops... zykes-_ : hai from me as well18:41
*** koolhead11 is now known as koolhead11|afk18:41
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critchIs there a way to make images accessible from multiple projects?18:42
critchSeems every image I publish ends up in demo, and in the project I want to use, I can not see it.18:42
mbranniganwhen trying to create a server on rackspace, I'm getting a 422 error (Ubuntu 12.04 / Python 2.7.3)18:43
mbranniganwhat could be causing that?18:44
zykes-_critch: you can either make it public by adding 'is_public=True' while uploading or via modification of the metadata or you can use image sharing via the glance command.18:45
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jkyleok, was pulled away18:45
*** lborda has quit IRC18:46
mbranniganah, it's something on rackspace's side... *sigh*18:46
jkylekiranmurari: dolphm what is the exact name of the auth and endpoint urls in the settings? the settings file only variable in the default settings was OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL18:46
jkyleor a doc reference for the settings file (haven't rounded it up yet)18:46
critchzykes-_: thanks, but I don't see that as listed with uec-publish-tarball. Going to look into the source now.18:47
zykes-_critch: use the "glance" command if you can instead18:47
zykes-_"glance add...."18:47
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jkylefound this:, but it only mentionons the 5000 url18:49
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack18:50
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jkylehere I found a reference to a variable "OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_URL" and set that to the 35357 endpoint, but it's not being used:
kiranmuraricritch, having exported the following variables has worked for me in uploading the images to glance using 'glance ad ....'18:56
kiranmurariexport SERVICE_TOKEN=admin18:56
kiranmurariexport OS_TENANT_NAME=admin18:56
kiranmurariexport OS_USERNAME=admin18:56
kiranmurariexport OS_PASSWORD=admin18:56
kiranmurariexport OS_AUTH_URL="http://localhost:5000/v2.0/"18:56
kiranmurariexport SERVICE_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:35357/v2.018:56
critchmaybe it is a versioning issue, but I don't have a glance add, I could use glance image-create18:56
kiranmuraricritch, replace it according to your environment18:57
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* jkyle goes to reading the dashboard source in search of this elusive settings option19:01
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jkyletried changing this: OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL to the 35357 url, it's still using 500019:16
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annegentlejkyle: what's your end goal? Some limits to dashboard?19:16
jkyleannegentle: I want to be able to create users in the dashboard along with it's other functionality. . . nothing outside of what it's designed to do :)19:18
*** aspiers has quit IRC19:18
*** donaldngo_hp has joined #openstack19:19
jkylebasically, Admin -> Users -> Create and list users, seems to be the only thing broken right now19:19
*** marrusl has joined #openstack19:20
jkylestackstrace starts in the keystoneclient after the url is already passed and stops in the json.loads not sure what's generating the call in the dashboard19:20
jkylecurious why changing OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL didn't seem to have any effect on the application? settings caching or something?19:21
annegentlejkyle: hm, I'm really not sure. and restarting apache didn't make it pick 'em up?19:21
jkyleservice apache2 restart19:22
jkyleah ha, there's a cache backend. I'd think that'd be static content caching though...not application settings19:22
annegentleohnoimdead: or devcamcar any thoughts? ^^19:22
*** mwbroome has joined #openstack19:23
annegentlejkyle: ah. so where does that note belong in the install/deploy doc?19:23
*** mbrannigan has quit IRC19:23
critchglance image-update  b0c5e623-d880-475b-817d-201bb27dac25 is_pulic true  is errorring out with glance: error: unrecognized arguments: is_pulic true19:26
*** ik04ka has quit IRC19:27
cboltis_public=true ?19:28
critchsame problem19:28
*** sdake has quit IRC19:28
*** jtanner has quit IRC19:28
critchit seems whatever is being used for the argument parser, it is not aware of properties19:28
*** sdake has joined #openstack19:28
cbolthowever that does say is_pulic19:29
critchheh, typo19:29
critchglance image-update  b0c5e623-d880-475b-817d-201bb27dac25 is_public=true19:29
*** aspiers has joined #openstack19:30
cboltthis essex?  it is just glance update19:31
critchused devstack, looks like master19:32
*** jtanner has joined #openstack19:33
*** vricci has joined #openstack19:35
*** vincentricci has quit IRC19:39
*** vricci is now known as vincentricci19:39
*** Razique has joined #openstack19:40
*** ryao has quit IRC19:43
*** Triade has joined #openstack19:47
*** jorge__ has quit IRC19:48
*** aspiers has quit IRC19:48
*** markmcclain has quit IRC19:48
*** markmcclain1 has joined #openstack19:48
*** alpha_ori has quit IRC19:49
*** alpha_ori has joined #openstack19:49
*** joearnold has quit IRC19:49
*** Razique has quit IRC19:50
*** anderstj_ has quit IRC19:50
*** anderstj has joined #openstack19:53
jkyleannegentle: which note?19:54
jkyleI need to learn bzr so I can push my patches more easily19:55
*** kiran__ has joined #openstack19:56
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC19:56
*** mutex_ is now known as mutex19:57
*** lxu has quit IRC19:57
annegentlejkyle: I'm saying, you could write a note for the docs :)19:59
annegentlejkyle: it's git you want19:59
*** anderstj has quit IRC19:59
*** aspiers has joined #openstack20:00
*** melmoth has joined #openstack20:00
jkyleannegentle: oh, I have no problem updating the docs...haven't found the solution yet though20:00
jkyleI'm reading the source for the users view20:00
annegentlejkyle: ok, cool20:00
jkylefigure out where it's getting opts from20:00
*** adalbas has quit IRC20:02
*** markmcclain1 has quit IRC20:03
critchcbolt: found my fix. glance image-update 09c8091c-af5d-49e1-a611-56b3c5ba6440 --is-public=true   ---- property has underscore, option has hyphen20:03
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack20:03
cboltah nice, good to know20:04
*** donaldngo_hp has quit IRC20:04
critchthanks all for your help so far.20:05
*** s0mik has quit IRC20:05
*** adjohn has quit IRC20:07
*** leetrout has quit IRC20:09
*** s0mik has joined #openstack20:10
jkylethough, I annegentle my bug: see if I can get a patch up before someone answers :P20:11
jkyleI wonder if it's getting the endpoint _from_ keystone20:12
kiran__critch, have you got your issue solved about the 'glance add ...'20:12
critchnot really, but I was able to update the images20:13
jkyleI bet that it is20:13
dyarnellso I am trying to figure out how to connect swift to keystone (I have swift up and running with tempauth), the thing that is holding me back is the endpoint.  The wiki says just create a endpoint, but I am a bit confused for swift what the publicUrl/internalUrl is supposed to be.20:13
kiran__critch, ok.... did you try exporting those variables20:14
critchalready exported, but it seems the uec-publish-tarball doesn't respect them.20:15
critchbut that is an ubuntu tool20:15
kiran__hmm... but 'glance add ...' should definitely respect them :)20:15
*** micadeyeye has joined #openstack20:15
*** ayoung has joined #openstack20:17
critchkiran__: glance image-create --name='Oneric' --public  --container-format=ovf --disk-format=raw --location file:///`pwd`/oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64.tar.gz  --owner 6c0a7ba079b4479d9c7229d86d81d91620:17
critchkiran__: Unable to communicate with image service: 400 Bad Request20:17
critchExternal sourcing not supported for store file:////home/stack/imgs/oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64.tar.gz  . (HTTP 400)20:17
jkylethe openstack docs for creating a service describe the keystone identity service as follows20:18
kiran__dyarnell, keystone endpoint-create --region myregion --service_id $(SWIFT_ID) --publicurl$(tenant_id)s --adminurl --internalurl$(tenant_id)s20:18
jkyle--publicurl= --internalurl= --adminurl=
jkylenow, shouldn't the --adminurl be :35357 and the --publicurl be :5000?20:18
*** aspiers has quit IRC20:18
kiran__dyarnell, ur answer sir :) but ensure that you parse the '('  ')'20:18
kiran__jkyle, it also depends on the configurations like one machine setup, etc... my command is for having an all-in-one setup20:20
*** alpha_ori has quit IRC20:21
jkylekiran__: the ports are consistent across implementations aren't they?20:21
kiran__dyarnell, replace $(SWIFT_ID) with the correct id of swift service that you get from 'keystone service-list'20:22
jkyleI mean, unless changed from default20:22
kiran__jkyle, yes20:22
jkyleso, in the example docs they declare the --adminurl=http://addres:5000. shouldn't it be --adminurl=http://address:35357?20:22
jkyleand the public should be :500020:23
*** egant has quit IRC20:23
kiran__jkyle, sorry mate.. in this case i'm not following the admin docs... but i have my own docs in place...20:23
jkylekiran__: not really concerned with the docs, rather with the actual fact of which should be the adminurl and which should be the publicurl20:24
cboltquick question: getting a strange error, I'm able to do anything else in this essex setup except actually launch a instance..  horizon claims error at the task of scheduling, nova list just says status "error"20:25
cboltany usual causes of such?20:25
kiran__atleast to what i have seen is that that doc has helped in setting up OpenStack (one machine setup) consistently20:25
*** littleidea has quit IRC20:25
jkyleso you don't know hehe20:25
*** clauden_ has quit IRC20:25
dyarnellthank you kiran i will try that20:25
kiran__jkyle: :)20:26
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack20:26
*** bruges_ has joined #openstack20:26
*** Triade has quit IRC20:26
tobincbolt: check nova-compute.log and nova-scheduler.log  on the CC / compute host? Might be a better error in there.20:26
kiran__jkyle, i don't know the admin docs.. b'cos haven't got a chance to look at them... my choice is the starter guide... b'cos i write that20:27
jkyleah ha! yeah, definitely a doc bug20:27
jkylethis is the openstack-install-guide20:27
jkylethe 35357 port _is_ the admin url port20:27
*** ik04ka has joined #openstack20:27
kiran__jkyle, i mean haven't got a chance to look at admin doc for essex :)20:27
jkylethe doc swaps the ports in the command instruction and the output20:27
*** bruges has quit IRC20:28
jkyledashboard is still insisting on using the 5000 port, but I have a feeling that entry was causing issues20:28
*** littleidea has joined #openstack20:29
annegentlejkyle: which page? Need to fix that :)20:29
*** alpha_ori has joined #openstack20:29
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC20:29
*** sylvia_mark has joined #openstack20:29
cboltahh.. ImageNotAuthorized for the id that I'm using20:30
cboltimage is public though20:30
*** aspiers has joined #openstack20:30
bpaluchhmm I've got a multi node system and I'm seeing this on my vm's that aren't on the first host.[WARNING]: '' failed: url error [[Errno 111] Connection refused]20:31
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC20:31
jkyleif only the stack trace showed what part of dashboard makes the keystoneclient call20:31
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack20:31
bpaluchis this where I run nova-api on the compute nodes as well?20:32
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack20:32
jkylebpaluch: you should only need nova-compute on the compute nodes20:32
jkylebpaluch: I'd check my nova.conf make sure that none of the urls are pointing to localhost instead of an addressable IP (for example)20:32
tobinbpaluch: that means you instances can't talk to the metadata service.20:32
bpaluchso nova-api runs the metadat service correct?20:33
*** natea has joined #openstack20:33
bpaluchhow does my host os know to route there?20:33
bpaluchso how does my compute node2 route to controller120:33
tobinI ran into that same issue this week. I had the routing_source flag in nova.conf set wrong.20:34
kiran__bpaluch: +1 to jkyle , secondary compute nodes need only nova-compute on them and nova.conf same as on the primary all-in-one or atleast the one that has all the nova-components installed20:34
jkylebpaluch: nova.conf delcares where services are accessible. it should be identical on all your nodes20:34
*** ik04ka has quit IRC20:34
kiran__jkyle: +1 to again :)20:34
jkylebpaluch: and the required addresses must be addressible by all nodes20:34
*** alpha_ori_ has joined #openstack20:34
bpaluchI have been following
*** milli has quit IRC20:35
bpaluchand he does the weird thing of instead of setting up a br100 he uses eth120:35
bpaluchI did that and it works... sort of, I don't have internode communicate for the private ip's20:35
jkylebpaluch: are you setting up a flat network or vlan? is it a vanilla "toying around" install or you doing something more complicated?20:35
bpaluchthen I switched my set up and used br100, and I lost connectivity to my servers a whole bunch of times.20:35
kiran__bpaluch: infact br100 need not be created manually...20:35
*** alpha_ori has quit IRC20:35
*** alpha_ori_ is now known as alpha_ori20:35
*** milli has joined #openstack20:35
*** clauden_ has quit IRC20:36
tobinbpaluch: pastebin your nova.conf20:36
jkylebpaluch: I recommend building the openstack-install guide from the openstack-manual trunk20:36
jkyleand yah, post your nova.conf :)20:36
kiran__bpaluch: in that case... there is no need of having br100 configured in /etc/network/interfaces20:36
jkylekiran__: do you have to manual configure br100 on mlti-tenant vlan setups? I don't think we had to do that on our past deployments20:37
*** bepernoot has quit IRC20:37
kiran__bpaluch: configure your public n private interfaces (eth0 n eth1)20:38
bpaluchkiran__ I believe i did correctly let me show you... one sec20:38
kiran__the br100 would be coming automatically the first time you launch your instance20:38
tobinbpaluch: i'd say comment out routing_source and change flat_interface to eth0. Assuming your interface to the outside is eth0.20:39
kiran__haa... provided you have all other things configured correctly and you have an appropriate nova.conf as per your environment20:39
kiran__bpaluch, jkyle : i'm running on a very low bandwidth... pastebin pages is still loading :(20:40
*** markmcclain1 has joined #openstack20:40
*** markmcclain has quit IRC20:40
bpaluchhmm so I really do'nt need nova-network on the compute node.20:41
bpaluchI've done that in the past20:41
bpaluchwith diablo20:41
bpaluchhow should my router be set up?20:42
bpaluchmaybe thats whats messed up.20:42
kiran__bpaluch: if it is only a compute node you just need only nova-compute20:42
kiran__and the nova.conf20:42
kiran__should be the same as the one on the main(primary) server20:42
jkyleproblem fixed, yay20:42
tobinkiran__: unless you're running in multi_host I believe20:43
kiran__jkyle: couldn't get you on the multi vlan stuff....20:43
jkylehm, is there an option to close a bug on launchpad? this bug belongs in documentation not dashboard20:44
kiran__bpaluch: so have you got it working :)20:44
bpaluchwell I'm testing somethign now20:45
kiran__tobin: yes... if you have server1 with all the components of OpenStack and you only add extra compute nodes... nova.conf should be the same on the compute nodes20:45
kiran__tobin: with the caveat that all your compute nodes are connected to each other in the same subnet :)20:46
tobinkiran__: right, but i meant running nova-network on each compute node, assuming you're in multi_host.20:46
tobinkiran__: true :)20:47
*** eglynn__ has joined #openstack20:47
*** aspiers has quit IRC20:48
annegentlejkyle: you should be able to assign the bug to another project20:49
annegentlejkyle: move from horizon to openstack-manuals for example20:49
*** milli has quit IRC20:50
jkylewhere's the button located?20:50
*** avoine has left #openstack20:50
jkyle"link a related branch"?20:50
*** milli has joined #openstack20:51
kiran__bpaluch: shouldn't the ip address be pointing to in nova.conf instead of b'cos your eth0 ip doesn't match with what you have in nova.conf20:51
bpaluchthe nova.conf i sent you is from machineB which is just the nova-compute20:51
bpaluchand everything else is on
kiran__bpaluch: you mean you have only the nova-compute installed on a seperate machine20:52
*** lts has quit IRC20:53
kiran__bpaluch: so machineA has nova-* except compute, glance, swift etc20:53
*** Yak-n-Yeti has quit IRC20:53
bpaluchwell it has compute as well.20:53
*** mohits has quit IRC20:53
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack20:53
bpaluchits controller+node20:53
bpaluchnot the best thing but, its a beefy c6100 server20:54
*** mohits has joined #openstack20:54
kiran__bpaluch: thatz what i'm trying to tell you my friend, if you have say machineA with all the components (nova-*, glance, swift, keystone, dashboard) and machineB only with nova-compute still machineB's nova.conf should be the same as that of machineA20:55
kiran__bpaluch: i guess obviously you are using mysql as the db and you don't have a db on machineB....20:55
bpaluchyeah just one db20:56
bpaluchI think I got a new problem now, but I think it has to do with my routing_source being commeted out.20:56
bpaluchbecause my servers aren't getting their private ips injected properly.20:56
kiran__bpaluch: so machineB nova.conf should be the same as that of machineA20:56
*** Adri2000 has quit IRC20:56
bpaluchmy nova.conf is the same on both machines now.20:56
*** asavu has joined #openstack20:57
kiran__ok.. restart compute on machineB... BTW, does nova-manage service list on machine list all the services of machineA (chk the synatx of the command)20:57
bpaluchyeah its all smileys20:58
*** maleck has joined #openstack20:58
bpaluchwell except the nova-network that I stopped on machineB.20:58
bpaluchI'll have to take that out of hte db.20:58
kiran__cool... so you have the 2 compute nodes at your service then :)20:59
*** edygarcia_ has joined #openstack20:59
kiran__tobin: there is no need to run separate nova-network on each compute node20:59
bpaluchI have 4 more nodes to go set up :)21:00
jkyleso, the id's that I'm getting from nova image-list look like this: ebdaa4ba-c657-4e2d-881c-f8956fc78dee21:00
bpaluchif this ever works...21:00
kiran__bpaluch: does nova-manage service list on machineA list the second compute node with a smiley...21:00
*** aspiers has joined #openstack21:00
*** markmcclain1 has quit IRC21:00
jkylebit different from past deploys, which were just numbers. e.g. 1,2,3,4,5...1521:00
tobinkiran__: are you saying in multi_host mode?21:00
kiran__tobin: yes21:00
bpaluchkiran__: yes it does21:01
jkylewhen I do a nova boot ebdaa4ba-c657-4e2d-881c-f8956fc78dee, it says "ERROR: you need to specify an Image ID or a block device mapping "21:01
tobinkiran__: okay i'll give that a shot.21:01
tobin(it works either way but good to know)21:01
kiran__tobin: again i want to have a better understanding of your meaning for multi host21:01
kiran__tobin: do you mean you have all the components installed on one machine and you add extra compute nodes...21:02
tobinkiran__: if you only have one host running nova-network, but multiple compute nodes, isn't that one has a single point of failure for traffic?21:02
bpaluchok time to go home. Thanks for the help. I will continue working on this on monday. have a good weekend all.21:03
*** edygarcia has quit IRC21:03
*** edygarcia_ is now known as edygarcia21:03
kiran__bpaluch: same to you21:03
tobinkiran__: multi_host=T in nova-manage create network21:04
*** marrusl has quit IRC21:06
kiran__tobin: oops... that i'm still exploring so can't comment exactly... i was under the impression of having a multi compute node setup.... n also haven't tried that option of multi_host21:06
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack21:07
*** s0mik has quit IRC21:07
tobinkiran__: the way I understand it is, if you have only the Cloud Controller running nova-network, then all your traffic from the compute nodes will route through the CC, thus making it a single point of failure.21:08
* tobin could be wrong though. 21:08
*** Adri2000 has joined #openstack21:09
*** Adri2000 has quit IRC21:09
*** Adri2000 has joined #openstack21:09
*** sylvia_mark has quit IRC21:09
kiran__tobin: but one thing as far as my understanding goes nova-network can't go without nova-api (people on the channel... correct me if i'm wrong)21:09
tobini run nova-network, compute, and api on each compute node.21:10
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack21:10
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC21:10
*** s0mik has joined #openstack21:10
kiran__tobin: if the above statement is correct then you can have multiple nova-network and nova-api setup and which can cater to your other components21:11
tobinI'm off to catch a plane. Have a good weekend.21:11
*** sdake has quit IRC21:12
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:12
kiran__tobin: do you mean to say in your setup of say 10 machines - all machines except 10th one runs nova-api, nova-network and nova-compute and the 10th machine runs all your openstack components21:12
*** ryanpetr_ has quit IRC21:13
*** johnpostlethwait has joined #openstack21:13
*** pnavarro has quit IRC21:14
*** melmoth has quit IRC21:15
*** mestery has quit IRC21:15
*** sdake has joined #openstack21:16
*** edygarcia_ has joined #openstack21:17
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC21:17
kiran__jkyle: the id what you see are correct... changed from the typical 1,2,3 etc :)21:17
jkylekiran__: ok, cool. for some reason glance isn't finding the image (all my queries via nova nad glance work though) /investigating21:17
jkylesooo close, then I can deploy my compute nodes21:17
kiran__jkyle: what does glance index return21:18
jkylekiran__: full list21:18
*** aspiers has quit IRC21:18
jkyleI just deleted them, going to readd. to see if anything pops up in the registry log.21:18
*** KarinLevenstein has quit IRC21:19
*** edygarcia has quit IRC21:19
*** edygarcia_ is now known as edygarcia21:19
kiran__jkyle: if you see the full list then i guess you have glance configured correctly. i hope you are using keystone as well21:20
jkylekiran__: I am21:20
cboltkiran__: any thoughts on if glance-api is returning - WARNING [keystone.middleware.auth_token] Unable to find authentication token in headers21:20
kiran__jkyle: man, then i think glance add should definitely work for you :)21:20
*** mohits has quit IRC21:20
jkylehm, good point though. fi the docs had the wrong keystone service endpoints...I shoudl double chekc the glance ones21:21
cboltglance index does work, and shows the image, horizon shows it with all of the details21:21
jkylecbolt: if you have an openrc conf file where your environemnt vars like OS_* are configured21:22
cboltyeah, that has the admin user in it21:23
jkylecbolt: then there would be no auth-token, but calls would still work21:23
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack21:24
kiran__jkyle: might help you in your quest to defining endpoints :)21:24
*** nvez has joined #openstack21:24
*** mohits has joined #openstack21:24
*** dyarnell has quit IRC21:25
kiran__jkyle: replace $(COMPUTE_ID) etc with the correct ids you get from keystone service-list21:26
kordlessran into a scenario where I had bad data in the database and was getting21:26
*** cryptographrix has quit IRC21:26
kordless2012-04-27 14:21:16 TRACE nova   File "/opt/stack/nova/bin/nova-manage", line 941, in list21:26
kordless2012-04-27 14:21:16 TRACE nova     instance['instance_type'].name,21:26
kordless2012-04-27 14:21:16 TRACE nova AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'21:26
kiran__kordless: can you explain a bit like what command resulted in this error, what is your environment etc......21:28
*** FACEFOX has quit IRC21:29
kordlessseems starting an instance with a particular flavor, then deleting the flavor causes it21:29
*** FACEFOX has joined #openstack21:29
kordlessjust repo'd21:29
*** FACEFOX has quit IRC21:29
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack21:30
*** FACEFOX has joined #openstack21:30
*** Amw3000 has quit IRC21:30
*** s0mik has quit IRC21:30
*** aspiers has joined #openstack21:30
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:30
nvezIs there a good page that describes how Keystone works exactly?  I'm looking to implement an existing system that uses auth to use it instead21:30
jkylek, readded the tty image. getting a 400 not found in my glance/api.log for this url => /v1/images/204e536c5c5e47669c725d5a33cfd3ff21:31
jkylebut this is the image id I'm requesting via nova boot => 83442c63-c19d-4c4e-801b-738fe12f6ba321:31
*** cryptographrix has joined #openstack21:31
kiran__jkyle: have you double checked the endpoints with what i have pasted21:32
jkyleah, restarting glance-api "unstuck" that, now requesting the right image21:32
jkyleah, pastes. awesome looking.21:32
kiran__jkyle: so u mean you are merry :)21:33
jkyleafter restarting got a stack trace in the api.log.21:33
*** FACEFOX has joined #openstack21:34
kiran__jkyle: can you pastebin the log21:34
*** s0mik has joined #openstack21:34
*** Guest91858 has quit IRC21:34
jkylefound a discrepency21:35
*** s0mik has quit IRC21:35
*** ayoung is now known as ayoung-afk21:36
jkylekiran__: the openstack-install docs have this:, you have this:$(tenant_id)s21:36
jkylekiran__: notice the difference?21:36
jkyle%(tenant_id)s is a python template string, is it more like a cheetah template with $(tenant_id)s?21:36
*** roge has quit IRC21:37
*** s0mik has joined #openstack21:37
kiran__jkyle: my environment is in 10.10.10.x subnet so my url would be in that subnet... if the install docs used 192.168.206.x subnet then that would be their subnet...... :)21:37
jkylekiran__: it's the template string that's different (I udnerstand why networks are different ;) )21:38
*** adjohn has joined #openstack21:38
jkylethough, the back trace indicates this is fallout from my patch to fix another issue. I'll fix21:38
kiran__jkyle: yeah... ok... '%' and '$' is the difference :)21:39
*** marrusl has joined #openstack21:39
*** FACEFOX has quit IRC21:40
*** FACEFOX has joined #openstack21:41
*** cbolt has left #openstack21:41
*** ttrifonov is now known as ttrifonov_zZzz21:41
kordlesskiran__: i filed a bug report21:41
kiran__jkyle: BTW, ensure that you are parsing the '('  ')' parenthesis while executing this command. you need to have a '\' before the parenthisis21:41
*** mattray has quit IRC21:42
kiran__jkyle: to read the special character21:42
*** jtanner has quit IRC21:42
kiran__jkyle: or you can export the urls and use $adminurl etc21:42
kiran__jkyle: bug for what?21:43
*** bepernoot has quit IRC21:43
kiran__jkyle: sorry... not for you :)21:43
jkylekiran__: if you leave a trailing slash on endpoint urls, keystone will create a double slash url e.g.
kiran__kordless: bug for what?21:44
jkylewhich chokes urllib21:44
kordlessfor the nova-manage error i managed to reproduce21:44
kordlessif you delete a flavor of a running instance, nova-manage blows up21:44
kordlesswhich you obviously shouldn't do!  :P21:44
kiran__jkyle: there are no trailing '/' here -
*** rnorwood has quit IRC21:45
kiran__jkyle: :)21:45
kiran__kordless: true.... it should report something like 'flavor in use. plz terminate respective instances' :)21:46
*** lazyshot has quit IRC21:47
kiran__BTW, have you guys seen the screencast of Horizon. itz here cssoss.wordpress.com21:48
*** maleck has quit IRC21:48
*** aspiers has quit IRC21:48
*** lborda has quit IRC21:50
kiran__jkyle: i was talking about parsing the parenthesis that you have with -> $(tenant_id)s21:50
jkylek, that could be it. looks like a NoneType is being passed...just so happens it was my patch that triggered it :P21:51
kiran__happens :)21:52
*** egant has joined #openstack21:52
kiran__jkyle: so what does your patch do?21:52
nvezkiran__: dashboard looks shmexy.21:53
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kiran__nvez: thx...21:54
jkylegoing from %(tenant_id)s to $(tenant_id)s produces => ERROR: The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation. (HTTP 500)21:55
kiran__jkyle: when does this occur...21:55
jkyleinstead of 404. the method causing the backtrace is: path = '/'.join([self.doc_root.rstrip('/') or '', action.lstrip('/')])21:55
jkylein glance/common/ taking a peak21:55
kiran__jkyle: have you deleted the earlier endpoints created. keystone endpoint-delete <id>21:56
jkylethe .rstrip('/') is my awesomely super patch, but that call would fail either way with a None as doc_root21:56
jkylekiran__: yep21:56
jkyleand restart glance-{api,registry}, nova-api, and keystone21:56
kiran__jkyle: what does glance index result in?21:57
jkyleglance index succeeds21:57
jkyleoh, wait. something broke21:57
kiran__jkyle: and you have your patch applied to this very same setup????21:57
jkyleyep, I can remove it but it's not causing this21:59
jkyleit's failing due to the self.doc_root being None, not due to the .rstrip('/') that I added21:59
jkyleah, wait. no I see it now. fix incoming21:59
kiran__hmmm... interesting...22:00
kiran__jkyle: sorry, but right now i'm @ home and don't access to a working setup or the source to take a look at :(22:00
*** aspiers has joined #openstack22:00
jkylethe original took care o the error condition via: self.doc_root or '', but calling .rstrip() breaks that22:00
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jkylehm, k, it's back to calling the wrong image id22:04
jkyle/v1/images/204e536c5c5e47669c725d5a33cfd3ff instead of /v1/images/83442c63-c19d-4c4e-801b-738fe12f6ba322:05
kiran__jkyle: are you using 'glance add...'22:06
jkylekiran__: yep22:06
jkylelike this22:06
kiran__jkyle: i would suggest you use glance commands see if you are able to upload the image properly...22:06
jkyleglance works fine, I can glance show, index, delete, add22:06
kiran__jkyle: then... who is taking the wrong image id...22:07
jkyleglance add -A mytoken name='tty-kernel' is_public=true container_format=aki disk_format=aki < aki.img # same for ari/ami22:07
*** ShKoDrAnI has quit IRC22:07
*** hggdh has quit IRC22:07
jkylethis guy uses the right id in the url22:08
jkylethis guy changes it: glance.api.middleware.version_negotiation22:08
kiran__jkyle: sorry again... as i said no access to source here right now :)22:08
*** edygarcia_ has joined #openstack22:09
jkyleno worries, mostly talking to myself. feedback helps me focus :P22:09
*** ShKoDrAnI has joined #openstack22:10
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kiran__jkyle: post your feedback here... i'm off to bed.... ZZzzzzzz22:11
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jkylecool, so when I call the url directly with curl with the proper image id it works.22:18
*** aspiers has quit IRC22:18
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jkylehm, this files been worked on in trunk22:28
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TheAppleManwhen swift-ring-builder ... rebalance says i should wait and rebalance/repush, what is the push command?23:05
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