Wednesday, 2012-05-02

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SaddamHi there00:39
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WormManwe're hiring :) (Not sure if that mentions openstack, but we're more Ops, not dev)
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ImpureOatmealHopefully a simple openstack question. I created a plain windows server 2008 image file, published it. When I launch a new instance using the image, the disk size is the same as the image file. What am i doing wrong?01:55
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livemoonhi,does anyone use quantum and OVS05:57
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micha87good morning guys06:31
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zykes- < doesn't that look correct for bonding with ubuntu ?06:43
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riteshiam using openstack diablo06:52
riteshwhen my nova-compute remains idle for certain time it gets down ie. it's state is shown down06:53
riteshanyone here face the same problem06:53
koolhead17ritesh, what does syslog says06:54
riteshkool nothing , when i tried to check nova-compute logs , it shows Updating host status06:55
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riteshonce i restart the nova-compute , service ,it starts working fine , then when it is idle , it states goes down06:56
koolhead17ritesh, am sure /var/log/syslog would be having something regarding it. and does nova-compute.log says anything06:58
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riteshyes cool , yesterday logs says  May  1 20:31:46 openstack kernel: [952638.874801] init: nova-compute main process (24866) terminated with status 14307:00
riteshand nova-compute logs only says updating host status07:01
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_val_Hey koolhead17. Are you in mood for some openstack / nova-volume explanation?07:06
_val_can I pm you?07:07
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koolhead17_val_, sure07:09
koolhead17ritesh, can you pastebin file permission of /etc/nova*07:10
*** heyho has joined #openstack07:10
riteshit was root:root07:12
koolhead17can you change it to nova:nova07:12
riteshchanged it to nova:nova , can this problem be related to it07:12
koolhead17ritesh, restart nova services07:13
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riteshkool it nova-compute is up07:21
koolhead17ritesh, so that solves your issue07:21
riteshlet me wait for sometime because when it gets ideal it goes down07:21
riteshso far ...thnxs for your help07:21
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SkibleGood morning everyone07:46
Skiblei am having some network problems which causes non access to my VMs, can anyone help me out ?07:46
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*** wabat has joined #openstack07:50
Skiblehello , is there no one to help me out ? :(07:51
*** uksysadmin has joined #openstack07:52
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Raziquemorning guys07:54
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koolhead17skible, you should ask your question to get in answered & not everyone is available all the time. have some patience :)07:58
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skiblehi koolhead ! what's up :)07:58
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skibleokay, will do !07:58
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skiblei am using quantum with the OpenVSwitch plugin, i can create bridge and VM can connect to it but i unfortunately i can't access VM through VNC neither ping them.08:00
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skibleit's always the same response : network is unreachable08:00
*** GheRivero has joined #openstack08:00
skiblethe weird thing is that each time i start OVS, i can no longer connect to internet08:00
skibleany ideas ?08:01
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uksysadminmorning all08:10
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LarsErik1hi! Are there any documents on future plans for nova-scheduler? I.e if there are new algorithms planned?09:07
LarsErik1og just general future plans09:07
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zykes-what user does qemu exec under ?09:26
zykes-libvirt-qemu:kvm ?09:30
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skibledoes someone get any trouble with floating ips when he terminates a VM instance without dissociating the floating IP ?09:46
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*** s1cz has joined #openstack09:47
uksysadminskible, I've never been told off, but some places can be quite strict on that kind of thing ;-)09:48
uksysadmin(it should disassociate on termination)09:49
skibleuksyadmin : it normally should but with the Horizon 2012.1 it seems that it doesn't properly terminate09:49
uksysadmininteresting - I've not come across that issue09:50
uksysadminthough I have auto associate on in my setup...09:51
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skibleuksysadmin: i have it disabled10:04
skibleEmilienM : hi man long time no see10:04
skibleuksysadmin: can you disable it and try to start a VM, associate IP and then terminate it without dissociating ?10:05
uksysadminyup - give me a bit - I've just reinstalled a desktop lab environment so just testing all is ok before breaking it again.10:07
skibleuksysadmin: no problem10:08
skibleuksysadmin: i am going to lunch now , be back in 30 min10:08
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zynzeli have working block migration with vnc! ;)10:17
koolhead17zynzel, ^^10:20
zynzelonly problem is with floating ip, but im working on it ;)10:21
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skibleuksysadmin: Back to base10:40
*** shaon has quit IRC10:40
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uksysadminI'm just working through some auth issues affecting some scripts I know ppl are using so fixing that then I'll have a play with floating ips for you10:41
*** krow has quit IRC10:41
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*** davidha has joined #openstack10:48
*** Drew442 has joined #openstack10:48
skibleis anyone familiar with this problem : ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted10:49
*** Free_maN has joined #openstack10:50
*** shaon has joined #openstack10:51
uksysadminskible, have you allowed it in your security group rules?10:52
skibleuksysadmin:  yes of course10:53
skibletcp and icmp are in the sec group rules10:54
uksysadminyou must have some routing issues - or those packets aren't going where you're expecting them to go...?10:54
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack10:55
skiblei am having these problems for like 4 days now and i can't find anyone to help me out fixing them10:56
*** bepernoot has quit IRC10:57
*** jcannava has quit IRC10:58
uksysadminwhat is your setup?10:58
uksysadminos, number of nodes, networking layout, etc?10:58
skibleOS = ubuntu 11.04 / All in one install / Quantum manager + OVS  pluging10:59
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack10:59
skibleeverything works perfectly except for the access to VMs10:59
skiblemay be it's a firewall issue or routing table missing route11:00
skiblei hate NETWORKING !!!11:00
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*** asavu has joined #openstack11:03
skibleuksysadmin: i am disabling my firewall and trying, let's hope it works11:04
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack11:10
*** asavu has quit IRC11:13
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*** zul has joined #openstack11:16
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*** lts has joined #openstack11:16
_val_ping koolhead1711:18
koolhead17_val_, hi11:18
koolhead17hello uksysadmin11:18
_val_hey koolhead17 :> I've installed the other node.11:18
_val_However.. now I'm stuck up with it.11:19
*** davepigott_ has joined #openstack11:19
koolhead17_val_, shoot your question here am sure someone will help you :)11:19
*** pretec has joined #openstack11:20
_val_koolhead17: Allright. So the other node is installed. Now on my first node(cloud controller) I've the networking and other stuf up and running11:21
_val_instances can be launched created, images can be uploaded using glance etc.11:21
koolhead17hmm nice11:21
*** davepigott has quit IRC11:21
*** davepigott_ is now known as davepigott11:21
_val_The only problem is I don't have an LVM setup on this node (nova controller) therefore I want to use a separate one which has more Hard Disk space.11:22
uksysadminhey koolhead1711:22
_val_So I now have installed ubuntu 12.04LTS on another machine just to be able to use nova-volume as I've there LVM setup11:22
koolhead17uksysadmin, probably you can help _val_ he wants yo run nova-volume on saperate node11:22
skibleuksysadmin: still nothing11:23
_val_I'm following this
skibleDoes anyone here have some experience using OpenVSwitch ?11:24
uksysadmincreate a new partition, set it to type 8e, add it to a vg, add a lvm named "nova-volumes"11:24
_val_however. Cloud controller is mentioned a few times. This is confusing me as this suggests that lvm runs on cloud controller.11:24
_val_uksysadmin: that all done.11:24
uksysadmin_val_, what else have you done?11:24
skiblekoolhead17: are you a pro in networking ?11:25
koolhead17skible, nopes :( <-- zykes-11:25
*** fikus-kukis^TP has joined #openstack11:26
skiblekoolhead17 Thanks anyway11:26
skiblezykes-: are you there ?11:30
*** miclorb has joined #openstack11:30
_val_uksysadmin: seen the paste?11:30
zykes-skible: ?11:31
*** davepigott_ has joined #openstack11:31
skiblei have been told that you are pro in networking11:31
skiblei was wondering if you can help me out ?11:32
skiblei am having some problems accessing to my VMs due to missing routs and unreachable networks11:32
skiblecan you ?11:32
*** davepigott has quit IRC11:34
*** davepigott_ is now known as davepigott11:34
*** osier has quit IRC11:38
_val_skible: check /etc/resolv.conf, check route -n on vm's, etc..11:39
_val_and I'm still waiting for some guidelines for my own problem ^^11:39
skible_val_: thanks man , will do11:40
skible_val_:  what's the problem ?11:41
uksysadmin_val_, yes11:42
_val_so during the install I've explicitly create an LVM volume named "nova-volumes"11:42
uksysadmin_val_, technically I would've kept the os out of nova-volumes - but shouldn't make a difference - providing that nova-volume can create and destroy lvs to give to instances over iscsi it should be ok11:43
uksysadminwhat's the problem though?11:43
_val_How can I make this nova-volume machine be my volume container11:43
_val_so when I create a volume it should be created in there.11:44
_val_Then I also would like to use NFS on these volumes if more nodes are attached in the future11:44
*** dolphm has joined #openstack11:46
zykes-skible: how youi mean missing routes? Do they get ips even ?11:48
skiblebut when it comes to pinging them , i can't11:49
skibleit looks like my bridge can't talk with them11:49
skiblebtw , i am using quantum + OpenVswitch pluging11:49
skiblecan create VM, assign floating ips11:49
skiblebut no ping on VM11:50
skiblei have the security group rules made well but still nothing11:50
skiblei think i am missing something when i create my bridge11:51
zykes-what os you on ?11:52
*** salgado has joined #openstack11:52
*** salgado has quit IRC11:52
*** salgado has joined #openstack11:52
skibleubuntu 11.0411:53
uksysadmin_val_, really - what have you set up? nova-volumes is much more than just an lvm group.11:55
uksysadminhave you installed the right packages?11:55
*** freeflying has quit IRC11:55
*** bepernoot has quit IRC11:56
*** carter__ has left #openstack11:57
_val_uksysadmin: sure. I've installed all nova-*11:57
_val_nova-network nova-volume and so on11:57
zykes-skible: does your network node create gw* interfaces ?11:59
skiblezykes-:  i don't know , can you tell me a way to find out ?11:59
*** anniec72 has joined #openstack12:00
zykes-ifconfig -a | grep gw12:00
uksysadmin_val_, apt-get -y install nova-volume iscsitarget iscsitarget-dkms12:01
*** mohits has joined #openstack12:01
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:01
uksysadminyou don't need anything else on the nova-volume box12:01
_val_uksysadmin: I want this node with the hostname "nova-volumes" be(as the name implies) the nova-volume storage node12:01
*** dprince has joined #openstack12:01
uksysadmin_val_, ^^12:01
_val_uksysadmin: did that! :)12:01
skiblezykes-:  got nothing with that command line12:01
_val_but I need then to modify /nova/nova.conf  but don't know what parameters to use to connect to my controller.12:02
uksysadmin_val_, ok - can you puhleeeeaaase explain what isn't working?12:02
zykes-skible: then maybe your network node isn't setting up the gateway interface12:02
uksysadminwhat errors do you get?12:02
_val_uksysadmin: nova-volumes node.. is my iscsitarget node right? From certain perspective.12:02
_val_uksysadmin: there is no connection btween these two!12:03
skiblezykes-: sorry man , but i don't know much in networking , how to setup these gateways then ?12:03
uksysadminiscsi works on discovery12:03
*** littleidea has joined #openstack12:04
* uksysadmin doesn't profess to be an expert but... I'll continue anyway ;-)12:04
_val_uksysadmin: for your understanding: I've 2 machines. 1) named openstack the other nova-volume12:04
zykes-skible: they should go automatically12:04
uksysadmin_val_, start the iscsitarget service12:04
uksysadminstart nova-volume service12:04
_val_on the nova volume?12:04
uksysadminon the compute hosts you need to do the following12:04
_val_root@nova-volume:~# service nova-volume start12:05
_val_start: Job is already running: nova-volume12:05
uksysadminsudo apt-get -y install open-iscsi12:05
*** localhost has joined #openstack12:05
_val_btw.. you had wrong syntax :-p12:05
uksysadmin_val_, restart nova-volume12:05
_val_uksysadmin: done!12:05
uksysadminwhat syntax?12:05
skiblezykes-:  when i used traceroute, the bridge seems to get the packet but he can't forward it to the VM12:05
_val_start nova-volume service // bad syntax12:05
uksysadminadd --iscsi-ip-prefix=172.16 (or whatever) to your nova.conf12:06
_val_anyway that's not the issue. open-iscsiii is started.12:06
_val_uksysadmin: just a sec12:06
uksysadmin_val_, I never said to write it as that. want help...?!12:06
_val_this is my conf at root@nova-volume~#12:07
*** osier has joined #openstack12:07
*** KarinLevenstein has quit IRC12:08
_val_uksysadmin: --iscsi_ip_prefix=192.168.2  done this just now12:09
_val_so how do I check now the connection? How does my controller know there is a iscsitarget?12:11
_val_does it happen using keystone or something?12:11
uksysadmin_val_, yes that prefix12:11
uksysadmindiscovery (I believe - if anyone wants to interject - feel free!) - hence the target prefix12:11
_val_uksysadmin: nova-volume is also running on my  root@openstack machine..12:11
*** progeny has joined #openstack12:12
uksysadminrestart nova compute (I'm speaking that - you type as you see fit)12:12
uksysadminis the iscsitarget service running too?12:12
_val_uksysadmin: at @openstack... or @nova-volume?12:12
uksysadminwhatever you don't need running - uninstall it12:12
*** littleidea has quit IRC12:12
_val_uksysadmin: just a sec. iscsitarget has to run on  nova-volume node right?12:13
_val_not @openstack?12:13
_val_root@openstack:~# service iscsitarget restart * Removing iSCSI enterprise target devices:                                                                                       [ OK ]  * iscsitarget not enabled in "/etc/default/iscsitarget", not starting...12:14
*** aliguori has joined #openstack12:14
_val_allright sed 's/false/true' /etc/defaults/iscsitarget12:15
*** kokyu has joined #openstack12:15
*** fikus-kukis^TP has quit IRC12:15
_val_then restarted but on the @openstack machine. I've no iscsitarget installed on nova-volumes .12:15
* kokyu waves12:15
*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack12:16
*** Drew442 has quit IRC12:16
*** miclorb has quit IRC12:17
*** miclorb has joined #openstack12:17
*** nelson1234 has quit IRC12:17
uksysadmin_val_, on your compute node: sudo apt-get -y install open-iscsi12:18
uksysadminand start it12:18
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC12:19
uksysadminon your @openstack box:   sudo nova-manage service list12:19
uksysadminyou should see nova-volume on there now12:19
_val_uksysadmin: what's my compute node now? Do you mean where nova-volumes LVM resides?12:19
*** progeny has quit IRC12:21
LarsErik1hmmm.... running multi-host vlanmanager, should'nt the instances in the same tenant be able to communicate over their private net? :s12:22
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack12:22
*** miclorb has quit IRC12:22
*** natea has quit IRC12:24
*** kpp has joined #openstack12:24
uksysadmin_val_, ah -yes - you controller box is also your compute node - so I'm using the term to describe your @openstack box12:25
uksysadminhmm -your controller @openstack, should see that nova-volume12:26
uksysadminbut see the XXX means it's not working12:26
*** rmartinelli has quit IRC12:27
*** LarsErik1 is now known as LarsErikP12:27
uksysadminreboot (I know, I know...) also make sure you have ntp running and the clocks are synced12:27
*** azbarcea_ has joined #openstack12:27
_val_hostnames too probably?12:27
_val_adding these in hosts file?12:28
kokyuI have followed a guide that also included a "demo" user in the glance config (to set openstack up), in the end I deleded this one, and now I  am not able to log in as "admin" anymore. how can I recover my login? any ideas?12:28
*** azbarcea has quit IRC12:28
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack12:29
uksysadmin_val_, yes12:30
*** ywu has joined #openstack12:31
_val_uksysadmin: when I shut down nova-volume.. on the @openstack server.. I see this:12:31
_val_3 lines12:31
_val_nova-scheduler   openstack                            nova             enabled    :-)   2012-05-02 12:30:3912:31
_val_nova-compute     openstack                            nova             enabled    XXX   2012-05-02 12:29:0112:31
_val_nova-network     openstack                            nova             enabled    :-)   2012-05-02 12:30:3912:31
uksysadminview the logs to see why its failing12:32
*** deshantm has joined #openstack12:32
uksysadminor run: sudo nova-manage logs error12:32
_val_Line 184 : 2012-05-02 12:11:39 ERROR nova.rpc.common [-] AMQP server on localhost:5672 is unreachable: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED. Trying again in 1 seconds12:33
_val_I don't have any Advanced Message Queue Protocol on this host @nova-volume12:34
_val_at least if AMQP is what it means.12:35
uksysadmin_val_, its referring to RabbitMQ if you've not deviated from anything else12:35
uksysadminit should retry12:35
uksysadminrun the command again12:35
*** rods has joined #openstack12:35
uksysadminas in service list one12:35
*** VivekVC has joined #openstack12:35
_val_at @openstack I get this12:36
_val_Line 883 : 2012-05-01 22:10:26 ERROR nova.rpc.amqp [req-d8969d30-639d-461a-9364-34930c1asde1b 3d6bbe43041f49b5bdasdasd339d06a829 2f4784a4b0fa4620ba680783674f4sadas] Exception during message handling12:36
_val_at @nova-volume I get this12:36
_val_Line 184 : 2012-05-02 12:11:39 ERROR nova.rpc.common [-] AMQP server on localhost:5672 is unreachable: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED. Trying again in 1 seconds.12:36
uksysadminyes - so check your services again12:36
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack12:37
_val_uksysadmin: on @openstack nova-compute is OK now12:37
*** pnavarro has joined #openstack12:38
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack12:38
_val_uksysadmin: do I have to make rabbitmq-server to listen to all intefaces?12:39
_val_instead of
*** JesperA has quit IRC12:40
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack12:41
*** KarinLevenstein has joined #openstack12:41
_val_rabbitMq-server runs on @openstack node.12:42
*** pretec has quit IRC12:43
*** roge has joined #openstack12:43
_val_   79 11133 ACCEPT     tcp  --  *      *              tcp dpt:567212:43
_val_I've add a rule into iptables to accept connections on port 567212:43
*** timello_ has joined #openstack12:46
uksysadminon my install my rabbitmq available on the network, not localhost12:49
LarsErikPsomeone know the answer of my question..?12:49
*** Agemo has joined #openstack12:51
*** jonas___ has quit IRC12:51
*** Agemo is now known as Dom0Pebbles12:53
uksysadmin_val_, dig into /var/log/nova/nova-volume.log to see what could've caused that stack trace12:53
_val_2012-05-02 14:54:29 DEBUG nova.volume.manager [req-7d44a1e9-4e4e-4ab4-900c-2479ca887323 None None] Re-exporting 0 volumes from (pid=1970) init_host /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/volume/
_val_2012-05-02 14:54:29 INFO nova.rpc.common [-] Connected to AMQP server on
_val_2012-05-02 14:54:29 DEBUG nova.service [-] Creating Consumer connection for Service volume from (pid=1970) start /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/
*** shaon has quit IRC12:56
*** lborda has joined #openstack12:56
*** melmoth has joined #openstack12:57
_val_seems rabbitmq to have accept the connection.. but nova-manage service list still shows XXX12:58
*** pretec has joined #openstack12:58
_val_Oh I see. last message is Line 10883 : 2012-05-02 14:54:07 ERROR nova.rpc.common [-] AMQP server on localhost:5672 is unreachable: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED. Trying again in 29 seconds.12:59
*** jackh has joined #openstack12:59
_val_time is now:12:59
_val_Wed May  2 14:59:39 CEST 201212:59
*** mikal has quit IRC12:59
_val_And if there were errors 30 seconds later one would have been generated13:00
uksysadmin_val_, I'll have a play with a set up later - I've only got 2 machines spun up and available to me at the mo which is for a demo tomorrow (so I'm not screwing around)13:00
*** cmagina has quit IRC13:00
*** cmagina has joined #openstack13:01
*** littleidea has joined #openstack13:01
_val_uksysadmin: Allright. No problem. Thanks for your help. I'll have to figure out the rest myself13:01
*** mikal has joined #openstack13:01
*** lazyshot has joined #openstack13:05
*** jcannava has joined #openstack13:05
*** davidha has quit IRC13:05
*** davidha has joined #openstack13:08
*** dendroba` is now known as dendrobates13:09
*** larsbutler has quit IRC13:09
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk13:09
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates13:09
*** dendrobates has joined #openstack13:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v dendrobates13:09
*** Dom0Pebbles is now known as Pebbles`13:09
*** joesavak has joined #openstack13:10
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack13:15
*** lvaughn has quit IRC13:15
*** Pebbles` has quit IRC13:17
*** Pebbles` has joined #openstack13:17
*** Pebbles` has quit IRC13:18
*** Pebbles` has joined #openstack13:18
_val_I think it connected. I used the same nova.conf  on both machines!13:18
*** jsavak has joined #openstack13:20
_val_but. Now I got the same result on both nodes.
_val_is this how it should be? @_@13:20
_val_uksysadmin: please a confirmation if you can?13:21
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack13:21
*** hggdh has quit IRC13:21
*** aliguori has quit IRC13:22
Dieterbe_where do we configure the object replication level in swift?13:23
Dieterbe_i find info about how replication works, but not how to configure it13:23
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:23
*** joesavak has quit IRC13:24
*** sdague_ is now known as sdague13:25
*** anniec72 has quit IRC13:27
*** clauden has joined #openstack13:28
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack13:28
notmynameDieterbe_: the config parameters are in the object server config file13:29
*** hggdh has joined #openstack13:29
Dieterbe_notmyname: i don't see anything wrt replication in there. it looks like this
notmynameDieterbe_: and
*** adalbas has joined #openstack13:32
*** aa has joined #openstack13:33
Dieterbe_ok thanks i was looking at and (both dive into the object server config, but don't say config options for replication)13:33
*** mjfork has joined #openstack13:34
Dieterbe_hmm i don't see an option for the object replication level13:35
*** ywu has quit IRC13:35
*** kiranmurari has joined #openstack13:36
notmynameDieterbe_: what do you mean by replication level?13:37
Dieterbe_well, level 2 or level 3 for example13:37
Dieterbe_as in, amount of redudancy for each object13:37
notmynameDieterbe_: ah. that's set on a cluster level and it's set when you build the ring13:38
*** DuncanT has quit IRC13:38
*** lxu has joined #openstack13:38
*** DuncanT has joined #openstack13:38
uksysadmin_val_, yes13:39
*** aa has quit IRC13:39
uksysadmin_val_, because your configs point to the controller so nova-manage knows only go there for that info13:40
uksysadminall your nodes are meant to have the same config13:40
_val_uksysadmin: that done. Now when trying to add e volume it says... Creating...  then after 5 seconds Error13:41
_val_I've checked the logs /var/log/nova/nova-volume.log.  No errors lately13:41
sstentAny one got any insights into this error on a fresh install of essex glance?
uksysadmintail the logs whilst doing it13:42
_val_running  tail -f /var/log/nova/nova-volume.log13:42
uksysadminah - also tail kern.log (or syslog) one of them13:42
_val_probably something with the bridges I guess13:43
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk13:44
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack13:44
*** kpp has quit IRC13:45
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack13:45
_val_uksysadmin: should/can the result of  `nova-manage service list` be the same13:46
_val_on both machines?13:46
uksysadmin_val_, yes (sorry - I answered yes before blindly!)13:46
_val_@openstack is the controller. @nova-volume runs only nova-volume services13:46
uksysadmin_val_, as the configs point to the same controller (nova-manage uses /etc/nova/nova.conf too)13:47
*** sloop has quit IRC13:47
uksysadminits like running mysql client on the mysql server and on another machine - you'll still see the same info13:47
_val_True! Allright thanks. Hmm this adding volumes aint working13:47
_val_gonna try to add it using the terminal13:48
*** asavu has joined #openstack13:49
*** aa has joined #openstack13:49
*** azbarcea has joined #openstack13:49
_val_uksysadmin: weird though. Deleting it goes well.. but creating it does not13:52
*** azbarcea_ has quit IRC13:52
uksysadmindelete if it has failed is just going to be some database clean up13:53
_val_Yes. Probably running some query like  DELETE from table where id = '2'13:54
_val_don't know for sure13:54
_val_uksysadmin: do you happen to know the command which creates a volume using nova?13:55
*** rmartinelli has quit IRC13:55
_val_I don't like euca-* stuff13:55
uksysadminnot off the top of my head: euca though, 'euca-create-volume -s 5 -z nova' will create a 5Gb volume in the 'nova' zone13:56
_val_root@nova-volume:/etc/nova# nova volume-create 113:56
_val_ERROR: You must provide a username via either --os_username or env[OS_USERNAME13:56
uksysadmin_val_, you need to ensure you've sourced your envvars  if using the command line13:57
_val_uksysadmin: I done that on the @openstack .. but not on the nova-volume itself13:57
*** armax has joined #openstack13:58
*** bepernoot has quit IRC13:59
*** davepigott has quit IRC13:59
*** egant has quit IRC14:00
*** datajerk has joined #openstack14:00
uksysadminyou need to do it on your "client" wherever you're running the client tools from14:01
uksysadminbe it the openstack box or your laptop, etc... just so that the tools know where to be pointed at14:01
uksysadminsame for when managing any cloud envs from the command line14:02
*** jvargas has joined #openstack14:02
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack14:03
*** livemoon has joined #openstack14:04
zykes-skible: did you get it to work ?14:04
koolhead17uksysadmin, i think _val_ has to define this nova-volume endpoint in his keystone to get it working correrctly14:05
skiblezykes-: wait 3 sec please14:05
uksysadminkoolhead17, that's very true - I assume too much...14:05
uksysadminwell at least we have a running nova-volume!14:06
uksysadmin_val_, as koolhead17 you need to let Keystone know that nova-volume exists14:06
uksysadminand that answers the q on how does the env know about it. forgot keystone.14:07
skiblezykes-: this is my 100 essay and it still doesn't work14:07
skibledestination host is unreachable14:07
*** mb1769 has quit IRC14:07
*** datajerk has quit IRC14:08
zykes-skible: i think you're suffering from the same symptoms as me that the gw interface isn't getting setup14:09
skiblezykes-:  go to private please, i am giving you some details14:10
*** KarinLevenstein has quit IRC14:10
*** jcannava has left #openstack14:11
*** cmagina has quit IRC14:11
*** cmagina has joined #openstack14:11
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack14:12
sstentOk, fixed my last problem in glance-api (needed python-crypto updated). Now I get Failed to import requested object/class: 'glance.api.v1.router.API'. Reason: No module named migrate.versioning14:12
*** natea has joined #openstack14:13
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC14:14
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC14:20
*** perestrelka has quit IRC14:21
*** vladdy has joined #openstack14:21
*** vitiho has quit IRC14:21
*** bepernoot has quit IRC14:21
*** azbarcea has quit IRC14:22
SpirilisQuick Q-- Is it actually possible to pull a public Amazon AMI image and import it into Glance?14:22
SpirilisI don't see any clear instructions on doing this...14:22
*** Mkenneth has quit IRC14:23
*** SmoothSage has quit IRC14:23
sstentSpirilis: if you can get all 3 files (img,initrd,kernel) then you can import them into openstack using euca2ools14:24
SpirilisHmm, k, gotcha.  Are there other tools to rip apart an AMI to extract those I guess?14:25
sstentSpirilis: NFI :)14:25
SpirilisK thx :)14:25
sstentSpirilis: What image are you trying to get?14:26
*** Razique has joined #openstack14:26
*** cmagina_ has joined #openstack14:27
*** vladdy has quit IRC14:27
SpirilisI have none in particular, my boss was asking me to investigate this option as a selling point for us considering using Nova.14:27
*** vitiho has joined #openstack14:28
sstentahh ok. Well all of the freely downloadable ones like the ubuntu cloud iamges etc work fine14:28
SpirilisI've created my own KVM kickstarted image, and used the stock ones listed in the documentation, but we happen to use Amazon EC2 for some stuff at work so the option of importing those AMIs back into our private network would be a good selling point.14:28
*** s0mik has joined #openstack14:28
*** vladdy has joined #openstack14:28
*** cmagina has quit IRC14:30
sstentok. I think ec2-unbundle is a command you might find usefull (this is jsut an uneducated guess)14:31
SpirilisHmmm, will look into that, thx :)14:31
*** armax has left #openstack14:31
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack14:32
*** blamar has joined #openstack14:32
Spirilisah and euca-unbundle would be the euca2ools equiv14:32
zynzelkvm block migration with vnc listen address per server+auto reassociate floating ip working! ;)14:32
*** jadams has quit IRC14:33
*** aa has quit IRC14:33
*** BLZbubba_ has quit IRC14:33
critchI'm finding the docs for ubuntu 12.04 cloud to be lacking to the point I have yet to produce a working system. Any other distro's packaging recent releases of openstack?14:35
*** stimble has joined #openstack14:35
*** pmezard has joined #openstack14:36
*** mohits has left #openstack14:36
*** SmoothSage has joined #openstack14:36
kokyuwhat could be the reason for not being able to log in to horizon? the UI replies with: "You are not authorized for any projects" - how can I fix this?14:37
*** kbringard has joined #openstack14:38
critchkokyu: did you start by logging in as admin, and creating the user with a project?14:38
kokyuerr, well14:39
kokyucritch: I started with a tutorial on how to setup openstack ( and then deleted the "demo" user, because I logged in as "admin" anyway, and wanted to clean up.14:40
kokyusince then I cannot log in as admin anymore14:40
*** FlipFlop_ has joined #openstack14:40
kokyuI already tried hard on giving "admin" user as much as possible (via `keystone ...` command line commands) but still I cannot14:40
*** livemoon has quit IRC14:41
*** Razique has quit IRC14:41
critchkokyu: sorry that I can't help you, but that page may have just helped me out tremendously.14:42
critchkokyu: thank you14:42
*** cooper has joined #openstack14:42
kokyutenant basically means "project", right?14:42
kokyuhehe, congrats then :D14:42
kokyuit did help me setting up openstack myself, and it even worked14:43
*** anderstj has joined #openstack14:43
kokyubut then I deleted the "demo" user :D14:43
*** primeministerp has quit IRC14:43
*** pimpministerp has joined #openstack14:43
critchI'm guessing you might have deleted the projects as well when demo went away.14:43
koolhead17kokyu, for Dashboard you need to create a role Member14:44
koolhead17and add that user user to a tenant with that role14:44
critchhave you tried using nova-manage to create a new project with the admin user14:45
kokyukoolhead17: verifying, many thanks :)14:45
kokyuwill try, critch14:45
*** gianlucka has joined #openstack14:48
gianluckaI am having some troubles14:48
kokyu`keystone user-list` shows the "admin"-user but `nova-manage project add playground admin` says "User admin could not be found." - why would that be?14:48
gianluckai installed essex on a 12.04 machine14:49
gianluckafollowing instructions at
gianluckathey are very similar if not the same as the default documentation14:49
*** txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger14:49
koolhead17kokyu, did you add a service tenant nova and provided it admin role :)14:49
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:49
gianluckawhen I run nova-manage service list14:50
gianluckaI get14:50
gianluckanova-compute     openstack                            nova             enabled    XXX   None14:50
gianluckaevery thing else gives me the smiley14:50
koolhead17guys can someone point me the command i use to check console log for running instances14:50
gianluckatraced the code14:50
koolhead17gianlucka, probably persmission with /etc/nova/nova.conf14:50
koolhead17change ownership to nova:nova of /etc/nova and restart nova services14:51
koolhead17uksysadmin, ^^14:51
gianluckachmod 555?14:51
kokyukoolhead17: you mean a tenant named "service" (yes) or a tenant named "nova" (no) ?14:51
kiranmurarikoolhead17, nova help console-log -> Get console log output of a server. :-P14:51
koolhead17kiranmurari, :P14:52
*** whenry has joined #openstack14:52
*** davepigott has joined #openstack14:52
*** cmagina_ is now known as cmagina14:53
koolhead17i emant change ownership14:53
*** imbrandon is now known as imbrandon214:53
gianluckaokay and ownership to root?14:53
*** jcannava has joined #openstack14:53
*** lloydde has joined #openstack14:54
koolhead17kokyu, a user nova who is member of service tenant with admin privileges14:54
koolhead17gianlucka, chown -R nova:nova /etc/nova this is what i used14:54
gianluckaI just did and restarted all the services14:55
*** s0mik has quit IRC14:55
gianluckacheck this out14:55
*** adoom42 has joined #openstack14:56
*** ccustine has joined #openstack14:57
*** joesavak has joined #openstack14:59
gianluckai've been pushing around my logs it seems the problem is that15:00
gianluckathere is not service called libvirt15:01
*** skible has quit IRC15:01
*** jsavak has quit IRC15:02
*** avoine has joined #openstack15:02
*** jgriffith has joined #openstack15:03
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:04
kokyu - should I care about an error message like this in /var/log/keystone/keystone.log ?15:05
*** micha87 has quit IRC15:05
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack15:05
gianluckakokyu: i got something similar in diablo15:07
gianluckaafter creating instances15:07
kokyuwell, it's essex (:15:07
kokyuthis happened right now while trying to log in via horizon web UI15:07
gianluckait refused to start the instances15:07
kokyuand the cause was ?15:07
*** maplebed has quit IRC15:07
gianluckanot sure, I just did a sync db and restarted all services involved from ntp to apache and it worked15:08
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack15:08
*** jcannava has quit IRC15:09
*** KavanS has joined #openstack15:09
*** jcannava has joined #openstack15:10
*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack15:11
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*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz15:12
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kokyubrb (:15:13
*** kokyu has quit IRC15:13
*** anderstj has quit IRC15:13
*** kiranmurari has quit IRC15:15
*** gyee has joined #openstack15:15
Amw3000Simple question...I hope. I created a Windows Image and when I launch a new instance, the disk size is the same as the source image. What am I doing wrong?15:16
*** ondergetekende has joined #openstack15:16
*** lborda has joined #openstack15:16
Amw3000IE source was 15GB and instance launch is supposed to have a 20GB disk15:16
uksysadminkoolhead17, 'sup?15:18
gianluckaso anyone knows why I get ?? nova compute being dull on me?15:18
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack15:19
*** msavy has joined #openstack15:20
uksysadmingianlucka, is libvirt-bin running?15:21
uksysadmingianlucka, have you got kvm enabled when you're running on a machine with no hardware-vt?15:21
*** ewindisch has quit IRC15:21
*** gongys has joined #openstack15:21
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:22
*** mindpixel has quit IRC15:22
gianluckai have libvirt bin running15:23
*** reed has joined #openstack15:23
gianluckahow do I enable kvm with no hardware-vt, nova conf?15:23
*** jay_ is now known as fjay15:24
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer15:24
gianluckathus far uksysadmin15:25
gianlucka--libvirt_type=kvm --libvirt_use_virtio_for_bridges=true15:25
*** jackh has quit IRC15:25
*** jackh has joined #openstack15:25
*** Blackavar has quit IRC15:27
uksysadmingianlucka, you need to set livirt-type=qemu15:28
uksysadminand watch out for /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf as its mentioned there15:28
*** spiffxp has joined #openstack15:30
*** issackelly has quit IRC15:30
*** davidha has quit IRC15:31
*** bepernoot has quit IRC15:31
gianluckahmmm okay15:31
*** issackelly has joined #openstack15:31
gianluckajust changed it and restarted services15:32
gianluckacompute is still down15:32
gianluckawill check the logs15:32
gianluckaI am sure i'm on the right path15:33
gianluckanow it says no connection,. connection reset by usr15:33
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:35
gianluckafor my --libvirt_ovs_bridge=br-int15:38
gianluckaI should probably insert a number nect to br right ?? uksysadmin15:38
uksysadmingianlucka, not got that flag in my setup to know15:39
gianluckaokay.. I will try my setup without it..15:39
*** jcannava1 has joined #openstack15:40
*** jcannava1 has joined #openstack15:40
*** vitiho has quit IRC15:43
*** jcannava has quit IRC15:43
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sstentAmw3000: it's not showing up as  second disk or something wierd like that?16:17
*** nelson1234 has quit IRC16:18
*** maplebed has quit IRC16:18
*** Guest54245 is now known as maplebed16:18
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*** dubsquared has joined #openstack16:29
sstentfixed my glances issues -- for reference on centos you need to install python-crypto and python-sqlalchemy-migrate for essex16:29
russellbsstent: using the EPEL packages?16:30
sstentrussellb: griddynamics16:30
russellbif so, please file a bug so we can fix the dependencies in the package16:30
russellboh, nevermind then.16:30
*** mnewby has joined #openstack16:30
sstentrussellb: will file a bug with them tho :)16:30
russellbheh, cool16:30
*** datajerk has joined #openstack16:31
*** mnewby has quit IRC16:31
*** mnewby has joined #openstack16:31
russellbsstent: in other news, essex is also in EPEL, heh.16:31
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack16:32
*** eqx311_ has quit IRC16:32
*** eqx311 has joined #openstack16:32
sstentrussellb: heheeheheheh thanks16:33
*** edygarcia_ has joined #openstack16:33
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC16:33
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*** gongys has quit IRC16:34
sstentrussellb: website still shows diablo -- although I'm probably looking the wrong place as usual --
*** eth00 has quit IRC16:35
*** eth00 has joined #openstack16:35
*** warik has joined #openstack16:35
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*** jsavak has joined #openstack16:37
russellbsstent: ah, it's in updates-testing still it appears ...
*** vipul has joined #openstack16:38
*** edygarcia_ has quit IRC16:39
sstentrussellb: Great thanks16:39
*** mdrnstm has joined #openstack16:39
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contextis handling openstack 'similar' to ec2 or can be made similar i guess?16:53
*** davepigott has quit IRC16:56
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Birk_I found new commands to use in the extensions page but didn't find them in the official manuals. I'm trying to use the action os-security-group to create a new security group ( but i don't know the body content that i should send. Anyone have any ideia where I can find these informations?17:04
*** massiverobok has joined #openstack17:05
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*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:26
annegentlescroll down to Security Groups. I have a review request to delete the other page.17:27
annegentleBirk_: let me know if that's what you're looking for17:28
*** eth00 has left #openstack17:29
Birk_annegentle: thats it ! thanks!17:29
annegentleBirk_: good! I also have a request to get anchor links on that longggg page :)17:29
Birk_annegentle: nice17:30
*** epim has joined #openstack17:31
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annegentledolph: around?17:37
*** vitiho has quit IRC17:37
*** vitiho has joined #openstack17:37
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:39
sgranhello all.  I'm looking at the netap module for nova-volume17:40
sgranthe openstack side looks reasonably straightforward to configure17:41
sgrandoes anyone know off hand what roles the account needs in DFM?17:41
*** hub_cap has quit IRC17:42
sgranit's a shared netapp, so I'd like to reduce privilege where possible17:42
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack17:44
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC17:45
*** bepernoot has quit IRC17:45
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack17:45
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pmullaneyhi - failing to find module glance.common on a compute node of a multi-node install - nova.conf is set up with the glance service on the api node - what else should I check?17:52
*** Pebbles` has quit IRC17:55
*** Pebbles` has joined #openstack17:55
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askstackdashboard -- object store -- containers Error: Unable to retrieve container list.18:07
askstackdoes this mean, dashboard can't communicate with swift ?18:08
askstackkeystone log, {"error": {"message": "The request you have made requires authentication.", "code": 401, "title": "Not Authorized"}}18:09
askstackkeystone log, "GET /v2.0/tenants HTTP/1.1" 401 257 0.01076218:10
*** albert23 has joined #openstack18:14
kbringarddoes anyone have any recommendations for load balancing the glance API?18:18
kbringardI'd assume nginx is a bad idea because of how it spools to disk18:18
kbringardand with glance you'll be moving big files18:18
*** timello_ has quit IRC18:19
*** CaptTofu has quit IRC18:20
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*** lionel has quit IRC18:26
*** lionel has joined #openstack18:27
sgrana tcp load blancer would probably be the thing18:28
*** normanm has quit IRC18:28
*** anderstj has quit IRC18:28
*** anticw has quit IRC18:29
*** anticw has joined #openstack18:29
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sstenthmm do we need to set a private key for objectstore now?  nova.image.s3 Error: Failed to decrypt private key: Timeout while waiting on RPC response.18:35
*** rkukura has joined #openstack18:38
*** dolphm has joined #openstack18:39
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*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack19:31
RichardRaseleyI have a setup with 1 swift proxy node and 5 swift storage nodes. I am using tempauth on the proxy node and am to the point where I am trying to use the swift command to validate (stat, upload, download) the config.19:32
*** krow has joined #openstack19:32
RichardRaseleyWhen I do "swift -A http://$IP_Of_Swift_Proxy:8080/auth/v1.0 -U customer:user -K password stat" it just sits there like it is doing something, but nothing happens (I let it sit for 20 minutes).19:33
*** anotherjesse_zz is now known as anotherjesse19:33
RichardRaseleyIf I hit CTRL+C I get the following:
*** swift-india has joined #openstack19:34
RichardRaseleyAnd it is stuck there and all I see is :
RichardRaseleyI have to log off and back in to the server via SSH to do anything.19:36
*** deshantm_ has joined #openstack19:36
RichardRaseleyAny help to figure out why I cannot do anything with this swift setup would be greatly appreciated.19:36
RichardRaseleyThis has been an ongoing battle for some time - and I just don't quite know where to look from here...19:38
notmynameRichardRaseley: I'd guess it's an issue with your auth config, but to isolate it, I'd recommend using curl so you can see when the problem shows up19:38
*** deshantm has quit IRC19:39
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Thank you for that - all I know about curl is the examples I see online - how can I use it to troubleshoot this issue?19:39
*** justinsb has quit IRC19:39
notmynameRichardRaseley: suppose your auth url is, your username is joe, and your password is pass. then your first command will be the following19:40
notmynameRichardRaseley: curl -i -H "X-Auth-User: joe" -H "X-Auth-Key: pass" http://x.com19:40
RichardRaseleyAnd for the Essex release of Swift can you confirm that http://$IP_Of_Swift_Proxy:8080/auth/v1.0 is the correct url when using tempauth?19:41
notmynameRichardRaseley: based on the command you pasted above, you'll have something like `curl -i -H "X-Auth-User: customer:user" -H "X-Auth-Key: password" http://$IP_Of_Swift_Proxy:8080/auth/v1.019:41
notmynameRichardRaseley: yes (assuming you are using port 8080)19:41
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:41
notmynameRichardRaseley: (8080 is the default in the configs)19:42
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Thank you for that information.19:42
RichardRaseleynotmyname: OK, so I enter: curl -i -H "X-Auth-User: customer:user" -H "X-Auth-Key: password" http://$IP_Of_Swift_Proxy:8080/auth/v1.0  and press enter and it just sits there like it is trying to do something.19:43
RichardRaseleyThe cursor (correct term?) goes down to the first space on the next line and it is just sitting there.19:43
notmynameRichardRaseley: are you using ssl on the proxy? if so, use https (and probably port 443)19:43
*** swift-india has quit IRC19:44
*** dubsquared has quit IRC19:44
*** llang629 has left #openstack19:44
RichardRaseleynotmyname: OK - I think I am getting somewhere, one sec..19:44
RichardRaseleyHmm... it is using ssl over port 8080?!19:45
RichardRaseleyThat is weird19:45
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack19:46
RichardRaseleySo, then if I run a swift -A https://$IP_Of_Swift_Proxy:8080/auth/v1.0 -U customer:user -K password stat I get "Account not found.19:47
notmynameRichardRaseley: probably because you have explicitly set the port in the proxy config (also, as stated before, you shouldn't use ssl on the proxy in prod)19:48
*** alop has quit IRC19:48
notmynameRichardRaseley: can you paste your proxy config file?19:48
RichardRaseleyThe "customer:user" is the account I defined by adding "user_customer_user = password .admin" under the filter:tempauth node in the proxy conf19:48
RichardRaseleyOK, I can get rid of that by just removing the cert_file and key_file entries in the proxy config?19:48
notmynameRichardRaseley: ya, you probably don't have account_autocreate = True (I'm guessing)19:49
notmynameRichardRaseley: correct19:49
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Here is my proxy conf19:49
RichardRaseleynotmyname: No, I don't see that entry in the conf anywhere.19:50
*** carlp has quit IRC19:50
*** bepernoot has quit IRC19:50
notmynameRichardRaseley: add "account_autocreate = true" in the [app:proxy-server] section19:50
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Done. Now just bounce the proxy services?19:51
*** datajerk has joined #openstack19:51
*** datajerk has quit IRC19:52
RichardRaseleynotmyname: OK, that is done.19:52
RichardRaseleyOK, I can run the curl command using http://...8080 now19:53
RichardRaseleyand I get a storage url (it is the loopback address though), storage token, and auth toekn.19:53
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:54
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman19:54
*** mb1769 has joined #openstack19:54
*** bepernoot has joined #openstack19:55
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Now, would I run the stat, upload, download commands against the returned storage URL ( ?19:55
RichardRaseleyor against the proxy auth URL?19:55
*** swift-india has joined #openstack19:56
notmynameRichardRaseley: are you running your tests from the proxy box?19:56
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Also, since the returned URL is using the loopback address, it would seem to be a problem if I am not running these operations from the proxy server itself, correct?19:56
RichardRaseleynomyname: yes, at this time.19:56
notmynameRichardRaseley: well, then you are ok for now, but let's go ahead and fix that19:56
RichardRaseleyI will change that to the actual IP of the proxy so I can test from elsewhere.19:56
*** azbarcea has joined #openstack19:56
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Hmm... I am not finding that value anywhere in the swift.conf or proxy.conf19:57
notmynameRichardRaseley: for each user that you have in the tempauth section, add the storage endpoint to the end of the line (ex: user_testing1_testing1 = testing1 .admin http://$hostnamehere:8080/v1/AUTH_abc)19:57
notmynameRichardRaseley: and the AUTH_abc part should be unique for each .admin users19:58
notmynameRichardRaseley: the "abc" part can be whatever you want19:58
RichardRaseleynotmyname: OK, so it isn't unique for the "customer"19:58
RichardRaseleyor group19:58
RichardRaseleyor whatever the term is.19:58
notmynameRichardRaseley: it's unique for the account, not for users within the account (using the tempauth terms)19:59
RichardRaseleynotmyname: Are any characters prohibited?19:59
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC20:00
RichardRaseleyhttp://$IP_Of_Swift_Proxy:8080/v1/AUTH_customer_user for the "user_customer_user" for example.20:00
notmynameRichardRaseley: no, but you should use url quoted utf820:00
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack20:00
notmynameRichardRaseley: for sanity, I'd suggest removing the _user part of that20:00
*** bepernoot has quit IRC20:00
cryptographrixnotmyname: how can we get swift-proxy to log more?20:00
notmynamecryptographrix: set LOG_LEVEL = DEBUG in the config file20:01
RichardRaseleynotmyname: OK, I see what you are saying "no%20spaces" vs. "no spaces" etc.20:01
notmynamecryptographrix: err..log_level = DEBUG20:01
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notmynameRichardRaseley: right20:01
notmynameRichardRaseley: I've got a quick meeting to go to20:02
RichardRaseleynotmyname: OK, thank you *so much* for your help thus far.20:02
RichardRaseleyIt has been awesome.20:02
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RichardRaseleynotmyname: If you have a chance when you get back - I seem to be getting 403 errors when trying to list, stat, etc. from the swift command. I will keep looking into logs but would appreciate any ideas.20:10
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cryptographrixcoolcool tyty nonmyname20:13
cryptographrixalso one more question20:13
cryptographrixglance is having an issue connecting to swift20:14
cryptographrixon swift side, it looks like glance is trying to POST to /auth/v2/tokens even though account name is glanceaccount20:14
cryptographrixdid config options for glance change much that prior working config would get broken?20:15
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RichardRaseleyOK, now we're cooking. =D20:37
notmynameRichardRaseley: cool. what was it?20:37
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RichardRaseleyNot entirely sure, I set the account management setting to true in the proxy config.20:37
RichardRaseleyThen I ended up creating a new user.20:37
RichardRaseleyAnd boucning the services then it worked.20:38
RichardRaseleyOne weird thing though is:20:38
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RichardRaseleyswift -A -U customer:user -K password upload file.log container  results in: Local file 'container' not found20:38
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RichardRaseleywhile "swift -A -U customer:user -K password upload container file.log" results in a new container being created named file.log20:38
RichardRaseleyvs. putting file.log file (in the pwd) to the container named "container".20:39
RichardRaseleyPerhaps my syntax is wrong?20:39
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notmynameRichardRaseley: I'm not intimately familiar with swift, I think you need to swap file.log and container. if you run it with no args (or --help) it should give you usage info20:39
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RichardRaseleyOK, I think that I got the hang of it now.20:41
RichardRaseleyAny idea how I can upload a file, and then view how that file is distributed across the ring.20:41
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xmltokam i the only person to have rp_filter headaches with ubuntu20:52
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agonellaQUESTION: I have a openstack environment running. Would I like to know is how to add a new compute node?21:16
kbringardinstall nova-compute on the new machine, copy the nova.conf over from your existing controller and fire up nova-compute is the short version21:17
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agonellaOk.. I understand this part, but do I need to install KVM before?21:19
cryptographrixwhat they say in manual do not work for statsd it seems:
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mgalkiewiczhi guys is it possible to use xenapi through unix socket?21:37
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