Sunday, 2012-05-13

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scalability-junkhey I'm trying to learn more about openstack and how the backend works. to be specific I would like to know more about how requests are handled. a request to a public ip and so on. how is the routing how do you prevent the controlling machines to be the bottleneck etc. I couldn't yet find detailed information any direction you can point me?00:10
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nvezscalability-junk: you will find all the really good docs here:
scalability-junkanother question I was asking on the mailinglist once, was how to cope with a non controlled network. so ip addresses are bound to servers. I imagined a private openstack vpn mesh network and some sort of gateway for publicip->nonpublicip transaction, but this would mean I have introduced a routing bottleneck as the gateway would handle all incoming/outgoing traffic and would have no failover.00:11
scalability-junknvez, I take a second look.00:12
nvezscalability-junk: -- there is alot of documentation on how the backend works there00:12
* scalability-junk shame on me I didn't yet find the dev docs thanks nvez 00:12
nvezscalability-junk: NP :) once you have the architecture figured out, you might be able to answer your questions by yourself (or you might be able to pose a more precise question about a specific component)00:13
scalability-junknvez, we'll hopefully see.00:13
nvezscalability-junk: but in re your first question, the request is receied by nova-api (which is just the frontend api, and can run on more than one machine)00:14
nvezscalability-junk: after it gets the request, it inserts it into the AMQP queue and then whatever compoenent has to take care of it will take care of it00:14
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nvezscalability-junk: essentially, afaik, most of nova-api work for "heavy" lift work makes rpc calls using AMQP, any normal calls to get information, you can just load balance on a big nova-api frontend00:15
scalability-junkyeah but what about a http request to say vm1. it will go through nova network to nova compute right?00:15
nvezscalability-junk: you mean just general traffic that goes through virtual machines?  nova-network doesnt actually do the data processing, but it paves the way for it by setting up the appropriate forwarding rules, bridges and vlans00:17
scalability-junkok so the actual distribution is done via the switches (which get the vm location via the ip announcement from the nova network i assume) seems like the non controlled network is not quite useful for openstack :P00:18
nvezscalability-junk: afaik, nova-network just sets up things, doesnt actually -route- the data etc, not sure what you mean by non controlled network, an env where people can do anything?  you can use the vlan model but again you'd have to setup the vlans for each tenant in the router00:20
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nvezwith Quantum, you will be able to automate that including having routers automatically setup vlans/etc00:20
scalability-junk anyway another question. swift common requests are handled by the swift-proxy. so to scale the bandwidth for upload/download I need to scale swift-proxy sort of add another swift proxy to dns entry ...00:21
scalability-junknvez, non controlled in the sense of I can only access the servers. the routers/switches etc are not controlled by me, so ip adresses are only routed to one specific server, so floating ips are sort of impossible i assume :P00:22
nvezscalability-junk: sounds like it, you can just add up more proxies that will just serve traffic, but ive never used swift personally00:22
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nvezscalability-junk: no, well, you can give those servers ips in a local network (ex: and have all those servers NAT behind a main IP00:22
scalability-junknvez, ok so the actual fault tolleranz would be failover ips or dns failover... kk00:22
nvezscalability-junk: devstack does that i believe, when it sets up a dev env, it creates a range that is nat'd over the main machine IP00:23
scalability-junknvez, ok so it's sort of like: gateway (nat) -> private network00:23
nvezyep, on your own machine, you would only be able to access that private network from the same machine but the vms will have internet access00:23
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scalability-junkso the gateway is the bottleneck, which seems hard to solve... the only way would be to have all vm dns entries point to the different gateway ips and distribute the traffic that way.00:24
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scalability-junknvez, ok not quite perfect. But i stop bothering you and try to get the gist of nova and swift with all the dev docs you pointed me to.00:25
nvezscalability-junk: nova cant distribute network load for you, it provides compute power, how you distribute your network load on it, that's up to you :)00:25
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scalability-junknvez, yeah that it's only providing compute power is right, but I have to get the traffic to the right vms in a distributed fashion... rackspace etc is using floating ips so each datacentre has an ip pool and each vm their own ip. so the dns entries are mapped to these ips. they control the switches and floating up can be assigned to the vm it should be. In my theoretical architecture I can't assign ips in this fashion.00:28
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scalability-junkI would need to have ip pools per compute node and then use dns to update if the vm is rebuild on a different compute node. But I haven't found anything to support per compute node ip pooling...00:30
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* scalability-junk probably too messed up thinking still in my head to ask THE right question ;) sorry for that nvez 00:33
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Uktohey guys, I am feeling kinda dumb, can someone explain to me what openstack "does"? I see it described as a 'cloud'. what type? Does it run vps nodes? Or does it just 'cluster' all resources for whatever?01:06
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nvezUkto: openstack nova (the compute project) is essentially a software that manages a cloud using existing virtualization and storage technologies01:25
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nvezUkto: it will take a bunch of citrix xenserver nodes, or kvm, or any of teh supported virtualization technologies and add an entire api that allows you to provide a service like EC2 with it01:26
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UktoI have a small datacenter in Dallas01:28
Uktocurrently using some xen and vmware stuff on the dell blade chassis01:28
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Darksecondcan i set the gateway ip for the (public) floating ip's?10:51
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avishayHi all.  Can someone please guide me on how to set up my network configuration in devstack localrc?11:37
avishayMost of the tests in fail for me, and I suspect that's the cause...11:38
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avishayCan somebody please help me with devstack?  I started with a simple configuration, and only 1/11 tests in pass11:48
avishayI also have a lot of messages "X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication."11:48
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avishayEverything returns either 404 or 50011:56
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zykes- < anyone seen this before when spawning an instance ?12:21
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LarsErikPzykes-: is the image public?12:37
zykes-it wouldn't show in the dashboard if not :p12:38
LarsErikPconnectivity problems between nova and glance?12:39
zykes-Not sure12:39
LarsErikPsound unlikely though, since you actually got the images listed in dashboard12:39
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Darksecondcan i set the gateway ip for the (public) floating ip's?13:06
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zykes-LarsErikP: I've even tried to re-add the image13:33
LarsErikPis just that particular image, or is it every image?13:33
LarsErikPmust be a glance problem...13:37
LarsErikPbut, hey.. i'm no expert ;-)13:37
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mb1769hi all. quick question, when running separate compute nodes, which users is user for running libvirt commands locally on the compute host ? I am getting "libvirtError: Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': Permission denied", when running attach disk command from controller host15:59
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bgordyCall for white papers at Texas Linux Fest, August 3-4,
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Darksecondcan i set the gateway ip for the (public) floating ip's?18:12
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avishayHi all. Can someone please help me with a basic devstack setup? Almost all the tests in are failing.18:18
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zykes-dimitrig_: ping18:25
avishayCan somebody please help me get my basic devstack working? (everything running on 1 machine)18:27
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alex88hello guys, i've a vps running everything except nova-compute and nova-storage and nova-network, i want to setup nova-compute and storage on 2 dedicated18:56
alex88when i create a vm and i assign it a floating ip, to which of those 2 servers i should bind the ip  in the control panel of my dedicated servers if the host which the vm is running is decided by nova-schedule?18:57
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kerouaci'm truly enjoying doing everything one could possibly do wrong with flatdhcpnetworking20:13
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kerouacit's making me a better person20:13
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jdpondkerouac: I feel your pain.  I'm running across the infamous, but apparently nowhere resolved issue with Ubuntu/Essex when trying to get Horizon up and running (the Auth screen comes up, but you get an internal error message when you enter credentials):  [error] No handlers could be found for logger "openstack_dashboard"  Any ideas?20:32
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jdpondAll other tests up to that point indicate success.20:34
kerouacyeah, my images spin up and i can't connect20:34
kerouacno route to host20:34
kerouaccentos 6.220:35
jdpondHmm, I haven't even tried to spin up an image yet - thought getting dashboard to work would be an easier first step.  BTW, I noticed the bridging as set up in that documentation WILL NOT work, unless you use exactly "" and use virbr0 instead of br10020:37
jdpondEven then, I don't see a link between virbr0 and any particular interface you might be using (e.g., Eth0, eth1, . . .)20:37
VeryHFHello All!    I have been reading and am still not fully understanding the differences b/w the citrix xen server and the openstack xen server, adv and dis.adv, I have met continuous problems with citrix xen and am looking for another platform.  I need to run multiple OS's including, debian, ubuntu, freebsd, and M$.  Any comments appreciated, TIA20:41
jdpondkerouac: YMMV, but this might give you some ideas.
kerouacindeed, i need an interface that is up and not attached to an ip20:49
kerouaci also corrupted a database, it seems20:49
kerouacthanks for the info20:49
kerouaci'm using centos, but the config info is still relevant20:49
jdpondkerouac: I may have the same issue - going back and deleting and rebuilding all dbases from scratch (AGAIN!)20:49
jdpondparticularly concerned I may have accidently entered duplicate user/role/tenant information which one post says will generate this error.  I'm SOOO confused.20:50
zykes-is anyone running quantum here ?20:52
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jdpondkerouac: Don't know if I'm helping you here, but you may want to look at: /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/default.xml20:59
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nvezjdpond: have you tried devstack to just make your life easier to try?21:01
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nvezreally cool, fast and quick way to get a openstack dev env up :)21:01
*** mb1769 has quit IRC21:02
jdpondJust found it, thanks nvez!21:03
*** Guest50362 has joined #openstack21:03
nvezjdpond: its not for deployment but if you just wanna mess around with openstack, it's an easy way to get up and ready21:03
jdpondActually need to deploy.  That's the problem.  Working through one step at a time with multi-node.  Eucalyptus was never this hard.21:04
nvezjdpond: ah I see.  what are you having troubles with right now?  I would setup things one step at a time, keystone .. then nova-api, etc, etc21:05
zykes-nvez: are you using quantum ?21:06
nvezzykes-: no but if you're having a problem you should just try asking it21:06
jdpondnvez - I'm all the way up to Horizon now - stuck there.21:06
*** mancdaz has quit IRC21:06
nvezjdpond: does it refuse to start?21:07
zykes-nvez: just wondering if someone is actually using it except people using nicira or alike21:07
kerouaceven LG and Samsung have a cloud21:07
jdpondnvez, no, starts fine, but when I enter a valid user in Keystone (in this instance, "admin" with a supersecret password), I get "Internal Server Error <br>  An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. Please try your request again." on screen and "[error] No handlers could be found for logger "openstack_dashboard" in apache log file.21:10
*** jeblair has quit IRC21:12
nvezjdpond: do you have keystone setup?21:12
kerouacawwww yeah21:12
kerouaci did it21:12
jdpondnvez, keystone works great.21:13
kerouacable to log in ot the server after i reinstelled sqlalchemy21:13
kerouacand keystone is pretty nice21:13
kerouacabout to try the dashboard21:13
*** littleidea has quit IRC21:16
nvezjdpond: try turning debug on in the dashboard settings?21:16
nvezmake sure your endpoints are setup as well21:17
*** egant has quit IRC21:19
jdpond nvez, hold on a second - keystone was working fine BEFORE I rebooted, can't reach it now - that's probably the problem.  Need to check my nova.conf21:20
*** egant has joined #openstack21:20
nvezjdpond: keystone has it's own config file too so nova.conf might not be the issue21:20
nvezsee if you can do a user-list etc21:20
nvezi need to start a coding session, add fixed ip quotas, there is floating ip quotas but not fixed bleh21:21
jdpondjust tried - that failed, but had been working for a couple of days.21:21
nvezwell you got to figure that out first ;)21:21
jdpondnvez, btw, keystone works great when I explicitly state token and endpoint in command line.21:23
nvezjdpond: so that means it works, you just dont have the env variables setup so it works without them21:23
jdpondWhere would I insert for Horizon?21:23
nvezthere should be a file21:23
nvez -- under "Keystone Configuration"21:24
jdpondAhh, there are the parameters not documented in the trunk/essex/ubuntu documentation - that helps!!!21:26
*** natea has quit IRC21:27
*** adavid has quit IRC21:31
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*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack21:50
VeryHFDoes anyone know when Xen stop supporting Ubuntu server?21:52
koolhead17VeryHF, ?21:53
*** egant has quit IRC21:53
VeryHFI used to just load a VM with the Ubuntu server CD from the ISO, now I see blogs about creating a special ISO just for Xen?21:54
koolhead17VeryHF, i suppose XEN comes with default 12.04 LTS kernel21:55
*** egant has joined #openstack21:56
VeryHFIt is part of the Xen distro?21:57
*** pmezard has quit IRC22:00
koolhead17VeryHF, Xen is included with 12.04 version of ubuntu distribution22:00
*** dwcramer has quit IRC22:01
VeryHFI must *really* be missing something.  I can not seem to locate the included 12.04, is it available for creating VM's?  Can it only be accessed via the CLI?22:04
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer22:06
*** adavid has joined #openstack22:07
*** ryanpetr_ has quit IRC22:07
VeryHFI think I need to clarify: I want to install PV or HVM machines of Ubuntu on xenplatform, openstack, or xenserver, not install Xen on Ubuntu12.04.  I am seeing blogs about how Xen is now compatible with the Ubuntu distro and an alternative ISO must be created, but not seeing any consistency between the blogs.22:10
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack22:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #998908 in nova "Fixed IP quotas" [Undecided,In progress]
VeryHFI am seeing blogs about how Xen is _not_ compatible with the Ubuntu distro22:17
*** egant has quit IRC22:19
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*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:59
shredder12hi. I've a working dual node setup - a controller & compute node. I'm having some troubles setting up the vnc. The address "nova get-vnc-console" returns is That's why horizon isn't able to connect. Shouldn't it be the IP of my controller. You can find the configuration here
shredder12I'd really appreciate some help here23:03
*** Guest50362 has quit IRC23:04
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