Saturday, 2012-05-19

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BenCI'm trying to setup openstack-dashboard on Ubuntu 12.04, and when I try to login to the web interface, it fails in access.log with: ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded02:44
BenCI'm not entirely sure I've setup the dashboard properly02:44
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notzeking notze is here07:34
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TrixboxerHello, yesterday I installed devstack09:22
Trixboxerused glance image-create --name centos6 --container-format bare --public --location /home/rishi/images/centos60_x86_64.qcow209:22
Trixboxerbut its not working :(09:22
Trixboxerseems the old syntax was glance add09:22
Trixboxerand now its changed09:22
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shredder12hi everyone. I'm trying to create a debian guest image for openstack+kvm. Everything is fine except that it  isn't able to detect an attached volume. any suggestions?10:56
shredder12got it. Needed to load the module acpiphp :)11:02
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zykes-shredder12: ;)11:37
williamherryhi, I am very confuse about keystone role, can some one explain to me, or give some url11:37
zykes-keystone role ?11:37
zykes-what about it ?11:37
williamherryfor instance, can i create a role with the name i like?11:38
williamherryor, I have to create role named admin11:38
williamherryis admin have special mean or just a name11:39
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shredder12williamherry, yeah there are a lot of ambiguous points about keystone. In addition to yours, I always thought the admin role is specific to a particular tenant. But when you assign an admin role to a user+some_tenant, its as good as a super admin.11:48
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williamherryshredder12, thanks, if admin has special meaning, I can't finger it out why I have to create it by myself11:52
williamherrymaybe i think to much ^_^11:53
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shredder12williamherry, i'm honestly not sure about that. For the private deployment in my lab I resorted to just admin & member roles.11:54
williamherrythanks, I will try to just use admin & member too11:56
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Trixboxerwhat should I do if Im getting    =>>   No handlers could be found for logger "glanceclient.common.http"12:28
TrixboxerUnable to communicate with image service: 400 Bad Request12:29
TrixboxerExternal sourcing not supported for store file:///home/rishi/images/centos60_x86_64.qcow2  . (HTTP 400)12:29
TrixboxerIm trying to add an image using12:29
Trixboxerglance image-create --name centos6 --container-format bare --public --copy-from 'file:///home/rishi/images/centos60_x86_64.qcow2'12:29
williamherrydo i need to create all compute endpoint if i have several compute node?12:31
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GianluccaMiachihey guys13:17
GianluccaMiachiyesterday was trying to get some help on an issue I had, had a little emergency13:18
GianluccaMiachiso my vm cannot connect to the net for some reason13:18
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GianluccaMiachinot sure what I'm doing wrong, I have  a flat network with DHCP13:20
GianluccaMiachiBoth internal and external sit on the same interface13:20
GianluccaMiachiand i have a bridge 10013:21
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GianluccaMiachi --fixed_range= --floating_range=
GianluccaMiachi --flat_network_dhcp_start=
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GianluccaMiachiso my vm can ping its gateway. the vm ip is it can ping the gw
GianluccaMiachiit can also ping outside the vm13:36
GianluccaMiachimeaning vm can ping host13:36
GianluccaMiachican someone please run route -n on their vms and pastebin the output for me please13:37
TrixboxerGianluccaMiachi: you mean you can connect outside world ?13:38
GianluccaMiachiI mean I cannot connect to the outside world from my vm13:38
Trixboxer<GianluccaMiachi> it can also ping outside the vm13:39
Trixboxerlet me check13:39
Trixboxerim also just setting up the floating IPs13:39
GianluccaMiachithe problem i think is both internal and external are using eth013:40
GianluccaMiachion br10013:40
Trixboxerif you can help me to add public IP then I might be able to help you13:41
*** avoine has joined #openstack13:41
Trixboxermy vm gw is
Trixboxerand vm ips are .2 and .313:41
Trixboxernow how do I add a public IP in available list ?13:41
GianluccaMiachiits a simple command13:42
GianluccaMiachilemme pull that up13:42
TrixboxerIm using latest devstack13:42
*** hggdh has joined #openstack13:42
GianluccaMiachinova floating-ip-create13:42
GianluccaMiachithat is for creating a floating ip13:43
Trixboxerand how do I pass IP Netmask and GW13:43
GianluccaMiachiyou don't manually do that13:43
GianluccaMiachinova add-floating-ip cf1
GianluccaMiachicf1 for me is the name of the vm13:43
Trixboxercan I use Public IP instead of ?13:44
GianluccaMiachiyou use the ip it gave you in floating-ip13:44
GianluccaMiachibtw you know the floating ip and public ip are the same right?13:44
TrixboxerI knew after you said :)13:45
Trixboxerwhen I say nova floating-ip-create its creating random IP13:45
GianluccaMiachithat IP is supposed to be your public ip13:45
GianluccaMiachiokay let's step back for a sec13:45
Trixboxerand what if my public IP range is ?13:45
GianluccaMiachiit would create something like
GianluccaMiachidepending on where you tell it to begin13:46
Trixboxerbut where do i specify
GianluccaMiachido you have 2 nics?13:46
Trixboxer68 actually13:46
GianluccaMiachiso what is your orignial setup13:47
GianluccaMiachiyou have 2 networks you control?13:47
Trixboxerwhen I do ifconfig13:47
Trixboxerit gives13:47
Trixboxereth0 br100 lo virbr013:47
Trixboxervnet0 and vnet1 should be my vm's nw13:48
GianluccaMiachiwhat is the eth0 ip?13:48
GianluccaMiachiwhat's your nova conf?13:48
Trixboxerits blank13:48
Trixboxerhmm strange13:49
Trixboxer# ifclonfig | grep MY_PUB_IP returns blank13:49
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GianluccaMiachiokay what is the ip for br10013:49
Trixboxerahh got it13:49
Trixboxerits nova.conf13:49
Trixboxerbr100 is
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GianluccaMiachido route -n13:50
Trixboxerit has proper gateway13:51
GianluccaMiachialright look at this13:51
GianluccaMiachiyou need to decide the type of config you want for your network13:51
GianluccaMiachiand you set those values in nova.conf13:51
Trixboxermine is
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TrixboxerI currently have single server13:52
Trixboxerallin one13:52
*** todon has joined #openstack13:52
GianluccaMiachiyeah i can see that13:52
GianluccaMiachilemme send you my nova conf13:53
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GianluccaMiachi--fixed_range= --floating_range=
GianluccaMiachithese two are the important values13:54
GianluccaMiachi172 for me is fixed range, which is a private network openstack creates on br10013:54
GianluccaMiachifloating range or public range is supposed to be values for your network where the host sits mine is 10.13:55
Trixboxerok so my nova.conf does not have --floating_range13:55
TrixboxerIm adding it and then how do i restart it ?13:56
GianluccaMiachiwait a sec13:56
GianluccaMiachidid you create a floaiting range?13:56
TrixboxerI have added it to nova.conf13:56
GianluccaMiachinova-manage floating create --ip_range=
GianluccaMiachidon't run that13:57
GianluccaMiachihold on13:57
GianluccaMiachii'm getting there13:57
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GianluccaMiachinova-manage floating list13:58
GianluccaMiachitry that13:58
Trixboxerits showing some IPs13:58
Trixboxer172.24.4.225 to
Trixboxerand to
GianluccaMiachiis your network on either of those two?13:59
GianluccaMiachiby network i mean where the host sits14:00
GianluccaMiachithat is the problem14:01
Trixboxershall I delete these14:01
Trixboxerand create proper one14:01
GianluccaMiachibefore you do14:01
GianluccaMiachiare those the same addresses as your fixed range?14:01
Trixboxerfixed range is 10.XXX14:02
GianluccaMiachiokay then delete them14:02
GianluccaMiachiand recreate it using the create command14:02
GianluccaMiachiand add the flag inside the nova conf14:02
GianluccaMiachibut you might even want to delete any vm14:03
GianluccaMiachithat has the public ip you previously created14:03
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Trixboxerits CIDR :(14:04
Trixboxernot able to specify single available IP14:04
*** bilal has joined #openstack14:05
GianluccaMiachioh it might also be your nova.conf flag for network type14:05
GianluccaMiachiFlatDHCP i've used it before when I could control 2 routers14:05
Trixboxerso I have now added the whole /24 CIDR14:06
Trixboxernova floating-ip-list is still empty14:06
Trixboxernova floating-ip-create will randomly take any IP14:06
Trixboxerbut not the one that I want14:06
GianluccaMiachiyou have to restart services14:06
GianluccaMiachiand also14:06
GianluccaMiachinova-manage db sync nova-manage network create private --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=eth0 --network_size=3214:07
Trixboxerok now I have the IP that I want in nova floating-ip-list14:07
GianluccaMiachiokay that is good14:07
GianluccaMiachinow spin a vm14:08
trapniI am having a /27 public network, but only want OpenStack to use a subset of it for floating IPs. is that possible ?14:08
trapniI mean /2814:08
Trixboxerdoing add-floating-ip14:08
Trixboxernova add-floating-ip <server> <address>14:08
Trixboxerserver must be server id14:08
Trixboxerwhats address ?14:08
zykes-anyone here using 10 gigabit for nova ?14:09
GianluccaMiachiso is it binding it to the vm properly?14:10
trapnijust 1Gb14:10
GianluccaMiachijust 1Gb here too14:10
Trixboxerok its now binded properly14:10
GianluccaMiachiokay last thing14:10
TrixboxerI can see that using nova floating-ip-list14:10
GianluccaMiachinova secgroup-add-rule default tcp 22 22 nova secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1
GianluccaMiachithese are two lines of commands14:11
GianluccaMiachithose will allow ssh into your vm14:11
TrixboxerI can ping world from inside VM14:11
GianluccaMiachican you share your nova conf?14:12
*** hggdh has joined #openstack14:12
Trixboxerbut not from outer world14:12
GianluccaMiachioh yeah14:12
GianluccaMiachithat's the issue I have as well14:12
GianluccaMiachiI have 3 setup of openstack, 2 flat network another flat network dhcp14:13
GianluccaMiachinone can ping outer world14:13
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack14:14
zykes-what kind of storage then for images ?14:14
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:14
GianluccaMiachiby storage what you mean lvms?14:14
Trixboxerlet me remove the IP and check if it can still ping14:15
GianluccaMiachiyou know what good idea14:15
Trixboxergreat I can still ping :)14:16
Trixboxerso there is something more that needs to be done14:16
Trixboxernova secgroup-add-rule default tcp 22 22 nova secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1  is giving error14:16
GianluccaMiachiits 2 lines?14:16
GianluccaMiachiboth start with nova14:16
GianluccaMiachithat's so you can ssh into vm using public14:17
Trixboxerok rules applied now14:17
GianluccaMiachithe problem for me is14:17
GianluccaMiachimy vm need to install packages from outside14:17
GianluccaMiachiand I can't figure out how to make that piece work14:18
Trixboxerping is now working from outer world14:18
GianluccaMiachihow you do it?14:19
Trixboxernow I think i can sum14:19
GianluccaMiachiwhat do you mena14:20
GianluccaMiachiyou mean you can ping vm from outside14:20
Trixboxersum up14:20
Trixboxerboth works14:21
GianluccaMiachioki that too i can do14:21
GianluccaMiachibut no internet14:21
Trixboxerin and out14:21
Trixboxerlets see now14:21
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC14:21
Trixboxernova floating-ip-list should have public IPs14:21
Trixboxerand then you need to do nova floating-ip-add SERVERID and PUBLIC_IP14:21
*** barodeur has quit IRC14:22
*** barodeur has joined #openstack14:22
Trixboxermy network is floatingDHCP14:23
GianluccaMiachiwhy that choice?14:24
Trixboxerit was not choice, its my second day in openstack14:24
TrixboxerI installed devstack14:24
Trixboxerand hopefully it came along14:24
GianluccaMiachiokay okay14:25
Trixboxerseems same14:25
GianluccaMiachiI will check their config out14:26
GianluccaMiachiSo can you ping or from vm?14:26
Trixboxerwhy are you not using FlatDHCPManager ?14:26
GianluccaMiachiI'm using simple FlatNetwork14:26
TrixboxerVM's IP for world is also correct14:27
Trixboxerlet me check after removing PUB_IP14:27
*** avoine has quit IRC14:28
GianluccaMiachiI think the reason why was the FlatDHCPManager instructions I had, made it seem like you needed to setup the bridge on the second nic14:29
GianluccaMiachiI will try that too14:29
GianluccaMiachican someone explain why though the public interface will be on br100 and not eth014:29
GianluccaMiachidoesn't make sense to me14:29
Trixboxeras expected, if I remove the association of PUB_IP and VM then VM can connect to outer world14:30
Trixboxerand for outer world VMs PUB_IP = HOST_PUB_IP14:30
GianluccaMiachihow do you disassociate them14:30
Trixboxernova remove-floating-ip SERVER_ID PUB_IP14:30
GianluccaMiachiso lemme sum up14:31
zykes-I mean for images and the network inbetween14:31
zykes-if you only have 1 gigabit between the image store and nova nodes, when then deployming windows for example won't it be slow ?14:32
GianluccaMiachithis is for testing only14:32
GianluccaMiachifor production i'm getting a beefy vmware box14:32
GianluccaMiachithat'll be with 10 gb14:32
GianluccaMiachibut not there yet14:33
GianluccaMiachiso Trix to sum up14:33
GianluccaMiachiwithout public IP you can ping Google world14:33
GianluccaMiachibut with public IP you can't ping Google world14:33
GianluccaMiachiis that corrext ?14:33
Trixboxeruh uh14:33
Trixboxerwithout public IP you can ping Google world14:34
Trixboxerwith public IP you can ping Google world with you public IP14:34
Trixboxerwith public IP  world can ping you14:34
Trixboxernow I want to disable "without public IP you can ping Google world"14:34
*** s0mik has joined #openstack14:34
TrixboxerI think the reason is br10014:35
Trixboxeras both public and private are bridged on it14:35
GianluccaMiachiI think it gets confused on how to get out14:35
Trixboxerif no proper way then it uses HOST14:35
*** freeflying has quit IRC14:37
GianluccaMiachiyeah I have another router on another network14:37
Trixboxerin your case you are using FLat14:37
*** freeflying has joined #openstack14:37
Trixboxerso VMs are not assigned private ips using DHCP ?14:37
GianluccaMiachii'm in the process of changing it back to DHCP and see how lucky I get14:38
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack14:38
Trixboxercan you ssh in VM ?14:39
GianluccaMiachiand vm gets out properly14:39
Trixboxerand what ip is showed ?14:39
TrixboxerI mean a DHCP or any static range ?14:39
GianluccaMiachiwhat do you mean14:40
GianluccaMiachiI can ssh into vm using both ips14:40
TrixboxerI was curious to know that how VMs are getting IP14:41
Trixboxerif its not DHCP14:41
GianluccaMiachithey get automatically assigned at creation14:41
Trixboxershall I try that ;) ?14:41
*** mnaser has joined #openstack14:43
zykes-GianluccaMiachi: why vmware ?14:45
GianluccaMiachiwe get a deal like that..14:47
GianluccaMiachias a matter of fact endgoal is to use openstack to manage it14:47
GianluccaMiachiand vdesktops are also in works so vmware made most sense14:48
Robbin503 Server unavailable in OpenStack with swauth. Any way to resolve it.14:49
GianluccaMiachiTrix I still can't understand this, why is your public interface br100??14:53
Trixboxersorry was away14:57
Trixboxeras i said14:58
Trixboxerifconfig is not showing HOST_PUB_IP14:58
GianluccaMiachiyeah mine doesn't either14:58
GianluccaMiachibr100 shows the gw for the network i created14:59
Trixboxersame here14:59
Trixboxerso wheres the HOST_PUB_IP then ?14:59
Trixboxerhow do I restart nova15:00
zykes-what kind of hw ?15:01
zykes-GianluccaMiachi: you know citrix has software to run xendesktop ontop15:01
GianluccaMiachiI didn't know that15:02
GianluccaMiachiyou have to restart the nova component you need to restart15:02
GianluccaMiachifor a in libvirt-bin nova-network nova-compute nova-api nova-objectstore nova-scheduler nova-volume nova-vncproxy; do service "$a" stop; done for a in libvirt-bin nova-network nova-compute nova-api nova-objectstore nova-scheduler nova-volume nova-vncproxy; do service "$a" start; done15:03
*** joearnold has joined #openstack15:04
*** vitiho has quit IRC15:04
*** vitiho has joined #openstack15:04
Trixboxeryup got it15:05
Trixboxerwas googling15:05
GianluccaMiachiI think The solution is to set our interface in promisc mode15:05
zykes-GianluccaMiachi: basically let's you deploy xendesktop ontop of AWS / OpenStack or alike soon I think15:06
Trixboxernova-network: unrecognized service15:06
*** Triade has joined #openstack15:06
GianluccaMiachiwill look into that.. thx for the info.. lol we just a bunch of interns working on this proj so no deep knowledge of the business15:07
GianluccaMiachithat looks painful15:10
GianluccaMiachiwhy you use devstack btw, isn't it simpler to do the whole thing manually.. lol15:10
*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack15:10
Trixboxer2nd day15:11
Trixboxerbut devstack worked faster :)15:11
GianluccaMiachioh yeah i forgot.. lol15:11
*** freeflying has quit IRC15:14
zykes-GianluccaMiachi: where you from ?15:16
GianluccaMiachilol that is a complicated question..15:16
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack15:16
GianluccaMiachiborn n raised? or just where i reside?15:16
zykes-where you work15:17
GianluccaMiachithis small company.. they don't believe in virt but got resources, so me and this grad student trying to setup a lab for them15:18
GianluccaMiachisince its a dev shop, we trying to also include and customize cloudfoundry in the mix15:19
*** vila has joined #openstack15:20
Trixboxerfinally rebooted15:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #1001664 in openstack-ci "import sequence in is causing cronspam" [High,Fix committed]
Trixboxerdevstack is nice and fast but that the issue as well15:21
GianluccaMiachiplease tells me it works15:21
zykes-hmm, GianluccaMiachi is cloudfoundry supported on openstack yet ?15:21
Trixboxerone does not know the initial steps :)15:21
Trixboxerreminding me windoz15:22
GianluccaMiachithey have a cpi that was realeased tying it into BOSH15:22
GianluccaMiachibut its all alpha15:23
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack15:23
GianluccaMiachiwait Trix what's windoz? lol jk..15:24
zykes-GianluccaMiachi: have you been able to use it ?15:24
Trixboxerit was a next next next finish and wtf :X15:24
zykes-I know there's a cpi for BOSH15:24
GianluccaMiachionly initial setup, not enough documentation, not sure I know what i'm doing over there lol15:25
GianluccaMiachithe focus is to get useful stuff to work in cf, like replacing components.. JBoss for example15:26
zykes-jboss is crap ?15:28
GianluccaMiachiit is lol15:29
GianluccaMiachibut its just to understand the inner works of cf15:29
GianluccaMiachithe ultimate goal is to get oracle in there15:30
GianluccaMiachii'm sure people in the industry have already done it, but its a good learning exp.15:30
zykes-there is openshift as well btw15:30
Trixboxermy everything is gone15:30
Trixboxerno images no instances15:30
Trixboxerits back to clean15:30
zykes-what's bad with jboss ?15:30
*** FlorianOtel__ has quit IRC15:31
GianluccaMiachino no, cf uses tomcat15:31
GianluccaMiachisuccessfully replacing tomcat by jboss will give you knowledge of the components15:32
GianluccaMiachiTrix after a reboot15:33
GianluccaMiachihow do you start the instance?15:34
*** vitiho_ has joined #openstack15:34
Trixboxerwill need to recreate15:34
GianluccaMiachiI tried a hard reboot and the instance been stuck on that for ever15:34
zykes-GianluccaMiachi: what sucks with jboss ?15:35
*** littleidea has quit IRC15:35
*** dwcramer has quit IRC15:35
*** epim has quit IRC15:36
GianluccaMiachizykes the main thing is JEE that comes all bundled with it15:37
*** vitiho has quit IRC15:37
GianluccaMiachitomcat is light and much faster15:37
*** krow has joined #openstack15:39
*** s0mik has quit IRC15:40
GianluccaMiachihmm having issues recreating the vm15:42
Trixboxercreated 10 now15:42
Trixboxerthey all are booting15:42
*** wiliam has quit IRC15:43
GianluccaMiachiI'm pinging successfully from the vm15:45
GianluccaMiachioh and I can ping if I manually set a proper DNS server15:46
Trixboxerhave to go for a meeting15:46
Trixboxer2 hrs15:47
*** mohits has joined #openstack15:47
GianluccaMiachion saturday15:47
GianluccaMiachidamn.. lol15:47
zykes-ah ok15:47
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack15:48
*** eglynn__ has joined #openstack15:50
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zykes-zynzel: ping17:31
zynzelzykes-: destination host unreachable ;)17:33
zykes-zynzel: what storage you use for instances ?17:34
zynzelzykes-: local+ephemeral as i say, ssd driver17:35
*** garethr has quit IRC17:35
zynzelvolumes are exported from node with ssd drives with raid+spare17:35
*** nmistry has joined #openstack17:36
*** twayneprice has quit IRC17:36
*** garyk has joined #openstack17:36
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*** dwcramer has joined #openstack17:43
zykes-no san ?17:44
zykes-hp c7000 / blc460 ?17:45
*** fattarsi has joined #openstack17:50
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TrixboxerGianluccaMiachi: all good for you ?18:22
*** melmoth has joined #openstack18:27
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trapniin a VLAN managedn network, I am having a central nova-network node, right?19:36
trapnior MUST nova-network run on every compute node?19:36
*** Trixboxer has quit IRC19:37
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trapninobody? :(19:50
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack19:50
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zykes-what nodes are people using for nova ?20:04
*** jplewi2 has quit IRC20:07
*** willaerk has joined #openstack20:11
zykes-zynzel: ping20:12
*** glove has joined #openstack20:15
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trapnizykes-: what kind of nodes do you mean? 1HE servers (24-core, 48GB RAM) for compute in our case (:20:21
*** edygarcia has quit IRC20:23
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zykes-what brand is that trapni ?21:33
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:35
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