Tuesday, 2012-05-22

uvirtbotNew bug: #1002579 in horizon "spin.js z-index problem" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100257900:01
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jkyleI'm askign because I have a floating ip that's being improperly routed00:08
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dpippengerI'm trying to do a live migration and following the docs for essex "nova-list" doesn't exist as a command, and "nova list" returns an empty table... is there a bug with "nova list"?00:59
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jakkudanieruHi, all. Is there any way to take snapshot of instances in diablo?01:28
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sarobwho reed01:40
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sarobwhowas reed01:41
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CristianDMAny use Flat DHCP Networking in production?02:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1002605 in quantum "update webob to be version 1.2 or above" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100260502:26
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annegentledpippenger: when you don't have any running instances, nova list returns an empty table02:32
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trapniHey! When running nova-network on *every* compute node, who is getting the project/tenant gateway IP then ?08:11
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alex88someone else has a floating ip which is outside the subnet of the ip of public network interface and had it working?08:14
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alex88how can i know what nova-manage does when adding a floating ip? like ip addr commands etc?08:43
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LeFreemanya quelqun ?09:01
alex88LeFreeman, english please09:02
zynzelalex88: nova-manage change only db imho, nothing else09:03
alex88zynzel, who does the ip addr add? nova-network?09:03
LeFreemanthey are anyone who know a howto for the installation et configuartions of openstack with Wheezy ?09:03
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alex88LeFreeman, afaik only ubuntu and fedora is supported09:04
alex88zynzel, thank you..btw, i've just seen it's an ubuntu problem, not openstack.. maybe the new kernel09:04
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trapniWhen running nova-network on *every* compute node, who is getting the project/tenant gateway IP then ?09:18
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zynzeltrapni: what network manager?09:20
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hugokuocould I use legacy_auth in Essex Keystone ?09:24
hugokuofor example ,   curl -v -H "X-AUTH-USER: hugo" -H "X-AUTH-KEY: hugopassword" http://keystone-ip:5000/v1.009:25
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_val_Hey guys. Running to some problems using keystone. keystone tenant-list,  keystone user-list works well but when trying to add an endpoint I'm facing the following error.09:30
_val_No handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.client"09:30
_val_The action you have requested has not been implemented. (HTTP 501)09:30
_val_seems I need to export some vars but which and how do I find my sevice_token? is it the same as in /etc/keystone/keystone.conf?  I've there service_token = admin09:32
_val_err. admin_token.09:32
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Madkissroot@warthog:~# nova list09:33
MadkissERROR: string indices must be integers, not str09:33
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_val_is it possible that  #driver = keystone.catalog.backends.sql.Catalog  in keystone.conf is causing the problem? or should I uncomment it?09:36
_val_Madkiss: what are you trying to list?09:36
Madkiss_val_: do you have SERVICE_ENDPOINT and SERVICE_TOKEN set appropriately in your shell environment?09:36
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Madkiss_val_: anything.09:37
_val_Madkiss: tried  nova-manage service list09:37
_val_but anyways.. I think I'm the one who's seeking help :>. Madkiss I don't09:37
Madkissthen set these environmental variables, keystone will work better I bet ;)09:38
_val_Madkiss: btw I do yes09:38
_val_declare -x SERVICE_ENDPOINT="http://localhost:35357/v2.0"09:38
_val_declare -x SERVICE_TOKEN="admin"09:38
Madkisswell, thashould do.09:39
_val_keystone user-list,  keystone tenant-list does work fine09:39
_val_but adding an endpoint fails09:39
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Madkissokay, found it.09:40
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Madkissdoes keystone endpoint list work for you, _val_?09:41
_val_Madkiss: same error is reported09:41
Madkissthe token you defined in /etc/keystone/keystone.conf at admin_token is "admin", really?09:42
_val_in my keystone.conf file the [catalog] section looks as this.09:42
_val_driver = keystone.catalog.backends.templated.TemplatedCatalog09:42
_val_template_file = /etc/keystone/default_catalog.templates09:42
Madkisswhy do you try to add endpoints if you're using the template catalog anyway?09:43
Madkissyou're doing it wrong.09:43
Madkisswhen using the template catalog, you can not add endpoints via the numerous keystone endpoint-* functions09:43
Madkissthey only work when using SSL.09:43
Madkissi mean. of course.09:43
_val_#driver = keystone.catalog.backends.sql.Catalog09:43
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_val_It was told me to comment that line09:44
*** davepigott has joined #openstack09:44
Madkissare you possibly following my howto? the one from hastexo.com?09:44
_val_Yes did. That's why I did comment that.09:44
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MadkissIf you follow that howto, you don't need to manually define endpoints.09:45
_val_Madkiss: No that worked OK! but now I want to define andpoints and use keystone for multiple compute nodes09:45
Madkissif you want additional endpoints, e.g. for swift, you'll have to add them to the catalog file if they are not in there yet.09:45
Madkissthen you need to either use SQL and add them or add them to the text-file and restart keystone.09:46
_val_hastexo.com doesn't explain either about adding keystone database in mysql. I want to make use of mysql rather than local catalog templates09:46
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_val_Madkiss: so I should uncomment #driver = keystone.catalog.backends.sql.Catalog   and comment those other two?09:47
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Madkissi'll update the document in the next days to reflect the use of SQL properly.09:47
_val_Thanks! But for now I'll just enable the backends.sql.Catalog  to see if that works09:48
_val_Madkiss: there we go ;)09:49
_val_| id | region | publicurl | internalurl | adminurl |09:49
Madkissbad news is09:49
Madkissyou will have to add endpoints for all services manually, now.09:49
Madkissand that is not properly documented anyway.09:49
Madkissi've got a script that does it.09:49
_val_Madkiss: done that. I know a little how to use the cli  keystone user-create , service-create , tenant-create etc..09:50
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_val_I think there are also a few resources who explain that. KoolHead17 sent me a pdf which explains quite well!09:50
Madkissi know that guide. it's not copy'n'pasteable ;)09:51
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_val_I'm going to perform some tests here. Thanks for your input! hastexo.com has helped me a lot to put a basic setup!09:51
*** laurent\ has joined #openstack09:52
_val_grrr. Madkiss check this.09:52
_val_No handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.client"09:52
_val_Could not find service: ef2743c7dc274209bb9e148e266d3a7f (HTTP 40409:52
Madkissi'm sorry, i'm deep down in trouble myself right now ;09:53
*** never2far has quit IRC09:57
Madkissokay. how do I force nova-network to just bridge its stuff upon the already existing br100 bridge?09:58
Madkissit keeps recreating that fucking bridge, breaking the machine's connection09:58
vrturboI've been trying a deploy a test setup of openstack, wow so many problems using ubuntu maas with juju09:59
vrturboanyone else find the openstack install super hard ?09:59
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hugokuoa question about keystone essex10:52
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Madkissokay, can I make nova somehow use an already existing bridge?11:09
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Glaceenotmyname: the ssd stuff is a huge success since we refined it.. I have the same number of put/s than read/s :)11:35
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trapnizynzel: VlanManager :)11:42
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notmynameGlacee: nice11:46
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Glaceenotmyname: Our swift Ui is done we should launch within 2 weeks11:51
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chmouelGlacee: cool :)11:52
Glaceechmoule: We should contact you soon for the s3 stuff.. its gonna be number one priority soon :)11:53
*** mjfork has joined #openstack11:54
*** asavu has joined #openstack11:55
Glaceechmouel * sorry that I just butchered your name11:56
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack11:56
chmouelGlacee: cool :) Fujita is the maintainner of swift3 but feel free to Cc: the openstack list so we can chimp in11:58
Glaceeok cool thanks11:58
*** ejat has joined #openstack11:58
*** longhudou has quit IRC11:58
*** praefect has joined #openstack11:58
*** aspiers has joined #openstack11:58
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*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:03
*** dolphm has joined #openstack12:03
Madkisshey dolphm!12:03
dolphmMadkiss: yo!12:03
Madkissdo you know, by chance, whether I can make nova use an existing network bridge in FlatDHCP mode? I do have a br100 already, and I just want nova to add its stuff on top of it.12:05
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC12:06
dolphmMadkiss: *woosh* no idea12:07
*** ejat has quit IRC12:09
MadkissI wonder who might know.12:09
*** legkodymov has joined #openstack12:09
*** crago has joined #openstack12:09
*** hggdh has quit IRC12:11
_val_why do I get this error? root@openstack:~# glance index12:12
_val_Failed to show index. Got error:12:12
_val_Unexpected response: 50012:12
_val_glance-manage version_control 0  // OK12:13
_val_glance-manage db_sync // OK12:13
_val_glance index   shows the error.12:13
*** ayoung has quit IRC12:14
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:15
*** hggdh has joined #openstack12:18
*** littleidea has joined #openstack12:18
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*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline12:29
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*** aliguori has joined #openstack12:32
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*** jongleur has joined #openstack12:38
*** dolphm has quit IRC12:38
*** gnu111 has joined #openstack12:39
jongleurHi. During OpenStack Setup (following the Installation and configuration walkthrough on docs.openstack.org) I accidently created two endpoints for openstack compute. 1) Is that a problem? 2) Is it possible to delete one of them by endpoint-delete, or is that harming the system in any way?12:39
*** lts has joined #openstack12:41
Madkissinteresting. when trying to fire up a VM in a setup that has glance backed by swift, I get "ImageNotFound: Image 4c0a91dc-2b07-4b43-b833-871038bd30cc could not be found."12:42
Madkissalthough I can see it in "nova image-list" and "glanceindex"12:42
*** clopez has quit IRC12:43
*** wiliam has quit IRC12:46
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk12:48
*** dprince has joined #openstack12:50
*** jackh has joined #openstack12:50
*** gondoi has quit IRC12:51
*** gondoi has joined #openstack12:51
*** jbarratt has quit IRC12:52
Lainesjongleur, i made the same mistake. I have no idea if there are any negative effects, because i deleted it in the database12:52
*** marrusl has joined #openstack12:52
*** jbarratt has joined #openstack12:52
*** jaypipes is now known as jaypipes-afk12:54
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack12:54
jongleurthanks... any objectives towards letting it in the database?12:54
jongleurI think about keeping the duplicate - and wait what happens ;)12:54
Lainesjongleur, daredevil!!! ;)12:56
*** Aim has quit IRC12:58
jongleurif it's a problem I would have expected to not being allowed12:59
*** clopez has joined #openstack12:59
*** jantje has quit IRC13:00
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*** natea has joined #openstack13:29
alex88!seen razik13:33
openstackalex88: Error: "seen" is not a valid command.13:33
_val_how to delete an endpoint?13:34
_val_I've set a wrong internalurl13:35
_val_| 7588f0d3042a40b6a97326cd60be61ab | muntregion |               |                    |
_val_I'm missing the :port/v113:35
*** vmlinuz has quit IRC13:36
*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack13:36
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*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack13:41
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*** lborda has joined #openstack13:45
*** timello has joined #openstack13:45
BenCWhat's the best way to debug why an instance fails to start?13:45
BenCI can't seem to find anything useful in the logs13:45
*** PerlStalker has joined #openstack13:47
*** matiu has quit IRC13:47
*** byeager has joined #openstack13:47
*** spidersddd has joined #openstack13:47
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*** avoine has joined #openstack13:51
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack13:53
*** vrturbo has quit IRC13:53
gnu111can some one look at my existing LDAP users and groups: http://paste.openstack.org/show/0Isa05I6POTSATgsvwjj/ I am not sure how to apply the roles and tenats with my current setup.13:53
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates13:54
gnu111I use "objectClass: posixGroup" for my ou=Groups instead of "groupOfNames".13:54
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk13:55
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates13:55
*** achied has joined #openstack13:55
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:55
*** robbiew has joined #openstack13:56
sstent2 querstions: 1) is there anything else i need to do after 'nova-manage network create ...' ie assign it to a project or something. 2) is dnsmasq still supposed to be initialised when nova-network starts or has it changed to be when the first call for a netwokr comes in?13:56
*** salgado has joined #openstack13:57
*** salgado has quit IRC13:57
*** salgado has joined #openstack13:57
*** davidha has quit IRC13:58
*** Laines has quit IRC13:58
gnu111sstent: I think you can do nova-manage network create [...] --project_id when you create the network.13:59
*** davidha has joined #openstack13:59
*** reed has joined #openstack14:03
*** esm has joined #openstack14:03
*** esm is now known as Guest3516414:04
*** davidha has quit IRC14:04
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:05
sstentgnu111: I know you can, but do you need to for the default network?14:07
*** mrmartin has quit IRC14:08
*** jackh has joined #openstack14:11
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack14:13
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*** vitiho has joined #openstack14:17
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*** dolphm has joined #openstack14:26
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*** Gordonz has joined #openstack14:28
_val_Hello again. Trying to connect to the openstack dashboard gives me this error. An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. Please try your request again.14:29
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack14:33
sstent_VAL_: anything in the log files? are you running this under apache?14:33
*** vitiho_ has joined #openstack14:34
*** vitiho has quit IRC14:34
*** nati_uen_ has quit IRC14:35
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk14:35
Madkisssstent: do you happen to know whether it's possible to run nova on top of an already existing network bridge? I do have a br100, and I want that to be used, without bridge recreation14:35
_val_sstent: yes14:35
dev_hello I have a very googly question14:36
dev_how do you backup your instance14:36
dev_in kvm you had a bath you could just use to backup but in openstack14:36
*** legkodymov has joined #openstack14:36
_val_sstent: entering bad username and password wont be accepted and gets you back at the login screen. Once user 'admin' pass 'admin' has been logged it just will generate the error as shown above.14:36
*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz14:36
dev_how you back and convert your instance to an image?14:36
*** livemoon has quit IRC14:39
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:39
*** hunglin has joined #openstack14:40
*** hunglin_ has joined #openstack14:40
*** hunglin has quit IRC14:40
*** hunglin_ is now known as hunglin14:40
*** legkodymov has quit IRC14:41
_val_sstent: earlier installation of hastexo.com has worked well. I think this issue is occuring because of the user 'admin' belongs in tenants (projects) etc..?14:42
*** vmlinuz has quit IRC14:42
*** mdomsch has quit IRC14:42
*** s0mik has joined #openstack14:46
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*** roge has joined #openstack14:51
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sstentMadkiss: if nova sees the bridge already there it wont try to create it.14:52
*** vitiho has joined #openstack14:52
*** sdake has joined #openstack14:53
sstentMadkiss: I have our bridges defined at the system level. Nova just starts using them.14:53
*** llang629 has joined #openstack14:53
*** cctrieloff has quit IRC14:54
*** remus_ has quit IRC14:54
sstent_val_: hmm not sure - but let us know if you find anything more -- btw, check the error logs from apache, that might have something useful14:54
*** jackh has quit IRC14:55
Madkiss    sstent: could I lurk at your nova.conf please?14:56
Madkissbecause I just don't get to it14:56
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:56
_val_sstent: http://pastie.org/395033914:57
*** Razique has joined #openstack14:57
_val_This is what apache2/error.log  shows.14:58
*** hub-cap has joined #openstack14:58
*** edygarcia_ has joined #openstack14:58
*** aspiers has joined #openstack14:59
*** edygarcia has quit IRC14:59
*** edygarcia_ is now known as edygarcia14:59
*** hub_cap has quit IRC14:59
*** hub-cap is now known as hub_cap14:59
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:59
_val_sstent: [Tue May 22 16:59:35 2012] [error] No handlers could be found for logger "openstack_dashboard"14:59
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack15:00
*** datsun180b has joined #openstack15:01
*** monster_ has joined #openstack15:02
*** rnorwood has quit IRC15:02
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC15:04
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:05
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack15:05
*** andrewsben_zz is now known as andrewsben15:06
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:06
_val_anyways. Thanks for the suggestions sstent. Going home now and check it tomorrow. I see there was a bug post.15:07
*** djdb has quit IRC15:08
*** legkodymov has joined #openstack15:08
gnu111what does this mean: enforce admin_required: {'tenant_id': u'admin', 'user_id': u'admin', 'roles': []} ?15:09
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC15:09
*** pnavarro has quit IRC15:10
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*** andresambrois has joined #openstack15:14
BenCI followed the openstack starter guide and I'm trying to start an instance but the compute node shows this: 2012-05-22 14:46:34 TRACE nova.rpc.amqp ImageNotFound: Image cf4326b0-0af8-40b2-82d3-d940aefa1019 could not be found.15:15
sstentmadkiss: I jsut set 'flat_network_bridge=br100' and make sure br100 is created before the nova service start. Or if youn want nova to conf it for you, jsut set 'flat_interface' to the nic you want br100 on.15:15
*** vitiho_ has joined #openstack15:15
Madkisssstent: thanks15:15
MadkissBenC: known bug.15:15
sstentno worries :)15:15
*** littleidea has joined #openstack15:15
*** vitiho has quit IRC15:15
BenCMadkiss: fix?15:15
MadkissBenC: google for the error message, seecond or third hit, you need to replace swift.py on glance15:15
BenCMadkiss: thanks15:15
*** sdake has joined #openstack15:16
*** ianloic has joined #openstack15:19
*** drewlande has joined #openstack15:20
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack15:20
*** drewlande is now known as drewlander15:20
BenCMadkiss: the patch to swift.py fixed it, thanks15:21
jongleurwhen I try to add an image to glance, I always get an "Unexpected response: 500". any idea, why or how to solve that?15:21
*** adalbas has quit IRC15:23
*** B1ackavar has quit IRC15:26
*** garyk has quit IRC15:26
*** jongleur has quit IRC15:26
*** jcannava has joined #openstack15:27
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*** sdake has quit IRC15:29
*** Ravikumar_hp has joined #openstack15:30
*** mnaser has joined #openstack15:31
sstentjongleur: check your glance-api logs15:34
*** tserong has quit IRC15:36
*** Gordonz has quit IRC15:36
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:36
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*** s0mik has joined #openstack15:38
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*** s0mik has quit IRC15:39
sstentanyone seen this TypeError when trying to initialise the horizon db? http://pastebin.com/278xm35y15:40
*** reed has quit IRC15:41
*** jgriffith has joined #openstack15:41
sstentdont worry fixed it15:42
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer15:45
*** willaerk has quit IRC15:45
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*** sdake_ has quit IRC15:48
kbringardanyone here doing rabbit clustering?15:48
*** hub_cap has quit IRC15:50
*** rafaduran has joined #openstack15:50
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack15:50
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*** jgriffith has joined #openstack16:08
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slyonschmouel: That issue you helped me with on Friday persists. Even after changing Keystone to use SQL for storage, the EC2 credentials expire.16:09
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack16:09
*** krow has quit IRC16:10
*** brdwilde has joined #openstack16:10
*** warik has joined #openstack16:10
sstentkbringard: yup - ive got rabbit clustered16:11
kbringardsstent: couple of quick ?s about it16:12
sstentkbringard: sure why not16:12
kbringard1) would you consider the erlang cookie to be "sensitive"?16:12
sstentBTW, anyonwe seen this error from horizon ? http://pastebin.com/rxiqvHda16:12
*** melmoth has quit IRC16:12
*** jplewi has joined #openstack16:12
sstent1) yes16:12
*** vitiho has joined #openstack16:12
kbringardok, cool, then I'll put it in an encrypted data bag :-)16:13
kbringard2) the disk nodes are just the nodes in the cluster that are disk based, right?16:13
sstent2) yes. you need atleast 1 in disk mode16:13
*** ejat has joined #openstack16:13
*** tmichael has quit IRC16:14
kbringardis there any reason I shouldn't just make them all disk based?16:14
kbringardor I guess, put another way, what's the benefit of using RAM based16:14
sstentkbringard: normally it the 'need for speed' but its not really a problem in this case16:14
kbringardyea, OK, that's what I was thinking16:14
kbringardand sorry, I've not seen that horizon error :-/16:15
sstenthehehe no worries :)16:15
*** sdake has joined #openstack16:15
*** tmichael has joined #openstack16:15
*** shaon has joined #openstack16:16
*** tmichael has quit IRC16:16
*** aspiers has quit IRC16:17
*** supriya has joined #openstack16:17
*** tmichael_ has joined #openstack16:17
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:17
kbringardsstent: thanks for the info16:18
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack16:19
brdwildehaving some trouble with VM communication in multi host vlan tagged config, anyone care to help?16:19
kbringardnetwork issues can be difficult, but if you describe what you're seeing we can try :-)16:20
brdwilde2 nodes, booting and live migration working, but VM's cannot communicate if on different node16:20
brdwildeARP requests with correct vlan tag get sent out, but no response is received...16:21
kbringardhmm, do you have ip forwarding enabled on your network controller(s)?16:22
kbringardare you using multi_host?16:22
*** hub-cap has joined #openstack16:22
*** hub_cap has quit IRC16:22
*** hub-cap is now known as hub_cap16:22
brdwildeis indeed enabled in all nova.conf files16:22
*** Lumiere has joined #openstack16:23
brdwildesysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward => net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 so yes, enabled...16:25
*** Triade has quit IRC16:25
*** nphase has joined #openstack16:27
*** mhzarei has joined #openstack16:27
*** alop_ has joined #openstack16:28
kbringardon all the computes?16:29
*** aspiers has joined #openstack16:29
kbringardand you did sysctl -p to make sure it was loaded?16:29
*** alop has quit IRC16:29
*** alop_ is now known as alop16:29
*** issackelly has joined #openstack16:30
sstentbrdwilde: If you a tcpdump on the compute nodes, do you see the arp arriving at the remote compute node? eg 'tcpdump -i br100 | grep -i arp'16:31
brdwildeyes, on all the nodes, just checked again, computes and networks are on same node as described in HA option in manual16:31
*** gael has quit IRC16:31
kbringardand the VLAN interfaces are coming up?16:31
kbringardon all the computes?16:31
brdwildeindead, on all the computes16:32
kbringardare you sure the switch is trunking properly for all the correct VLANs?16:32
*** Lumiere has quit IRC16:32
kbringardbecause, 2 VMs on the same compute node will never go through the switch16:32
*** talset has quit IRC16:32
brdwilde@sstent , No, wirshark is not showing iany incomming ARP requests... switch problem?16:32
brdwildetrafic in between hosts on same node indeed is working perfectly... back to the netadmin I guess?16:33
*** ejat has quit IRC16:34
kbringardyea, I'd have them check the VLANs on the switch16:35
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack16:35
brdwildeI gessed this could not be the problem as live migration is working... this probably is not using the vlan tags I guess?16:36
*** achied has quit IRC16:36
*** ejat has joined #openstack16:36
*** wabat has joined #openstack16:37
*** zigo has joined #openstack16:37
*** vincentricci has joined #openstack16:38
kbringardyea, live migration will use the management network, and the VM image is stored on an NFS mount or whatever, so that's all different networks, most likely16:38
*** littleidea has quit IRC16:38
*** reed has joined #openstack16:39
*** Lumiere has joined #openstack16:39
warikguys, how can I be sure in a HA situation, my instances are using the right nova-network node ?16:39
kbringardit depends on what your HA situation is, but16:40
*** anderstj has joined #openstack16:40
kbringardyou can look at the default gateway on a VM (netstat -rn)16:40
kbringardand then see where the dnsmasq process that has that IP resides16:40
kbringardif it resides in more than one place, then obviously you have an issue :-D16:40
*** caaakeeey has joined #openstack16:43
*** alop_ has joined #openstack16:44
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:44
*** Lumiere has quit IRC16:44
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*** alop_ is now known as alop16:46
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack16:48
*** joearnold has quit IRC16:50
*** Deathvalley122 has quit IRC16:50
warikkbringard: thanks16:51
warikkbringard: i am using multi_host16:51
*** Deathvalley122 has joined #openstack16:51
*** egant has quit IRC16:52
*** egant has joined #openstack16:52
kbringardwarik: in general, unless you're in a failure scenario or have migrated the VM elsewhere, it should always be the network process running on the compute node the VM resides on16:52
kbringardand, unless you've live-migrated the VM elsewhere, a failure scenario should mean that the VMs using the NC are down anyway16:53
vibhavGood Night!16:53
*** Glacee has quit IRC16:54
*** maploin has quit IRC16:54
kbringardvibhav: 'night16:57
*** egant has quit IRC16:58
*** egant has joined #openstack16:58
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*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack17:04
*** Deathvalley122 has joined #openstack17:04
sstenthmmm, anyone else had issues with horizon conencting to glance?17:05
warikkbringard: do you know why I cannot ssh to my instance after turn on the multi_host feature ?17:06
kbringardI'm not sure you can just switch to multi_host in a running environment :-/17:07
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC17:08
*** monster_ has joined #openstack17:08
*** Ravikumar_hp has quit IRC17:09
*** Ravikumar_hp has joined #openstack17:09
*** alop has joined #openstack17:09
warikkbringard: ah ok!17:10
*** mnewby has joined #openstack17:10
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*** MyAzhax_ has joined #openstack17:13
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*** arosen has joined #openstack17:16
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*** salgado has joined #openstack17:20
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*** edygarcia_ is now known as edygarcia17:23
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*** sdake has joined #openstack17:23
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*** alrs has joined #openstack17:23
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*** alop has joined #openstack17:24
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*** kiall has quit IRC17:28
*** littleidea has joined #openstack17:29
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:29
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*** jedi4ever_ is now known as jedi4ever17:29
*** zinjacoder_ has joined #openstack17:31
*** B1ackavar has joined #openstack17:35
*** gyee has joined #openstack17:35
*** davidha has joined #openstack17:37
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*** Stackops-Jorge has joined #openstack17:47
*** CristianDM has joined #openstack17:49
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*** heckj has joined #openstack17:52
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack17:52
*** glove has joined #openstack17:53
*** KavanS has joined #openstack17:54
kasimir_is nova-api and nova-schedule multi-threaded?17:57
*** glove has quit IRC17:57
kasimir_or is there some way of running 16 or 32 of them per machine if not?17:57
*** aspiers has joined #openstack17:59
*** primeministerp has quit IRC17:59
WormManwithout some serious scheduler changes I don't think I'd want it multi-threaded(heck, running 2 of them on 2 hosts already can get into problems)17:59
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack17:59
zynzelWormMan: you test running 2 schedulers on diff host?17:59
WormManyou can run into issues where multiple schedulers decide the same host is 'best' and then schedule to it and then overrun the host. I've added some randomness to mine but it can still happen.18:00
WormManyes,we run 2, one on each of our HA control nodes(we actually leave all services running and just fail over the VIP)18:01
kasimir_WormMan: we have a custom scheduler, which should be able to handle that18:01
kasimir_what about the API?  The trouble is a singly-threaded system just can't keep up18:01
zynzelWormMan: i want to setup very similiar setup for available zone18:02
zynzeli must test scheduler ;)18:02
WormManthe API can be run as many copies as you want :)18:02
*** Glacee has joined #openstack18:02
kasimir_can I ran many on the same machine?  just give a different bind-host?18:02
WormMannever tried, should work18:02
*** sarob has quit IRC18:02
*** shaon has quit IRC18:03
kasimir_okay, I'll give it a shot18:03
WormManwe just run one per compute node and point the Metadata service to the local host. But we're still on diablo18:03
*** hub_cap has quit IRC18:03
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack18:03
*** lcheng has joined #openstack18:05
kasimir_do you know how to get nova API to bind to a particular IP address?18:05
*** dwcramer has quit IRC18:06
kasimir_--metadata_listen :)18:06
kasimir_or sorry18:06
*** shaon has joined #openstack18:07
*** dachary has quit IRC18:07
warikkbringard: any ideas why some of my floating ip are not reable by ssh even after restarting an instance from scratch?18:11
*** brdwilde has left #openstack18:11
kbringarddid they come up on the network controller?18:11
wariki can see it both on the instances and the mysql nova db18:12
*** laurensell has quit IRC18:13
*** annegentle has quit IRC18:13
*** clayg_ has quit IRC18:13
*** asavu has joined #openstack18:13
*** krow has joined #openstack18:15
*** annegentle has joined #openstack18:16
*** johnpostlethwait has joined #openstack18:16
*** nmistry has joined #openstack18:16
Madkiss  2012-05-22 20:15:11 CRITICAL nova [-] Timeout while waiting on RPC response.18:16
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:17
*** clayg_ has joined #openstack18:17
*** zinjacoder_ has quit IRC18:19
*** zinjacoder has joined #openstack18:20
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack18:21
*** laurensell has joined #openstack18:21
Madkisssstent: are you still there?18:25
Madkissi hate this.18:27
Madkissi can't get nova to not touch my br100 interface.18:27
*** alex88 has quit IRC18:27
Madkissit apparently takes it down and then takes it upa gain18:27
Madkissof course while losing its whole previous configuration18:27
*** davidha has quit IRC18:29
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:30
WormManMadkiss: not sure on current versions, but the trick I found with diablo is to make the bridge exactly match what nova is expecting so it thinks it's already all done18:30
*** rustam has joined #openstack18:30
*** clopez has quit IRC18:30
WormMan(the IP already assigned, bridged to the same physical interface, etc)18:30
*** nmistry has quit IRC18:30
WormManand then I can get away with all my other custom routes, iptables/ebtables rules and nova doesn't mess with it18:31
*** alrs has quit IRC18:31
*** davidha has joined #openstack18:31
*** bbcmicrocomputer has quit IRC18:32
*** issackelly has joined #openstack18:35
*** llang629 has joined #openstack18:36
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC18:37
*** lloydde has joined #openstack18:38
MadkissWormMan: uhm. no. it's still shreddering the interface.18:38
WormManwell, it worked for me(tm) :)18:39
Madkissit's actually doing a complete shutdown of the whole freaking interface.18:39
WormManI usually look to the code to see what it's actually trying to do18:39
Madkissand funny enough, it even starts to fiddle with pacemaker.18:39
Madkisssudo nova-rootwrap ip addr del brd scope global secondary dev br10018:39
Madkissis what it tries.18:40
Madkissamongst others.18:40
*** Stackops-Jorge has quit IRC18:40
*** subsidian has quit IRC18:43
*** lts has quit IRC18:44
*** asavu has quit IRC18:46
*** judd7 has left #openstack18:49
*** sobsidian has joined #openstack18:49
*** normanm has quit IRC18:49
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*** mrmartin has joined #openstack18:51
*** arBmind has quit IRC18:52
*** epim has quit IRC18:52
*** Glacee has quit IRC18:53
gnu111I am getting this error while running keystone user-list. Unable to communicate with identity service: 404 Not Found I am using LDAP, keystone tenant-list shows empty tenants, maybe that's the issue.18:56
dolphmgnu111: use port 35357 (admin api) -- the public api doesn't provide user lists18:56
gnu111dolphm: I have this in the keystone.conf admin_port = 3535718:57
dolphmgnu111: and actually, i'm not sure ldap supports user lists at all (it definitely didn't as of a few months ago, although i feel like it was added)18:57
gnu111dolphm: ok. shouldn't i see the tenants at least?18:58
dolphmgnu111: change the auth_url/endpoint you're using on keystone client18:58
dolphmgnu111: if you have access to any tenants, yes18:58
dolphmgnu111: an empty tenant list is normal if you don't have either a default tenant or any role grants18:58
gnu111dolphm: I have this tenant_tree_dn=ou=Groups,dc=myproject,dc=org so I was expecting to see the groups as tenants.18:59
dolphmayoung: ^^19:00
dolphmany help?19:00
ayounggnu111, yes,  with your setup tenants should be groups,  but remember they are groupOfNames,  and not posix groups or anything like that19:01
ayoungDEFAULT_OBJECTCLASS = 'groupOfNames'19:02
gnu111ayoung: thanks. I have objectClass: posixGroup for my groups. do I need to add another objectCLass attribute or create a separate entry?19:03
*** fikus-kukis^TP has joined #openstack19:04
ayoungyou can overide the objectclass using the config file19:04
ayoungthe general pattern is %s_objectclass  where %s is the entity name,  so in this case tenant_objectclass = posixGroup19:04
gnu111ok. yes, I did that.19:04
*** arBmind has joined #openstack19:05
ayounggnu111, if you add a tenant,  do you see it in ldap?19:05
gnu111ayoung: ah, ok. I didn't understand that part. I though my existing LDAP groups will become the tenants. I already 60+ Groups.19:06
ayounggnu111, yes,  they should become tenants19:06
*** edygarcia has quit IRC19:06
*** datajerk has quit IRC19:06
gnu111keystone tenant-list is returning no tenants.19:07
*** aabes_ has joined #openstack19:07
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack19:07
*** ttrifonov is now known as ttrifonov_zZzz19:07
ayounggnu111, does the LDAP query show up in your log?19:08
*** zz_judd7 has joined #openstack19:08
ayoungis this devstack?19:08
*** aabes_ has quit IRC19:08
*** zz_judd7 has quit IRC19:08
gnu111ayoung: yes, LDAP query is in the log. I am using essex.19:08
*** aabes_ has joined #openstack19:08
ayounggnu111, does that LDAP query when run from ldapsearch return any values?  WHat is the query?19:09
*** judd7_ has joined #openstack19:09
gnu1115 DEBUG LDAP search: dn=cn=None,ou=Groups,dc=myproject,dc=org, scope=0, query=(objectClass=posixGroup)19:09
*** lts has joined #openstack19:10
gnu111DEBUG LDAP search: dn=ou=Groups,dc=myproject,dc=org, scope=1, query=(&(memberUid=uid=admin,ou=People,dc=myproject,dc=org)(objectClass=posixGroup))19:10
ayoung dn=cn=None?19:10
*** dachary has joined #openstack19:11
*** datajerk has joined #openstack19:11
ayoungI assume that is a group you have?19:11
MadkissWormMan: uhm. looks like you were right19:11
gnu111yes. I see that. but I also see this:19:11
gnu111DEBUG LDAP search: dn=ou=Groups,dc=project,dc=org, scope=1, query=(&(memberUid=uid=admin,ou=People,dc=myproject,dc=org)(objectClass=posixGroup))19:11
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:11
gnu111ayoung: I don't have any group with the name 'None'.19:12
*** mattray has joined #openstack19:12
ayounggnu111, that looks like a Python Null pointer type thing19:12
ayounggnu111, those queries look weird19:13
ayoungmemberUid=uid   should not be in the same thing as objectClass=posixGroup19:13
ayounglooks like users and groups are mixed together19:14
zykes-should one use force_dhcp_release with quantum ?19:14
*** heckj has quit IRC19:14
*** judd7_ has quit IRC19:15
*** aabes_ has quit IRC19:15
*** aabes_ has joined #openstack19:16
gnu111ayoung: in keystone.conf I have "tenant_id_attribute=cn" and "tenant_member_attribute=memberUid"19:16
*** judd7_ has joined #openstack19:16
*** aspiers has quit IRC19:17
*** alekibango has joined #openstack19:17
ayounggnu111, that was from a tenant list command?19:18
CristianDMIs it possible change tenant name?19:18
*** llang629 has quit IRC19:19
*** hggdh has quit IRC19:19
*** sarob has joined #openstack19:19
*** sarob has quit IRC19:20
gnu111ayoung: http://paste.openstack.org/show/lp7sSPQMpbK4Sg4GbS1u/19:20
*** hggdh has joined #openstack19:21
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack19:22
ayounggnu111, I don't currently have an LDAP setup to confirm,  but it looks like the 404 is not  LDAP specific.19:22
ayoungI think the user list is being returned from the Keystone server at the WSGI level19:23
ayoungcan you give me just what is output from the tenant-list call?19:23
*** zigo has quit IRC19:23
ayoungOh I see it in there19:23
ayoungOK so the dn=ou=Groups,dc=futuregrid,dc=org, scope=1, query=(&(memberUid=uid=admin,ou=People,dc=futuregrid,dc=org)(objectClass=posixGroup))  is from the POST to TOKENS19:24
ayoungthat is the authenticate call19:25
*** zigo has joined #openstack19:25
gnu111ayoung: ok. I think the bind is working. btw, here's part of my keystone.conf http://paste.openstack.org/show/K4k04c7QALvWY2g5S3Qp/19:25
ayounggnu111, do you have write access on the LDAP server?  The group/roles relationship is a little wonky in Keystone LDAP.    Membership is a prereq to giving a user a role19:27
gnu111ayoung: yes, I have admin access to the server.19:27
ayoungfor a user to be a memeber, they need to be in the memberUid  attribute, a list of users19:27
*** edygarcia has quit IRC19:28
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack19:28
gnu111ayoung: yes, I have users in my Groups as memberUid.19:28
ayoungthen, for them to have roles, the roles are the collection of names,  subtree under the Group19:28
ayounggnu111, can those users authenticate?  THat is the first test19:28
*** hunglin has quit IRC19:28
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:28
gnu111ayoung: using keystone? i have other services using LDAP fine.19:29
*** aspiers has joined #openstack19:29
ayoungyes, can they authenticate using keystone?19:29
gnu111ayoung: I haven't tested that. keystone --os_username LDAPUSER --os-password LDAPPASS.. is that how I test this?19:30
*** adjohn has quit IRC19:30
ayounggnu111, yes, or set the ENV vars which is what I do19:30
gnu111ayoung: ok. let me give it a try.19:31
gnu111ayoung: which command should I try. I tried catalog and got Invalid user / password (HTTP 401)19:33
ayounggnu111, hrms...well, I start off with curl19:33
ayoungand make sure the post to tokens goes through and I get a token19:33
*** hunglin has joined #openstack19:34
ayoungthen I try something like glance index in my devstack setup19:34
*** monster__ has joined #openstack19:34
*** markmcclain has quit IRC19:34
*** msavy has quit IRC19:34
*** msavy has joined #openstack19:35
*** dwcramer has quit IRC19:36
*** monster_ has quit IRC19:36
*** monster__ is now known as monster_19:36
*** legkodymov has joined #openstack19:36
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack19:40
*** slyons has left #openstack19:40
ayounggnu111, that should have been nova index or glance image-list19:42
*** rkukura has quit IRC19:42
gnu111ayoung: here's the curl output with the ldap username and password: http://paste.openstack.org/show/BS5KplkK5IsWMwZz4vWI/19:43
gnu111Response from Keystone does not contain a Glance endpoint. I haven't setup the services with keystone yet. I was just trying to see if I can get the tenant list from LDAP.19:44
*** mhzarei has quit IRC19:45
warikkbringard: sorry to bother you today.. what could not the dhcp request not go through in case of multi_host ?19:45
ayounggnu111, I use devstack to set that all up19:46
ayoungthe output looks good19:46
ayoungso the question is what roles should that token have in it19:46
*** hwestman has left #openstack19:47
LarsErikPso... bachelor thesis delivered. We owe many of you a great thanks!19:48
*** legkodymov has quit IRC19:48
gnu111ayoung: I created ou=Roles with objectClass: organizationalUnit19:48
ayounggnu111, that is not used19:48
ayoungthe Roles collection should probably be removed19:49
ayoungthe only thing that matterers is the collection under the Group19:49
ayounglet me find your old paste...1 sec19:49
kbringardwarik: well, it's just a broadcast… and given that the dhcp server should be on the compute node, it would imply that the VM isn't getting attached to the bridge properly19:49
gnu111ayoung: role_tree_dn and role_id_attribute in keystone should be removed as well?19:49
ayounggnu111, yes19:50
ayoungnot role_id_attribute19:50
ayoungonle role_tree_dn  I think...been a while19:50
ayoung1 sec19:50
warikkbringard: do you know a work around this problem?19:50
gnu111I have role_tree_dn, role_objectclass=organizationalRole, role_id_attribute=cn and role_member_attribute=roleOccupant.19:51
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack19:51
*** heckj has joined #openstack19:52
warikkbringard: I am wondering if there is a flag in nova.conf that need to be changed to resolved that problem on the compute node19:52
*** dachary has quit IRC19:52
ayounggnu111, so the extra values do no harm....let me rebuild the mental model of how role-assignments work, it has been a few19:52
gnu111ayoung: thanks!19:52
ayoungthe call that starts it off is (I think) add_role_to_user_and_tenant19:52
ayoungnot sure what that maps to at the URL level,we'll come back to that19:53
*** mnewby has quit IRC19:53
*** Trixboxer has quit IRC19:53
ayoungthat calls    def add_role_to_user_and_tenant(self, user_id, tenant_id, role_id):19:53
ayoung        self.role.add_user(role_id, user_id, tenant_id)19:53
ayoungin the LDAP Identity driver19:53
*** mnewby has joined #openstack19:54
gnu111ok. I am looking at the code here: https://github.com/openstack/keystone/blob/master/keystone/identity/backends/ldap/core.py19:54
*** ondergetekende has joined #openstack19:54
*** bodepd has quit IRC19:54
ayoungfirst step after the validation checks is self.identity_api.add_user_to_tenant(context, tenant_id, user_id)19:54
*** bodepd has joined #openstack19:54
*** c28 has joined #openstack19:55
kbringardwarik: there's any number of things that could cause it… I don't use multi_host so I'm not really sure19:56
*** johnpur has joined #openstack19:56
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur19:56
kbringardwhat network mode are you using?19:56
warikkbringard: I am using multi_host19:56
*** c28 is now known as sla19:57
kbringardah, I use VLAN and not multi_host19:57
kbringardso I may not be the best person to ask :-D19:57
slahaving some issues with functional tests19:57
warikah sure!19:57
ayounggnu111, so look at RoleApi  in core.py line 56119:57
kbringardwarik: sorry, to19:57
warikkbringard: no worries!19:57
gnu111ayoung: ok19:57
*** Ravikumar_hp has quit IRC19:57
ayoung return 'cn=%s,%s' % (ldap.dn.escape_dn_chars(role_id),19:58
ayoung                                 self.tenant_api._id_to_dn(tenant_id))19:58
ayoungthat builds the role DN19:58
ayoungso I think the None you were seeing comes from in here...19:58
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC19:58
*** ChrisAM has quit IRC19:59
gnu111i see. ok.19:59
ayoung dn=cn=None,ou=Groups,dc=myproject,dc=org, scope=0, query=(objectClass=posixGroup)19:59
ayoungI am guessing, but it seems like it19:59
ayoungBTW,  I run Keystone under Eclipse using the integrated debugger,  great for setting breakpoints in this stuff...20:00
*** dachary has joined #openstack20:01
*** Ravikumar_hp has joined #openstack20:01
gnu111Do i need configure my slapd.conf to add read permission "by dn.exact="uid=user" ?20:02
gnu111by * read20:03
ayounggnu111, I don't think so, not usually.  Read permissions are the default.  Usually you have to explicitly deny them20:03
ayoungIf you can do it from ldapsearch,  you can do it from Keystone20:03
*** zigo has quit IRC20:03
*** zigo has joined #openstack20:04
ayoungprovided you bind the same way20:04
gnu111that's right. yes, I can do it from ldapsearch.20:04
*** Stackops-Jorge has joined #openstack20:04
ayounggnu111, I am in no way, shape, or form, an LDAP expert.  I just know where one lives.20:04
gnu111ayoung: I was also wandering about  DEFAULT_OU = 'ou=Groups. I can't see in the code where it gets used. ?20:05
*** zeus has joined #openstack20:05
ayoungfor Roles or Tenants?20:05
*** davidha has quit IRC20:05
gnu111I am looking at class TenantApi?20:06
*** Stackops-Jorge has quit IRC20:08
ayounggnu111, OK,  so most of those values get passed to the base class which is in common20:08
*** zigo-_- has joined #openstack20:09
*** davidha has joined #openstack20:09
ayoungself.tree_dn = (getattr(conf.ldap, dn)20:09
ayoung                            or '%s,%s' % (self.suffix, self.DEFAULT_OU))20:09
ayoungso the tree_dn field is set to be the DEFAULT_OU unless overridden by the config file20:09
*** zigo has quit IRC20:09
*** LanceHaig has left #openstack20:10
ayoungthat will be used in base class operations  most important is  _id_to_dn(self, id):20:11
ayoungline 11320:11
ayounggnu111, that make more sense?20:12
gnu111ayoung: yes. thanks. I didn't see other folder.20:12
*** davidha has quit IRC20:12
*** dolphm has quit IRC20:13
*** davidha has joined #openstack20:15
*** sla has quit IRC20:15
*** asavu has joined #openstack20:16
sstentanyone have horizon running? jsut want to know if there should be any files in /var/www/html/auth/login/20:18
PerlStalkersstent: I don't have /var/www/html/auth/login.20:19
sstentperlstalker: ok thanks20:20
*** ChrisAM1 has joined #openstack20:21
*** normanm has joined #openstack20:21
*** zigo-_- has quit IRC20:22
*** alrs has joined #openstack20:22
*** clopez has joined #openstack20:23
*** stearns has joined #openstack20:24
gnu111ayoung: I see this in the DEBUG log "query=(&(memberUid=uid=admin,ou=People,dc=myproject,dc=org)(objectClass=posixGroup))" This string "memberUid=uid=admin" does not look right.20:25
ayounggnu111, yes,20:28
ayoungit should be memberUid=admin,  and picked up the uid=admin from the DN insteac20:29
*** wiliam has quit IRC20:29
*** ChrisAM1 is now known as ChrisAM20:29
*** dwcramer has quit IRC20:31
gnu111ayoung: Ok. I think the way I created the admin user might be the issue here. I have a cn=admin,ou=Groups and also uid=admin,uid=admin,ou=People.20:31
ayoungheh  that might do it20:32
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack20:33
gnu111I should delete the entry with "dn: uid=admin,ou=People" and bind with another user. OS_TENANT_NAME could be any user right?20:33
*** pmezard has quit IRC20:38
*** pmezard has joined #openstack20:38
*** mrmartin has quit IRC20:38
gnu111what should be the admin_token in keystone.conf when I have LDAP?20:40
*** epim has joined #openstack20:41
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:42
*** localhost has quit IRC20:43
Madkisslooks like the dnsmasq-answers don't make it through to my VMs.20:43
Madkisssomething is not correct here for sure.20:44
*** aspiers has quit IRC20:47
Madkiss/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf is empty a20:47
Madkissalthough there is a VM running20:47
Madkissis that normal?20:47
sstentanyone know why i might be seeing this error in horizon after login? http://pastebin.com/QV7J6FPq20:48
sstentMadKiss: i think so20:49
Madkissthen the real interesting question is: how do I make dnsmasq hand out IPs to VMs? ;)20:49
*** kb_oe has joined #openstack20:49
*** rkukura has joined #openstack20:50
*** marktvoelker has joined #openstack20:50
*** markvoelker has left #openstack20:51
*** avtar has joined #openstack20:51
sstentmadkiss: 1) is dnsmasq running with the right IP 'ps auxww|grep dnsmasq' 2) is the ip for dnsmasq listening on br100 3) check the nova-network logs20:52
*** hggdh has quit IRC20:52
*** nmistry has joined #openstack20:55
Madkissis what it's using according to the command line.20:57
Madkissand according to netstat -nlup, it's listening, too:20:57
Madkissudp        0      0*                           17975/dnsmasq20:57
Madkissudp        0      0    *                           17975/dnsmas20:57
*** aspiers has joined #openstack20:59
*** dolphm has joined #openstack21:00
Madkisshey dolphm ;)21:01
*** stearns has quit IRC21:04
*** lts has quit IRC21:04
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MadkissI think I ran into https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/97327121:08
Madkisschanging the network's id to 1 fixes the problem for me.21:10
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Sloweranyone here understand keystone and novaclient fairly well?23:01
SlowerI'm getting a token from keystone using wsgi middleware23:02
Slowerand then trying to connect to nova via novaclient with it23:02
Slowerbut it appears that is not supported or not possible?23:02
SlowerI probably don't fully understand what's going on there :)23:02
*** mattray has quit IRC23:04
andrewbogott_Slower:  I'm pretty sure that novaclient will take care of all the keystone stuff as needed.  Is there a reason why you need to reuse the token?23:05
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andrewbogott_Um... I shouldn't overstate my expertise.  Just:  I've used novaclient in a keystone-using setup without ever having to be aware that I was talking to keystone.23:05
*** gongys has joined #openstack23:06
CristianDMI have error with glance23:06
CristianDMError uploading image: (NameError): global name 'rados' is not defined23:06
Slowerandrewbogott_: I'm working on 'heat api' http://wiki.openstack.org/Heat23:07
Slowerandrewbogott_: so we are putting another layer between the API and openstack..23:07
Slowerandrewbogott_: and want to support both ec2 style access keys and keystone user/pass23:07
*** anderstj_ has joined #openstack23:07
*** joearnol_ has joined #openstack23:07
andrewbogott_Slower:  OK, I don't know anything of use, then, sorry23:08
Slowerandrewbogott_: it looked like I could get a token in the API and pass that to the engine and then it could call into nova with it..23:08
Slowerandrewbogott_: hehe ok :)23:08
Slowerandrewbogott_: ya I think I'm outside the scope of novaclient :)23:08
andrewbogott_I agree that it looks like you can do that, and I have also tried and failed.23:08
Slowerah well that's useful info23:09
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Sloweroh maybe I need to pass in the admin user/password..23:10
Slowerinto nova as user/pass23:10
Slowerand the proxy token is the user authentication..23:10
Slowerthat's what it is I bet23:10
SlowerI should verify that with someone tho23:11
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andrewbogott_Except if you have the admin user/password then you don't need a token anyway, do you?23:15
andrewbogott_That was what I was trying to say, before.23:15
*** joearnold has joined #openstack23:16
Slowerandrewbogott_: well from the code it looks like it uses it to look up the token roles23:17
Slowerand valid endpoints23:17
Slowerbut I could be wrong23:17
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CristianDMNameError: global name 'rados' is not defined23:33
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