Saturday, 2012-05-26

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ffunaDoes anyone know where I may get the version of gerrit used on
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ffunaI want the auto SSO patch used00:09
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clarkbffuna: one sec00:14
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clarkbthere are WARs somewhere too let me see if I can find those00:15
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ffunathe source is exactly what I need00:16
ffunaI'm patching gerrit with something else as well, so I need to compile it myself00:17
clarkbah ok.00:17
ffunathank you00:17
clarkbno problem00:17
clarkbffuna: there are some useful bits in too00:20
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clarkbsome of those scripts synchronize gerrit users from launchpad00:20
ffunaoooooh, they will be useful00:20
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ffunathat whole repo is useful00:23
ffunaI could use some of those jenkins scripts as well00:23
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clarkboh and has documentation which is now included in the openstack-ci-puppet repo as well00:24
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ffunagod damn gold mine00:25
clarkbthe jobs filler script just went into production today and appears to be workign well00:25
clarkb(to fill out jenkins jobs via yaml specs)00:26
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ffunaI'm currently setting up gerrit and jenkins. Then, puppet or chef.00:30
clarkbin theory the puppet modules in that repo should set things up for you :)00:31
ffunayes, but I have to review the code and modify to fit our needs.00:32
ffunaAnd, we need gerrit like two weeks ago00:32
ffunaI'll probably hold of on jenkins until I have torn through the repo00:33
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ffunaDo you know why puppet was chosen?00:33
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clarkbI do not00:34
clarkbmtaylor: jeblair LinuxJedi ^00:34
ffunaok, i'll hunt them down00:34
ffunathe documentation is well organized and concise00:36
ffunaif you have any more pieces of wonderful information, please share00:36
clarkbI think thats it. There are a couple more patches in the pipeline for gerrit that will hopefully land soon00:37
clarkb,n,z you may find them useful00:37
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ffunaI was about to go look for that00:40
clarkbthe puppet repo is reviewed there as well00:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1004774 in ubuntu "nova-compute won't start up after host reboot" [Undecided,New]
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ffunahow is using the same change-id for multiple changes?00:59
clarkba single change can have multiple patchsets.01:00
clarkbthat is odd01:01
ffunaI know there is a patch01:01
ffunaI am about to install that patch, but I don't see it openstack's commit history01:02
clarkbI am going to guess mtaylor did the first one then five days later jeblair amended the same commit01:02
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clarkbffuna: it wasnt merged into master01:04
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ffunahmm, i'm still confused.01:11
clarkbthe first patch on April 5th was made against version 2.3.0rc001:12
clarkbthe second one is the same patch but made against version 2.3.0 I think01:12
ffunaoh, i see01:12
ffunaif the review is closed01:12
ffuna, gerrit opens a new change01:13
ffunaI was overthinking thinking01:13
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WilliamHerryI launched several instance with dashboard, but can't see them with nova list01:30
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mtaylorffuna: we're planning on re-structuring the puppet modules so that it will be easier for you to directly consume02:03
mtaylorffuna: but yeah - grab the repo, make a new site.pp file and everything you need _should_ be parameterizable02:03
mtaylorif it's not, please file a bug or send in a patch - we very much want the stuff to be reusable enough that you can just do all of your work directly in our repo02:04
* WormMan is several hundred lines of parameters into his puppet code for essex :)02:04
mtaylorWormMan: well, in this case it's easier - we're just talking about our puppet for openstack's jenkins and gerrit installations02:04
WormManmtaylor: ahh, that should be much easier :)02:04
ffunamtaylor: I'll give it a try02:06
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ffunaopenstack-ci-puppet has so many feature02:07
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ffunaI see openstack-cookbooks. Why did you choose puppet for the CI?02:09
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ffunamtaylor: are we suppose to use github or I'm assuming its
ffunamtaylor: * for submitting patches02:18
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clarkbffuna: you actually use review.openstack.org02:21
clarkb describes the process02:21
ffunaok, so, you can't disable "pull requests" on github.02:21
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ffunaI get it02:22
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CristianDMHow report and openstack bug?02:28
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notmynameCristianDM: for what part of openstack?02:29
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CristianDMWhen attach a volume, if don´t restart the instance, the setup is lost when restart the node02:38
CristianDMAnd don´t attach again the volume02:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1004791 in nova "When attach volume lost attach when node restart" [Undecided,New]
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vitihohi, is there something I need to do, to allow VMs without floating IP out? (obviously floating IP is external, and VMs without it, would bet just masqueraded to main ip)03:41
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mtaylorffuna: when we chose puppet for the CI, it was actually just me working on it. I poked at both chef and puppet ...03:48
mtaylorffuna: and I liked the model of describing a state rather than describing the steps one takes to produce a state03:48
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ffunaI see03:48
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mtaylorffuna: if I were to start over from scratch right now, I'd probably use salt rather than puppet or chef, since I know WAY more about python than I do about ruby03:49
mtaylorffuna: but, as you can see, we have quite a bit of work in that puppet repo already :)03:49
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ffunamtaylor: I understand03:50
ffunamtaylor: I prefer describing the state as well. Are there any other reasons?03:51
mtaylorffuna: anyhow - happy to have you playing along ... the CI team hangs out in #openstack-infra if you want to chat about jenkins/gerrit/openstack-ci-puppet type things03:51
mtaylorffuna: not really03:52
mtaylorffuna: puppet and chef are pretty equivilent ... both are really great at solving 80% of the problems03:52
mtaylorand both REALLY suck at getting all the way there03:52
mtaylor(each in different ways, of course)03:52
mtaylorbut I think that for what they are they're both fine choices03:53
ffunawell, since you all are planning on maintaining the CI stack, I feel it's a project I want to support. So, if my testing with the stack is positive, my decision is basically made.03:54
ffunathanks for your feedback03:55
mtaylorsure thing!03:55
mtaylorand with that ... I'm off to bed03:56
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CristianDMIs it possible change the security group or flavor of an instance?05:26
mnaserCristianDM: i believe so05:27
mnaserCristianDM: security group can be changed and flavor = resize05:27
CristianDMAny idea how?05:29
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mnaserCristianDM: sorry i only deal wtih the api05:32
CristianDMMaybe in folsom add this via dashboard05:34
CristianDMI edit this in the DB :D05:36
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koolhead17hi livemoon08:27
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livemoonhi, koolhead1708:29
barcodehi everyone :D08:30
koolhead17hello barcode08:30
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livemoonwhat about my xml file08:30
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barcodeAnyone know about windows cloud virtual licensed  ?08:41
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micadeyeyecould anyone please help with this -
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vrturboIf I deploy nova-volume on a different node to nova-compute what interface should the iscsi connection be coming from , public or flat (aka bridge) ?09:43
trapnithe non-public one, vrturbo09:44
vrturbook thanks trapni, would you be able to take a look at my issue ?09:47
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vrturboI can see the connection coming from but I can't see that ip on the node anymore after creating the nova network09:50
vrturbolooks like a happy iscsi session but never attaches to the vm09:50
albert23vrturbo: is the kernel module acpiphp loaded in the vm?09:54
vrturboI have no idea, I didn't know there was any config requirements on the cloud image09:55
vrturboalbert23, you do meant the instance kernel not the nova-compute ?09:56
vrturbook I'm looking at top google search
vrturboso I'm guessing the is a common openstack + kvm + attaching volumes issue ?09:59
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albert23you need acpiphp if you want to hotplug a pci device10:01
albert23that's for openstack/kvm but also in general10:01
vrturbook thanks very much I'll give it a try now and get back to you if still online10:02
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micadeyeyeam trying to install openstack on F1710:03
micadeyeyebut am getting errors-
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micadeyeyeI successfully installed it on F16, but I recently upgraded to F1710:06
zynzelmaybe try to delete db? (after backup)10:07
micadeyeyezynzel, i have deleted it a couple of times; but i won't help.10:08
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trapnivrturbo: sorry, I'm a newbie with issues myself10:10
zynzelmicadeyeye: check 'openstack-db', use credentials from this script and check if db exist10:10
zynzelbtw fedora sux. ;)10:11
trapnizynzel: you could say that to every distro a bit :P10:11
zynzeltrapni: not really, ubuntu, centos(+/-) they work ;)10:12
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zynzelbut this is not #distro-flame, so suppose that fedora is great!10:14
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micadeyeyezynzel, please tell where I can get the script10:22
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micadeyeyeI just searched my PC but won't find it.10:22
zynzelsudo openstack-db10:23
zynzelso check on server?10:23
zynzelthis is normal command, probably script in bash/python/smth10:23
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micadeyeyezynzel, i will be replacing the command 'openstack-db --service nova' withe 'openstack-nova-dbstep'10:32
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micadeyeye[micadeyeye@micadeyeye]sudo systemctl start qpidd.service10:37
micadeyeyeJob failed. See system journal and 'systemctl status' for details.10:37
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1004860 in nova "EC2 API AssociateAddress not compliant on addresses already in use" [Undecided,New]
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adrianmoyahi everyone. I'm getting an Exception during message handling when lauching an instance. The root cause is libvirtError: Unable to read from monitor: Connection reset by peer. Any idea of what I could check? ubuntu12.04/essex14:35
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Adri2000adrianmoya: have you set vnc related flags in nova.conf?14:48
adrianmoyayes, the following flags14:52
adrianmoya# VNC --novncproxy_base_url= --vncserver_proxyclient_address= --vncserver_listen=
adrianmoya3.100 is my cloud controller14:52
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adrianmoyaAdri2000: any idea?15:06
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Adri2000adrianmoya: try setting --vncserver_* to the ip of the machine running nova-compute instead of the cloud controller15:47
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adrianmoyaAdri2000: typing the url in the browser, I get VNC response con the controller, not the compute node. Anyway, as this conf is shared between all nodes, I think it should be pointing to the controller. but I'll test just to make sure15:51
Adri2000I already encountered that libvirt error, and believe I fixed it by tweaking these flags. at least I just checked on my currently running cloud and the compute nodes have --vncserver_* pointing to themselves and --novncproxy_base_url pointing to the cloud controller15:54
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uvirtbotNew bug: #995595 in openstack-ci "upgrade gerrit to 2.4" [High,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1004966 in quantum "binaries should report versions" [Undecided,New]
uvirtbotNew bug: #1004967 in tempest "Add instance level validation for disk config tests" [Medium,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1004971 in tempest "Add instance level validation tests for Server Actions tests" [High,New]
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kavithello all, I have some major issues with nova-volume and dashboard/nova python client. My nova-volume endpoint points to my nova-api server(cloud controller) and nova-volume is running on the first compute node. Everytime I try nova volume-list or click on the instances & volumes on the dashboard, I get a Malformed URL (HTTP 400) error.20:59
kavit any ideas?21:00
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adrianmoyaCan anybody tell me what is ephemeral disk space in the flavor lists?22:15
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