Tuesday, 2012-05-29

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koolhead17hi all00:24
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_val_Hey everone. I've followed the openstackbook csscorp to setup openstack with some basic services. Now I've come up to the dashboard. Dashboard / Horizon has been installed successfully but when I try to log in as admin, I'm getting these errors. http://pastie.org/398711207:10
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_val_pff. lot of joins/parts.07:17
_val_Hey everone. I've followed the openstackbook csscorp to setup openstack with some basic services. Now I've come up to the dashboard. Dashboard / Horizon has been installed successfully but when I try to log in as admin, I'm getting these errors. http://pastie.org/398711207:17
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Raziquehello guys07:31
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jongleurHi. I have a big problem with glance. I installed following the walkthrough from the openstack docs. Keystone seems to work as expected (using a mysql database), at least I can query the lists (user-list, tenant-list ...) and so on), but glance throws "unexpected response"s (500) again and again07:34
jongleurthat happens on glance index as well as on glance add (with an image of course)07:35
jongleurany idea how to track down that error?07:35
melmothjongleur, usually i give a look at /var/log/glance/api.log as well as the kesytone logs07:36
melmothbut most of the time, i do not understand what i read there :)07:36
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jongleurthat log doesn't show anything for today07:37
jongleursome messages from last week, that didn't occur again today.07:38
jongleur(^referring to glance/api.log)07:38
melmothhmm. Strange that you do not have any message when the glance index fail07:38
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jongleurthe keystone.log contains much more, e.g. the stacktraces (where I used -d before)07:40
melmothusually, in /etc/keystone.conf i have debug = True and log_file = /var/log/keystone/keystone.log07:40
melmoththose are not set by defailt i think, you may want to give it a try (i aslo remove the log_config line)07:41
melmothahh, you got stuff in keystone logs07:41
jongleurwell, in the keystone.log there's repeatingly the errorValue "unsupported format character '/' (0x2f) at index 30"07:41
melmothcan you pastebin  keystone endpoint-list ? just to compare with i have here07:42
melmothi bet you may have a supplementary / at the end of url ?07:42
melmothhere i have http://pastebin.com/YtWGq0xP (the glance endpoint is )07:43
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jongleurpastebin of endpoint-list: http://pastebin.com/w5R3VKXu07:45
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melmothgrumble.. looks like mine.07:46
jongleurwell... and where's the error? ;)07:49
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jongleuris there any table of association between endpoint and service?07:51
zykes-jongleur: yes, a service can have n endpoints I think07:51
jongleurzykes-: can I query this association table somehow?  To track down if there's a wrong association somewhere?07:52
jongleurservice list returns the services only, endpoint-list the endpoints only07:52
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jongleurservice-get does not contain the endpoint, either07:54
zykes-jongleur: "select * from endpoint;"07:54
zykes-in sql07:54
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melmothi do no understanf how ot use keystone endpoint-get07:57
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jongleurmelmoth: keystone endpoint-get --service $THESERVICEID08:00
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jongleurgives you the details of the specified service (but that's not more than service-list)08:00
melmothhmm, here it says "'Client' object has no attribute 'service_catalog'"08:01
melmothi wonder how to tell wether keystone use the database for its catalog or some flatfile08:01
melmothcould it be that yours is using a flat file for catalog definition, and you may hit https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/961545 ?08:02
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jongleurmelmoth: similar, but not the same08:07
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jongleurmine complains about "unsupported format character '/', not '=', and does not say anything about the default_catalog.templates file08:08
*** sae has joined #openstack08:08
melmothmy point is, how can i know if your keystone is using the database endpoint or the flat file of his catalog ?08:08
jongleuryes, thanks08:08
melmothi m puzzled why keystone endpoint-get gives some output on your side, and not on mine.08:08
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jongleurall urls in the default_catalog file have localhost as host, no ip (neither local nor public) there08:11
jongleurand the :5000 url is not included (may that be a hint?)08:12
jongleurpastebin of the .templates file: http://pastebin.com/eBzpiGip08:14
melmothi would like to know how to tell if keysotne is using the template file, or the service and endpoint set in the database08:16
melmothjust to be sure yours is not using the template file.. But i have no idea how to check that08:17
jongleurwhat about if I delete (or temporarily rename) the template file and try again? should get a different error in that case, right?08:17
jongleurat least: IF I get another error, it used the template catalog, if not, I still don't know (as it could be the same error occuring where the definition is missing completely)08:18
melmothcannot hurt to test.08:19
melmoth(you may want to restart all service, just in case it read the catalog at starting stage and keep it in memory)08:19
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jongleurrestarted glance-api, glance-registry and keystone08:21
jongleurdid I miss any?08:21
jongleurif not, nothing has changed08:21
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melmothso, its most probably using the database.08:22
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jongleurI think so08:22
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jongleurwell, okay, that's one step further, but no solution, yet08:30
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*** Free_maN has joined #openstack08:31
jongleurfor the curl command there seems to be no difference wether to use, localhost or the public ip as target address08:31
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_val_Hey guys. Does anyone know why I get this error? This is logged in apache2 error.log.  [Tue May 29 10:46:06 2012] [error] No handlers could be found for logger "openstack_dashboard"08:47
_val_This happens after I try to log in as  admin/admin on Horizon/dashboard08:47
*** rendar has joined #openstack08:49
_val_Apache access-log. Shows this  http://pastie.org/398752808:50
_val_I can list users, tenants, services and everything else using the command line.08:50
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*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack08:56
*** supriya has joined #openstack09:01
jongleuris it common, that the auth/keystone service has the localhost ip in the endpoint table (while all other endpoints have a public ip defined)?09:04
_val_can someone confirm if this is a bug?09:04
*** talset has joined #openstack09:04
jongleurstop... not the auth/keystone, but the object-store service09:05
jongleurmixed that because the object-store/swift service has AUTH as part of the URLs...09:05
*** keruspe has joined #openstack09:06
keruspeStill couldn't find a place listing openstack dependencies ...09:06
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melmothjongleur, here those endpoints are alwyas as i set them myself (with keystone endpoint-create)09:11
*** jasonoz has joined #openstack09:12
*** Leander_ has joined #openstack09:19
Leander_hello all09:22
Leander_i'm having problems09:22
*** _ozstacker_ has joined #openstack09:23
Leander_with creating flavors which have a disk component09:23
*** _ozstacker_ has quit IRC09:23
*** clopez has joined #openstack09:23
*** davidha_who_took has joined #openstack09:23
Leander_they always fail at the spawning phase09:23
*** davidha has quit IRC09:23
Leander_has this happened to any here? I'm using essex packages provided with ubuntu 12.0409:24
*** ozstacker has quit IRC09:24
*** semyazz has joined #openstack09:24
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*** Billy_Way has joined #openstack09:31
jongleurdid all tests according to the walkthrough again up to installing glance, and everything seems to work fine.09:34
jongleurbut still no luck with glance itself09:34
*** shaon has quit IRC09:37
*** sae has quit IRC09:38
Leander_jongleur: could you be more specific?09:41
jongleurLeander_: I always get a "unexpected response 500" when I try to use glance09:42
*** b1rkh0ff has joined #openstack09:42
*** sdake has joined #openstack09:42
jongleurbe it glance details or glance add09:42
jongleuror glance clear09:43
Leander_anything in the logs?09:43
jongleurkeystone.log shows "Unsupported format character '/' (0x2f) at index 3009:45
Leander_ok, i have no idea how that happens :/09:45
Leander_but you could try and run glance-api and glance-registry09:45
jongleurinstead of running them as service?09:46
Leander_and see the output of the operation. It might give you more clues09:46
*** sae has joined #openstack09:47
*** jackh has quit IRC09:47
jongleurLeander_: starting glance-registry I directly get a "list index out of range" error09:50
*** shaon has joined #openstack09:50
Leander_glance-registry --config-file=[path to config]?09:51
*** msavy has joined #openstack09:51
Leander_jongleur: see above09:53
jongleuryes, had to find the conf file path09:53
*** shaon has quit IRC09:54
Leander_still the same error?09:54
*** shaon has joined #openstack09:54
jongleurnow glance-registry starts with two deprecated-warnings (regarding listeners argument to Pool and create_engine() as well as pool.add_listener09:54
jongleurso that may be no error any more probably09:54
Leander_what version of openstack do you use and OS?09:54
*** vrturbo has joined #openstack09:55
*** QwertyM has joined #openstack09:55
*** QwertyM has joined #openstack09:55
*** maplebed has joined #openstack09:55
jongleurEssex and Ubuntu 12.0409:55
Leander_well, from my install i also have those warnings, but everything is running fine09:56
Leander_maybe the config file isn't quite right?09:56
*** eric___ has joined #openstack09:57
*** pnavarro has quit IRC09:57
eric___1 question, if i install openstack, do i still need xen in place? or openstack will replace xen?09:58
eric___any help? thanks09:58
jongleurglance -d index does not produce any output in the service terminals (from glance-registry and glance-api)09:58
Leander_but it still results in error right?09:58
Leander_and glance is authenticating with keystone right?09:59
Leander_maybe "'/' (0x2f) at index 30" comes from an hidden character in on of the config files from glance or keystone10:00
Leander_url, user name or passard10:01
Leander_that's my guess10:01
eric___did i come to the wrong channel? maybe this is more dev related, any forums or place for newbies to openstack?10:01
Leander_eric___: i have never used xen, so i don't know10:01
jongleureric___: I think you're in the right channel, at least I'm a newbie, too10:01
Leander_i've come here to solve some problems before10:01
Leander_it really depends on the time you come here10:01
Leander_sometime's it's full with the right people sometimes not10:02
melmotheric___, you need an hypervisor on the nodes running nova-compute.It can be xen, kvm, lxc, qemu10:02
eric___oic, so it means i need at least xen to do the job before i can install openstack10:02
*** aspiers has quit IRC10:02
melmothnot necessarily xen.10:03
eric___how about vmware? coz i watched the video, no vendor lock-in.hmm?10:03
melmotheric___, http://wiki.openstack.org/HypervisorSupportMatrix10:03
melmothhint: kvm has some "check mark" everywhere :)10:04
Leander_anyone here have any idea why libvirt crashes every time i use flavor with disk space for an instance?10:04
eric___you mean KVM is better? are  you referring to this? http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Page10:05
eric___sorry not sure what you mean by check mark everywhere :P10:05
melmothnot better. Just more check mark.10:06
melmothi mean, things are tested with kvm10:06
vrturboI have a question about vmware hyper, where do you put nova-compute, just install it on ESX ?10:06
vrturboor do you run a server to just head the esx ?10:07
eric___could i install with the open source xen http://xen.org/ or do i have to use the commercial xen server?10:08
eric___i assume it can be done10:09
melmotheric___, quoting HypervisorSupportMatrix page "Xen Cloud Platform (XCP): Open-source equivalent of XenServer (and the development project for the toolstack). Everything said about XenServer below applies equally to XCP. "10:09
eric___another question, say i install openstack on top of xen and offer cloud services to my clients, could i have a dashboard to my client and to myself how much per hour or per M the clients used? or i have to build the reporting myself?10:10
eric___so i can charge them accordingly based on their usage10:11
eric___any help? thanks10:13
*** aspiers has joined #openstack10:15
melmotheric___, unsure about this. I think the right keyword is metering (http://wiki.openstack.org/EfficientMetering)10:17
eric___looks like can be done :)10:19
eric___3rd question, can i create an appliance in openstack and share to any openstack's server out there? say i want to move from 1 hosting to another hosting? i assume this can be done, any issues with versioning?10:19
*** maplebed has quit IRC10:20
eric___i mean a virtual machine10:20
eric___to move between openstack servers10:20
eric___i think is possible, lead to next question.. can my clients move from vmware or hyper-v to openstack? is there migration tools?10:26
*** supriya_ has joined #openstack10:26
*** supriya has quit IRC10:26
*** zinjacoder has joined #openstack10:27
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*** maplebed_ is now known as maplebed10:42
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Leander_does anyone know how i can export a snapshot from from diablo to run in essex?11:11
*** nRy_ has quit IRC11:13
*** maplebed has quit IRC11:15
*** tpot has quit IRC11:17
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*** vanchester12416 has joined #openstack11:33
cumulusI just install keystone adn glance right now. I can identify myself as administrator with keystone client, but glance said: "403 not auhorized"11:34
*** wiliam has joined #openstack11:35
*** milli has joined #openstack11:35
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Frank__Hi everyone! I'm new to Openstack I tried to read some guides about it but I'm a bit confused. I have a dual core machine, 4 GB of RAM and  Win 7 OS (I'm not the administrator). I can run a Virtualized Ubuntu OS on a Virtual Machine with VMware player. Is it possible to install and run OpenStack Nova on the virtualized guest Ubuntu? Just to try it for the moment12:00
*** vila has quit IRC12:01
*** vila has joined #openstack12:02
*** sdague has joined #openstack12:03
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:04
*** leifmadsen has joined #openstack12:04
*** Deathvalley122 has joined #openstack12:06
cumuluswhat makes 'admin' a role?12:06
*** funzo has joined #openstack12:07
*** lts has joined #openstack12:07
*** eddytrex has joined #openstack12:10
*** davepigott has quit IRC12:11
*** jackh has joined #openstack12:12
melmothFrank__, it should work, not sure what hypervisor you can use there though. worst case, use lxc or qemu for the compute nodes.12:13
eddytrexHi, I'm trying to install openstack in Suse 12.1 but when I'm configuring glance I have this error "File "/usr/bin/glance", line 47, in <module>     from glance import version ImportError: cannot import name version"12:13
eddytrexCan you help me?12:13
melmotheddytrex, sounds like the glance module is not installed in a directory available in  python sys.path12:16
*** mrunge has quit IRC12:17
*** kbringard has joined #openstack12:18
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack12:18
*** blahee has quit IRC12:18
*** blahee has joined #openstack12:18
*** davidha has joined #openstack12:19
*** davepigott has joined #openstack12:19
*** kpw1 has quit IRC12:20
eddytrexmelmoth (Y) where is the python sys.path? /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/glance/?12:21
*** sae has quit IRC12:22
melmotheddytrex,  http://pastebin.com/Kh5wQywR12:22
*** dprince has joined #openstack12:23
melmothi dont know how to get it "outside" of a python shell12:23
Frank__melmoth, thank you, so all the necessary components can be installed on the same Ubuntu OS virtualized?  I'm not very confident with hypervisors... I only know that probably the best are Xen and KVM.12:23
melmotheddytrex,  is the glance you installed coming prepacked in rpm ? prepared for suse ?12:23
cumulusI can get a token from keystone, but glance still cannot authenticate:12:24
melmothFrank__, sure, you can do this in one single machine (virtual one). have a look at https://trystack.org/ it may make your life simpler :)12:24
cumuluskeystone --os_username glance --os_password ZchvX8Phsibbv7fsq4pFJtZPvB0GCu --os_tenant_name service --os_auth_url token-get -> id        | 02cc12083f174f6492825a58055e741512:24
cumulusglance -A 02cc12083f174f6492825a58055e7415 -I glance -K ZchvX8Phsibbv7fsq4pFJtZPvB0GCu -T service index -> Details: 401 Unauthorized12:24
eddytrexmelmoth, Im using this repository http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Virtualization:/Cloud:/OpenStack/openSUSE_12.1/12:26
kbringardcumulus: do you have the proper roles setup in keystone?12:26
melmothok eddytrex, i suspect a problem in their packaging then.12:26
cumuluskbringard: I think so, but I am not sure. How can I check it?12:26
*** h0cin has joined #openstack12:26
melmothor may be your versoin of suse is not the opensuse_12.1 they prepared the package for12:27
cumuluskbringard: I have an admin role and a member role. What makes a role to "admin"12:27
kbringard#Role that allows to perform service admin operations.12:27
kbringardkeystone-service-admin-role = KeystoneServiceAdmin12:27
kbringardin your keystone.conf there should be something like so12:27
kbringardyou'll need to add that role and grant it to the admin user12:28
*** flaviamissi has joined #openstack12:28
trapniis this nova.projects table still in use in essex anyways?12:28
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC12:28
eddytrexmelmoth thanks12:28
trapnifor some reason this table gets (almost) destroyed from time to time. just like now.12:28
cumuluskbringard: my keystone.conf has no such line..12:28
kbringardperhaps you already have it, but something similar just happened to me and when I discovered I hadn't given the proper roles it started working12:29
kbringardI'm not sure what the default is12:29
cumuluskbringard: I installed from github12:29
cumuluskbringard: I inserted that line but none changed. How can I check which user belongs to which role?12:32
*** maplebed has joined #openstack12:32
kbringarddid you grant that role to the admin user?12:33
cumulusI have and admin role and assigned the users (keystone, glance nova etc.) to that role. as the guide wrote.12:33
cumulusis there a way to check which user belongs to which role?12:34
kbringardI usually look in the DB12:34
kbringardselect * from roles;12:34
kbringardselect * from user_roles where role_id = <id_we're_interested_in>;12:35
kbringardhowever, I've never used essex keystone, I'm still on oldschool diablo-stable12:35
kbringardso YMMV12:35
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack12:36
cumuluskbringard: ok it's assigned to admin role (essex use table 'metadata', which store user,tenant,role assigments)12:40
*** eddytrex has quit IRC12:40
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack12:41
*** lazyshot_ has joined #openstack12:41
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack12:45
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*** lazyshot_ is now known as lazyshot12:48
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*** martines has joined #openstack12:54
*** mkouhei has left #openstack12:57
Frank__melmoth, thank you very much, the link seems like the ecc.eucalyptus.org website (no installation required). can you suggest the simplest guide to install openstack nova in a virtual OS? can you also suggest me the guide to manage images on the https://trystack.org/ website?12:57
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack12:58
melmothFrank__, the simplest way to install openstack in 1 node is devstack (devstack.org)12:59
melmothalthough i have an account on trystack, i m not using it that much.12:59
melmothi think you do not have way to "manage image" on trystack, you have to use what s avaialble.13:01
*** aspiers has quit IRC13:03
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Frank__melmoth, thank you very much, I checked devstack webpage before chat with you, I was not sure if it was just for development environment. Ok perfect I will follow devstack procedure. thank you very much!!!13:20
melmothit is targeted at developper, but still, it s the easiest way of having "something that runs" without too much of a hassle13:21
Frank__melmoth, :-)  ah I understand, the difficult one could be this http://www.hastexo.com/resources/docs/installing-openstack-essex-20121-ubuntu-1204-precise-pangolin ?13:23
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack13:23
melmothyes, that is one doc i saw that seems interesting.13:23
melmothif you want to understand things more than just see a dashbiard running, may be you want to follow it.13:24
Frank__melmoth, I see... well I found also this http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/install/content/ch_installing-openstack-overview.html but seems to be more difficult! what do you think?13:25
melmothi m following my own doc so i cannot tell how good is the hastexo one, but if i was to start from scratch, i think i would try it first13:26
melmothgood point is, it does not mention all 10000 different option and way of installing things, you see one way.13:27
melmoththen, you can dig into the official doc to see other way, option13:27
*** fghaas has joined #openstack13:29
Frank__melmoth, yes you are right, it's so difficult sometimes move the first steps. now I will try to get things work. If somethings go wrong I will return ;-) I just saw that trystack.org needs a Facebook account that I haven,t so... I will drop an email asking an account in a differente way :) thank you again13:30
*** BenC has joined #openstack13:32
*** BenC has joined #openstack13:32
*** mjfork has quit IRC13:33
fghaasat the risk of asking some meta-meta-meta questions, I'm finding the README.rst in the openstack-manuals repo slightly hard to follow. :) hope there are a few doc geeks around to provide a few answers.13:34
fghaasfirstly, it talks about an ubuntu package named maven3. to the best of my knowledge there's no such thing, maven 3 is just "maven" and maven 2 is "maven2", same thing in debian. is the doc tree expected to build with maven 2?13:34
*** dwcramer has quit IRC13:34
fghaassecondly, the readme says to cd into doc/ and run "mvn clean generate-sources" which evidently can't work as there's no pom.xml in there; is it OK if I remove that line from the readme?13:38
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack13:40
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Madkissannegentle: any chance you are lurking? :)14:13
kbringardannegentle is always lurking14:13
kbringardanne be creepin'14:13
*** Frank__ has quit IRC14:14
ninkotechkbringard: be nice!14:15
*** nikhil_ has joined #openstack14:16
EmilienMis there a Quantum user here ?14:16
kbringardninkotech: :-D14:16
*** nikhil_ is now known as Guest1133414:16
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack14:16
ninkotechEmilienM: i hate to be repeating myself a lot, but try reading this (it might help you) http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html14:17
ninkotechEmilienM:  hint: not me14:17
*** marrusl has joined #openstack14:17
*** andrewsben_zz is now known as andrewsben14:19
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack14:20
Raziquehey all14:22
*** dolphm has quit IRC14:22
Raziquekbringard Madkiss gentlemen :)14:22
kbringardhey Razique14:22
*** dolphm has joined #openstack14:22
Raziquehow is kbringard  doing ?14:22
kbringardI'm well14:22
kbringardworkin' and slackin'14:22
kbringardhow about yourself?14:23
PerlStalkerIs it possible to have openstack set the MTU on instance NICs on start up?14:23
Raziquekbringard migration almost over14:24
kbringardPerlStalker: you'd probably want to use user-data to do that14:24
RaziqueI've reach much shared storage doc meanwhile14:24
Raziqueand still evaluating Gluster VS moose for OPS14:24
*** hunglin has joined #openstack14:25
kbringardPerlStalker: if the image has cloud-init on it, then you can specify a shell script with -f (via euca, not sure the nova equivalent) and it'll execute when the VM starts up14:25
PerlStalkerkbringard: Does that run on the VM or the host?14:25
kbringardit'll run on the VM14:26
kbringardbut, you'll have the script you want to run on the host you're executing the euca command from14:26
PerlStalkerkbringard: That's a problem because the tap device needs the MTU to be set correctly otherwise there will be problems with the guest.14:26
kbringardthen you'll probably need to roll your own images with the MTU set properly14:27
kbringardif the instance can't reach the meta-data API until the MTU gets fixed14:27
kbringardI'm not aware of a way to do it otherwise14:27
annegentlefghaas: yes, feel free to update the README for openstack-manuals - please please :)14:27
kbringardalthough, I may be wrong :-)14:27
PerlStalkerIt's not on the image that things need to be set. It's the tap device on the host.14:27
PerlStalkerWell, not only on the image. :-)14:28
kbringardoh, I misread14:28
*** dwcramer has quit IRC14:28
PerlStalkerI'd like to be able to plug an NIC into a storage network with jumbo frames enabled to talk to my SAN.14:28
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack14:28
EmilienMI have a Dual node with only nova-compute as a second node and instances booted from second node  don't get an IP from DHCP (Quantum, OVS, multi-node computes) - The discussion is here https://answers.launchpad.net/quantum/+question/19770114:28
*** swift-india has quit IRC14:30
*** qazwsx has joined #openstack14:30
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*** dtroyer is now known as dtroyer_zzz14:32
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fghaasannegentle: I wish I could, unfortunately I'll have to do a blind submit as my maven is evidently looping on downloading plugins14:33
*** lborda has joined #openstack14:33
fghaasso I fail at building the documentation that explains how to build the documentation :/14:33
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack14:34
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack14:34
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:35
PerlStalkerkbringard: Since you mentioned it, can you point me at docs on how cloud-init works in openstack?14:35
kbringardwrong link14:36
kbringardbut that's funny, too14:36
*** littleidea has quit IRC14:36
*** Frank__ has joined #openstack14:36
*** dwcramer has quit IRC14:36
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:36
PerlStalkerkbringard: I've seen that but I've not been able to make it work. I'll look at it again though.14:37
Leander_hello, i'm having the following problem everytime i try to start an instance with a flavor m1.medium > http://paste.openstack.org/show/18204/14:37
Leander_it also happens with the dev-stack install14:38
Leander_could this be hardware related?14:38
Madkisshello Razique14:38
*** edygarcia has quit IRC14:39
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack14:39
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Raziquehey Madkiss14:44
*** qazwsx|2 has joined #openstack14:44
*** aspiers has joined #openstack14:45
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*** negronjl has joined #openstack14:45
PerlStalkerWhat does the --config-drive option to 'nova boot' do?14:45
*** vila has quit IRC14:47
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darrenloobyHello. I'm currently using Rackspace, and I'm looking to put servers in other Open Stack data centres... does anyone know a company based in UK?15:15
*** jkyle has joined #openstack15:15
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dolphmdarrenlooby: besides rackspace UK?15:18
Raziquehey dolphm :)15:18
dolphmRazique: /salute15:18
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:18
Raziquehow are you sir ?15:18
dolphmRazique: good, how are you?15:19
Raziquedolphm I'm great thank you :-)15:20
*** llang629_ has left #openstack15:20
Raziqueessex coming home15:21
Raziquefeel like a child during christmas sometimes15:21
_val_Hey guys. Where is KoolHead17?15:21
*** darrenlooby has quit IRC15:22
*** jackh has quit IRC15:22
*** darrenlooby has joined #openstack15:22
_val_Is he under another nickname? He better not be :>15:22
Davieydolphm: does rackspace uk use openstack?15:22
Razique_val_ He was online15:22
RaziqueDaviey : yes i think so (I may be wrong though)15:23
_val_Razique: Haven't seen him for a long time ago.15:23
_val_It does I can confirm15:23
_val_I've seen a youtube video.15:23
_val_got to go home15:23
Raziquesame here, I'll be back later15:23
dolphmDaviey: today: swift for sure; in a beta program (not sure of current status?): nova & glance15:24
Davieydolphm: Oh, interesting.. i thought they had their own thing for compute.15:24
dolphmDaviey: i think they're trailing shortly behind rackspace US in terms of deploying openstack for public cloud15:24
dolphmDaviey: that's true today, but it's being replaced by openstack as we speak15:25
darrenloobydolphm, yes... besides Rackspace UK15:25
dolphmdarrenlooby: really? why not UK?15:25
dolphmdarrenlooby: is it OS-compatible?15:25
darrenloobyWe're currently using Rackspace UK15:25
darrenloobyI want a second company for my servers - so that I can have multiple data centers15:26
*** remus has joined #openstack15:26
dolphmthat says openstack will launch in US & UK simultaneously in the next couple months15:27
RaziqueLater guys!15:27
*** Razique has quit IRC15:27
*** EmilienM has left #openstack15:27
remushi. i have created 3 additional nova-volume nodes; they all appear with :) but somehow when creating a new volume, i get error status15:27
darrenloobyAre you a Racker? dolphm?15:27
remusany ideeas15:28
dolphmdarrenlooby: yes, in the US15:28
darrenloobyWell, so far as I'm aware - we're already on the OpenStack infrastructure.15:28
darrenloobyWhat I'm looking for is fail over15:28
darrenloobyI need my servers to be in multiple locations - and as far as I'm aware, only one UK data centre is in use for OpenStack15:29
darrenloobyRegardless, really. It would be commercially prudent to have two suppliers.15:29
darrenloobyI have no intention of moving away from Rackspace, they rock as far as I'm concerned.15:29
*** pnavarro has quit IRC15:30
dolphmdarrenlooby: ah, i got you -- i thought you *weren't* currently in a UK data center15:30
darrenloobydolphm, sorry for the confusion.15:30
Davieydarrenlooby: they don't rock, they are fanatical.. right?15:30
sdakeremus if you get an error, you may not have started tgtd15:31
dolphmRockers to the Core15:31
dolphmdarrenlooby: rackspace UK sales should probably be able to point you to another option in the UK15:32
dolphmdarrenlooby: competitor or not :)15:32
*** arosen has joined #openstack15:32
*** chuckieb has joined #openstack15:34
*** lynxman has joined #openstack15:36
*** darrenlooby has quit IRC15:37
*** vitiho has quit IRC15:37
*** heckj has joined #openstack15:40
*** lynxman has quit IRC15:40
*** whenry_otp is now known as whenry15:41
*** Turicas has joined #openstack15:41
PerlStalkerIt it possible to tell openstack that the disk create for the vm flavor should be a volume?15:42
remussdake, it looks it's running on all 3 nodes15:42
*** zeus has joined #openstack15:43
*** dwcramer has quit IRC15:43
vibhavHow can I use openstack at my home?15:43
Madkissinstall it on your wrt54g.15:44
Madkissand go for it.15:44
*** Leseb has quit IRC15:45
*** lynxman has joined #openstack15:45
sdakeremus iptables?15:46
sdakeremus you may need to open the tgtd ports, not certain on that point15:46
remussdake, it appears it creates succesfully volumes in one of the volume nodes and i guess the error comes when it tries to create on the other too15:46
remusit looks random15:46
sdakehmm sorry not an expert was only offering up typical troubleshooting there :)15:47
remussdake, i'll check iptables aswell15:47
*** mrmartin has quit IRC15:48
*** keruspe has quit IRC15:50
*** mindpixel has quit IRC15:52
*** guigui has quit IRC15:53
*** davidha has quit IRC15:53
*** littleidea_ has joined #openstack15:53
*** davidha has joined #openstack15:53
fghaasannegentle: mind answering the other question? :) is the doc tree expected to build with maven 2?15:55
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC15:55
*** jog0 has joined #openstack15:56
*** littleidea has quit IRC15:56
*** littleidea_ is now known as littleidea15:56
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*** alop has joined #openstack15:58
*** llang629_ is now known as llang62915:58
*** llang629 has left #openstack15:59
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*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:05
*** mex_ has joined #openstack16:06
mex_hi there16:06
annegentlefghaas: I've done it on SOME books (pom.xml) but I don't know the exact dependencies… sorry. I can investigate further though.16:08
fghaasannegentle: no that's fine, if the default assumption is that it does build, I guess I'm OK with submitting a patch explaining how to install maven216:09
fghaas"explain" being an exaggeration, of course16:09
*** jeffg has joined #openstack16:09
vibhavMadkiss: How can I get it on my wrt54g?16:12
vibhavIts actually a WRT54GL though16:12
jeffgany news on FB-free ways to get a trystack account?16:14
annegentlefghaas: since Jenkins has maven 3, though, it's what we need contributors to test against. for local builds, 2 should be fine, but I'm just not certain16:14
Madkissvibhav: that was a joke.16:14
*** krow has quit IRC16:14
vibhavMadkiss: :(16:14
*** aspiers has joined #openstack16:15
vibhavI still wonder how can I use openstack at home16:15
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack16:15
*** dubsquared has quit IRC16:15
*** dtroyer_zzz is now known as dtroyer16:15
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack16:15
fghaasannegentle: fair enough, that makes the task of updating the README easier :)16:16
*** joearnold has quit IRC16:16
*** darraghb has joined #openstack16:17
*** lborda has joined #openstack16:20
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*** nh has joined #openstack17:05
PerlStalkerHow does user_data get pushed to the vm?17:06
*** dubsquared has quit IRC17:06
kbringardthe VM queries the meta-data API17:07
*** stewart has joined #openstack17:07
kbringardor I should say, cloud-init on the VM queries...17:07
*** derekh has quit IRC17:07
*** garyk has joined #openstack17:09
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jeffgany news on FB-free ways to get a trystack account?17:31
*** krow has joined #openstack17:33
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tRothChildanyone familar with --volume_driver=nova.volume.san.SolarisISCSIDriver setup/config?  Using essex/ubuntu 12.04. I believe I have the proper flags set, but the zfs command gets issued on the cloud controller instead of over ssh to the Solaris box.18:43
*** reed has joined #openstack18:44
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack18:46
cryptographrixswift question: I am migrating my account and container rings to my proxy servers atm.  Added the two new zones (proxy servers - zones 6 and 7) to account and container with a weight of 1, rebalanced and copied ring files.  waited an hour.  updated the weight of the two new zones to 50, removed zone 5, rebalanced and copied ring files.  now, about 30 minutes in, the log on one of the newly-added account/containers is showing 'DatabaseConnectionError18:46
*** remus has quit IRC18:48
*** adalbas has joined #openstack18:49
cryptographrix(I had actually lowered the weighting of zones 4 and 5 gradually to 0 about a week ago)18:52
*** bbcmicrocomputer has quit IRC18:52
*** matiu has joined #openstack18:54
matiuSo if I fixed a typo in the docs and I want to contribute it18:55
matiuwhat's the easiest way ?18:55
matiuI have it in a github fork right now18:55
notmynamecryptographrix: I'm not ignoring your question, just thinking about it18:56
kbringardmatiu: http://wiki.openstack.org/HowToContribute#If_you.27re_into_doc.2C_we.27d_love_to_see_you:18:56
kbringardI'd probably start there18:56
kbringardbut that whole page is useful18:56
cryptographrixnotmyname: fair deal, yeah it's a pretty weird on18:56
cryptographrix**one lol18:56
kbringardprobably the quickest way is to file a docs bug and attach your patch18:56
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:57
notmynamecryptographrix: as odd as this may sound, I'm not sure that's actually a problem. well, at least, not unexpected18:58
notmynamecryptographrix: basically, replication starts hammering those DBs, and therefore the error rate increases18:59
*** albert23 has joined #openstack18:59
notmynamecryptographrix: which is also one reason why the ring builder makes sure that it only affects one of the locations of a partition at a time (so you should still have 2 other copies that are fine)18:59
matiuthanks kbringard18:59
notmynamecryptographrix: I'd only be worried in that case if you are also seeing an increase in errors to your users19:00
cryptographrixthis is a test cluster anyway, so no real worries19:00
matiualso, is there a way to generate the nova docs ? When I follow the readme it blows up. I'm going: cd docs; make;19:00
cryptographrixthe other two systems should have drained a week ago, so no real concerns19:00
matiuI reverted this guys code; so now the readme instructions works for me: other two systems should have drained a week ago, so no real concerns19:01
matiusorry bad paste, should have been: https://github.com/matiu2/nova/commit/ff6b72d66ac18331421aedc7f85adefb98a288d719:02
annegentlematiu: to build sphinx docs within nova code you have to be in the virtenv19:02
annegentlematiu: I didn't know there was a make file for nova docs.19:02
matiubut that guy's code has been in for months, so I'm suspecting the reademe is just wrong19:02
matiuthat guy's commit broke the make file19:02
*** aspiers has quit IRC19:03
annegentlematiu: so please do update the doc/README.rst19:03
matiuah, I'll try from within the virtenv19:03
matiuso in the virtenv, what's the proper command ?19:03
annegentlematiu: then it's python setup.py build_sphinx19:03
matiujust run sphinx and point it at the config file ?19:03
matiuah sweet19:03
annegentlethat should do all the autodoc builds too19:04
annegentle(she says hopefully)19:04
matiuah you're the docs boss lady :)19:04
matiuso, I just create a new bug in launchpad openstack-docs ? with my fixes in ?19:05
annegentlematiu: reading the scroll back, I haven't been able to accept patches attached to a bug through the Gerrit system, but I could submit it. We're working on a better way to submit small fixes to docs. (mtaylor has good ideas) but for now, submitting doc changes is just like code changes with the CLA and all.19:06
*** vidor has joined #openstack19:06
*** krow has quit IRC19:06
annegentle(that is, if you attach a patch to a doc bug, we'll get it in)19:06
matiuwhat's the CLA ?19:06
manu-dbI'm currently getting this error via the OpenStack dashboard: Unable to fetch volumes: n/a - I think it's because the dashboard code is attempting to get the volume details from the compute API port (8774) and not the volume API port (8776)19:06
manu-dbThis is the call that is failing: curl -i http://10.y.y.y:8774/v2/ZZZ/volumes/detail -X GET -H "X-Auth-Project-Id: ZZZ" -H "User-Agent: python-novaclient" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: XXX"19:06
vidorHello...where is the proper channel to get advise on glance issues?19:06
matiusorry, I'm pretty new..19:07
manu-dbNote port 8774 instead of 8776. If I use port 8774 I get a 404... if I change the port to 8776 I get a "HTTP/1.1 300 Multiple Choices" response...19:07
manu-dbI'm trying to figure out where I need to change this variable... as the value in the keystone database for the service catalog for the volume service is: http://10.y.y.y:8776/v1/%(tenant_id)s (note the version numbers "v2" vs. "v1" don't match either)... hitting the URL in the keystone endpoints table works just fine... why isn't horizon's dashboard using that URL?19:07
manu-dbIt's as if the endpoints in the keystone service catalog are being ignored entirely...19:07
*** GheRivero_ has joined #openstack19:07
kbringardContributor License Agreement19:07
kbringardit means we own you if you submit any code ;-)19:07
matiuah, I'll have to read up some more19:07
annegentlematiu: yeah sorry for my use of a TLA (Three Letter Acronym!) :)19:08
annegentlematiu: for docs, we also accept content that is Creative Commons licensed, but for patches, you must sign the CLA. See http://wiki.openstack.org/Documentation/HowTo#First-time_Contributors.19:08
*** vidor has quit IRC19:09
*** vidor has joined #openstack19:09
*** Trixboxer has quit IRC19:09
matiuthanks annegentle  and kbringard19:10
kbringardyou're welcome, thanks for the help!19:11
*** Gordonz has quit IRC19:11
vidorgetting Failed to connect to the Glance API server Is the server running? when attempting to upload test kernel image using ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1-vmlinuz19:11
*** jog0 has quit IRC19:11
vidorwhat should I look at?19:11
*** joearnold has joined #openstack19:11
kbringard0.0.0.0 is generally valid as a listener configuration, but not usually as a target19:11
annegentlematiu: absolutely, happy to help you contribute to the docs!19:11
kbringardvidor: so I'd make sure you're using -H in your glance upload?19:12
vidorwhat does the -h signify?19:13
kbringardit's the host you want to connect to19:13
kbringardso like19:13
vidorhere is the string...sudo glance --os_username=adminUser --os_password=xxxx --os_tenant=openstackDemo --os_auth_url= add name="tty-linux-kernel" disk_format=aki container_format=aki < ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1-vmlinuz19:14
vidorI am using19:14
*** aspiers has joined #openstack19:15
vidorand glance is listening on /tmp/images$ netstat -nan | grep 9292 tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN19:15
kbringardor, I'd also check the endpoint_templates in your keystone DB to make sure it's not returning some funky endpoint for image19:15
vidorwhich endpoint? the internal endpoint?19:16
*** zeus has quit IRC19:16
kbringardany of them, I guess19:16
kbringardI'm not entirely sure which one it's going to try to use19:16
vidorok I will check...19:17
benneri got strange flatdhcp problem: dhcp gives good IP, but as gateway (dhcpdump). in db i see good gw address. any idea where to digg?19:17
kbringardthe main thing we're trying to see is, from the error you pasted it sounds like it's trying to connect to, which as I said, is a valid listener (it means all the interfaces) but it's not a valid routed target19:17
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack19:17
kbringardso I was trying to make sure it was actually connecting to a real IP address19:17
kbringardand not really trying to connect to
*** jj0hns0n has quit IRC19:18
vidorok...I understand.19:18
vidorLet me double check what is set in the database19:18
*** mnaser has quit IRC19:21
vidorit appears to be set in the db as the IP on eth0 so change it to match in the glance api configs?19:24
*** sdake is now known as sdake_pto19:26
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jeffgany news on FB-free ways to get a trystack account?19:48
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack19:49
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matiuannegentle, so I made my simple as bug report, sorry to make work for you :)19:56
*** remus has quit IRC19:56
matiuI signed the form thing, so hopefully soon I'll be able to upload patches19:57
*** arosen1 has quit IRC19:58
*** arosen1 has joined #openstack19:58
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*** evanjfraser_ has joined #openstack20:19
mislamHello, I am looking into using openstack at my organization, Is it possible to run all services on same box for testing? Or is there a better way to get started20:20
fghaasfor testing, you can definitely run them all on one box20:20
*** llang629 has joined #openstack20:21
fghaasthat's what http://www.hastexo.com/openstack-howto uses (assuming you're going to deploy on ubuntu precise)20:21
*** mckraken has joined #openstack20:21
jeffgor you could play around on trystack.org20:21
mislamgreat, so it appears if I get ubuntu 12.04 it should have all components to get started right? Or do I need to download and config components separately20:22
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matiumislam, I got it up and running for testing with http://devstack.org script20:22
mislamfghaas: thanks for th elink20:22
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mislammatiu: thanks I will take  a look at that20:22
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matiuthanks mislam20:33
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warikhi, is that ring a bell to anyone? WARNING nova.db.sqlalchemy.session21:56
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