Sunday, 2012-07-08

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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022179 in python-novaclient "novaclient can't add/remove security group to a instance" [Undecided,New]
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packet_how to I add the vncserver_listen to nova compute?01:22
packet_do I add it to the images themselves somehow?01:22
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packet_trying to get the vnc aspect working in dashboard01:23
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nianhi, everyboday. swift will replicate object 3 times default,  this represent disk's coefficient of utilization is 1/3 ?03:32
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nianhi, everyone. swift will replicate object 3 times by default, is this represent disk's  utilization 1/3 ?03:39
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nian hi, everyone. swift will replicate object 3 times by default, does it represent disk's  utilization is 1/3 ?03:48
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022199 in nova "reboot doesn't start halted xenapi instances" [Medium,In progress]
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packet_where do I put vnc_enabled= for the nova compute launches please?05:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022219 in devstack "Update the source code" [Undecided,New]
rpawliknovncproxy_base_url=http://<your ip address>:6080/vnc_auto.html07:26
rpawlikvncserver_proxyclient_address=<your ip adress>07:26
rpawlikvncserver_listen=<your ip address>07:26
rpawlikyou'll need to replace <your ip address> with your infrastructure node's ip address07:27
rpawlikand it'll need to go in your nova.conf files on your nodes07:28
rpawliki assume that what's you're asking for07:28
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halfssIs there anyone kown how to set keystone+dashboard manage multi nova zone?07:38
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zynzelhalfss_: what do you mean zones?08:01
halfss_multi nova control node08:05
zynzelhalfss_: and what services are running on controler node in your env?08:06
halfss_zynzel:  all nova servcies08:08
zynzelnova-compute also?08:09
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zynzelwhy? ;)08:10
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zynzelif this not 'all in one' instalation imho this is not good idea.08:10
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halfss_i have two openstack node (all service), now  if  i want to manage the instance, i shoud log in two dashboard to manage, i want to manage all instance of two openstack in one dashboard08:11
zynzelyou can use cluster opion in dashboard.08:12
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halfss_yes, but i shoud switch it08:13
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halfss_is there another way?08:13
zynzelif you use 2 independent node, yes you should choose right node.08:14
zynzelthere are many, better ways08:14
zynzelfor example, 1 node as cloud controler and other as compute node08:14
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halfss_how about the glance of two openstack node?08:15
zynzelthis denepnds on glance backend.08:16
zynzeland if you have any load-balancers08:16
halfss_the  net  speed of two openstack node is not fast08:16
zynzelnet speed? what do you mean?08:16
halfss_Network speed08:17
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halfss_sorry,my english is very bad :)08:17
zynzelnetwork performance dont have anything to openstack ;)08:18
zynzelthis depends on your nic, switch and configuration - not openstack ;)08:19
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zynzelyou should spread services on different nodes08:20
zynzelnot every service on one node08:20
halfss_oh  yes08:21
halfss_another question :D08:21
zynzelok, ?08:22
halfss_is there any way to let the floating ip just use at specified compute node?08:22
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halfss_oh, got it08:23
zynzelyou can use pool of floating ip, to configure it on group of servers (per availability zone)08:23
halfss_i know this08:24
zynzelwe have 2 availability zone+2 floating ip pools08:24
halfss_what  is you zone mean?08:24
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zynzelnova setup in other rack ;)08:25
halfss_is it possiable to use openstack manage existing kvm instances?08:27
halfss_just manage kvm,  such as start,stop08:28
zynzelprobably yes, but you should prepare db entries, configure services on kvm node08:28
zynzeland other, which is not so simple (especialy db)08:28
halfss_yes, nova use db to store info of instance08:29
halfss_is there anyone tried     hah08:29
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eagles0513875hey guys :)08:41
eagles0513875question is it possible to run openstack on a single machine and host vm's with xen on it08:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022227 in quantum "Quantum client does not support availability ranges" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022237 in nova "[nova-manage][floating-ips] There is no way to delete floating ips pool. " [Undecided,New]
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RobertDHi. I deleted a flavor that was used for a vm. Now nova-computed refuses to start. How can I recover it? "CRITICAL nova [-] 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name"13:10
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ntt_devsomeone has set up openstack-dashboard access with keystone? I need help14:29
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livemooncan anyone tell me openstack use writeback or writethrough default?14:47
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ntt_devlivemoon have you configured openstack-dashboard with keystone access? can you help me?14:50
livemoonoff course14:50
livemoondo you use ubuntu?14:50
ntt_devcentos 6.214:50
livemoonsorry, I have not install openstack in centos14:51
ntt_devcan i see your keystone.conf config file?14:51
ntt_devand you local_settings config file?14:51
livemoonI just change these thins:14:52
livemoonOPENSTACK_HOST = ""14:53
livemoonin local_settings14:53
ntt_devwhat about the "DATABASES" section in local_settings?14:54
livemoonyou should sure that you can use nova with keystone14:54
ntt_dev(i'm using mysql)14:54
livemoonno this entry14:55
ntt_devok, so i leave this.14:55
ntt_dev"HORIZON_CONFIG" ??14:55
livemoonI do not set it14:56
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ntt_devhave you a table named "dash" in mysql ?14:57
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halfssdashboard just config  'OPENSTACK_HOST'  in local_setting.py15:01
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ntt_devbut i have to create tenants / users/ endpoints in keystone?15:06
ntt_devmaybe i missed something...15:07
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ntt_devI have to create a service in keystone for openstack-dashboard? how I can set --type parameter?15:11
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nymouscan someone help me with network configuration?18:28
nymousi'm stuck on configuring bridges18:29
nymousbridge interface is up on controller host, but do not automatically join network interface18:29
nymousand i do not understand, shall I create bridges on compute nodes? which IP should i set for them?18:30
nymousi'm on CentOS 6.218:30
nymousi have small network, so I'm trying FlatDHCP18:32
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nymoushey, anyone non sleeping?18:43
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mokasI'm awake19:06
nymousany help?(19:17
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nymousi just need you to say how did you setup bridges for virtual devices on compute field19:29
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Diopternymous: If you're using FlatDHCP, then you're going to have a bridge on each compute node, that will tie a physical interface with the virtual interfaces of the instances19:59
nymousok, which IP should i set for this bridges?20:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #1022369 in glance "Glance scrubber date formatting fails w/ Postgres" [Medium,In progress]
nymousfor example, i'm running internal network, i'm trying to use for virtual networking20:01
Diopter nymous: nova-network (which also must run on each compute node in FlatDHCP w/multi_host) will setup the bridges for you20:01
nymousit doesn't(20:01
Diopternymous: That could be due to not having any nova networks defined yet, or maybe you're not running nova-network on your computes, or your nova.conf is missing some flags20:02
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nymousnetworking part of my nova.conf20:04
nymousi also have a network defined20:05
DiopterYou're specifying a bridge (vebr0) for both flat_network_bridge and flat_interface20:05
nymousi've tryed to to remove network, but failed20:06
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nymousok, i've changed nova.conf20:23
nymousso now i have bridge on my controller host20:23
nymousbut no bridges on compute hosts20:23
nymousnetwork service is enabled there20:23
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nymousare they (bridges) created on demand?20:23
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Diopternymous: Try it.20:30
nymousok. 2 problems now20:31
nymous1. my key is not injected into VM20:32
nymous2. i have 4 compute nodes, all have compute & network started and enabled. but VMs are started only on 2 of them20:33
Diopternymous: Are you running the metadata/api service on each compute node?20:35
nymoushm... i'll check20:35
nymouseven on node that actually starts Vms20:36
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DiopterSo... you have some options. We usually run multi_host with network and api on each compute node, for FlatDHCP20:38
nymousok, what should i do?20:38
Diopternymous: Specifically, option 1 here:
DiopterSo nova.conf would get multi_host=True and enabled_apis=metadata20:39
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nymousok, let's try20:41
*** philips has joined #openstack20:41
Diopternymous: That'd go in each compute node's nova.conf, just to be clear20:42
nymousyes, i got that20:42
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nymousnow i have nova broken(21:03
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nymousok, got what is wrong, should enable another apis too21:09
nymousbut this didn't help on key injection21:09
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Azraelok... so i have a basic deployment of openstack going.  how in the world do i add new nova compute nodes to the collective?21:17
Azraelright now its all just one system21:17
nymoussame problem bro(21:18
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Echelon_Hi there, I'm having a problem trying out devstack. I have everything running for the most part, I can access the dashboard and create volumes. I have an VG called stack-volumes which is around 5TB. I can launch a "tiny" instance without any issues, however if I try to launch anything larger I get an "error" while it's spawning. I can't seem to find any log files, not sure if I need to enable via localrc or something.21:20
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nymousall logs are in /var/log/nova/21:25
Echelon_This is a devstack install, there is no /var/log/nova...nova is in fact running though. I can launch tiny instances all day long21:26
Azraeldevstack didn't work for me21:27
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nymousok, seems like now I have Vms starting on all nodes21:31
nymousbut key injection doesn't work21:31
Diopternymous: Cool, so, key injection relies on your instance talking to the metadata service21:31
nymouswhich apis should i enable on compute nodes?21:32
nymousonly metadata?21:32
Diopternymous: Depends. 99% of the time, yes, just metadata21:33
DiopterIf a compute node is also an API endpoint (i.e., a controller/infra node), then it'll need more stuff in enabled_apis21:33
Diopternymous: So... are you using images which use cloudinit to talk to the metadata service?21:33
Diopternymous: Do you get any log output from the instance?21:34
nymousi got an image of centos from oz21:35
Diopternymous: And what about log output?21:35
*** matwood_ has joined #openstack21:37
*** paltman has quit IRC21:38
nymousi can't log into any vm... from console-log i do not see anything special21:38
*** paltman has joined #openstack21:38
Diopternymous: Well you Should see it try to talk to the metadata service using cloudinit, and, if successful, importing the ssh key you attached to the instance21:39
DiopterSo if you don't see anything special, it's probably not the right kind of image :P21:39
*** matwood has quit IRC21:40
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nymouscloud-setup: checking wget: can't connect to remote host ( Connection timed out21:45
*** mokas has quit IRC21:46
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack21:46
nymousshould i have access from compute node to virtual machine? because i see bridge is up, but do not have proper IP for that21:49
*** krow has quit IRC21:53
Diopternymous: Can you pastebin "ip a; ip r; brctl show" ?21:53
DiopterFrom your compute node21:53
*** krow has joined #openstack21:54
*** matwood has quit IRC21:54
*** mokas has joined #openstack21:57
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*** matwood has joined #openstack21:57
Diopternymous: Looks pretty normal. I presume you made a nova network for
nymous10.0.0.0/8 is a physical adapter22:02
nymousnova network is
*** krtaylor has quit IRC22:02
*** andyhky has quit IRC22:03
Diopternymous: Well you've got 10/8 on your bridge, so your VM's are going to have a hard time routing through your bridge to hit anything on the host -- such as metadata22:03
*** andyhky has joined #openstack22:03
nymousI have "inet brd scope global vebr0" on controller22:03
Diopternymous: You might be confused about how bridges work. Or how this entire thing is supposed to work.22:04
Diopternymous: If you're going to use multi_host FlatDHCP with nova-network and nova-api on each compute node, then having a bridge on your controller node is entirely irrelevant and separate.22:05
Diopternymous: Each compute node's bridge should have an IP in the same network as the instances on that bridge, so they can talk through it22:05
*** phillip has quit IRC22:05
Diopternymous: This is assuming of course that nova is responsible for assigning IPs and routing information to instances through DHCP (dnsmasq)22:06
*** dachary has quit IRC22:06
nymousyou said nova-network should handle it22:06
Diopternymous: It will if you have the right network defined and nova.conf flags22:07
nymousdocs says you shouldn't use crossing network ranges22:07
*** esm_ has quit IRC22:08
*** dachary has joined #openstack22:09
Echelon_Just tried an entire reinstall with devstack to start over, for some reason anything above tiny errors out (Can't see anything relevant in logs) but tiny works.22:09
nymouswhat is wrong with my nova.conf?22:10
*** esm_ has joined #openstack22:11
Diopternymous: There's no enabled_apis, for one thing. Also, you're setting my_ip to is this the controller's conf? Or the conf from the node you did the other pastebin from?22:12
nymousthat's from controller22:13
DiopterIs your controller dedicated? Or does it also run instances?22:13
*** rustam has joined #openstack22:13
nymousalso run instances22:14
nymousi thought to make it HA sometime afet22:14
DiopterI see.22:16
DiopterWell that certainly clears up one source of confusion22:16
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack22:16
nymousas for apis, docs claims that metadat is enabled by default22:18
Diopternymous: You on Essex?22:20
nymousi'm using centos 6.2 and did install by guide from official site22:20
nymousdid lots of edits later though22:21
*** Echelon_ has quit IRC22:21
Diopternymous: Well, I'm fairly confident where you're going wrong is by putting the wrong IP(s) on your bridge(s). You want your VMs to have 192.168./24 but you're putting 10/8 on the bridges the VMs try to talk to their host through (for metadata, at least, if not general routing)22:23
Diopternymous: If your goal is to not have VMs talk to their hosts (for metadata), and just get bridged out your VLAN'd physical interface... you'll have to do things a bit differently to route metadata traffic22:23
*** paltman has quit IRC22:24
*** paltman has joined #openstack22:24
Diopternymous: Have to go, but good luck. Might want to take a closer look at the manual's discussion of networking22:24
*** philips has quit IRC22:24
nymous10/8 is not on bridges, it's on physical adapters22:25
Diopternymous: In your paste of "ip a", vebr0 most definitely had on it22:25
Diopternymous: And "ip r" showed the 10/8 dev vebr0 route22:25
nymousbecause openstack moves it there22:25
DiopterMost likely because you're using 10.x.x.x for my_ip in your nova.conf22:26
nymouson bridge creation22:26
DiopterIn any case you're doing Something wrong that's resulting in a different network on the bridge from the VMs22:26
nymouscould you should this part of yours?22:26
*** philips_ has joined #openstack22:26
Diopternymous: Don't have a cluster up handy at the moment. And I have to go anyway. Look into my_ip some more22:27
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack22:27
nymousok, thank you22:27
nymousi'm already looking on it in the docs... nothing special22:28
*** nymous has quit IRC22:34
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022393 in anvil "Could not find required distribution Django>=1.4" [Undecided,New]
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