Friday, 2012-10-05

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koapsdoes anyone know if like nova-api run multiple processes?00:18
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joern__is the tenant id the same as a user id?00:23
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joern__anyone knows why I get the error "No handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.v2_0.client" when I try to interact through the python CLI?00:52
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koapsi saw the same thing when I was trying to write some bash script to run some nova-manage stuff00:58
koapsare you using sudo from a non priv user?00:59
joern__i found the issue. I had a bad TENANT_ID in my openrc. deleted it and it works now :)01:00
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koapsmakes sense, my issue was simular because sudo wasn't preserving the env01:01
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joern__i want to create an image through python-glanceclient, what do I need to provide as an OS_IMAGE_ENDPOINT?01:04
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koapsmy guess would be the adminurl that's in keystone01:07
koapsbut not sure01:07
koapsnot in the docs?01:07
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joern__just say to get an endpoint from keystone.01:09
joern__trying to get endpoint-list right now01:09
joern__so, tenant is in fact the project, not user, right?01:10
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koapskeystone endpoint-get --service image01:13
koapsprobably its that url01:13
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joern__i somehow managed to mess up my credentials again... so couldnt try your tip yet, sounds right though01:19
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joern__does the python client API simply parse the function calls and its parameters to proper REST requests?02:19
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