Monday, 2012-11-26

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bgmccollumbecause open-isci should be running :/00:26
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1083018 in nova "HyperV compute "resume" tests need to be fixed" [Undecided,New]
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kevin_Hello I am running quantum with the openvswitch plugin. I have a layer three agent running on my controller. I am running a per-tenant router use case. When I try to ping the gatway from a vm that I created, the arp will get to the bridge that the gateway is in but the gateway won't respond. Anyone have any idea why that is?03:37
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COneranyone here? i have a dev question04:27
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1083045 in quantum "Potential resource leak in the contextmanager functions" [Undecided,New]
COneri have been writing to add a unix domain socket into the openstack code.... and it always fails - is there a way around this? i would like to setup a connection between openstack and a secondary module that i am implementing04:34
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1082248 in quantum "Use uuidutils instead of uuid.uuid4()" [Undecided,Fix committed]
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shruti_Hi, I am stuck with the devstack installation. Getting mysql root@localhost permission error if i run as root05:20
shruti_and temporary file operations restricted error for keystone if i run as non-root05:20
shruti_can anyone help?05:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #1083054 in nova "nova-manage  db sync error" [Undecided,New]
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troyahi all07:05
troyaanyone know how to install openstack folsom on ubuntu 10.04 ?07:06
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rushiagrif you are installing for development, use devstack07:41
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rushiagr^ troya07:42
uvirtbotrushiagr: Error: "troya" is not a valid command.07:42
rushiagrtroya: details in readme07:42
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Oneiroiis there an "upgrade" path for moving essex -> folsom ?08:52
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CaptNemoWhat components of OpenStack do you wish to migrate ?08:57
Oneiroinova, glance, keystone08:58
Oneiroiswift is not in use, and using nova-network at this time not Quantum (yet)08:58
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CaptNemoOneiroi: The closest I can find is
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Oneiroithanks CaptNemo in this case the hosts are Fedora 17, will have to do some runs on test vms09:08
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SkyManhello everyone09:13
SkyMani am sending a get request to the metadata server using  curl
SkyManbut it seems there is no response09:13
SkyManany idea about that ??09:13
OneiroiSkyMan: been a long time, however surely you need to provide an auth token (if using keystone), and include some data such as an isntance ID for which to retrieve the metadata ?09:15
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OneiroiI am unsure though last time I looked Openstack was in diablo rc209:15
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sgranno, not for metadata09:15
sgranSkyMan: does it time out, or does it produce something but not what you expect? (empty page, 404, 500, whatever)09:16
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SkyManOneiroi: hi man , what's up ! I can't even ping the servef from my laptop09:16
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SkyMansgran: it times out, even traceroute can't seem to find its way !09:17
calstonI'm having issues with DNS resolution, getting temporary timeouts from dnsmasq, anyone had that?09:17
sgranSkyMan: are you trying this curl from a VM running in openstack?09:18
Oneiroi169.254.169.254 isn't that "link locall" i.e. address assigned when dhcp request fails ?09:18
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OneiroiIANA seems to think so: NetName:        LINKLOCAL-RFC3927-IANA-RESERVED09:18
* Oneiroi shrug09:19
OneiroiI need more coffee09:19
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SkyMansgran: my VMs can't talk to the metadata, so i said i will try to ping it from my computer, it doesn't reply , may be it is down ??09:19
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sgranSkyMan: read the above.  testing from something outside of openstack has no relation to what is wrong inside openstack09:20
SkyMansgran: yea , i just read it09:20
sgranis this Folsom?09:20
sgranI assume you need
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SkyMansgran: yea Folsom :), please one last question09:21
SkyMando i add the route in the network node or the controller node ?09:21
sgranon the node running the metadata service09:22
SkyMansgran: but i have the controller node running nova-api while the compute nodes runing nova-api-metadata09:23
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SkyMansgran: should i remove the nova-api-metadata and point everyone to the controller node ?09:23
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*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack09:23
sgranin /etc/quantum/l3_agent.ini, you set what the metadata server is.  Attempts to communicate to will be DNAT'ed to the address set there.  On whatever that node is, you need to set a route back09:24
sgranI suspect this should be a more prominent FAQ09:24
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SkyMansgran: ok thanks a lot :)09:25
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arcimboldoHi all, can someone confirm that in folsom with quantum it's not possible to auto-assign floating IPs?10:00
*** jasper__22 is now known as jasper2210:01
*** 31NACGQ8P has joined #openstack10:03
sgranarcimboldo: it appears not to be10:04
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*** tomoe_ has joined #openstack10:08
SkyManhi aggain10:09
SkyMandoes anyone please have the command to add this rule to the iptable ?10:09
SkyMan  0     0 DNAT       tcp  --  *      *        tcp dpt:80 to:
sgranSkyMan: take a deep breath.  Go read the documentation10:09
*** krow has joined #openstack10:09
sgranI am completely sure that this rule exists in the appropriate network namespace already, but that you're not looking for it there10:10
SkyMansgran: i did, that rule couldn't be added to the iptables unless you install nova-network. I am using quantum and this is why i am not getting ip. I just reported a bug !10:10
SkyMansgran: believe me , i have check it twice10:10
sgranno, that's not true10:11
*** foexle has joined #openstack10:11
SkyMansgran: okay, can u explain who will do it ? when i do iptables -L -nv -t nat , i can't seem to find it10:11
sgrancan you pastebin the output of for i in `ip netns list | grep qrouter` ; do echo $i ; ip netns exec $i iptables -L -v -n -t nat ; echo ; done10:12
sgranagain, this stuff about network namespaces is in the quantum admin guide10:12
sgranI highly suggest reading it10:12
SkyMansgran: i have configured my namespaces to false, so i am not using it10:13
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sgranand you're checking the iptables rules on the machine running quantum-l3-agent and quantum-server ?10:13
SkyMansgran: yea, both don't have it otherwise i could have pinged the
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sgranwell, no, you could have pinged that if the DNAT was to a machine that exists and has a route back and doesn't block icmp and ...10:15
sgranthere's a lot of variables10:15
SkyMansgran: you suggest that i just install the hole nova-network package to get the rule added to my iptable ?10:16
*** osier has quit IRC10:16
sgranquantum creates that rule here, when I set the metadata server in l3_agent.ini10:19
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SkyMansgran: Ok, i will try it out but since i am setting use_namesspaces to False, it might not create the needed rule10:31
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SkyMansgran: can you please pastebin your iptables -L -nv -t nat output. thanks10:33
sgranSkyMan: I've looked at the code.  It creates the rules whether or not use_namespaces is set to true10:33
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SkyMansgran: I didn't uncommented the port value in the l3 agent ini file, so that's why it didnt create the rule. my Bad10:35
sgranfair enough :)10:36
sgranglad you found it10:36
*** toddmorey has quit IRC10:36
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SkyMansgran: yeah but now the node running the nova-api don't want to add this : (route add -net gw $ROUTER_GW_IP) , this is driving me crazy really10:37
*** osier has joined #openstack10:38
sgranit probably isn't on the subnet where $ROUTER_GW_IP is?10:38
*** chr00t has quit IRC10:40
SkyMansgran: no it controller node is on x.x.x.51 while router on x.x.x.15210:40
*** thehandler is now known as thehandler_bac_i10:40
*** thehandler_bac_i is now known as thehandler_away10:40
*** dieterdemeyer has joined #openstack10:42
sgranis that supposed to be useful information to me?10:42
sgranI asked if they are on the same subnet10:42
SkyMansgran: oh no no , i misstyped something ! sorry for disturbing10:43
sgranso if the answer is no, that will be why you can't add a route to the router gateway10:43
*** adalbas has joined #openstack10:44
SkyMansgran: does the route to must be created on both controller and network node ? because i see it exists in network node but not in controller node !10:46
sgranSkyMan: sorry, work is intruding10:47
*** toddmorey has joined #openstack10:47
sgranyou do not route - it is link local10:47
sgranI suspect your problem is that the machine running the metadata API service cannot route to the external IP of the router gateway10:47
SkyMansgran: i mean in iptables, should be a rule for in the iptable of the controller node as well as the network node ?10:48
sgranthis is what I tried to tell you much earlier this morning10:48
sgranno, only the network router sees the traffic10:48
*** toddmorey has quit IRC10:49
SkyMansgran: sorry about that.  just trying to figure out what's wrong :p10:49
*** melmoth has joined #openstack10:51
SkyMansgran: I believe we have lift up :) , i got this after launching a VM
SkyMansgran: there is a success and a failure  don't know why thought10:56
*** maurosr has joined #openstack10:56
sgranthat is a success10:57
sgranthere was no user-data associated with your instance, but it got an instance id10:57
*** maurosr has quit IRC10:58
*** maurosr has joined #openstack10:58
SkyMansgran: i shall update my guide to correct errors about the metadata service, can i have your full name so i can add you to the contributors list ?10:58
*** ttrifonov is now known as ttrifonov_zZzz10:59
sgranmy ircname is set correctly11:01
*** Guest____ has quit IRC11:01
SkyMansgran: yea this is why i asked for your full name , look here is my guide
SkyMansgran: couldn't done it without you man :)11:03
sgrancool :)11:04
SkyMansgran: no email ??11:04
SkyMansgran: ok got what i need , Many thanks ,11:04
*** adalbas has quit IRC11:05
ikke-tsgran, would you mind explaining a bit more about the metadata service and route back...?11:05
ikke-twe struggled with that11:05
SkyMansgran: you work for a newspaper ?11:05
*** mjfork has joined #openstack11:06
sgranSkyMan: sorry, I really do have to do some work for a bit ... :)11:06
SkyMansgran: ok best luck then :)11:06
ikke-tin our case the metadata server node does not have ip in all of the subnets11:06
*** mohits has joined #openstack11:07
ikke-ti need to take a moment to formulate my question more...11:07
ikke-tthe quantum router goes out from public_net vlan, but the metatada server is not in the same network with quantum router ip11:08
ikke-tthe quantum router is on the same host, but uses it's own namespace11:08
*** k3rn has quit IRC11:08
ikke-tso there is really no way to setup a route back to guest networks11:09
*** SkyMan has quit IRC11:09
ikke-tsince the metadata server lives on a separate network namespace and thus won't accept the route command11:09
ikke-tI hope someone cleared this a bit out in the documentation.11:10
ikke-thow do other people do it? do you add ip for the quantum-server host also in the public/external network in addition to management network?11:11
ikke-tor do you use external router?11:12
*** k3rn has joined #openstack11:14
*** k3rn has joined #openstack11:14
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*** darjeeling has joined #openstack11:16
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*** msinhore has joined #openstack12:32
kodapaseems like nova didn't run post migration cleanup on the old host after a migration12:35
kodapalibvirtd is still taking CPU on source and destination host12:35
kodapahowever the instance is active12:35
*** jkordish has quit IRC12:35
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HyprWaveIs it possible to use the horizon base django app to create dashboards not related to openstack?13:15
*** szaydel has joined #openstack13:16
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*** Black74hat has joined #openstack13:21
praefectanyone is running an openstack controller virtualized INSIDE an openstack cloud (ala rackspace inova) ?13:22
praefectIt's coming together here but I would have a couple of questions regarding networking13:23
Black74hatpraefect: Hi13:23
Black74hatcan i ask help in openstack installation?13:23
Black74hatpraefect: which os you use?13:24
praefectBlack74hat: CentOS13:25
Black74hatpraefect: :) i'm running on fedora13:25
Black74hatpraefect: i have some problem to configure network13:25
praefectyay!!! I've been runnning openstack for a a year and a half and it's getting better and better on the RHEL flavor so you're lucky...13:26
*** alunduil has quit IRC13:26
praefectgo ahead13:26
Black74hatpraefect: if i write to you ssh access you can check what i have done?13:27
*** vachon has quit IRC13:28
praefectBlack74hat: that's not a good idea, use to paste config and logfiles if you have them13:28
Black74hatpraefect: becouse i'm crazy, is one month that i'm trying to install openstack and every 3 o 4 day i format server13:28
praefectthen anybody will be able to help you out, not just me13:28
*** vachon has joined #openstack13:28
*** Free_maN has joined #openstack13:28
Black74hatpraefect: i dont have find anyone also to pay13:29
Black74hatpraefect: all people are busy at work13:29
*** maploin has quit IRC13:31
*** mrunge is now known as mrunge_afk13:31
*** KarinLevenstein has joined #openstack13:34
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praefectBlack74Hat: here's my advice, paste your config on, paste your error log and then you could get someone here to help you out13:34
*** vachon has quit IRC13:35
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praefectanyone is running an openstack controller virtualized INSIDE an openstack cloud (ala rackspace inova) ?14:03
*** mjfork_ has quit IRC14:03
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blamarpraefect: yup14:08
praefecthey blamar14:12
*** scalability-junk has joined #openstack14:13
*** jasper22 has joined #openstack14:13
pbacteriopraefect:  At StackOps the controllers run in vmware.14:14
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC14:16
*** jpich has joined #openstack14:16
praefectthanks guys, I know it's possible to run openstack in a virtualized env.. I'm looking for openstack on openstack but it shouldn't be too different, I'll have a look at more generic virtual env openstack (devstack or stackops for example).. thanks14:16
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack14:16
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* annegentle_ waves15:00
*** Hikhvar has quit IRC15:00
*** doublerr has joined #openstack15:01
shrutiannegentle_ : hi anne15:02
annegentle_hi shruti -- how are you?15:02
shrutii am good -- and you15:02
*** k3rn has joined #openstack15:03
*** k3rn has joined #openstack15:03
annegentle_Monday morning after a lonnng weekend :)15:03
*** Black74hat has joined #openstack15:03
*** Black74hat has quit IRC15:04
icchahey shruti :)15:05
* iccha waves to annegentle_ and shruti 15:05
*** lborda has quit IRC15:06
*** lborda has joined #openstack15:07
shrutiiccha : hey :)15:07
annegentle_iccha: hey :)15:08
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* zhiteng test15:10
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anteayaannegentle_, shruti, iccha: hello all15:12
anteayaopps, there goes shruti15:12
*** crandquist has joined #openstack15:12
annegentle_anteaya: I know, pout. :)15:12
anteayaannegentle_: hopefully she will be back soon15:12
anteayawe'd like to talk to you and reed, if he is about too, and you have the time15:13
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mrmartinI'm trying to deploy a devstack stable/essex, and I got a django exception: django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: settings.DATABASES is improperly configured. Please supply the ENGINE value. Check settings documentation for more details.15:49
mrmartindevstack output is here:
*** toddmorey has joined #openstack15:50
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*** dendrobates has joined #openstack15:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v dendrobates15:50
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*** jeh has joined #openstack15:51
Oneiroimrmartin:  I haven't used devstack in a long time at a guess the connection string is not being prefixed mysql:// ? that error "WARNING:root:No local_settings" implies at least it is missing the configuration files15:53
*** luis has joined #openstack15:54
*** jdbarry is now known as jdbarry|away15:54
*** luis has quit IRC15:54
*** aspiers has quit IRC15:55
mrmartinDATABASES = {15:55
mrmartin    'default': {15:55
mrmartin        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.sqlite3',15:55
mrmartin        'NAME': os.path.join(LOCAL_PATH, 'dashboard_openstack.sqlite3'),15:55
mrmartin        'TEST_NAME': os.path.join(LOCAL_PATH, 'test.sqlite3'),15:55
mrmartin    },15:55
mrmartinit defaults to sqlite315:55
*** sthaha has quit IRC15:55
*** shruti has quit IRC15:56
*** mestery_ has joined #openstack15:57
mrmartinpython syncdb15:59
mrmartinWARNING:root:No local_settings file found.15:59
*** samkottler|out is now known as samkottler15:59
*** jeh has left #openstack15:59
mrmartinit throws a warning, maybe it cannot find the local_settings file which is located in /opt/stack/horizon/openstack_dashboard/local15:59
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Cornel_i have a question16:30
*** rha_ is now known as rha16:30
*** rha has joined #openstack16:30
Cornel_so i'm trying to upload an image to glance with glance image-create name... command and i receive this error: HTTPOverlimit: HTTP 41316:31
Cornel_whta's the problem??16:31
*** yaro014 has joined #openstack16:32
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*** hub-cap has joined #openstack16:38
yaro014I just installed novnc on ubuntu via apt and cannot connect to any of vnc's, getting error Server disconnected (code: 1006) when I can connect to that machine using tigerVNC and virt-manager. Could any one point me on right direction where to look to solve this problem?16:39
*** KIS has joined #openstack16:39
*** hub-cap has quit IRC16:39
KISI have a problem with glance is anybody who can help me?16:40
prometheanfiredon't ask to ask16:40
*** patrickt333 has joined #openstack16:42
arcimboldoI've removed quantum from a folsom, and installed nova-network. However, horizon still shows me the network tab and I can't lunch instances because I can't select any network16:42
arcimboldoI've removed services and endpoints for quantum in keystone, but still16:42
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KISSo , i'm trying to upload an image to glance but i receive a HTTPOverlimit: HTTP 413 error, what's the problem???16:43
patrickt333So, it appears that centos updated their yum repositories from 2012.1.3 to 2012.2-2 and now adding new nodes is broken.  When I upgrade the master, do I need to do a new db_sync for nova?  Or will yum pkg do that for me?16:43
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arcimboldoyaro014, I had similar problem, I had mispelled vncserver_proxyclient_address in nova.conf16:44
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KISnobody knows?16:45
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patrickt333And, I just realized that means I just got upgraded to folsom, which means replacing openstack-nova-network?16:47
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mrsmithI have a floating IP associated with an instance that I'm trying to remove via the api but I'm getting a 404 when using the action removeFloatingIp in my post URL.  Any thoughts?17:03
larsks_patrickt333: That wasn't CentOS, that was EPEL, and you should go yell at them on the epel-devel mailing list for introducing such a major upgrade into what has historically been a stable channel.17:03
larsks_If you want to downgrade to Essex there are alternate repositories available.17:04
larsks_patrickt333: Details start here:
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patrickt333Thanks larsks_17:08
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patrickt333I probably should just suck it up and upgrade, tho.  Do I simply use nova-quantum rather than nova-network and go upgrade my master and other compute nodes?17:10
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larsksI think that the uprade from Essex + nova-network to Folsom + quantum is going to be complicated.  We downgraded because we simply don't have the time to figure out the upgrade right now, since we have people actively using our cluster.17:11 I can't answer the question of what's required to upgrade because I haven't looked into it yet.17:11
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patrickt333k, thanks.  We are in the developmental stage, so I think I'll give it a try, will let you know how it goes.17:14
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heckjmarkmc: around?17:25
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yaro014arcimboldo: ehh still cannot get it to work, when trying to use websockify manualy then it works without problems (auto vnc) but when trying to connect by typing ip address then it says "websocket not ready, ignoring"17:28
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yaro014when run tcpdump on port 5900 it shows that novnc is trying to connect17:29
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yaro014it look like novnc is not reading nova.conf properly, whoever ill put into config it always shows proxying from to ignore:ignore17:30
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deedubsdoes openstack run on OS X hosts?17:37
heckjdeedubs: not generally, but I'm sure it could be ported. It's hard to nail down all the dependency sets for MacOSX and the networking setup is a bit different, so some pieces (like the nova-network components - based on iptables) may not function at all.17:39
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heckjdeedubs: I don't know what virtualization layer you'd use, but I'd expect swift to work fine.17:40
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deedubsheckj: thanks :/ Guess I'll be creating a russian doll17:40
heckjdeedubs: I've done that too - slow as snot, but generally does the trick17:41
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openstack_newbe1any document to set up development environment for quantum on my mac pro laptop17:42
*** sacharya has joined #openstack17:42
zykes-openstack_newbe1: devstack17:42
notmynameheckj: deedubs: note that osx is *bsd and we target linux. we've had some patches submitted to swift to allow it to run on bsd, but there isn't any extensive testing AFAIK for that platform17:46
heckjnotmyname: heh - yeah, I know it "works", but I haven't run any sort of production system on OSX17:47
deedubsI'm just looking for a good VM solution to run on my OSX Home server17:48
notmynameheckj: ya. softlayer runs swift on BSD, and I know of one or two devs who run swift on OSX.17:48
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notmynamedeedubs: would virtual box or VMWare Fusion work?17:48
deedubsyeah I'm using VB right now17:48
jeremybnotmyname: who can edit the openstack blog?17:49
deedubswanted something a little 'nicer'17:49
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notmynamejeremyb: I don't know the full list, but I'd start with Stef Maffulli (reed in IRC)17:50
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack17:50
notmynamedeedubs: vagrant + VB? ;-)17:50
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jeremybnotmyname: hrmmm, he's not here now. i guess i'll wait some more. (been trying to get something fixed for about a week i think)17:51
deedubsnotmyname: indeed I was thinking of making a webui for qemu17:52
yaro014deedubs: there is webvirtmgr really good, but needs some more work done17:52
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