Sunday, 2013-03-10

Shmouelin the logs I get: lbaas not supported by any of loaded plugins00:00
ShmouelI think I forgot something around [DEFAULT_SERVICETYPE]00:01
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EmilienMShmouel: I suggest you tu use devstack.00:13
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CesarRamirezHello OpenStack community01:00
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CesarRamirezI have a question regarding how keystone determines who has admin right01:01
CesarRamirezhow does an admin role gets defined on keystone?01:02
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capsuleHello my friends.04:43
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mynameisdeletedsoo.. multinode install wotn start instances after a reboot but would before.. whats best place to start looking?07:38
mynameisdeletedI do see a 400 message somewhere07:38
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fliptureHello, I have some questions regarding networking/interface configuration on a single node single interface setup. Would this be the correct place for that type of question?15:27
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fliptureI've done a bunch of searching and can't seem to find a complete example of interfaces and nova.conf for a single node single interface setup. Anyone know of such thing or able to help me with my setup?15:49
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JHodgeHi all. Does anyone know why I can ping everything inside my network, but not my floating ip. This is all from within my windows2k8r2 vm16:29
sgranwindows firewall? security group? routing?16:30
sgranmore information :)16:30
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JHodgeNetworking has been a bit of a problem for me. None of the created interfaces come up unless I do a ifconfig <interface> up. I can get to the dashboard from within the VM and access the APC pdu website from the pdu on the internal network.16:32
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JHodgeJust to make it more fun, I am using 12.04 lts with folsum. I have rebuilt and reconfigured these nodes for over a month. Its driving me nuts.16:34
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sgranwe're using 12.04 with folsom16:34
JHodgeis ther any output I can give that would provide more information?16:35
sgrannone of the created interfaces .. where ?  on the vm?  on the host?16:35
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JHodgeon the network node and the compute node16:35
sgranis this quantum? nova-network? glat-dhcp? gre?16:36
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JHodgeonce I do a ifconfig up I can my VM then gets an IP from the dhcp pool off the network now. Using quantum with gre16:36
JHodgeUsing this giude
JHodgejust switched out the 12.10 for 12.0416:37
sgranok, I don't the gre code so well, but look in the quantum plugin log on the compute node for an ip link set <if> up16:38
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JHodgethe log directory only shows openvswitch logs16:40
JHodgeon the compute node16:40
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sgranthat's the plugin agent that creates the interfaces16:40
JHodgeAh.. nice thanks16:41
JHodgegreped the log and nothing abiut ip link16:41
fliptureAnyone know of a working guide for setting up essex with single node, single nic?16:42
JHodgeit does run ovs-vsctl  list ports16:42
sgrantry booting a vm from scratch, then go through the log on the compute node and see if anything sands out16:42
fliptureI've been hackign at this for 4 days and googling and have yet to get a working netework setup and nova.conf configuration :(16:43
JHodge<flipture> Dev stack?16:43
fliptureyes, i'm just setting it up at home for education currently16:43
sgranflipture: why essex ooi?16:43
JHodgelucky. My boss already had me put the equipment in the datacenter and now wants results lol16:44
flipturesgran: I'm very new to openstack. we will be switching from another vm solution at my workplace to openstack so i'm getting my feet wet16:44
flipturesgran: if i should be using something else please let me know. I found a waklthrough for setting up essex in 10 minutes on ubuntu 12.0416:44
fliptureand followed that. I once got vm nodes to create and come up. only vnc would not work16:45
sgransee the url above from JHodge - folsom would be beter16:45
JHodge<sgren> should I terminate the VM and make a new one?16:45
sgranor just make a new one, yes16:45
flipturefrom there tho i noticed that the bridge was using my local network's gateway address and messing up networking to the internet frmo the server so in an ettempt to fix that i messed it up quite a bit :).16:45
JHodgeif you use the guide above make sure to add the repo for folsum16:46
JHodge12.04 uses essex by defult16:46
flipturesgran: my current problem is that i can't find how to get the bridge interface's IP to not get set to (my router's ip)16:46
fliptureThis is what I used:
fliptureShould I use some other guide or use folsom instead on ubuntu 12.04?16:47
JHodgeI am having luck with 12.04 on folsom except the networking part :-)16:48
fliptureJHodge: same :).16:48
*** aeperezt has joined #openstack16:49
sgranso, quantum is both ard and the future16:49
fliptureCan anyone advice me on my interfaces file setup? Should I have both iface for the bridge and eth1? or just bridge and bridge it to eth1?16:49
sgranif you don't need the complexity and this is't permanent just use nova-network16:49
JHodgeThis is in the log. Stdout: '{attached-mac="fa:16:3e:ec:1a:03", iface-id="d972d50c-0fc4-4aa6-bedf-8b1d963dfd65", iface-status=active, vm-uuid="a94e8b44-3c70-4cef-aebc-2dc00319b579"}\n'16:50
sgranif it's permanent, you'll want to start learning qusntum16:50
fliptureI would like to be able to set a static IP for the server ( and hoping to be able to use for my vm network. I would expect this setup to give the bridge address.16:50
JHodgeThat is the one thing my setup does right16:51
sgranhave you guys read the quantum admin guide?16:51
fliptureI'm using nova-network, would the quantum admin guide help me?16:51
JHodgeexcept the VMs can see everything on my internal network, even the APC pdus web interface.16:52
JHodgeMy router is and I can ping that, but the floating ip of is still not pingable.16:53
sgranis there a nat on the network host?16:53
sgrancan you tcpdump and see traffic get to and leve the network host correctly?16:53
sgran(sorry typing one handed at the moment)16:54
JHodgehavent tried a tcp dump. Assumed that if it could get anywhere inside the network it should ping its floating ip :-)16:54
sgranwhat do your security groups for the vm look like? what does iptables on the compute host look like?16:55
sgran(pastebins for those, rather than here, please)16:55
JHodgeI added all networks, 100.0.;0.0, and the vms full access16:56
JHodgeiptables shows me quantum-l3-agent-INPUT - gre - quantum-filter-top - quantum-l3-agent-FORWARD all accept anywhere to anywhere16:57
fliptureJHodge: Are you using one network interface or two?16:58
JHodgeI am using 1 on compute 2 on network 2 on controller and 1 on cinder16:58
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC16:58
fliptureJHodge: Ah ok. I've only got 1, all services on one host... Was hoping your intefaces setup might help me :)16:59
JHodgeI ahve 2 physcical switches 1 for the 10. network and one for the 100. network16:59
JHodgethe vms 50. network flows through the 10. networks switch16:59
fliptureI have a single host with one interface connected to a router with the IP My problem currently is that no matter what I do, when I restart nova-network, it sets the bridge IP to which conflicts with my router...17:00
fliptureI've changed all settings in nova.conf to not be 192.168.0... but still it sets it to that. Should I start over? purge my mysqldb or something?17:01
JHodgeDont know allot about nova network I had to set up the IPs in quantum CLI17:01
fliptureJHodge: gotcha...17:02
*** jsindy has joined #openstack17:02
flipturesgran: might you have any idea? Any info I can provide to help troubleshoot?17:02
*** Thor has joined #openstack17:03
JHodgeon openstack paste I have paste number Paste #3324717:03
JHodgethat is iptables from compute node17:04
JHodgeiptables from the network node
JHodgeovs-vsctl show on the network node
JHodgeovs-vsctl show on the compute node
*** KyleMacDonald has quit IRC17:08
JHodgebrctl show on the compute node
JHodgebrctl show on the network node
JHodgeIll send you a 12pack or whatever you drink if you can help me figure this out lol\17:11
*** jsindy has quit IRC17:12
*** sayan has joined #openstack17:12
JHodgeeverything leaves the network node correctly17:14
*** rigolox has quit IRC17:16
fliptureIf anyone has a chance to look...17:16
flipturehere is my interfaces:
fliptureand my nova.conf:
*** dsanders has joined #openstack17:17
*** leetrout_ has joined #openstack17:18
*** jsindy has joined #openstack17:22
JHodgeif I do a nslookup from the vm and it gives me the ip of the dhcp server with a query refused response what would I lok at to find out why? iptables are correct, nova-security is set to allow everything.17:23
*** jbresnah has quit IRC17:25
*** rahmu has joined #openstack17:27
*** SergeyLukjanov has joined #openstack17:29
JHodgeWould it be better if I switch my network from gre tunneling to vlans?17:30
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack17:30
*** leetrout_ has quit IRC17:30
*** dguitarbite has joined #openstack17:31
JHodgeI think I might have to try vlans instead of gre and if that fails try cloudstack?17:31
fliptureEveryone is asleep i think :(.17:33
*** JesperA has joined #openstack17:35
dguitarbiteim not17:38
dguitarbiteasleep yet tell me17:38
dguitarbitehaha very informative ...17:39
fliptureMight you know anything about setting up a single node single interface openstack host?17:39
dguitarbitewhat is the exact problem?17:39
*** julianwa has quit IRC17:39
dguitarbitedo you want to do a test setup?17:39
flipturewell, I've set up openstack essex on ubuntu 12.04. I have a single nic.17:39
fliptureCurrently the problem is that no matter what I do, when i restart nova-network, it assigns IP to the bridge interface, which is the IP of my router and breaks everything. :)17:40
fliptureno matter what I change in nova.conf I can not seem to get it to chagne this behavior.17:40
fliptureI've got my interfaces file here:
fliptureAnd my nova.conf here:17:41
fliptureI would like to set everything up to use 192.168.0.* addresses17:41
*** yamahata_ has quit IRC17:42
flipturemy router assigns dhcp to .15917:42
fliptureAny suggestions on where I'm going wrong?17:42
*** ilblackdragon has quit IRC17:43
dguitarbiteohk I have one suggestion for you17:43
dguitarbiteyou could take a look at this guide for installing openstack on VM's instead of actual machine17:44
dguitarbitefor testing and learning17:44
dguitarbiteotherwise you need to switch off your router's DHCP17:44
dguitarbiteif you could do so17:44
fliptureI could, yes.17:44
fliptureI'm open for setting it up on VM's but at this point i'm quite determined to get it working this way if its confirmed possible :)17:44
sgranflipture: I suspect that you've defined 192.168.0.x as a network that nova should manage17:45
dguitarbiteyou should note that quantum networks is not able to assign IP address to the VM's launched ... hopefully it gets fixed in Grizzly17:45
sgranJHodge: the iptables on the network node is empty.  Are you using network namespaces?17:46
dguitarbitebut I have tried Nova-Networks on this setup of OpenStack on Virtual Box and also my friend did spawn Server Images on AWS and checked nova network it works17:46
JHodgeno the giude said to turn them off. Should I turn thewm on?17:46
sgranit doesn't make a difference - just adds complexity17:46
flipturesgran: how might I check that? And if it is defined, should i remove it and move the vm's IP space to 192.168.3.* or something?17:46
sgranwhile you're learning, I'd advise not to17:46
sgranflipture: look in the database17:47
sgranI don't know nova-network all that well, sorry17:47
*** JesperA has quit IRC17:47
sgranJHodge: can you run iptables-save instead ?17:47
flipturesgran: no worries. I did see 192.168.0.* in mysql earlier and I removed it becuase nova-nework refused to remove it and said it was in use.17:47
sgranactually iptables-save -c17:48
JHodgeI just rebooted all the nodes, going to check if the bridges come up automatically. Will run that in a sec17:48
dguitarbitecan try with using something else instad of the zero ???17:48
dguitarbiteI dont know if xx.0.0.xx17:48
dguitarbiteis allowed17:48
dguitarbiteas an Ip address17:48
dguitarbitedoes someone know about it?17:48
sgransure, why not?17:48
sgran0.0.0.1 is a valid ip17:49
dguitarbiteI was not knowing about it as xx.xx.xx.0 is not17:49
sgranI wouldn't use it, of course :)17:49
sgransure it is17:49
sgranit's just that often it's the network address17:49
flipturesgran: you're right, I see in the nova-manage network list again17:49
sgranbut in, is a valid host address17:49
sgranflipture: yeah, remove it17:49
JHodgecompute node on a iipconfig the br-tun and br-int didnt come up automatically17:50
flipturesgran: ok. I may drop off as when i restart nova-network, it kills my internet connection usually :)17:50
JHodgeifconfig -a17:50
JHodgeoops :-)17:50
*** JesperA has joined #openstack17:50
flipturesgran: can you peek at my nova.conf and make sure i'm diong things right in there? I think thats where it is/was coming from17:50
sgrancan you look through the log for the openvswitch agent and see if anything pops out at you?17:50
sgranflipture: I'm unlikely to be helpful17:50
sgranI don't know nova-network at all17:51
sgranI know basic networking :)17:51
flipturesgran: ok, no worries, thanks :)17:51
JHodgeafter reboot iptables on the compute node are empty17:51
sgranthey should reapply in a few moments - if they don't, something is wrong17:51
JHodgethe iptables on the network node look the same17:52
sgranplease pastebin the output of iptables-save -c on a network node and a compute node17:53
JHodgewould you like to see the ifconfig for the network and compute node before I bring them up manually?17:53
sgranpastebin the output of ip addr show as well, sure17:54
JHodgenetwork node iptables
sgranand maybe pastebin the agent log since restart17:54
JHodgeiptables on compute node
JHodgeifconfig -a on compute
sgranyour rules are backwards, I think17:56
JHodgeifconfig regular on compute
JHodgeifconfig regular on network
JHodgeifconfig -a on network
sgransorry, when I said 'ip addr show' I actually meant 'ip addr show'17:58
sgranifconfig output hides secondary addresses17:58
JHodgesorry :-)17:58
sgranwhat is 50.x ?17:58
JHodgenetwork node
flipturesgran: looks like that got me a bit further! I was able to start networking and it didnt' assign the wrong IP to the bridge. Still not sure if my nova.conf is set up correctly tho so we'll see if this instance spins up. Its still building so thats a good sign.17:59
sgranyeah, so try running ifup eth1 in your boot scripts (iface eth1 inet manual\n\tup ip link set eth1 up17:59
JHodgecompute node
JHodgefor compute or network?18:00
sgranfor the one where eth1 is link down in the above output :)18:00
sgranI thought that was network18:00
sgranbut, a few observations - you have rules that inbound traffic destined to 10.x to 50.x - that seems wrong18:01
sgranI suspect your networks and routers aren't set up quite right18:01
sgranI'd delete them all, go read the quantum admin guide, and then recreate them after reading it :)18:02
sgranalso, no rules at all on the compute host is suspicious - I think nova-compute isn't starting at boot18:02
JHodgeI dont use eth1 on the network node. I skipped it and use eth0 and eth2 per the giude18:03
JHodgecorrent no nova processes on compute18:03
sgranthat's one of your problems, then :)18:04
sgranovs also looks wrong on the compute node18:05
sgranyou have a patch port for br-int, but no br-int?18:05
sgranoh, no, I misread, sorry18:05
sgranbut still, I think all those ports as top level bridges isn't right18:05
*** jcmartin has joined #openstack18:06
JHodgeok nova compute running18:06
JHodgeiptables still empty18:07
*** gdeciantis has joined #openstack18:07
gdeciantisHi all18:07
gdeciantisI have a question about extending nova scheduler. I have been searching around and can't find the information that I am looking for.18:08
JHodgebrcompatd not running on either host, lsmod shows nothing18:08
gdeciantisoops wrong channel18:08
JHodgenm brcompat showing on compute18:08
*** Gordonz has quit IRC18:09
JHodgebrcompat not showing on network node18:09
JHodgeis brcompatd necessary?18:09
*** jcmartin has quit IRC18:10
*** Domin has quit IRC18:10
*** jcmartin has joined #openstack18:11
JHodgein defaults for openvswitch I has Yes instead of yes.18:12
*** garyk has joined #openstack18:12
JHodgerebooting the compute node18:14
*** Domin has joined #openstack18:14
JHodgehow can I get the route to stick on the controller node on reboot? I added a route between the virtual router and the external network.18:15
JHodgeshould I ave added that to the network node instread?18:15
JHodgedamn fat fingers18:16
fliptureso my node seems to be stuck in build status. when I try to view the log for it, I get "Unable to find host for Instance ..." in the log. Any thoughts?18:17
*** gdeciantis has left #openstack18:17
flipturedon't see any other errors in other logs18:17
JHodgeit can take a minute or two to build18:18
*** jcmartin has quit IRC18:18
fliptureIts been about 10 :-\ I'll give it a bit more time tho. Should I expect to see unable to find host until after it has cmopleted building?18:18
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack18:19
JHodgeoh you are on a single node. Depending on your hardware it shouldnt take that long. check the logs for nova-compute18:19
JHodgeI run conder on a different machine so I had probelms in the beginning18:20
fliptureJHodge: Ok cool. I'll watch those. I'm worried becuase I don't see an IP address set in the overview yet. I'm pretty convinced my nova.conf file is still not right... Anyone here able to guide me on what my fixed_range, floating_range, etc.. should be for single node single interface?18:21
JHodgeI dont know sorry, I jumped right in to a multi node setup with folsom18:22
JHodgeI shoulda went single node but my boss wanted to go the full route18:22
JHodgeSometimes ther eis not talking to that guy, total layer 8 type of person18:23
fliptureJHodge: I wish I could go multi but only have enough hardware at hoem for single :). Had two but motherboard died on me the other day after a power outage right before i went to set it up...18:23
flipturehah, i hear ya...18:23
JHodgeouch sorry man18:23
JHodgeI went stright to the DC with the hardware put it in and he said lets do this with a werid look on his face like he forgot I told him we wernt ready lol18:24
*** __Big0__ has joined #openstack18:25
fliptureLOL, thats be basic theme at my workplace too... push it out before there are standards, documentation, or tested concepts...18:25
*** jcmartin has joined #openstack18:25
JHodgeI dont even have swift up18:25
JHodgehavent even started on that part yet18:26
JHodgequantum is kicking my ass18:26
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC18:26
JHodgethe DC is also 20 miles away from the office even tho the same company that runs that dc has one 1 mile away. layer 818:27
fliptureweird. having trouble finding anything to troubleshoot. started a second node while tailing all logs grepping for ERROR and getting nothing...18:27
fliptureJHodge: lol18:27
*** dguitarbite has left #openstack18:28
JHodgethen he gets 2 r900s on a 15amp plan and expects to run 10 servers and devices on that same 15amps18:29
JHodgethe r900s take 6 amps apiece under no load lol18:30
*** __Big0__ has quit IRC18:30
flipturehaha, that wont' work so well... love how they expect us to work matic18:30
flipturemagic even18:30
JHodgeadd that to quantum and I have too much on my plate18:30
JHodgeya I know18:31
*** Tross has quit IRC18:34
*** RicardoSSP has quit IRC18:35
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack18:37
*** jodok has quit IRC18:37
*** davidha has joined #openstack18:38
*** sandeepr has quit IRC18:39
*** flipture has quit IRC18:40
*** flzz has joined #openstack18:43
*** __Big0__ has joined #openstack18:47
*** JHodge has quit IRC18:49
*** __Big0__ has quit IRC18:49
*** torandu has joined #openstack18:50
*** henrynash has quit IRC18:57
*** sayan has quit IRC18:57
*** mrunge has quit IRC18:57
*** Pwngu has quit IRC18:58
*** __Big0__ has joined #openstack18:58
*** bpf has joined #openstack19:02
*** jodok has joined #openstack19:03
*** jodok has joined #openstack19:03
*** __Big0__ has quit IRC19:03
*** Tross has joined #openstack19:06
*** flipture has joined #openstack19:07
*** JesperA has quit IRC19:08
*** Ritz has quit IRC19:08
*** JesperA has joined #openstack19:09
*** Pwngu has joined #openstack19:12
*** flipture has quit IRC19:13
*** evanjfraser has joined #openstack19:13
*** __Big0__ has joined #openstack19:19
*** JesperA has quit IRC19:23
*** vipul is now known as vipul|away19:26
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*** victor_lowther has quit IRC19:29
*** __Big0__ has joined #openstack19:30
*** __Big0__ has quit IRC19:33
*** Tross has quit IRC19:37
*** flipture has joined #openstack19:39
fliptureanyone on how that knows about setting up networking (interfaces and nova.conf) on a single node, single interface system?19:40
*** dal has joined #openstack19:40
*** __Big0__ has joined #openstack19:40
*** Pwngu has quit IRC19:40
*** __Big0__ has quit IRC19:41
*** Pwngu has joined #openstack19:42
*** aspiers has quit IRC19:42
*** aspiers has joined #openstack19:45
*** stevebaker has joined #openstack19:46
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC19:46
*** CaptNemo_ is now known as CaptNemo19:50
*** CaptNemo has joined #openstack19:51
*** bpf has quit IRC19:52
*** Damien__ has joined #openstack19:54
*** vkmc has joined #openstack19:55
*** bpf has joined #openstack19:57
*** Damien has quit IRC19:58
*** Lance34 has joined #openstack20:01
Lance34Anyone having some experience with cinder20:01
Lance34i have created a 1G volume20:02
Lance34when i try to attach it to a instance20:02
Lance34it goes on to attaching but after sometime it becomes available again20:02
vkmcLance34, Hi! It becomes available and keep attached to the instance?20:04
Lance34it does n't attach to instance20:05
vkmcLance34, So it fails attaching20:05
vkmc Lance34, And your instance is up and running, right?20:07
Lance34On cinder list, it first shows that it is attaching to the instance but after sometime, it again becomes available without attaching20:07
*** pokoli has joined #openstack20:07
*** ron-slc has joined #openstack20:08
vkmcLance34, Which distro and how did you deploy the stack?20:09
Lance34multi node OS installation, quantum + HA with drbd,pacemaker20:10
Lance34vkmc: How is your 101 initiative going ?20:11
vkmcLance34, Pretty well :) Thanks for asking... there are already some people getting involved and I expect more to come20:12
Lance34Will see to it at summit20:12
Lance34i hope more people join it.20:13
vkmcThanks :) I'm working with dachary on a proper presentation... he has an awesome experience, so I'm sure we'll have a great time20:14
Lance34Good to hear that :)20:15
Lance34best of luck.20:15
vkmcAbout your issue with Cinder, being a multi node installation is harder to debug, so you'll need to check Cinder logs to see what's going on20:16
*** jsindy is now known as monst20:16
vkmcOh thanks :) Hope to see you around20:16
Lance34see ya...20:16
*** moula_ has quit IRC20:25
vkmcLance34, Let me know if you can check Cinder logs20:25
Lance34there is nothing in cinder logs20:25
*** lfazio has quit IRC20:25
*** JesperA has joined #openstack20:25
vkmcLance34, Ok, in that case, it's often helpful to run Cinder in a different terminal and check the debugging info when trying to attach the instance20:26
*** koert has quit IRC20:27
Lance34vkmc: I feel its the problem with tgtd picking up iscsi target20:31
*** flipture has quit IRC20:34
vkmcLance34, I'm checking this entry
vkmcLance34, It's odd that it hasn't been solved yet, but it's possible!20:34
*** crandquist has joined #openstack20:36
*** icyground has quit IRC20:36
*** icyground has joined #openstack20:38
*** bersace_nss has quit IRC20:44
*** Shmouel is now known as Shmouel`away20:44
arijwhat are your opinions on stackops?20:47
zykes-arij: stackops what ?20:47
arijim not sure?20:48
arijthe free one? or enterprise?20:48
zykes-arij: you who asked here : )20:49
arijim very new to this, i just see they have integration with hostbill20:49
arijand this is what i am looking for20:49
arijdoes anyone else have hostbill integration?20:49
zykes-ah ok20:50
zykes-arij: we're working a billingsystem that can use ceilometer20:51
zykes-fyi :)20:51
arijim not sure what that is20:52
ariji use whmcs, im going to have to import to hostbill some how20:53
arijif there is another easier way.. i would prefer it :)20:53
zykes-what does hostbill do exactly ?20:53
zykes-ah nvm20:54
zykes-basically they have a billingpart20:54
zykes-we're developing a system that does that20:54
zykes-highly pluggable :)20:54
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:56
*** bersace_nss has joined #openstack20:56
*** sirushti has quit IRC20:56
kutijahi zykes- :)20:57
zykes-ello kutija20:57
kutijawhmcs and hostbill don't have any kind of connector to OpenStack20:58
kutijaso you need to develop it by yourself20:58
zykes-kutija: we've already covered that part20:58
zykes-allmost :)20:58
zykes-and we're 100% opensource, so you can send patches if you wanna ;)20:59
kutijawho is you? :)20:59
kutijaand which system is that?20:59
zykes-anyone who wants :)20:59
zykes-billingstack kutija20:59
kutijawell nice21:00
*** jcmartin has quit IRC21:00
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack21:00
kutijalooks very promising21:00
zykes-I think it is ;)21:00
kutijajudging by the description, this is very useful for us, web hosting providers :)21:01
kutijaI'll try it21:01
kutijawith WHMCS and write a plugin :)21:01
zykes-why do you need whcms ? ;p21:02
kutijawe use WHMCS for billing21:02
kutijaand products&services tracking21:02
zykes-so BS would be useless then I guess21:03
kutijano, it would not21:03
kutijaactually I would integrate these two21:03
*** crandquist has quit IRC21:03
zykes-oh, k21:03
*** ProfFalken has quit IRC21:04
*** bruges_ has quit IRC21:04
*** ProfFalken has joined #openstack21:06
*** henrynash has joined #openstack21:06
*** bruges has joined #openstack21:06
*** davidhadas has joined #openstack21:09
*** davidha has quit IRC21:09
*** sirushti has joined #openstack21:10
*** scuttlemonkey has joined #openstack21:10
*** scuttlemonkey has left #openstack21:11
*** flipture has joined #openstack21:11
Lance34zykes-: Any idea how nova compute discovers the iscsi_ip_address present in cinder.conf21:12
Lance34zykes-: I have a multi node installation, i am having problem in attaching cinder volumes to instances21:13
*** adjohn has quit IRC21:14
*** stevebaker has quit IRC21:15
zykes-Lance34: sorry no :)21:15
Lance34zykes-: okay :)21:16
*** sthaha has joined #openstack21:16
vkmcLance34, I thought there was a workaround in the mail list link I shared to you, have you checked it?21:17
Lance34its not the same issue.21:17
kutijaI would like to know how Cinder scales? for example, if I have 5 disks in cinder-volume and I need to create some volume, does Cinder take care about disk usage, i/o wait etc?21:17
Lance34it was already set in my configs21:17
*** clopez has joined #openstack21:17
vkmcLance34, Oh too bad :/21:17
*** stevebaker has joined #openstack21:20
zykes-kutija: try that at @ jgriffith21:20
*** davidha has joined #openstack21:21
kutijazykes-: will do, thanks21:21
kutijazykes-: maybe you know, If I have 2 compute nodes is there a way to explicitly tell on which one I want to run an instance?21:22
*** davidhadas has quit IRC21:22
kutijaI know there is scheduler and default weight for nodes21:22
kutijabut I want to do it explicitly21:22
zykes-kutija: wonder if you can do a arg21:22
zykes-not sure though21:22
kutijaI was looking CLI docs but have not found it21:23
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tjbenatorHello all, Is there command to remove a hypervisor from an openstack cluster?21:57
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tjbenatorWhat does 'nova unrescue <host>' do/22:29
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