Thursday, 2013-06-13

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FatDarrelgcheng: need it such that we don't have to enter the root password00:01
gchengcreate and download the ssh key pairs,00:02
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gchengthen you can ssh -i <keypair.pem> <VMNode>00:02
gchengroot@<VMNode>, or ec2_user@<VMNode> for some images.00:03
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gchengwith openstack setup on top of KVM,  can we disable virbr0 NAT, or just remove it to shorten the iptables length? nevertheless, openstack seems doesn't use that NAT.00:11
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Chocobo2013-06-12 20:29:00  WARNING [keystone.contrib.stats.core] Unable to resolve API as either public or admin:
ChocoboWhat does that mean?00:31
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Apsu`gcheng: You talking about the "default" libvirt network?
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gcheng@Apsu, yes00:40
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Apsu`gcheng: Yes you can disable it. virsh net-destroy default; virsh net-autostart default --disable00:41
gchengCan we disable the default libvirt network, it seems never used in openstack00:41
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gcheng@Apsu, does it has any side effects to openstack?00:41
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gcheng@Apsu, a surprise, I run the commands, and find that all iptables rules immediately went away.00:48
gchengand so I can not access VM nodes on it,00:48
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sviesusisalushello. i've just installed single node openstack. everything looks like working, but there is a problem with volume snapshots. i can create them, but if i try to delete, they stuck in deleting. server load rises from 0.3 to 9. anny suggestions how to fix this ?04:34
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koolhead17sviesusisalus, can you check if something log has to tell you. Also do you have enough space to save your snapshot?04:40
koolhead17sviesusisalus, also check for same on Ask see if someone has reported the same issue & got answered04:41
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sviesusisalusi have plenty free space, it looks like snapshot creation completes successfuly, but deletion impossible04:44
sviesusisalusnova-volume log says nothing suspicious04:44
koolhead17sviesusisalus, if you are trying it from command line do a verbose option and see whats going on04:44
sviesusisalusim trying from dashboard04:45
koolhead17sviesusisalus, ok.04:46
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sviesusisaluslooks like snapshot zeroing blows up my computers load05:05
sviesusisalusbut writes nothing to the hard drive05:05
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hk_peteris tenant == project ?07:40
erwan_tafsomehow yes, it's a set of ressources that some will use. Ressources + setup + users makes the tenant07:41
erwan_tafs/makes the/are associated with a/07:42
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tim|minthi all, I'm just looking at OpenStack and I'm wondering if a shared storage solution is required or if it can work with 'normal' local storage on hosts?07:49
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koolhead17both works07:50
tim|mintok, cool, so we could start out with cheap off-the-shelf (as in, old hardware :)) and switch to something like ceph at a later time07:51
erwan_tafceph does use local storage so no problem to use your existing setup07:53
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koolhead17yes. reading openstack operators guide will be helpful07:55
hk_peterkeystone user-role-list can list out which user is in which tenant. But which API/command i can assign a user to a tenant?07:56
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hk_peteri want to complete the tenant management, so i need to know how to assign a user for a tenant. I know when creating user, you can assign a tenant for him. But user:tenant should be one to many.07:58
tim|minterwan_taf: yes, but I can't use ceph for storage on compute nodes, right? or will it make sure it always prefers to access local storage first? I'm a bit worried about our 1GB network between nodes and how it could get saturated pretty quickly if you use network storage07:59
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tim|mintIO performance for VPSes is what keeps most of our customers on dedicated hardware08:00
tim|mintand switching to 10G network will take some time08:00
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erwan_taftim|mint: that's always a tradeof between the money you spend and the global performance you have08:01
dtx00ff@hk_peter yes tenant is equivalent to project08:01
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tim|mintagreed, but that's why we're starting with local storage first, so we can upgrade to a faster network first :)08:01
dtx00ffone way of adding users to tenant is through Horizon as an admin08:01
hk_peterso i am pretty confirm that keystone missed an APU to assign user to tenant08:01
hk_peteran API i meant08:02
dtx00ffno there is an API to add a to the user but not well documented08:02
dtx00fflet me dig08:02
erwan_taftim|mint: that would prevent live migration for example08:02
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hk_peteror i should directly write to mysql ? and work around?08:02
hk_peterthanks dtx00ff08:03
dtx00ff@hk_peter if Horizon has a feature then that means there is an API for it, there is no bypassing that is done by the UI08:03
tim|minttrue, but live migration is for us a nice-to-have, currently... we don't have that in our current setup... we're just looking for tooling to move into the current decade instead of creating VMs by hand (with local scripts), first08:03
dtx00ff@hk_peter it is never advised to directly mess with the DB, not for any service. bad practice08:03
*** virt_ has joined #openstack08:03
hk_peterhorizon dashboard cann't assign a user to a tenant, it can only do : when you are creating a new user, you can assign a primary tenant for him08:03
hk_peterIf i got no way to assign user to tenant, the user-tenant design is pretty useless in openstack08:04
dtx00ff@hk_peter if ou log in as admin and go to projects - plus sign - choose from a list of members you have to add a member08:04
hk_peterreally can't see the plus sign, i am using "F" version. Can you point me out?08:05
dtx00ffhmm, give me a few minutes.08:05
dtx00ffdoing couple of things08:05
*** jhesketh has joined #openstack08:06
*** johnthetubaguy has joined #openstack08:06
*** perfectsine has quit IRC08:06
*** jbresnah has joined #openstack08:06
*** psedlak has quit IRC08:06
hk_peterdtx00ff, are you in any openstack sub-project team?08:07
dtx00ff@tim|mint that is what openstack does, it is just a BIG script to create VMs, you can invest in a team to spawn computes off KVM, add other services on top and you have your own OpenStack08:07
*** freck has joined #openstack08:07
dtx00ff@tim|mint there is nothing 'current decade' about this, it's just a fast forward, cut the crap solution08:08
*** arif-ali has joined #openstack08:08
*** mmagr has joined #openstack08:09
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack08:10
*** Ile has quit IRC08:10
*** starmer has quit IRC08:11
*** jbresnah has quit IRC08:12
*** starmer has joined #openstack08:13
*** danblack has quit IRC08:16
*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack08:16
*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack08:16
hk_peterI want to invite some people to my opensource project, but seems not many people are interesting :(08:16
*** cocoadaemon has joined #openstack08:16
ekarlsohk_peter: what project ?08:18
*** carif has joined #openstack08:18
*** jbresnah has joined #openstack08:20
hk_peterA project call "Pandora", a new admin UI for openstack. Our customers complaint that the dashboard are far from production.08:20
cocoadaemonI've got that question about privatizing parts of an openstack clouds08:20
*** number80 has quit IRC08:20
hk_petertake a look the screen shots
*** starmer has quit IRC08:20
cocoadaemonSorry to interrupt08:21
fifieldtlooks shiny hk_peter :) you should post on the mailing list ( so people in US/EU can look when they wake up08:21
fifieldtwhat is your question cocoadaemon?08:21
hk_peterthanks fifields, I will release the first version to public, it is completely opensource. In the first version, all you can do in dashboard, you can do in Pandora.08:22
cocoadaemonwell basically, we have a new client coming, requesting 15 physicals with cloud clontrol.08:22
cocoadaemonQuestion is : do we a separate openstack instance or can we isolate his servers08:22
cocoadaemon^do we a^do we create08:23
uvirtbotcocoadaemon: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).08:23
cocoadaemon ^do we a^do we create08:23
fifieldtYou have options to use the same control infrastructure, but segregate physical servers:
koolhead17hk_peter: waoo cool. I thought its some commercial dashboard08:23
fifieldtHost Aggregates is probably the easiest08:23
cocoadaemonah, thanks. segragation sounds cool. Wait...08:23
koolhead17fifieldt: hellos08:24
*** lukego has joined #openstack08:24
*** starmer has joined #openstack08:24
hk_peteryeah, we want to make it commercial, helping company to build private cloud08:24
fifieldthi koolhead1708:24
* fifieldt may be coming to OpenStack India day08:25
*** jeffreyio has quit IRC08:26
cocoadaemonfifieldt, thanks a lot.08:27
*** SergeyLukjanov has joined #openstack08:27
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC08:27
* koolhead17 gives hi5 fifieldt 08:27
fifieldtyou're very welcome cocoadaemon08:27
dtx00fftry this
*** SergeyLukjanov has joined #openstack08:28
dtx00ffand experiment with keystone user-create [...]08:28
hk_peter@dtx00ff, thanks so much08:29
*** fandikurnia01 has joined #openstack08:29
dtx00ff@hk_peter np, and again, one advice, dont bypass the API and mess with DB, can cause all kinds of nightmare08:29
hk_petertotally agree with that08:30
*** grizzle has quit IRC08:30
*** tzn has quit IRC08:31
*** grizzle has joined #openstack08:32
*** number80 has joined #openstack08:34
*** darjeeling has quit IRC08:34
*** zoresvit has joined #openstack08:35
*** souleymane has joined #openstack08:37
*** davi has quit IRC08:37
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*** jodok has joined #openstack08:38
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*** kaushikc has joined #openstack08:38
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*** derekh has joined #openstack08:38
*** zoresvit has joined #openstack08:38
*** gakott has joined #openstack08:39
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*** jcoufal has joined #openstack08:41
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*** Dharmit has joined #openstack08:42
*** garyk has quit IRC08:43
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*** Dharmit has joined #openstack08:43
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*** kevein has joined #openstack08:46
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*** jcoufal has joined #openstack08:47
*** dmi|afk is now known as dmi08:48
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*** vsergeyev has joined #openstack09:07
*** zoresvit has joined #openstack09:09
tim|mintdtx00ff: true, but scripts not being maintained by us is good progress :) we're sysadmins, not programmers (late reply, sorry)09:09
*** gakott has quit IRC09:09
*** gakott has joined #openstack09:10
dtx00ffthen it makes sense09:10
dtx00ffand np09:10
dtx00ffmouse enable09:11
*** dtx00ff has quit IRC09:11
*** evanjfraser has quit IRC09:12
*** dmarkey has joined #openstack09:12
*** freck has quit IRC09:14
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*** BjoernC has joined #openstack09:14
*** DoniRS has joined #openstack09:15
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*** carif has joined #openstack09:16
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*** netsrob has joined #openstack09:28
*** egallen has joined #openstack09:29
*** egallen has quit IRC09:31
*** gdubreui has joined #openstack09:31
netsrobhi, after an upgrade of nova and keystone i get 'Network list can not be retrieved.' and  'Unable to retrieve quota information.' - how can i fix this? i've already checked most of the corresponding logs09:33
*** dizquierdo has joined #openstack09:35
*** andyandy has joined #openstack09:35
*** jichenjc has quit IRC09:35
*** vsergeyev has quit IRC09:36
netsrobcinder and glance seem to work like before09:36
*** vsergeyev has joined #openstack09:37
*** Dady has joined #openstack09:38
*** Dady has quit IRC09:39
*** alekibango has joined #openstack09:40
*** martyntaylor has joined #openstack09:40
jpichnetsrob: "Network list can not be retrieved" would indicate an issue talking to quantum09:40
*** Dady has joined #openstack09:41
netsrobjpich: quantum net-list works for me, just horizon refuses to show me stuff09:41
jpichnetsrob: Is there more info in the apache logs when that happens, like a traceback?09:42
netsrobjpich: couldn't find anything useful, is there the possibility to set a debug flag somewhere for this?09:43
netsrob[error] \x1b[31;1mRecoverable error: [Errno 111] Connection refused\x1b[0m maybe09:44
jpichnetsrob: If this is a dev or test system (not production) you could set DEBUG to True in the local_settings.py09:44
netsrobjpich: it's on the way to production ^^09:45
netsrobi'll have a try09:45
*** egallen has joined #openstack09:45
jpichnetsrob: Ok, then that "connection refused" message probably comes back from quantum. Can you double check all the URLs for networking in the keystone catalogue are correct?09:45
*** huan_ has quit IRC09:46
*** Dave2 is now known as Dave09:47
*** pokoli has quit IRC09:47
*** miclorb has joined #openstack09:48
netsrobjpich: all internal IP's are the same and external IP's too (single-node setup) so thats correct09:49
sviesusisalushi. i have single node install. my eth0 is public and flat eth0:1 is my fixed range is and floating range is starting at i have bridged flat eth0:1 to br100. after rebooting my server eth0 gets and default gateway is set to flat ip. where is the problem ?09:50
*** gakott has joined #openstack09:50
netsrobjpich: admin-IP's schould be the internal ones?09:51
*** pantea has joined #openstack09:52
jpichnetsrob: They all look the same on my test system too, http://<ip>:9696/09:52
*** miclorb has quit IRC09:52
*** huats_ is now known as huats09:52
jpichnetsrob: I'm kind of stuck for ideas, particularly if this is a single node setup. The "network list" error message + "connection refused" suggest to me that Horizon cannot reach the quantum server09:53
jpichnetsrob: What OS is this?09:54
netsrobok, thanks for your ideas anyway :)09:54
netsrobUbuntu 12.04 LTS09:54
*** skort has quit IRC09:55
jpichnetsrob: Yeah, so I'm really out of ideas, sorry about this09:55
*** miclorb has joined #openstack09:55
*** aruntomar has quit IRC09:55
*** grizzle has quit IRC09:55
*** grizzle has joined #openstack09:56
netsrobjpich: no problem ;) are the ports at the second entry different too? internal: http://<ip>:5000/v2.0 Admin: http://<ip>:35357/v2.009:57
jpichnetsrob: That's keystone / identity rather than quantum / network here, right? That looks correct to me for keystone09:58
*** aruntomar has joined #openstack09:59
netsrobshould be, i'm not that experienced with openstack ;)09:59
netsrobon both ports are some python-services listening, so it should be allright10:00
*** anande has quit IRC10:00
*** bobba has quit IRC10:00
jpichnetsrob: quantum should be listening on 9696. When you run "keystone catalog" as an admin, it should show you each service name + their urls including ports10:02
netsrobok, quantum is listening on 969610:04
*** aruntomar has quit IRC10:04
netsrobstrange thing is: when working as admin on cli quantum works10:05
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack10:11
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC10:12
*** aruntomar has joined #openstack10:12
*** jgallard has quit IRC10:13
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*** dtxasd has left #openstack10:30
*** fri9876 has joined #openstack10:31
fri9876@dtx00ff can we speak here?10:32
*** dtx00ff has quit IRC10:34
*** dtx00ff has joined #openstack10:35
*** StarBeast has joined #openstack10:35
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fri9876@dtx00ff ?10:36
*** grizzle has joined #openstack10:36
*** fri9876 has quit IRC10:37
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*** ashka has joined #openstack11:08
ashkahello there, I was wondering if anyone ever tried to get storage working with a synology NAS11:09
*** psedlak has quit IRC11:10
*** amerine has joined #openstack11:10
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*** Tauqeer has joined #openstack11:42
TauqeerHi all11:43
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack11:46
*** chandankumar has joined #openstack11:48
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*** ogelbukh has joined #openstack12:03
fifieldthi Tauqeer12:08
Tauqeerhi fifieldt12:08
fifieldthow are you?12:08
Tauqeergood thanks, how are you?12:08
*** chasmo has joined #openstack12:08
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack12:09
*** jpich has joined #openstack12:09
*** WMipv6 has quit IRC12:09
fifieldtnot bad :)12:10
fifieldtjust organising a min-conference at the last minute12:10
Tauqeergreat. I need some help about openstack specifically in keystone. Can you please help me ?12:10
fifieldtI'm not an expert, but I'll try my best :)12:11
TauqeerOK did you try debugging openstack or keystone in eclipse?12:11
fifieldtunfortunately not -12:12
fifieldtthough I recall a good answer on eclipse debugging here:
fifieldtThere's also:
Tauqeeri tried but i guess the help was not complete so i miss some steps.12:13
*** leseb has quit IRC12:13
fifieldtwhat's going wrong?12:13
*** racker_markd has joined #openstack12:14
*** noslzzp has joined #openstack12:14
*** skort has quit IRC12:15
TauqeerI am using this help.12:15
*** wa- has quit IRC12:15
*** skort has joined #openstack12:15
*** martine_ has joined #openstack12:15
Tauqeerpip-python install -r tools/pip-require, this command is not working for me12:16
fifieldtok, what is it saying?12:16
*** desai has joined #openstack12:16
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC12:17
Tauqeerpip-python command not found12:17
fifieldttry replacing pip-python with pip12:17
*** dneary has quit IRC12:17
Tauqeeri did but no use12:18
fifieldtstill 'command not found' ?12:18
Tauqeerwhat is your area of work, I mean what area you doing in OpenStack?12:18
fifieldttry # sudo apt-get install python-pip12:19
*** freedomhui has joined #openstack12:19
fifieldtI'm actually the OpenStack Community Manager, working at the OpenStack foundation. Previously, I ran an OpenStack cloud for the Australian public research sector.12:19
*** FunnyLookinHat has joined #openstack12:20
Tauqeercan you please share some knowledge how did you ran OpenStack for that sector12:20
*** grizzle has quit IRC12:20
fifieldtmost of my knowledge is in this book: :)12:21
fifieldtis there something specifically you're interested in?12:21
*** noslzzp has quit IRC12:21
*** grizzle has joined #openstack12:21
fifieldtstaffing? procurement? development? design?12:21
TauqeerActually I am also working in a company and we are trying yo deploy OpenStack and my responsibility is to deal with security of our cloud12:21
fifieldtoh, a very important role12:21
*** darjeeling has joined #openstack12:22
fifieldtso, are you looking at IDS like snort or broIDS?12:22
Tauqeeryeah but there is nothing good help available anywhere on net :(12:22
fifieldtit take a lot of tweaking, yes12:22
Tauqeerand I am quite new to openstack too so i need to read and understand everything before deploying it12:23
fifieldtknow the feeling :)12:23
fifieldtI can recommend the book then :)12:23
fifieldtas a security professional you might also be interested in getting in touch with the OpenStack Security team12:23
*** jasondotstar has joined #openstack12:23
Tauqeerwhich book? the one you said above?12:24
*** kofno has joined #openstack12:24
*** adalbas has joined #openstack12:24
fifieldtit's got information about designing clouds and operations best practices12:24
fifieldtit's not an install guide12:24
*** kofno has left #openstack12:24
*** aruntomar has quit IRC12:25
*** martine_ has quit IRC12:26
*** ssalevan has joined #openstack12:26
*** zeron has quit IRC12:26
*** grizzle has quit IRC12:27
*** skort has quit IRC12:27
TauqeerI dont know why we dont have enough info about OpenStak available :(12:27
*** gdubreui has quit IRC12:27
*** grizzle has joined #openstack12:27
*** garyk has joined #openstack12:27
fifieldtit's an issue we're trying to address (according to only 3 main contributors for the documentation)12:27
fifieldtI believe the security team is even working on a book of their own12:28
Tauqeerbut right now they have shared nothing12:29
*** ctooley has joined #openstack12:29
fifieldtI believe the plan is to get a few people to the same location for one week and write it in a sprint12:29
*** desai has quit IRC12:30
*** chandankumar has quit IRC12:30
*** jergerber has joined #openstack12:30
*** ssalevan has quit IRC12:31
TauqeerBut for right now to whom should I contact ?12:31
fifieldtthe one labelled OSSG:
*** networkstatic has quit IRC12:33
TauqeerI sent them mail already. Hope they will reply..12:33
fifieldtgood luck :)12:34
fifieldtthe openstack-operators mailing list is another good one12:34
*** acabrera has joined #openstack12:34
fifieldtbut yeah, they all work better if you have specific questions12:34
fifieldtYou can also try for specific questions12:34
fifieldtsometimes it gets better responses than the mailing list, sometimes not12:35
*** Jahkeup_ has quit IRC12:35
*** aruntomar has joined #openstack12:35
*** zul has quit IRC12:36
Tauqeerbelieve me I tried posting almost everywhere but I dont know why no answer :S12:37
*** zul has joined #openstack12:38
*** zeron has joined #openstack12:38
*** mikedawson has joined #openstack12:39
*** Domin has quit IRC12:40
*** chandankumar has joined #openstack12:41
*** leseb has joined #openstack12:42
*** goldyfruit has joined #openstack12:43
*** mikedawson_ has joined #openstack12:45
*** rcleere has quit IRC12:45
*** mikedawson has quit IRC12:47
*** Domin has joined #openstack12:47
*** mikedawson_ is now known as mikedawson12:47
*** rackerjoe has quit IRC12:48
Tauqeerfifieldt ??12:50
*** kaushikc has quit IRC12:51
*** mikedawson_ has joined #openstack12:51
fifieldtsorry - was afk.  can you send me links to your unanswered questions, or your mailing list posts ?12:51
*** rackerjoe has joined #openstack12:51
fifieldteg using
*** mikedawson has quit IRC12:52
*** mikedawson_ is now known as mikedawson12:52
*** kaushikc1 has joined #openstack12:53
*** HenryG_ has quit IRC12:53
*** aliguori has joined #openstack12:56
*** desai has joined #openstack12:56
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*** sayan has joined #openstack12:58
*** zoresvit has joined #openstack12:59
*** vsergeyev has joined #openstack12:59
*** jnoller has joined #openstack12:59
*** h0cin has joined #openstack12:59
*** jpfuentes2 has joined #openstack13:00
Tauqeerfifieldt I asked here too right now, I hope someone will answer.13:00
TauqeerI posted in stackoverflow and other communities before..13:00
*** npasqua has joined #openstack13:00
*** scrollback has quit IRC13:01
*** desai has quit IRC13:01
*** henrynash has joined #openstack13:02
vkmcTauqeer, Hey, can you share the links of your unanswered questions or your mailing lists posts?13:02
*** jecarey has joined #openstack13:03
TauqeerVKMC, my questions are related to keystone as i want to work on it,13:05
*** henrynash has quit IRC13:07
*** adalbas has quit IRC13:07
vkmcTauqeer, Work on it... like, contribute?13:07
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack13:08
Tauqeervkmc, actually right now my focus is to undestand it, in future if my company will need to add some fucntioanlity then we will contribute too13:08
*** HenryG has joined #openstack13:09
vkmcTauqeer, That's really cool :)13:09
Tauqeerbut right now I am stuck with understanding keystone13:09
Tauqeereverywhere high level info is there, nobody has explained how keystone works internally :(13:10
vkmcTauqeer, Well, first of all I would suggest you to read the docs... I know it's not the quicker way, but official docs are really well written and you will learn a lot from there13:10
*** jodok has quit IRC13:10
Tauqeervkmc, which docs you mean?13:10
*** spzala has joined #openstack13:10
fifieldtTauqeer, have you read the keystone developer reference: ?13:10
vkmcThose suggested by fifieldt, to start developing13:12
vkmcTauqeer, But to start from scratch, I would also suggest reading the administration guide here
*** Deoan has joined #openstack13:13
*** acabrera has quit IRC13:13
vkmcTauqeer, And... to get more details about it, the API reference
*** moha_hunt has joined #openstack13:14
Tauqeervkmc, I went through API doc, but I guess other two will be really helpful , thanks :)13:16
fifieldtTauqeer, I have to go to sleep, but before I do - one technique that has helped me in the past getting assistance in learning about new and complex systems. I like to write down my understanding of the system and send that out as a question - this way people can invalidate the assumptions and it leads to more specific questions13:17
fifieldtgood luck :)13:17
*** kaushikc1 has quit IRC13:17
*** fifieldt has quit IRC13:17
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*** adalbas has joined #openstack13:18
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vkmcTauqeer, I strongly suggest you reading the first one :) The other two... you will get to them later13:20
vkmcTauqeer, But understanding how it works is the most important right now13:20
*** malone has joined #openstack13:20
vkmcTauqeer, Also, play with Keystone... try creating tenants, users, adding user to tenants and those kind of stuff :) That will you experience and you will help you to enjoy the learning step13:21
*** jodok has joined #openstack13:21
*** jodok has joined #openstack13:21
*** KLevenstein has joined #openstack13:21
vkmcTauqeer, Also, feel free to join #openstack-101 to know other newcomers and #openstack-keystone to chat with the current Keystone's developing community13:22
*** vartom112 has quit IRC13:22
*** Keith_Pawson has quit IRC13:22
Tauqeeryeah I will do that, how to join openstack-keystone13:23
*** abhishekkr_ has quit IRC13:25
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack13:26
*** Jahkeup_ has joined #openstack13:26
ashkaclick or doubleclick it, or type /join #openstack-keystone13:26
*** martine_ has joined #openstack13:27
vkmcAs ashka says :) Although... I'm checking that there is not much people there :/13:27
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC13:28
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ChocoboWhat exactly do that stats_monitoring and stats_reporting do in keystone?13:34
*** garyk has joined #openstack13:34
*** aeperezt has joined #openstack13:34
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ChocoboHmm, I didn't realize there was a channel for each service.  cool.13:40
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack13:40
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chrisscohi, can i allocate a instance more ram without creating a new instance?14:24
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jpichchrissco: Hi. There's a resize option that lets you choose a new flavour, so you could select a flavour that has more RAM to achieve this14:36
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ChocoboHas anyone seen an error like this before?
*** garyk has joined #openstack15:02
ChocoboThis was after trying to do a "cinder list"15:02
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ChocoboOk, can someone help me with an authentication issue?   It gets the token fine from keystone, but then when it passes it back to cinder it gets an "Authentication Required" error.15:39
*** abhishekkr_ has joined #openstack15:40
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gmiChocobo: anything in the cinder-api logs?15:46
*** aliguori has quit IRC15:47
*** majeff has joined #openstack15:48
Chocobothings like "2013-06-13 11:21:32    ERROR [keystoneclient.common.cms] Verify error: Verification failure15:48
Chocobo139680882570912:error:0407006A:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not 01:rsa_pk1.c:100:" look "off"15:48
*** tim|mint has quit IRC15:48
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gmiChocobo: is the token exactly the same?15:49
Chocobogmi: I can turn debug on if that is helpful for logging but I find it fills up with a lot of useless stuff.15:50
Chocobogmi: let me rerun it15:50
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC15:50
*** erkules_ is now known as erkules15:51
Chocobogmi: yes, they are identical15:52
*** perfectsine has joined #openstack15:53
ChocoboI should also note that all the glance, and keystone functions seem to work fine :/15:53
*** tecepe has quit IRC15:53
gmiChocobo:do you run multiple keystone servers? maybe the token is cached on a different keystone server than the one who created it15:54
*** virt_ has left #openstack15:54
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Chocobogmi: I do have multiple keystone servers, but they are current off.15:55
*** tychoish has left #openstack15:55
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Chocobogmi: I thought to test that.  Plus with haproxy I have non-local services set as "backup" so they don't get used unless they are down locally15:56
*** Pyus has joined #openstack15:56
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ChocoboI am even watching the traffic with tcpdump on the other nodes.  Nothing. everything is going to the same node.  Perhaps I should change the endpoint, and point cinder to the keystone on the localip and see if that works?16:00
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away16:01
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gmiChocobo: you could disable the PKI token format in keystone, restart it and try again16:05
*** wajiii-afk has joined #openstack16:05
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*** wajiii-afk is now known as wajiii16:06
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Chocobogmi: what should I set token_format to?16:06
ChocoboI haven't really modified much of the low level stuff.16:06
*** leseb has quit IRC16:06
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gmiChocobo: if you comment out "token_format = PKI" in keystone.conf and restart keystone, it should use UUID type tokens16:10
Chocobogmi: that line is already commented out.16:11
Chocobogmi: I should probably mention I am using Grizzly.  Not sure if that matters16:12
gmiChocobo: can you put in pastebin the output of: egrep -v "^$|^#" /etc/keystone/keystone.conf16:13
*** koolhead11|away has joined #openstack16:13
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Chocobohmmm, I see something16:15
*** dims has quit IRC16:15
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ChocoboHmm, I remove the "token" from [auth] methods.   Didn't seem to do anything16:17
*** beagles has quit IRC16:17
*** Jahkeup_ has joined #openstack16:18
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bknudsonchocobo: the default for token format changed in G. token_format = UUID to switch to UUID tokens.16:19
*** hemna_ is now known as hemna16:20
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Chocobobknudson: thanks16:22
*** bknudson has left #openstack16:22
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*** bknudson has joined #openstack16:22
ChocoboIt worked without token authentication!  What the heck!?16:22
*** Kharec has joined #openstack16:22
wahlyi'm having a heck of a time getting images added via glance on a new control node install (following can anyone point me in the right direction?
*** Kharec has quit IRC16:23
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ChocoboIs there something else I have to do to setup PKI?   I didn't see anything about it in the guides.16:24
*** Kharec has joined #openstack16:24
Chocobogmi: thanks!  I will have to look into this more.  Maybe I will make a post to the mailing list.16:24
*** dgel has joined #openstack16:25
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*** judd7 is now known as judd_lunch16:25
gmiChocobo:there is something about that in the guide, but I didn't do that step and PKI tokens work fine for me, so ...
*** dgel has quit IRC16:26
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gmiChocobo: more keystone stuff here:
*** dims has joined #openstack16:30
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gmiChocobo: I think you hit this bug
*** jkienitz has joined #openstack16:35
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yo61I'm doing some testing with Grizzly on CentOS 6.416:50
*** samba35 has joined #openstack16:50
*** gourneau has quit IRC16:50
yo61I see a custom kernel build is required to support Quantum16:50
*** kip_io has joined #openstack16:50
*** zxvff has joined #openstack16:51
yo61However, the latest 6.4 kernel supercedes this16:51
*** cruxeternus has quit IRC16:51
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yo61Have the required changes been merged to the later release? (kernel-2.6.32-358.11.1.el6.x86_64)16:52
*** wu_wenxiang has joined #openstack16:52
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*** jnoller has joined #openstack17:32
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*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC17:35
goozbachhaving an issue with glance-manage db_sync17:36
*** kaushikc has joined #openstack17:36
*** Tross has quit IRC17:37
*** comay has joined #openstack17:38
*** Tross has joined #openstack17:38
*** ravikumar_hp has joined #openstack17:38
goozbachdouble checked all the passwords/configs in all the config files, the services are restarting... but glance-manage db_sync has the following error17:38
goozbach2013-06-13 13:34:07.407 11867 CRITICAL glance [-] (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'glance'@'localhost' (using password: YES)") None None17:39
*** reed_ has joined #openstack17:39
goozbachI've double-checked the users in mysql, where else should I look?17:39
*** DoniRS has quit IRC17:40
*** kindjal has quit IRC17:40
*** kaushikc has quit IRC17:41
Chocobothanks gmi17:41
*** lfazio has quit IRC17:42
*** leseb has joined #openstack17:44
goozbachthere doesn't seem to be anything other than that error in the log files...17:45
*** responsiPaul has quit IRC17:46
*** responsiPaul has joined #openstack17:46
*** whenry has quit IRC17:46
*** epim has joined #openstack17:47
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*** lukego has joined #openstack17:47
*** berendt has quit IRC17:48
*** johnthetubaguy1 has joined #openstack17:50
monstI am failing to spawn instances on one of my compute nodes. Error "HTTPInternalServerError: HTTPInternalServerError (HTTP 500)17:50
*** fpatwa has joined #openstack17:50
monstrunning glance image-list seems to work fine from commandline17:50
monstnot sure what the deal is17:50
*** arif-ali has quit IRC17:51
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:51
*** johnthetubaguy has quit IRC17:51
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ChocoboKind of a strange question.  When sending email to the openstack mailing list, should I put [Openstack] in the subject?  I notice all the posts I receive have it.18:01
*** danger_fo_away is now known as danger_fo18:02
*** electrichead has joined #openstack18:02
monstglance image-download is giving me HTTPInternalServerError: HTTPInternalServerError (HTTP 500)18:02
*** AnilV4 has quit IRC18:02
*** cocoadaemon has quit IRC18:03
*** kebray has quit IRC18:03
*** berendt has joined #openstack18:04
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smerdisHi all, I've managed to install Openstack following this guide:
*** fpatwa has joined #openstack18:11
*** iDrac has quit IRC18:11
*** reed_ is now known as reed18:11
*** douglas has joined #openstack18:12
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack18:12
smerdisWhat I don't know is how to connect my computer to the servers I run.18:12
*** zz_tott has joined #openstack18:12
smerdisDo you people know of some wiki that talks about it?18:12
douglasHello, I am running grizzly and would like to turn a VM into a router. Does anyone know if any libvirt rules need to be changed in order for the VM to forward traffic on behalf of another VM?18:13
*** sushils has quit IRC18:13
*** wu_wenxiang has quit IRC18:13
smerdisThe servers and my pc are in different networks.18:14
*** dtx00ff has joined #openstack18:15
*** mikedawson has quit IRC18:17
*** ctooley has joined #openstack18:17
*** alunduil has quit IRC18:18
ctooleyMy location: Berkeley, United States18:18
ctooleyDoh that wasn't intentional. Not that it's private.18:19
*** fpatwa has quit IRC18:19
*** fpatwa has joined #openstack18:19
douglasTim is that you at Berkley?18:20
*** wu_wenxiang has joined #openstack18:20
*** wu_wenxiang has quit IRC18:20
ctooleyNope, Chris Tooley18:20
*** jprovazn_afk has quit IRC18:21
*** souleymane_ has quit IRC18:21
*** ctooley has quit IRC18:22
*** mikedawson has joined #openstack18:22
*** ctooley has joined #openstack18:22
*** zehicle_at_dell has joined #openstack18:23
*** e_steve has joined #openstack18:26
*** LargePizza has joined #openstack18:26
*** jdaggett has joined #openstack18:26
e_steveDoes anyone here have a good amount of experience working with glance and imaging? I have a few questions but the answers can't be found on openstack's documentaiton18:26
*** leseb has joined #openstack18:27
*** carif has joined #openstack18:27
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*** alop has quit IRC18:28
rohit404douglas: are you planning on a running quagga in a vm or what sort of VM router do you wanna run ?18:28
douglasI just have ip forwarding enabled18:29
douglasnet.ipv4.ip_forward = 118:29
rohit404on a vm ?18:29
douglasthat's correct18:29
douglasSo what I have is OpenVPN setup between two tenants18:30
douglasone tenant is in one cloud18:30
douglasone tenant is another18:30
douglasI setup the OpenVPN server on one cloud an and OpenVPN client on another18:30
*** alop has joined #openstack18:30
*** fpatwa has quit IRC18:30
douglasI want to use the openvpn server in the one tenant as a gateway for the rest of the vms in the tenant, so they can get across the tunnel to the other clouds private subnet18:31
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack18:31
*** smerdis has quit IRC18:31
rohit404setting the tenant subnets default gateway on the openvpn server should do it no ?18:31
douglaswhen I run a ping from the private ip addresses in one cloud to a private ip address in another cloud I am seeing icmp echo requests leaving the openvpn server that is doing the routing but I am NOT seeing them hit the qvo interface on the OVS on the compute node18:32
douglaswell I actually didnt set the default gateway18:32
douglasI just added a static route for that particular subnet18:32
douglasI just posted the question here
douglasI think its a libvirt rule of some kind18:33
*** leseb has quit IRC18:34
rohit404on the compute node18:35
*** hush has joined #openstack18:35
*** hush has quit IRC18:35
rohit404if this a test setup, you could could flush iptables and confirm the behavior18:35
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC18:36
douglasI havent touched the compute nodes at all18:36
douglasI am using the OVS plugin with GRE tunnels18:36
douglasI turned off ip tables completely on the vm that is doing the forwarding18:36
douglasIm sorry, on BOTH vms that are doing the routing18:36
douglasthe icmp request only gets so far18:37
douglasit never gets OUT of the VM towards OVS18:37
*** leseb has joined #openstack18:37
*** carif has quit IRC18:38
douglasthe source address when it leaves the VM will be different then what it usually is18:38
douglasI am wondering if libvirt blocks that somehow18:38
*** Jahkeup__ has joined #openstack18:38
douglasSo the traffic leaving the VM has a different source address then what it normally has18:39
*** Jahkeup_ has quit IRC18:39
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack18:39
douglasits pointing towards some kind of libvirt rule but I dont know what one to change18:39
douglasmaybe the IP spoofing stuff?18:39
douglas any ideas?18:40
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC18:40
*** fandikurnia01 has joined #openstack18:40
douglasI think its a libvirt rule but I could be wrong18:41
*** OutBackDingo has quit IRC18:42
douglasIf run a packet capture from the VM that is doing the routing I see the ICMP request LEAVING18:42
douglaswhen I run a capture on the tap interface for that vm on the compute node18:42
douglasI also see the ICMP request leaving18:43
douglasBUT, if run the capture on the qv port associated with the tap interface, I don't see the request anymore18:43
kbringarddouglas: check to make sure you have the noop driver set as the firewall driver in nova.conf18:43
kbringardI had a problem where quantum and compute were both making rules, but only one was making the correct rules18:43
kbringardso the other was hitting the deny *18:44
*** DoniRS has joined #openstack18:44
rohit404and there is a flag that disables Q_SECURITY_GROUPS18:44
*** DoniRS has quit IRC18:44
douglasok, I like both of those suggestions, it looks like my firewall driver in nova.conf is set to firewall_driver=nova.virt.libvirt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver18:45
douglasI can just put that in nova.conf?18:47
douglasI like that alot too18:47
*** mkollaro has quit IRC18:48
*** alpha_ori has quit IRC18:48
*** alpha_ori_ has joined #openstack18:48
douglaslet me try that right now18:48
*** alpha_ori_ is now known as alpha_ori18:48
*** leseb has quit IRC18:49
*** egallen has quit IRC18:50
*** networkstatic_ has joined #openstack18:53
*** fbo has joined #openstack18:54
douglasI just enabled the firewall driver in nova.conf18:55
douglasstill seeing the same bahvior18:55
*** berendt has quit IRC18:55
*** networkstatic has quit IRC18:55
*** networkstatic_ is now known as networkstatic18:55
*** AndroUser2 has joined #openstack18:56
*** garyk has joined #openstack18:57
*** ctooley has quit IRC18:57
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*** souvik has joined #openstack19:00
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*** JordanRinke has joined #openstack19:02
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*** numero8 has joined #openstack19:03
*** robbiew has quit IRC19:03
*** networkstatic_ has joined #openstack19:04
douglasthis might be something19:04
douglassince there is only one interface on the vm19:04
douglasbut I am seeing it in the tcpdump on eth019:04
douglasI am seeing requests comming from the other side19:05
douglasbut sent out over that interface19:05
Apsu`douglas: I can probably help with your issue. Can you summarize it for me? Just walking in and there's lots of scrollback from various testing.19:05
Apsu`Would help a lot to see some pastes of your network setup as well. ovs-vsctl show, ip a, ip r, etc19:05
ekarlsolifeless: yo19:05
*** zeus` has quit IRC19:05
*** grizzle has quit IRC19:06
*** grizzle has joined #openstack19:06
lifelessekarlso: yoyo19:06
*** melwitt has joined #openstack19:07
*** koolhead11|away is now known as koolhead1719:07
*** gyee has quit IRC19:07
douglasno problem Apsu19:07
*** ayoung has joined #openstack19:07
douglasI posted my question on launchpad here
douglasI an instance acting as an OpenVPN server in one tenant on one cloud19:07
douglasI have an instance acting as a vpn client on another cloud19:08
*** networkstatic has quit IRC19:08
*** networkstatic_ is now known as networkstatic19:08
*** jpfuentes2 has quit IRC19:08
*** koolhead11 has quit IRC19:08
Apsu`Ah. So you're trying to run a network quantum doesn't know about inside of a VM, inside of a quantum-networked cluster?19:08
Apsu`Though you're tunneling it over OpenVPN, which is SSL/TLS19:08
douglasI have turned both those intances into routers by doing echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward19:08
douglasI am using the server instance as a gateway for the other vms in that tenant to get to the private subnet in the other cloud that the vpn client is sitting in19:09
*** wramthun has joined #openstack19:10
douglasthe vms have routes to the far end private networks19:10
douglasI set the gateway for the far end subnets to be the vm instance running either the vpn server or the vpn client19:11
Apsu`So in this cloud, you have VMs on multiple compute hosts with routes to a particular VM, that has the VPN tunnel19:11
douglasand because those are doing routing they also have routes pointing to the far end subnets, directing any traffic destined for those subnets over the tunnel19:11
Apsu`Right. I follow you.19:12
douglasthats correct19:12
douglasI think its a libvirt rule19:12
douglasbut Im not sure19:12
*** torandu has quit IRC19:13
Apsu`Well, there's several things going on here.19:13
Apsu`First of all, with Quantum networking, libvirt (through nwfilter) doesn't insert any ebtables rules on hosts, unlike Nova network.19:14
douglaso ok, darn19:14
douglasthere goes that idea19:14
Apsu`In fact, the only place iptables/ebtables could apply is on the native Linux bridges named qbr*, where the VM tap* plugs into, that patches to the integration bridge over a qvo* and qvb* "veth pair"19:14
Apsu`However, there are iptables rules for security groups, and Quantum does some anti-spoofing (MAC/IP) rule insertions as well19:15
*** krtaylor has quit IRC19:15
douglaswhen I ran the capture at the tap I am seeing the traffic19:15
Apsu`You're supposedly tunneling all your traffic in this OpenVPN tunnel, which will appear to Quantum as an SSL connection.19:15
Apsu`Which tap? Gateway VM? Client VM?19:15
douglaswhen I ran it at the qvo interface im not seeing it19:15
*** yocum_ has joined #openstack19:16
Apsu`And what traffic? VPN tunneled traffic?19:16
douglasok so19:16
*** maoy has joined #openstack19:16
douglasthe tap that I was looking at, was off of the VPN server, I see the echo requests from the far end on that tap19:16
*** zehicle_at_dell has quit IRC19:17
douglaswhen I run a tcpdump on the qvo interface associated with that tap I dont see the echo requests anymore19:17
douglasits like somwhere between the tap and the qvo the reqests from the other side of the tunnel are dropped19:17
Apsu`Which would mean it's dying on the qbr19:17
*** zehicle_at_dell has joined #openstack19:17
douglasahhh ok19:17
douglasI see I see19:17
Apsu`So that'd be due to iptable19:17
*** dv__ has joined #openstack19:17
Apsu`Now, before we dig into that19:18
Apsu`Tell me what traffic it is you're seeing.19:18
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC19:18
Apsu`Because if it were the tunneled traffic, it should pass just fine.19:18
Apsu`If it's purely getting routed, that'd be why you're having the issue.19:18
Apsu`My guess is it's not exiting through the tunnel.19:18
douglasnormally Id agree with you but why would I see icmp requests from the far end private subnet on eth019:19
douglasIm seeing it move through tun0 when I run tcpdump on the interface19:19
douglasso from the far end19:20
Apsu`Well, wait. We need to get really clear on one point here19:20
Apsu`When you tcpdump on the tap19:20
Apsu`*what* are you seeing in the dump?19:20
Apsu`Because if it's going through an OpenVPN tunnel, it will be encrypted.19:21
Apsu`You will not see the remote network IPs, or the client VM's IP, or anything inside the VPN payload at all19:21
*** epopt37 has quit IRC19:21
douglasthats uh interesting19:21
Apsu`If you're seeing anything but the gateway VM's IP and the remote VPN endpoint IP, you're not tunneling19:21
douglasbecause I am...19:21
*** stoned75 has joined #openstack19:22
Apsu`Unless you forced OpenVPN into not encrypting, just encapsulating19:22
monstI am getting unauthorized doing "curl"19:22
Apsu`But out of the box, so to speak, it encrypts :P19:22
monstfrom one of my compute nodes19:22
*** dmsimard has quit IRC19:22
monstnm its happening on all my compute nodes19:23
Apsu`douglas: How about this. Save some of the tcpdump capture to a file, upload it to, link me to it19:23
*** afazekas has quit IRC19:23
Apsu`douglas: We can look at it together :)19:23
monstApsu`: if you have a second could you take a peek at
Apsu`Particularly when pinging19:23
douglas15:22:54.242888 IP VPN_END_POINT.openvpn > PRIVATE IP.openvpn: UDP, length 12519:23
douglas15:22:54.245506 IP PRIVATE IP > ANOTHER PRIVATE IP: ICMP echo request, id 13638, seq 1689, length 6419:24
douglasthats excatly what im saying19:24
douglassince that vm is routing traffic19:24
douglaswhy wouldnt I see those echo requests?19:24
douglasbecause its out of the tunnel at that point19:24
*** yidclare has quit IRC19:24
Apsu`douglas: Ok, we need to look at the interfaces/bridges (if any) and routing table on the gateway VM.19:24
douglasthats no problem19:25
Apsu`douglas: Also, did you make any iptables rules for the OpenVPN traffic? If so, or maybe just because, need to see "iptables-save -c"19:25
*** epopt37 has joined #openstack19:25
douglasthere is no bridges on the routing vm19:25
Apsu`kk, makes this easier19:25
douglasiptables is off19:26
Apsu`ip a, ip r19:26
douglason both vms doing routing19:26
Apsu`The output of those is what I need to see.19:26
Apsu`Use a paste site and link :)19:26
*** psedlak has quit IRC19:26
*** Jahkeup_ has joined #openstack19:27
Apsu`monst: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'/var/lib/glance/images/02be9f41-a08e-4d34-9e33-494b0ed3d0e8'19:27
monstYeah, not sure if my token is wrong or something19:27
douglasalright let me ask you this19:27
Apsu`monst: Check your permissions on that directory tree. Or, make sure you're rootwrapping in glance.19:27
douglasif a virtual machine forwards traffic out its interface and the source address is different the ip address assigned to that eth interface on the vm19:28
douglasis there rules in place that will drop it at the compute node19:28
douglasdifferent then the ip address assigned*19:28
*** lukego has quit IRC19:28
Apsu`douglas: Yes. Quantum's anti-spoofing iptables rules will drop traffic that's A) not from the VM's assigned MAC and/or B) not from the VM's assigned IP.19:28
Apsu`douglas: But if your routing is correct, this traffic should go through the VPN tunnel, which *is* from the VM's MAC/IP.19:29
monstApsu`: that was it, the other compute had the images cached so it was working19:29
*** Jahkeup__ has quit IRC19:29
monstty sir19:30
Apsu`monst: You bet19:30
Apsu`douglas: Got that "ip a; ip r" for me?19:30
*** shardy is now known as shardy_afk19:31
douglasunfortunately I can't post anything at this time19:31
douglasbut I think thats the problem19:31
douglasthose quantum anti-spoofing ip tables rules19:31
*** ayoung has quit IRC19:31
douglasbecause the traffic is going over the tunnel to the vm that will do the routing19:31
*** jdaggett has quit IRC19:32
douglasthe vm unencapsulates and notices the destination address is not its eth0 interface, so a routing descion is made to forward it out eth019:32
*** davi has joined #openstack19:32
*** davi has joined #openstack19:32
*** JoeBurke has joined #openstack19:32
douglasand Im seeing that im just not seeing it hit the qv interface on the ovs19:32
Apsu`douglas: No... you just need to have the right routing rules setup on the VPN VM.19:33
douglasI do they are there19:33
douglasIm already directly connected to the subnet im going to19:33
Apsu`I'm sure you have Some routing rules, but19:33
Apsu`I can almost certainly tell you what's up if I can see the routing table and interfaces :)19:34
*** carl689 has quit IRC19:35
*** grizzle has quit IRC19:36
*** hartsocks has joined #openstack19:36
douglasIm going to see about turning off the quantum ip spoofing rules on the compute node19:36
douglasI think thats going to fix this19:36
douglasbecause the vm is routing the traffic correctly, because Im seeing it leaving eth0 when I run tcpdump19:36
*** kebray has joined #openstack19:36
Apsu`You shouldn't be :)19:36
Apsu`So.. pretty sure that won't do you any favors.19:37
*** jpn has joined #openstack19:37
*** grizzle has joined #openstack19:37
Apsu`But if you want the anti-spoofing off, you have to do a little work19:37
*** fbo has quit IRC19:37
*** networkstatic has quit IRC19:37
*** dpippenger has joined #openstack19:38
*** Jahkeup_ has quit IRC19:39
*** Jahkeup_ has joined #openstack19:40
douglasI dont understand why if I sit on the actual vm, and I run tcpdump on the only ethernet interface on the vm, I am seeing packets with a source address different then what is actually assigned to eth0. Doesn't that mean routing is working correctly?19:40
douglasthose packets are echo requests from the private subnet on the other side of the tunnel19:40
*** zeus` has joined #openstack19:41
*** obondarev has quit IRC19:42
*** vipul is now known as vipul|away19:42
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul19:42
*** meghal has joined #openstack19:42
*** garyk has quit IRC19:43
*** obondarev has joined #openstack19:44
*** marun has quit IRC19:44
*** yidclare has joined #openstack19:45
*** grizzle has quit IRC19:45
*** grizzle has joined #openstack19:46
*** jpfuentes2 has joined #openstack19:47
Apsu`douglas: If you're seeing them *exit* the VM, they should be going out the tunnel interface. If you're seeing them *enter*, then yes, that's expected. But also fairly useless. That bit should work regardless, assuming you're allowing the type of traffic you're trying to tunnel in your security groups.19:47
Apsu`douglas: What matters is what's leaving the VPN VM, and on what interface.19:47
Apsu`douglas: Are you telling me that you *can* or *can't* successfully ping across the VPN tunnel from a client VM?19:48
douglasok I know why there is miscommunication19:48
douglasyou are looking in the opposite direction19:48
douglasthe echo request goes over the tunnel to the VPN VM19:48
douglasits there19:49
douglasnow it needs to get to a vm on the private subnet that, that VM is connected to19:49
douglasand I see it the traffic leaving the ethrnet interface going towards the vm19:49
douglasbut it never gets there19:49
douglasthe vpn is working19:49
douglasits there man19:49
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack19:50
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack19:50
Apsu`Oh, so, you want [Client A, Net A] -> [VPN] -> [Client B, Net A] -> [Quantum] -> [Client C, Net B]?19:50
Apsu`And you're getting Client A -> B working, but not A -> C?19:51
*** davi has quit IRC19:52
*** JuanDRay has joined #openstack19:52
douglasSo I just have one client19:52
Apsu`Because if so, that won't work directly with Quantum's filtering, when Quantum doesn't know about Net A19:52
douglasand one server19:52
Apsu`Replace "Client" with "Node"19:52
Apsu`There's three participants here, and two networks, right?19:52
douglasI have one node in one cloud19:52
douglasI have one node in another cloud19:52
douglasthere is a tunnel between these two nodes19:52
*** marun has joined #openstack19:52
douglasthese nodes do routing19:53
Apsu`And a third node, on another network, that you want to route to19:53
douglasthese nodes are attached to private networks19:53
douglaswhen you say another network19:53
douglasits on the same network as the "node" that is doing the routing for that subnet19:54
*** lborda has quit IRC19:54
Apsu`The important question is what quantum knows, vs. what the VPN tunnel knows, vs. what the remote cloud knows.19:54
Apsu`It's quite difficult to successfully run a network quantum doesn't know about from within a VM, VPN tunneled or otherwise, if you need machines to source connections from IPs in that network.19:55
douglasso quantum one one cloud will never know about the private subnet on the other cloud19:55
*** lborda has joined #openstack19:55
Apsu`You have to remove all the filtering and security group bits.19:56
douglasthats the problem19:56
douglasthat vm, that is doing the routing19:56
douglasis sourcing traffic from a vm that quantum doesnt know about19:56
Apsu`You could always just SNAT in your gateway VMs.19:56
Apsu`Wouldn't need reverse routes that way, either.19:57
Apsu`iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o <tunnel> -j MASQUERADE, for instance19:57
Apsu`On each gateway VM on each cloud.19:57
*** vmesons has quit IRC19:57
Apsu`Then when traffic from either side heads towards the other side, they'll get SNAT'd to the VPN tunnel IP as their source when they cross19:58
douglasjust that one rule? I'm not even running iptables on the gateway vms19:58
*** acabrera has quit IRC19:58
Apsu`iptables isn't actually a daemon; it's a userspace tool that talks to a kernel side subsystem, known collectively as netfilter.19:58
Apsu`Not having any existing rules doesn't mean you can't simply add one.19:58
douglasthis cent os19:58
douglascent os19:59
Apsu`Yep. So... try adding that rule.19:59
douglasalright ill add that rule19:59
Apsu`(on both ends)19:59
douglasstart iptables with that rule19:59
Apsu`Er, don't "start" anything.19:59
Apsu`Just run exactly what I typed.19:59
*** vmeson has joined #openstack20:00
Apsu`If it works, we'll talk about how to make it persistent :20:00
*** souvik has quit IRC20:00
douglasiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE20:00
*** drewlander has quit IRC20:01
*** bdpayne has quit IRC20:01
Apsu`That way traffic exiting through the tunnel will get SNAT'd to the (primary) IP on the tunnel interface.20:01
*** javierglaz has joined #openstack20:01
*** maoy has quit IRC20:01
Apsu`So responses will go right back to that interface, and the remote end should already know that network. At least I assume so, given what you've told me thus far.20:01
*** bdpayne has joined #openstack20:02
*** jdaggett has joined #openstack20:02
*** yocum_ has quit IRC20:02
douglasalright both rules are in place20:02
*** meghal has quit IRC20:02
*** esimmers has joined #openstack20:02
*** esimmers has left #openstack20:03
*** souvik has joined #openstack20:03
*** jmh_ has joined #openstack20:04
*** acabrera has joined #openstack20:04
douglasstill not working20:05
*** zeron has joined #openstack20:05
*** grizzle has quit IRC20:05
douglasservice iptables start?20:05
Apsu`That'll just load whatever saved rules are stored in /etc/sysconfig/iptables*, which won't include your rule20:06
*** grizzle has joined #openstack20:07
sc68calq/window 1320:07
*** blamar has quit IRC20:08
*** Jahkeup_ has quit IRC20:08
Apsu`douglas: I hate troubleshooting complex networks over IRC without being able to see interfaces/IPs/routes/bridges/etc :P20:08
Apsu`It's basically impossible to be effective, hehe20:08
douglasI think I almost have it20:09
*** egallen has joined #openstack20:09
*** jcoufal has quit IRC20:09
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC20:10
*** jdaggett has quit IRC20:11
*** dv__ has quit IRC20:11
Apsu`douglas: Perhaps you'll want to MASQUERADE on the gateway VM's -o eth0, and not -o tun020:11
*** carif has joined #openstack20:12
Apsu`douglas: Which will isolate the VPN and remote network from Quantum, as that's where your issue seemed to be.20:12
Apsu`douglas: I'd try that. You can -t nat -F to flush the nat rules, and add the new one appropriately20:12
*** gyee has joined #openstack20:13
*** Harpe has joined #openstack20:14
*** acu has quit IRC20:14
*** torandu has joined #openstack20:15
*** Harpe has left #openstack20:16
*** maoy has joined #openstack20:17
*** amber_nic has joined #openstack20:18
amber_nicHi, I installed Openstack on a SingleNode but can't ping the Ubuntu server image that's running from the Openstack node. They are on the same network. Does anyone have a clue of what can be happening?20:19
amber_nicMaybe the Ubuntu server image is not mapped to eth1?20:19
*** torandu_ has joined #openstack20:21
*** torandu_ has quit IRC20:21
*** bruges_ has quit IRC20:21
Apsu`amber_nic: You need to add security group rules to allow ICMP, or any other traffic you want to use20:21
amber_nicYou mean on the default group, those on ICMP and SSH?20:22
amber_nicI'll try.20:22
*** cocoadaemon has joined #openstack20:23
douglasGetting a destination prohibited message sent back from the gateway to the my vm that I am pinging from20:23
douglasI just added this rule20:23
douglasiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE20:23
*** bruges has joined #openstack20:23
douglaslet me say that again20:23
douglasgetting a destination prohibited message sent back from the gateway to my vm that I am pinging from20:24
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack20:25
*** odyssey4me has joined #openstack20:25
*** Harpe has joined #openstack20:26
*** Harpe has left #openstack20:26
*** souvik has quit IRC20:28
amber_nicNo, unfortunatelly doesn't work.20:28
Apsu`amber_nic: Yes.20:30
Apsu`amber_nic: You should provide more details on what exactly you added and how, and how you're testing.20:30
*** odyssey4me has quit IRC20:30
*** tmclaugh[work] has quit IRC20:31
*** desai has quit IRC20:31
*** odyssey4me has joined #openstack20:31
amber_nicI followed this tuto:
*** evanjfraser has joined #openstack20:31
Apsu`douglas: That's quite odd.20:31
Apsu`douglas: Did you remove the previous rules?20:31
douglasiptables -F20:31
douglasthen I issued this command20:32
douglasiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE20:32
douglasit looks like its not even going over the tunnel now20:32
douglasand when I say it I mean the echo request20:32
amber_nicNow via ssh on the openstack single node (.95) i'm trying to ping .9620:32
douglaswish I knew more about iptables20:33
*** Jahkeup_ has joined #openstack20:34
*** grizzle has quit IRC20:35
Apsu`douglas: Well, what's happening here is any traffic which leaves eth0 is having its source IP set to the (primary) IP on eth0.20:35
Apsu`douglas: For most traffic, that will change nothing. Only the routed traffic we're concerned with (coming out tun0 and then through eth0) should have a different source20:36
*** grizzle has joined #openstack20:36
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC20:37
*** leseb has joined #openstack20:37
*** javierglaz has left #openstack20:38
*** fandikurnia01 has quit IRC20:39
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC20:41
*** sushils has joined #openstack20:42
douglaso ok20:42
*** jbresnah has joined #openstack20:42
douglaslet me see if I see it going over the tunnel20:42
douglasor see if I see more traffic on the tunnel20:42
*** otherwiseguy has quit IRC20:43
*** egallen has quit IRC20:43
*** egallen has joined #openstack20:44
douglasthats strange20:45
douglaswhen I do 'tcpdump -i tun0'20:45
douglason both nodes doing the routing20:45
douglasim not seeing any traffic now20:45
*** egallen has quit IRC20:46
*** sushils has quit IRC20:47
*** arif-ali has joined #openstack20:47
*** msgodf has joined #openstack20:47
douglaslet me turn off iptables on both nodes that are doing the routing and see what happens20:48
*** sushils has joined #openstack20:48
*** spzala has quit IRC20:48
*** vartom112 has joined #openstack20:49
*** krtaylor has quit IRC20:49
*** OutBackDingo has joined #openstack20:50
*** wramthun has quit IRC20:50
amber_nicCan someone give me a clue?20:50
*** egallen has joined #openstack20:50
*** numero8 has quit IRC20:51
*** carif has quit IRC20:51
Apsu`douglas: Maybe you'd better paste the output of "iptables-save -c" on your boxes :P20:51
Apsu`amber_nic: You said you followed a guide, but, how did you add the rules? Can you show us the security group rules you added? Or just link to a paste of "iptables-save -c" from the host20:51
*** wramthun has joined #openstack20:52
amber_nicIt's here:
*** JuanDRay has quit IRC20:54
*** rmartinelli has quit IRC20:55
douglas[root@192-168-49-2 ~]# iptables-save -c # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.7 on Thu Jun 13 16:55:55 2013 *nat :PREROUTING ACCEPT [181:15212] :POSTROUTING ACCEPT [0:0] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [3:984] [3:984] -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE COMMIT # Completed on Thu Jun 13 16:55:55 2013 # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.7 on Thu Jun 13 16:55:55 2013 *filter :INPUT ACCEPT [0:0] :FORWARD ACCEPT [0:0] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [340:37579] [141:12046]20:56
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC20:56
douglashere ya go20:56
Apsu`douglas: Bet you started the iptables service, didn't ya?20:57
douglasI did20:57
Apsu`douglas: Look at lines 19 and 2020:57
Apsu`Your service injected ICMP prohibited messages for INPUT and FORWARD20:58
douglasI see that20:58
Apsu`Exactly what you're seeing now :)20:58
douglasfair enough20:58
douglaslike I said20:58
douglasI dont know anything about iptabels20:58
douglashow can I just a permit ip any any20:58
douglasjust do20:58
*** bdpayne has quit IRC20:59
*** devvesa has joined #openstack20:59
*** bdpayne has joined #openstack21:00
*** dsockwell has joined #openstack21:00
dsockwellso i'm creating a toy openstack environment in a vm for a demo, and the last time i touched it was during diablo21:01
dsockwelli only need one lvm group dedicated to openstack for things to nominally work, right?21:01
*** iscsi has joined #openstack21:01
Apsu`douglas: You can clear the filter table, for now.21:01
Apsu`douglas: iptables -t filter -F21:01
Apsu`douglas: You'll need to save the rules correctly for the iptables service, later, once it works.21:02
*** racker_markd has quit IRC21:02
*** dtx00ff has quit IRC21:02
*** shaon has quit IRC21:02
douglasok I cleared with iptables -t filter -F21:02
* iscsi fight against quantum21:03
Apsu`iscsi: Morning.21:03
Apsu`Quantum loves you!21:03
*** dtx00ff has joined #openstack21:04
*** h0cin has quit IRC21:04
Apsu`douglas: Now test your VPN. Should work again. Then test the other bits.21:04
*** npasqua has quit IRC21:04
*** blamar has joined #openstack21:05
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC21:05
smyersdouglas: In addition to flushing chains, double check the default policy on them (iptables -L), and change them to ACCEPT if necessary (look at iptables -D).21:05
*** KyleMacDonald has joined #openstack21:05
smyersIgnore this if everything's working, though. :)21:05
*** arif-ali has quit IRC21:05
*** johnthetubaguy has joined #openstack21:05
*** jdaggett has joined #openstack21:05
iscsiApsu`: can you feel my pain? :)21:05
Apsu`smyers: Chain policies are ACCEPTs, got an iptables-save -c finally, but good idea to mention!21:05
*** grizzle has quit IRC21:06
dtx00ff@iscsi lol is that a registered nick. haha.21:06
douglaslokos like the vpn is working again21:06
douglashowever the issue still remains21:06
Apsu`iscsi: Spent the last 3 weeks mastering Quantum, fixing bugs, building clusters, shoring up our cookbooks around it, and am deploying it for a customer this week.21:06
amber_nicGuys, here I can't make it work :(21:06
smyersExcept I said iptables -D, which deletes stuff, not iptables -P, which changes default policy. So yeah. If it's working definitely ignore this. :D21:06
Apsu`iscsi: So... yep!21:06
*** jmh_ has quit IRC21:06
Apsu`But I've had great success, so yey21:06
Apsu`smyers: haha21:06
douglaswith the clients in one cloud trying to talk to clients in another cloud21:06
*** grizzle has joined #openstack21:07
Apsu`amber_nic: Couple of things. You said you're on .95, trying to ping .96, right?21:07
*** wramthun has quit IRC21:07
amber_nicYes, but I deleted the instance and now is in .9821:08
Apsu`amber_nic: Yeah, ok. Just checking, since I took a look at your iptables paste :)21:08
amber_nicThanks :)21:08
Apsu`amber_nic: So... the host has an IP in this same network, visible on an interface when you run "ip a"?21:08
*** Deoan has quit IRC21:09
*** wramthun has joined #openstack21:09
iscsidtx00ff: `iscsi' keyword is hard to find in internet search, try :)21:09
wahlyi'm setting up a fresh openstack install (following and I'm getting the following error from nova services: "Unable to connect to AMQP server: connection-forced: Authentication failed(320)". any pointers on how i should start fixing the nova/qpid communication?21:10
*** litong has quit IRC21:10
dtx00ff@iscsi: i know what ISCSI is, thus my amusement21:10
amber_nicApsu`: nope21:11
*** JoeBurke has quit IRC21:11
*** JoeBurke has joined #openstack21:11
iscsiwahly: try look into configuration files, see authentication parameters21:11
Apsu`amber_nic: Then that's your issue. You can ping from the network namespace, so the source IP will be the one dnsmasq uses.21:11
iscsiwahly: or try
Apsu`amber_nic: Run "ip netns" to list the namespaces; you should see a qdhcp* namespace, and possibly a qrouter* namespace if you're using l3-agents21:12
*** dhellmann has quit IRC21:12
wahlyiscsi: aside from an rpm install, there wasn't realy any configuration done for qpidd. i did see qpid_user/qpid_pass (as guest/guest) in the nova configs, but that doesn't seem to be working21:12
wahlynot sure if i need to create that user, or how to verify if it even exists21:13
Apsu`amber_nic: Then, run "ip netns exec <namespace> ip a" to list the interfaces/IPs in that namespace.21:13
*** cococafe has joined #openstack21:13
*** johnthetubaguy has quit IRC21:13
*** mikedawson has quit IRC21:13
iscsiwahly: dig into keystone, I guess21:13
*** bdavenport has quit IRC21:13
Apsu`amber_nic: Find the one that has the IP you're using for DHCP (.97 from your iptables), then run "ping x.x.x.98" instead of "ip a" at the end of the namespace command.21:13
Apsu`amber_nic: Likewise you can ssh from inside the namespace.21:14
amber_nicI have 4 namespaces: qrouter-37622bd4-7242-4cfa-84a6-cf7fe8decbb921:14
Apsu`amber_nic: Don't paste large chunks of text into the channel, please.21:14
Apsu`I gave you steps to follow to figure out which namespace is the right one :)21:14
*** bdavenport has joined #openstack21:14
Apsu`You can also identify it by the network your instance is connected to with the CIDR you care about21:14
Apsu`quantum net-list, copy the UUID of the appropriate net, and use the "qdhcp-<that UUID>" namespace21:15
*** grizzle has quit IRC21:15
cococafeam trying to install ceilometer in DevStack.  does anyone know where it gets installed or is it done outside of the startup21:16
*** grizzle has joined #openstack21:16
amber_nicI typed: "ip netns exec qdhcp-3acb6679-79bd-4791-be46-7d46b6e9093d ip a"21:17
*** networkstatic has quit IRC21:18
amber_nicThis is the output:
amber_nicWhat should I do next?21:18
*** grizzle_ has joined #openstack21:19
*** rohit404 has quit IRC21:19
*** jnoller has quit IRC21:20
*** ryanpetr_ has quit IRC21:20
*** msgodf has quit IRC21:20
*** lloydde has quit IRC21:21
*** grizzle has quit IRC21:21
Apsu`amber_nic: I told you :) ping from the namespace next.21:21
*** grizzle_ is now known as grizzle21:21
Apsu`amber_nic: The command you typed was "ip netns exec <namespace> <command>", with "ip a" as the command.21:21
*** martine_ has quit IRC21:21
Apsu`amber_nic: So... replace "ip a" with "ping <instance IP>"21:22
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack21:22
Apsu`amber_nic: It should succeed. And given your other security group rule for TCP port 22, you should be able to ssh too.21:22
amber_nicYes I did so but still haven't ping.21:22
*** danblack has joined #openstack21:22
*** malone has quit IRC21:23
*** KyleMacDonald has quit IRC21:23
Apsu`amber_nic: You tried "ip netns exec qdhcp-3acb6679-79bd-4791-be46-7d46b6e9093d ping"?21:23
*** flaper87 has quit IRC21:23
*** jecarey_ has quit IRC21:23
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack21:23
amber_nicExactly Apsu but still host unreachable.21:24
*** esheffield has quit IRC21:24
*** hartsocks has quit IRC21:24
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack21:24
Apsu`amber_nic: Check "nova console-log <instance-name>", make sure your instance actually Got an IP from DHCP.21:25
Apsu`Just because nova assigned it doesn't mean the instance communicated successfully.21:25
wahlyiscsi: thanks for your help. i decided to just disable auth for qpidd. everything works now :) i'll worry about securing things later21:25
*** jdaggett has quit IRC21:26
*** grizzle has quit IRC21:26
*** coredump has joined #openstack21:26
amber_nicERROR: No server with a name or ID of 'qdhcp-3acb6679-79bd-4791-be46-7d46b6e9093d' exists.21:26
Apsu`amber_nic: Instance name, not namespace :)21:26
Apsu`"nova list" to view them21:26
kbringardanyone running ceilometer?21:27
coredumpSo I have 2 instances running on the same host, that also runs a nova-network. I also have a floating IP address that is associated to instance1. Every machine on my network can connect to a certain UDP port on instance1, but not the instance that is running on the same host. I guess there's some firewall shenanigan going on because they are on the same host, did anyone ever see something like that?21:29
*** vlad_starkov has joined #openstack21:29
Apsu`amber_nic: Yep, I was right. Didn't get an IP from DHCP. There's your problem.21:29
*** jasondotstar has quit IRC21:29
Apsu`amber_nic: In order to help further, I'll need a lot more info about the host network/quantum config. I can tell you what to paste, if you're game.21:30
*** Vek__ is now known as Vek21:30
*** jpfuentes2 has quit IRC21:30
*** Vek has quit IRC21:30
*** Vek has joined #openstack21:30
*** lorin1 has quit IRC21:31
*** souvik has joined #openstack21:31
Apsu`amber_nic: Actually... before we do that... might be a simple fix. Is this ubuntu?21:32
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC21:32
*** melmoth has quit IRC21:33
Apsu`amber_nic: Using the ovs plugin?21:33
Apsu`Start with: pkill dnsmasq; pkill quantum-ns; restart quantum-dhcp-agent; restart quantum-l3-agent21:34
*** danblack has quit IRC21:34
Apsu`Reboot your instance, watch the console-log, see if the "ciinfo" line for eth0 gets an actual IP21:34
done__hi folks! in grizzly, does a compute node need any kind of database connection? I'm seeing some sql_connection settings mentioned in the "Compute Node" installation instructions.21:35
Apsu`amber_nic: If you're lucky, it's just dnsmasq not correctly reloading for providing the lease21:35
*** sgordon has quit IRC21:36
amber_nicciinfo: eth0  : 1   fa:16:3e:bc:81:68!21:36
Apsu`Now you should be able to ping/ssh from the namespace21:37
Apsu`(or externally)21:37
*** spideyman has joined #openstack21:37
Apsu`(assuming your subnet has a gateway and is on a provider network)21:37
*** lloydde has joined #openstack21:38
amber_nicStill no ping and no ssh.21:38
*** choforo has quit IRC21:38
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack21:38
Apsu`amber_nic: From in the namespace?21:39
Apsu`amber_nic: Maybe get on the console over VNC (or through horizon), we can test a couple things.21:39
*** ixx has joined #openstack21:39
iscsiwahly: np21:40
amber_nicVNC doesn't work.21:40
amber_nicWhat's from in the namespace?21:40
Apsu`amber_nic: ping/ssh?21:40
*** ixx has left #openstack21:40
Apsu`VNC not working is bothersome :P21:40
iscsiamber_nic: security group?21:41
*** devvesa has quit IRC21:41
amber_nicdefault: 2 rules TP from 22 to 22 and ICMP from 1 to 255.21:41
iscsifrom -1 to -121:42
Apsu`The security groups are correct, iptables looks good21:43
amber_niciscsi: changed it but still no connection21:43
Apsu`amber_nic: Are you still testing ping/ssh from the namespace, using ip netns exec?21:43
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC21:44
*** UICTamale1 has quit IRC21:44
*** UICTamale1 has joined #openstack21:44
*** cocoadaemon has quit IRC21:44
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack21:44
amber_nicNo, just regular ping from the ssh session on the Openstack SingleNode21:44
amber_nicAnd from my win box.21:44
*** lbrower has quit IRC21:45
*** morazi has quit IRC21:45
*** mtreinish has quit IRC21:45
Apsu`amber_nic: Try it from the namespace, please, just like before.21:45
Apsu`Talking to it externally is potentially a separate problem to solve21:45
Apsu`But we know it can talk to the DHCP server, now21:45
Apsu`So if we talk From the DHCP server's IP (in the namespace), it should work.21:45
amber_nicCool I got ping from there!21:46
*** mjfork has quit IRC21:46
amber_nicip netns exec qdhcp-3acb6679-79bd-4791-be46-7d46b6e9093d ping
Apsu`Should be able to ssh into it as well, then.21:46
kbringardyou can also do "ip netns exec qdhcp-3acb6679-79bd-4791-be46-7d46b6e9093d bash" to just go into the namespace and then ping, ssh, etc from there21:47
*** arif-ali has joined #openstack21:47
*** leseb has quit IRC21:47
Apsu`Was hoping to reduce the complexity of spawning a shell and remembering which one you're in by sticking with one-liners, but namespaced shell = win21:48
kbringardlol, totally21:48
*** redbeard2 has quit IRC21:48
kbringardyea, sorry, wasn't trying to cause confusion21:48
Apsu`Nah, s'all good21:48
amber_nicssh ubuntu@ Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer21:48
*** jdaggett has joined #openstack21:49
Apsu`amber_nic: Did you run "ip netns exec qdhcp-3acb6679-79bd-4791-be46-7d46b6e9093d ssh ubuntu@"?21:49
dsockwellcan you run tcpdump on all the involved interfaces?21:49
dsockwellsee where the RST packet originates21:49
amber_nicNow I did and I got connection reset by peer. It's ubuntu 12.04 precise img.21:49
amber_nicWhen I ran stackops it did the same to me.21:50
amber_nicDon't know if it's an issue with that image.21:50
Apsu`amber_nic: Possible. Do you have another image to test spinning up? cirros perhaps?21:52
amber_nicYes, I'll do that. Go down with ubuntu and try cirros.21:52
*** alop has quit IRC21:52
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack21:53
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack21:53
Apsu`Cool. Once you can ssh into it (assuming you can), assuming this subnet has a gateway, and you've got a provider bridge/network setup right, qrouter or directly, presumably then you can hit the VM from externally21:53
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has joined #openstack21:54
Apsu`If not you can unwind those issues one at a time21:55
*** acabrera has quit IRC21:55
*** coredump has quit IRC21:55
amber_nicThanks for all guys!21:56
*** amber_nic has quit IRC21:56
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack21:57
*** alop has joined #openstack21:57
*** jpn has quit IRC21:57
*** eglynn has quit IRC21:58
*** chang1p has quit IRC21:59
*** henrynash has quit IRC21:59
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has quit IRC22:00
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has joined #openstack22:00
*** lbrower has joined #openstack22:01
*** lbrower has joined #openstack22:01
*** odyssey4me has quit IRC22:02
*** doublerr_ has joined #openstack22:02
*** acabrera has joined #openstack22:02
*** odyssey4me has joined #openstack22:02
*** doublerr has quit IRC22:03
*** doublerr_ is now known as doublerr22:03
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:03
*** FunnyLookinHat has quit IRC22:04
*** maoy has quit IRC22:04
*** odyssey4me2 has joined #openstack22:04
*** fsimonce has quit IRC22:04
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has quit IRC22:05
*** cococafe has quit IRC22:05
*** robbiew has joined #openstack22:07
*** obondarev_ has joined #openstack22:07
*** odyssey4me has quit IRC22:07
*** cococafe has joined #openstack22:07
done__hi!  anyone know what the setting is to tell nova-compute to use nova-conductor instead of trying to access the database directly?22:07
*** obondarev has quit IRC22:07
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ljtG'day. I realise it's impossible to answer this definitively, but does anyone know the rough # of OpenStack deployments?22:58
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