Sunday, 2013-12-01

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Sam-I-Ammrproper: moo00:07
mrproperSam-I-Am: Guess what I'm doing.00:07
Sam-I-Ammaking a cake or playing with openstack00:07
mrproperI setup three servers with Ubuntu and setting it up00:07
mrproperI think I f'd it up00:08
Sam-I-Amyou have seen the light00:08
mrproperI gave my controller only 8GB of space and forgot about image requirements :/00:08
mrproperAlthough for a test server this may be enough00:08
Sam-I-Amjust add another partition?00:08
Sam-I-Amor vdisk00:09
mrproperI could00:09
mrproperWe'll see if I get short on space.00:09
mrproperI didn't setup LVM00:09
mrproper2013-11-30 17:58:39.464 4470 WARNING [-] Failed to configure store correctly: Store cinder could not be configured correctly. Reason: Cinder storage requires a context. Disabling add method.00:10
mrproper2013-11-30 17:58:39.481 4470 WARNING glance.api.v2.images [-] Could not find schema properties file schema-image.json. Continuing without custom properties00:10
mrproperI have a few other errors. Idea?00:10
Sam-I-Amthose arent bad errors00:10
mrproperIt isn't creating it though00:10
Sam-I-Amjust glance telling you that it can't find a better storage repo than plain old disk00:10
Sam-I-Amdid you configure cinder?00:11
mrproper2013-11-30 17:58:39.432 4470 ERROR [-] Error in store configuration: Unexpected error while running command.00:11
mrproperThe configuration guide says nothing of Cinder00:11
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mrproperI think I got it00:12
Sam-I-Amjust wanted to make sure you were doing things in order00:12
Sam-I-Amglance never gave me any problems during the install00:12
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mrpropercollie not found00:15
mrproperThat could be it?00:15
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Sam-I-Amthats a third party driver00:15
Sam-I-Amfor umm... sheepsomething i think00:15
Sam-I-Amso what are you doing that gives the error?00:16
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mrproperglance image-create --name="Cirros 0.3.1" --disk-format=qcow2 --container-format=bare --is-public=true < cirros-0.3.1-x86_64-disk.img00:17
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mrproperI'm getting HTTP 50000:17
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Sam-I-Amso all the keystone stuff went ok?00:19
mrproperYeah went great00:19
Sam-I-Amincluding the glance part?00:19
mrproperYeah I setup glance with keystone00:19
Sam-I-Amedited both glance-api and glance-registry confs?00:20
mrproperAnd paste00:20
Sam-I-Amdaemons restart ok?00:21
mrproperDatabase error I think00:22
Sam-I-Amcreds ok? db synced?00:22
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mrproperI'm not sure the db is sync'd lets see00:24
Sam-I-Amso that command didnt work?00:25
mrproperPassword wrong?00:25
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mrpropersql_connection = mysql://glance:password@controller/glance00:26
Sam-I-Amdoes 'controller' resolve to something with mysql listening?00:26
mrproperKeystone connects00:27
Sam-I-Amand the sql_ thing has to be under [default] somewhere00:27
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mrproperIt is00:28
Sam-I-Amhold on, let me get into my bawx00:28
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Sam-I-Ami didnt do anything weird with glance to make it work00:31
Sam-I-Amthe instructions seemed fine00:31
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Sam-I-Amonly thing i can figure is there's a typo somewhere00:32
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Sam-I-Amcan you manually authenticate to the glance db?00:32
Sam-I-Amusing mysql client00:32
mrproperYes I can00:32
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mrproperDo you have any known_stores listed or just default_store?00:33
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Sam-I-Amjust the default00:34
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Sam-I-Amso you're getting a db error?00:35
mrproperI'm not sure what errors I'm getting00:37
mrproperI don't think it's db anymore00:37
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Sam-I-Amcheck the logs?00:37
mrproperGetting a lot of warnings about schema-image.json00:37
Sam-I-Amtry adding the image again?00:37
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mrproperThe errors don't seem to be happening anymore but the failure is still happening00:38
Sam-I-Amso images still dont add?00:39
Sam-I-Amdoes glance image-list work?00:39
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Sam-I-Ami dunno, glance is the one thing i never had problems with00:43
Sam-I-Amgotta be some sort of typo somewhere or something00:43
Sam-I-Amtry adding the image without any spaces in the name00:43
mrproperI did that too00:44
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mrproperdebug time00:45
Sam-I-Amyou seem to have interesting problems :)00:45
mrproperI do!00:47
mrproperI wish I understood why00:47
Sam-I-Amtoo much cake?00:47
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Sam-I-Amor too little00:48
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Sam-I-Am500 usually means theres an auth problem00:50
mrproperToo little00:51
Sam-I-Ameat moar cake00:51
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mrproperDiet won't allow it00:51
Sam-I-Ami have leftover pie00:51
Sam-I-Ampffft diet00:51
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mrproperIt makes sense it's an auth error because of my inability to glance image-list00:51
Sam-I-Amany word in the keystone logs?00:51
mrproperNope just looked there00:52
Sam-I-Amcan glance access wherever you put the image?00:52
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mrproperYes it can, looked at that00:52
Sam-I-Amthink i put mine in /var/lib/glance/images or something00:52
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mrproperThat's where mine is00:54
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mrproperSam-I-Am: Verifying, but not seeing what's wrong01:00
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mrproperSam-I-Am: The endpoint appears to be setup right. I'm not seeing any typos in the configuration file, as far as I can tell.01:01
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Sam-I-Amwell, move on to nova and see what happens01:02
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Sam-I-Amlemmie look at mine01:04
Sam-I-Amwhats keystone service-list say?01:07
mrproperit lists glance as image01:07
mrproperAnd keystone as identity01:08
Sam-I-Amdoes the id match the service id for the endpoint?01:08
mrproperYes it does01:08
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Sam-I-Amwithout further info i'm out of ideas01:11
Sam-I-Amdelete glance entirely including the db and reinstall01:12
mrproper2013-11-30 19:11:50.669 5131 ERROR glance.db.sqlalchemy.api [f979e415-9515-441b-837e-b3b6f698ff6e None None] Error configuring registry database with supplied sql_connection. Got error: (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'glance'@'controller' (using password: YES)") None None01:12
Sam-I-Amthere's not much to glance01:12
mrproperThat's out of registry01:12
Sam-I-Amso its a sql creds problem01:12
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Sam-I-Amproblem with the privledges tablle?01:13
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Sam-I-Amwhen you try manually with the mysql client, do you connect to localhost or the 'controller' ip?01:14
mrproperI'm wondering about that. I just did a glance-manage db_sync and it's erroring with the auth problem01:15
Sam-I-Amso that command didnt work the first time?01:16
mrproperIt has in the past01:16
mrproperI re-ran the privileges command and now it's broke01:17
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Sam-I-Amsql error?01:17
mrproper2013-11-30 19:18:24.983 5197 CRITICAL glance [-] (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'glance'@'controller' (using password: YES)") None None01:18
mrproperI think I fixed it01:18
mrproperI had to create a glance@'controller'01:19
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mrproperglance@localhost wasn't working.01:20
Sam-I-Ammust be a problem with the 'grant' lines01:21
mrproperFixed though01:22
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Sam-I-Ammysql -u glance -p  then 'show grants;'01:23
Sam-I-Amyou'll see whats wrong there01:23
mrproperOnly grant all for root@01:24
mrproperWait no01:24
mrpropergrants for glance@localhost01:24
Sam-I-Amshould be showing your grants for localhost01:24
mrproperIt is01:24
mrproperall priv01:24
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Sam-I-Amshould return two lines01:25
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mrproperIt did01:26
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Sam-I-Amshould looke like that01:28
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Sam-I-Amif you log in to mysql as -u glance -h controller -p ... that should work01:29
Sam-I-Ambecause you added a grant line with host %01:29
antarhell - so i installed openstack - single server - got everything running have my network setup, i setup a server it assigns the floating ip and private ip, but i can't get to it at all - not sure where to look?01:29
Sam-I-Amor... hopefully01:29
mrproperSam-I-Am: Wow, I'm not convinced the nova.conf file is right01:30
Sam-I-Ammrproper: how did we get there?01:30
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mrproperI went to the next chapter in the install guide01:30
Sam-I-Amantar: not get to it as in ping or ssh?01:30
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mrproperSam-I-Am: <-- this is the default nova.conf file.01:33
antarSam-I-Am: neither, and just now i opened console to get in and seeing this:
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Sam-I-Amantar: link doesnt work01:35
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Sam-I-Ammrproper: whats wrong?01:36
mrproperSam-I-Am: That file looks awful sparse. No [database] section, no [keystone_auth] section, no comments.01:36
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Sam-I-Ammrproper: you get to add a lot to it01:37
mrproperWeird it's not populated like the others01:37
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antarSam-I-Am: lets try this one:
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Sam-I-Amantar: so the host doesnt get an ip?01:41
Sam-I-Amer, instance01:41
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antarSam-I-Am: pretty much - been trying to get an openstack setup for a week - i got an all in one setup going as my two node wouldn't work - i followed the new guid on rod for network install  topology looks right and i get no errors but yeah no ip and not reachable this is using the fedora19 image01:45
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Sam-I-Amusing havana and neutron?01:47
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Sam-I-Ami need to go make some dinner, brb01:49
antaryep using Havana and Neutron -01:52
antarused the RDO setup - tried ubuntu before but they want a 6 server setup -- i have 2 servers i want to use both as compute and one as a controller node.01:53
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mrproperSam-I-Am: I'm at the networking part of the setup :)02:10
Sam-I-Amantar: ubuntu wants 6 servers?02:11
Sam-I-Ammrproper: wooo02:11
mrproperSam-I-Am: Yeah. I'm not looking forward to this part again. Do the Neutron documents in Ubuntu suck?02:12
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Sam-I-Ami'm curious if they work after all of my bug fixes02:12
Sam-I-Ami think one major part is still missing, which is the neutron stuff in nova.conf on the compute node02:13
antarSam-I-Am: if i use MAAS and JUJU - i haven't tried doing a normal install folioing regular docs, just went with RDO - and ubuntu/maas/juju wasn't well - how would you recommend i set this up or solve this network issue?02:13
mrproperHave they fixed your bugs?02:13
Sam-I-Amantar: normal install is 3 nodes02:14
Sam-I-Amand you can virtualize the network and controller nodes02:14
Sam-I-Amantar: so, rdo... stock install... one nic?02:15
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Sam-I-Ammrproper: all but one major one.  maybe a few minor ones left.02:15
antarSam-I-Am: yes stock install, i have 4 NICs actually but only 1 is wired - i have a firewall that connects servers, although this one is just RDO all in one - so 1 server with 4 NICs but 1 active connected to the firewal02:16
antarfirewall* - can't type tonight.02:16
mrproperSam-I-Am: I'm going to give it a break for the night.02:16
mrproperHopefully they fix some between now and then02:16
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*** retr0h has joined #openstack02:16
Sam-I-Amlol doubt it02:17
*** littleidea has joined #openstack02:17
Sam-I-Amantar: so basically all rdo traffic uses one nic02:17
*** pmathews has quit IRC02:18
antarSam-I-Am: Yep02:18
Sam-I-Ammrproper: so have cake now?02:19
mrproperSam-I-Am: Cauliflower soup. CLOSE02:19
Sam-I-Amantar: did you do anything with ovs-vsctl or br-ex after the install?02:19
Sam-I-Ammrproper: does it have bacon?02:19
Sam-I-Amdid you make it?02:20
mrproperI did02:20
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antarSam-I-Am: nop02:21
antarSam-I-Am: was i supposed to? :)02:21
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Sam-I-Amwell, the docs dont say anything about it, but with neutron you do02:21
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Sam-I-Ammrproper: i like how no one has even touched my rdo bug report02:22
mrproperSam-I-Am: Yeah I think they're a bit less...involved02:22
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Sam-I-Ammrproper: meh :/02:23
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Sam-I-Ammrproper: didnt they get to your bugs pretty quickly, or was that not on bugzilla?02:24
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mrproperSam-I-Am: That wasn't on bugzilla. That was the forum02:24
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mrproperI know they came out with updated packages, not sure what it fixed02:25
Sam-I-Ammrproper: how did you come up with cauliflouwer soup?02:25
mrproperA recipe on Cook's Illustrated02:25
antarSam-I-Am: Wow, well isn't that nice, okay so i have the private openstack network on 192.168.0.* - what should the IP of that br-ex be? the first ip in block is
antarokay since we are talking food - I am making creme brule righ tnow - and a leg of lam :)02:26
antarglad I am not the only one having a side of openstack with it.02:26
Sam-I-Amwow, two chefs02:26
Sam-I-Ami umm... made spaghetti02:26
Sam-I-Amwhich was boring until i added a few pounds of cheese to it02:26
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mrproperSam-I-Am: I had cake during lunch, so that killed my calories. Plus fried chicken02:27
Sam-I-Amyou count calories?02:27
antaryeah - today hasn't been good - i made pizza earlier.02:27
*** vlad_starkov has joined #openstack02:27
antari count the first 2000 ;)))02:27
antarand spaghetti counts.02:27
Sam-I-Amantar: br-ex doesnt have anything to do with the private network, just the public network02:27
antarSam-I-Am: so it should have which public network, the one coming from my firewall ? (sorry this whole thing has my head in a loop)02:28
Sam-I-Ambasically you need to add your physical nic as a port on br-ex, then move its IP (the external IP) to br-ex02:28
mrproperSam-I-Am: I do. Trying to lose a little weight02:28
Sam-I-Ammrproper: if i made cakes that would be the end of me02:29
mrproperI can show you how ;)02:29
antarSam-I-Am: aha okay so basically what i have i as my eth0 should be in br-ex and eth0 configures to use br-ex02:29
Sam-I-Ammy main vices are pizza, wings, bacon, and bbq02:29
*** dolphm has quit IRC02:29
antarFor wings - wingstop - so good.02:30
mrproperI loooove pizza02:30
Sam-I-Amantar: the bug descibes the steps necessary to fix this problem02:30
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC02:30
Sam-I-Amovs-vsctl, losing connectivity, changing some stuff in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts02:30
*** littleidea has quit IRC02:31
*** dobber has joined #openstack02:32
Sam-I-Amantar: this fixes the main connectivity problem.  however, your instances should be getting a 'private' IP anyway02:32
*** marclaporte has quit IRC02:32
antarSam-I-am: well got that sorted now so br-ex has the ip and em1 is going to that, let me try a new instance again,02:34
*** julweber_ has joined #openstack02:35
*** giorgiodinapoli has quit IRC02:35
Sam-I-Amcan you ping the ip on br-ex now?02:35
*** karppo has quit IRC02:36
*** dobber has quit IRC02:36
*** paul-- has joined #openstack02:36
*** julweber has quit IRC02:37
antarloading a new instance right now02:38
Sam-I-Ameven without an instance, but box itself should have connectivity via br-ex02:39
*** kordless has quit IRC02:39
Sam-I-Amwhat are you running for your instances?02:39
antarbut ping an ip that doesn't exist?02:39
antarI was justing using the Fedora19 image RDO links to for sanity sake02:39
*** ccustine has quit IRC02:39
Sam-I-Amoh, i'd just use cirros for testing02:39
Sam-I-Amits much lighter weight02:39
antarlet me do that -02:40
antarso still can't ping02:40
antargetting this02:40
mrproperantar: I had problems with the Fedora image02:40
antar# ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable02:40
*** ccustine has joined #openstack02:40
antarfor some reason - its trying to route through my main ip rather than internal02:40
antarmrproper: good to know - i was starting to think i was crazy02:40
*** paul-- has quit IRC02:41
mrproperYou may be, I can't vogue for that02:41
antarTouche :)02:41
Sam-I-Amantar: i think there's still confusion here02:41
Sam-I-Amlets talk about the ip network your machine uses to reach the outside world02:41
antarokay - so I have a main IP coming to a firewall - firewall has DHCP on it running network of to 245, is gateway ... and let me get you my openstack setup one sec02:42
*** netredem-jr has joined #openstack02:42
Sam-I-Amwhat are 'em' interfaces... sounds like *bsd instead of linux02:43
*** csd_ has quit IRC02:43
antari just used centos6.4 as a base - it did em1 to em4 for the NICs02:44
Sam-I-Amnot eth?02:44
antarfor the life of me i couldn't get this thing setup on Ubuntu - even though I really really want it there.02:44
antarno , not sure why02:44
clarkbits biosname or whatever the term is02:44
*** afm has quit IRC02:44
clarkbgives consistent names to each interface02:44
*** Barker has joined #openstack02:45
*** dmsimard1 has joined #openstack02:45
antarand here is os setup:
antarcould be - its a dell machine, i can check iDrac02:45
antarthat shouldn't make a difference though in overall scheme --02:45
Sam-I-Amso em0 or whatever had a 192.x address02:46
Sam-I-Amnow br-ex should have it02:46
*** dmsimard has quit IRC02:46
Sam-I-Amantar: are you running the openstack kernel? uname -a02:47
antarLinux os-ain 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Feb 22 00:31:26 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:48
mrproperNope doesn't seem to be02:48
*** ccs has joined #openstack02:48
*** bladernr_ has quit IRC02:48
antari just installed CentOS 6.4 and then used the packstac from RDO repo02:48
mrproperls /boot02:48
antaris there a better way to install this thing?02:48
mrproperDo you see a openstack kernel02:49
antarconfig-2.6.32-358.123.2.openstack.el6.x86_64         initramfs-2.6.32-358.23.2.el6.x86_64.img config-2.6.32-358.23.2.el6.x86_64                    initramfs-2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64.img      config-2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64                         lost+found                               efi02:49
Sam-I-Amit requires a reboot... and should have mentioned that somewhere in the docs02:49
mrproperYea reboot02:49
*** afm has joined #openstack02:49
antari thought i rebooted, let me reboot again02:49
*** bladernr_ has joined #openstack02:49
*** dmsimard has joined #openstack02:49
*** dmsimard1 has quit IRC02:50
*** erkules_ has joined #openstack02:51
Sam-I-Amactually i think packstack tells you when its done installing everything02:51
Sam-I-Amin the same bunch of stuff that tells you how to reach your dashboard02:51
mrproperSam-I-Am: I'm looking forward to having a non-packstack working build :)02:52
Sam-I-Ammrproper: well, better get back to work... you're slacking!02:53
*** Barker has quit IRC02:53
antarperhaps i should not use packstac? sounds like you guys are already on that adventure02:53
mrproperantar: Packstack worked basically fine for me.02:54
*** pmathews has joined #openstack02:54
*** erkules has quit IRC02:54
antarso why are you leaving it?02:54
*** antar has quit IRC02:55
*** ccs has quit IRC02:55
*** antar has joined #openstack02:56
mrproperSam-I-Am: By the way, I am debating if I want to use nova-net or Neutron02:56
*** hdd has joined #openstack02:56
*** Shmouel`away has quit IRC02:56
antarwaiting for reboot02:56
*** Shmouel`away has joined #openstack02:57
*** pmathews has quit IRC02:57
Sam-I-Ammrproper: oh?02:57
Sam-I-Ammrproper: you haaaaaave to use neutron :)02:58
mrproperOh do I?02:58
*** ccs_ has quit IRC02:58
antarso why leaving packstack?02:58
*** pmathews has joined #openstack02:59
mrproperI wanted to set it up onm y own to learn02:59
mrproperThe packstack all in one was really easy02:59
*** marun has quit IRC02:59
*** hockeynut has joined #openstack02:59
mrproperI'm trying it on Ubuntu to see which works better now.02:59
*** hashfail has joined #openstack03:00
*** ccs has joined #openstack03:00
*** jnoller has quit IRC03:00
antargot it - let me know how it goes03:01
mrproperSam-I-Am: If I do want to go with Ubuntu on my server, how do I PXE boot a full ISO03:01
Sam-I-Ammrproper: um... i'm not aware of a way to do that03:01
antarwell now the machine is up and i can't get to it from SSH not sure why, will have to hop on console.03:02
Sam-I-Ammaybe you could loopback mount the iso somehow03:02
Sam-I-Ammight be some instructions somewhere for it...03:02
mrproperSam-I-Am: THAT will keep me from using Ubuntu on my server03:02
Sam-I-Amfix your mtu problem :)03:02
*** littleidea has joined #openstack03:02
Sam-I-Ammrproper: are you talking about installing on your bare metal box?03:03
mrproperIf I do, yes03:03
Sam-I-Amno cdrom on the box?03:04
Sam-I-Amat some point it will have to hit the internet :/03:04
Sam-I-Ami hear openstack works on 13.10 or whatever03:05
mrproperNope none03:05
Sam-I-Amusb cdrom?03:05
mrproperI stick with LTS03:05
Sam-I-Amusb stick?03:05
Sam-I-Ami wish it would break and let you re-try so you could go in and futz with the network config03:06
Sam-I-Ami bet a tcpdump would be revealing03:06
Sam-I-Amis it always the same server?03:06
antarSam-I-Am: okay well now server is rebooted, and br-ex has the ip BUT i can't reach it from within firewall or network, only way is by using console.03:06
Sam-I-Amwhat is 10.10.10 ?03:06
Sam-I-Amis that your external/public network?03:07
*** marclaporte has joined #openstack03:07
*** macjack has quit IRC03:07
antarits the network the server is on, so technically its internal to firewall but public in sense of where the servers are but not public to the world03:08
Sam-I-Amthe server gets its internet access from that ip, no?03:08
antaryeah the firewall runs a DHCP thats how it gets the IP - and then it has a route out03:09
Sam-I-Amcan that ip change?03:09
antari can change the entire network topology - its a whole new setup03:09
antar1 firewall (pfsense) and 2 servers03:09
Sam-I-Amthe server needs a static ip03:09
antari configured br-ex to use that ip - i can force assign it as well03:10
antarfrom the firewall03:10
antari think the issue is the MAC Address03:11
Sam-I-Amwhat about it?03:11
Sam-I-Ambr-ex should have the same mac as the underlying interface03:11
antarbecause on the em1 it was broadcasting a MAC and i didn't add it to the br-ex03:12
*** vlad_starkov has joined #openstack03:12
Sam-I-Amassuming that you did 'ovs-vsctl add port em0 br-ex'03:12
Sam-I-Amwhere em0 = whatever had your 'public' ip03:12
antarno i just updated the files like the bug said - also that command returns and says it needs 4 arguments?03:14
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC03:14
*** netredem-jr_ has joined #openstack03:15
*** netredem-jr_ has quit IRC03:15
Sam-I-Amits the command from the bug report03:16
Sam-I-Amprobably add-port or something03:16
Sam-I-Amyou can also do ovs-vsctl show and see if em0 is listed as a port on br-ex03:16
antarright but no need to do it since i switched files - and yes its add-port03:17
Sam-I-Amso if its working, br-ex and em0 should have the same mac03:17
*** netredem-jr has quit IRC03:17
*** markpeek has quit IRC03:18
antarwell - i didn't exactly copy the file one for one, i omitted the mac, was my fault03:18
antarand of course i am on console from iDrac so i can't see everything ova lists03:18
antarand when i added the MAC to br-ex03:18
antarand try to reboot network03:18
antarnetwork won't start up the interface03:18
antarsays has a MAC different than expected03:18
antarseems br-ex has a mac address somehow?03:20
Sam-I-Ami suspect there's a problem with the 'type' for br-ex in the ifcfg-br-ex config file03:20
mrproperWhat type does he have03:21
antarone sec03:22
mrproperI think that type is right03:23
antarjust copied what that bug said03:23
antarand then eth0 copied what they had on theirs03:23
Sam-I-Amyour network makes no sense03:23
Sam-I-Amyou cant have that ip, that netmask, and a gateway that isnt in that network03:24
mrproperSam-I-Am: Good catch03:24
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has quit IRC03:24
Sam-I-Ammrproper: i am captain nurddd03:24
antarah net mask should be yes?03:25
antarbut thats not even the error were getting - the mac address conflict, but let me change that03:25
*** dolphm has joined #openstack03:25
antarokay if i comment out the HWADDRESS - network restarts just fine03:26
antarstill can't get to server and server gets nowhere03:26
Sam-I-Amifcfg-br-ex should not have a hwaddr03:27
antaryeah i removed it03:27
Sam-I-Amso now br-ex should have the mac of the underlying interface03:27
antarit has its own:
antarand it says the interface is up but can't get to outside world03:28
antarand can't ssh to server from same network03:28
*** vlad_starkov has joined #openstack03:28
*** itooon has quit IRC03:28
*** itooon has joined #openstack03:29
*** hockeynut has quit IRC03:30
Sam-I-Amso em1 is your outside interface?03:30
Sam-I-Amnot em0?03:30
*** dolphm has quit IRC03:30
antaryes there is no 0 it goes em1 to 403:31
*** dmsimard has quit IRC03:31
Sam-I-Amso that ovs-vsctl thing, you used em1 right?03:32
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC03:32
antari fixed it - and it was a stupid error on my part03:32
antarwow - i am sorry :(03:32
antari put in eth0 in the em1 file03:32
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC03:33
antarokay so now we can get to server03:33
antarserver gets to real world, lets try the instance03:33
*** kordless has joined #openstack03:33
Sam-I-Amyou should be able to ping the outside interface of your vrouter too03:33
antaryeah i know - we get this running i will make you home made pasta :)03:34
*** tal has joined #openstack03:34
Sam-I-Amwhatever you set it to03:34
Sam-I-Ampasta?  i want bacon.03:34
*** littleidea has quit IRC03:34
*** mikeoutland has joined #openstack03:34
antarokay booting up the cerrios image03:35
*** majeff has joined #openstack03:35
*** alagalah has quit IRC03:36
*** suresh12 has joined #openstack03:37
antarstill can't ping either public ip or internal ip of the machine ( and private is
*** hdd has quit IRC03:38
antar[root@ca-irv-srv-001 ~]# ping
antarPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.03:38
antarFrom icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable03:38
antarit seems its trying to ping form the public ip03:38
antarthat 216 is the public ip of the ENTIRE network, outside of fireall03:39
*** mikeoutland has quit IRC03:39
Sam-I-Amso within the console of the instance... can you ping
antaroh thats the next problem03:42
antari can't login to the console -03:42
antarthe password i set doesn't work hm..03:42
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack03:42
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has joined #openstack03:42
*** gimpspace has joined #openstack03:42
*** suresh12 has quit IRC03:42
*** nmistry has quit IRC03:43
Sam-I-Amit... should tell you the password03:43
antaryeah tried the one it gave didn't work either03:44
Sam-I-Amcirros/cubswin:) ?03:44
antari think it had a key pair doing another one now03:44
*** MarlboroMoo has quit IRC03:44
Sam-I-Amthe cirros account should work regardless of the keypair03:45
antarit didn't03:45
*** MarlboroMoo has joined #openstack03:45
antarokay in a new instance and that worked03:45
Sam-I-Amthats odd.  this is from the vnc console, right?03:45
antari can ping and that works03:45
Sam-I-Amwhat about ?03:45
antaralso works03:46
Sam-I-Amhow about pinging the outside ip of the host?03:46
antarthe that doesn't work03:46
antarand can't ping any outside network either like google03:46
Sam-I-Amwhat is the
*** Moo has joined #openstack03:47
Sam-I-Amseems like a network that is neither here nor there03:47
*** Moo is now known as Guest8020203:47
Sam-I-Amyou should have two networks.  one is a subset of your outside network... 10.10.10.x... and one inside currently 10.0.0/2403:47
mrproperSam-I-Am: I should take a snapshot in VMware prior to starting down Neutron03:47
antarif you haven't figured out this yet, i followed some guide not saying its setup right so here is the instance: and here is the network i have in openstack i think its wrong but i am all looped around:
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack03:48
Sam-I-Ammrproper: i took snaps before each new service03:48
Sam-I-Amantar: that pub network should really be the network on br-ex03:48
antarokay so for pub i should replicate my same network from firewall03:49
Sam-I-Amand make that network as the admin tenant03:49
Sam-I-Amnot the demo tenant03:49
*** markpeek has joined #openstack03:50
*** MarlboroMoo has quit IRC03:50
*** alagalah has joined #openstack03:52
Sam-I-Amantar: then, as the admin user (from the admin tab, not the project) ... set the public network as 'external'03:53
*** davelowe has quit IRC03:54
antarwell its complicated to change now - so going through deleting and resetting up since it requires removing routes and all that jazz03:55
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC03:55
*** davelowe has joined #openstack03:56
Sam-I-Amits just virtual stuff at this point03:57
*** mikeoutland has joined #openstack03:57
antaryeah - almost done03:58
antarokay i got it all setup now - i think -
*** mgagne has joined #openstack03:59
*** mgagne has quit IRC03:59
*** mgagne has joined #openstack03:59
*** Shmouel`away has quit IRC03:59
*** Shmouel`away has joined #openstack03:59
Sam-I-Amok. the priv network needs to be created under the demo tenant04:00
Sam-I-Amback in 10-15... need to do something04:00
Sam-I-Ami think mrproper can cover this :)04:00
*** ewnd9 has joined #openstack04:00
antarwhy does priv network have to be under demo tenant?04:01
mrproperantar: Yeah the private network needs to be owned by the member tenant (ex. antar). The public network needs to be owned by admin.04:01
mrproperI'm not sure the full technical reasons why, but as my parents said "Because I said so"04:01
antargot it04:01
mrproperYou need to delete the network, subnet, ports, router, etc.04:01
mrproperMake sure the router is owned by the tenant too04:01
mrproperMember tenant to be specific04:02
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack04:02
antarso admin just owns that public sub and everything and let demo own everything including route04:02
mrproperLet me know if you need help deleting the existing network, I've gotten good at it04:02
*** dtx00ff_ has quit IRC04:02
*** marclaporte has quit IRC04:04
antari gotta remove the route, then the ports then the subs - oh what fun, should i just delete all and start from scratch or just the prig?04:05
mrproperJust do priv04:05
mrproperIt's all about the same challenge04:05
antarokay removing route04:05
mrproperyou're probably going to need to use the neutron console to delete it04:07
antari actually have gotten it down to use from console :)04:08
*** chasmo has joined #openstack04:08
antarso private is all gone04:08
antarno routes04:08
antari just have the pub04:08
antarso now login as demo04:08
mrproperRecreate using the user in the member tenant04:08
*** Shaan7 has joined #openstack04:09
antarokay so i am in - but it says its demo project ?04:09
mrproperWhat says that04:09
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC04:10
*** Shaan7 has joined #openstack04:10
*** mgagne has quit IRC04:11
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has quit IRC04:11
*** cjellick has joined #openstack04:11
antardon't i login from console as demo user or?04:11
antari only have 2 users on system admin and demo04:11
*** Egyptian[Laptop] has joined #openstack04:11
mrproperDo you have the keystonerc file?04:12
mrpropersource that to create it under the demo user04:12
mrproperIf you're using the console04:12
antaryeah - one for admin and one fro demo so source the demo user - okay you will have to walk me through the command lines :)04:13
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC04:13
antari am sourced into the demo04:13
mrpropernet-create your-priv-net-name04:13
*** Semor has quit IRC04:14
mrproperI don't recall them off the top of my head :/04:14
mrpropersubnet-create is probably...04:14
mrpropersubnet-create net-create-your-priv-net-name --dns-list=True 192.168.x.x/2404:14
antarokay so created the private network04:15
mrproperHow about the subnet?04:15
antardoing that now04:15
*** jnoller has joined #openstack04:15
mrproperThen I think the router using router-create and then link them...router-port-create is it?04:15
mrproperMaybe router-interface-create04:15
antartrying to get the right sub-create command, that one errors out04:16
Sam-I-Amthat might help04:16
antarnot really - they use demo net04:17
antarah got it - neutron subnet-create private --name private_subnet04:18
Sam-I-Amjust change the naemes accordingly04:18
antarfor private subnet whtas best ip range to use?04:19
antar10.0.0.0 or the 192?04:19
Sam-I-Amthe same should work04:19
antarokay thats done04:19
antaradding the route04:19
*** lindenle has joined #openstack04:21
antarokay done04:21
antarso now i got this:
antarokay next? try to boot an instance?04:22
antarand also the route is owned by that demo account04:22
Sam-I-Amso far so good04:23
Sam-I-Amdid you select 'external' for that public network?04:23
antaryep -
*** tal has quit IRC04:23
antarokay so now a new instance under the admin project04:24
Sam-I-Amunder the demo project04:24
antarah so not demo account got it that explains much04:24
antarso now all i see in network list is private though?04:25
antari don't see the public network?04:25
antaris that because the admin state was selected in the previous part?04:25
Sam-I-Amunder the demo tenant you should just see the private network04:26
antaryeah thats all i see, so i don' tneed to add the public one then?04:26
*** dolphm has joined #openstack04:26
antaralright - its spawning04:27
*** vlad_starkov has joined #openstack04:27
antarokay its up has ip
Sam-I-Amok, can it ping anything?04:28
antaropening console04:28
*** marclaporte has joined #openstack04:29
antari can ping
*** giorgiodinapoli has joined #openstack04:29
antarcan't ping google.com04:29
antarcan't ping any other ip04:29
Sam-I-Am10.0.0.1 ?04:30
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC04:30
antaryep i can ping that04:30
*** IlyaE has quit IRC04:30
*** dolphm has quit IRC04:31
antarthats weird04:31
antarthe router wasn't connected properly to the gateway04:31
antarmy router04:31
*** cjellick has quit IRC04:31
antardidn't have the public gateway set to it04:31
antarso it was just all in the private network04:31
antarno connection to public04:31
antarso now i can ping the main server ip04:31
*** lindenle has quit IRC04:32
antarstill can't ping google.com04:32
antarwell actually i can if i use the IP04:32
antarnot the name04:32
antarso thats a DNS issue04:32
antarbut now how do i reach the instance from my network and not the console?04:32
Sam-I-Ammain server ip?04:32
Sam-I-Amping works?04:33
*** dobber has joined #openstack04:33
*** dobber has quit IRC04:38
antarseems instance has internet - just can't resolve names like
Sam-I-Amso whats in /etc/resolv.conf ?04:38
antarno dns that is why04:39
antari think it isn't even in the network from before okay so that i can solve04:39
*** mikeoutland has quit IRC04:39
antarbut now how do i ssh to the machine from within the network?04:39
*** marun has joined #openstack04:39
antarhits is whist in resolve:
Sam-I-Amwell, you can't really get to the network04:40
antarso assign a floating ip?04:40
Sam-I-Amso you need to create a floatingip, which lives on your public network, and ssh from there04:40
Sam-I-Amwhen you set the public network, did you specify a start and end range?04:41
Sam-I-Amyou create one first04:42
Sam-I-Amthen assign it04:42
*** zz_tsykoduk is now known as tsykoduk04:42
antari assigned a floating ip04:42
antarit got
antarbut can't get to it04:42
*** julweber_ has quit IRC04:42
Sam-I-Amcan you ping it?04:43
Sam-I-Amdoes 'nova list' show it assigned?04:44
antarthis might be the reason:
*** zerick has joined #openstack04:44
antarnova list has nothing on it04:44
*** ben_duyujie has joined #openstack04:44
Sam-I-Amwhat ip does the router have on the public network?
*** ccustine has quit IRC04:47
antaroh sorry04:48
antarrouter is is the router04:48
Sam-I-Amisnt that the ip of the host?04:48
Sam-I-Amthe virtual router got some sort of IP on that network04:49
*** ccustine has joined #openstack04:49
antarno - host is ... router/firewall is
*** marun has quit IRC04:49
Sam-I-Amso whats the vrouter?04:49
*** k_stev has quit IRC04:51
antarwell apparently it got but its down:
Sam-I-Amcan you ping that from the server?04:52
*** Ranzp has joined #openstack04:52
antaryes -i can ping it both from server and a server on the network04:54
Sam-I-Amdid you change the default security group?04:54
*** zenoway has joined #openstack04:54
Sam-I-Amto allow traffic into the floating IPs04:54
*** Ranzpirat has quit IRC04:55
antarthis is what i have:
*** sep has quit IRC04:55
Sam-I-Amyou need to run these as the admin user:04:57
Sam-I-Amnova --no-cache secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1
Sam-I-Amnova --no-cache secgroup-add-rule default tcp 22 22
*** kordless has quit IRC04:57
*** tsykoduk is now known as zz_tsykoduk04:58
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC04:58
*** zz_tsykoduk is now known as tsykoduk04:58
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack04:58
antarokay -04:58
antar[root@ca-irv-srv-001 ~(keystone_admin)]# nova --no-cache secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1
antar| IP Protocol | From Port | To Port | IP Range  | Source Group |04:59
antar| icmp        | -1        | -1      | |              |04:59
antar[root@ca-irv-srv-001 ~(keystone_admin)]# nova --no-cache secgroup-add-rule default tcp 22 22
antarERROR: This rule already exists in group 5f4ec4a7-e4bb-4940-b261-266b14d7b6b1 (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-4adaedb0-07c7-46de-991c-5911d624a216)04:59
antar[root@ca-irv-srv-001 ~(keystone_admin)]#04:59
antarso got one and the other already exists04:59
antari got it!05:01
antari had to add port 2205:01
antarthis is a miracle - i owe you bacon05:01
antarhome made bacon05:01
*** kordless has joined #openstack05:01
*** markpeek has quit IRC05:01
*** Shmouel`away has quit IRC05:02
*** Shmouel`away has joined #openstack05:02
*** hellome has quit IRC05:03
*** xecqwayerk has joined #openstack05:03
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC05:03
antarfor images do you recommend ubuntu over everything else?05:04
*** alagalah has quit IRC05:04
Sam-I-Amopenstack kind of is a miracle when things work05:05
*** sputnik13 has joined #openstack05:05
antaryes yes it is - how come no one does a proper guide on this thing?05:05
antarhalf the stuff you told me isn't even documented05:05
antarwell at least not documented in any order05:06
Sam-I-Amits out there05:06
Sam-I-Ami found the best thing is using a mix of different documents05:07
*** mrproper has quit IRC05:07
Sam-I-Ami banged my head on the desk for a solid 60+ hour week... turns out the official guide was missing one particular item05:07
Sam-I-Amone thing... for a week05:08
Sam-I-Amfigured out was it was and submitted a bug report.  also submitted about two dozen other reports.05:08
*** sputnik13 has quit IRC05:08
Sam-I-Amthe docs for ubuntu mostly work now... but i always keep the 'unofficial grizzly guide' nearby05:08
Sam-I-Ami havent tried installing from scratch on redhat yet.  mrproper tried and it became a mess.05:09
*** sgordon` has quit IRC05:09
antarwell i think as of this hour i am at 45 - so thanks to you i have saved another 15!05:09
*** s00pcan_ has quit IRC05:09
antarso my install was a centos6.4 with rdo - all in one, the multi server didn't work but thats because network was messed up05:09
Sam-I-Amrdo works well for a proof-of-concept, but it seems they forgot to mention all the new stuff to do when they made neutron the default05:09
antarso all in one worked, then fixed network then you helped me with all this05:09
antari noticed05:10
antarall the docs don't talk aboutneutorn05:10
Sam-I-Amyeah, and someone needs to fix that05:10
antarso now the next step is to add the second server i have as a node - not even sure i want to touch that right now :D05:10
Sam-I-Amthey mention how to create networks in neutron, but nothing about configuring br-ex and openvswitch05:10
antarbut i am hoping that will be easy now that we have the setup right05:10
antarcrazy -05:11
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack05:11
antaroh and to top it off - all those other builds out there like stackops and all don't work, especially if you don't use the default NIC -05:11
Sam-I-Amopenstack is kind of complex for a one-size-fits all05:11
Sam-I-Amrdo is about as good as it gets05:12
*** julweber has joined #openstack05:13
antaryeah - well will see how adding a second compute node goes -05:13
antarso for images what do you recommend? ubuntu?05:13
*** giorgiodinapoli has quit IRC05:14
Sam-I-Amthe ubuntu cloud image appears to work well05:14
Sam-I-Amthe real fun part is installing all of this stuff manually05:14
antar - which one of these is the right one? :)05:14
antaryeah - its shocking to me there is no other real private cloud solution, but yeah installing from scratch seems to be the next step i will go through to really have control.05:14
*** ArcTanSusan has joined #openstack05:15
antarand which format type do i chose on that one? AMI?05:17
Sam-I-Ambare and qcow205:17
*** ccustine has quit IRC05:17
antarthanks - lets see how it goes05:18
antarnow if i make another user - do i have to do anything fancy or will it work ? or does it have to own the route?05:18
*** otisspud has joined #openstack05:18
Sam-I-Amanother tenant?05:18
*** ewnd9 has quit IRC05:18
Sam-I-Amthe ubuntu image needs a larger flavor... tiny doesnt fit it05:19
antarright - what if i create another tenant? or maybe i will just rename demo user - but yeah another tenant05:19
*** ccustine has joined #openstack05:19
*** s00pcan_ has joined #openstack05:19
antargot it - will use the small one05:19
*** julweber has quit IRC05:22
*** sushils has quit IRC05:23
Sam-I-Amanother tenant would need another internal network with a router to the outside05:25
Sam-I-Ambasically just a copy of the demo tenant configuration05:25
*** dolphm has joined #openstack05:27
*** vlad_starkov has joined #openstack05:27
*** lindenle has joined #openstack05:28
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack05:30
antargot it05:30
*** sgordon` has joined #openstack05:30
*** dolphm has quit IRC05:31
*** chair6 has quit IRC05:32
*** lindenle has quit IRC05:32
*** chair6 has joined #openstack05:33
*** Semor has joined #openstack05:33
*** dobber has joined #openstack05:34
*** cocoadaemon has quit IRC05:35
*** lindenle has joined #openstack05:36
*** markpeek has joined #openstack05:37
*** markpeek1 has joined #openstack05:37
*** ewnd9 has joined #openstack05:38
*** dobber has quit IRC05:38
*** markpeek has quit IRC05:41
antarso every time i make a new project i have to create a new network?05:46
*** ben_duyujie has quit IRC05:46
Sam-I-Ambut you can have multiple instances for one tenant05:47
antarthey don't make this easy :)05:47
*** ccustine has quit IRC05:48
*** chazcafe has joined #openstack05:48
Sam-I-Amyou dont need to make a new tenant for every instance05:48
*** chazcafe has quit IRC05:48
antaryeah i know that05:49
antarbut all i did was add a project05:49
antaryou have to setup a new network for a project05:49
*** ccustine has joined #openstack05:49
Sam-I-Ama project is essentially a tenant05:49
antari wanted to just separate out my dev/staging/live setups05:50
*** tsykoduk is now known as zz_tsykoduk05:50
antarkinda makes sense actually to have them on separate networks05:50
*** zz_tsykoduk is now known as tsykoduk05:50
Sam-I-Amits the concept of IaaS. each tenant can have their own VMs, network, and storage living on top a blob of hardware05:50
Sam-I-Amvirtual datacenter i guess05:51
antaryeah - i can see how this is useful actually as i think about my usage05:51
*** tsykoduk is now known as zz_tsykoduk05:52
Sam-I-Amand you can monitor all of it with ceilometer05:53
Sam-I-Amrdo has nagios talking to ceilometer iirc05:54
*** macjack has joined #openstack05:54
*** matanya has quit IRC05:57
*** rnorwood1 has quit IRC05:59
*** vlad_starkov has quit IRC05:59
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antarany good guide on installing a second node?06:03
antarjust for compute06:04
*** FunnyLookinHat has quit IRC06:04
Sam-I-Amthe rdo stuff suppoosedly works... requires a couple more NICs though06:05
*** Shmouel`away has quit IRC06:05
*** Shmouel`away has joined #openstack06:05
antaryeah i got 4 in each server, will just have to get them hooked up06:05
antarmy instances can't resolve named hosts, how do i fix that?06:06
Sam-I-Amdid you use some sort of dns-list switch when creating one of your networks?06:06
antarnever mind - i got it06:07
antari didn't have the dns on the sub06:07
antaradded those and magic06:07
Sam-I-Amwell, i'm off to bed here06:07
antarthanks for all the help today06:07
Sam-I-Amsure, no problem06:07
antarsleep well :)06:08
Sam-I-Amyou plan to hang out here much?06:08
Sam-I-Aminteresting conversation from time to time06:08
antari will be on here for the long haul - we are adopting this in our datacenter06:08
antarwe roll first sites on it - with all due luck - monday06:08
Sam-I-Amcool.  big company?06:09
Sam-I-Amhmmm thats a short time line for something this complex06:09
antarwere getting there06:09
*** markpeek1 has quit IRC06:09
antaryeah - only one way to make this stuff work, keep pushing06:09
antarat least devs will start using it06:09
antarget a CI up and running with our code base06:09
Sam-I-Amthats good06:09
Sam-I-Amyou'll need to do a manual install06:09
Sam-I-Amthose are fun06:10
antaryeah i have another server sitting to do that06:10
antarand a few more servers on the way so then we get a proper setup going06:10
Sam-I-Ammost production systems have separate control, network, and compute nodes06:10
antaryeah - i got 10 more servers coming in just to start this setup :)06:10
Sam-I-Ammust be nice.  i can barely find old hardware.06:11
antarwith different configs for each module06:11
antarit has its perks - and also its pitfalls06:11
antaryou have a metal setup?06:12
Sam-I-Ambare metal?06:12
Sam-I-Ami'm mostly testing at this point, so to save on hardware i'm running everything on VMs06:12
Sam-I-Amits obviously not fast being VMs within VMs, but good for proof-of-concepts06:13
antaryou going to use this at work or are you just doing it for fun?06:13
Sam-I-Ami have a project to build reference architectures using openstack06:13
Sam-I-Ammy particular part of the project involves neutron... particularly integrating it with sdn-enabled network gear06:13
antarinteresting - this for internal company usage?06:14
Sam-I-Amno, its for offering to resellers06:14
Sam-I-Amand would include training06:14
antarnice - so your doing this on your own or for someone or with a group? -- sounds like it will be a great help06:15
Sam-I-Ambasically being able to say X compute hardware works with Y network gear and Z storage gear06:15
Sam-I-Amthen write all the docs for it06:15
*** stanchan has joined #openstack06:15
Sam-I-Amthis is for my company06:15
antarNice - well i know its not much but i have a half 1u server that we no longer use, its all yours if you wan it  :)06:16
Sam-I-Amheh, thats ok06:17
Sam-I-Amtime to roll off to bed06:17
antargood night.06:17
*** cjellick has joined #openstack06:21
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chandankumar_i want to try devstack in a 1gb RAM vm?13:34
chandankumar_is it possible to try devstack in that?13:34
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zasimovchandankumar, i think it is possible19:31
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Sam-I-Amchandankumar: i would avoid it.  the daemons themselves want at least a gig of ram which doesnt leave much for your VMs... and swapping to disk sucks19:43
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lineahello is there any restrictions for container sync if the replica count is different in two regions19:59
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linea hello is there any restrictions for container sync if the replica count is different in two regions20:30
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denafter playing with devstack what's the best way to deploy to multiple machines(OS is Ubuntu or maybe Debian)?21:11
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antarden: you mean best way to install the stack?21:21
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denantar: yes, the options seem to be Ubuntu MAAS + Juju, puppet or chef but im not sure what the best option is, I have a clean environment to start with21:48
*** teran has joined #openstack21:48
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antarden: how many bare metals do you have?21:48
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antarden: for Ubuntu MAAS+Juju you need a minimum of 6 servers.21:49
*** bladernr_ has joined #openstack21:50
antarden: RDO has been my best option so far in terms of putting it all together, however I would also recommend after you get that working to try doing a complete build from scratch on your own for true control21:50
*** teran has joined #openstack21:51
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denantar: I've got 6 machines so thats an option, why does MAAS+juju need 6? does one get used as the MAAS controller?21:52
Sam-I-Ambtw, some of these things can run as VMs21:53
antarden: great, so that option is a good one as well - ideally in a real environment setup you want each of the components running on their own machine so you don't have single point of failures.21:53
Sam-I-Amjust not the compute nodes21:53
Sam-I-Amso... save yourself some hardware21:53
antara whole machine dedicated to some of these would be overkill21:53
antarespecially if you have maxed out hardware21:54
denah ok, can I use juju on VM's?21:54
Sam-I-Amanything that isnt particularly cpu or i/o intensive should work fine21:55
Sam-I-Ameven i/o isnt bad in VMs anymore21:55
*** hockeynut has quit IRC21:55
Sam-I-Amand the only reason that runninng compute nodes on vms is... vms on vms = bad.21:55
Sam-I-Amit works, but sucks.21:55
*** teran has joined #openstack21:55
Sam-I-Amyou can probably run all of this stuff on VMs for proof-of-concept testing21:55
*** dmsimard has quit IRC21:56
denye I wouldn't try to virtualise the compute nodes unless I was using lxc and even then it would seem wastefull21:56
*** GeraintJones has joined #openstack21:57
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dendoes anyone have any experience with the puppet modules?21:58
Jokke_and what ever you run in VM's paravirtualization is good21:58
*** teran has joined #openstack21:58
Jokke_the more you can offload to tin, the less you suffer the overhead21:58
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lineaPlease anyone explain  this my container sync is not working i am getting this  "sync1 container-sync Unauth 'AUTH_odikko/sync1"  kind of message in container log22:38
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Jokke_linea: check this bug
Jokke_there is woraround defined for it22:55
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lineajokke_: My small cluster only using  swift so i am not using keystone i am running with swauth22:57
*** julweber has joined #openstack22:57
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lineajokke_: Is there any work around for swauth, very helpful if there any :)22:59
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Jokke_linea: somewhere your authentication breaks ... looks like that is coming when the container_sync_row gets client error HTTP_HTTPUNAUTHORIZED23:06
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Jokke_TBH I have no idea ... I've been looking into openstack really just this weekend. Found that bug with google and then I just went through swift sources looking where the Unauth comes from ;P23:08
*** suresh12 has quit IRC23:08
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Jokke_you might want ty try that delay_auth_decision ... it might root from similar issue with swauth than with the keystone23:10
lineaJokke_: Yes it seems like 404 response i am not that great at openstack i am only a newby but this really painful its a great feature do not worry about security though. :)  but its a great way to put content to a different region developers needs to fix it or at least remove from docs :D23:11
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack23:11
*** nigwil has joined #openstack23:11
lineajokke: delay_auth_decision = 1 its with keystone right is it possible with swauth?23:11
Jokke_it's option for authtoken not for keystone23:12
*** egm has quit IRC23:12
*** suresh12 has joined #openstack23:12
Jokke_so I assume it will behave same way, returning 404 before swauth actually comes back with valid token ... give it a try23:13
lineajokke: so i have to add authtoken to my pipeline right?23:13
Jokke_hmm-m wait23:14
Jokke_let me have a look on that swauth23:14
lineajokke: I am using swauth 1.06 from gholt23:14
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*** antar has joined #openstack23:18
Jokke_linea: ok, so no authtoken ... have you tried that authentication works with that user against swauth?23:19
lineajokke: everything works i can upload content even playback in using browser but not sync23:20
*** al has joined #openstack23:20
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Jokke_linea: do you get anything else than the Unauth to the logs?23:26
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack23:28
lineajokke: hold on i can give you exact error code23:28
*** antar has quit IRC23:29
*** yogesh has quit IRC23:29
Jokke_linea: here is couple of points raised: 1) do you have the clocks of those two clusters in sync? 2) do you have under proxy-server.conf [swauth] allowed_sync_hosts specified with _ip_23:30
Jokke_apparently it does not accept hostname in the config, but expects ip23:30
lineajokke: i did all that but the thing is i added that auth token  as an experiment now i got it synced  lol ahahaha i have no idea how its fixed  :D23:32
lineajokke: i removed that auth token thing  now i am uploading a new file23:32
*** zul has quit IRC23:33
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Jokke_might be documentation bug for swauth ... there is lots of talk about the auth token expected, but it's not in the pipeline in the docs23:34
*** hockeynut has joined #openstack23:34
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*** ccustine has joined #openstack23:36
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack23:36
lineajokke: Actually is it right method auth token and swauth in  proxy-server23:37
*** paul-- has joined #openstack23:38
Jokke_Sorry, I have no idea at this point23:38
lineajokke: if its possible what should i provide in the auth token filter :D23:38
lineajokke: :D23:38
Jokke_as said, my openstack experience limits pretty much this weekend ... just trying to get a grasp of it :D23:39
*** marclaporte has joined #openstack23:39
lineajokke: i never see both in same config file that's why  just asked23:39
lineajokke: np at least  you are answering :) i am happy thanx23:40
*** msekleta has joined #openstack23:41
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*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack23:42
Jokke_linea: no prob ... trying to learn here myself as well ... sometimes even blind chicken find a seed ... best way to learn is trying to figure out why something does not work23:44
Jokke_does it still sync after you removed the auth token?23:46
*** msekleta has quit IRC23:46
lineajokke: no actually i am looking for that error its not coming now and also not syncing :D23:47
Jokke_cool, so maybe we were on right track ;)23:48
lineajokke: lets assume so23:48
Jokke_linea: other option is, that authtoken breaks something and authorizes everything :P23:49
*** bdavenport has joined #openstack23:49
lineajokke: zzzz why i chose openstack23:50
Jokke_don't judge yet23:51
*** gdubreui has joined #openstack23:52
lineajokke: yes its simple but need more updations developers must  think like users and update the docs properly all i can see is docs sucks23:53
*** anniec has joined #openstack23:54
Jokke_linea: so when you have figured this out, fix the doc ;D23:55
*** mikedawson has joined #openstack23:55
lineajokke: Yes i am fixing my own docs :D for my friends :D23:56
*** anniec has left #openstack23:56
Jokke_linea: as the old saying goes, "Contribute or STFU" ;)23:57
lineajokke:  :D ahahah good one23:57
*** littleidea has joined #openstack23:58
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