Sunday, 2014-01-12

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morganfainbergjproulx, ping00:15
morganfainbergjproulx, not sure if you're around since the last email, but i might have a quick patch for you to try.00:15
morganfainbergjproulx, re: memcache token backend.00:15
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morganfainbergjproulx, responded via email w/ a potential fix for the performance issues.01:26
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morganfainbergjproulx, let me know the results of the test(ing). I'd like to resolve this issue for Havana's lifetime.  Icehouse is slated to have a massive rework of tokens, which should prevent this issue (similar in logic to the patchset i just proposed)01:26
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tbachmanOswas wondering if someone might be able to give a pointer for where to start looking in debugging a nova VM problem01:28
tbachmanOsFor some reason, I can't seem to delete a VM in devstack any more.01:29
tbachmanOsI issue the nova delete <uuid>, and I don't get any error01:29
tbachmanOsbut the VM still shows up as ACTIVE in nova list.01:29
tbachmanOsWhat's stranger, is this *used* to work, and I don't think that I'd changed anything in my git tree.01:30
larskstbachmanOs: Which version of openstack are you running?  Do you have debug logging enabled?01:30
tbachmanOsIt's devstack,and yes, I believe I've got full logs01:30
tbachmanOs(can screen -x stack into all the things)01:31
larsksOkay.  And when you attempt to "nova delete ...", you see nothing in the compute log?01:31
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tbachmanOsNot yet.01:31
tbachmanOsWIll spin things up and start there01:31
larsksHmm.  No immediate suggestion, except paying close attention to everything logged in api, scheduler, and compute when you make the request.01:33
tbachmanOslarsks: thanks!01:33
larsksEh, wish I could be more helpful :)01:33
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sputnik13does anyone use active directory as a backend with keystone?02:14
morganfainbergsputnik13, i know people who do02:14
morganfainbergsputnik13, and i have deployed some clouds with AD as an LDAP identity provider02:14
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sputnik13morganfainberg: do you know whether it's possible to update passwords in AD via the LDAP interface?02:14
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sputnik13or do you always have to be on Windows to do that?02:15
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morganfainbergsputnik13, as i recall (days of deploying linux systems to use AD for authentication), it is a bad idea to change passwords unless the code explicitly knows how to do AD password changes02:15
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sputnik13morganfainberg: I guess then the question is whether Keystone knows how to do that02:16
morganfainbergsputnik13, i am fairly certain (I haven't been working on the LDAP stuff much in keystone lately) that keystone doesn't know how to do that "correctly"02:16
sputnik13morganfainberg: bummer02:16
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morganfainbergsputnik13, likely you want to run AD as a "read only" LDAP backend for keystone02:17
sputnik13morganfainberg: I was afraid of that02:17
morganfainbergi would be concerned about AD-specific things being stomped on02:17
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morganfainbergin fact, i know the recommendation is any LDAP identity backend should be "read only" and managed outside of keystone's crud02:18
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morganfainbergnot that we don't supply CRUD for ldap, just, there are a lot of assumptions made that may not be correct for the other LDAP consumers02:18
sputnik13morganfainberg: that's unfortunate02:19
morganfainbergit's far safer to not use keystone for CRUD if the LDAP server (AD especially) is used by other services.02:19
sputnik13morganfainberg: for the cloud I'm standing up, I got a windows server to act as a maintenance gateway...  was hoping to use AD as the single user database for everything02:20
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morganfainbergsputnik13, you could have a webpage that does that for you. or similar02:20
morganfainbergsputnik13, that's how some companies do it, "web page for those things if you're remote" but done w/ an AD specific tool02:21
morganfainbergsince many things consume AD, it's safest to always use an AD specific tool not a "well, we know some things about AD but, we may not handle an older version" etc.02:21
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morganfainbergsputnik13, i am also not convinced LDAP assignment in AD is the best approach, but that is apersonal opinion, not something i can force on any other deployer02:23
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tsunaHi there. I'm having trouble with DHCP on a single-node devstack instance (running on master).  I can see the VM send a DHCP request when I tcpdump on br-int, but it doesn't get a response:
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tsunaI wonder if it's because the port of the VM on br-int is on VLAN 3 while the DHCP listens on a port on VLAN 1?03:39
tsuna(see the output of ovs-vsctl show in the paste above)03:39
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sputnik13tsuna: did you put them on different VLANs?03:42
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sputnik13it shouldn't matter so much that the VM emits on vlan 3, ovs is stripping the tag03:45
sputnik13in your setup03:45
sputnik13I don't know why your settings have ovs stripping tags...  I used puppet-openstack to install, and there ovs is set to rewrite vlan tags rather than strip03:46
sputnik13tsuna: what release are you using?03:46
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tsunasputnik13: master04:01
tsunasputnik13: I'm using a flat network, which is why OVS is stripping the tag, I guess04:02
sputnik13tsuna: if you're using a flat network it shouldn't be tagging at all04:02
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tsunasputnik13: the tag is in OVS only AFAIk04:03
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sputnik13tsuna: did you specify network type none and map your physnet to the interface?04:03
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tsunait's not 'none' it's 'flat', right?04:03
tsunayeah I mapped it to br-p7p1 (my physical interface is named p7p1)04:04
tsunalooking at the code I see in neutron/plugins/openvswitch/agent/ in the method `provision_local_vlan' that a VLAN tag is passed to OVS even with a flat network04:04
sputnik13I recall using "none"04:05
sputnik13when I tried to do flat networking04:05
sputnik13but flat networking prevented me from using l3 services to provide a gateway and floating IPs04:05
sputnik13or at least I couldn't get it to work04:05
sputnik13so I switched to vlan networking, which is working great04:06
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Sam-I-Ami havent tried vlan mode yet, just gre04:07
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jrwren_I'm not getting an accessIPv4 assigned, can anyone suggest why?04:45
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illogikhey guys, has anyone here had any success deploying openstack in a smaller lab environment?06:46
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decciI am getting this error while running packstack Preparing servers...06:50
decciWhat repo do I need to install ? I heard about optional idea what is the link for this?06:51
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decciHi Anyone who have packstack running on RHEL 6.409:08
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pradeepdecci: ^^ yes09:17
deccipradeep: good to find you here09:17
deccipradeep: I am trying to install Openstack through packstack on RHEL 6.409:17
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deccipradeep: I am encountering an issue
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pradeepdecci: puppet is missing on your machine09:18
deccipradeep:  How to install I need any repo09:19
pradeepdecci: you dont have puppet in your repo?09:19
deccipradeep: Can you help me what repo I might need for this09:19
deccipradeep: Do I need puppet labs repo09:20
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