Monday, 2019-08-12

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jack960330Someone solved my problem?04:38
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triple-oh-noobgregwork: Sorry about the response delay. Thanks for your advice - I've gotten further since the weekend.09:05
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triple-oh-noobDoes tripleo network templates support putting a network on a flat vlan shared with the provisioning interface?09:11
triple-oh-noob(seperate management interface)09:11
gregworkas a vlan sure09:11
gregworkin my overcloud i have 1 nic with 2 ports, i have the native vlan of those nics my provisioning network and then i seutp vlan interfaces for all my other networks and use network-isolation template to breka up the network flows09:14
gregworki have tenant networking + provisioning + api traffic on nic1 and storage/storage management/storagenfs on nic209:14
triple-oh-noobVia a bridge? Or just as an interface?09:15
gregworkim using two bridges09:15
gregwork1 per nic09:15
gregwork(nic port that is)09:15
gregworkthe default_bridge which becomes name transformed to br-ex09:16
gregworkand a custom bridge called br-storage09:16
gregworkfor the other port09:16
gregworkboth are ovs type09:16
triple-oh-noobI was trying to not use a bridge (ovs) in case the bridge ever had issues.09:16
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gregworkyou want to use something like ovs09:17
gregworkim not sure what kind of sdn you are planning on using09:17
gregworkwe deployed ovn on ovs09:17
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gregworkwell the ovn version of openvswitch09:18
triple-oh-noobFair play. I'll use ovs as you mention. One other thing if you don't mind - is there any parameter values I can specify access to the servers via tty?09:19
triple-oh-noobSo that in the event of any failures to the softswitch I can access and debug other than from the tripleo server?09:20
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gregworkyou have a few options on how you want to do that09:20
gregworkat a minimum you would have configured ipmi or equivalent for ironic09:20
triple-oh-noobYes, that's all configured and fine.09:21
triple-oh-noobI mean, accessing a deployed controller node or such.09:21
gregworkthe overcloud image in redhats osp13 has console=ttyS0 enabled09:21
gregworkyou should be able to log in via the ipmi controller09:21
triple-oh-noobI was looking and couldn't see any options for templated user credentials for thedeployed servers. Ooooooh.09:21
gregworkas serial over lan09:21
triple-oh-noobI see.09:21
gregworkhowever to log in you would have needed to customize the overcloud image09:22
gregworkbefore you deployed09:22
triple-oh-noobThat's interesting, thanks.09:22
gregworkvirt-customize -a ./overcoud-image-name --root-password password:supersecretpassword09:22
gregworkthen update that image in glance09:23
gregworkand deploy it09:23
gregworkit will let you log in as root with that password09:23
triple-oh-noobOh waw, that's rather easy.09:23
gregworkif you want to do deeper customization of the overcloud image, such as install 3rd party software you can  boot the image up with virt-rescue09:24
triple-oh-noobI was hoping there's options for freeipa/ldap, but that's fine for the moment whilst I wrap my head around things.09:24
gregworkmount the filesystem inside virt-rescue and run whatever you need09:24
gregworkthen exit09:24
gregworkso you can deploy with freeipa integration09:24
gregworkits quite extensive09:24
triple-oh-noobBrilliant. thanks for that.09:24
gregworkit requires the director be configured with freeipa tho09:24
gregworkdirector gets enrolled at undercloud install time via a OTP you generate09:25
gregworkand other ssl opts09:25
gregworkfrom there things are kind of magic09:25
gregworkit handles all the certificate/kerb principal/host generation09:25
gregworkfor the entire cloud09:25
triple-oh-noobYes, freeIPA is still a little bit of wizardry to me at present, but it's on my "to-do" list of tings to the lab stack I'm deploying.09:26
gregworkheh been using red hat idm (freeipa) in prod for about 6 years now .. its come a long way09:26
gregworkif you are virtualizing your director09:27
gregworkmake sure you have entropy turned up a little for the guest09:27
triple-oh-noobAh, good tip.09:27
gregworkdeploying the undercloud with ipa is a non trivial amount of crypto09:27
triple-oh-noobIt's physcal presently, but going virtual for it makes the most sense.09:27
gregworkso generally speaking most people will want to deploy the director virtual because you often snapshot at critical steps09:28
triple-oh-noobYes. And it's a nice way to track backups in the event something stupid happens.09:29
gregworkif you are using redhat virt or kvm/libvirt you will want to make sure you have hwrng and entropy settings dialed up a bit higher than the default 2KB feed libvirt will give a guest09:29
gregworkand have rngd installed09:29
gregworkwe ran into horrible problems that are hard to track down if your vm runs out of entropy09:29
* triple-oh-noob makes note in back of mind09:29
gregworkcrypto operations will stall09:29
gregworkwaiting for /dev/random or /dev/hwrng to spit out more09:30
gregworkdirector is basically an all in one openstack09:30
gregworkso its got several dozen api endpoints, turning on ssl+kerberos adds a lot of overhead if your not tuned right09:30
triple-oh-noobThis is very good information, and I thank you kindly for it.09:31
gregworkno problem, good luck and remember .. the least interesting part of this is installing it :) its a steep vertical but the cool stuff comes after.  be patient, careful and build features iteratively.   Start with a small feature set, get your cloud deployed, then go back and add 1 more and repeat09:32
gregworkit takes awhile but you end up with something that works and when it doesnt you know exactly what broke09:33
gregworkif you turn on everything at once, good luck troubleshooting your build09:33
gregworktake care09:33
triple-oh-noobhahaha. You're not wrong. I've started from single controller/compute, added ceph, increased clsuter sizes, now i'm onto network isolation as the others have had their issues ironed out.09:34
triple-oh-noobI have a long list of things to test once this is off the ground.09:36
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triple-oh-noobgregwork: IS there not a way to simply define an alternate interface on the nic1 without having to use ovs?09:47
triple-oh-noobSeems liek it should be so simple. Like copying nic1 (type: interface) and adding a vlan tag to it.09:47
triple-oh-noobHowever, when I do this, it slots it into the ovs.09:47
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Anticimexhmm, anyone here happen to sit on (the forrester report pdf, not downloadable anymore)16:22
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henriqueofMy OScloud just went down when I tried to upload an volume as image, glance service used all available resources from controller node then when it finished rabbitmq would keep using a lot of CPU.18:11
henriqueofIs this a know problem or should I investigate and file an issue?18:12
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rafaelweingartneHello Guys, I am creating a Keystone python client using: "ks_client_v3.Client(session=session, trust_id=trust_id,....."18:25
rafaelweingartneIs it possible to use this client to generate tokens on the fly?18:25
rafaelweingartnesomething similar to "openstack token issue"18:25
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umbSublimerafaelweingartne: I'm just curious why you would want to recreate a keystone client ?18:27
umbSublimeDo you just mean programaticaly  ?18:28
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umbSublimeI'm sure it's doable also with keystone-client, but I think the prefered method of doing anything programaticaly with OS is with the openstacksdk. To get a token you can somply create a Connection object and call the authorize() method.
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gregworktriple-oh-noob: if nic1 is a vlan trunk, you can just create simple vlan interfaces off it without ovs20:20
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oninoshikoIs stackube dead? It looks like they got something useful, then just disappeared.23:54

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