Wednesday, 2019-08-14

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devintern17i joined channel for ask support and share my experience with devstack and opencloud08:27
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devintern17i am new with openstack enviroment but i succesfully install it with devstack annd everything works fine, unfortunely i am not able to enable the gpu passthough08:29
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zufarHi all, anyone here have try to install OpenStack with OVN enabled?11:19
willksmzufar, lots of resources here >
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zufarwillksm: I have follow the tutorial, but neutron-server wont start. can I ask here?11:22
willksmYes, I suggest asking whatever questions that you have, and maybe send some logs ( and somebody might be able to assist if they're able to11:23
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zufarin neutron-server logs, I get this error. 2019-08-14 05:25:47.861 3235 INFO oslo_service.service [-] Parent process has died unexpectedly, exiting11:27
zufarthe status is always exited.11:28
zufarfull neutron-server logs:
zufarovsdb-server port is open:
zufarneutron.conf and ml2_conf.ini:
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zufarare my step is broken? I create this step, combine from OVN installation tutorial and Neutron tutorial:
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stingrayzahi folks. I'm getting an "Error authenticating with application credential: Application credentials cannot request a scope." when trying to use my newly generated application credentials in openstack cli.14:48
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stingrayza(clouds.yaml here: - it works when I use my 'traditional' user, just not when using the application creds14:53
roukappcreds are tied to a project scope, if you specify a project, it will not work.14:55
roukanything more than the id and secret is too much14:55
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roukappcreds are tied to your user, and the project you created them for, and the roles within that project, so specifying it is not required. some examples will specify username and project, but that is because they are using a key by name, not by id, and names are only unique per user.14:57
stingrayzarouk: tried the 'raw' app-cred2 (that was supplied to me when I created them in the dash) with the same error.14:57
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roukremove region, too.14:58
stingrayzatried without the region - still the same14:59
roukwell, a scope doesnt come from thin air, something isnt as it seems, can you dump the env you end up with?15:00
stingrayzaI should be able to use them with the regular cli client, shouldn't I? (e.g. openstack --os-cloud app-cred server list )15:00
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stingrayzarouk: ah. you asked for the env. I just checked and I still had my standard OS_* env vars floating about15:05
stingrayzatried a new terminal with no env vars, and I now get "The request you have made requires authentication."15:05
stingrayzaso that solves one piece15:06
stingrayzanow just to figure out what else I'm doing wrong (totally expecting it to be something my end)15:06
roukwell, be aware that if youre granting via some group membership, it wont validate creds, the patch that fixes that bug is proposed to stein but not yet merged, been a long standing bug.15:07
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roukso if your user is given access to the project, but only via a group membership, your appcreds will be "invalid". also creating appcreds via horizon can end in bugged appcreds with wrong project association. make sure the appcred mentions the project, if the project is wrong/missing, its broken.15:08
openstackLaunchpad bug 1773967 in keystone (Ubuntu) "Application credentials can't be used with group-only role assignments" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:09
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cooldharma06hi al, i am fcing following error: Error loading class by alias: NoMatches: No 'neutron.service_plugins' driver found, looking for 'taas'15:24
cooldharma06any suggestions.?15:25
cooldharma06i downloaded tap-as-a-service and i ran python install15:25
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stingrayzarouk: thanks - that's exactly what I think it is. all our users only have project access through group membership, not directly15:35
roukyep, we use ldap groups, which causes that bug to be a major issue, we just add people directly when they need appcreds under them, ill be evaluating that patch soon.15:36
roukthe fix is proposed for backport and merged upstream, so it should be pretty safe to cherrypick if youre up for rolling a custom keystone image.15:39
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Pavangetting following error "No project with a name or ID of 'service' exists." when i try to install openstack ec2-api15:48
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roukwhats the current proper way to disable a flavor for later decomissioning? the property for it seems a bit abandoned17:47
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umbSublimerouk: you can set the flavor's "OS-FLV-DISABLED:disabled" property to true18:00
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roukumbSublime: how? the api spec doesnt have it that i can see in recent docs18:28
roukmanually flip it in the db?18:28
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umbSublimeor with "openstack flavor set --property <key=value>"18:32
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triple-oh-noobgregwork: Got you message from the other day. Unfortunately I never got it to work. I have moved it onto he bridge, and it's working there.18:41
triple-oh-noobHowever, setting this network as the default route for the nodes is challenging.18:42
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triple-oh-noobfrom "defroute: no" declarations, next_hops, ControlPlaneDefaultRoute, gateway_ip: declarations in network_data, default: true in node config....18:58
triple-oh-noobMy brain melts :)18:58
triple-oh-noobNot even sure if I can atually update any network data under a deploy, even if i'm setting to CREATE/UPDATE in the configs (as it's often not supported_19:00
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roukumbSublime: that just puts it in the properties field, not as the field on the flavor itself at the top level.19:11
roukit has no effect19:11
roukunless theres a specific property name i should be using that is not OS-FLV-DISABLED:disabled19:12
umbSublimerouk: holy crap you are right, I had a brain fart. I just recalled a pull request I say back in havana regarding having an APi call to set that, but it still wasn't merged in 1y ago. Unfortunately editing in DB might currently be you're best bet19:17
roukis there also no way to set os-flavor-access:is_public as part of the api after creation?19:17
roukcause thats causing me some gripes19:18
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umbSublimenot that I'm aware of :/ Some workarounds suggest deleting and recreating the flavor but with '--private', but .... ewww19:22
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roukyeah, in this case im okay, cause i was testing some flavors in private before making them public, but... the other way around wouldnt work out so well if they were in use.19:23
roukall of this is happening because im tryign to decomission some ancient not-very-good flavors without breaking people's existing stuff.19:23
roukimages have a disable flag, but flavors are just... around forever until you can delete them fully?19:24
rouki can try db editing, but thats... not a thing that should be the solution.19:24
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umbSublimeyah now that i think of it, we never actaully decomissioned our old flavors :/19:31
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triple-oh-noobHow do I define a default gateway properly for my nodes? Can anyone hit me up with a pointer? :-)20:55
triple-oh-noobI have defined gateay_ip: under the correct network for this (management network) but it seems to be ignored.20:55
triple-oh-noobI have edited the node yaml files directly and they seem to be ignored.20:56
triple-oh-noobControllers have no default gw, and the ceph/computes use the provisioning network gateway.20:56
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gregworktriple-oh-noob: can you pastebin your config21:30
triple-oh-noobgregwork: I will after this test deployment. I'm trying a few things. So I don't want to paste in nonsense. :)21:38
triple-oh-noobAt the moment, i'm seeing what defroute: true and use_dhcp: true on the management interface on the bridge will do.21:38
triple-oh-noobAfter this I plan on setting explicit ip_netmask: \ next_hop: {get_param: ManagementInterfaceDefaultRoute} in the configs.21:39
triple-oh-noobAfter that, I'll reset all the configs, and pastebin the details21:40
triple-oh-noobOtherwise as I say, you'll look and ask: what he heck :-) I'd rather understand how I should be doing it properly21:40
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gregworktriple-oh-noob: here is my controller config21:52
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gregworktriple-oh-noob: in that config my controller has two bridges (bridge_name which gets macro replaced to br-ex) and br-storage.  I also have some non bridged ports i basically turn off (eno1-4).22:06
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gregworkthe assumptions here is you have hardware symmetry on this type of node (which i do)22:07
gregworkso the nic's are always enpXXsYYfZZ22:07
gregworki set the vlan interface for my external network as my default route on bridge_name22:08
triple-oh-noobLEt me have a look :-)22:08
triple-oh-noobAlso, yes, I use the sae hardware for types.22:09
triple-oh-noobAnd the networks are created just fine.22:09
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triple-oh-noobOnly, the default gateway is not populated.22:09
triple-oh-noobSo, line 131-133 should be the key factors here in your config.22:10
gregworkif you want to troubleshoot this directly you can log into one of the nodes via ipmi/sol and look inside /etc/os-net-config22:11
gregworkyou can run os-net-config -v -c /etc/os-net-config/config.json22:11
gregworkand watch what it does22:11
gregworkprovided you dont just see any errors by doing jq . config.json22:11
gregworkand reading the file yourself22:11
triple-oh-noobLet me replicate that there as you have it, as it seems there's many methods suggested in documentation.22:11
triple-oh-noobOhh, that could be very useful indeed.22:11
*** Alphazero_ has joined #openstack22:12
triple-oh-noobIn your configuration, ExternalInterfaceDefaultRoute is populated, did you add that, or is that from network_data.yaml config?22:13
gregworki have it defined in my network_data.yaml, i cant remember if that was something i penned in but it would be rendered out of network_data when the cloud was deployed22:15
gregworkits probably in my plan-environment.yaml in the overcloud s3 bucket22:16
triple-oh-noobI see.22:20
gregworki think i mentioned last time you can also download whatever your plan is during the build22:21
triple-oh-noobWell, I have added the route manually for the moment to test, then can work backwards and see how I can get it to generate that value properly. It appears that I will need to a) set the ManagementInterfaceDefaultRoute yaml definition, and then get the render to set that to the default:true22:21
gregworkmkdir -p /home/stack/swift/plan && cd /home/stack/swift/plan && swift download overcloud22:22
triple-oh-noobYes. I am working from the template method you provided. The one in the documentation simply did not work at all, but feel it's my lack of defining the templates correctly that may have led to the problems there.22:22
triple-oh-noobI have a lot to learn :-)22:22
gregworki defined my management network but i dont actually use it22:22
gregworki have no ports configured in my controller22:22
gregworki instead consume an ip/port on my external network22:23
triple-oh-noobYour method is much cleaner, means I can git-control and refer to custom templates only with paths traversing correctly.22:23
triple-oh-noobYes. In hindsight, this may be the better method completely.22:23
gregworkthis by the way depends on network isolation template being provided in your deploy22:23
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack22:23
triple-oh-noobIt is.22:23
*** skyraven has quit IRC22:24
triple-oh-noobAfter much of the efforts with the network config I have in mind, After I finally figure it out, i'll go back to the drawing board and ask myself: "Why".22:24
triple-oh-noobBut I feel it's on the tip of my tongue at every step :-)22:25
gregworkin that config the eno1-4 ports are a good example of how to plumb interfaces outside of ovs/linux bridge22:25
gregworkyou can completely just use a plain old interface22:26
triple-oh-noobYes. As it stands, I have nic1 as my provider, and ovs bridge nic2+3 (actually, nic2+nic4 for computes with the intention of additional bridges if required, or bond across two inteface cards later)22:26
gregworklater when you refine your config you may want to isolate certain types of traffic on their own ovs bridge22:26
triple-oh-noobnic4/5s are not connected, but yet again would make life much easier if I have available ports free :-D22:27
gregworkin my case my nic is a dual qsfp28 100gbit mellanox connect x-522:27
triple-oh-noobQuite possibly. After this is deployed, i'll look at qos and the possibility of splitting to be cleaner. To be honest, it's a mind-wreck at the moment trying to get the basics done :-)22:27
gregworkthe provisioning network is the native vlan on port 022:28
triple-oh-noobYowsers. That's some hardware :-)22:28
gregworkthe rest are trunked vlans22:28
gregworkyou know its surprisingly inexpensive22:28
gregworkthe cards are around 1200 CAD22:28
gregworkthe switch was only 25k22:28
triple-oh-noobI may well have to have a chat with you about this another day ;-)22:29
gregworkthe cards do a bunch of offload, specifically vxlan as well22:29
gregworkand are roce v2/rdma capable22:29
gregworkif you use their asap2 offload config you can basically get sriov speeds in ovs22:30
triple-oh-noobhmm, now that's very interesting to know.22:30
gregworki was at the last open infra summit in denver and sat in a presentation talking about how the ml2 drivers stack up22:30
gregworkand the only ones that could keep up with bare metal was mellanox asap222:31
gregworkspeeds north of 25gbit started to really show software penalties22:31
gregworkmost performed well at 10gbit22:31
*** kjackal has quit IRC22:32
*** ivve has quit IRC22:33
triple-oh-noobMY local vendor has these... you sir, and this conversation may well be the reason we have these across our infrastructre fairly soon :-)22:33
triple-oh-noobIf I ever do the very basic task of finishing a basic deployment :-)22:34
gregworkmellanox has been around for awhile, they basically invented infiniband22:34
gregworkthem branching out into ethernet has been pretty nice22:34
gregworki know they just got bought by nvidia, i hope they stay open and innovative22:34
gregworktheir switches are really slick .. openethernet compatible .. can use their network os or you can install cumulus linux22:35
gregworkthe vendor switch os can let you install up to 4 vms for analysis work22:35
gregworkman .. wish i could do that on my 7k and 9k infra22:35
* gregwork shakes a fist at cisco22:36
gregworkat least on my 9k i can "run bash" and tcpdump -tnq -i VlanXXX to do inspection22:36
gregworkbetter than how it was on 5k/7k22:37
triple-oh-noobI shall be looking into this more thoroughly tomorrow. :)22:38
triple-oh-noobYou might wanna set up a trade account with them ;)22:39
gregworki try and use my powers for awesome .. maybe one day i might actually profit from it .. but for now i enjoy helping folks and getting them excited about cool tech22:40
triple-oh-noobI have already emailed someone in regards to reviewing this. For some things, we will need as near-baremetal as we can get.22:41
*** alemgeta has quit IRC22:42
triple-oh-noobit wasn't too long ago, my entire infrastructure was kvm/ovs. When "openstack" popped it's head up, I was very excited. Since then, i've moved on, and openstack has been overlooked for quite some time. Now the business is finally starting to see the potential benefits, so i'm playing catchup in a big way.22:44
gregworkwere doing a dc transform ourselves22:45
gregworkabout 9 years ago we moved from about 10,000 physical systems spanning 3 DC's and 14 regional offices to virtualization on cisco ucs blade systems22:45
gregworktime to move on from traditional virt and move to hybrid cloud + openshift22:46
triple-oh-noobsounds like a whole bunch of fun!22:47
gregworkmigration was interesting, let me tell you the relocation of one of our DC's was a heck of a lot easier with vms than with physical22:48
*** markvoelker has quit IRC22:48
gregworkwe rebased a bunch of those 10k systems from aix and solaris to rhel 5 and 622:48
triple-oh-noobI miss AIX :-)22:48
gregworknot many do.. even ibm seems to not care too much about it22:49
triple-oh-noobI wrote my first korn shell applications on those. My first perl cgi. Ahhh. Those big cassette tapes in the 6000.22:49
gregworkwe still have a bunch of pSeries on our floor .. im making a usecase to deploy rh osp on them since they have pSeries support22:49
triple-oh-noobhahah. Nice. Not sure they will do much ;-)22:50
gregworkthe power 9 systems are pretty beefy .. but i think its more about using a uniform private cloud infra22:50
*** jathan has quit IRC22:50
gregworkso now i can deploy power-compute and x86_64-compute as different virt hosts22:50
gregworkand they can use the same tooling to communicate and consume services22:51
gregworkrather than try and figure out how to bend AIX to the will of 201922:51
triple-oh-noobYou sound like you have a pretty fun job there :-)22:52
gregworkbeen here awhile tho22:53
gregworkthinking it might be time for a change22:53
gregworkwe will see what the cards hold22:53
triple-oh-noobYou got the SN2010 switches btw?22:55
triple-oh-noobor the 3700?22:56
gregworkSN2100 in my lab, SN2700 for prod22:56
triple-oh-noobI meant 2700, not 3700.22:56
gregwork4 SN2700's in a leaf spine setup22:56
gregworkdamn 657pm .. i need to run .. good luck with that deploy22:57
triple-oh-noobThanks! Have fun!!22:58
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