Friday, 2019-10-04

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recheck[so-openstack] qemu-guest-agent.service not starting in OpenStack →
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skullonehas anyone gotten Gnocchi/Ceilometer working on a bare RDO install? seems to be missing stuff04:41
skullonegnocchi seems to be in a restart loop till systemd kills it - debug logs dont show any errors04:42
skulloneand ceilometer-upgrade itself just hangs...04:42
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recheck[so-openstack] PackStack won't install on CentOS →
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BlinkizHello. Am new at OpenStack and am failing to understand workflow about adding a network.09:46
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BlinkizI have an external marked provider network that has one subnet with 254 public IPv4 addresses. I now want projects to take IPv4 addresses from this subnet and use them for instances or routers. Am failing to understand this workflow because subnet is not external/shared, only the network is. How can I let my users (projects) use IPv4 addresses from my /24 range?09:48
BlinkizAm guessing there is something about Self-service network but am failing there also. Same reason, the subnet create by me (admin) is not shared so others can take IP address. Getting a floating IP address seems to work but am failing to understand how I can add that floating IP to an routers external port.09:50
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fricklerBlinkiz: you would do "openstack router set <router> --external-gateway <network>" and the router will take an IP from the subnet on that network automatically10:04
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Blinkizfrickler, thank you for responding. I have tried that many times as admin user but it does not create an interface on the router owned by another project.10:05
BlinkizThe command works create if I set up everything as admin10:05
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fricklerBlinkiz: it should also be possible to do that as non-admin within the project10:06
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Blinkizfrickler, I have tried that also. As a normal user (project) I can see the external network when creating router. It work, it does not complain. The router get an IPv4 address on the external gateway. But! But no interface is created on the router. So no interface type "external gateway". Am guessing that is the problem?10:09
BlinkizIn horizon, if I click on the new created router I can see the external gateway IP address on Overview tab. But on the Interfaces tab there is no interfaces. I can add my own network but never one with external gateway as type10:11
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BlinkizThere is something am missing. A permission problem maybe? I do not understand. :)  It works if everything is created by the admin user. Then it adds the type "external gateway" on interface tab.10:12
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fricklerBlinkiz: probably that's by design that a normal user cannot see the external interface10:13
BlinkizMaybe it should not be an interface type "external gateway" in a users router? Maybe I do not understand here.. But it does not work for the instance to reach Internet past the router.10:13
Blinkizfrickler, But you have given me valuable information. Then I know that it should be enough with "openstack router set <router> --external-gateway <network>". I can focus my troubleshooting there10:15
BlinkizThank you :)10:15
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recheck[so-openstack] Terraform resource always recreated →
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a90cOn which os do you guys usually use openstack?12:55
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factora90c, Centos, trying to get ubuntu with juju working recently though.12:58
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factorGot Ubuntu installing with Juju, but not working so far.12:59
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factorJust now testing with Centos7.7 see how my setup holds up with it. Need to get my wordpress dev site setup13:00
a90cfactor: whats wrong with juju?13:02
factorNothing , its really good. Im just not familiar with defaults needed for its setup.13:02
factorYOuhave ot have pre-existing hardware or vm to install it on.13:03
a90cDoes centos provide a tool like juju?13:03
factorI use packstack, which is a puppet install.13:03
factorThey are similar.13:04
factorWant to do a write up on juju installation ASAP. Getting close to making a basic one.13:05
factora90c, Which OS/Setup do you use?13:08
a90cfactor: in fact, im very new to openstack project. i just wanted to know which os would be better for beginners.13:08
factorCentOs and Ubuntu are both good. Will know more once I finish Ubuntu setup .13:10
factorWhat type of system do you have to work with?13:10
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a90cYou mean Hardware specific?13:11
factora90c, Yes.13:12
factorI have 8 cores and usually play with 4-6 cores for VMS.13:12
a90cfactor: i have 6x dell r72013:12
factora90c, How many cores?13:12
a90cThey have 2 x e5 2670 8 cores13:13
factora90c, good13:13
factora90c, If you want to try CentOS7.x you can try my install
factora90c, Im currently testing 7.7 on it, but the text is for 7.613:14
factorSo far its working as 7.6, no issues and in middle of install of packstack.13:15
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factorSo I think you can use 7.7 , since it has the python 3.x stuff.13:16
factorPython 2 will be unsupported by 202013:16
factorfew months away.13:16
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a90cfactor: thanks for your nicr pointers.13:17
factorNo problem. Glad to see people trying it out, its really neat and powerful.13:18
factorIt can do microservices as well, with Magnum. Full VMs are good for virtual netowrks or SDN's13:18
factorMicroservices would be docker images.13:19
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a90cfactor: how do you make container orchestration on magnum?13:25
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factora90c, I think that would be heat, but you can do it manually with puppet and or ansible or even python or bash scripts.13:26
factorthey have a gui version option, but have not used it.13:26
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factorif you check the Dashboard options.13:27
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factora90c, But I have not gotten to work with microservice yet, been busy working on my website.13:28
factorWill be working with microservice more now13:28
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a90cMicroservices are future. i will be having fun with them.13:30
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factorI keep trying to get time to use and learn them , which I have a little bit , but the full VMs have done well for me so far. But yes need to learn them as theyre good for production options, as they are black boxes. you dont touch much of the system stuff as you would with VM.13:32
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factorHands off OS is not my cup of tea, but excellent for production, as you just replace them if something goes wrong. But scalability is not the best for complex network setup .13:33
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factorif you have a contained single systems their best. But they do use them for networking. I would not though.13:38
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ryuujinhi all... in your opinion, is it possible I implemnent a openstack solution with local disk inraid?16:01
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ryuujinlocal storage i mean16:03
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recheck[so-openstack] HTTP error 401 when configuring keystone →
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nick_wvHello everyone ! I am using PackStack to do a deployment of OpenStack on a single machine with one NIC. I am trying to bridge this machine to the local LAN network so that I can interface with the VMs from other machines on the LAN. I have some questions if anyone has time to help me out18:23
factornick_wv, Im working on building one right now18:24
nick_wvI am following a guide and I am getting different results from the guide. Have you achieved this before?18:25
nick_wvI am following a guide and I am getting different results from the guide. Have you achieved this before?/#rdo18:25
factorUpading my guide as it different in one way now.18:27
factorHad problems with Rabbit before and hacked it on timeout. But now I dont thin I need it on the singe node system.18:28
nick_wvI would love to read it so that I can try to solve this. I am using this guide right now.18:28
factornick_wv, Where are you having problems.18:28
factorIm using mine and it works , but you get an error with Rabbit not working.18:29
nick_wvMy major concern is that, on my lan, our computers have assigned IPs from DHCP. So in the guide when I create my subnet, I need to specify a range of IPs to use. In the guide, they are using 15 IPs from a /24 range. I only have one IP on a /25 range.18:29
factorThe range can be one18:30
factorSo you will run out after assigning a single woutside instance connection.18:31
*** skyraven has joined #openstack18:31
nick_wvSo I gave the subnet only one IP, my local computers IP. I moved on from that section. Later on there is a check section. When running ovs-vsctl show, I do not see that any new interfaces have been created. Instead of moving on, I wanted to stop and find out why it failed18:31
nick_wvJust to clarify, you mean that I will only be able to make one VM instance, and it will take that IP then I will have no IPs left?18:32
factorYou will be able to only assign one floatin gIP.18:32
factorYou can assign instances till your hardware allows.18:32
factorFloating IP will be the only thing it will limit.18:33
nick_wvSo is that the IP that will be external facing to the LAN, and there will be internal IPs to the instances that will be bridged through that one external, on local LAN, IP?18:33
factorYou will have to assign floating IPs to get access. If this fails you have assigned too many.18:34
factoror not setup any.18:34
nick_wvUnderstood. Now, I still have the issue of not seeing a new interface when I run "ovs-vsctl show"18:34
factorYou should see the defined inteface.18:34
factor: ovs-system: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN group default qlen 100018:34
factor    link/ether 4e:d0:7b:f2:81:42 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff18:34
factor4: br-ex: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 100018:34
factorthought that would be two lines not four18:35
nick_wvUsing the guide, it directed me to use the command before/after I set up the network, subnet, and router and that I should have seen a change. I have not noticed a change18:35
*** skyraven has quit IRC18:35
factorwhen you do a ip a do you see your opeVswitch bridge.18:35
factorYou can have a openstack instance, but without a bridge. But its not able to access outside.18:36
nick_wvI do have a "ovs-system" when I run ip a and ifconfig but no change when I run "ovs-vsctl show" nor "ip netns"18:36
nick_wvTo be clear, I do not have "ovs-system" with "ovs-vsctl show" nor "ip netns"18:37
factorNo change in mine either.18:37
nick_wvOk, the guide may be wrong there. They did mention that it may be because the guide is patched together. I will contiue on since yours is presenting the same way.18:38
nick_wvThank you very much18:39
factorIm working over new stuff on my guide.18:39
factorRamy guide is just 2 months old.18:39
factorSome new things with RabbitMQ and not being needed for single node systems.18:39
factorthat is my current theory.18:40
factoras everythign is working ,although I get an error and Rabbit is not running.18:40
nick_wvI just pulled it up, is it neccesarry to have extra IPs ready? Because I do not have that option18:40
factorYou can add them later.18:40
factorAs long as you have a single working setup should be fine.18:40
nick_wvI do have single network, but I will not be able to get more IPs at a later date. The college will not allow it18:41
factorNo issue then as long as it works.18:41
nick_wvWill this be a problem? We are trying to get openstack setup for our cyber security lab. Use OpenStack to host our VMs but bridge it to local LAN so that everyone can acess its resources18:42
nick_wvheh is correct lol18:42
factorthat is what I use for my home lab. Its just one actual IP.18:43
factorIt makes it easy to setup entire networks to test against.18:43
factorJust one IP is needed for external www access to get packages.18:44
nick_wvMy home lab is jusr prox mox right now.18:44
factoror general web access.18:44
nick_wvAnd that is exactly what we want to do18:44
factorYes sounds like a great setup .18:45
nick_wvIll get there eventually18:45
*** skyraven has joined #openstack18:45
*** TxGirlGeek has joined #openstack18:46
*** imega has joined #openstack18:51
*** pcaruana has quit IRC18:51
*** donghao has joined #openstack18:53
*** petevg has joined #openstack18:54
*** donghao has quit IRC18:57
factornick_wv, oh and to reconfigure packstack , you just run packstack command again with new answer settings.18:59
factorif any changes need to be done.19:00
factorIts a "puppet apply" install. If you're familiar with puppet it just goes over it plan and reapplies it initial state. With new modification of course.19:01
*** brokencycle has joined #openstack19:07
ozzzoIs it possible to change dns_domain of an existing network?19:09
ozzzolooking at "os help network set" I don't see a way to change it19:09
*** clesio has quit IRC19:10
nick_wvI did not know that, that is extremely helpful. Thank you19:14
factorozzzo, Cant say I have done that, I've only used setting /etc/hosts on each system.19:15
factornick_wv, no problem.19:15
factorozzzo, Had not been aware Openstack had DNS as a service, I just use the Operating systems method of doing DNS or name lookup.19:17
factorOpenstack I just setting the netowrks or subnets.19:17
factorI do give names to my networks , but not used by DNS.19:18
factorozzzo, sounds like a good project DNSaaS. One may exist , but not aware of it.19:21
factorLike TROVE is DBaaS. I just setup my own DB instances currently.19:22
factorSave the state and restore and create a new name DB when need a new database instance.19:23
*** kjackal has joined #openstack19:24
factorWould be the same thing for DNS server. Just save a good instance and restore it when needed.19:26
factorOpenstack has DHCP agents , but this again is for IP's not domain names.19:27
factorYou end up with a lot of good instances you can then restore and create what kinds on network you wish. Although these can get stale and need upgrading.19:28
factorBut for production , its good to have an original instance you can restore to original in case of failure or corruption19:29
factorHumm so far tests have passed I dont need an MQ for single node install. Has always been troublesome and not used. Need to modfy my write to disable it and not mind the errors from it. Until you want to add a node.19:32
ozzzofactor: We're using Designate for DNS19:38
*** emartel has joined #openstack19:40
*** CeeMac has quit IRC19:41
emartelHello all, I have a noob question: Can I run Cinder on a compute node and use a simple directory on the existing filesystem for the backend?19:41
factoremartel, some of the install do that ,using a loopback packstack does this I think.19:43
factorozzzo, will look Designate up, not familiar with it. but its not part of the core openstack.19:43
factorYou may can use its individual CLI command for it, but not openstack command.19:44
factorStein is the first version I could use all of the core items with openstack command. Neutron was not fully in rocky.19:45
factorI assume many others as well.19:45
*** zbr has quit IRC19:46
emartelfactor: Maybe I'm complicating my life for nothing. My goal here is simply to start by building this simple lab setup with one compute and use the compute local storage for instance volumes. Do I need Cinder then? How can I tell Openstack to use the local filesystem from the compute node?19:46
factoremartel, no you do not need cinder , but cool to have.19:47
factorCinder Swift two items of storage types.19:48
factorSwift is working by default small installs.19:48
*** pedh has quit IRC19:48
emartelok I was following the install guide... I dont think it mentioned swift. I'll look into it19:49
factorozzzo, Im looking at the designate options and they only have openstack commands. using  "openstack dns service list" or "openstack zone create"19:49
*** e0ne has joined #openstack19:50
factorSo yes its like DNSaaS19:50
factorYou can add record change or remove them.19:51
factorSo to answer your initial question. Yes , just delte the zone and create a new one , or change the records of an existing one.19:53
factorozzzo, ^19:53
factorJust like any BIND DNS, but centralized to your SDN. Very nice.19:53
*** donghao has joined #openstack19:54
factorWill have to try it out.19:54
*** RickDeckard has quit IRC19:55
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:55
*** behzad_rockon has joined #openstack19:57
behzad_rockonhi all19:57
behzad_rockonI have a problem as installating the Neutron19:57
behzad_rockoncan anybody help me out sort the problem19:57
behzad_rockonas I have issue the following command19:58
behzad_rockon su -s /bin/sh -c "neutron-db-manage --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf \19:58
behzad_rockon  --config-file /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini upgrade head" neutron19:58
behzad_rockonthe following error is shown19:58
*** donghao has quit IRC19:59
factorbehzad_rockon, What version of openstack?19:59
behzad_rockonThe Stein release20:00
behzad_rockonon Ubuntu 18.0420:00
behzad_rockonhere is the error message20:00
behzad_rockonthe link has the error output20:00
behzad_rockonthe error message says that it could not find the IP address as I have entered in the file (neutron.conf) correctly20:01
behzad_rockonValueError: controller_1 is not IPv4 or IPv6 address20:01
behzad_rockonhere is the error message20:01
behzad_rockonand this is the neutron.conf file20:02
factorDont know the answer but using the latest python3 stuff.20:02
behzad_rockonthanks for reply20:03
behzad_rockondo u think that it is the issue of Python3?20:03
varesais controller_1 resolvable using DNS or hosts-file?20:03
behzad_rockonroot@controller_1:/etc/neutron# ping controller_120:03
behzad_rockonPING controller_1 ( 56(84) bytes of data.20:03
behzad_rockon64 bytes from localhost.localdomain ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.016 ms20:03
behzad_rockon64 bytes from localhost.localdomain ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.042 ms20:03
factorbehzad_rockon, if it is a python 2 or 3 issue, you can run "sudo lsof |grep python2" and "sudo lsof |grep python2" on the main system.20:06
factorif python3 does not show any programs and only python2 then your getting pythons mixed up.20:07
varesaI think it doesn't like the underscore20:07
factorsorry python3 on the second command not python2 on both :)20:08
behzad_rockonthere is a high probability that the underscore could be the main issue20:08
varesait first check if it is a valid IP address which fails (expected since it is not an IP address but a hostname)20:08
varesathen it checks if it is a "valid" hostname, which includes only consisting of letters, digits and hyphens (according to linked comment)20:09
factorahh sounds like an issue as underscore is not listed.20:09
*** e0ne has quit IRC20:09
behzad_rockon@factor I am using the Python3 as the sudo lsof | grep -i python2 shows nothing. However the Python3 shows the ...20:09
varesaso this is the "real error": ValueError: controller_1 is an invalid hostname20:09
ozzzook ty factor!20:09
factorozzzo, np20:10
behzad_rockonI think that's the issue20:10
behzad_rockonsorry guys for such a newbie question20:11
behzad_rockonand clumsy20:11
behzad_rockonthank you guys20:11
*** clesio has joined #openstack20:11
varesawell the answer isn't immediately obvious - but it helps to know enough programming to be able to read the code and walk back from the error :)20:11
behzad_rockonI will update you as I change my hostname20:12
dking_desktopCould somebody help me figure out how to troubleshoot a nova boot stuck in BUILD/scheduling/NOSTATE ?20:13
*** mcornea has quit IRC20:14
dking_desktopI'm attempting a tripleo deploy, and that's where the process seems to stop. I got the same when I attempted to boot one manually, also.20:15
*** KurtB has quit IRC20:18
behzad_rockon@veresa @factor thanks for your help. the issue were the invalid hostname20:19
emartel@factor thanks for the tip, this really helped guide me to the right direction. I mounted a loopback volume in a file and it works just fine for my lab20:28
*** mcornea has joined #openstack20:29
*** jamesden_ has joined #openstack20:30
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*** xenos76 has quit IRC20:32
factoremartel, Great, yes. Also note if you remove the instance it will leave the Cinder volume behind.20:32
factoremartel, they are separate items.20:33
*** behzad_rockon has quit IRC20:33
*** chudler has joined #openstack20:34
chudlerI want to learn as much as I can about conntrack_helper in neutron, but I cannot even find one document on google. Please help?20:36
*** jamesden_ has quit IRC20:41
chudlerperhaps if I use ovn I shouldn't care? At least I have managed to find the source code <>20:41
*** jamesdenton has joined #openstack20:41
*** jalalsfs has quit IRC20:50
*** kjackal has quit IRC20:55
factorchudler, Cool keep up the work, its does matter. I store and use the data in logstash.20:57
*** jalalsfs has joined #openstack20:58
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factorStand corrected RabbitMQ is needed even on single node installs. Cant use glance to install an image.21:27
factorGetting rabbitMq setup is the biggest PTIA21:32
*** JamesBenson has quit IRC21:32
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factorAhh found the issue, my hostname did not match /etc/hosts22:42
factorYeah! all working now.22:43
*** chudler has joined #openstack22:44
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