Tuesday, 2020-01-28

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kilinanything sharing?03:42
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oncall-pokemondoes anybody know of a setting in kolla or openstack to not make a bridge made by linuxbridge 'brq847ea901-55' for example steal the ips of another bridge on the same host? We have br0 which slaves eth0 and eth1. But the linuxbridge bridge keeps stealing them and bringing down the network.06:34
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LarsErikPis there no repost/packages for CentOS 8 yet?11:38
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DHEdepends on your packager. I prefer centos cloud, but they don't seem to have an 8.x release in the usual repo spot11:54
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yiipiHi I have a problem configure ml2 plugins13:30
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yiipithis is the error : Failed reporting state!: oslo_messaging.exceptions.MessagingTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID13:31
yiipiIt's a rocky on Debian 10 Buster13:32
yiipicolud be something is wrong with openvswitch implementation?13:43
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yoctozeptoyiipi: it failed to get response from agent I believe15:46
yoctozeptocould be due to rabbitmq lagging15:46
yoctozeptobut in fact anything :-)15:46
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brad[]hi all, I've followed the following - https://docs.openstack.org/nova/queens/install/controller-install-rdo.html ostensibly to the letter and the output of 'openstack compute service list' shows nothing. Can anyone offer suggestions for troubleshooting?16:40
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yoctozeptobrad[] logs of nova, most notably nova-compute17:32
brad[]yoctozepto alright. I don't yet have a compute node, just setting up the API17:32
brad[]nova-api.log: https://paste.centos.org/view/b43b20d817:33
brad[]conductor: https://paste.centos.org/view/0d5fedd717:33
brad[]I know there are a number of deprecated config items17:34
brad[]scheduler: https://paste.centos.org/view/5871c3eb17:34
brad[]interestingly placement-api.log is 0 length.17:35
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yoctozeptobrad[]: ah, sorry, I thought you were trying to list nova-computes17:35
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yoctozeptobrad[]: looks like they failed to register with database and mq17:37
yoctozepto2020-01-28 12:23:31.054 17982 ERROR nova.servicegroup.drivers.db DBConnectionError: (pymysql.err.OperationalError) (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' ([Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED)") [SQL: u'SELECT 1'] (Background on this error at: http://sqlalche.me/e/e3q8)17:37
yoctozepto2020-01-28 12:23:31.054 17982 ERROR nova.servicegroup.drivers.db17:37
yoctozepto2020-01-28 12:23:31.289 17982 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [-] [189cbe26-fc20-4a2c-aa0b-cf478c8565eb] AMQP server on is unreachable: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED. Trying again in 6 seconds.: error: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED17:37
yoctozeptoyou might want to ensure they can connect to both of these17:37
brad[]oh wtf how did I miss that17:37
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yoctozeptobrad[]: language, I prefer "wtos" here ("what the openstack?!")17:39
brad[]haha. nice. will do17:40
brad[]actually looking at the timestamps of that log entry I think that was nova-conductor starting before mariadb had come up17:40
brad[]I've discovered one thing I've done out of step during api_db and db sync - I've deployed the placement-api but hadn't gotten apache restarted to publish it. Not sure if nova-manage db sync works that way though.17:41
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yoctozeptodb ops should be fine17:42
yoctozeptobut placement is require for nova17:42
yoctozeptoso it might be that17:42
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yoctozeptothough it usually ends up in some error message rather than silent nothing17:42
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atom_22Guys, openstack is removing trailing spaces (confirmed), from the dashboard. My problem happens since I have a backend sending the user/password to an AD server to authenticate. I'm using stein. on ubuntu-18.0418:53
atom_22do anybody knows the script that is doing it?? so I can remove the stripping18:53
atom_22and I mean: horizon is removing the trailing space somehow18:54
oncall-pokemondoes anybody know if there's a way in openstack or kolla in general to have linuxbridge use a specific brudge? currently we are seeing it abduct interfaces from other bridges18:55
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yoctozeptooncall-pokemon: abduction is illegal :-)19:00
yoctozeptoatom_22: I saw your ml post, u sure it is horizon? direct auth against keystone works?19:01
atom_22yoctozepto yes, if I use the internal password (the one checked first), it works, if that fails it goes over the AD, and if that passwor have a trailing space, that fails.19:01
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atom_22yoctozepto today my passwor had a space on it, I couln't login using my AD password. I changed the AD password and removed the trailing space and I can login using my AD credentials on the dashboard. If this is horizon or not I'm not sure, so many layers behind I believe. May be keystone19:03
yoctozeptoatom_22: internal password? wdym?19:03
atom_22yoctozepto    well in the user created on openstack itself, if I use that user's password it works. Let me explain. We create projects and users, the user login is the same as the AD login. but they have an internal password specified at creation, that is the password I mentiobed19:04
yoctozeptoatom_22: could you try issuing a keystone token using the openstack terminal client (python-openstackclient) with the AD user credentials?19:05
yoctozepto(the one with trailing spaces)19:06
atom_22yoctozepto I have changed my password already, although I can put another one with a space To be more clar we have a custom /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/keystone/identity/backends/sql.py19:09
atom_22yoctozepto inside the file there are a few lines cutomizing and doing ldaps binds19:09
yoctozeptoatom_22: mhm, so the question is whether trailing spaces are fine for those "internal passwords" or not19:10
yoctozeptoif they are fine, then the problem is with ldap19:10
yoctozeptobtw, why did you not just use the keystone's ldap backend19:11
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atom_22I did not decided in this one. I was done by higher people in the chain19:12
yoctozeptoI see19:13
atom_22yoctozepto take a look at the custom code: https://controlc.com/7274f26d19:13
atom_22in sql.py19:13
atom_22the rest I believe is the original code19:14
yoctozeptolooks ugly but fine19:14
atom_22now, is 'password' beore the bine alfesdy trimmed ?19:15
yoctozeptono idea, add some logging maybe19:15
yoctozeptoalso could do what I proposed above19:15
yoctozeptocheck "internal password" with trailing spaces19:15
atom_22token issue19:15
yoctozeptoand check token issue from console to see if it's horizon19:15
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yoctozeptoout of tips :-)19:16
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atom_22yoctozepto the dashboard doesn't allow passwords with spaces at the end when changing my current user's internal passwors19:19
atom_22it says they don't match but they do.19:19
oncall-pokemonyoctozepto: well it may be but linuxbridge seems insistent, I'm trying neutron_external_interface now19:20
yoctozeptoatom_22: try the console client then19:20
oncall-pokemonsee if it helps19:20
yoctozeptooncall-pokemon: already told ya to sketch out your setup if you want any assistance - it seems you have some exotic situation that does not bend to common approaches19:21
oncall-pokemonahh ok thanks. One more question. after kolla-ansible reconfigure, do you need to still bootstrap and deploy?19:23
atom_22yoctozepto I changed the password on the cli through the python client. no issues, I put a password with 1 empty space at the end. I cannot login on the dashboard but I CAN get a token19:24
atom_22using the new password.19:24
atom_22on the cli19:24
yoctozeptoatom_22: so it's horizon confirmed :D19:24
yoctozeptooncall-pokemon: reconfigure = deploy in recent versions19:24
yoctozeptobootstrap comes before anything else and is optional19:25
yoctozepto(it is mostly there as convenience to install docker)19:25
oncall-pokemonthanks. so even if you enable lets say a new feature you don't need to do a bootstrap again?19:25
yoctozeptooncall-pokemon: no, only deploy/reconfigure19:26
atom_22yotozepto looks like it. do you have an idea where inside the dashboard could that be?19:26
atom_22I mean, insde the horizon project files.19:26
yoctozeptoatom_22: horizon is django-based19:26
yoctozeptoI would guess some form field does trimming19:27
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atom_22yoctozepto is this django version highly custommized or almost the same?19:27
yoctozeptoatom_22: not understood19:28
yoctozeptohorizon uses django19:28
yoctozeptosome particular version of it19:28
yoctozeptodjango is a framework, so horizon is programmed to it, hard to say it's being "customized" ;-)19:29
yoctozeptotry grepping source for "strip"19:30
atom_22I see in django/forms/fields.py a few of them19:30
yoctozeptoso it's going to be a long day for ya ;-)19:30
yoctozeptohonestly, at this point, I would just drop horizon folks a bug report19:31
yoctozeptothat it is b0rken with trailing spaces19:31
atom_22at the github correct19:31
yoctozeptouhm, I believe launchpad19:31
atom_22is already long!19:31
atom_22I put it on LP already19:31
atom_22thanks yoctozepto19:34
yoctozeptoatom_22: yw, and gl with getting that fixed!19:34
atom_22yoctozepto thanks! I look forward to remove that sneaky line!!19:35
yoctozeptoatom_22: or switch from True to False ;-) (or whatever that does it)19:36
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atom_22yoctozepto maybe in fields.py in the class CharField(Field)19:42
yoctozeptoatom_22: maybe, I'm no horizon folk but django definitely has some support for stripping in there19:43
atom_22There are several classes. IPAddress field, IntegerField19:43
yoctozeptoI would look on the horizon side thoug19:43
yoctozeptotrace where the login/password forms are defined19:43
yoctozeptohow their fields are configured19:43
yoctozeptowhether they don't default to stripping etc.19:44
atom_22on horizon/forms/19:44
atom_22but it does import all the django forms, fields, widgets, utils, etc19:44
atom_22no strip mentioned.19:44
atom_22so maybe it comes from django's internal handling of text fields.19:45
atom_22exactly on horizon/forms/fields.py19:45
atom_22take a look: https://controlc.com/f964b6db19:47
atom_22those are the django imports from horizon/firms/fields.py19:47
atom_22that might be the route to go19:47
atom_22what do you think? I will import all form handling and text field handling from django correct?19:48
atom_22I mean, 'It will import ...'19:49
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atom_22looks like it's the 'clean20:04
atom_22 method20:04
atom_22yoctozepto look at this: https://controlc.com/12efcb8920:05
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yoctozeptoatom_22: try f = forms.CharField(strip=False)20:14
atom_22yoctozepto it preserves the string, don't clean the space20:15
atom_22what the ....20:17
atom_22I've fixed20:17
atom_22putting as you says =False in fields.py in the class CharField20:17
atom_22yoctozepto so the issue was in django. since horizon doesn't redefine those and they get inherited20:19
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yoctozeptoatom_22: well done20:21
yoctozeptoatom_22: now you can share this revelation in the bug report and the mailing list - and also, if you are interested, you could propose a fix to gerrit20:22
atom_22yoctozepto well, just because you helped me20:22
atom_22yoctozepto for which I'm grateful20:22
yoctozeptoatom_22: you are welcome, glad it has a resolution20:22
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yoctozeptoatom_22: I just noticed I linked you to kolla instead of general: https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/developers.html#development-workflow20:40
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atom_22yoctozepto thanks, I just changed in active directory password with a space at the end. it works. Also with a space at the beginning, all good.20:42
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brad[]yoctozepto: does anything jump out from https://paste.centos.org/view/9948241c that would cause: https://paste.centos.org/view/2cf592c021:31
brad[]grasping at straws a bit :)21:32
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jtroWhere in the database is vm state stored?21:45
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jtroDisregard, `select vm_state from instances;`21:47
jtroActually, no that doesn't give me what I'm looking for.21:48
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jtro`use nova ; select vm_state, count(*) from instances group by vm_state \G` is the answer I was looking for.22:05
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