Saturday, 2020-05-02

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Eryn_1983_FLok i got some errors14:22
Eryn_1983_FLcan you guys take a peark14:23
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Eryn_1983_FLi keep getting dpdk errors14:35
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kenperkinsok so theory question: running (non-prod) environment, found a bunch of orphaned server groups (perhaps terraform is not cleaning up server group resources), so I ran a script that purged all groups with no members, and of course I fat fingered the condition and deleted the groups with members16:04
kenperkinsgood news is it's my environment and it's just for day-to-day dev work16:04
kenperkinsbut what will happen? :D16:05
LaurentDumontHum, not 100% sure, but if the group doesn't exist anymore, it might just mean that the policy won't apply anymore.16:08
kenperkinswhich would be completely fine, the resources rarely last more than a day anyway16:08
kenperkinsI also noticed none of the server groups, regardless if they were in use or not, had a project id16:09
kenperkinsalthough they do appear to be attributed to project quotes16:09
LaurentDumontAh, found this :
openstackLaunchpad bug 1298509 in OpenStack Compute (nova) ""nova server-group-delete" allows deleting server group with members" [Wishlist,Opinion]16:09
LaurentDumontYeah looks like it just means that the policy won't apply anymore.16:09
LaurentDumont(if you migrate/resize the existing servers)16:10
LaurentDumontHum, not 100% sure what it looks like for ServerGroups with servers inside. Let me check in my dev env.16:10
kenperkinshm.  it does appear terraform has an implementation for deleting server group; can't figure out why they appear to be orphaned16:11
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kenperkinsLaurentDumont: more specifically, when doing `openstack server group list --all-projects --long` the project id column was empty for every group16:14
kenperkinsI need to query in a non-admin context to see16:14
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LaurentDumontHum, it doesn't see to attach server groups to a project.16:16
kenperkins"it" being openstack?16:17
kenperkinsnova rather16:17
LaurentDumontWell, the show command doesn't output a project. But that might just be the openstack cli.16:18
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kenperkinswell I know it has some relationship with project as one of my ci jobs (which re-uses a projecT) started failing this morning on a project quota for server groups16:19
LaurentDumontThe CLI is going to get your the server-group in the project you are sourced into. you can pass it --all-projects if you want all server-groups. It's just strange that the ProjectId and UserID are blank.16:22
kenperkinsyea, that's exactly what I'm seeing16:23
kenperkinsI was speculating if i used the project context (sourced) would I see them then16:23
LaurentDumontDoesn't look like it.16:26
LaurentDumontEven sourced into a dummy project, it doesn't show userid or projectid.16:27
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kenperkinssometimes I shake my fists at openstack16:30
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LaurentDumontHahaha - it works with nova server-group-list16:38
kenperkinsopenstack tooling is so bad16:39
setuidIn what way?16:39
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kenperkins@LaurentDumont if I read that correctly, are you saying that the nova tool uses that  api microversion?16:40
kenperkinsand openstack cli does not (at least at the version I'm using)16:40
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LaurentDumontNot 100% sure, the api call from the "openstack" cli doesn't return any metadata for Project and User for server-groups16:42
LaurentDumontMy client is pretty old though - 3.1816:43
kenperkinslet me see what mine is16:45
kenperkinsI don't even bother running local tools because of how much i dislike python2, python 3, all the venv stuff16:46
kenperkinssetuid, to a degree, that's part of my personal frustration16:46
kenperkinshaving worked on go-based tooling for openstack, the python based stuff is so frustrating; in addition to the contention/incompatibility at times between nova/etc/tool and openstack cli16:46
kenperkinsI'm even older, 3.16.116:47
kenperkinsI guess I need to update my docker image for running cli16:47
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yiipianyone had issue with live migration and nova-compute service down on source host?17:37
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ldumontI don't think you can do that though?17:41
ldumontlive migration requires both source and target compute to be up.17:41
yiipiwhen I restart nova-compute on source host and try to live-migrate instance on any other host I get ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server nova.exception.InvalidCPUInfo: Unacceptable CPU info: CPU doesn't have compatibility.17:41
yiipiboth r up when I start migration17:41
yiipiwhen the migration finish17:42
yiipisource compute service went down17:42
yiipiand no error in logs17:42
yiipiwhen I try to live migrate to another running node with same cpu I get this error ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server nova.exception.InvalidCPUInfo: Unacceptable CPU info: CPU doesn't have compatibility.17:42
yiipiand when I restart nova-copute on node I've firstly start live migration I get same error17:43
yiipiWhen I soft restart, resize or migrate instance I can live migrate it again and then I get same issue.17:44
yiipiLike the live migration rewrite something in xml of quemu or something but quemu process has same parameters like in source compute node17:45
yiipifrinding my brain for few days about it without any luck.17:45
yiipi-cpu host is parameter in qemu process17:46
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ldumontNever saw that before. Are all the computes using the same CPU model?17:58
yiipiall are the same17:59
ldumontWhat release of Openstack?17:59
yiipiit's a rocky on debian buster17:59
yiipitry to solve this and upgrade to stain after that17:59
ldumontWhat does cpu_mode and cpu_model look like in nova.conf?18:00
yiipilet me check18:00
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yiipicpu-mode= host-passthrough18:00
yiipion all the compute nodes18:02
ldumontMaybe you can try more generic settings on those two nova hosts18:02
yiipiok will try that18:02
ldumontBut I have never seen that before. Surprised that you are seeing this with the same CPU model with a recent release like Rocky.18:02
ldumontHow was it deployed?18:02
yiipiafter the change I can restart only nova-compute18:03
ldumontI think so, yes.18:03
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yiipiIt;s deployed manual with mariadb glaera cluster haproxy with keepalived and 3 hosts for controllers18:04
yiipieverything else works ok18:04
LaurentDumontOkay, so you made that nova.conf file yourself?18:04
LaurentDumontOr whatever the nova-compute package installed?18:04
yiipiyes I've edited form distibution (Debian Buster) file18:05
yiipidpkg made it and I've edited it for my setup.18:05
LaurentDumontSo yeah, as far as I know, these are the settings you need to look at.18:07
LaurentDumontMaybe comparing the libvirt VM XML also (for the cpu portion)18:07
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yiipiafter I've changed cpu_mode and cpu_model to custom,kvm64 got same thing18:29
yiipibut now I do not get  ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server nova.exception.InvalidCPUInfo: Unacceptable CPU info: CPU doesn't have compatibility.18:30
yiipionly nova-compute hangs18:30
yiipi| 14 | nova-compute   | OpenStack-controler-1 | nova     | enabled | down  | 2020-05-02T18:30:02.000000 |18:31
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yiipiafter restart this service everything work good. Service get back up and running and live migration is doing great again18:32
yiipione issue down one to go ;)18:32
yiipino error in log file. Just state go from up to down18:33
LaurentDumontHum, is it stable after the service restart?18:48
yiipionly live migration hit it18:49
LaurentDumontSo, you changed the nova.conf, restart the service and everything appeared stable. You started one live migration and nova-compute went down on the source compute?18:50
LaurentDumontRestarted the service on the source compute and the live-migration worked?18:50
LaurentDumontThat is strange, never saw that before. Does the actual compute agent die on compute? No logs at all? Maybe debug level for logs can help here.18:52
yiipibefore I've changed model and mode It gave me an error cpu does not have capability and I needed to reboot instance to live migrate again. Also restarting nova-compute on source node was must.18:52
yiipino agent does not die18:52
yiipibut does not work either.18:53
yiipinothing in logs18:53
yiipiprocess seams like working regular18:53
yiipino zombie or hang in other sys way18:53
LaurentDumontAny logs on the controllers regarding that compute?18:54
LaurentDumontSpecifically from anything nova related?18:54
yiipidont think so but let me check18:56
LaurentDumontReally weird though, never saw something like this. Especially if the service is still active on the compute but the controller reports it as down18:58
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yiipino nothing in log's about hanging compute service19:35
yiipicould be something with libvirtd?19:35
yiipialso when I give nova list I only get list of instances on one compute node. Other gives me an empty table19:39
yiipinova show gives me all the info about instance on all compute nodes19:41
yiipiand when I fire up nova list -all I get list on all nodes.19:42
yiipiLike the nova-compute on two nodes does not see instance is in project that should be19:43
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yiipimy mistake OS_PROJECT_NAME was on two servers admin and on one was name of the other project, so nova sends back everything like it should19:46
LaurentDumontopenstack server list --all will give you all projects instances if you are admin.19:48
LaurentDumontIf you are sourced into a non-admin project, youll only get your instances :)19:48
yiipiI'm admin :)19:51
yiipior trying to be ;)19:52
yiipishould I elevate log to debug and see will it threw an error about dying service?19:55
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LaurentDumontThat would be something to try.20:16
LaurentDumontI'd say both on the compute and controller20:16
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yiipiI've tried and nothing new except debug info of processes . I've noticed that privsep-helper after migration has 3 process that never ends on compute node that went down.20:25
yiipiprivsep_context are os_brick.privileged.default nova.privsep.sys_admin_pctxt and vif_plug_linux_bridge.privsep.vif_plug20:29
yiipiis that normal?20:29
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LaurentDumontNo idea sorry :(20:44
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Eryn_1983_FLhey guys20:55
Eryn_1983_FLi keep getting these errors we cant get our networking up20:55
Eryn_1983_FLopenvswitch is down and dpdk20:55
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Eryn_1983_FLok i made another paste21:42
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