Wednesday, 2020-08-05

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mindthecaphy! i'm having problems with my network setup using neutron linuxbridge and BGP routing. I want to have L3 visibility for selfservice networks and i have set up pools, bgp and routers. I can see routes in the external bgp node but i can't communicate with VM-s behind the router and VM-s can't connect (ping) to outside network besides router external ip. Router is not using SNAT (for L3 visibility).09:41
mindthecapI can ping routers inner L3 interface from external network.09:42
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hmwHi. I'm experimenting with the Openstack SDK and could need a little help. Using the openstack cli I can create a volume from an image and resize it. Next I can create an instance with that volume attached. Great. Now I try to replicate that with the SDK: I always complains that an imagref is missing. That is true,10:02
hmwI want to use the volume. How can get around that (by either creating the instance from the existing volume or by creating the instance from the image and blowing up the size of the created volume). I do not have a matching flavour.10:02
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PabloMartinezhmw: conn.compute.create_server(name=name,, block_device_mapping_v2=dm, networks=[{'uuid':}])11:07
PabloMartinezdm would be something like: [{'boot_index': '0',11:08
PabloMartinez  'uuid': '2b89f283-e3c5-4b23-ab16-0c3dfa3e26ad',11:08
PabloMartinez  'source_type': 'volume',11:08
PabloMartinez  'destination_type': 'volume'}]11:08
PabloMartinez(you could add things like '"delete_on_termination": True' to the dm item)11:10
PabloMartinez(you can pass to dm the instructions to create the volume from the image instead of using 'source_type': 'volume')11:11
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hmwPabloMartinez: Hi. That's what I have, except that I use flavor_id instead of flavorRef. That results in a missing imageref error.11:13
PabloMartinezhmw: are you using the block_device_mapping_v2 argument for create_server() ?11:14
hmwI can trace openstack cli and see that on a deeper level imageref is set to "". But I can't get rid of that.11:15
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hmwYes, I tried both, b_d_m and b_d_m_v211:15
PabloMartinezand using b_d_m_v2 and not imageRef you get the missing argument error?11:16
PabloMartinezwhich version of the SDK are you using?11:16
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hmwFreshly installed with pip a few hours ago.11:16
hmwI have the gut feeling that is an issue in the SDK, but I'm an Openstack beginner, so I'm not sure.11:17
PabloMartinezlet me try, it would be a couple minutes11:18
hmwThank you!11:18
hmwIt could well be that I've done something silly ;)11:18
PabloMartinezit worked for me with that exact version, what are you passing to b_d_m_v2?11:22
hmwGive me a second11:23
hmwCould be that I minimised a little bit too much, but
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hmwopenstack.exceptions.BadRequestException: BadRequestException: 400: Client Error for url:, Missing imageRef attribute11:26
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mindthecapto answer my question: i found out that there is some marking errors on iptables. I have also found a bug tracker, that was closed: Didn't know that i needed to have networks in the same scope.11:28
openstackLaunchpad bug 1667755 in neutron "Default scope rules added to router may drop traffic unexpectedly" [Undecided,Invalid]11:28
PabloMartinezwhich version of OpenStack are you using?11:28
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hmwPabloMartinez: Hm, can I get the exact version without looking at the servers? openstack versions show listed most services as current or supported11:34
hmwInterestingly there is this other Debian machine which claims to have version 0.48.0 of the SDK. Let me see if I can bring it into the network.11:37
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PabloMartinezI've tested with 0.47.0, and reading the API documentation it says that imageRef is optional11:41
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PabloMartinezI've just tried with different combinations (volume not bootable, volume non-existing) and I get errors related to those conditions (as expected) but not a missing imageRef attribute11:42
hmwIt's the same behaviour on the other machine.11:43
PabloMartinezI cannot find any API documentation for old versions, it might be that in Liberty/Newton imageRef was mandatory?  I started with Ocata so I'm not sure it that's the case11:47
hmwI tried Python 3.7 and 3.5, albeit that should make no difference. It must be something on the client side.11:47
PabloMartinezcan you run openstack endpoint list --service nova11:47
PabloMartinezthat should give you an idea of the version ( e.g. :8774/v2.1 )11:48
PabloMartinezI don't believe is that.... so honestly I'm out of ideas right now11:49
hmwHm, I'm not authorized to do that. But that information ist also delivered by versions show, I think. compute is version 2.0 and 2.111:50
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PabloMartinez(I didn't now about "versions show", thanks for that! :D )11:57
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hmwPabloMartinez: ;) Thanks for helping. I think I will meditate I while with the issue ;).12:02
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PabloMartinezI'm basically running the same command that you pasted and for me it's working....12:05
PabloMartinezusing the same version of the sdk, so honestly I'm out of ideas...12:07
hmwThat's strange, isn't it.12:07
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TakiosHey all, we use a provider network to give instances access to our CephFS. Is it possible in Magnum to have it attach this network to kubernetes instances in addition to the Fixed Network? Or would I need to add this to the Heat templates it uses?12:15
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mirek186Hi, quick question have anyone evey used osprofiler? I can trigger it OK with default SECRECT_KEY but I can't get a trace as I don't have correct connection-string, when trying //messgaing I've got connection refused12:25
mirek186Don't know what's the correct syntax, where are the config files, etc. I'm using openstack-charms for deployment.12:26
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hmwPabloMartinez: Arrgggggg.....13:04
hmwMore than two hours burned because block_dev_mapping_v2 is different from block_device_mapping_v2.13:05
hmwIt's too hot in here;)13:05
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mcaylandhi all, can anyone help? i'm getting lots of "oslo_versionedobjects.exception.InvalidTargetVersion: Invalid target version 1.5" errors in my neutron logs13:33
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mcaylandmeh i also seem to have this:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1880934 in neutron " "rpc_response_max_timeout" configuration variable not present in Linux Bridge agent " [High,Fix released] - Assigned to Tamerlan Abu (tamerlanabu)14:07
mcaylandwould that break my loadbalancers on stein?14:07
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fricklermcayland: the version error would happen if you have different versions of neutron running. in particular you need to make sure to upgrade controllers before anything else14:15
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mcaylandfrickler: controllers would be those juju units running neutron-api?14:18
fricklermcayland: likely, yes14:20
mcaylandfrickler: i'm already running the latest juju charm for neutron-api (286 according to
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fricklermcayland: I have no idea about charms, you need to find out which version of neutron code this is running and make sure that it is not older than what you run on your agents14:24
fricklerjamespage: coreycb: ^^ maybe you are better suited to help with that?14:25
jamespagemcayland: you need to check the actual version of the packages installed - that's displayed in the version field in the juju status output for your deployment14:26
mcaylandhmmm neutron-api and neutron-gateway are 14.0.0, whereas neutron-openvswitch is 14.2.014:27
jamespagecharm version is somewhat adjunct to package version14:27
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jamespageas the charm won't upgrade packages within an UCA series, only when you upgrade between openstack releases14:28
jamespagemcayland: your controller is on an older version of the neutron codebase which is why you see the mismatch14:28
jamespage-openvswitch is trying to talk to the controller with the newer codebase14:28
jamespagebut the controller has no idea as to the version 1.5 in ovo14:28
jamespage(oslo versioned objects)14:29
jamespagemcayland: did you add new compute nodes after the initial deployment? that could generate this type of mismatch14:29
jamespageapt natually installs the latest package version and has no awareness of what the rest of the deployment is running...14:30
mcaylandhmmm i am runnning the latest charms for neutron-openvswitch, neutron-gateway and neutron-api according to juju14:30
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jamespageforget the charm version - its not important14:30
mcaylandjamespage: ah so is this something on the raw nodes themselves?14:30
mcaylandjamespage: and yes, 2 compute nodes were added more recently14:31
jamespagemcayland: ok so I suspect they have the 14.2.0 package version, as that's the latest version at the point they where installed14:31
jamespagewhereas the neutron-api and neutron-gateway units have not had any package updates applied?14:31
mcaylandjamespage: all the management has been done using juju up until now, so i doubt any upgrades have been done on the physical nodes with apt14:33
mcaylandi must admit i thought that everything was running in lxds via the charms14:34
jamespageit is14:34
jamespagewell most things are14:34
jamespagebut that's still a copy of ubuntu with debs installed which need maintaining14:34
mcaylandhmm neutron-api is running in an lxd but neutron-gateway isn't?14:35
mcaylandso in theory i should be able to juju ssh into that and update the deb package?14:35
mcaylandokay let me try that...14:36
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mcaylandjamespage: that worked for neutron-api - it's now at 14.2.014:41
mcaylandso now i need to do the same for neutron-gateway i guess?14:41
jamespage14.0.0 on the gateway should work with 14.2.0 on the controller14:44
jamespagemcayland: but I would recommend that you review package versions and ensure that you are up-to-date and have a good package management approach going forwards14:45
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mcaylandjamespage: noted. it's normally someone else who manages these on a day-to-day basis, i'm just trying to configure octavia :)14:47
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mcaylandjamespage: hmm i'm not sure which package the neutron-gateway is in?14:48
jamespagedpkg -l | grep neutron14:49
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mcaylandjamespage: hmmm quite a few. here we go then...14:50
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mcaylandjamespage: okay that upgraded the gateway, but now juju reports neutron-gateway as blocked: "Services not running that should be: neutron-l3-agent"14:56
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mcaylandsystemctl tells me it's running?14:57
jamespageprobably just a when the update-status hook fired the service was down for the update - should clear14:57
mcaylandjamespage: ah yes, i just had to wait. thanks a lot for your help! now to see if my loadbalancers are fixed...14:59
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jamespagemcayland: yw15:02
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mcaylandjamespage: yes! load balancers seem to be working :)  thank you so so much for your help!15:04
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