Sunday, 2021-04-04

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ServChanI wonder if has a solution to mask IPs03:44
ServChanEspecially when you quit I do have miRC app03:44
ServChanSo used to HTML5 now I guess03:45 my distro and CEO of the company has mir-c /help03:50
ServChanOffice in about 9 days03:50
ServChanHackproof does not need an upgrade or patching03:50
ServChanPatent pending basically03:51
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techy2493Is it possible to force neutron to re-build all the required linux bridges? It appears I may have had neutron-linuxbridge-cleanup running and it may have made a mess of things over ill timed reboots. I'd like to re-deploy the network config without having to re-build the networks command by command08:11
techy2493Does the neutron service confirm the expected network is setup when it starts, or is there a way to trigger it?08:12
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happy_contrib_96How to contribute? I am a beginner !08:29
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AbstractExclusivRight place to ask a quick question about the charms deployment?16:45
AbstractExclusivI'll just drop a link to the question on Charmhub ( and AskUbuntu ( Thanks!16:52
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