Monday, 2021-05-31

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parlosGood Morning!09:02
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parlosI got a question regarding networking. Most likely a user fault, but I need some help identifying my error. Previously (rocky, train), I've used provider networks of VLAN type. It worked well. But now, if I create a router and associate the external interface (set GW) with my provider network, that port is 'down'. On the other hand, if I delete that interface and add an interface (add interface) to the provider network. Then, it is connected, and I can10:00
parlosreach it (externally) via ping.10:00
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lvdombrkrhello all. anyone tried to customize horizon login page? lets say add new field etc?16:10
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cz3hi there16:48
cz3is it possible to regenerate the instance_extra.request_specs json blob manually via nova API? I have a bunch of instances which need a request_specs fix and I wonder if there is any other way than manually iterating over instance_extra table and modifying the json in place16:50
cz3long time ago I did something similiar on a Mitaka deployment by running a python script which connected to nova database and appended the necessary keys to extra_specs dict in request_specs16:53
cz3now I'm checking whether this is still the only way to do that, or maybe there were some improvements along the way which will make this operation a bit more clean16:54
cz3oh, I forgot, my question is related to a Rocky-based deployment.16:55
cz3actually, this is a part of much bigger issue: I'm planning to add AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter into my deployment due to some architecture adjustments, and I will need to fix the extra_specs dict somehow on all instances.16:59
cz3so again, is there any better way to do that on a Rocky deployment, or do I have to do it manually with a Python script writing directly into the database?17:00
ozzzocz3: try #openstack-nova17:36
cz3ozzzo: I can try, though apparently that would not be appropriate, because their topic says that channel is only for development-related chat17:38
ozzzothat's what it says, but nobody is answering questions in here17:41
ozzzobesides me, and I'm just a beginner17:41
cz3yeah, to be frank I didn't see much traffic on this channel even when it was still on freenode :( I thought that maybe it's worth a try to ask something here now that networks have changed17:45
cz3thanks for responding anyway, I appreciate that17:46
cz3maybe I will try asking on nova channel later, or maybe simply write an email to openstack-discuss17:47
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