Friday, 2021-06-18

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LarsErikPHi! Is there now way to list group members with the openstack-cli? :S06:43
LarsErikPthere certainly is an API for it.. and it's possible in horizon, but I can't find any support in the CLI :(06:49
fricklerLarsErikP: seems that this is indeed missing, but I assume a patch would be well-received08:03
LarsErikPI don't think I'm capable of coding that patch; but I can always file a bug / feature request :P08:10
LarsErikPfrickler: ^08:10
LarsErikPfrickler: storyboard or launchpad?08:12
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LarsErikPNice and easy, I guess:!/story/2008989 :-)10:29
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