Monday, 2021-06-21

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LarsErikPHi! Uhm.. this: is apparently a thing. Does anyone know if there is a bug on it? frickler ?08:09
LarsErikPuhm.. why is there both "openstackclient" and "python-openstackclient" in StoryBoard?08:20
fricklerLarsErikP: iirc that should be fixed with the latest version(s), actually an sdk thing09:15
jrosserthis openstackclient vs. python-openstackclient has been particularly confusing for my end-users, also this description on pypi seems unfortunate `The major version of openstackclient will always correspond to the major version of python-openstackclient that will be installed`09:26
LarsErikPfrickler: ah. ok :-)10:03
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shubjeroDoes Horizon provide a way to generate ec2 credentials? I'm looking for the Horizon equivalent of 'openstack ec2 credentials ...'18:30

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