Tuesday, 2021-07-27

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admin1hgy whats up 09:38
hgyI'm sorry to ask a maybe stupid question.09:45
hgyMy company wants to participate in community contributions09:46
hgyAnd the legal deparment of our company looked at "OpenStack Project Corporate Contributor License Agreement", and worried that there were some risks.09:47
hgySo I was sent to ask if some of the terms of the CCLA that need to be signed to participate in community contributions can be changed09:48
hgyThank you very much, if anyone tell me about it09:49
jrosserhgy: i would be surprised of you were able to customise the terms, as i expect that it's important from an openstack perspective that all contributions are made on the same terms - though i'm not a lawyer so this is just my personal take on it10:44
jrosserhgy: i would suggest contacting ecosystem@openinfra.dev who have been very helpful when i needed to update the names on our CCLA10:44
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raubpakcstack question: I create an answer file with "CONFIG_SSH_KEY=/root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub" in it, but when I run it (packstack -d answerfile), it tells me that "ERROR : Error while trying to read parameter CONFIG_SSH_KEY from user"21:10

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