Thursday, 2021-07-29

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hgy_Hello, My company wants to sign a Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) to participate in community contributions10:40
hgy_And I want to ask the Schedule A of CCLA, Initial list of designated employees10:42
hgy_Should we fill in the employee's name or email address10:42
hgy_And how we add employees to our company, whether have a documents about it10:43
hgy_I don't find a document tell me how to do it, If such a document exists, could any people send to me10:45
hgy_or tell me how to do it,10:45
hgy_Thank you very very very much10:45
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apricehgy_ the OpenInfra Foundation can help! If you email, we can get your questions answered and get you setup. 15:48
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dbuliraHi! I have a general question regarding quotas in Nova. Let's assume I have two tiers of vCPUs lowfreq and highfreq or any other division (AMD/Intel, etc.). They are of course kept in separate host-aggregates and instance-host filtering is done via scheduler filters or Placement. Is there a way of setting up separate quotas for vCPUs (cores) for a16:27
dbulirasingle project? Similarly what is done in Cinder when you have general quota for gigabytes and per-storage-type specific one. Any hint where to look at is highly welcome.16:27
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Guest2716I would like to customize the horizon instance overview16:40
Guest2716is it possible to change settings to display host information to the guest users like admin users16:41
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