Wednesday, 2021-08-11

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novakovicnhi! i'm experiencing issues with installing openstack on kolla-ansible as all-in-one. everything is up fine, but the monasca-ui plugin on horizon doesn't seem to be working. enable_horizon_monasca is set to "yes" but there isn't a monitoring menu on horizon. has anyone experienced something similar or does anyone know whether i'm missing any configuration? thanks!08:49
hyperbabaHi there11:02
hyperbabaI have deployed an openstack using juju charm bundle openstack-base from 28th of May 2020. Now I'm in the problem of expired certificates for services. Is juju run-action lead-vault-unit reissue-certificates command enough to remedy the problem of non working stack?11:04
hyperbabaor is it broken ? (found some issues about that on the tubes)11:05
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