Sunday, 2021-08-15

_gmHi everyone05:43
_gmi have successfully setup LBaaS using Octavia in all-in-one setup; now i am trying multinode (controller, dedicated network node, compute) setup and my controller node is unable to talk to amphorae instances 05:45
_gmi am getting following errors on contoller: WARNING octavia.amphorae.drivers.haproxy.rest_api_driver [-] Could not connect to instance. Retrying.05:46
johnsomThose are warning messages. If your nova vm boot time is slow you may see these and it will eventually come up.06:13
johnsomOtherwise, you may have networking problems.06:13
_gmIt's not going away; becuase controller node is unable to reach lb-mgmt-net 06:19
_gmI am out of ideas; on how to access overlay network from my dedicated controller node 06:19
_gmIf controller+network is on same node, than octavia can talk to amphorae instances; but if controller and network are on dedicates nodes; octavia-worker can not talk to lb-mgmt-net 06:24
_gmdedicated nodes*06:24
johnsomYeah, you will either need to route to it or make the network available on the octavia node via neutron/ovs/ovn06:29
johnsomIt is just a neutron network that you need to make sure the octavia controller processes can access.06:31
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_gmDo i need to install neutron l3 agent and openvswitch on controller node for octavia to talk to amphora images10:46

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