Tuesday, 2021-08-17

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adivya_i am trying to setup a dnsmasq based Pxe for openstack ansible configuration15:41
adivya_but i am not able to do so15:42
adivya_do anybody have  any link , where i can validate my steps are done correctly15:42
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ctayHello, I'd like to ask if anyone of you had to deal with something similiar as me. For the OS cluster we use, we wrote our custom weigher for nova scheduler and we would like to simulate/test how it would effect the placement of new virtual machines in time from the current state of the cluster before we deploy the change...The main objective of this weigher is to reduce the amount of wasted resources. Is there any testing framework capab17:27
tavastictay, your message was cut? 'Is there any testing framework capab'18:45

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