Monday, 2021-08-23

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tavastiHow do I get and set custom properties for server with python?08:15
grami[m]You can use openstacksdk have a look at the examples for basic setup and I use with "cloud.compute.create_flavor_extra_specs(flavor, props)" to update custom properties.09:39
marc-vorwerk24534Hello everybody,10:53
marc-vorwerk24534at the moment i try to implement osprofiler on my openstack cloud. the currently running version is rocky.10:53
marc-vorwerk24534I enabled the feature in all config files and restarted them:10:53
marc-vorwerk24534enabled = true10:53
marc-vorwerk24534trace_sqlalchemy = true10:53
marc-vorwerk24534hmac_keys = secret10:53
marc-vorwerk24534connection_string = jaeger://
marc-vorwerk24534But it looks like, that not all components are sending their trace to our jaeger .. I see a lot of requests from nova-compute, but no request from nova-api.10:53
marc-vorwerk24534Does somebody has any idea? 10:53
marc-vorwerk24534extra information: i use the kolla-container and installed the package "jaeger-client"10:54
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grami[m]o/ can someone just tell me if this is really bad or not so bad. I have about 100 lines of "ERROR [MainThread] KeystoneToken: No admin_token found in /etc/keystone/keystone.conf" what does this mean and if it's bad why am I not seeing a problem in using openstack?14:17
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tavastigrami[m], to your answer, I was not asking for flavor extraspec, but server properties18:19
tavastilike 'openstack server set --property foo=bar'18:20
Zer0Bytehey someone know how to change18:27
Zer0Bytethe property of flavor disabled18:27
Zer0Byteon flavors18:27
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