Thursday, 2021-08-26

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mephmanxAll, I am having an issue with a fresh install of OpenStack Wallaby.  I see this error in my logstach process:13:10
mephmanx{"level":"ERROR","loggerName":"logstash.outputs.elasticsearch","timeMillis":1629936010246,"thread":"Ruby-0-Thread-9: :1","logEvent":{"message":"Unable to get license information","url":"","exception":{"metaClass":{"metaClass":{"exception":"LogStash::Outputs::ElasticSearch::HttpClient::Pool::BadResponseCodeError","message":"Got response code '400' contacting Elasticsearch at URL '
mephmanxThat looks like it is related to elasticsearch versions above 7.10 needing a license13:10
mephmanxI am not sure how to do that with the kolla ansible openstack deploy13:10
mephmanxcould someone direct me where to look or what channel someone might be able to help in?13:11
tavastigrami[m], thanks, that helps me forward15:59
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