Saturday, 2021-09-11

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admin1shubjero, the mtu is provided by the underlying network  created on which the port is attached to 11:43
admin1which is what is set by cloud-init 11:44
SymmetriaHi Guys - hoping someone here can assist - Ive been trying to deploy openstack and the deployment seems to go ok - everything running etc - but every time I try and upload an image I get a ConflictException (409 error) - and on hte back end an error about being unable to transition from saving to saving 13:32
Symmetriaany help or ideas would be hugely appreciated - been fighitng with this for days now13:33
Symmetriahrm digging deeper this seems to actually be an ssl error on the back end with vault14:16
Symmetriathats the other error I keep seeing in the glance debug logs 14:48

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